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Animé - £5.99


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Play.com have lots of animé DVDs from £5.99, so I want some.

Question is, which ones do I get? What animé do you people recommend?

I am a fan of/watch:

Yu-Gi-Oh (Not the new ones without Yugi)



Dragonball Z-GT

Spirited Away (Ordered)

Final Fantasy Unlimited

I heard good things about Steamboy too, but am not too sure.

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I have to say (and I try to say this with as much respect as I can :shifty:), I look at your current favourites and I weep.

I mean the uber-marketed series like Dragonball or merchandise-driven shows like Yu-Gi-Oh, I could somewhat understand and forgive. But FF Unlimited? Good God.

Looking through the Play.com sale, I recommend the following in order of greatness:

Neon Genesis Evangelion (a must-see for all anime fans, everywhere)

Martion Successor Nadesico

Fruits Basket

Love Hina

The movies Perfect Blue and Grave of the Fireflies are also worthwhile, although perhaps a little on the serious/psychotic side. There's also the Cowboy Bebop movie which is damn cool on its own but may not be quite as accessable without prior exposure to the TV series.

And Steamboy is very much recommended. Very, very much.

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