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The Ataris - Welcome The Night


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Anyone heard this album yet?

I managed to get a copy of it about a week ago and I can't turn it off, it's immense. Despite being a die hard fan for years, I love the new direction they've gone in, it's really matured with them and it's a lot more darker, and I'm loving some of the Tim Kasher style influence in the songs.

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I saw them live on friday night, awesome show.

I used to LOVE them when i was in school, but stopped listening shortly after End is Forever was released (I loved Blue Skies, but only really liked a few tracks from EIF). So Long Astoria also kind of licked balls.

Anyway, long story short, I heard they were now a seven piece band with more indie rock tendencies, was intrigued at the concept, went to see them live, and loved it.

I've been looking for a copy of the album for a while but couldn't find it anywhere, I'd be intrigued to know where you got yours from.... <_<

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