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Godzilla theme music

Enter Blue Guy

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The composer's name is Akira Ifukube.

*edit* Just checked, and I have the Mp3 of it on my computer right now. File size is 1.40mb. PM me an e-mail address and I will send it to you.

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I think it's a lost cause finding the exact piece I'm looking for. I got from a Pride FC event, it was the entrance music for a fighter name Masaaki Satake who was a very popular K-1 fighter in the early 90's. I just rewatched the entrance and Stephen Quadros (the announcer) says it was a version made especially for Satake by the composer, who I'm guessing is Akira Ifukube. I found a whole bunch of Godzilla themes, including the one Duin posted, some sound kind of similar, but not the one I'm looking for. I put a post up at the sherdog MMA forums in the entrance music thread so hopefully somebody can direct me to it there. But I'm pretty sure this piece of music is hard to come by and I won't find it.

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