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ROH 06 diary

Guest dave_ecw

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Guest dave_ecw

ROH Diary

Well this diary is based on breaking barriers 8 and ROH have been deeply entrenched in a major feud with John Zandig’s CZW. This is where I step in I am the new owner of ROH. My name is David Paternos and this is a great honor as I see ROH as being the future of Independent wrestling and who knows maybe it will be us who will give the WWE a run for my money in the future. A question I get a lot is are you scared of those fanatical and extreme guys from CZW?, did you see what they did to ROH last owner Cary Silkin and my answer is I have lived through hell and back in my homeland which has been war torn so I am not scared of John Zandig and his buddies. I really think that I can add a lot to ROH as I have worked in business and I know how to make companies big. Ring of Honor is a company based on work rate and has a roster full of loyal amazing workers who often go above and beyond the normal independent call of duty.. Ring of Honor has a cult following and has no problem whatsoever selling out their Arena for shows that are guaranteed to be packed with action from start to finish.

So ROH have found there new boss and are looking like they have a bright future. So some of the big stories have been the blood feud of Colt Cabana and Homicide and the CZW invasion these major events has lead ROH into some what of a crisis as there has been many workers injured due to CZW reckless workers and so called “extreme” style. So as smart promotion we have decided to bring in a few Extreme guys to watch out for us these will be revealed at a later date.

The good thing to come out of this feud with CZW as it as brought all the guys together and its making ROH more of a family with the exception is Homicide and Colt Cabana. On February 25 at the 4th Anniversary Show, Homicide defeated Cabana in a "Ghetto Fight". Then Homicide went on to defeat Cabana once again on March 31.Then finally On April 1, in a violent "Chicago Street Fight", Cabana finally defeated Homicide. Following the match, Homicide and Cabana embraced, with Cabana having won Homicide's respect.

American Dragon has had one of the most successful ROH title reigns he has beaten the likes of Jimmy Rave, Alex Shelley, Chris Hero , Xavier , Aj Styles, Naomichi Marufuji , Rocky Romero , Christopher Daniels , Roderick Strong and he is living up to his claim to be the best wrestler in the world and who wouldn’t believe it.

ROH Wrestling Title

American Dragon

ROH Tag Team

Austin Aries and Roderick Strong

ROH Pure Champion

nigel mcguiness

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Guest dave_ecw

Newswire for the Week of May the 1st!!!

May 1st: ROH roster and officials are fuming at the fact that The CZW team of Chris Hero, Necro Butcher & Super Dragon defeated the ROH team of Samoa Joe, Adam Pearce & BJ Whitmer after Claudio Castagnoli turned on ROH and helped his kings of wrestling tag team partner Chris Hero and the CZW team to get the win. ROH fans were shocked with the result as it was ROH’s 100 show and it ended with team CZW celebrating in the bleachers with the CZW fans. CZW already ruined our ECW Arena debut and now. There will be hell to pay and it will start at Revenge we have a special surprise for each of the so called stars of CZW.

May 1st: Claudio Castagnoli has to be the most hated man in ROH history after betraying ROH and helping CZW. But fans don’t worry as the Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe is fuming and will get his chance at Revenge on the 21st. I can already hear the chants JOE IS GONNA KILL YOU……. But anyway let’s just say Claudio you don’t know what you have gotten yourself into.

May 1st: Both Adam Pearce and BJ Whitmer were forced to go to the hospital after last night's chaotic main event this is mostly caused by the sloppy mad man Necro Butcher. Pearce needed 12 staples to close gash on his head as a result of a wild Necro Butcher chairshot. Both men lost an abundant amount of blood. Whitmer's injury was even more serious as it is believed he suffered a very shocking neck injury at the hands of Super Dragon and the Psycho Driver from the ring through a table this was just insane and it left many fans wondering if Super Dragon had just ended the career of BJ.

May 2nd: Hey CZW it Jim Cornette and guess what were coming back this time it’s time for some sweet revenge. You put our wrestlers in hospital and you challenge our champion and guess what you lost Hero. So a message for Chris Hero and Super Dragon we have a challenge for you. Be at Philly on the 21 st because I know American Dragon wants to prove to you Hero that he is the best wrestler in the world and he wants to beat you again in front of your fans. And Super Dragon even though you injured Bj Whitmer he is still challenging you but he has a special surprise turn up we dare you. Oh one last thing Necro Butcher we have a hardcore Surprise for you all I am going to say is I hope you like handicap matches.

May 2nd. ROH, WLW and NOAH officials are close to finalizing KENTA's open contract. Kenta allways works main event calibre matches and we hope to announce that he has signed soon. After American Dragon finishes of Chris Hero he claims he is ready to wrestle Japans brightest star.

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Guest dave_ecw

ROH Information Release

.ROH would like to thank Dragon gate and ROH for letting us sign there Superstars Kenta and CIMA we are extremely happy to have both of these young talented workers on our books.

. Chris Hero has hit back in his live journal and this is what he had to say

So far, 2006 has been a rather magical year for Chris Hero. I've hit fans with chairs. I've been smacked by Chicago gutter sluts. I've roamed the countryside with my killer, the Necro Butcher, and we've put a hurting' on anyone in our path. Adam Pearce: Put through a table, BJ Whitmer: Broken ankle, Jim Cornette: Damn near broken arm and blown out knee (again). Necro Butcher and Chris Hero are SURVIVORS. This is WAR. I've started it, I'll finish it. I give you my word. If anybody has anything to say to me, I'll be at Combat Zone this weekend. You know, the promotion I've carried on my back for two and a half years while a poor excuse for a champion and a self-proclaimed "King" choke each and every time the going gets tough. I don't choke. I'm a real King, I'm a real champion and I'm the best God damn wrestler in the world today. Prove me wrong.

. ROH have been in talks with top Indy talent and we are always looking forward to making the company better. We can reveal that Steve Corino is in talks about signing a open contract and he will get a chance to get revenge against Homicide and the Rottweilers.

. American Dragon has been great in his role of training the students and is proud to announce that Davey Richards will get his chance to debut at Revenge up against the one and only Ricky Reyes. Reyes has been on the receiving end of some strong heat after beating up the students. But Davey gets his chance and will do everyone proud in his ROH debut.

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Guest dave_ecw

.ROH today have come to terms on contract with Direct TV. You will be able to see ROH TV

after mad TV on thursday. So help the company and spread the word that ROH is here and on Direct TV because we will give you DIRECT ACTION.

.ROH has offered a major star a chance to come back to ROH for 1 night only at revenge. This star has been in many classics in ROH and has held the ROH title. You will have to wait for thursday when we reveal who the secret.

.ROH is also looking foward to having a second event in Philly. We look at this move as very exciting and one more step to making as bigger and better. In more news Kenta has arrived in America and has already made a impact by challenging Christper Daniels at Revenge.

. The line up for Revenge will be posted in the next few days. So it gives you another reason to keep a eye on www.ROH.com.

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Guest dave_ecw

credit PW TORCH

Editor Wade Keller JR

Breaking news we have just got confirmation that CZW boss John Zandig has just been found in his home in a critical condition. There is a strong rumor filtering through our sources here at the PW torch that ROH owner David Paternos strong Mafia connections are behind this. It is well known that after the CZW show ''Any Questions?'' in Philadelphia Zandig had made shocking remarks about Paternos wife and kids. So it will be interesting to see how this develops.

In other news Homicide is believed to be irate at Kevin Steen after the remarks made about Homicide after Steen’s title defence at ''When 2 Worlds Collide''. He reportedly made cracks about Homicides TNA run and his style. He even went on to say that Homicide is one of the worst workers that he had seen and that he needed a good Canadian asskicking. So on ROH TVs debut show it will be Homicide taking on “MR WRESTLING” Kevin Steen in a falls count anywhere match.

The CZW Stable the blackout which consists of Eddie Kingston, Sabian, Robby Mireno and CZW Heavyweight Champion Ruckus have publicly stated that they are on ROH side and they cant wait to get the hands on the champions of wrestling Hero and Double C. Kingston said that he hoped Joe and the rest of ROH can eliminate Hero especially after he attacked Mireno and Sabian at Big Mother FN Deal.

We can also announce that BJ whitmer will be taking on Super Dragon in a hardcore match this Thursday on ROH TV on Direct TV this will be held at the Viking Hall so please get your tickets while you can. BJ is said to be fuming at Dragon after the CZW wrestler tried to end Whitmer’s career with a Psycho Driver through a table.

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Guest dave_ecw


The card for ROH TV this Thursday has been announced today this is how it looks


Homicide vs. Kevin Steen


BJ Whitmer vs. Super Dragon

Tag Team Grudge Match

Ruckus and Samoa Joe vs. Hero and Double C

Special Attraction

Kenta vs. Colt Cabana

And the announcement of the returning ROH Star who will play a big part in the ROH VS CZW feud.

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Guest dave_ecw

The show opens up to Jim Cornette standing in the ring addressing the fans

Cornette. Well I have to say it our debut show here on Direct TV and these so called Hardcore CZW wrestlers threaten to disrupt our show. Anyone who is a smart wrestling fan know I legitimately hate deathwatch wrestling and we as a company will not show any mercy on CZW if this is ending there promotion we will do it.

There is silence followed by the Necro Butcher running out and attacking Cornette with stiff kicks and Necro goes to the outside looking for his signature Barbed wire chair. He looks under the ring and there it is he slides back into the ring with a smile on his face. Just as Necro picks the barbed wire chair up out of nowhere the theme of “Natural Born Killaz” hits and oh my god its New Jack in ROH. The crowd are shocked to see the original gangster in Ring of Honour.

Jack runs down the ramp with his bin of weapons and takes out a guitar. Necro swings at jack and misses and Jack smashes the guitar over Butchers head. This is what ROH were talking about when they said they would take care of Necro in a rather hardcore fashion. Cornette stands and shakes hands with Jack and give New Jack the mike.

New Jack looks at the crowd and say Holy Fuck I am in ROH. I am not here to be a technical wrestler I am hear to kick that Hobo Necro Butchers White ass. And a message to the guys at CZW I am the man who hunted down your leader John Zandig. And I bet your all to pussy to take me on.

Jack drops the mike and leaves to a big pop. Cornette looks extremely happy with his new signing. And declares that it won’t be his last announcement for tonight.

4 way Survival

. Jimmy Rave vs. Delirious vs. Jack Evans vs. Matt Sydal

.Was a very solid midcard match which was highlighted by the great highflying spots of Jack Evans.

.And Jimmy Rave showed off his diverse mat hold set. Rave hit a gut-buster and then a butterfly suplex into a powerbomb.

.Sydal surprised Evans with a Death Valley Driver for a near two count. Jack Evans tagged in and served him with some break-dancing and a flip splash.

As the ref back was turned Rave hit a Pedigree on a chair for the 3 count. Rave can thank Prince Nana for the win in this bout.

Jimmy Rave wins by pinfall at 13.20

Samoa Joe interview

.Joe insults Double C and belittles CZW and he says that there will be mercy shown after Claudio turned his back on Ring of Honour and now he is on there side there’s no chance that he will ever have Joe’s respect.

Bj Whitmer vs. Super Dragon

. Super Dragon absorbed a few early blows by Whitmer. Dragon finally blew up at 2:00 and nailed him with an explosion of three roundhouse kicks to the gut.

. He Super Dragon then flew at Whitmer through the ropes with a side elbow to the face but Whitmer absorbed this and hit back with a chair shot to the head of Dragon. The announcers said BJ was on a mission and looking for payback. Whitmer reversed Dragon into the guard rail.

. Whitmer fired back with a boot to the face and then an exploder into a table and the floor at ringside, drawing a "Holy shit!" chant from the crowd. Dragon looked like he was out of it but kicked out late on the 2 count. Whitmer pulled a table out and chucked it into the ring. Whitmer pulls Super Dragon into the top rope but Dragon reverses the exploder attempt and hits the Psycho Driver for a 2 count.

. Whitmer recovers and hits a northern lights suplex on dragon followed up by stiff Kobashi like chops. Whitmer They spent several minutes early with carefully paced spurts of spots with no sustained advantage. These two are great athletes. They worked gracefully, but in a way that looked realistic. Whitmer hits a brainbuster on the ring apron and hits a exploder for the win.

Whitmer wins by pinfall 20.50

Kenta vs. Colt Cabana

. KENTA brought his GHC Jr. Hvt. Championship belt to the ring with him but it won’t be on the line tonight. Fans filled the ring with streamers. After the streamers were cleared, the dream match started with both wrestlers feeling each other out.

. Colt applied an armbar in the corner of the ring while lying sideways on the top turnbuckle. Colt applied a head scissors on the mat followed by some more technical mat wrestling. Kenta whips Cabana into the corner and follows with a series of front kicks to his face and stiff rabid fire chops.

. The crowd chanted "This is awesome! This is awesome!" They both rose and stood mid-ring exchanging slaps, chops, and punches. Than Kenta reverse the COLT 49 and hits the Sliced Bread for the win.

Kenta at 14.00 by pinfall

.Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli vs. Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe


Daniels had to take Ruckus spot after Robby Moreno was found in a bad way before the show. The match kicked off with Daniels and Hero trading Stiff shots. Hero spun around and then used an eye poke. He then took Daniels down with a variation on the STF.

. Joe got the Hot tag and cleaned house he executed a stiff kick to Hero’s head and than Claudio got a tag and he ran away from Joe and back up the ramp followed by Joe, And out of no were a chair wielding Necro Butcher slammed Joe with a massive Chair shot. Team CZW followed Double C and ran away from further danger.

No contest at 14.00

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Guest dave_ecw

Were did i say that he worked for dragon gate i most likely meant CIMA who works for dragongate and i knew he worked for NOAH thanks for tellign me thoguth bro.

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When has KENTA... EVER~! used a Sliced Bread?

ROH would like to thank Dragon gate and ROH for letting us sign there Superstars Kenta and CIMA we are extremely happy to have both of these young talented workers on our books

I think THAT's where you said KENTA was a part of Dragon Gate ;)

And CIMA is not a 'young' talent anymore. 28 years old, 9 year veteran...

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Guest FallenAngel45

The crowd chanted "This is awesome! This is awesome!" They both rose and stood mid-ring exchanging slaps, chops, and punches. Than Kenta reverse the COLT 49 and hits the Sliced Bread for the win..

KENTA doesn't used sliced bread and it's the Colt 45.

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Guest dave_ecw

Holy shit i am getting owned to the max i need to research this shit before i type lol soz to all you puro guys who know there shit and it has made m think not to include wrestlers which i know little to nothing about lol. Soz again i am tryign to improve at this it may take some time but its great you can disect it much thanks.

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It's not a matter of research even... just look at their frigging Finishers in the actual game. I don't see KENTA's as the Sliced Bread #2, so why on earth would you write it as that? Not to mention your grammar and spelling burns my eyes.

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Guest dave_ecw


Quackenbush in ROH

Just received an email from Mr. Quackenbush himself. When asked on if he will work ROH, he said if the ROH fans made enough noise on it are quite possible that he will be booked. So make a little noise to get Quack here.

Jimmy Rave has been rewarded after his 4 Way Survival win at ROH TV with a title shot at Bryan Danielson. We spoke to Prince Nana earlier and he claimed that the embassy is the hottest commodity in wrestling and that after Rave wins the ROH title and Shelley proves he is the hottest talent in the sport of professional wrestling he and the Embassy will be content.


Today in breaking news straight from the NOAH offices ROH are proud to announce that NAOMICHI MARUFUJI is going to be at ROH for a undisclosed term.

Marufuji has a message for his American ROH fans

Now that I’ve got rid of my knee injury, it is time for me to come back in the ROH and it’s my time to win some gold. American Dragon I have come all this way and you’re the one I want. I have proven myself you may of got a lucky win against me at Final Battle but when ever you want I am here and determined to get what I deserve.

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Guest dave_ecw

New Additions Bio’s


IPB Image

•Real Name: Naomichi Marufuji


.Affiliation: NOAH

•Current Title Holding: None

•Height: 5'9"

•Weight: 175 lbs.

•Date of birth: September 26, 1979

•From: Saitama, Japan

•Pro debut: August 28, 1998

•Trained by: AJPW

•Finishing move: Super Shiranui

•Former Member of: Untouchables, Wave, Mighty Club


IPB Image

•Real Name: Kenta Kobayashi

•Past Gimmicks:


•Affiliation: NOAH

•Current Title Holding: NOAH Junior Heavyweight Champion

•Height: 5'8"

•Weight: 175 lbs.

•Date of birth: MArch 12, 1981

•From: Soka City, Saitama, Japan

•Pro debut: May 24, 2000

•Trained by: AJPW

•Finishing move: Busaiku Knee Kick


IPB Image

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 202 lbs

Real Name: Shiima Nobunaga

Affiliation:Dragon Gate

Hometown: Japan

Other Names: Shima, Shiima Nobunaga, Cima Nobunaga

Wrestler Since: 1997

Finishing Maneuver: Schwein, Mad Splash

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Guest dave_ecw

Super Dragon vs. Aj Styles

Very hot start to the match and the crowd pops huge. When Super Dragon was outside the ring AJ hit a springboard Shooting Star Press to the floor. HOLY SHIT! 5 minutes into the match Dragon was holding Styles and hit him with some of the stiffest knees to the head you will ever see and then hit him with a neck crank suplex.

Super Dragon dominated with his signature offence until Aj hit a picture perfect dropkick. Styles hits a an awesome looking Hurricane DDT, Super Dragon turned a collar and elbow hook-up into a quick armbar submission attempt in the corner. Cool spot. The crowd had duelling chants for both men. Super Dragon stomped away at Styles in the corner of the ring, then shoved the ref when he was warned about stopping.

Styles hit a Canadian brain buster on the ring apron, and then back in the ring gave him a fireman's neckbreaker for a two count. Dragon flipped out of a Styles Clash attempt and spiked Styles onto his head for a near fall. The crowd chanted "ROH, ROH." Styles reversed Dragon into his arms and went for a Styles Clash for the 1.2.3

AJ Styles at 15.00

Jimmy Rave vs. American Dragon

ROH Title Match

Rave followed the Larry Zbyszko formula of stalling for several minutes before locking up. Danielson went on a flurry of offence at 8:00, but Rave kicked out at one. Danielson applied an Indian death lock, and then mocked Rave.

Danielson leaped into the air and hit Rave with a knee to the side of his head. He followed with a backslide for a two count. Rave countered for a two count. Rave spun around and then used an eye poke. He then took Danielson down with a variation on the STF.

He showed nice fire as he charged at Rave with a thrust kick to the chest. Rave went for a Pedigree, but Dragon countered and hit the cattle Mutilation for the win.

American Dragon at 12.50 to retain his title

Generation Next vs. The Briscoe Brothers

Non Title Match

There were some stiff exchanges to begin the match, but eventually the action spilled outside. Jay hit a nice dive on Strong to the floor. Eventually Roderick came back and hit Jay with a stiff chairshot.

Aries walks into a high dropkick from Jay Briscoe. Than Jay hits a Hard back suplex on Aries. Roderick hit Marc with a gut-buster and then a butterfly suplex into a powerbomb. Strong had Jay in a Boston crab. Jay hits a flying legscissor on Aries.

Jay pinned Aries with a Jay Driller but Strong interrupted the pin. Marc ran wild on Aries and Strong. At one point, Jay slipped while trying a springboard moonsault. It didn't look good, but he ended up not being hurt.

Marc eventually tagged out to a big pop and Jay gained a couple of near falls. Strong was taken out by a wild Lariat by a masked wrestler this led to Aries being set up in the Doomsday Device for the 3 count.

The Briscoe Brothers at 16.00


International Dream Match

The shook hands at the start of the match. The announcers talked about Marufuji's history in NOAH in Japan, with his rookie year being 1998 and how they spent many years as team. Marufuji and KENTA exchanged uppercuts and chops. KENTA flipped Marifuji to the mat and applied a crazy submission hold to Marifuji's neck.

Marufuji gave KENTA a DDT type suplex. Marufuji blocked a superkick attempt. They turned it into high gear and went into a series of near falls and reversals leading to KENTA using a standing figure 4, which he also does with a nice bridge, as well as the Mexican surfboard.

Marufuji hits a yakuza kick and than a nice bridging toehold and then a legbar. KENTA goes for the Busaiku Knee Kick out of nowhere and misses and gets caught by the Super Shiranui. Marufuji hits it for a near 2 count.

KENTA gets hit with his own finisher the Go To Sleep for the 3 count.Marufuji celebrates his first win in ROH.The crowd are shocked by the result but cheer 5 star match 5 star match.

Marufuji wins at 14.00

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Guest dave_ecw

Newswire For The Week Of May 21st!!!



.We are less than two weeks away from "Destiny" on June 3rd. And Will Homicide achieve what many feel is his rightful "Destiny" and finally win the World Title when he challenges Bryan Danielson? Can Jay & Mark Briscoe realize their "Destiny" and win the Tag Titles again when they face Austin Aries & Roderick Strong for the belts? Is it the current champions "Destiny" to retain the titles and go down as the greatest champions in the business? It won't just be a night of "Destiny" for these athletes as others could be on their way to titles.

.Big things are happening at the ROH Wrestling School. It is not too late to sign up and start your training in the beginner class or learn more skills in the advanced class. GHC Junior Champion KENTA will join ROH World Champion Bryan Danielson for a seminar on June 18th at the school. Also at the school will be the Marufuji who will with Kenta will bring a oriental feel. Also at a ROH TV taping there will be a new star tournament which the winner will get a contract. So any wrestler who is under 20 and great join.....

DESTINY CARD ( Subject to change)

ROH World Title Match

Bryan Danielson defends vs. Homicide with Julius Smokes

ROH Tag Team Title Match

Austin Aries & Roderick Strong defend vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe

Grudge Match

Christopher Daniels with Allison Danger vs. Aj Styles

Four Corner Survival For World Title Shot

Samoa Joe vs. Colt Cabana vs. Delirious vs. KENTA

Dragon Gate Challenge Match

CIMA vs. Ricky Reyes

Special Challenge Match

Jimmy Rave with Prince Nana vs. mystery wrestler

THE RETURN OF Kenta Kobashi

IPB Image

ROH are in negoitions with Kenta Kobashi its in its early stages but as we have a strong realshionship with NOAH. He might be able to hook up with ROH in the very near future

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