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Legends of Wrestling

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Legends of Wrestling

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My wrestling dream started after my AS exams had finished in June, 2006. I decided that I didn’t want to go back to the dreary, robot like days of school – I’d finished with full time education. In fact, I decided that I’d finished with England altogether – I wanted to move to America. Now, as I had just turned 17 at this point, this was a drastic move, which my parents did not approve of. At all. However, I stayed focused, and I eventually persuaded them that I wasn’t being entirely stupid in what I wanted to accomplish.

I phoned ahead to my Uncle in the USA, who I was quite close to, and it was he who first got me interested in professional wrestling during the ‘Monday Night Wars’ and the WWF ‘Attitude’ Era. He even took me to see some of the live shows on one of my trips to visit him all those years ago. Since then, I had followed the WWE religiously through the means of the internet (as my parents flat out refused to buy Sky). Anyway, I digress…my uncle agreed to me staying with him until I could afford accommodation of my own.

So, I packed my bags, and jetted off to the USA with high hopes for the future. I arrived at my uncle’s place, seriously jet lagged and in desperate need of sleep. I had a quick bite to eat, and then I crashed for the night.

What I haven’t told you about my uncle is that he’s a wrestling promoter. He’s tried for many years now to establish himself as a major player in the wrestling industry, but every attempt fails due to either bankruptcy or a lawsuit. My uncle was rapidly running out of funds and out of love for the business…which is where I came in. I wanted to attempt something that had never been seriously attempted before, not in the modern era at least. I wanted to take my Uncle’s last remaining $250,000, combine it with my life savings of $100,000 and, together, we would attempt to create a revolutionary promotion – a promotion called…

The Legends of Wrestling.

OOC: This diary has been an idea that I've been toying with ever since I started attempting to write diaries, about a year ago. Now, since I'm using TEW 2005, the shows wil be quite long, so I apologise if you don't like detailed and long write-ups...because, believe me, the first show that I will be posting is absolutely massive (speaking of my first show, it should be posted within the next couple of days). Also, I've got exams over the next few weeks, so between revision, work and the sheer length of time that it takes to write up shows, updates over the next few weeks will be few and far between. The rate of updates will speed up after my exams finish.

Oh, feedback, both positive and negative, is greatly appreciated. I realise that, as I'm trying to describe many wrestlers that I'm not overly familiar with, that I will make many mistakes, so people highlighting errors on my part will be a massive help.

All there is left for me to say, is, enjoy!

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Monday, Week 1, July 2006

We had our first ‘board’ meeting today. My uncle and me sat in his living room, with sheets of paper scattered around his large coffee table, full of ideas, names, numbers…all very complicated, and highly frustrating stuff. The first thing on our ‘agenda’ was to decide on what type of promotion we were going be. My uncle wanted us to be a garbage promotion, which he thought was what “the industry was crying out for”. Myself, knowing this statement not to be true, and having grown up following the WWF/E, I wanted to base our promotion around the idea of Sports Entertainment. However, we decided to compromise and, as our name was ‘Legends of Wrestling’, we decided to base our company around a traditional style.

Next was our talent roster…or lack of one. We had already scheduled and booked our first show for the last Saturday of the month, and we needed sufficient name talent to make people actually pay to come to our shows.

Another problem was financial. If we were going to survive in the wrestling world, then we needed to turn a profit, as half a million dollars wasn’t going to last us that long. So, as well as trying to sign talent, I also set about finding a pay-per-view deal for LoW. And what did my uncle do whilst I was doing all this work? Sat down, drank beer, and watched old ECW videos of course. I was beginning to see why his past promotions had failed…

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‘Legends of Wrestling’…who?

· With the announcement that a new promotion, called the ‘Legends of Wrestling’ is being formed in time for their first show in three weeks time tommorow, speculation has been rife on which wrestling ‘legends’ will be appearing for this new upstart promotion. With many of the superstars questioned swearing ignorance to the new company, it seems that ‘Legends of Wrestling’ needs to either sign some names quickly, or publicise at least some of their top stars before ‘History in the Making’, otherwise very few fans will be inclined to go to the show.

· More speculation today on who is actually running the ‘Legends of Wrestling’ promotion. The main name that has been floated around is Charles Craven, better known as “Clueless Charlie” due to his many failed attempts at forming a successful promotion. However, other rumours are being heard saying that Craven’s nephew is the one running the show, with Craven as his assistant.

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Guest TNA/WWE Fan

I am really getting ionto this and I am glad I am here for the get go. I will be following this thread entail I see your first show, but then I will make my judgment on whether I will continue to enjoy this thread or not.

I am really liking the name Legends of Wrestling and I like the style of tradition being added in. I can't wait to see who jumps up onto the roster maybe we can see the Stinger in your company as the banner sugests.

I hope good luck for you and I will be looking forward to the next update.

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I am really getting ionto this and I am glad I am here for the get go. I will be following this thread entail I see your first show, but then I will make my judgment on whether I will continue to enjoy this thread or not.

I am really liking the name Legends of Wrestling and I like the style of tradition being added in. I can't wait to see who jumps up onto the roster maybe we can see the Stinger in your company as the banner sugests.

I hope good luck for you and I will be looking forward to the next update.

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LoW goes PPV

· It emerged today that the new promotion, ‘Legends of Wrestling’, has secured a pay-per-view deal with UrbanXtra to show LoW PPV’s for the next 6 months. This is big news for the newly formed company, who will need the extra revenue that comes through showing PPV’s in order to survive.

· Still on LoW, there has still been no word about the roster of the new company. The names of the performers are being kept completely secret from anyone but the wrestlers and the company themselves. The feeling is that the directors of the promotion will announce some of the names in their PPV preview, scheduled to be released a couple of days before their first show, now just over two weeks away.

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Wednesday, Week 4, July 2006

The best (and first) signing that we made was that of Jim Cornette. Jim was my first target for LoW as I realised that hardly any of the talent that we were aiming to hire wouldn’t sign for us due to my uncle’s deplorable reputation in the wrestling world, not to mention my non-existent reputation. However, by signing such an established and respected name as Cornette, I knew that certain performers would be more inclined to join us with a name like him on our team.

Cornette was the first person that I put on my booking team (my uncle and I had decided that I would take most control over booking), and he was soon followed by Jimmy Hart, Percy Pringle, Ross Hart and Dusty Rhodes, who was realised from the WWE during the latest example of the WWE’s roster cuts taking place a couple of days into my new job.

With these names already signed, I knew that talent would be interested in joining LoW. Soon, we were signing talent left right and centre. In fact, we were signing so much talent, that I had to start turning some wrestlers away. Also, performers like Brock Lesnar, Jerry Lawler and Ted DiBiase, who we had contracted, were let go due to them being unavailable for our shows due to either WWE or Japanese commitments. DiBiase and Lesnar were big losses to me, as I wanted to reform a stable, headed by DiBiase, much like the ones that he had formed in the past. And Brock would have been an instant draw, fresh off his agreement with the WWE.

Even more bad news was to come with the losses of Mick Foley, Dave Finlay and Dean Malenko. These three, who were also contracted to me, accepted written contracts offered by Mexican promotions (Malenko and Foley joined CMLL, whilst Finlay joined AAA). Realising that I was losing my premier talent, I quickly tried to strike deals with these two big Mexican promotions, regarding a non-aggression pact. AAA accepted, but CMLL rejected. However, CMLL didn’t steal any more of my workers before the first pay-per-view, which was a relief.

I was going to make Foley my first World Champion. I was going to base my shows around him. I was going to have a massive money feud in Foley vs Lesnar. But it wasn’t to be. Still, by the time the 4th Saturday of the month rolled round, I was more than satisfied with my roster, and me and my team had formulated a good first show (in my opinion, anyway). There were some aspects that I didn’t like, but I had to put up with due to the nature of the show.

And my uncle? Well, he has a lot of ECW videos, and he has a lot of beer…go figure.

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Guest TNA/WWE Fan

Looking pretty good so far. I am actually glad Mick Foley and Brock Lesnar are not with the company. I love Mick Foley, but I just don't like seeing him anywhere besides WWE. For Brock Lesnar, I haven't ever been a huge Lesnar fan and I am only starting to like him over in NJPW. I am really looking forward to seeing your roster though and it seems like your uncle doesn't really care about the promotion.

Oh and I almost forgot. Great idea to get Jim Cornette because it was very realistic and it just got me deeper into this LoW.

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LoW Preview

· (Taken from the LoW website and the UrbanXtra website) – “Tomorrow night, the wrestling world will be greeted by a new phenomenon. Tomorrow night, some of the greatest wrestlers of all time will appear, live on PPV. Tomorrow night…History will me in the making. Live on UrbanXtra, new promotion ‘Legends of Wrestling’ presents their inaugural show, ‘History in the Making’, starting at 9pm tomorrow night, showcasing such legendary stars as Sting, Vader, Terry Funk, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and many, many more…”

· The four wrestlers that are mentioned, whilst being big names, are nowhere near their physical best, and are far past their peak. Whilst this is understand considering the nature of the product, LoW better have some younger, fitter stars performing tomorrow night, otherwise their product could be a massive, almost legendary failure.

Looking pretty good so far. I am actually glad Mick Foley and Brock Lesnar are not with the company. I love Mick Foley, but I just don't like seeing him anywhere besides WWE. For Brock Lesnar, I haven't ever been a huge Lesnar fan and I am only starting to like him over in NJPW. I am really looking forward to seeing your roster though and it seems like your uncle doesn't really care about the promotion.

Oh and I almost forgot. Great idea to get Jim Cornette because it was very realistic and it just got me deeper into this LoW.

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OOC: As I'm using TEW, I will alter the ratings system for this diary. Angles will be rated in the same way as on TEW 05 (e.g. A*, A, B+ etc), but matches will be rated with stars. I've worked out a system where, the letter rating on TEW corresponds with a star rating - A*=*****, A=****1/2, B+=****, B=***1/2 etc.

Legends of Wrestling presents: History in the Making, live on Pay-Per-View


Dark Match: The Gangsta’s (New Jack and Mustafa) vs Tommy Dreamer and Abdullah the Butcher (Terry Funk as Special Guest Referee) in a Hardcore Match

The Gangstas entered first, each carrying dustbins, loaded to the brim with various hardcore weapons, which get tossed into the ring. When Dreamer and Butcher come down the ramp, New Jack doesn’t wait for them to get to the ring, and he throws himself over the top rope, aiming a suicide dive at Abdullah. However, Abdullah catches Jack in mid-air, and he rams him back first into the ring post. Butcher throws Jack into the railings at ringside, and a whole section of the railings collapse on top of Jack. Butcher then slowly climbs into the ring, where Dreamer and Mustafa are trading blows. Mustafa just starts to gain the upper hand over Dreamer, when Abdullah runs into the back of Mustafa with a shoulder block, sending the Gangster flying across the ring. Dreamer and Butcher team up on Mustafa, hitting a double suplex, and then Butcher follows up with a splash. Butcher covers, but only gets a two count. The camera cuts to show New Jack finally freeing himself from the railings, and he climbs into the ring. He picks up a steel chair and virtually KILLS Dreamer with a shot across the back of the head. New Jack then turns to Butcher, but Abdullah big boots the chair back into Jack’s face, and Butcher follows that up with a trashcan lid shot to both of the Gangsta’s head. Butcher then threatens Funk, who picks up a 2x4, and we have a stand off, as the crowd chants for Funk. The camera then pans to show us that Dreamer is bleeding buckets from New Jack’s chair shot. The camera quickly returns to the Funk/Butcher stand off, and both the Gangstas surprise Butcher by drilling the edge of steel chairs into the back of his legs, sending the big man collapsing to the mat. New Jack and Mustafa take advantage by picking up kendo sticks and dually beating Butcher with them. Suddenly, New Jack stops, and he goes over to Mustafa and he points to Dreamer, who isn’t stirring, and he then points at Butcher, who is writhing in agony. A twisted smile appears across the face of both the Gangstas, and they leave the ring on opposite sides, and both go looking under the ring for weapons. Mustafa appears with a table…New Jack appears with an absolutely massive ladder. Mustafa throws the table into the ring, slides in after it, sets it up…and goes looking in one of trashcans. Meanwhile, New Jack sets the ladder up outside of the ring, and he starts to climb, playing to the crowd as he does. The camera then goes back to Mustafa, who takes a bag and a bottle out of the trashcan. He first lifts the bag up into the air, playing to the crowd, who seem to know what’s coming. Mustafa then empties the contents of the bag underneath the table, and a tinkling sound is heard as thumbtacks litter the mat underneath the table. The crowd goes nuts, but Mustafa isn’t finished yet. He next uncaps the bottle, and he empties the liquid onto the thumbtack-covered mat. Again, the crowd seems to sense what’s going on, as Mustafa picks something up off the floor…and LIGHTS THE LIQUID!!! The crowd goes nuts as Mustafa struggles to roll Abdullah onto the table, and New Jack reaches the top of the ladder. However, Abdullah then fights back against Mustafa, and Tommy Dreamer, who has previously left the ring, starts to move the ladder from underneath New Jack. The crowd goes quiet with anticipation as New Jack struggles to hold his balance at the top of the ladder. Jack does indeed lose his balance, and he falls back first through the table, into the thumbtacks and the fire underneath. The crowd go silent, before joining in a holy sh*t chant, and even Terry Funk looks shocked. An official quickly appears and puts the fire out and, whilst Abdullah is decimating Mustafa on the outside, Dreamer crawls into the ring and covers New Jack to win the match.**

Road Agent Notes: The announcing quality lifted the match. The colour commentary gave the match a boost. Tommy Dreamer looked good out there. New Jack is improving in Performance skills.

After the match, Abdullah helps Dreamer to the back, whilst paramedics swarm all over New Jack.

Winners: Abdullah the Butcher and Tommy Dreamer via pinfall

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OOC: This is the last segement of the show, as it doesn't fit on the end of that post.

The ‘Ultimate’ Survivor

After the handshake, Goldberg leads a round of applause for Sting, who is about to leave the ring when Sid Vicious, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Vader and the Honky Tonk Man run down to the ring and beat down the two finalists. Sid and Vader decimate Sting, while The Outsiders and Honky attack Goldberg. Then, some familiar music plays and the Ultimate Warrior runs down to the ring. Warrior and Goldberg manages to clear the ring between them and, as officials tend to a fallen Sting, Warrior and Goldberg go face to face in the middle of the ring. (B+)

Road Agent Notes: This segment suffered as it came across as a let-down after the previous segment. This segment benefitted greatly from a hot crowd. The performance of Goldberg looked good. The Ultimate Warrior was very underwhelming. This segment lifted the crowd.

Heenan: What the hell is this nutcase doing here? They let him out of the asylum already?

Tenay: It doesn’t matter, Bobby Heenan, he helped Goldberg and Sting when they were in trouble, and now he seems to want the All-Time World Heavyweight Championship. And we’re out of time! Thankyou for joining us for the first ever Legends of Wrestling Pay-Per-View…see you soon!

Goldberg and Warrior are still face-to-face in the ring, as the picture fades to black.

Overall Show rating: B+

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great first show ive really been enjoying this diary it is a good idea, ive played a few games like this on EWR but thought it wouldn't work out as a diary but hey you have done it quite well. Warrior-Goldberg is good nice to keep it with the legends feel, I thought you might have one or two big names and the rest of the roster just old people that never came close to being a legend. Good first show, great write ups and im intrested to see what else you got. I also enjoy the non show segments keep up the good work (Y)

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LoW results, attendance and buyrate

· The first Legends of Wrestling Pay-Per-View, held at The Riverside Complex in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, had an attendance of 8,889 fans.

· Many fans were impressed with the offering that LoW showed last night. Fans especially like the Main Event, Goldberg vs Sting in the steel cage, and Sting’s first round match against Sid Vicious. Word backstage is that most of the talent used were happy with the overall show, although there have been reports of heat between the Outsiders and Goldberg, which may have impacted on their match quality.

· The LoW PPV, ‘History in the Making’ got 23,987 buys, a decent showing, only coming second this month so far behind NJPW PPV’s and TNA’s Victory Road.

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Sunday, Week 4, June 2006

I wasn’t that pleased with our first show.

True, it was a success, as my road agent team decided that the show should have created enough interest to increase our popularity around the country, and some of the matches came out much better than I expected them to, but still. I thought that there were too many squash matches on the PPV, and I didn’t get to use much of the talent that I wanted to. Even some of the talent that I used, I felt that I didn’t feature enough.

Still, it was good on the financial side, as over the whole month we’ve made a profit of around $115,000, which at least gives us the security that we should make money every month whilst running monthly PPVs.

However, next month are when networks start accepting new TV shows for the new season, and I fully intend to secure a deal for my promotion. Whereas this may mean that we start losing money every month, our finances can sustain that for a decent period, hopefully a big enough period to get us more popular and more recognised around the country. I’ve already sent correspondence to certain TV companies, and I’m currently waiting for replies.

My uncle seems to have become less and less interested in having much involvement in this venture, as he’s moved onto his CZW videos now, and he’s hardly mentioned the promotion since I’ve been living with him. Fortunately, although I’m taking a lot of the work on myself, I’ve assembled a good team of people around me to help me with the wrestling side of things, which is a great help.

So, roll on next month, and our next Pay-Per-View, ‘Summer of Heroes’…

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OOC: This post will be updated at the end of every game month with roster changes (if neccessary)

Legends of Wrestling Roster

Face - Blue

Heel - Red

Main Event:




The Ultimate Warrior

Honky Tonk Man

Kevin Nash

Scott Hall

Sid Vicious


Upper Midcard:

Jim Duggan

Jim Neidhart

Ricky Morton

Robert Gibson

Terry Funk

Abdullah the Butcher

Bam Bam Bigelow

Lex Luger

Perry Saturn

Rick Martel

Road Warrior Animal

Scott Steiner


Marty Jannetty


Brian Knobbs


One Man Gang

Rick Steiner

Lower Midcard:

New Jack

Brian Adams

Bryan Clark


Jerry Sags

Marc Mero


Bushwacker Butch

Jerry Lynn


Shane Douglas

The Sandman

Enhancement Talent:

Mustapha Saed

Semi-Active Wrestler:

Bushwacker Luke

Tommy Dreamer


Dusty Rhodes

Bill Alfonso

Jimmy Hart

Percy Pringle


Mike Tenay

Howard Finkel

Gene Okerlund

Colour Commentators:

Bobby Heenan


Earl Hebner

Star Stevens

Tim White

Tommy Young

Authority Figure:

Jim Cornette

Road Agent:

Pat Patterson

Ross Hart

Backstage Workers:

James Woodcock

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More LoW news and notes

· Legends of Wrestling have signed Bill Alfonso to a pay-per-appearance deal. It is believed that Sabu turning on Percy Pringle last month was in direct response to contract negotiations between Alfonso and LoW. It is thought that Alfonso will be teamed with Sabu to renew their old association with each other from ECW.

· LoW have announced that they have secured a television deal with Comcast Sports South, to air a Wednesday night wrestling show at 12am, starting next month. LoW officials are said not to be too high on the late starting time, but are reported to have signed the deal in the hope that they will either get moved to a better time slot or will have gained interest from another TV network which will give them a better deal.

· The next LoW PPV, ‘Summer of Heroes’, is scheduled to have an All-Time World Heavyweight Title defence by Goldberg, possibly against The Ultimate Warrior looking at the end of the last PPV, but other sources are saying that there will be a Sting/Goldberg re-match.

· It has been confirmed that LoW and TNA have signed a working agreement, therefore neither company will be able to sign talent to written contracts that work for the other company.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Legends of Wrestling presents: Summer of Heroes, live on Pay-Per-View


Hype videos are played, showing footage of the major superstars careers, as well as footage of ‘History in the Making’.

Main Show

Pyro goes off on the ramp, and the crowd goes crazy as the camera pans around the arena, before settling on the announcers for the evening, Mike Tenay and Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan.

Mike Tenay: Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Legends of Wrestling’s second pay-per-view, ‘Summer of Heroes’, live on UrbanXtra, and coming to your living room live from the Charleston Civic Center, Charleston, West Virginia. And now, let me present to you my partner for tonight, one of the most charismatic managers of all time, Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan.

Bobby Heenan: Hey, your getting good at those introductions, Mike. Yes, I’m the legendary Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan, and tonight promises to be yet another legendary night in professional wrestling history. (Jim Cornette’s music hits the speakers)…And what a way to kick things off, than with our egotistical, momma’s boy Commissioner, Jim Cornette.

Cornette swaggers his way to the ring, in one of his extremely bright coloured suits, to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He hops into the ring, accepts the offer of a microphone from Howard Finkel, and waits for the crowd to die down before speaking.

Jim Cornette: Hello, ladies and gentleman of Charleston, and everyone watching on Pay-Per-View, as I have the pleasure of starting yet another historic LoW show. And, tonight, just like last week, I’ve got more earth-shatterin’ announcements )that my momma’ suggested) to set the scene for tonight’s proceedings. Firstly, after the events of the inaugural LoW PPV last month, there will be a number one contender’s match for the All-Time World Heavyweight Championship! And it will be between…Vader…and…Sting! (Crowd pops). And that’s not all. After the events that took place after the title match last month, tonight, in the main event, there will be a tag team match between…The Outsiders, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash…and…The Ultimate Warrior and, our World Heavyweight Champion, Goldberg! (Crowd pops). And up next (a final suggestion from my brilliant momma’), we will have a tag team gauntlet match, and the winning team will get an All-Time Tag Team Championships match against the Steiner’s, later tonight. Enjoy!

Cornette hands the microphone back to Finkel, and he quickly hops out of the ring and walks back up the ramp. B+

Road Agent Notes: This segment lifted the crowd.

Tenay: Wow, what announcements from the Commissioner! Firstly, the No.1 Contender’s match for Goldberg’s All-Time World Title, then the tag team main event, The Outsiders vs Goldberg and the Ultimate Warrior, and then, coming up next, a tag team gauntlet match to see who faces the Steiners for the All-Time Tag Team Titles, later tonight!

Heenan: I tell ya, Mike Tenay, fire Jim Cornette now and hire his momma’, coz she is one incredible woman to come out with ideas like those!

1st Match: Kronik (Brian Adams/Bryan Clark) vs The Gangstas (New Jack/Mustafa) vs The Nasty Boys (Jerry Sags/Brian Knobbs) vs The Rock’N’Roll Express (Ricky Morton/Robert Gibson) in a tag team gauntlet match

Howard Finkel explains the rules to the crowd – one team starts in the ring, and then another team faces them in the ring. The two teams face in a normal match, and then the winner will face another tag team. The winning team is the last team standing with no other teams left to enter the tournament.

Kronik’s music hits the speakers, and the monster team make their way to the ring as the first team in the gauntlet, and therefore at the most of a disadvantage. The Gangstas come out to face them, and the first bell sounds. New Jack and Brian Adams start, and Adams dominates his smaller opponent with some stiff-looking right hands. Adams whips Jack into the ropes and hits him with a big boot. Adams grabs Jack by the head, drags him over to the corner, and goes to slam his head into the ringpost. However, New Jack blocks the attempt, elbows his opponent in the ribs, and he shoves Adams’ head into the ringpost! Jack then unloads with some punches, but Adams quickly reasserts him dominance over Jack, tossing him across the ring like a ‘sack of potatoes’. Adams stomps on Jack, kicks him out of the ring, tags Clark in, and he then goes outside and continues to work over New Jack, whilst Bryan Clark distracts the referee. Adams shoves Jack into the ring apron, before whipping him into the barriers at ringside. Adams then rolls Jack into the ring, and Clark covers Jack, but Mustafa breaks up the pinfall at two. Adams chases Mustafa out of the ring, and Clark lifts New Jack up for a powerbomb, but Jack battles his way out of Clark’s grasp. Jack then runs against the ropes and hits Clark with a flying shoulder tackle. New Jack then goes up top, and comes off with a flying head butt, but Clark moves out of the way, and Jack crashes to the mat. Meanwhile, Adams has tossed Mustafa over the guardrail and into the fans. Adams then returns to the ring, and Clark goes up to the top rope, whilst Adams lifts New Jack up onto his shoulders. Clark comes off the top rope with a diving spear, taking out Jack, and Clark then covers to pick up the win and to eliminate the Gangstas.

Officials help the Gangstas to the back, as Kronik regroup in the ring. They wait to see who their next opponents are going to be, and the Nasty Boys appear. They make their way to the ring, and a mass brawl ensues between the four workers, which the referee can’t control. The rules are seemingly tossed out of the window, as all four men brawl their way to the outside, and weapons start to appear. Sags cracks a pool cue over Adams’ head, whilst Clark smacks Knobbs over the head with a steel chair. Clark then works on Knobbs leg with the chair, hitting the knee joint of Knobbs with the edge of the chair. Sags shoves Adams into the ringpost, before pulling out a trashcan from underneath the ring, and throwing it over Adams. Sags picks up a steel chair, and he smacks it against the can, sending Adams crumbling to the floor. Meanwhile, Clark has trapped Knobbs’ knee in the chair, and is stamping down on the chair, effectively pilmanizing his knee. Clark then drags Knobbs by the damaged leg and rests the leg against the announcer’s table. Clark stomps on the knee a couple of times, before taking a crow bar from underneath the ring and destroying Knobbs’ knee with it. The referee tries to get Clark into the ring, and the wrestler obliges, rolling Knobbs’ crushed body into the ring. Outside of the ring, meanwhile, Sags has removed the (now crushed) trashcan from Adams, and is now demolishing a trashcan lid against Adams’ skull. In the ring, and Clark has rested Knobbs’ leg on the second rope, and he jumps down on the knee, pressing all his weight on the damaged joint. Knobbs’ screams in pain as Clark locks in a standing leg lock on the damaged leg, and he twists and turns the knee in an attempt at making Knobbs’ submit. However, Knobbs manages to roll up Clark in a small package, but Clark kicks out just before the three count. Surprised, Clark starts to stomp on Knobbs, when Sags rolls into the ring behind Clark and rolls him up from behind, again only getting a two count. Knobbs tries to double team Clark with Sags, but his knee gives way, distracting the referee, and this gives Adams a chance. Sags goes to pick Clark up for a running powerslam, when Adams rolls into the ring from behind and hits Sags across the back with a kendo stick. Clark and Adams then combine to hit Sags with a spike Piledriver, and Clark covers to win the contest and to eliminate the Nasty Boys.

Both members of Kronik then regroup in the ring for the second time, and Brian Adams appears to be in bad way after the violent beating that he took from Sags. The final team in the gauntlet are the Rock’N’Roll Express, run down to the ring and meet their bigger opponents with punches in the middle of the ring. Both teams slug it out, until Kronik assume control, with Clark first whipping Morton into the corner, and then Adams groggily whipping Gibson into the same corner, making the two members of the Rock’N’Roll Express collide with each other. Adams then whips Clark into their opponents, and Clark hits Gibson and Morton with a splash in the corner. The referee’s attempts to regain control of the contest are ignored by the participants, as Clark tosses Morton out of the ring, and Kronik focus on decimating Robert Gibson. Both Adams and Clark beat on Gibson with punches and stomps, elbow and leg drops, but when Adams goes for a cover, Gibson kicks out just before the three count. Kronik don’t lose their focus, however, and they whip a battered Gibson against the ropes, and hit him with a double big boot. Kronik continue with double team moves, hitting Gibson with a double suplex, double DDT, double flapjack and a double Chokeslam. With the match seemingly won, Adams is about to pin Gibson when Clark stops his partner, and points to the top rope, and then to Gibson. Adams nods his head to show his understanding, and he slowly goes up to the top rope, whilst Clark picks Gibson up and places him on his shoulders. Adams looks like he’s going to jump off with a flying clothesline, when Ricky Morton reappears and pushes Adams off. Gibson wriggles free off Clark, and Morton comes off the top rope with a flying cross body, surprising Clark who was concentrating on Gibson and his fallen partner. Both Gibson and Morton pin Clark, and the referee counts the pinfall, giving the Rock’N’Roll Express the surprise victory and giving them another shot at the Steiners and the All-Time Tag Team Titles. *1/2

Winners: The Rock’N’Roll Express via pinfall

Road Agent Notes: Brian Adams was visibly tiring toward the end. Bryan Clark was visibly tiring toward the end. New Jack was visibly tiring toward the end. Mustapha Saed was visibly tiring toward the end. Brian Knobbs was visibly tiring toward the end. Jerry Sags was really off his game tonight. Jerry Sags was visibly tiring toward the end. Ricky Morton was visibly tiring toward the end. Robert Gibson was visibly tiring toward the end. The announcing quality lifted the match. The colour commentary gave the match a boost. This match suffered as it came across as a let-down after the previous segment. This match benefitted greatly from a hot crowd. This match brought the crowd's mood down.

Edited by Kanegetshighbysmellinhisarmpits
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OOC: This is the last bit of the show

Big Sexy and The Razor have their say on affairs

Some re-mixed NWO music is heard, and Kevin Nash and Scott Hall swagger their way to the ring, wearing black and white. They get into the ring with microphone, and they taunt the crowd for a bit before Hall starts to speak.

Hall: Now all you “Idiotas” (Hall laughs as Nash just looks at him like he’s a weird. Hall see’s that Nash isn’t laughing, and he quickly stops and returns to the promo). That mean’s idiots in Spanish, as you fools probably know. Anyway, once again, the two men who changed the direction of wrestling for ever are here again, to make the ticket money that you paid worthwhile. And apparently, tonight, we’ve got the task of defeating a legitimate loony in purple and yellow tights with face paint, along with our World Champion! Now, I don’t know ‘bout, Kev, but we really should have prepared a bit more this match, instead of just sitting in the back, laughing our asses off at our opponents tonight, and deciding where our victory party is gonna’ be held tonight, don’t ya think?

Both Nash and Hall smirk

Nash: Maybe, mate, maybe, but you know what? All of these fans are gonna’ be enthralled in our match, not because it’s got some guys who LoW just rolled out the loony bin, but because it’s my first match back! Now there’s some entertainment for you. Maybe we should wear some face paint, run to the ring like an animal, shake the ropes, hit three moves, lose, and then trudge to the back to pick up our paycheck? Or, maybe, we should quickly amass a 300 match unbeaten streak by squashing a group of nobodies in about 5 minutes?

Hall: Nah, Kev, we’re too cool for that. We’ll just do things the revolutionary way…like we’ve always done. Oh and before we kick some ass next, have you got anything to say to the our fans in the audience tonight?

Nash: I think I have, Scott, thanks for reminding me….We’re taking over!

Both Hall and Nash laugh as they toss the mics aside and look towards the entranceway, awaiting their opponents. A

Road Agent Notes: This segment benefitted greatly from a hot crowd. This segment lifted the crowd.

Tenay: Well, Hall and Nash haven’t changed, they’re still as cocky as ever. Don’t you sometimes wish that they’d just shut up?

Heenan: Not at all, Tenay, they’re highly entertainin’, and a lot of what they say is true. They did change the face of professional wrestling all those years ago, and the comments about the Ultimate Warrior are pretty well founded as well.

Tenay: I hope that Warrior shoves those comments right back down their throats.

7th Match: The Outsiders vs The Ultimate Warrior and Goldberg

Hall and Goldberg start. They tie up, and Goldberg shoves Hall back towards his corner, showing his superior strength. Hall, seemingly unfazed, offers a test-of-strength contest to Goldberg, who accepts. Goldberg dominates that, however, until Hall cheap shots him in the ribs with a quick. Hall follows up with a DDT, and he quickly covers, but only gets a short two count. Hall slaps Goldberg across the head, drawing a reaction from the crowd, and he drags Goldberg over to his corner. Hall tags in Nash, and the Outsiders double-team Goldberg, as Nash picks Goldberg up and drops him, from above his head, onto Hall’s outstretched knee. Nash hits a couple of punches, before whipping Goldberg into his corner and choking him with his boot. Whilst the referee is counting, Hall gets a blind tag, and he distracts the referee away from Nash, who continues to choke Goldberg. However, this plan backfires, as Goldberg manages to move Nash’s leg onto the top rope, therefore virtually hanging Nash up on the top rope. Goldberg then shakes off the effects of the choke and he runs at Hall, shoulder blocking him to the floor. Goldberg then tags in Warrior, and he unleashes hell on Hall, beating him down with continuous forearms. Warrior then plays to the cheers of the crowd, before returning to his opponent. Hall hits Hall with a body slam, followed by another body slam, and then a shoulder block, followed by another shoulder block. Warrior then hits Hall with a clothesline, but when Warrior goes for another clothesline, Hall ducks, and hits Warrior with a neckbreaker. Hall struggles over to his corner, and he tags in Nash, but Big Sexy gets the same treatment from the Warrior, as Nash is greeted with clotheslines and shoulder blocks. Warrior ‘pushes the ceiling’, and he begins to run over Nash’s fallen body and against the ropes. However, Hall distracts the referee and, just as Warrior runs off the ropes to hit the splash, Nash hits him with a low blow, sending Warrior slumping to the floor. Both men are down, and the referee starts to count. After reaching a count of 6, both men crawl to their corners and make a tag. Goldberg runs in and dominates Hall, knocking him down with a couple of shoulder blocks, before hitting Hall with a vicious spinebuster after whipping him against the ropes. Goldberg goes to the corner, and crouches in preparation for a spear, when Nash gets up and big boots Goldberg. However, Nash is sent flying over the top rope by a stiff Warrior clothesline, and Warrior taunts the fallen Nash, when Hall attacks him from behind. Hall sets Warrior up for the Razor’s Edge, and he holds Warrior behind his back, preparing to complete the move, when Goldberg spears Hall, breaking his grasp over Warrior. As Warrior tumbles out of the ring, Goldberg picks Hall up and hits the Jackhammer, before covering Hall and picking up the win for the ‘dream team’. ****

Winners: Goldberg and The Ultimate Warrior via pinfall.

Road Agent Notes: The Ultimate Warrior was visibly tiring toward the end. The match suffered because there was not enough selling shown. This match benefitted greatly from a hot crowd. This match lifted the crowd. The Ultimate Warrior is improving in Rumble skills.

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LoW PPV buyrate, attendance, future storylines, releases

· The second Legends Of Wrestling pay-per-view, “Summer of Heroes”, got 25,814 buys last night, amounting to around 2,000 more buys than their previous ppv offering. LoW officials are said to be happy about this increase, especially as they begin their live television show during the coming month.

· 7,616 people are said to have attended the LoW show last night in West Virginia. This is slightly down on the 8,889 people that turned up last month, which is said to slightly worry LoW officials, but they are said to be comforted by the increase in buyrate.

· With the debut of LoW’s TV show coming up this Wednesday night, the new company has announced roster cuts. Performers such as The Ultimate Warrior, Honky Tonk Man, Rick Martel, Road Warrior Animal, Jim Neidhart and One Man Gang have been released by the company. Whilst a number of these superstars haven’t appeared for LoW, Warrior’s release has come as a surprise to many fans, as he was in the company’s last main event, challenging for their version of the World Title. We hope that details will be released in the coming weeks.

· Due to their move to TV, LoW storylines have been hot on the rumour mill over the past few weeks. Storylines mentioned have included a Camp Cornette vs Goldberg feud, Cornette vs Funk feud, Team Xtreme vs Camp Cornette feud, Sting vs Luger, Sting vs Goldberg, Goldberg vs Sid Vicious, DDP vs Camp Cornette and Sting/Goldberg vs The Outsiders. None of these storylines have been confirmed, but it seems that Jim Cornette is going to have a key role in future LoW affairs on-screen.

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Tuesday, Week 1, September 2006

My God, preparing for a TV Show is hectic.

Guys, word of advice – never try to start your own TV show…especially a wrestling-based TV show. The amount of time spent organising stuff that isn’t wrestling-related is too much. I’ve got about eight hours sleep since Saturday night, and I’m not a nice person to be around.

However, my uncle has been a great help. He suddenly emerged (probably run out of hardcore DVD’s to watch) and he offered to help me organise the shows. He was even more excited as I was, and his involvement really gave me valuable time to spend with my booking team. We’ve come up with so many possible storylines that we don’t know which ones to choose!

However, the recent releases of talent all had reasons. The Ultimate Warrior, who had expressed an interest in his other occupations outside of wrestling, agreed to take some time off wrestling again, so we came to an agreement on his release. As a company, I was more than happy with his contribution, and I was also happy that I had got rid of one of my top earners, especially when weekly appearances were coming up.

Road Warrior Animal, Jim Neidhart, One Man Gang and Rick Martel were all released due to not being happy with not being used. Again, I was more than happy to release these superstars, as it meant less wages to pay with TV shows coming up.

Finally, the Honky Tonk Man was released due to his large salary. He expressed a desire to stay with the company during it’s early period, but as a company we made the decision that his wages could be better spent elsewhere.

My thoughts on the last PPV were mixed. I was pleased with the swerve main event, and the Sting/Vader contest. I was also delighted with the increase in buy rate. However, I did not like the quality of the card up until the Number One Contender match. Kurrgan’s push got off to a poor start, my main wrestling quality based match, in Shane Douglas and Jerry Lynn, did not turn out as expected. I crave more quality in my wrestling matches and, although my bookers don’t share my concerns, I’ve sent offers to some younger talent to come to the promotion. We’ll see what happens.

Roll on tommorow…

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  • 2 weeks later...

Official Preview of the LoW ‘Mid-Week Mayhem’ debut!

Tomorrow sees the debut of a new wrestling TV show, the Legends of Wrestling production, ‘Mid-Week Mayhem’ and what a way to kick things off on Comedy Central, than with the prospect of an All-Time World Heavyweight Championship match!

It has been rumoured that Sting, the official number one contender for the prestigious title, is has challenged the current champion, Goldberg, to put his title on the line tomorrow night, on the first ever ‘Mid-Week Mayhem’ broadcast. Will Sting announce the challenge on air? Will Goldberg accept?

Also, one half of the All-Time Tag Team champions, Scott Steiner, will face off against Vader. Furthermore, Sid Vicious, Scott Hall and Diamond Dallas Page will participate in a triple-threat contest.

Be sure to tune in for what promises to be an historic night in the wrestling industry, as LoW make their debut on TV.

Don’t forget to tune in at midnight to see all the action live!

Confirmed Matches:

· Diamond Dallas Page vs Scott Hall vs Sid Vicious

· Scott Steiner vs Vader

Source: www.LoW.com

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LoW presents ‘Mid-Week Mayhem’, live on Comedy Central

The opening video package plays, highlighting such superstars as Goldberg, Sting, Vader, Sid Vicious, The Outsiders, the Steiners and DDP. The package is accompanied by some generic rock music, and finishes on a dark black LoW logo, set against a red background.

The camera now shows the arena, where screaming fans are reacting to an impressive pyro display, that takes place on a generic stage, with just a big screen and a ramp that leads all the way to the ring without dipping. The pyro stops, and the camera pans the crowd, before the voices of Mike Tenay and Bobby Heenan are heard, and the camera eventually switches to show the two announcers at their table, next to the ring.

Mike Tenay: Hello everyone, and welcome to the first ever broadcast of LoW’s ‘Mid-Week Mayhem’, live on Comedy Central. I’m your lead announcer, Mike ‘The Professor’ Tenay, and I’m accompanied by the living legend that is Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan, and Bobby, what a night we have in store for all the viewers at home!

Bobby Heenan: First things first, thank you Mike for yet another fitting introduction. Yes I am Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan, and tonight, LoW is going to give the wrestling world such a jolt, that even Zeus himself would struggle to cope.

The Rumours are true…and we have the main event

The camera cuts to show the stage, where some crow-like music has hit the speakers in the arena, and the fans pop huge as they realise that the number 1 Contender for the All-Time World Heavyweight Championship, Sting, is making his way to the ring. The Stinger stops on the stage, applauding the fans for their reaction, before walking to the squared circle. He rolls into the ring, plays to the crowd for a bit, and he then accepts the offer of a microphone from Howard Finkel. The crowd eventually goes silent as Sting starts to speak.

Sting: Last Sunday, I overcame the giant that is Vader to become the Number One Contender for the All-Time World Heavyweight Championship. Now, I know that, since that victory, rumours have been flying around the net, saying how I had officially challenged Bill Goldberg to a match, tonight, for the World Title. Now, the truth of the matter is this…I have officially challenged Goldberg, and I’m still awaiting his response. So, Goldberg, why don’t you come down to the ring, right now, and give our fans an answer to my challenge, and please give them the answer that they want to hear…

Sting lowers the microphone, and he awaits Goldberg. The crowd start a ‘Goldberg’ chant and, in due course, Goldberg’s music hits the speakers, and the All-Time World Heavyweight Champion stomps his way to the ring. He jumps into the ring, title belt wrapped tightly around his waist, and he takes the microphone from Sting.

Goldberg: Sting, you and I go back along way. When I was just making my way into this business, as an ex-footballer desperately trying to pursue a career in this industry, you were already an established name, an established legend in this business. You were virtually untouchable. Now, when I beat you about two months ago, in a steel cage, when your leg was virtually hanging loosely of it’s limb, I was ecstatic. I’d just become the greatest heavyweight wrestler of all time, and when you look at the names that are part of that list, it is an incredible achievement. However, something bugged me. Something, at the back of my mind, kept nagging at me. I couldn’t get over the fact that you had been half-decapitated earlier in the night before our match. I felt that I had a point to prove, not only to myself, but to all these fans that pay their hard-earned money to see me…us…in action. I felt, that I had to prove that I could beat you, in near peak condition. So, naturally, after overcoming The Ultimate Warrior last Sunday night, I was delighted to hear that you’d challenged me, and if you hadn’t guessed by now, my answer to your challenge is yes, Sting…it would be an honour to defend my All-Time World Heavyweight Title, against you, on the first ever edition of LoW Mid-Week Mayhem! So, the question has to be asked…WHO’S NEXT?…YOU’RE NEXT, STING!!!

The fans pop massively at the announcement of the main event, and the two competitors shake hands, before Goldberg turns and leaves the ring, and Sting follows shortly after, and the camera cuts back to the announcers. (A*)

Road Agent Notes: This segment lifted the crowd. Goldberg is developing better performance skills.

Tenay: What a show of respect between our two top superstars! And what a main event to kick off LoW Mid-Week Mayhem on Comedy Central, Sting vs Goldberg for the All-Time World Heavyweight Championship!

Heenan: Even though I was nearly sick with all the respect that was going on in that ring, Tenay, I’m excited about that main event. It promises to be a classic!

Commercial Break

1st Match: Kurrgan vs Marty Jannetty

Jannetty enters first, and he gets a mediocre reaction from the crowd upon his low-key debut. Kurrgan enters, with Pringle in tow, to minimal reaction. However, Kurrgan’s long, Taker-like, gothic entrance seems to last longer than the actual match, as Kurrgan squashes Jannetty in under a minute, completely no-selling some basic Jannetty offence, before viciously powerslamming Marty, and finishing him with a Chokeslam.

Winner: Kurrgan via pinfall. (C-)

Road Agent Notes: The announcing quality lifted the match. The colour commentary gave the match a boost. This match suffered as it came across as a let-down after the previous segment. This match benefitted greatly from a hot crowd. This match brought the crowd's mood down.

Pringle holds a grudge

After the bell, Kurrgan poses for the crowd, and Pringle slaps Jannetty a couple of times, drawing some decent heat from the crowd, before clambering into the ring and snatching the microphone from Howard Finkel. The crowd boos as Pringle begins to speak.

Percy Pringle: Jannetty is the first of many, many victims of the 7ft monster that is…Kurrgan! (Crowd boos as Pringle points at Kurrgan, who roars at the crowd). Sabuuuuuuuuuuuuu…you got a taste of what Kurrgan can do last Sunday…in fact, why don’t we remind ourselves of that – destruction! (The footage is played, showing Kurrgan’s beat down of Sabu after their tag match at ‘Summer of Heroes’. Pringle squealing in glee can be heard whilst the footage is being played. The crowd boo as Pringle applauds Kurrgan). Now, Sabuuuuuuuuuuu, don’t think that we’re gonna’ stop there…(Pringle turns and smiles at Kurrgan before squealing again)…you will regret that you ever set eyes, not only on me, but on the man who is going to destroy you, very, very soon, Sabu…Kurrrrrrrrrrrrgan!!!

Kurrgan and Pringle draw some mild heat as they leave the ring, and the camera cuts back to the announcers’ table. (B)

Tenay: Kurrgan made light work of Marty Jannetty there, Bobby, and the big man looks unstoppable at the moment in LoW!

Heenan: Agreed, Mike Tenay, and it’s obvious that that squealing, overweight fat thing that follows him around can hold a grudge…he’s still mad at Sabu for turning on him two months ago!

Cornette (and his momma’) have plans…big, huge plans

The camera cuts to a locker room backstage, and we are shown a conversation between Vader and Jim Cornette. The conversation is part of the way through when the audience hears what is being said.

Cornette…and with that, yet another brilliant idea that my momma’ told me…after tonight, you will become the top dawg! The ultimate superstar in this company! The All-Time greatest! After tonight, if you do what I say, it truly will be Vader time! Now, get ready, because you’re up next, against Steiner.

Cornette leaves the room, and Vader beats his head, shouting at no-one in particular. (B)

Commercial Break

2nd Match: Scott Steiner vs Vader

Steiner enters first, without his brother, and Vader also enters the arena, minus his associate. Both men take the fight to each other, never letting the other have any time to recover. After trading a varied mixture of brutal, powerful manoeuvres, Vader seems to take control during the middle part of the match, viciously hitting Steiner with a mixture of body slams, power slams and straight rights. However, Steiner avoids a Vader corner splash, and he uses this to his advantage, hitting the bigger man with multiple belly-to-belly suplexes, as well as a german suplex. However, this last suplex sends Vader crashing into the referee, but Steiner continues his assault regardless. Scott puts Vader into the Steiner Recliner, and he makes his opponent tap, but the referee isn’t able to see the submission. Steiner, frustrated, goes to the outside and takes the timekeeper’s chair. He rolls back into the ring, where an on-rushing Jim Cornette, who attempts to hit Steiner with a tennis racket, meets him. However, Scott just swots the racket out of Jim’s hands with the chair, and Cornette recoils in fear. Steiner is about to hit the LoW commissioner with the chair when Vader attacks him from behind. Cornette orders Vader to finish Steiner off, but before the big man can, Rick Steiner runs down, and he picks up the chair. Rick swings the chair at Vader, who ducks, and the chair connects with the recently arisen Scott Steiner! Vader tosses Rick out of the ring, before dragging Scott to the corner, hitting the Vader Bomb, and winning the match.

Winner: Vader via pinfall (B)

Road Agent Notes: Scott Steiner was visibly tiring toward the end. The announcing quality lifted the match. The colour commentary gave the match a boost.

Commercial Break

Dissention in the ranks

We come back from commercial to see Scott Steiner furiously pacing backstage, obviously waiting for someone. After a brief moment, Scott stops pacing, and the camera pans away to show Rick Steiner, standing a few feet away from his brother, staring. Scott sharply walks over to his brother, and gets in his face.


Rick Steiner: Woah, man, I’m sorry. I saw you outnumbered by that slimy Cornette and that fat F*@#ker Vader, and I thought that I’d give you some help. I’m really sorry, bro.


Before Rick can reply, Scott storms off, leaving Rick looking dejected. (C+)

Road Agent Notes: This segment suffered as it came across as a let-down after the previous segment. This segment benefitted greatly from a hot crowd.

Tenay: Looks like there’s some dissention between our tag team champions, Brain. Scott Steiner was livid with his brother, when he was only trying to help!

Heenan: What rubbish are you spoutin’ out your trap, Tenay? Wouldn’t you be upset if you were cost the match, by anyone, let alone your own brother, when you had the contest won? I certainly would…I don’t blame Scott one bit. Rick’s got to get his house in order.

3rd Match: Terry Funk and Sabu w/Bill Alfonso vs Bam Bam Bigelow and Lex Luger

Funk, Sabu and Alfonso entered first, to a big reaction from the crowd. After Bigelow’s entrance, there was pause, as the crowd did not know who was going to partner him in this match. However, some familiar sounding music is heard, and the ‘Total Package’ Lex Luger makes his way to the ring, to a mild reaction. The surprise partner dominates the match from start to finish, tossing the smaller Sabu around “like a rag doll”. Funk didn’t escape punishment, as he suffered at the hands of the ‘Total Package’ and, as Bigelow had Sabu occupied on the outside, Luger locked in the Torture Rack on Funk, and the Hardcore living legend regrettably submitted to the submission hold, giving Luger an impressive debut win.

Winners: Lex Luger and Bam Bam Bigelow via submission (C+)

Road Agent Notes: Bill Alfonso did some good work at ringside. The announcing quality lifted the match. The colour commentary gave the match a boost. Lex Luger is improving in Rumble skills.

Respect can’t be split three ways

The camera cuts away from the ring, and it focuses backstage, where Scott Hall and Kevin Nash are swaggering their way to the curtain, ready for the next match. They stop, however, when Sid Vicious appears, and he stares down the Outsiders, who seem apprehensive to confront him. Sid breathes heavily as Nash gets in his face, and Hall manages to pull his partner away. However, just as the situation cools down, Diamond Dallas Page appears, and he squares up to Hall. All four men stare down, as the crowd goes nuts in anticipation. However, to their obvious disappointment, the four men go their separate ways. (B)

4th Match: Diamond Dallas Page vs Sid Vicious vs Scott Hall w/Kevin Nash

This was a match full of clichés, but these formulas combined to give the crowd a decent free-TV spectacle. Sid held an obvious advantage over the other competitors due to his massive size advantage, but Hall was the one who seemed to dominate the early going, as Kevin Nash kept on poking his nose in the match, always turning the tide in favour of his good friend, either by tripping an opponent up, or by lowering the ropes, or by distracting the referee when it was advantageous to Hall. However, the referee eventually caught Nash’s interference, and he sent him to the back, making the match a much more level playing field. Sid dominated from this point onwards, stopping any momentum that the other two wrestlers started to build by using vicious power moves, like stiff clotheslines, big boots and tough slams. DDP was the underdog face all match, and he nearly had the match won, when he hit Hall with the Diamond Cutter. However, Sid muscled DDP out of the way, and he hit Page with a ferocious powerbomb, and he covered DDP’s broken body to win the match.

Winner: Sid Vicious via pinfall. (B)

Road Agent Notes: The announcing quality lifted the match. The colour commentary gave the match a boost.

The Stinger’s on hype duty

The camera cuts away from the ring, and goes to the backstage area, where Mean Gene Okerlund is waiting with Sting.

Mean Gene: I’m here with the man who’s going to face Goldberg, next, for the All-Time World Heavyweight Championship. Now, Stinger, we’ve stood in this place before, with a very similar situation before us. What’s different tonight, from two months ago?

Sting: Mean Gene, there is plenty that is different, tonight, from that fateful night of two months ago. That night, I was battered, bruised, and knackered beyond belief. My leg was virtually dead, I was bleeding from the head, and I was walking into a steel cage against one of the premier wrestlers of our generation. Tonight…I’m virtually fully fit. Tonight, I’m not bleeding, my leg is in near full working order, and there is no steel cage awaiting me in that ring. However, there are similarities…I’m still gonna’ go out there and put my body on the line. I’m still gonna’ go out there and give these fans the ride of their life. And I’m still going out there to face one of the premier wrestlers of this generation…Goldberg. But, you know Mean Gene, and I know, and all of these brilliant fans know, that tonight is a night like no other. Tonight, there is something different from two months ago. Tonight, there is something different in the air. Because, tonight, me and Bill Goldberg are going to tear the house down…and I’m gonna’ walk out the new All-Time World Heavyweight Champion! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!! It’s Showtime folks! (B+)

Road Agent Notes: This segment lifted the crowd.

The camera returns to the show the announcers.

Tenay: Sting seems ready for tonight, Brain, and he promises to tear the house down for all of these fans!

Heenan: I’ve been looking forward to this match all night, Mike Tenay, and Sting’s interview just then has got me even more excited. Bring it on!

The hype machine is in full force

A hype video is played, showing the recent history between Goldberg and Sting, highlighting their cage match at ‘History in the Making’, as well as their respective matches at ‘Summer of Heroes’. (A*)

Road Agent Notes: This segment lifted the crowd.

Main Event: Sting vs =O= Goldberg for the All-Time World Heavyweight Championship

Both men got rousing receptions from the crowd, and this buzz from the audience didn’t die down at all over the course of this match, and the two leading superstars in the company played on this crowd reaction, never letting the match slow down below what would be called a fast pace. Goldberg and Sting traded move after move, suplex for suplex, DDT for DDT, punch for punch, never allowing the other a chance to rest and recuperate. Many near finishes littered the match, with Goldberg kicking out of a superplex and a Scorpion Death Drop, whilst Sting managed to kick out of a spear and a reverse swinging neckbreaker. A very impressive contest ended disappointingly when Sting countered a spear attempt from Goldberg by using Goldberg’s momentum and sending him through the second rope, and taking a sick bump by crashing into the barricades at ringside. Sting is about to follow the Champ out of the ring, when Vader runs into the ring and attacks him from behind, giving the referee no choice but to call for the bell, and to give Sting the DQ victory.

Winner: Sting via Disqualification (A)

Road Agent Notes: Sting and Goldberg don't seem to click, and it made for an awkward bout. This match benefitted greatly from a hot crowd. This match lifted the crowd.

Tenay: What is Vader doing, interrupting a great match for our top Championship! How despicable! Did Cornette put him up to this? Is this what he was talking about earlier?

Heenan: Calm down there, Tenay, don’t be so quick to blame Jim Cornette. Vader is capable of acting on his own, without Jim telling him what to do.

Tenay seems to be proved right, however, as Jim Cornette does appear on the stage, applauding Vader’s continued beat down of Sting. Goldberg groggily crawls into the ring, blood pouring down his face like a fountain, but his offence is in vain, as Vader nearly takes his head off with a vicious clothesline. Cornette then steals the belt from the timekeeper, and he hands it to his client, and the first episode of LoW Mid-Week Mayhem finishes on the image of Vader, standing above the fallen bodies of Goldberg and Sting, holding the former’s All-Time World Heavyweight Championship above his head, drawing some serious heat from the crowd.

Overall: B

Road Agent Notes: This show can be considered a success, it should have increased our popularity.

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Reaction from after the first LoW Mid-Week Mayhem, more LoW news

· Reports are that the debut of LoW ‘Mid-Week Mayhem’ got a 0.1 rating, pulling in 185,233 viewers. LoW officials are said to be happy with this rating, taking into account the very late/early start.

· However, LoW officials are said to be fearing the affect of regular TV shows on their finances, as it has been rumoured that the promotion suffered a slight loss with regards to wages/show costs against ticket revenue. Time will tell whether the fledgling company can survive the financial demands of a TV show.

· LoW approaches to certain superstars are said to have been turned down. Raven, Alex Shelley, Christian Cage, Monty Brown, Jeff Jarrett and Petey Williams are all believed to have rejected LoW contract offers, due to mounting commitments to other promotions elsewhere. Also, LoW are said to have cancelled contract negotiations with Matt Lomanica, Devon Hughes and Matt Hyson (formerly Buh Buh, D-Von and Spike Dudley respectively) due to wage demands being too high.

· However, all of these rejections look less significant when compared to the signings made. Matt Striker, Kip James, BG James, Matt Bentley, Jeff Hardy, Don Harris, James Storm, Chris Harris, Ron Harris and Sonny Siaki and Kid Kash have all been signed. Word is that LoW management want to fill the roster with younger stars so as to be set for the future with regards to talent.

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