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Ring of Honor 2006


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This is all fake!

Ring of Honor started out in February of 2002 and it is now currently January of 2006. That is roughly about four full years for ROH. Ring of Honor started out as a small Independent Company barely ever leaving the Tri-State Area. Now ROH has expanded to different Area's in the US such as the Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic. ROH has a wide variety of wrestlers in their company. As of right now, there is no stopping ROH even if there are some outside invaders trying to destroy the best Independent Promotion on the Scene today.

Current ROH Champions:

ROH Heavyweight Title

IPB Image

Bryan Danielson

ROH Tag Team Titles

IPB Image

Austin Aries and Roderick Strong

ROH Pure Title

IPB Image

Nigel McGuinness

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Newswire For the Week of January 1st!!!



January 2nd: It is a brand new year for Ring of Honor and that means that ROH has successfully lasted through roughly about four full years. It will be exactly four when the Fourth Anniversary Show comes around.

January 2nd: 2005 is over and that means that there are new challengers for many different wrestlers. Who is next for the newly crowned Tag Team Champions, Austin Aries and Roderick Strong? Who is next for the Pure Champion, Nigel McGuinness? Who is next for the ROH World Heavyweight Champion, Bryan Danielson?

January 2nd: At the last event on December 17th which was Final Battle 2005, Jay Lethal won a huge Four Corner Survival Match in which he faced Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels and BJ Whitmer. Lethal was able to cover Daniels for the victory and this left The Fallen Angel very angry. So at the next show in Philadelphia on January 14th, Christopher Daniels will be trying to get his revenge on Jay Lethal as they face off in a Grudge Match.

January 2nd: Another Grudge Match is also signed for the same event and that match is Samoa Joe against BJ Whitmer. In that same Four Corner Survival Match, BJ Whitmer nailed Joe with a steel chair across his back for no apparent reason. This angered Joe a lot and he was granted a match against Whitmer so Joe could try to get his revenge after being hit with a steel chair for no reason whatsoever.

January 3rd: Bryan Danielson sent a letter to Chris Hero stating that he is giving him a shot at his ROH Heavyweight Title at anytime. Why you may ask Danielson is doing this? It is because Hero insulted Danielson and Ring of Honor at the past CZW Show. So Danielson has sent it out to Hero and Hero quickly replied in his live journal as how he will be taking the ROH Heavyweight Title over to CZW with him as he will defeat Dragon at the next Ring of Honor Show in Philadelphia.

January 3rd: AJ Styles has sent out a challenge to Matt Sydal for the January 14th Show. Sydal has accepted and Styles noted that if Sydal impresses him enough he will take him under his wing and they could become a new tag team. Sydal replied back by saying he would love to see that happen as he would be with one of the best wrestlers on the Indy Scene.

January 3rd: On January 6th and 7th FIP is holding events. The main event for the first night is featuring Bryan Danielson and Austin Aries who are facing Roderick Strong and Jack Evans. The winners of the tag team match will then face off the next night with the winner facing Homicide at the January 14th ROH Event.

January 4th: Trik Davis will be appearing in ROH the next few shows. The next event coming up Davis will be on the main card and also on the under card teaming with his Indy tag team partner, Emil Sitoci.

January 5th: A huge Six Man Mayhem Match has been signed for the next ROH Event. It will feature Trik Davis, Kid Mikaze, Jason Blade, Jerrelle Clark, Azrieal, and one more person to be named. You might expect this match to be the match that steals the show.

January 5th: More news with Trik Davis, is that also on the ROH Event for the 14th, he will be teaming with Emil Sitoci to be facing the team of Sal Rinauro and Tony Mamaluke, the former Tag Team Champions who are looking to get revenge on some team.

January 6th: Tonight FIP presents New Year’s Classic where Bryan Danielson and Austin Aries are teaming up to face Jack Evans and Roderick Strong. Also on the card is the Heartbreak Express defending the Tag Titles against the weird combination of a team of Jerrelle Clark and Masada.

January 7th: Last night at FIP everyone noticed new FIP Tag Team Champions as the thrown together team of Clark and Masada defeated the Heartbreak Express to become Champions. The main event featured Jack Evans and Roderick Strong defeating Bryan Danielson and Austin Aries of the DP Associates. This means that tonight FIP Presents Strong vs. Evans where both men will face off with the winner facing Homicide at the ROH Event on the 14th with the loser becoming the last man in the Six Man Mayhem Match.

January 7th: On next weeks newswire it will feature the rest of the card for the next ROH Event which is on January 14th in Philadelphia. Also, the first few teams of this years Trios Tournament will be announced.

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Newswire For the Week of January 8th!!!



January 9th: Bryan Danielson has said to be working out very hard this past week along with studying Chris Hero move for move as he needs to make sure Hero doesn’t come out with the victory making him take the ROH Heavyweight Title to CZW.

January 9th: Chris Hero has once again made another post in his live journal stating that on January 14th in the afternoon at An Afternoon of Main Events, which is the show CZW is promoting, he will be calling out the man who he is facing later that night in ROH, Bryan Danielson. The question is, will the ROH Heavyweight Champion be there to confront Chris Hero.

January 9th: FIP presented Strong vs. Evans this past Saturday with Strong stiffing up Evans a bit and defeating the great high flyer. This means that at the ROH Event on the 14th, Roderick Strong will be challenging Homicide for the Full Impact Pro Title. Also, this means that Jack Evans will be the last man added to the Six Man Mayhem Match.

January 10th: Austin Aries has challenged Ricky Reyes to a match for this Saturday as Aries has told ROH officials that he has had enough with Reyes beating down on his students and he will show Reyes what he gets for messing with his students. Reyes thinks otherwise though as he says that he will do the same to Aries as he does to his students.

January 10th: The Trios Tournament returns to ROH this month as on January 27th, Trios Tournament 2006 will be held with the same tournament occurring as last year with eight teams and all tournament matches happening in one night.

January 10th: The first team to be announced for the Trios Tournament is two of the three members returning from last years winning team. Homicide and Ricky Reyes of The Rottweilers will be without Romero this year and so will have to use often used Rottweiler, Grim Reefer to be their third man. With The Rottweilers being team number one, there will be more teams to be announced in the next coming days.

January 11th: Milano Collection AT is set to get revenge on Prince Nana and his two men of The Embassy of Alex Shelley and Jimmy Rave. Milano lost to Rave at Final Battle and said that he doesn’t only want revenge on Rave, but on the rest of The Embassy. So at the National Guard Armory in Philadelphia this Saturday, Alex Shelley and Jimmy Rave will team up to face Milano Collection AT and his partner Colt Cabana. Cabana and Milano have teamed before and did look good, but they did end up losing the match for the tag titles. This Saturday they say will be a different story.

January 12th: The last and final match to happen this Saturday is Nigel McGuinness putting his ROH Pure Title on the line against the fan favorite, Delirious. Delirious is still yet to achieve a victory in ROH, but how sweet would it be to get your first victory by defeating Nigel McGuinness and become ROH Pure Champion.

January 12th: Another team has been announced for the Trios Tournament 2006. This team will be the team of Generation Next who will feature the ROH Tag Team Champions of Austin Aries and Roderick Strong along with Jack Evans.

January 13th: Only one more day until Chris Hero wrestles his first match ever in a ROH Ring. It may be dangerous for Hero to go alone so he has promised to bring some backup. Hero also stated that if Danielson doesn’t show up at the CZW Event in the afternoon it will just make him even more pissed and make him bring more of an army behind him.

January 13th: Make sure you don’t miss tomorrow nights event at the National Guard Armory in Philadelphia. Tickets are still on sale now and will be at the front door tomorrow night. Also, don’t miss the pre-show as Trik Davis and Emil Sitoci will be facing Sal Rinauro and Tony Mamaluke starting around 7:25. Don’t miss this event as this could be the beginning of a long hard fought feud between Bryan Danielson and ROH against Chris Hero and CZW!

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Newswire For the Week of January 8th!!!



January 14th: Early in the day at the CZW Event of An Afternoon of Main Events, before it was time for the huge Six Man Tag Team Match between Blackout against Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli and Super Dragon, Hero got on the mike and called out the Heavyweight Champion from ROH, Bryan Danielson. There was no response, but then right before Blackout came out, Danielson appeared running from the front door and sliding into the ring grabbing a mike. Danielson told Hero he was here. Hero enjoyed Danielson’s presence as he said that now they can have a match before the title is on the line. Danielson disagreed though as he said that the shit CZW fans don’t deserve to see him wrestle. Hero, Castagnoli and Super Dragon then went to attack Danielson, but then came backup for Danielson as from the front door came running Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Jimmy Rave, Alex Shelley, and a few more men. Now the CZW guys were at a disadvantage, but then the CZW locker room cleared and the ROH Wrestlers ran away. Hero then called Danielson a pussy for leaving the Arena.

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Anythings Possible

January 14th

Approximately 1000 in Attendance

Pennsylvania National Guard Armory

Ring of Honor returned to Philadelphia, PA, tonight, for “Anythings Possible,” which references the first-ever appearance of Chris Hero in ROH. Many fans had requested Hero in ROH since the promotion’s inception, and it seemed like he would never appear, but you have to remember that…anything’s possible.

Before the Show began, there was a taped interview segment with Samoa Joe for the DVD Release. Joe talked about Final Battle and how it ended with him being hit with a steel chair by BJ Whitmer and Jay Lethal getting the really lucky win. Joe said after he kills Whitmer tonight, he will be going after Jay Lethal as he is a backstabbing son of a bitch.

Pre-Show Match

Italian’s Finest (Sal Rinauro and Tony Mamaluke) vs. The Perfect Strangers (Emil Sitoci and Trik Davis)

Was a typical Pre-Show Match with one team dominating and that team was the former ROH Tag Team Champions. This Match actually carried on for a bit even though Sitoci and Davis got dominated. The Match finally ended when Sal hit Sitoci with the Phoenix Fury Leg Drop.

Italian's Finest defeated The Perfect Strangers in 6:40

Grudge Match

Austin Aries vs. Ricky Reyes w/Julius Smokes

It couldn’t have been any better of a way to start this night of as both men couldn’t wait until they would lock up one on one and once they did, there was no stopping either man. Early in the Match Reyes had total control and started becoming cocky pretending like he was beating up one of Aries Student’s. This was a mistake by Reyes because once Aries had the chance; he turned things around and started to get advantage fighting back. Aries was then looking for the Brainbuster, but Reyes pushed away from Aries and nailed him with three consecutive Spin Kicks. Reyes then screamed that it was over. Reyes lifted Aries up, but out of nowhere, Aries grabbed Reyes back of the head and rolled him up and got the quick and amazing victory.

Austin Aries defeated Ricky Reyes in 7:44

FIP Heavyweight Title Match

Homicide © w/Julius Smokes vs. Roderick Strong

Homicide really battled through his shoulder injury here and was still able to put on a great contest defending hit title against Roderick Strong. Homicide try to play hit and run, by hitting a powerful move on Strong and then going for the cover and once Strong kicked out, Homicide would roll out of the ring. Homicide did do a good job though not making it look like his shoulder hurt that badly. Finally, the Match was coming to an end and it seemed as if Homicide was going to retain as he went for the Cop Killa with the crowd screaming, “COP KILLA,” but Strong pushed Homicide away from him and he bounced off the ropes. When Homicide came charging back, Strong stopped Homicide and then nailed him with a huge Half-Nelson Backbreaker! Strong then applied the Strong Hold and Homicide was just screaming in pain and had to tap to make Roderick Strong the new FIP Heavyweight Champion.

Roderick Strong defeated Homicide in 10:33 and wins the FIP Heavyweight Title

After the Match ended, Strong was handed the Title and he lifted it up in the air. He went onto every turnbuckle and celebrated the victory. Strong left the ring happy as now he is the new Full Impact Pro Heavyweight Champion.

When referee, Todd Sinclair was explaining the rules to the Pure Match, Nigel like always interrupted Sinclair. Nigel was talking to ROH officials saying that it is no fair that Delirious gets a shot at the Pure Title as he has never even won a Match in ROH History. So Nigel said that right now it won’t be a Match with the Pure Title on the line, but they will still follow the Pure Rules as if Delirious defeats Nigel, he will get a shot at the Title.

Pure Rules Match

Delirious vs. Nigel McGuinness

This was really a total domination Match by Nigel as Delirious was just acting crazy the whole Match. Nigel quickly got Delirious to use his first two rope breaks in less then two minutes. After that, Nigel didn’t even care about the Pure Rules and about trying to get Delirious to use rope breaks. So Nigel nailed Delirious with a European Uppercut in the corner and then nailed Delirious with a huge Ace Crusher which made Delirious lose the Match.

Nigel McGuinness defeated Delirious in 5:24

Six Man Mayhem Match

Azrieal vs. Jack Evans vs. Jason Blade vs. Jerrelle Clark vs. Kid Mikaze vs. Trik Davis

This was a really fun Match with non-stop action as people where just flying around everywhere. Mikaze and Blade started things off and both men always knew what they were trying to do as they do team together pretty often. Once Evans was tagged to go in, the Match got exciting as he started to break dance and also went up high on the top turnbuckle. At one point in the Match when everyone was brawling outside the ring besides Evans, who was recovering in the ring, Evans got up and was ready for something crazy. He got on the turnbuckle and flew off nailing everyone with a Corkscrew 630! The finish of the Match came when Evans was still dominating, but now in the ring. Azrieal, Blade and Clark were all down outside of the ring with Mikaze and Davis down in the ring. Evans then went up high again and went and tried to nail the 630 Splash on both Mikaze and Davis, but Davis was able to roll out of the way so Evans just hit Mikaze. Evans still covered Mikaze and was able to pick up the victory as no one, even Davis could break up the pin.

Jack Evans defeated Azrieal, Jason Blade, Jerrelle Clark, Kid Mikaze and Trik Davis in 10:35

It was now Intermission and on the DVD Lenny Leonard talked about the upcoming Double Shot. He mainly talked about this years Trios Tournament talking about the two teams announced so far. He also dated back to last years talking about a few Matches from then.

When we returned from Intermission, The Embassy came down to the ring and Prince Nana wanted to say some words. He kept on getting interrupted by the crowd and also people were still trying to hit Rave along with Nana at times with toilet paper. Finally, Nana got out what he wanted to say and that was that The Embassy was going to defeat some stupid hillbilly’s tonight and then soon go on and win the ROH Tag Team Titles.

Tag Team Grudge Match

Alex Shelley and Jimmy Rave w/Daizee Haze and Prince Nana vs. Claudio Castagnoli and Colt Cabana

This was a very good and really competitive Tag Team Match. Nana wouldn’t let Rave and Shelley walk out of the ring as losers. So Nana kept on interfering or distracting Cabana or Claudio in the Match. At one point Nana pissed off Claudio to much though and he went crazy nailing Nana with multiple European Uppercuts and Cravat’s when Claudio tossed Nana in the ring. The finish of the Match came when Cabana went charging at Shelley looking for a huge Lariat, but Shelley ducked it and then lifted Cabana over his head making him fall right down onto the ropes. Rave at the time was beating down Claudio and then Shelley came and joined in. Rave kept on trying for the Greetings From Ghana, but Claudio kept on breaking out of it by falling to his knees. So Nana distracted the ref while Shelley got behind Claudio and nailed him with a low blow. He then helped Rave out and Shelley got an arm and Rave got the other arm. Shelley and Rave then lifted up Claudio and hit a Double Greetings From Ghana. Rave then locked in a Crossface on Claudio and Shelley fought off Cabana so he couldn’t break it up. Soon enough, Claudio tapped out and this gave The Embassy a cheap victory.

Alex Shelley and Jimmy Rave defeated Claudio Castagnoli and Colt Cabana in 11:52

Grudge Match

BJ Whitmer w/Lacey vs. Samoa Joe

This was a good Match between both of these guys even though Joe mostly dominated through the whole thing. When Whitmer came out and everyone started chanting, “JOE,” you could tell Whitmer was nervous. Then once Joe came down and got in the ring, the crowd started chanting, “JOE IS GONNA KILL YOU,” this made Whitmer back into a corner looking as if he didn’t want to be in the Match. But when the bell run, Whitmer tried to attack Joe right away, but Joe just kept of turning things around by getting the advantage. Late in the Match, Whitmer finally got some control as he tripped up Joe and was able to plant him with a big DDT. Whitmer then set up for an Exploder Suplex and tried to hit it, but Joe was too big as Whitmer couldn’t lift him up. Joe then turned towards Whitmer and just started smacking, punching, kicking, chopping him until the ref finally told Joe to stop. When Whitmer got up, Joe then charged at him nailing Whitmer with a huge Kick to the Face. Whitmer then got up once again and backed up right into Joe. Joe then right there took Whitmer to the ground and locked in the Triangle Choke making Whitmer pass out.

Samoa Joe defeated BJ Whitmer in 12:23

AJ Styles vs. Matt Sydal

This was an amazing athletic Match with Matt Sydal really breaking out impressing the ROH crowd and his opponent, AJ Styles. Sydal started it off quick and kept the same pace throughout the whole Match. He really got the crowd on his side when he nailed Styles on the outside by flying, hitting a 450 Splash on a standing Styles. This got the crowd to chant, “ROH,” to really pump up both men in this Match. The finish was even better though as when Styles was in control right after he nailed Sydal with a Pele Kick out of nowhere. When Sydal then got to his knees, Styles charged over at him and went for an Enziguri and connected! Styles then lifted up Sydal and held him in the air with the crowd counting all the way to 10! Styles then dropped Sydal finally finishing off the Stalling Brainbuster. Styles then went up high looking to end the Match. He flew looking for the Spiral Tap, but Sydal rolled out of the way and Styles missed! Sydal then quickly got up and got in the corner and started to climb up the turnbuckle. Once he got to the top, he waited to Styles get to his feet as he was on his knees. Sydal then jumped off looking for a Hurricanrana on Styles, but AJ caught Sydal and his head with his body fell towards the ground with Styles still holding his legs. AJ then got Sydal in position and nailed the Styles Clash to win an amazing contest!

AJ Styles defeated Matt Sydal in 16:31

After the Match, Styles helped up Sydal and they both engaged in a hug. Styles then grabbed a mike and said that he has been looking for a tag team partner in ROH ever since he stopped teaming with Amazing Red. Styles then said that he has found a new one he thinks, as he will be glad to team with Sydal. Sydal just smiled and hugged Styles again.

Backstage was Christopher Daniels with Allison Danger, cutting a promo for the DVD. Daniels just talked about how Lethal will be on the losing side tonight unlike at Final Battle. Daniels said that Lethal got lucky at Final Battle and that tonight, it won’t happen again.

Grudge Match

Christopher Daniels w/Allison Danger vs. Jay Lethal

This was just an awesome Match and most likely the Match of the Night, not counting the outstanding main event. Daniels came out wanting revenge early in the Match, but Lethal was ready for a good fight and he for sure hell put one up. In the first few minutes, Lethal didn’t let Daniels lock anything in or hit anything on Lethal. Instead, Lethal was the one hitting every move on Daniels. Finally, Daniels got it going though when he reversed a Brainbuster with a huge DDT. Daniels then quickly hit the Best Moonsault Ever to really get pumped up. The Match moved on and coming down to the finish, Daniels was still pumped up. Daniels just nailed Lethal with a great Tornado DDT and was waiting for Lethal to get up. When he did get up, Daniels went for the Last Rites, but Lethal reversed it by standing up and having Daniels on his back and then jumping down towards the mat crushing Daniels’ head. Both men were down until Lethal got to his knees and went to crawl and cover Daniels. Then all of a sudden down came Samoa Joe and he threatened to get in the ring which scared Lethal away. This gave Daniels the chance to recover and sneak up behind Lethal and roll him up for the cheap victory.

Christopher Daniels defeated Jay Lethal in 14:46

After the Match was over, Lethal got up and he couldn’t believe that Joe cost him the Match. He was looking around on the outside for Joe, but Joe was hiding in the crowd. Then when Lethal turned his back, Joe jumped over the rail and slid in the ring and got Lethal to turn around and Joe nailed him with a huge Jumping Enziguri! Daniels then got into the action though as Allison Danger handed him a chair and Daniels whacked it over the head of Joe making Joe and Lethal both laid out on the mat with Daniels the only man standing.

ROH Heavyweight Title Match

Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Hero w/Adam Flash, Byrce Remsburg and Necro Butcher

This was a great first main event of the year and a great way to end up the first show of the New Year. Hero was smart enough to bring backup to ROH just like Danielson did to the CZW Show earlier in the day. Hero walked out with Necro Butcher, Adam Flash and a CZW Referee, Bryce Remsburg. This match had some boring holds at time, but when you were watching the action at the right time, this will easily be an early Match of the Year Candidate. Early in the Match Hero tried to bore the crowd and really piss them off by just playing like the super heel by making the match as slow as possible. He locked in Danielson into boring submission holds, poked Dragon in the eyes at times, and taunted the crowd. Hero was acting just like a real dick. It really got loud in Philly when Hero locked Dragon into a huge Headlock and not letting until the last second and Hero then copied Dragon by saying that he has till five which really pissed off Mike Kehner. The match moved on with Dragon fighting back, but the CZW Superstars behind Hero helping him out taking the advantage back. The finish of the match came when Dragon really got into it and gave Hero hard closed fists to the head without referee Mike Kehner saying anything. This got Bryce Remsburg pissed and he slid in the ring and got in Kehner’s face and the two starting fighting. This gave the chance for Flash, Butcher and Super Dragon to get in the ring. They went to attack Dragon, but down came running Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Jimmy Rave and Alex Shelley! These guys backed up Dragon earlier today and did it again to clear the ring except for Dragon and Hero. Hero was then able to grab the ROH Title though and he nailed it over the head of Danielson out of nowhere! Hero then tried to break up the referees so he could cover Dragon and win the ROH Title. After he broke the ref’s up and before he went for the cover. He faced a portion of the crowd and again acted like Danielson screaming that he is the best wrestler in the world. All of a sudden though Danielson popped up and snuck up behind Hero and locked his arms behind him and pushed him down and then flipped over his back locking in the Cattle Mutilation out of nowhere! Hero was struggling and screaming in pain and the four ROH Stars did a good job holding back the CZW men so Hero could give up and let Kehner call for the bell making Dragon retain!

Bryan Danielson defeated Chris Hero in 29:05 and makes defense number 9 of his ROH World Heavyweight Title

After the Match the brawling continued and it ended with the ROH Stars knocking the CZW Guys on their asses and tossed them into the crowd near the exit! Danielson then got on the mike out of breath and all and screamed that the war between him and Hero and now even CZW and ROH has just begun today and won’t end for a real long time, but in the end it will be the ROH Stars standing tall like tonight.

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Newswire For the Week of January 14th!!!



January 15th: Last night at “Anythings Possible”, we saw Chris Hero tap out to our Heavyweight Champion, Bryan Danielson! Now Danielson can be talking about this for a while until Hero gets back at him, if he can even do that. This morning, Hero posted a message in his Live Journal on his website and here it is addressing many different things with him and CZW involving ROH.

“You may have won the match, but the war is just about to begin!

ROH fans thinks of me as a little stuck up bitch who just likes to run his mouth. Well, the last few weeks I have been running my mouth and I didn’t back it up as I tapped out to Bryan Danielson! Well I got a few words for him and the rest of the ROH Roster!

January 27th: Trios Tournament 2006 for ROH! Everyone will feel my presence as I will be there along with other members of the CZW Roster! I won’t just be there, but I will be wrestling that night as I have a team of my own for this years Trios Tournament! It will be me, my man Necro Butcher and a man no one will believe who I have gotten, but I will save the surprise for the night of the show!

January 28th: I will be back for night two as my man who will surprise everyone will be in action! I promise this and I will be there to watch him defeat an ROH Wrestler!

February 11th: The next CZW Show! I dare anyone from the ROH Roster, especially Bryan Danielson to come to our show in the afternoon! If anyone does, prepare to DIE! And then later that night I will be at the ROH Event to cause more havoc!

February 25th: Fourth Anniversary Show for ROH! Oh man, this is special for you guys, but it doesn’t matter as I will ruin the party along with my guys from CZW!

Now the next two months are packed for me and going to get revenge on ROH! It all starts in two weeks as CZW will ruin this years Trios Tournament as three members from CZW will win the Tournament and will be demanding for Title Shots!


January 15th: There are some strong words by Hero in his live journal and will sure come back with some stuff for him and CZW. Also more matches to be announced on all the shows he mentioned.

January 16th: Three more teams have been announced for the Trios Tournament that is coming up in two weeks. The three teams already announced are Generation Next of Austin Aries, Roderick Strong and Jack Evans, The Rottweilers of Homicide, Ricky Reyes and Grim Reefer and Team CZW of Chris Hero, Necro Butcher and a Surprise Partner. Now the first of the three teams is The Embassy consisting of Jimmy Rave, Alex Shelley and the Monster, Abyss! The second team will be Italian Connection of Tony Mamaluke, Sal Rinuaro and Milano Collection AT! The six team announced for the tournament is Lacey’s Angels of BJ Whitmer, Jimmy Jacobs and someone who Lacey thinks will help her to victory, Adam Pearce! This years Tournament is shaping up to be very good as all six team seem to be amazing so far.

January 16th: Staying on topic with the Tournament, the winners of the tournament will all receive a Title Shot just like last year. But instead of waiting for a while, the three members of the team will get there shot at the next three shows after the Double Shot. So that means Danielson will be defending his Title on February 11th, February 25th and March 11th.

January 16th: With Danielson, he is said that now that Hero is passed him he is ready for his next defense which will be against AJ Styles on the show of January 28th. Danielson said he is ready for Styles and this will be the match where he gets revenge from their previous match who happened at Main Event Spectacles in 2003, which Styles won and was crowned the Number One Contender. Since this will be the main event for the show of the 28th, it will be named similar to the event they fought at first. It will be named, “Main Event Spectacles II”!

January 17th: Some bad news has come to ROH today! It was announced that the first ever Ring of Honor Champion, Low-Ki will be having some time off from ROH. Ki says that at this point in time he feels ROH doesn’t need him that much as he doesn’t want to get involved with the war between ROH and CZW. Ki also states that he plans on to stay mainly in Japan for the next few months wrestling in Pro Wrestling NOAH, going after the Junior Heavyweight Title which is held by KENTA. We all wish Ki has a good time off from ROH and hope he comes back sometime soon.

January 17th: Now we don’t want to have so much bad news today, so we have some really great news for Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels fans. These guys have been basically feuding ever since Joe turned on Daniels and The Prophecy early in the ROH years. Now with this up and coming Double Shot, the feud will finally end! On Night 1 at the Trios Tournament, Samoa Joe will face Christopher Daniels in a normal single’s match. But then on Night 2, the final match ever between Chris Daniels and Samoa Joe will be fought in an I Quit Match as the person will have to scream I Quit for the match to end saying they don’t want anything else from the better man.

January 18th: The final two teams have been announced for the Trios Tournament 2006. They are the team of AJ Styles, Matt Sydal and Jimmy Yang and a team that the ROH Heavyweight Champion put together of himself, Jay Lethal and the fan favorite, Delirious! The brackets are now out for the tournament:

The Rottweilers (Homicide, Ricky Reyes, Grim Reefer) vs. AJ Styles, Matt Sydal, Jimmy Yang

Team ROH (Bryan Danielson, Jay Lethal, Delirious) vs. Team CZW (Chris Hero, Necro Butcher, Surprise Partner)

The Embassy (Jimmy Rave, Alex Shelley, Abyss) vs. Italian Connection (Tony Mamaluke, Sal Rinauro, Milano Collection AT)

Generation Next (Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, Jack Evans) vs. Lacey’s Angels (Jimmy Jacobs, BJ Whitmer, Adam Pearce)

January 18th: With all the matches in the Tournament being announced, matches for the fallout on Night 2 have been announced. First, the ROH Tag Team Champions of Austin Aries and Roderick Strong will be defending their Tag Titles against two of the members they face last in the tournament. Then Jimmy Rave and Alex Shelley of The Embassy will face Italian’s Finest, Tony Mamaluke and Sal Rinauro. Finally, Jay Lethal has answered Chris Hero’s Challenge as he will be the man to face his Surprise Partner. All of these matches are set for Main Event Spectacles II!

January 19th: It has been noted that Homicide will be undergoing surgery this Saturday for his shoulder, so that means it will be his last match in ROH for probably a month, probably less. Homicide did state that his first match back will be against Colt Cabana in a match where anything goes, say a Fight Without Honor!

January 20th: Just announced for Main Event Spectacles II is the return of former Pure Champion, Doug Williams! Williams will be in the States for about a month so that means his last match will be at the Fourth Anniversary Show if he has a match at the event.

January 20th: Also announced for this Double Shot, is the debut of Irish Airborne consisting of Dave Crist and Jake Crist (AKA Lotus and Crazy J). They will be in tag team action on both nights with opponents for them coming next week!

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Man this is a great diary and I am enjoying the way you are booking the ROH vs. CZW feud and am really intriqued with who the mystery man will be, will it be someone in ROH or will it be someone new?

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IPB Image

Newswire For the Week of January 22nd!!!



January 23rd: Chris Hero once again wrote in his live journal and has stated that the Trios Tournament is getting closer and that at the event; they will see three CZW Superstars be standing tall at the end of the event. Here at ROH, we promise that if the CZW guys come anywhere close from winning, there will be some tough tasks to get through to get to the finals.

January 23rd: On the last newswire everyone saw that Doug Williams will be back in ROH. That is true as he will be wrestling at Main Event Spectacles II as he will team with Ace Steel to face his rival, Chad Collyer and the Pure Champion, Nigel McGuinness. Williams said to expect big things from him for the month he is back.

January 23rd: With the match just announced, Ace Steel will be getting a Pure Title Shot at Trios Tournament 2006 as he will be looking to take away the Title from Nigel McGuinness the night before he teams with returning, Doug Williams

January 24th: Irish Airborne is set to make their ROH debut this weekend as they will be in tag team action on both nights. On the first night they will be taking on a new teamed just formed of Jerrelle Clark and Jay Fury, named Fast and Furious. One the second night hey will take on Jason Blade and Kid Mikaze. If they impress the ROH officials they could easily get a full time spot in ROH.

January 24th: On next week’s newswire, expect a lot of announcements for the upcoming shows, especially ROH’s Anniversary Show which is held on February 25th.

January 25th: Homicide has told his partner from The Rottweilers, Ricky Reyes that he is sending him out on a mission to take out Colt Cabana while he is gone. So at Main Event Spectacles II, we will see Colt Cabana go one on one with Ricky Reyes which should be an amazing match.

January 26th: Just one day left until Trios Tournament 2006 and two days until Main Event Spectacles II. Make sure you get your tickets last second so you won’t miss this amazing action. Remember, this weekend, there are no pre-show matches so no need to show up so early. Just make sure you don’t miss any action of the ROH Main Show. Have fun this weekend!

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IPB Image

Dayton, OH – Trios Tournament 2006 – January 27th


Ring Of Honor

January 27, 2006, 7:30pm belltime

Montgomery County Fairgrounds

1043 South Main St, Dayton, Ohio, 45409

Trios Tournament Round 1 Match A

The Rottweilers (Grim Reefer, Homicide and Ricky Reyes) w/Juilus Smokes vs. AJ Styles, Jimmy Yang and Matt Sydal

Trios Tournament Round 1 Match B

The Embassy (Abyss, Alex Shelley and Jimmy Rave) w/Prince Nana and Daizee Haze vs. Italian Connection (Milano Collection AT, Sal Rinauro and Tony Mamaluke)

Trios Tournament Round 1 Match C

Generation Next (Austin Aries, Jack Evans and Roderick Strong) vs. Lacey’s Angels (Adam Pearce, BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs) w/Lacey

Trios Tournament Round 1 Match D

Team ROH (Bryan Danielson, Delirious and Jay Lethal) vs. Team CZW (Chris Hero, Necro Butcher and A Surprise Partner)

Trios Tournament Semi-Finals Match E

Winners of Match A vs. Winners of Match D

Trios Tournament Semi-Finals Match F

Winners of Match B vs. Winners of Match C

Trios Tournament Finals Match G

Winners of Match E vs. Winners of Match F

Grudge Match

Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe

ROH Pure Title Match

Nigel McGuinness © vs. Ace Steel

Irish Airborne vs. Fast and Furious

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IPB Image

Trios Tournament 2006

January 27th

Approximately 950 in Attendance

Montgomery County Fairgrounds

Ring of Honor returned to Dayton, Ohio, tonight, for “Trios Tournament 2006,” which references to a tournament between eight different teams with three members on each team. The winners last year consisted of Homicide, Ricky Reyes and Rocky Romero, but without Romero it seems as they aren’t as powerful as last year, so we are expecting a new winner.

Taped for the DVD, backstage were The Rottweilers of Homicide, Ricky Reyes and Grim Reefer. Homicide did the talking saying that last year at Trios Tournament they dominated and this year they would again without Romero. Homicide said that this his last Match until about a month so he said he wants to go out strong so he taught Reefer everything possible so they could try and repeat.

There was also another promo taped for the DVD, with Bryan Danielson standing backstage with his two members of his team, Jay Lethal and Delirious. Danielson mainly said that he is the Champion for a reason and that is because he is the best. Danielson said that tonight with Lethal and Delirious, they will show that all three of them are the best as they will defeat Team CZW along with winning the whole Tournament.

Trios Tournament Round 1 Match A

AJ Styles, Jimmy Yang and Matt Sydal vs. The Rottweilers (Grim Reefer, Homicide and Ricky Reyes)

This Match actually wasn’t the worst of the first round surprisingly, even though, the Match was mainly a 3 on 2 after Grim Reefer got taking out early. Reefer got taken out when he got knocked out of the ring. Then all three men of Styles, Yang and Sydal dove to the outside at the same time really taking down Reefer. Without Reefer, The Rottweilers may have seemed a little better because it was now just like a tag team Match for them. Coming down to the finish though, being outnumbered was big as Homicide and Reyes were getting a little tired from such quick action. Finally, Yang was able to nailed Homicide with a Yang Time when Cide was standing. When Homicide hit the mat he rolled right out of the ring. Styles then charged into the ring and knocked down Reyes with a running Dropkick. Then Styles and Sydal looked on as Yang climbed to the top and when Reyes got up, Yang nailed him with a huge Corkscrew Asai! Yang rolled up Reyes and got the three to make The Rottweilers the first team out of the tournament and his team the first to advance.

AJ Styles, Jimmy Yang and Matt Sydal defeated Grim Reefer, Homicide and Ricky Reyes in 10:31 to move on into the Semi-Finals

Trios Tournament Round 1 Match B

The Embassy (Abyss, Alex Shelley and Jimmy Rave) w/Daizee Haze and Prince Nana vs. Italian Connection (Milano Collection AT, Sal Rinauro and Tony Mamaluke)

No one thought this would be the worst Match of the tournament, but surprisingly it was, but it still was good action. It started off with Milano working really well with the former Tag Team Champions, but as the Match got more intense, Italian’s Finest, especially Tony Mamaluke started to have problems with Milano. Once they started arguing at first Abyss took advantage as he totally dominated Milano. Once Milano had the chance, he tagged in Mamaluke and it was his turn to get beaten down by The Monster, Abyss. The finish saw Milano leave the apron and started to walk up the ramp as he was sick of Mamaluke and Rinauro. Rinauro then got hit with the Black Hole Slam, so the only one standing was Tony Mamaluke. Abyss nailed the Black Hole Slam on him too and then tagged in Jimmy Rave. Before Rave did anything, Shelley nailed Mamaluke with a huge Superkick making him fly back towards Rave. Rave caught him and then turned him around and was able to nail Mamaluke with the Greeting From Ghana to eliminate the Italian’s and make The Embassy advance.

Abyss, Alex Shelley and Jimmy Rave defeated Sal Rinauro, Tony Mamaluke and Milano Collection AT in 9:25 to move on into the Semi-Finals

Down came Lacey’s Angels already for their first round Match, but before Generation Next came down, Lacey had a few words to say. She said that tonight her team will win the Trios Tournament because of one man and that man is, Jimmy Jacobs. She went on saying that Pearce and Whitmer will help Jacobs out, but Jacobs will be doing most of the work and he will show it now against Generation Next.

Trios Tournament Round 1 Match C

Lacey’s Angels (Adam Pearce, BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs) w/Lacey vs. Generation Next (Austin Aries, Jack Evans and Roderick Strong)

This was a very exciting Match, but it was kind of similar to the Trios Match before this one, with Lacey’s Angels sort of acting like Italian Connection. Jacobs was working really well with Whitmer and Pearce, but after Lacey got jealous because Pearce and Whitmer was doing very well against Generation Next, she screamed at them telling to tag in Jimmy so he could do even better. So Whitmer did tag in Jimmy, but right when Jacobs went to go get in the action, Whitmer attacked Jacobs from behind. He hit Jacobs with a Wrist Clutch Exploder and then told Pearce that they should just leave. Lacey was yelling at them to come back, but Pearce and Whitmer just continued to walk. They watch the rest of the Match from the ramp and it ended with a huge combination. Strong and Evans double teamed Jacobs and hit the Skipping a Generation while Aries climbed up high and nailed the 450 Splash on Jacobs to win the Match for Generation Next to let them advance to the Semi-Finals setting up an old feud Match for the Semi’s in The Embassy vs. Generation Next.

Austin Aries, Jack Evans and Roderick Strong defeated Adam Pearce, BJ Whitmer and Jimmy Jacobs in 11:55 to move into the Semi-Finals

It was now for the time for Team CZW against Team ROH, but before the Match was going to start, Chris Hero and Necro Butcher came down first to a chorus full of boo’s, but they had to announce their surprise partner. Once the boos stopped, Hero began to talk and said that this man is a Champion not in ROH, but in CZW. But he is also in ROH, but not for long as he is half of the CZW Tag Team Champions with him. The surprise partner is……CLAUDIO CASTAGNOLI!” Claudio came out to even louder boos then Hero and Necro. Claudio got on the mike and just screamed, “Heyyyy! Fuck ROH!

Trios Tournament Round 1 Match D

Team ROH (Bryan Danielson, Delirious and Jay Lethal) vs. Team CZW (Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli and Necro Butcher)

This Match was probably the most exciting Trios Match of the first round and the crowd was really into it since they really wanted to see Team CZW get knocked out early so they couldn’t ruin the night. Early in the Match, Claudio was really working the crowd screaming, “HEY”, but when some of his fans went to scream it back, he told them to, “F*ck off!” After a few minutes passed, Necro was just playing around with Delirious. Dragon then screamed at him to get mad, and that is exactly what Delirious did. He didn’t just get mad, he went crazy. He went crazy running around the ring trying to catch Necro off guard. Necro just tagged in Claudio and he calmed Delirious down with a huge European Uppercut. Coming near the end, it was Danielson and Lethal beating down Claudio and Necro. Hero then got back in the ring and hit the Hero’s Welcome out of nowhere on Lethal. Hero then ground Dragon and tried to lock in the Hangman’s Clutch, but Dragon started elbowing Hero in the face and they eventually both ended up rolling to the outside. Lethal then got up and lifted up Claudio, but Claudio surprisingly nailed Lethal with at least five European Uppercuts and then went to throw Lethal into the ropes, but Lethal was able to throw Claudio, but Claudio came back doing a forward somersault and came charging upwards nailing Lethal with a powerful Swiss Uppercut to finish off Team ROH in a huge surprise! The crowd couldn’t believe it, but Claudio got up and called Necro and Hero in the ring and they all flipped off the crowd and headed backstage.

Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli and Necro Butcher defeated Bryan Danielson, Delirious and Jay Lethal in 13:22 to move into the Semi-Finals

Irish Airborne (Dave and Jake Crist) vs. Fast and Furious (Jay Fury and Jerrelle Clark)

This was a very energetic Match with both teams really into it. The new team of Fury and Clark really impressed the crowd, but the guys who have never been seen in ROH did just a bit more then Fury and Clark did. Dave and Jake Crist worked so well together to fight off Fury and Clark. Just when everyone thought it was going to end as Clark was looking for the 630 on Jake Crist, Dave came running for the same by hitting a Dropkick to make Clark fly off the turnbuckle to the outside. Dave then helped up Jake and they were able to nail Fury with the Casket Cutter to give the Irish Airborne their first ever win in ROH which was a very good sign for them.

Irish Airborne defeated Fast and Furious in 7:47

It was now intermission and Bobby Cruise got on the mike and talked about upcoming events in ROH. He first announced that ROH would be returning to Dayton, Ohio on April 29th, the first show after the 100th, making it the 101st. Cruise then also announced that at the end of March, three days before WrestleMania 22, which would be a Thursday, would be the beginning of the first ever Triple Shot weekend for ROH! Night one on Thursday will be held in Berwyn, Illinois, where ROH will be making their debut. Then on Friday and Saturday the events will be held in Chicago Ridge, Illinois. Also at those three events, will be a huge guest that will return to ROH for these three nights! Finally, Cruise just hyped up tomorrow nights event in Cleveland which will show Bryan Danielson defending his title against AJ Styles.

After Intermission ended, out came Chris Hero, Necro Butcher and Claudio Castagnoli of Team CZW for a second time tonight as they were ready for their second round Match. Again, before their Match, they had something to say. Chris Hero did all the talking and he said soon enough there will be another man to join Team CZW in this ROH vs. CZW feud. Hero said that the ROH fans might not be so familiar of him, but they will get use to him soon enough.

Trios Tournament Semi-Finals Match E

AJ Styles, Jimmy Yang and Matt Sydal vs. Team CZW (Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli and Necro Butcher)

This was a very good way to kick off the second round of the Trios Tournament and also a very good way to kick off the second part of the show. This Match was a little bit more innovative then Team CZW’s first one so they were at bit of a disadvantage, but they fought through it. Most of the Match, Styles, Yang and Sydal were trying to fly all over the place and nail Hero, Claudio and Necro out of nowhere, but soon enough Team CZW caught on and started reversing moves. When Yang went for a flying Crossbody, Claudio reversed it with Dropkick to the midsection. When Sydal went for a Hurricanrana on Necro, he reversed it with a huge Powerbomb. And after Styles hit Hero with a DDT and went for the Styles Clash, Hero reversed it with a non-seen low blow by Hero followed up with a near three count. The finish came when Yang took out Claudio and himself when he nailed an amazing Yang Time on Claudio on the outside. In the meantime, Hero and Styles were going at it back and forth also outside the ring, while Sydal kept on trying to ground Necro. Sydal had enough and just jumped on Necro’s back, but after holding on for a while, Necro carried Sydal over to the front and nailed him with a huge Piledriver. Necro the got the cover on Sydal with Yang and Styles unaware of it and this made Team CZW get another shocking win pissing off the crowd even more. This means that Team CZW will shockingly be in the finals of the Trios Tournament!

Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli and Necro Butcher defeated AJ Styles, Jimmy Yang and Matt Sydal in 15:38 to move into the Finals

Trios Tournament Semi-Finals Match F

The Embassy (Abyss, Alex Shelley and Jimmy Rave) w/Daizee Haze and Prince Nana vs. Generation Next (Austin Aries, Jack Evans and Roderick Strong

Just like the previous semi-final Match, this Match was also full of exciting action as both teams were fighting hard as they wanted to take down CZW. Early on in the Match, Generation Next came out strong as Roderick Strong went crazy nailing everyone with different combinations of Backbreakers. Roderick then tagged in Jack and he fired up, but the problem was that the legal man for The Embassy was Abyss. Abyss just quickly cooled down Jack. This turned everything around and gave The Embassy the advantage until the Match was coming to an end. An amazing spot came at the end when Rave was going for the Greetings From Ghana on Strong. Evans then came flying out of nowhere jumping on the back of Strong and nailed Rave with a Dropkick! Strong then recovered and nailed Alex Shelley with a big Double Arm Backbreaker. Strong then locked in the Strong Hold while Evans and Aries held off Abyss. After a bit, Shelley tapped out and made the finals of the Trios Tournament 2006 to be Team CZW against Generation Next.

Austin Aries, Jack Evans and Roderick Strong defeated Abyss, Alex Shelley and Jimmy Rave in 14:45 to move into the Finals

Both Nigel McGuinness and Ace Steel were waiting for Todd Sinclair to finish explaining the rules for the Pure Title Match, but like always, Nigel cut Sinclair off. Nigel said like Delirious, Steel doesn’t deserve a title shot either, but since he said he is so nice he will keep his title on the line as he would defeat Steel tonight and defeat Steel and Williams tomorrow night with Collyer.

ROH Pure Title Match

Ace Steel vs. Nigel McGuinness ©

This was a pretty short Match because since there were so many tournament Matches, but surprisingly it was still very good. Ace Steel was really into this Match as he though he had a really good chance to take the Pure Title away from Nigel. Steel brought his best and made Nigel use 2 out of his 3 rope breaks early, but Nigel was just a bit better as he made Steel use all 3 of his. Coming down to the finish though, Steel was looking for something big, but down came Chad Collyer to distract Steel. Nigel was then able to sneak up behind Steel and get a cheap backslide on him to win the Match. Collyer then just pointed at Nigel after the Match was over and they smiled at each other and just looked at Steel who couldn’t believe what just happened.

Nigel McGuinness defeated Ace Steel in 9:43 and makes defense number 7 of his ROH Pure Title

Grudge Match

Christopher Daniels w/Allison Danger vs. Samoa Joe

This was a very good Match with the crowd on their feet for basically the whole thing. The best part about it, before this Match, all the fans knew that they would see this Match one more time, which is tomorrow night in an I Quit Match. Joe started off strong as he was totally dominating and got just about the whole crowd on his side chanting, “F*ck him up Joe! F*ck him up!” Joe then started chopping Daniels in the corner, but this was when Daniels started fighting back by blocking chops and hitting chops of his own. The crowd then got on Daniels side as well and the chants were going back and forth with, “Fallen Angel, Let’s go Joe!” Daniels came out on top with the chop contest and stayed in control for about a good five minutes. Many times Daniels went to put away Joe, but every single time Daniels went for the Last Rites or Angels Wings, Joe would block it or reverse it with something. Finally, Joe started fighting back coming down to the finish and out of nowhere lifted up Daniels and sat him on the turnbuckle. He then lifted up Daniels in the air and everyone thought the end was near as Joe was going to hit the Muscle Buster. But everyone was wrong as Joe took to much time spinning around in circles that Daniels was able to roll through it and roll Joe up just barley getting Joe to kick out. Joe fought back quickly though and went to nail Daniels with a huge Enziguri while Daniels was standing, but Daniels ducked it and Joe got landed on the mat hard. Daniels then kicked Joe’s head into the ground and grabbed his legs and flipped over Joe’s body. Amazingly the third slap sounded and Daniels got a shocking win getting a huge ovation. Joe then had a pissed of expression on his face making as if Daniels will die tomorrow night.

Christopher Daniels defeated Samoa Joe in 20:51

Before Team CZW came down to the ring, Generation Next had a few words to say and Aries was the one to talk saying that if Hero thinks that him and a few guys from CZW coming into ROH are going to win a tournament in ROH, he is totally wrong. Aries said he is wrong as guys from CZW don’t deserve Title Shot’s in ROH as everyone on Generation Next does. So Aries said that next they will show Hero and the rest of Team CZW who the better promotion is.

Trios Tournament Finals Match G

Generation Next (Austin Aries, Jack Evans and Roderick Strong) vs. Team CZW (Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli and Necro Butcher)

This was no doubt the tournament Match of the night and definitely the Match of the night if it wasn’t for the amazing Match between Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels. The crowd of course was totally on the side of Generation Next and also would love to see Aries and Strong get another chance at the Bryan Danielson’s Title and also with Jack Evans getting a shot too. The crowd was also looking out for the man that was going to help Team CZW win this Match, but he didn’t appear until Team CZW needed him most. Early in the Match Chris Hero lead Claudio and Necro to dominance to really piss off the crowd. All three guys hit on Team CZW would hit a move on someone from Generation Next and then taunt to the crowd. Generation Next turned it around though when Hero went for some sort of side Suplex on Strong, but it got reversed with a throw up then down Backbreaker. After this Generation Next was rolling as they were really working well together. Strong and Evans work together to take out Necro and Claudio with the Ode to Bulldogs really getting the crowd on their feet. Aries then went to end the Match a little early and went for the Brainbuster on Hero and surprisingly hit it. Aries then went up high to finish off Hero with the 450 Splash, but Necro came for the save to push Aries off the top back into the ring making him crash and burn on the ref. Necro then saw that the ref was down and brought a chair into the ring. Necro went to hit Strong with a chair, but Strong kicked it back in the face of Necro. Evans then took down Claudio with a huge Hurricanrana! Generation Next was still rolling late in this Match with the ref down. Then finally out came the man who Hero was talking about. It was SUPER DRAGON who slid in the ring and nailed Strong with a huge Lariat followed up with Evans! Super Dragon then set up Aries and hit an awesome Curb Stomp to really surprise the crowd! Dragon then tossed Strong out of the ring and grabbed Evans and took him on the apron. Super Dragon lifted him up and slammed him through the time keepers table with a Psycho Driver! The crowd was in total shock and couldn’t believe what was happening. Super Dragon then got back in the ring and hit the same Psycho Driver to Aries. He then dragged Hero onto Aries and woke the ref up to give Team CZW the win! The crowd couldn’t believe it along with Generation Next! Team CZW stole this whole show!

Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli and Necro Butcher defeated Austin Aries, Jack Evans and Austin Aries in 17:13 to win the Trios Tournament 2006

After the Match ended, Chris Hero celebrated with Claudio, Necro and especially Super Dragon. They all got a huge amount of boos and no one thought that coming into the night a team from CZW would win this tournament. Before Team CZW left, Hero said on the mike that one of the three men from Team CZW will take Bryan Danielson down and win the ROH Heavyweight Title.

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Newswire For the Week of January 22nd!!!



January 28th: Last night wasn’t the best night for ROH as a surprising team from CZW defeated three teams from ROH to be crowned Trios Tournament 2006 Champions! Now the Match for tonight that was suppose to be Jay Lethal against the Surprise Partner who was Claudio Castagnoli, has changed into a Tag Team Match as Delirious wants some revenge so Hero didn’t mind and added Super Dragon to team with Claudio. Also, a Match has been added for tonight and that is a huge Four Corner Survival Match. Three men were from the team that totally fell apart, Lacey’s Angels in Jimmy Jacobs, Adam Pearce and BJ Whitmer. The fourth man is Sterling James Keenan. We suggest you not miss this night as the first time Styles fought Danielson it was a Match of the Year Candidate. Tonight it is expected to be bigger and better then that!

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Main Event Spectacles II

January 28th

Approximately 800 in Attendance

Cleveland Grays Armory

Before the first Match of the show happened, Samoa Joe was backstage for an interview taped for the DVD. Joe talked about his Match last night with Christopher Daniels and that Daniels just getting lucky. Joe said that tonight there will be no luck happening for Daniels or himself, as he says he won’t need any luck for Daniels to say I Quit. Joe said that after he is done with Daniels, he will then get involved in the war against CZW as he says he is a true ROH Superstar and wants to fight for his company.

Another interview was taped backstage with AJ Styles. Styles talked about his previous two Matches with Bryan Danielson and how he defeated him twice already. Styles said that tonight he will make the Match count between the two, 3-0 and he will take the ROH Heavyweight Title away from Bryan Danielson.

Irish Airborne (Dave and Jake Crist) vs. Jason Blade and Kid Mikaze

This was a pretty good Match to kick off the night with two fairly new teams in ROH. Like last night, Irish Airborne again put up an amazing fight and surprised the crowd and their opponents. Late in the Match, Jason Blade started to fight back and went up high and nailed Dave Crist with a Crossbody. Kid Mikaze then went for one on Jake Crist, but Jake reversed it by hitting a Dropkick to the gut on Mikaze when he was on the way down. Jake then got up and picked up Mikaze and just threw him out of the ring. He then ran at Blade and Jake hit a huge Enziguri on Blade. Jake Crist helped up Dave and they together hit the Casket Cutter on Jason Blade to put him and Kid Mikaze away in the opener.

Irish Airborne defeated Jason Blade and Kid Mikaze in 8:35

Out came Colt Cabana ready for his Match against Ricky Reyes, but before the Match, Cabana had some words to say. Cabana said that tonight he would take care of Homicide’s b*tch, Ricky Reyes. Cabana then said that he heard that Homicide’s minor surgery went well earlier today and that he will be back and ready at the Fourth Anniversary Show. So Cabana told everyone including Homicide that at the Fourth Anniversary Show they will have the Match that Homicide wants, Fight Without Honor!

Grudge Match

Colt Cabana vs. Ricky Reyes w/Julius Smokes

This was a good Match, but not even close to as good as a Cabana against Homicide encounter. Reyes fought hard in this Match as he really wanted to get a victory for his partner, Homicide. Reyes was looking good early in the Match as he was hitting continuous moves on Cabana. AS the Match moved on though, Cabana started fighting back. Cabana then went for an early Colt 45, but before Cabana could even pick Reyes up, Reyes crawled through the legs of Cabana and locked in the Dragon Sleeper out of nowhere. Cabana almost gave up, but he was able to reach out and grab the ropes. Reyes then picked up Cabana and looked as if he were going for the Cop Killa, Homicide finisher, but it was a mistake as Cabana fought out of whatever Reyes was looking for. Cabana pushed Reyes away and then Cabana charged at Reyes nailing him with a huge Lariat to give him the victory.

Colt Cabana defeated Ricky Reyes in 11:52

The Embassy (Alex Shelley and Jimmy Rave) w/Daizee Haze and Prince Nana vs. Italian’s Finest (Sal Rinauro and Tony Mamaluke)

Wasn’t the best Match at all on the card as it was mainly a Squash Match, but the former Tag Team Champions of Italian’s Finest fought this Match as best they could. After a short bit of offense by Rinauro and Mamaluke in the beginning of the Match. Shelley and Rave turned it around when Nana distracted the ref. This made Daizee Haze come into the ring by getting on the top ropes and nailing both Rinauro and Mamaluke with a Dual Dropkick! From there on, The Embassy was in total control and Shelley and Rave just played around with the former Tag Champions. Finally, the Match finished when Shelley nailed Mamaluke with a huge Shellshock and then took Rinauro out of the ring. Rave then finished Mamaluke off as he hit the Greetings From Ghana to give the victory to The Embassy.

Alex Shelley and Jimmy Rave defeated Italian's Finest in 10:39

After the Match ended, Nana and Haze got in the words and Nana had something to say. Nana said that The Embassy has just been dominating the ROH Roster for so long that they really deserve some gold. So Nana said that the team of Alex Shelley and Jimmy Rave deserve some gold, like the ROH Tag Team Titles. So Nana demanded that at the next show, Rave and Shelley will challenge the Tag Team Champions with the Titles on the line.

Four Corner Survival Match

Adam Pearce vs. BJ Whitmer vs. Jimmy Jacobs w/Lacey vs. Sterling James Kennan

This was a decent Four Corner Survival Match with it being pretty even with everyone except Kennan who was just a man thrown in this Match to be dominated. Early in the Match Pearce and Whitmer were working together as Jacobs kept pissing both men off. Soon enough Jacobs just ran out of the ring to make it the usual one on one action as Pearce and Whitmer went at it. It was pretty stiff at this point and after Whitmer nailed Pearce surprisingly with an Exploder Suplex, he knew he needed to get out and tagged in Kennan. From here Whitmer just dominated until Jacobs came in the ring and attacked Whitmer from behind. The last couple of minutes in this Match were hectic with Jacobs running around like a lunatic trying to attack Whitmer and Pearce. Finally, they stopped him and the double teamed on him with a Double Suplex. Lacey tried to help out Jimmy, but only distracted Pearce so Whitmer was still able to hit Jacobs with a Wrist Clutch Exploder Suplex to win the Match. This made Lacey very pissed off at Jacobs.

BJ Whitmer defeated Adam Pearce, Jimmy Jacobs and Sterling James Keenan in 12:36

Out came Team CZW of Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, Necro Butcher, and Super Dragon. Hero had a few words to say before Claudio and Super Dragon had their Match. Here said that everyone in the ring at the time will continue to dominate ROH until they take out all Ring of Honor’s Wrestlers, take all Ring of Honor’s Title’s and just take down Ring of Honor.

ROH vs. CZW Tag Team Grudge Match

Claudio Castagnoli and Super Dragon w/Chris Hero and Necro Butcher vs. Delirious and Jay Lethal

This wasn’t really a Match as it was a total squash and even if it didn’t end so well for Team CZW, they still did what they wanted to do. Early in the Match Delirious and Lethal both surprised their opponents as they jumped on their backs thinking it would be a good start for them, but it was soon turned around when both Claudio and Super Dragon threw them off their backs. The Match moved on with Super Dragon and Claudio Castagnoli just totally dominating. Soon enough Chris Hero and Necro Butcher really wanted in on the action and just came in the ring with chairs. They both attacked Lethal and Delirious to make the ref call for the DQ. This gave Delirious and Lethal the victory, but as well as a big beat down.

Delirious and Jay Lethal defeated Claudio Castagnoli and Super Dragon in 11:21

All four men of Team CZW continued the beat down on Delirious and Lethal as they all hit their signature moves. Finally, out came the Tag Team Champions of Austin Aries and Roderick Strong to just run off Team CZW and to make the late save for Delirious and Jay Lethal.

It was now time for Intermission and Bobby Cruise was in the ring announcing in. During Intermission he said that ROH would return to Cleveland on June 24th and tickets would be on sale very soon! Cruise then hyped the next three shows saying that Bryan Danielson will defend his ROH Heavyweight Title if still Champion against Necro Butcher on February 11th, Chris Hero on February 25th and Claudio Castagnoli March 11th. This will all happen if he can make it through each opponent.

After Intermission ended, down came the Pure Champion, Nigel McGuinness with his tag team partner, Chad Collyer. Before their opponents came down to the ring, Nigel had a few words to say, like usual. Nigel said that just like last night he will destroy Ace Steel, with once again help from Chad Collyer. Then he will annihilate the returning Doug Williams on his own to make sure he never returns in ROH again which gave Nigel a lot of heat.

Tag Team Grudge Match

Ace Steel and Doug Williams vs. Chad Collyer and Nigel McGuinness

This was a very good Match and a definite contender for the Match of the Night, but it was quite the best. Steel and Collyer basically focused on each other while Nigel and Williams did the same. Early in the Match though, it was Williams and Collyer in the ring with Doug Williams totally dominating with his better technical skills. Nigel stopped that by coming into the ring and nailing Williams with a huge Lariat to the back of the head without Williams knowing. Late in the Match, Williams and Nigel were the legal men and Steel was taunting Collyer while both men were on the ring apron. Collyer had enough and ran into the ring and hit Steel with a huge Spear making him fly through the ropes and Steel off the apron with both guys crashing to the outside! Nigel then hit Williams with a huge DDT after he reversed a Tiger Suplex. Nigel then lifted up Williams and sat him in the corner. He went for the Towers of London, but Williams reversed it by pushing Nigel back and jumping off the top nailing the Pure Champion with a Flying Clothesline. Doug Williams then locked in a Crossface on Nigel, but as Nigel was moving backwards towards the ropes, Williams turned it into a STF so he couldn’t move back anymore with his leg tied up. Nigel had no choice, but to tap out so he did. This means that Doug Williams is guaranteed a Pure Title Shot in the near future since he pinned the Pure Champion.

Ace Steel and Doug Williams defeated Chad Collyer and Nigel McGuinness in 15:14

ROH Tag Team Titles Match

Austin Aries and Roderick Strong © vs. Jimmy Yang and Matt Sydal

This was another Match that was so close in being the Match of the Night, but with the final two Matches left, it would be tough to beat. Sydal and Yang really worked well together and all the fans believed that it was easily possible that there could be new Tag Team Champions tonight even though it would be a really short reign for Aries and Strong. With the Match, it started off with two Generation Next superstars as Sydal started it off with Aries. Sydal got the upper hand early and like always amazes his opponent and the crowd. As the Match moved on though, Yang brought his team down a bit as he just couldn’t perform as good as his usual. When Yang was in he mainly got dominated by Aries, but especially by Roderick Strong by his Backbreakers and Stiff Chops. A little later in the Match, Sydal got the crowd going crazy as they thought there would be new Tag Team Champions after he nailed Aries with his own Brainbuster followed by the 450 Splash, but Roderick Strong was just barley able to dive in and break up the count. Yang then tried to capitalize on Strong and went for a Standing Yang Time, but it was a mistake as Strong caught Yang in midair hitting him with a huge Backbreaker left the crowd in shock. With Yang down and hurt after that huge Backbreaker it was three Generation Next superstars in the ring and the one by himself didn’t have good chances as he was getting dominated. He did fight back though, but not good enough as Aries and Strong were able to put him away soon enough with a Brianbuster/Chop Combo followed by a 450 Splash by Austin Aries to let Generation Next defend their titles in their first defense.

Austin Aries and Roderick Strong defeated Jimmy Yang and Matt Sydal in 17:45 and make defense number 1 of their ROH Tag Team Titles

Out came Christopher Daniels and he was ready for his final Match against Samoa Joe, but before the Match he wanted to say a few things as he wanted to answer back Joe. Daniels said that just like last night he will defeat Joe, but with this time saying I Quit. Daniels then said after he defeated Samoa Joe twice in a row, he will go on to biggest thing in Ring of Honor, the Heavyweight Title. Daniels said that no matter who’s waist it was on, he was going after it.

I Quit Match

Christopher Daniels w/Allison Danger vs. Samoa Joe

This was an amazing Match and after all the talk, it received the Co-Match of the Night as this Match as well as the ROH Heavyweight Title Matches was just on the same level. The Match began with again Joe with the advantage the crowd getting on his side. The chants from last night began for Joe with some for Daniels. Once Daniels backed out of the corner and got Joe into it, the chants from the crowd reversed. After the short while of this the action really got crazy as Daniels went for an early BME, but Joe moved out of the way. This gave Samoa Joe total control. He got Daniels in the corner and started kicking away until he finally hit the Ole Kick. As the Match moved on Joe stayed in control and it looked as if Daniels time was getting close to ending. Joe lifted up Daniels on the turnbuckle and then lifted him up over his shoulder. He spun around a few times and then dropped Daniels with a huge Muscle Buster. Joe then locked in the Rear Naked Choke on Daniels and the ref held a microphone by Daniels seeing if he will say I Quit. Daniels fought through it though, and finally got out of the hold. Daniels then nipped up and had another burst of energy out of nowhere. He was nailing Joe with everything he had. Finally, Daniels hit Joe with the Last Rites and then Daniels was looking around and went up high. Daniels was setting up for the Picture Perfect Moonsault, but took to much time as Joe was able to get up and sneak up behind Daniels and grab him down from the turnbuckle, locking in the Dragon Sleeper. Daniels was struggling to get out of it as the ref held the mike out seeing if Daniels will once again say I Quit. Daniels again didn’t say it and tried to fight out of it, but he was locked in to good and Joe just applied it even tighter. Finally, Daniels without saying I Quit just passed out. The ref raised Daniels’s arm three times giving Joe the victory by pass out.

Samoa Joe defeated Christopher Daniels in 21:29

Before the final Match of the night, which was the Match everyone was waiting for, Danielson had a few words to say and he said it quickly. He said that when Styles beat him a while back twice, he wasn’t as good as he was now. Danielson said ever since he returned to ROH and won the Heavyweight Title, he has been the Best Wrestler in the World. Danielson said that he will show it to Styles next as he will finally defeat Styles.

ROH Heavyweight Title Match

AJ Styles vs. Bryan Danielson ©

In another amazing Match Danielson was set to finally defeat AJ Styles in ROH as he has failed twice already. Both men gave it their best as Danielson really wanted to finally get a win over Styles and Styles wanted to finally become the ROH Heavyweight Champion. A lot of karma went on in this Match as early in the Match when Danielson went to shake Styles’ hand, Styles surprisingly spit in Dragon’s face! Dragon answered back by running off Styles. Styles came back in the ring and offered a handshake to Danielson, but Dragon did what Styles did and spat in AJ’s face. Now it was on as both men were pissed and they started to go at it hard. Styles got the early advantage as he was able to bring Danielson to the mat. Styles started off on Dragon’s level by continuously locking in submissions and doing everything technical on the mat. Finally, when Styles tried to stop and that and went up high, Dragon gained control as he was able to push Styles off of the turnbuckle, making him fly to the outside. Dragon then flew himself as he got on the turnbuckle and jumped onto a standing Styles with his two arms crashing down on Styles. The action got back in the ring a little later with Dragon now in control and he was doing his usual moves. He locked in the Mexican Surfboard which really gave him control. Dragon went for an early finish a little later by looking to hit the Dragon Suplex, but Styles forced out of it, but Dragon came charging back nailing Styles with a huge Lariat. Dragon though it was over there, but Styles wasn’t done with yet. Coming down to the finish of the Match, both men were about even, but Styles took the control after he hit a Pele Kick on Danielson out of nowhere. Styles then hit a Dropsault on Dragon when he got up and thought there was a new Champion, but Dragon just kicked out. Styles then went for the Styles Clash, but Danielson rolled through it and locked in a STF, but Styles was able to reach out to the ropes. Both men got up and Styles charged at Danielson, but Dragon ducked it and was able to ground Styles and lock in the Crossface Chickenwing submission. AJ was screaming in pain as he couldn’t reach out and grab the ropes. So after an amazing 30 Minute bout, AJ Styles had to tap out leaving Danielson the victor and finally getting a win over AJ Styles.

Bryan Danielson defeated AJ Styles in 30:32 and makes defense number 10 of his ROH World Heavyweight Title

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Newswire For the Week of January 29th!!!



January 30th: On Friday Night we saw the impossible as three idiots from CZW won this year’s Trios Tournament. No one can believe what happened, but we are sure to get CZW back for this. Also, on Saturday Night we have two new guys helping up out in Austin Aries and Roderick Strong.

January 30th: The next three shows Bryan Danielson is packed with three huge Title Matches as he has to face the three guys from that crap company of CZW. After Danielson defeats all three men in Necro Butcher, Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli, he will get awarded with something big. And if anyone tries to help anyone of those CZW guys so they can try and take the ROH Title, they will die on that night. It isn’t only promised, but guaranteed.

January 30th: After two members from Generation Next came to help ROH fight against CZW, another member from Generation Next wants to help and that is Jack Evans. Evans challenged anyone from CZW and right away Chris Hero has said that Super Dragon will be at the show on February 11th to destroy Jack Evans.

January 31st: At Main Event Spectacles II last weekend, after Alex Shelley and Jimmy Rave of The Embassy defeated Italian’s Finest; Prince Nana announced that they deserved a shot at Austin Aries and Roderick Strong. The ROH Tag Team Champions have responded to the situation and said that they will give Rave and Shelley a shot at them, but without the Titles on the line as they have to prove they really deserve the Titles. Then if they defeat the Champs, they get their Title Match on March 25th in New York.

January 31st: Staying on the topic of the Tag Team Titles, a huge Match has been signed for the Fourth Anniversary Show. There will be four teams in this Tag Team Match and the winning team of the Match will be awarded a shot at the Tag Team Titles on March 11th. The first team announced for this Match is the huge return of Jay and Mark Briscoe of the Briscoe Brothers!

February 1st: A huge way to start of the month of February is the big announcement on who will be back in ROH for the WrestleMania Weekend. The man returning who only appeared once in ROH is NOAH sensation, KENTA! At the end of 2005 at Final Battle 2005, KENTA battled Low-Ki and defeated him. Now KENTA will be back from three huge Matches at WrestleMania Weekend!

February 1st: More huge Matches coming this next show on February 11th involving ROH and CZW. Since Joe is now done with Daniels, Joe is ready to help out ROH and he will team with a surprising enemy in Jay Lethal to face Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero of the Kings of Wrestling! This might not work out for ROH as Joe and Lethal have been having trouble lately, but when this Mach happens both men just have to work together to take down CZW.

February 2nd: AJ Styles and Matt Sydal are ready to really team together and they will team together at the next show in a big warm-up Match as they will be facing the team of Kid Mikaze and Jason Blade. Both Styles and Sydal said if they won this Match, they will send in a request to be in the Four Team Tag Match at the Fourth Anniversary Show later in the month.

February 3rd: Here is the February Top 5. They were voted on after the 1/28 event.

ROH Heavyweight Champion: Bryan Danielson

ROH Pure Champion: Nigel McGuinness

1. Necro Butcher

-Top spot with Trios Tournament win and first challenger for Bryan Danielson.

2. Chris Hero

-Maintains spot with Trios Tournament win and second challenger for Bryan Danielson.

3. Claudio Castagnoli

-Maintains spot with Trios Tournament win and third challenger for Bryan Danielson.

4. Samoa Joe

-Wins the feud over Christopher Daniels even though he lost on 1/27, he made Daniels pass out on 1/28.

5. Roderick Strong

-He won the FIP Heavyweight Title on 1/14 and made it to the finals of the Trios Tournament with Generation Next.

Just missing the Top 5: Austin Aries, Christopher Daniels, Jay Lethal, & Delirious

February 3rd: Expect on next week’s newswire the first opponent for KENTA on the WrestleMania weekend. The rest of the card for the February 11th show in Long Island. Also, more on the Fourth Anniversary show in Edison.

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IPB Image

Newswire For the Week of February 5th!!!



February 6th: What everyone is wondering on the ROH Message Board is who KENTA will be facing on the three nights he is back in ROH. Well, the first Match we have to announce is for April 1st, the last show of the weekend. It will be KENTA challenging the ROH Heavyweight Champion Bryan Danielson with the title on the line if he still has possession of the belt! If you think this is big, there is much more for KENTA to come.

February 6th: A second team has been announced to be in the Four Team Tag Match at the Fourth Anniversary Show. The second team will be Dave and Jake Crist of Irish Airborne. They are joining the Briscoe Brothers in this Match. Irish Airborne are currently undefeated in ROH and how sweet would it be for them to win a huge Match like this at the Fourth Anniversary Show.

February 7th: At Main Event Spectacles II, Nigel McGuinness was the man to be pinned in the Tag Team Match he was involved in. The man who pinned him was Doug Williams. This means that at the Fourth Anniversary Show, Nigel will be facing Doug Williams for the Pure Title if he is still Champion. This will be a huge Match between two great European sensations no matter what.

February 7th: Nigel McGuinness may not be Champion going into the Fourth Anniversary Show as he has to go through his partner at Main Event Spectacles II, Chad Collyer. Nigel will be defending his Title against Collyer on the 11th, this coming Saturday.

February 8th: At Trios Tournament 2006, Milano Collection AT was teaming with Sal Rinauro and Tony Mamaluke. Mamaluke was the one pissing off Milano who wound up just leaving him and Rinauro alone. Now Mamaluke will be able to get revenge on Milano this weekend as he will be facing him in a big Grudge Match.

February 8th: The last Match announced for this coming Saturday will be a Special Challenge Match between Ricky Reyes and Jimmy Yang. Yang has sent out that The Rottweilers is nothing to special and that Yang can take on anyone from the group. So Ricky Reyes has responded and it was announced that Yang and Reyes will go at it this Saturday.

February 9th: KENTA has already been announced to make his return in ROH for the three shows in Chicago on WrestleMania Weekend. KENTA first Match was announced and that was against the ROH Champion, Bryan Danielson on April 1st. Now for another Match KENTA will be in, is on April 30th, the debut for ROH is Berwyn. KENTA will be facing not only the ROH Champion in this Match, but also ROH Legend, Samoa Joe. With KENTA, Danielson and Joe all in the same ring, this Match will be an instant classic.

February 10th: Tomorrow night is a huge night for ROH as we will see Bryan Danielson face his first challenger from the team who won the Trios Tournament. That man is Necro Butcher and the show name has been given, “Ring of Hardcore” as Danielson might be stepping into something dangerous with Necro as two totally different wrestlers will collide.

February 10th: Also, tomorrow night, the ROH and CZW will even get bigger as Samoa Joe will team with Jay Lethal to face the Kings of Wrestling and Jack Evans will go one on one with Super Dragon.

February 10th: Make sure you don’t miss this amazing show in Long Island, NY! This may be the only time you will see Necro Butcher step into the ring and get destroyed by the Best Wrestler in the World, Bryan Danielson. Necro might think he is stepping into a Ring of Hardcore, but he isn’t as he is stepping into the ring with a real Champion in Bryan Danielson.

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Newswire For the Week of February 5th!!!



February 11th: Early today at the event for CZW in Pennsylvania, Bryan Danielson showed up with a ticket and just came to watch the Match between Necro Butcher and The Messiah. Necro took care of The Messiah and Danielson was impressed, but not looking scared at all. Also on the show the Kings of Wrestling warmed up as they retained their Tag Team Titles against Joker and Eddie Kingston of The Blackout. Lastly, Super Dragon lost the CZW Heavyweight Title to amazingly Chris Sabin when Sabin defeated both Super Dragon and Ruckus.

February 11th: Just announced for Ring of Hardcore is a huge Four Corner Survival Match. It will involve Colt Cabana, Adam Pearce, BJ Whitmer, and Delirious! The winner of this Match should definitely move up in the Top 5 Rankings.

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IPB Image

Ring of Hardcore

February 11th

Approximately 300 in Attendance

Sports Plus Entertainment Center

Ring of Honor returned to Long Island, NY tonight, for “Ring of Hardcore,” which references to Necro Butcher, The King of Deathmatches, stepping into an ROH ring which is all about Pure Wrestling. Everyone is anticipated to see if Danielson will go hardcore with Necro, or will Necro get technical with Dragon?

Taped for the DVD was an interview with The Embassy. Prince Nana did all the talking with Rave, Shelley and Haze just looking on agreeing with Nana. Nana said that he is pissed they aren’t getting a Title Shot tonight, but they will get the shot on March 25th and win the belts after they defeat Aries and Strong tonight.

There was another interview with the ROH Champion Bryan Danielson. Dragon mainly said that Necro Butcher can think he is coming to ROH to win the Title by some hardcore sh*t, but he isn’t as that won’t happen as referee Mike Kehner, will be really strict with the rules. So Dragon said if Necro wanted to win the Title, he would have to win it his way.

Grudge Match

Milano Collection AT vs. Tony Mamaluke w/Sal Rinauro

This was a pretty good Match to start off the night. Mamaluke wanted his revenge and kept on trying to get it, but Milano wouldn’t let it happen as he mainly controlled the Match the whole time. Milano stayed in control all the way to the finish as he went to lock in the AT Lock, but Mamaluke quickly reversed it and went to push Milano into the ropes. Rinauro jumped on the apron and tried to distract Milano, but he just slowed down and laughed at Sal and then gave him a poke to the eye. Milano then turned and Mamaluke charged at him, but Milano ducked and turned back around to jump up and nail Mamaluke with an Enziguri to win the opening contest. After the Match when Sal was helping Mamaluke, Rinauro motioned one more Match to Milano as he left.

Milano Collection AT defeated Tony Mamaluke in 11:51

Special Challenge Match

Jimmy Yang vs. Ricky Reyes w/Julius Smokes

This was a very good Match with this seeming more then just a special challenge. It was a good challenge by Yang as this Match turned into an awesome one early on. The crowd got into mocking Smokes with the “Yea, Yea Yea’s,” and was on the side for Yang all the way. Yang made one mistake challenging Reyes though, as Reyes had Smokes as a backup and Yang had no one. So the numbers game held a big part in the Match towards the end even though Yang was dominating at this point. Yang was looking to end it as he was signaling for the Yang Time, but Smokes started going crazy, barking like a dog, screaming “Yea, Yea, Yea” and “ROTTWEILERS!” Yang really got annoyed and started mocking Smokes and Smokes didn’t like it one bit. Smokes got on the apron and was totally distracting Yang. Reyes was then able to get up and sneak up behind Yang and attack him and quickly lock on the Dragon Sleeper. Yang couldn’t take the pain and had to tap out.

Ricky Reyes defeated Jimmy Yang in 12:32

AJ Styles and Matt Sydal vs. Jason Blade and Kid Mikaze

This was a nice quick and short Tag Team Match as Styles and Sydal wanted to see if them tagging together was for real. It was damn sure for real as they were totally amazing by pumping up the crowd and not letting them be quite. Sydal and Styles made quick work of Blade and Mikaze and were able to win a short Match after a nice combo. Sydal nailed a huge Springboard Standing Shooting Star Press on Blade and Mikaze to knock both men down. Styles then went up high and flew nailing both Blade and Mikaze with the Spiral Tap. Styles was able to pin Mikaze with ease giving Styles and Sydal their first victory as Tag Team.

AJ Styles and Matt Sydal defeated Jason Blade and Kid Mikaze in 8:40

Colt Cabana came out ready for his big Contender’s Match in a Four Corner Survival Match. Cabana had something to say before his Match though. He said that this Match doesn’t really mean anything to him because after he kills Homicide at the Fourth Anniversary Show, he will definitely deserve a Title Shot.

Four Corner Survival Match

Adam Pearce vs. BJ Whitmer vs. Colt Cabana vs. Delirious

This Four Corner Survival Match was very good and also entertaining. While Pearce and Whitmer took this Match so serious, Cabana and Delirious were having some fun by entertaining the crowd. The crowd then started to get into the Match when they got on Delirious’ side. Delirious started to go crazy and freaking out the men in the Match until Whitmer finally calmed him down with a huge Lariat. The Match came to an end when Pearce and Whitmer teamed up on Cabana to get rid of him. When they did, Whitmer right away jumped to attack Pearce and quickly hit an Explosive Exploder Suplex on Pearce and out of nowhere picked up a huge win for him. This means that Whitmer will be moving on up in the Top 5 Rankings after this Match since he won this big Contender’s Match.

BJ Whitmer defeated Adam Pearce, Colt Cabana and Delirious in 13:43

Super Dragon came down to the ring with the Kings of Wrestling right behind him ready for his Match. Chris Hero wanted to say something before the Match and mainly put over CZW like always. He said that tonight will be the night where CZW dominates as they will go 3-0. Hero said it starts with Super Dragon killing Evans, moves onto him and Claudio destroying Joe and Lethal, and finishes with Necro Butcher manhandling Danielson and taking the Title.

CZW vs. ROH Grudge Match

Jack Evans vs. Super Dragon w/Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli

This Match wasn’t even funny as ROH Superstar, Jack Evans just got destroyed and embarrassed. Jack looked to start things off strong, but soon enough Hero and Claudio distracted Jack to let Super Dragon get in control. Super Dragon then just totally destroyed Evans. Super Dragon just continued hitting move after move onto Evans until he thought it was enough. When Super Dragon was about to finish Evans, down came Samoa Joe and Jay Lethal and they started to brawl with Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli. Super Dragon let them be though as after he hit a sick Curb Stomp on Evans, he lifted him up and hit a DANGEROUS Psycho Driver 2000 to almost kill Jack Evans.

Super Dragon defeated Jack Evans in 10:36

After the Match, Joe and Lethal continued attacking Hero and Claudio and then came Super Dragon into the brawl. Lethal and Joe got weapons though and took out all three men until they accidentally bumped into each other after all three CZW men were down.

After they bumped into each other, you knew there was trouble as Lethal started screaming at Joe until Joe had enough and attacked Lethal and brought him into the ring to have a Match between the two instead of having them two team up to face the Kings of Wrestling.

Grudge Match

Jay Lethal vs. Samoa Joe

This Match was actually a very good one until Hero, Claudio and Super Dragon got involved again at the end. If it wasn’t for them to end the Match, this Match would have been the Match of the Night. Joe and Lethal went back and forth and soon enough Lethal took control of the Match. Once he did, he held control for most of the time which pissed the crowd off. The crowd started chanting Joe’s name and all other stuff for Joe so he could regain control, but Lethal would just continue to shut Joe down. Lethal’s time was done though when he went for a Dragon Suplex to finish off Joe, but it was to much weight for him to lift, so Joe turned around and jumped up and nailed Lethal with a huge Enziguri. Joe then hit the Ole Kick in the corner to Lethal and lifted him up onto the turnbuckle. Joe lifted Lethal in the air for the Muscle Buster, but then in came Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli and Super Dragon all with chairs except for Super Dragon. Hero jolted the end of a chair into the gut of Joe, while Claudio crushed a shot over the back of Lethal. Super Dragon then just hit a Chop Block on Joe to make both men fall. The Double DQ was called, but the attack continued until Hero thought it was enough and the three men left through the crowd.

Jay Lethal drew with Samoa Joe in 10:09 following a double disqualification

It was now time for Intermission. During Intermission, a taped interview happened backstage with Christopher Daniels. Daniels wasn’t appearing to wrestle at the show, but was just here to watch. In the interview he explained that he still wanted revenge on Joe, but couldn’t fight him one on one anymore. So he was told since Lethal and Joe just drew, at the Fourth Anniversary Show, it will be Samoa Joe against Jay Lethal and Christopher Daniels.

In the ring during Intermission was Bobby Cruise and he announced first the same Match that Christopher Daniels announced in his interview. He then said that Ring of Honor would return to Long Island, New York on Friday, May 12th. Cruise then hyped the next show which is the Anniversary Show for ROH. Finally, he just hyped the three show return for KENTA.

When we got back from Intermission, it was time for the Pure Title Match and Todd Sinclair was announcing the rules. Like always, Nigel cut him off and took the mike. Nigel said that everyone knows that he will defeat Chad Collyer tonight since he is the best Pure Champion ever and then beat Doug Williams at the Anniversary Show. Nigel said he knows he will do it because he still claims himself as, “The best there ever was, The best there ever is, and The best there ever will be.”

ROH Pure Title Match

Chad Collyer vs. Nigel McGuinness ©

This Match was a very good technical bout as Chad Collyer took Nigel to the limit, the way he wanted to and that was making Nigel get technical. Collyer had early control and held control for a bit of the time as he really slowed the pace of the Match down with locking in different submission holds on the mat. Nigel lost all three of his rope breaks before Collyer used one of his. Things turned around though when Collyer threw Nigel into the corner, but he did his handstand on the turnbuckle and jumped behind Collyer and then locked in a Sleeper Hold making Collyer use his first rope break. Nigel stayed in control and got Collyer to use two ropes breaks when the Match came to a finish. Collyer started fighting back once again and threw Nigel into the ropes, but Nigel slid through then and held himself up with his feet making him charge back nailed Collyer with a huge Lariat. Nigel then got Collyer up to the top and went got a huge Towers of London on Collyer, but Collyer pushed Nigel away. Collyer then for some reason tried to fly with a Double Axe Handle, but it didn’t work as Nigel nailed Collyer in the midair with a second Lariat really knocking out Collyer and making Nigel the winner.

Nigel McGuinness defeated Chad Collyer in 15:57 and makes defense number 8 of his ROH Pure title.

The Tag Team Champions of Austin Aries and Roderick Strong came down to the ring and Aries wanted to say something. Aries said that The Embassy doesn’t deserve a shot at him and Strong at all as they finished The Embassy off at Steel Cage Warfare. Aries then said that, The Embassy are lucky that Generation Next is nice in giving Shelley and Rave a shot at the Titles in the future. Strong finished it off by saying to Aries that they don’t have to worry because they won’t get by them tonight to get a Title Shot.

Tag Team Grudge Match

The Embassy (Alex Shelley and Jimmy Rave) w/Daizee Haze and Prince Nana vs. Generation Next (Austin Aries and Roderick Strong)

This Match was no doubt the Match of the Night as Jimmy Rave and Alex Shelley showed everyone that them teaming was for real as they took the Tag Champions to the limit and just wouldn’t five up. Early on in the Match, Aries and Strong didn’t think it was that hard of competition and started fooling around with Jimmy Rave, but Rave fought back against both men as Shelley was down on the outside. When Aries and Strong charged at Rave, he ducked down and flipped both men over while Aries stayed in the ring and Strong headed to the outside. Rave then was in total control while Nana helped Shelley up and sent him back in the ring. Rave and Shelley held a double team on Aries until Paul Turned sent Shelley to the apron. AS the Match moved on, The Embassy stayed in control and Rave and Shelley were teaming amazingly hitting all different kinds of double team moves and combos. After the domination of The Embassy was over, Aries and Strong fought back after the crowd really got behind them. It was now Generation Next turn to have control and they showed everyone why they are the Tag Team Champions. They hit some great Tag Team moves, especially the one the crowd liked the most, the Chop/Brainbuster Combo. Everyone thought it was over after they hit that combo on Rave and then sent him out of the ring. Strong then hit continuous Backbreakers on Shelley as Aries went up high. After Strong finished off Shelley, Aries was about to fly, but Prince Nana called the ref over saying Rave needed help on the outside. As the ref was distracted, in came Daizee Haze into the ring and nailed Roderick Strong with a Dropkick and then a Super Hurricanrana on Aries off of the top rope. Haze then helped up Shelley and then she left the ring. Shelley lifted up Aries and nailed a quick Shellshock and got the ref back into the Match. Shelley covered Aries and the ref counted three before Strong could get up and break the pin up. This means on March 25th in New York, Jimmy Rave and Alex Shelley will challenge for the Tag Team Titles.

Alex Shelley and Jimmy Rave defeated Austin Aries and Roderick Strong in 23:15

Chris Hero came through the crowd again, this time with Necro Butcher as Necro was ready as ever for the Title Match. Hero said that at the end of tonight, there will be a new ROH Champion and the man’s name is Necro Butcher, which really got the crowd rallied up.

Bryan Danielson then came down to the ring and got into the face of both Chris Hero and Necro Butcher. Dragon told Hero that he can talk all he wants, but at the end of March 11th, he would still be ROH Champion weather any CZW guys likes it or not. Dragon said that tonight there will be no hardcore action going on as if Necro wants the belt he has to wrestle Pure, which is what Ring of Honor is all about. Dragon finished his talking by saying that there is no chance for Necro Butcher, Chris Hero or Claudio Castagnoli to become Champion because none of them will be able to beat the Best Wrestler in the World.

ROH Heavyweight Title Match

Bryan Danielson © vs. Necro Butcher w/Chris Hero

This was a good Main Event as it was full of a little bit of everything, but wasn’t the best wrestling Match just as everyone though since both Necro Butcher’s and Bryan Danielson’s styles don’t mesh together. Even with their styles not meshing together, they traded back and forth wrestling each other styles. The Match started with Danielson just smothering Necro in the corner, but soon enough, he took Necro to the mat and started to get a bit technical. The Match moved along pretty quickly and Necro was able to take control pretty soon as he lifted up Dragon and tossed him face first into the turnbuckle. Necro then charged at Danielson and nailed him with a Clothesline making him fly out of the ring. Hero smiled at Necro as the crowd started to boo. Danielson had enough though at this point and took a chair and slid it into the ring. He then grabbed his Title and took that in the ring. Necro grabbed the chair and went to hit Dragon when he got back in the ring, but before Necro did, Danielson charged at Necro and nailed him with the Title. Referee, Mike Kehner did nothing except look on since Necro was the one feeling the pain. Danielson then took the chair and went to hit Necro when he got up, but he moved and Danielson hit the ref. Mike Kehner was basically out for the rest of the Match. Coming down to the end of the Match, the Champion was in trouble because down came Super Dragon and Claudio Castagnoli and it was a huge disadvantage for Danielson. It was a four on one beat down until somehow the Champion started fighting back. Daniels took a chair and started going crazy. With the four CZW men lined up in a row, Danielson nailed each guy with the end of the chair in the gut! Danielson then crushed the chair over the heads of Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli and Super Dragon making them fall to the mat and slid out of the ring. Danielson then tossed the chair into the hands of Necro Butcher and jumped up and hit a Dropkick onto the chair which ricocheted into Necro’s face making him fly to the outside threw a table that was set up previously! Danielson got the ref up and Kehner started the 20 Count. Kehner was to 18 when Hero, Claudio and Super Dragon tried getting Necro up in the ring, but couldn’t do it in time as Bryan Danielson retained the Title by Count Out over Necro Butcher! Danielson has one down and two to go.

Bryan Danielson defeated Necro Butcher in 19:50 by count out and makes defense number 11 of his ROH World Heavyweight title

After the Match, Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli and Super Dragon all got up and got into the ring again and into the face of the retaining Champion, Bryan Danielson. The CZW guys were about to destroy Dragon until out ran Austin Aries and Roderick Strong. Aries and Strong started brawling with the three CZW guys while Danielson made his way backstage. Necro Butcher got up though and the four CZW men started dominating the ROH Tag Team Champions. The crowd started chanting, “Joe” and down he ran clearing the ring and making the CZW Superstars leave through the crowd. The show ended with Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and Roderick Strong all standing tall in the middle of the ring with the crowd chanting, “ROH!”

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