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RAW Reformation: 2006


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Note: The events portrayed in this “diary” are purely fictional. All characters, names, etc. are property of their respective owners. I am not affiliated with World Wrestling Entertainment or anyone else in this work of fiction.

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WWE RAW – JUNE 19th, 2006

An Extreme Takeover

[RAW kicks off with the typical pyro and hype from Ross & Lawler. After a moment however, the ECW music starts to play, and Paul Heyman walks down to the ring with the ECW stars. He grabs a microphone.]

Heyman: “Last Tuesday, on the SCI-FI Network, ECW returned to cable television. A phoenix, rising from the ashes. [small pop.] And you know what? [pause] A few RAW 'superstars' decided to show up, and shoot the damn thing down before if freakin' got off the damn ground!”

[This gets a mixed reaction, a few more boos than cheers.]

Heyman: “Everything that we worked for was shot down in an instant when Edge decided to Spear the hell out of our Champion, and John Cena decided to deck me right in the face! All the struggles that we went through just to get to that moment were thrown away, right there and then! This was has grown personal, now. They say what goes around comes around...right? Well tonight, it's going to be your show that gets ruined! You see, we're going to stay right here in this ring until somebody moves us. Vince, whatever you've got planned...throw it out. It's useless now. RAW is being taken to the Ex-”

[“No Chance” hits the speakers, and Vince McMahon comes strutting out with the Coach at his side. He already has a microphone in his hand.]

McMahon: “Now hold on here just a damn minute, Paul. Don't you forget...you work for me! You won't be holding up my show! Why? Because I own each and every one of you! I gave you ECW back because I thought you could do something with it, Paul. I thought that you could 'introduce the new breed,' if you will. Now just because a couple of my superstars decided to...crash your little debut show, that doesn't mean that you can ruin RAW. I mean...what do you want? You've already got what...three matches at Vengeance featuring your 'wrestlers?'”

Heyman: “What do I want? We want a fight, dammit! We've been on the air for one freakin' week, and already we're getting pissed on! We want the respect that we deserve!”

[McMahon pauses, thinking.]

McMahon: “Alright...whatever, Paul. You'll get your chance tonight. Because tonight, in the main event of my very own Monday Night RAW, we're going to see a match. It's going to be two of your wrestlers, Rob Van Dam and Sabu...teaming up to face the 'Rated R Superstar' Edge, and John Cena! And that's not all. After Vengeance this Sunday, any RAW wrestler who appears on your show without permission will be suspended for one month. Come Vengeance, this whole thing is going to end. You'll have your show, and I'll have mine. Just don't make it personal, Paul. You'll regret it if you do. And that's guaran-damn-teed!”

[McMahon's music plays on the speakers and he leaves to the back, as Heyman and the ECW stars stand in the ring with smiles upon their faces.]


Shelton Benjamin© vs Johnny Nitro w/Melina

Carlito joined the color commentary booth for this match, and he basically spent his time ripping on the other two competitors in the triple threat match for the Intercontinental Title at Vengeance. Benjamin & Nitro seemed to gel pretty well together, starting off the bout at a very quick face and keeping it throughout the match. Melina tried to get on the apron and distract the referee while Nitro pulled a pair of what looked like brass knuckles out of his trunks, but Carlito left the booth, rolled into the ring, and caught Nitro with the back-cracker! He then grabbed the brass knuckles from Nitro, and after staring at Benjamin, he clocked him in the face! Melina screamed, and the referee finally spun around and spotted Carlito with the brass knucks. He immediately called for the bell, and Carlito smirked before dropping the weapon and taking a bite out of his apple.

Shelton Benjamin vs Johnny Nitro went to a no contest due to interference. [**3/4]


[Kane is shown walking backstage. He looks a little bit nervous, and angry. He just keeps looking around, until he finally snaps, going over to a table filled with food and just throwing it against the wall.]

Kane: “Where are you!? I know you're here!”

[Kane looks around frantically, but nothing happens immediately. The lights then start to flicker, until they go off. When they come back on, Kane still stands.]

Kane: “Damn you! Argh! Enough of these...games! You and me, at Vengeance! Inferno match! I'll show everyone the monster that I am...when I send you flaming straight to hell!”

[The lights once again flicker on and off, as Kane storms off.]

The Randy Orton Invitational

[Randy Orton's music hits, and he walks out to the ring with his gear on.]

Orton: “Last year, when Kurt Angle first came to RAW, he had this little thing every week. It was called the 'Kurt Angle Invitational.' Each week, he'd challenge a local 'wrestler' to come out, and try and beat him. Well you see tonight...I'm going to do that very thing. And I'm going to do it better than Kurt Angle. Get a referee out here!”

[A referee comes running down to the ring.]

Orton: “Where the hell are we....New York?”

[A small wrestler comes running down to the ring. He gets in, and Orton just laughs.]


Randy Orton vs Ken Scampi

Squash. That's the one word that can be used to describe this “match.” Scampi went after Orton with a dropkick, but Orton just knocked him down and started beating the hell out of him. He didn't even give the kid a chance. After hitting a few of his European Uppercuts, Orton knocked him down with a dropkick. When Scampi rose, Orton drilled him with the RKO, and pinned him. After the match the Orton went to grab a chair, but when he got back in the ring Kurt Angle came running out! The two started going at it until security came down and held them apart. They'll meet this Sunday at Vengeance!

Randy Orton def. Ken Scampi via pinfall. [1/4*]

The Battle of Two Legends

[Mick Foley's music hits, and he makes his way down to the ring.]

Foley: “This Sunday night, at Vengeance, I face the 'Nature Boy' Ric F lair, in a 2-out-of-3 falls match! [pop.] This isn't going to be some pretty, elegant match. It's not going to be the technical classic that Flair put on with Steamboat years back. This isn't going to be a pure wrestling match, if you will. This is going to be something different. [pause.] Last week, I said that I would out-wrestle Ric Flair. And you're all going to see! I, Mick Foley, the Hardcore Legend, am one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time! I don't need some damn...holds to be you, Ric! It doesn't matter how many counters I have, or submissions I have! I'm going to beat you this Sunday not once, but twice...with basic wrestling moves! That's right! I'm going old-school! You see, I'm going to wear you down, Ric. You're going to see some moves from me that I've never shown before! And after I beat you for that first fall...I'm going to beat the living hell out of you!”

[Woooo! Ric Flair's classic theme music plays and he makes his way down to the ring, throwing off his jacket on the way down. His face is beat-red as he gets right up in Foley's face.]

Flair: “Did I just here you right? Did I just hear you? Did I just hear you say that you're going to out-wrestler Ric Flair!? That you're going to beat the hell out of me? [pause.] Have you taken too many damn chair-shots to that skull of yours? You can't hold a candle to me, Mick! Back when you first started wrestling I was already selling out arenas every night! I mean, how did you even start wrestling? By jumping off a damn building? I've got some news for you boy...I was a damn state champion in high school! I was the premiere athlete of my time! Woooo! And you? What the hell were you on, the debate team?”

Foley: “Listen here Ric...I think I've heard enough of your crap tonight. You talk about how you were a champion in high school...you had it made, Ric. You didn't even have to work for what you had! You have no idea what I went through to get to where I am today, and where I was ten years ago, Ric! I'll admit...I'm not an athlete. But I am one damn tough son of a bitch! And if you're so much better than me...why don't you fight me right now, here in Rochester, New York! [cheap pop.]

Flair: “You make me sick, Foley. I mean...what the hell is that? Why do you feel the need to get that cheap little pop in every town we run in? You want to know what I think? I think that it's because you know there's nothing else you can do to get them behind you. You can't wrestle, you can't just stand here in the middle of the ring like me, and wink at the ladies in the front. You've gotta do some garbage like throwing yourself off of a damn cage, or pulling a sock puppet out of your pants!”

Foley: “Or you know Ric...I could just do this!”

[Foley suddenly drills Flair in the head with the microphone! Flair goes down hard, and Foley just starts drilling him in the face! Security runs down and finally pull off Foley, and he allows himself to be led away. The last thing we see before the commercials is Flair laying on the mat, donning the crimson mask, and Foley smiling.]


The Spirit Squad© vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

Kenny and Johnny were representing the Squad in this match, which was pretty decent. Murdoch & Cade actually seemed to have a decent chance, but the other three members kept interfering whenever they'd get the advantage. After around ten minutes, Johnny hit his spin kick on Murdoch, and Kenny hit the top-rope legdrop to score the pin. Their celebration was short-lived however, as Shawn Michaels and Triple H hit the ring, sporting D-X shirts and carrying steel chairs! They cleaned house with the chairs, sending all five members of the squad to the mat. However...

The Spirit Squad© def. Murdoch & Cade via pinfall to retain. [*3/4]


[Vince McMahon appeared on the entrance ramp, along with his son Shane. Both men looked furious.]

McMahon: “Security! Get out here! You two think that you can just...do whatever the hell you want on RAW? You think that you can expose yourself to me, and assault my tag team champions with weapons? Well I've got some news for you...you can't. You've got your damn match this Sunday at Vengeance, but until then, you two are done! Security! Arrest those two!”

[security runs down to the ring, and surround HBK & HHH. They appear to be ready to surrender, but they suddenly blast two members of security with their chairs! The two quickly dash from the ring and leap over the barricade, high-tailing it past security in the crowd and out the doors. The camera then shows McMahon looking absolutely livid.]

They're Coming...

[RAW cuts to a quick video clip after the commercial. It shows the Highlanders, Robby & Rory McAllister, in downtown New York City.]

Rory: “Ey Robbie, when 'ill we be leavin' this place? 'Tis sure grand and all, but what about the wrestlin'?”

Robbie: “Soon, Rory. We'll get out'a here soon. Right now I'm just enjoyin' the view.”

[A women walks by wearing an incredibly short skirt. Both men stop walking, turn around, and stare at her.]

Rory: “That allowed here, Robbie? That fine lass was practically wearing naught but her skin!”

Robbie: “I dunno, Rory. But really...do you want 'em to walk around with their winter-wear on here?”

Rory: “No...let's just go, Robbie. I think it's time we head over to RAW. This is all fine and dandy, but we came here to rassle. But I've thought a somethin'...”

Robbie: “What?”

Rory: “How exactly do we get there?”

[Robbie just shrugs his shoulders and keeps on walking with his tag team partner.]


Mickie James© vs Victoria

Not too exciting of a match, but decent by women's standards. They didn't get too much time for it, and Mickie had control for pretty much all of it. She hit a nice chick-kick on Victoria that could've scored the fall, but she refused to end it there. She picked up Victoria, and hit her wicked variation of the DDT. However, when she was posing after the match, Jazz ran in from the back and attacked her from behind! The two started rolling around on the mat while Mickie screamed in a typical cat-fight. Mickie eventually rolled out of the ring, and walked up the ramp looking pissed.

Mickie James© def. Victoria via pinfall. [*1/2]


[John Cena is shown warming up backstage, when Edge & Lita walk in. The two have an intense stare-down.]

Edge: “Look here, Cena. I know you and I haven't exactly been getting along too well lately, with me spearing your ass and costing you the WWE Title and all...[boos.] but tonight we've got to team up. All I've got to say is-we've got to. We've got to work together, 'bro.' Because if we don't, Sabu and RVD won't hesitate to crack us in the back of the head with a chair-shot or two.”

Cena: “You actually expect me to believe that? After you've turned on me time after time? You're fulla' shit, dawg. I'm going to go out there up next, and I'm just going to kick some ass. RVD, Sabu...I don't care. Somebody's just going to get hurt. And hey, if you get in my way...I'll kick your ass too. I know you'd do the same to me.”

[Cena gets up and leaves the room, leaving Edge & Lita looking a bit surprised.]


John Cena & Edge vs Rob Van Dam© & Sabu

This was a very fun, energetic main event to end the show. The crowd was about 50/50 in favor of RAW and ECW, which made for a great atmosphere. All for men got a chance with both of their opponents. The match was pretty much a brawl, with the main story being Edge & Cena's distrust against RVD & Sabu's great team-work. It seemed to be too much for Edge & Cena, as their comebacks were eventually snuffed out. Towards the end things got pretty chaotic, with Cena being the legal man. Sabu had grabbed a chair, and hit his Triple Jump Moonsault. He quickly tagged in RVD, who went to the top-rope, and hit the Five-Star Frogsplash. Surprisingly, Edge ran in to break up the count, but he was met with a dropkick(off of the chair) from Sabu! The referee counted the pin, and RVD once again pinned John Cena! RVD & Sabu celebrated with Paul Heyman on the entrance ramp to end RAW, and Edge argued with an angry John Cena.

Rob Van Dam & Sabu def. John Cena & Edge via pinfall. [***]

Quick Match Results

Shelton Benjamin© def. Johnny Nitro

Randy Orton def. Ken Scampi

Spirit Squad def. Murdoch & Cade

Mickie James© def. Victoria

RVD© & Sabu def. John Cena & Edge

Notes: There's the first show...meh. I haven't really gotten back into the groove yet, I haven't written any diaries since last Fall. It'll come with time, though. Anyway, I'll have some news and notes later, along with the full Vengeance card.

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Pretty decent first show. I loved the Flair-Foley promo, the Highlanders vignette was good. I hope you do end the ECW Invasion stuff after Vengeance (and hopefully the real WWE does too).

I would have liked to see a DX promo or skit mocking the Spirit Squad though since it is the first show after their reformation and the last show before their PPV match.

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WWE News and Notes - June 24th, 2006

-Both Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman were said to be pleased with how the RAW/ECW feud went this week. They felt that the tag match was a great way to end RAW and to give some instant credibility to the ECW wrestlers. The two of them are working together to find out the best way to keep both brands strong.

-Most of the locker-room believes that the second ECW show on the SCI-FI Network was much better than the debut. The show saw surprise appearances (again) from Edge & John Cena, who assaulted Sabu & Rob Van Dam in the ring. However, Edge accidentally Speared Cena instead of Van Dam, furthering the struggle between the men.

-Harry Smith wrestled another dark match before RAW this week, and is expected to begin wrestling on RAW itself soon, possibly as soon as this monday. A full set of results from the dark matches and HeAT tapings is below.

Dark Match: Harry Smith def. Val Venis

HeAT Match: Charlie Haas def. Matt Striker

HeAT Match: Umaga def. Xavier

HeAT Match: Carlito def. Rob Conway

Post-Show: John Cena def. Edge in a Street Fight

-In ratings news, RAW managed to score a 4.3 rating this week, matching the 6/12 RAW. The highest rated segment was the main event, RVD & Sabu vs Cena & Edge. ECW dipped slightly, scoring a 2.6 rating. Smackdown! also scored a 2.6.

-Although it has not been made official, rumor has it that Lance Storm may be considering making a few appearances with the ECW Brand in the future. Though Storm has stated that he does not want the full traveling schedule, it could be possible for him to get a slightly lessened work-load. He is interested in doing an Impact Players reunion, as well as having a dream-match with Kurt Angle.

-Mickie James versus Jazz for the Women's Championship has officially been added to the Vengeance card. This brings the card up to a surprising 8 matches. WWE is expecting large buyrates from the show, considering the DX Reunion and the WWE Championship match.

-Mick Foley and Ric Flair are said to be enjoying their program with one another. The two no longer appear to have any heat, and are glad to be working with one another, despite not having much time to build the feud.

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IPB Image

RAW Presents: WWE Vengeance 2006


Rob Van Dam© vs Edge w/Lita


Degeneration X vs The Spirit Squad


Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton


Ric Flair vs Mick Foley


John Cena vs Sabu


Kane vs "Kane"


Shelton Benjamin© vs Carlito vs Johnny Nitro w/Melina


Mickie James© vs Jazz

Bonus Questions:

1. Who will get the fall in the handicap match? (Ex: Who will pin who?)

2. There are 4 RAW vs ECW matches. How many will RAW win?

3. Who will score the first fall in the 2/3 Falls Match?

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IPB Image


[After the opening video showcasing the RAW vs. ECW feud plays, the pyro explodes and Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler welcome us to the show.]

JR: “Hello everyone, and welcome to WWE Vengeance, LIVE on Pay Per View! I'm Jim Ross, sitting next to my long-time partner, Jerry 'The King' Lawler.”

King: “Can you believe this whole thing, JR? Vengeance, one of RAW's top shows of the year, is being...dirtied by this ECW garbage!”

JR: “I can't say that I agree with you there King, I think that we've got some very interesting match-ups tonight that without ECW, we never would've seen.”

King: “I don't give a damn, JR. They're ruining our show!”

JR: “Well like it or not King, ECW is part of WWE now. And tonight, we're going to see four ECW vs RAW matches, including a WWE Championship match, between Rob Van Dam and Edge!”

King: “I swear JR, Van Dam makes me sick! He's wearing our WWE Championship as if it were some damn prop!”

JR: “Well we'll find out what happens there in a couple of hours King, but up first is a match between three RAW superstars for the Intercontinental Title!”



Shelton Benjamin© vs Carlito vs Johnny Nitro w/Melina

The three men all started off in the ring just staring eachother down. They slowly circled the ring, each one looking for an opening. Without a word, Benjamin and Nitro shot towards Carlito in typical heel-fashion. Carlito tried to fight the two off, but they shoved him into the corner and just beat him until he rolled out of the ring. Benjamin & Nitro then looked at eachother, and locked up. Benjamin had more strength than Nitro, and threw him across the ring. However, Nitro dashed back with impressive speed, and nailed the Champion with a dropkick. Nitro then went on a rapid assault, hitting a series of quick moves. After a tornado DDT from the corner, he went for the pinfall.

Benjamin just managed to kick out of the move, and when Nitro stood up, he was suddenly met from behind with the backcracker from an awoken Carlito! Cover, 1..2...Benjamin broke up the pin. It was now Carlito & Benjamin's time to go at it, with Carlito displaying speed and athleticism like he never had before in WWE. After hitting a suplex, he went to the top-rope, and attempted to hit a splash on Benjamin...but was met by a dropkick in mid-air from Nitro! Nitro covered for a near-fall, and started to show frustration. Melina looked upset on the outside too, as she started to scream like she always does. Nitro pulled at his hair, and after connecting with a leg-drop on Benjamin, he went to the top-rope. After checking over his shoulder, Nitro flew off with a moonsault onto Nitro! 1...2...Carlito managed to stop the pin! All three men layed upon the mat, looking exhausted. They all rose at roughly the same time, and starting the battle anew. This time they showed even more determination, each man hitting their signature moves on the other wrestlers. Carlito went up top to try something in the final minutes, but Melina shook the rope, sending him crashing to the mat. This allowed Nitro to slip out of the T-Bone, and hit a superkick! After posing for the cameras, Nitro nailed a standing shooting star press on Benjamin! 1...2...Carlito broke it up once more! Nitro rose, and went to punch Carlito, but Carlito slipped under the punch, and hit his version of Christopher Daniels's Last Rites! 1...2...3! Carlito celebrated his victory up the ramp after the match, as the crowd cheered.

Carlito def. Shelton Benjamin© & Johnny Nitro via pinfall to become the NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion. [***1/4]


JR: “We're just one match into the show, and already we have a new champion! Carlito has just won his second Intercontinental Championship!”

King: “We all know that Nitro had it won, JR! That shooting star press was amazing!”

JR: “It may have been a great move King, but Nitro forgot about his other opponent, and in the end that cost him the match.”

King: “Whatever you say, JR. All I know is that you won't want to miss this next match!”

JR: “It's arguably the most dangerous match in wrestling...the inferno match! Ladies and gentlemen...what's about to follow is definitely not for the faint of heart. At least one man is sure to be scarred for life here!”



Kane vs “Kane”

Kane did not appear to be afraid when he faced off across from “Kane,” or “Fake Kane,” and the fires rose up around the ring. Infact, he smiled. The two men stared eachother down, and instead of locking up, they went straight to blows. Kane seemed to have the upper-hand on the imposter early on, just letting out weeks of anger upon his opponent. Each time the two men landed upon the mat, flames shot up high from the sides, for an impressive visual. Irish-whips into the ropes were also nail-biting moments, as either man could have easily caught fire.

The fake “Kane” mounted a comeback after a couple of minutes, hitting Kane with a stiff big boot, sending him down to the mat. He then hit Kane with a tilt-a-whirl slam, and tried to drag Kane over to the flames. Kane wasn't down yet though, and he resisted enough to get up, and fight back. He ran into the ropes and hit a clothesline to knock down his enemy, and then hit an impressive sidewalk slam. With “Kane” down, the real Kane climbed carefully to the top-rope. When the fake rose, he flew off with a clothesline from the top! The momentum was clearly in Kane's favor now, and he smiled. He picked “Kane” up, and went for the Tombstone...only to have it reversed! However, when “Kane” got up, the real Kane just sat-up! He stared at the fake with a look of pure hatred, and grabbed him by the throat! Chokeslam from Hell! But he wasn't done yet. He picked his opponent up again, and hit another one straight onto the flames! Referees immediately ran in and extinguished, the Fake Kane, while Kane smiled. He bent over and looked to unhook “Kane's” mask, but the lights suddenly went out! When they came back on, Kane was the only man left standing in the ring. He nervously looked around, before heading to the back.

Kane def. “Kane” by chokeslamming him onto the flames. [**]


JR: “What a match, King! I mean...Kane just set...well Kane I guess...he just set him on fire with that chokeslam!”

King: “And then he just disappeared, JR! I mean...what's going on here?”

JR: “I'm not quite sure King, and hell...I'm not sure if Kane knows either.”

King: “Well up next we've got our first match versus ECW...at least we get to watch Mickie!”



Mickie James© vs Jazz

Mickie went right after Jazz from the start, who seemed to be much stronger than her opponent. The basic storyline for much of the match was that Jazz was more of a wrestler, while James was more of a pretty-girl. When Micke charged Jazz just threw her aside easily. When Mickie went after her again, Jazz hit her with a suplex. James then quickly crawled out of the ring, as Jazz flexed in the ring with a smile.

When Mickie crawled back in Jazz went right after her, stomping on her and then taunting, allowing James to get up. Mickie gave Jazz that crazy look she does, and then dashed towards her and tackled her to the ground. Cat Fight! They rolled around the ring, screaming and pulling at hair, until they rolled off the apron. The refereee immediately tried to get them to come back in, but Jazz wasn't ready. She went over to the time-keeper, and grabbed a chair...but when she went to hit Mickie, she was caught in a drop-toe-hold that sent her face-first into the steel steps! Mickie smiled as she rolled a hurt Jazz back into the ring. After pounding on the back of Jazz's head, she picked her up and nailed a Chick Kick! 1...2...Jazz barely managed to kick out. Mickie picked her up, and went for another, but Jazz ducked and hit a DDT! She bent over to pin Mickie...but Mickie rolled her up! She put her feet on the ropes, 1...2...3! Jazz looked furious after the match, as Mickie just walked up the ramp.

Mickie James© def. Jazz via pinfall to retain the WWE Women's Championship. [*1/2]


King: “Yes! I knew she could do it, JR! Mickie James just pinned Jazz, and RAW gets the win over ECW!”

JR: “Although I don't agree with how she won King, it would've been a tragedy to see the Women's Championship go to ECW.”

King: “Finally JR, you've got some sense in ya!


The Pep-Rally

[Vince McMahon and his son Shane are shown backstage with all five members of the Spirit Squad. The Spirit Squad members all look excited.]

Vince: “Boys, later tonight you five will be taking place in the biggest match of your careers. It's going to be you five versus Shawn Michaels...and Triple H. [pop.] Do you know how important this match is?”

[They all nod.]

Vince: “Good. You all know what you're supposed to do. I want you to go out there...and beat the LIVING HELL out of this...Degeneration X! I want you to destroy them! Throw 'em to the ground, and stick your foot right through them to the canvas!”

Shane: “Now what are you going to do?”

Spirit Squad: “Win!”

Shane: “What are you going to do?”

Spirit Squad: “Win!”

Vince: “Who are you?”

Spirit Squad: “The Spirit Squad!”

[Kenny, Johnny, Mitch, Nicky, and Mikey all start screaming and running around as though they're members of a football team getting pumped up before a big game, as the McMahons watch on.]


JR: “Well, up next this ECW versus RAW war continues, as our own John Cena battles the extreme legend known as Sabu!”

King: “I can't wait for this one JR...I just know that Sabu's 'legacy' is going to be destroyed by Cena here tonight!”



John Cena vs Sabu

Cena and Sabu went at it right from the start, charging and smacking eachother with blows to the face and back. Although Sabu may be one tough S.O.B., Cena had the advantage being stronger, and Sabu broke away and rolled out of the ring. He immediately grabbed a steel chair, prompting Cena to do the same. They went back in and Sabu cautiously took a swing at Cena, who ducked and struck Sabu with the weapon across his scarred back. He hit Sabu again, and then held back. To Cena's surprise Sabu appeared to not feel a thing, as he turned right back around and nailed Cena in the face with the chair! Cena staggered, and when hit again he went down hard. The camera then showed Cena's face, which was slowly being covered in blood.

Sabu actually got a decent pop from sending Cena down, but the reaction was rather mixed. He then started to hit Cena several times in the back with the chair, as Cena cried out in agony. Sabu then went to the outside and looked under the ring, where he found a trash-can, which he threw in the ring. He then worked on pulling out a table, which he slid into the ring. He was setting it up when Cena got up and smacked him in the back of the head with the chair. This time Sabu went to one knee, and Cena drilled him in the face again to send him down, and to bust him open as well. Cena then went and picked up the trashcan, which got a mixed reaction. He hit Sabu in the face with it when he got up, denting the can. Cena then rolled to the outside. He came back in with a kendo stick! He took a swing at Sabu's face, but Sabu ducked, and kicked Cena below the belt. Cena dropped the weapon, and Sabu smacked Cena in the face with it, sending Cena down and breaking the stick. The hardcore legend then set up the chair, ran into the ropes, and hit his signature triple-jump moonsault! 1...2...Cena just got the shoulder up. Sabu wasted no time, as he placed the chair on Cena, and went to the top. After posing, he flew off looking for the Arabian Facebuster...only to have Cena move out of the way! The former WWE Champion was up, and he grabbed the chair! Sabu quickly grabbed the trashcan, but Cena swung the chair and knocked it out of the way. He then drilled Sabu in the face! Cena did his little taunt, and proceeded to hit his “five moves of doom.” But when he lifted Sabu up, most likely going for the F-U, Sabu again hit a low-blow! Sabu set up the chair, and went for a springboard dropkick on Cena...but Cena caught him! Cena lifted Sabu onto his shoulders, and sent him down through the table that Sabu had set up earlier with the F-U! 1....2....3! Cena stayed in the ring for a little bit, before exiting when Sabu rose to his feet and offered his hand.

John Cena def. Sabu via pinfall. [**3/4]


King: “Yes! RAW goes up two to zero! It looks like the hardcore legend just got his ass kicked!”

JR: “I wouldn't say that King, but I am glad that Cena won for us.”



[The camera cuts backstage, where Paul Heyman is shown backstage with a bunch of ECW stars. He's red in the face.]

Heyman: “Dammit! Did you see that crap! We're ECW, god dammit! We're the toughest mother [bleep]ers around! And we're getting beat by these...entertainers? I'm sick of this crap!”

[Heyman throws off his hat in anger, and looks right at Angle.]

Heyman: “Kurt...you're the best pure wrestler that we have. But tonight...I just need you to go out there and beat the living hell out of Randy Orton. I don't care what you do, Kurt. But I need you to break that son of a bitch right in half!”

[Angle yells with the rest of the roster, as the camera cuts to the ring, where Randy Orton's music starts to play.]



Kurt Angle vs Randy Orton

Angle seemed to listen to Heyman's words, as he went after Orton with even more aggression that in their previous match. Orton seemed to be a bit more aggressive as well, actually trying to get in some offense this time around. Angle got a take-down from the start, but Orton got to the ropes before Angle could really do anything. When Orton got up he shot in at Angle, only to be caught with a belly-to-belly. Angle immediately went at Orton on the mat, hitting him with some elbows to the back of the head, and pulling Orton's arm back across his back. From this point on it seemed that all previous strategies left Angle, as he just went through hold after hold, just trying to make Orton submit. The “Legend Killer” didn't give in though, as he finally managed to crawl under the bottom rope to safety.

After taking a few moments to recover, Orton slid back into the ring with a new attitude. When Angle charged, Orton evaded, and hit a dropkick. He then hit several european uppercuts on the former Olympic Gold Medalist, before going behind Angle and attempting a German Suplex. Angle slipped behind Orton though, and hit a german suplex of his own. Angle kept his arms locked, and got Orton up to hit another one. He tried to go for a third, but Orton managed to grab the ropes and prevent him from connecting with the move. Angle broke the lock and went after Orton, only to be caught with an elbow in the face. Orton tried to go for a european uppercut, but Angle caught his arm and brought him down into a crossface! Orton struggled in the hold, and tried to roll out of it, only to have Angle break it intentionally and slip Orton in a chokehold. The referee made him break the hold, but it definitely hurt Orton. Angle rose to his feet and undid the straps on his wrestling gear, a typical signal for his Angle Slam finisher. When Orton got to his feet Angle went for his finisher, only to have Orton slide off of his back and hit a reverse DDT. It took a while for both men to get to their feet, but when they did they both looked motivated. They went in towards eachother, and Orton put Angle into one of his signature headlocks. The two went down on the mat for a time, with Orton trying to wear Angle down. However, just when Angle seemed to be failing, he slipped out of the move and went behind Orton, putting him in the Ankle Lock! Orton screamed in pain, as he crawled desperately towards the ropes. He was just inches away when Angle pulled him back. Again he crawled...and this time he got it. Angle held the hold until the 4 count, then released. He allowed a pitiful-looking Randy Orton to rise, and then went for the Angle Slam. Orton once again slipped off the back though, and hit the RKO in desperation. He draped an arm across...1....2....Angle kicked out! Orton was in total shock, as he got to his feet and prepared for another RKO. When Angle staggered to his feet he went for the move, only to have Angle throw him down! Angle went for the Ankle Lock...but Orton rolled through, and caught Angle in a pin! 1...2...3! Orton had Angle's tights! He limped up the ramp with a smirk on his face as Angle looked on in anger.

Randy Orton def. Kurt Angle via pinfall. [***1/4]


JR: “And Orton has done it! I may not agree with his methods, but RAW is up three to nothing on ECW!”

King: “This is great, JR! I'm calling it right now....RAW SWEEPS ECW!”



[Ric Flair is shown backstage, standing by for an interview with Maria.]

Maria: “Ric Flair, coming up next you have a two-out-of-three falls match against Mick Foley. What are you thinking about before such a big match?”

Flair: “What am I thinking about? You want to know what Ric Flair is thinking about...right now?”

Maria: “Uh-huh.”

Flair: “Well....right now I'm thinking that you look damn fine in that dress tonight, girl. WOOOOO!”

Maria: “[laughs.]Gee, thanks, Ric. But don't you think you should be more focused on your match?”

Flair: “Focused? On a match with Mick Foley? A two-out-of-three falls match, my specialty? You honestly think that I need to worry? We're right him the heart of Flair Country tonight! The Nature Boy's home! WOOOOO! Really, you think that I'm worried? I'm not worried at all! I'm the best damn wrestler that the world has ever seen! Mick Foley? I've said it before, and I'll say it again...he's just a damn glorified stuntman. There aint no cages for him to jump off tonight, no thumbtacks for him to fall on, no flaming table for him to crash through. He's out of his element tonight. Tonight, he's in the Nature Boy's house. Mick Foley! Tonight, I'm going to show the entire world just what a joke you are. WOOOO!”


JR: “And as just said, we're getting a break from the RAW and ECW action for a moment, as Ric Flair goes up against Mick Foley!”

King: “I'm going to predict it first JR...Ric Flair is going to embarrass Mick Foley by beating him two-zip!”



Mick Foley vs Ric Flair

Foley and Flair started across from eachother with a simple stare-down. Foley then went up to the center of the ring, and locked hands with Flair. The two legends engaged in a brief test of strength, until Foley used his slight size advantage over Flair to throw him down. Foley then locked in a quick chinlock, and then continued into a sloppy armbar. Flair squirmed out of the move and simply got up, looking at Foley as if he were insane. Flair then locked up with Foley again, and this time Flair took him down. What followed was a quick series of submissions on Flair's behalf on the leg of Foley. He put Foley in a single-leg leg-lock, but Foley quickly grabbed the rope, not showing much pain at all. Flair got up and simply stared at Foley, as Foley rose and once again locked up. Foley actually took Flair down this time, and proceeded to quickly lock in a steated full-nelson. Flair put his foot on the rope though, and Foley broke the hold. This time when they got up, something changed. Flair just went after Foley, and started hitting him with chop-ofter-chop. Foley took them all. Flair hit an inverted atomic drop, and then hit a knee-drop. He strutted around the ring, but before he locked in his figure-four submission, Foley caught him with a roll-up! 1...2...3! Foley takes the first fall!

Flair simply got up and stared at Foley in shock, as Foley simply pointed to his head, as if to say that he outsmarted Flair. Flair seemed to understand that he made his error in blindly going after Foley, as he just nodded and went towards Foley, this time with a bit more caution. When he went to lock-up again though, he simply kicked Mick in the leg that he had been working on, before hitting him with a chop and sending him to the mat. When Foley went down Flair just started to destroy his leg, stomping the hell out of it, and even busting out another leg-lock. This time Foley seemed to actually be in pain, as he visibly struggled to get to the ropes in time. Flair released the hold, then challenged Foley to get back up. This time, Flair pointed towards his head. He had outsmarted Foley. Foley staggered towards Flair, and took a swing, but Flair ducked, and picked up Foley with a suplex! Flair then proceeded to again attack the leg, this time choosing to use the indian deathlock! Foley struggled to reach the ropes, screaming in pain. He found them though, and Flair broke the hold. He again allowed Foley to get up, mocking him. Foley went for a clothesline, but Flair ducked and hit a slow butterfly suplex. He went around to the leg...WOOOO! This time Flair did lock in the figure-four, and he did so right in the middle of the ring! Foley cried out in pain, and eventually it became too much, as he tapped out! The crowd went wild as Flair released the hold, and stood up. Flair 1, Foley 1.

The crowd started to rise to their feet in anticipation for the third and final fall. Foley barely managed to rise to his feet, as the crowd booed him. Flair was laughing right in Foley's face, and boy did Foley look pissed. Flair started to strut around the ring, as Foley just stayed against the ropes, using them for support. The crowd was going nuts for Flair at this time. Flair continued to strut, looking very pleased with himself. The referee told them to proceed with the match, and they did so. Flair went over to the corner and started delivering knife-edge chops for Foley. After beating him in the corner, Flair dragged Foley to the middle of the ring, and attempted a suplex. But Foley reversed it, and hit a Double-Arm DDT! 1...2...Flair kicked out! Foley stumbled around the ring, grabbing at the ropes, then gave Flair an irish-whip. When Flair returned, Foley dumped him over to the outside! This was now a brawl! Foley went under the ropes and to the floor, as Flair got on his knees. Foley attempted to pick Flair up for a piledriver, but Flair backdropped Foley onto the floor! The referee reached a count of seven, and Flair rolled back in to stop the count. Foley returned to the ring after eight seconds, and Flair went right back to work on the leg. However, when he bent down to pick up Foley off the mat, Foley hit Flair with a low-blow! The referee saw the blow, and immediately called for a disqualification. Foley wasn't done, however. He went to the outside and grabbed a steel-chair. He got back in the ring and bashed Flair in the face, busting him wide open! He went crazy on Flair with the weapon, even hitting a Double-Arm DDT. He locked in the Mandible Claw on a bloody Ric Flair, before referees and road agents ran into the ring to break up the assault. Foley just laughed as he was led up the ramp, knowing that Flair would be going out on a stretcher.

Ric Flair def. Mick Foley via disqualification (2 falls to 1). [***1/2]


JR: “Damn Mick Foley! He knew that he could no longer keep up with Flair at his own game, so he blasted him in the face with a damn chair! He just ruined a great match!”

King: “Look at Flair, JR! He's a bloody mess! He must feel like crap, losing so badly in his home-town!”


The Return

[DX's music hits, and Shawn Michaels & Triple H make their way out to a tremendous ovation, rivaling that of the home-town favorite, Ric Flair.They get in the ring and pose for a bit, as the crowd goes wild. Finally, HBK grabs a microphone.]

Michaels: “Finally.....DX is back together again! [pop.] That's right. For the first time in eight years, “The King of Kings” Triple H and the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels team up to take on...the Spirit Squad! ”

[Triple H grabs the microphone.]

Triple H: “So, before we start throwing the spirit squad around this ring...I've got one question for you. That is....Are you ready?”

[The crowd pops.]

Triple H: “I said....are....you....ready?! [huge pop.] Then for the thousands in attendence...and for the millions watching at home....LLLLLEEETT'S GET READY TO SUCK IT!”

[The crowd pops as HHH & HBK taunt, back together again.]



Degeneration X vs The Spirit Squad

Triple H and Johnny were in the ring to start the match. Johnny ran fearlessly towards the King of Kings, and started throwing everything that he had at him. He punched him a bit, then kicked him as well. But when he went for his special spin-kick, Triple H just caught his leg and sent him down to the mat. Triple H started laying the right-hands on Johnny, and he hit an atomic drop before allowing Johnny to tag out. Mikey came in, and he too tried to rush towards HHH. He would have none of it though, catching Mikey with a side-walk slam, and then a knee drop. With a smile on his face, Trips allowed Mikey to tag in Nicky. HHH then tagged in Michaels, who came in and started taking it to Nicky. He ducked a clothesline, hit an atomic drop, and then hit a scoop-slam. HBK then went to the top-rope, where he came off with a flying elbow drop.

When he went for the pin though, the other members of the Spirit Squad came running into the ring and broke it up. Triple H then ran into the ring, and all of the rules appeared to have been thrown out the window. The seven men all brawled in the ring, with the Spirit Squad trying to overwhelm DX on sheer numbers alone. Michaels and Triple H didn't back down so easily though, as they fought back against them. The Spirit Squad began flying about the ring, as Degeneration X stood tall. Mitch tried to his his size over the other members of the Squad to inflict some damage on DX, but Michaels & HHH took care of him, with HBK drilling him in the chin with a superkick. Mikey tried to hit HBK with a flying axe-handle, but he was hit with a superkick in the air as well. Nicky ran into the ropes towards Triple H, but The King of Kings caught him with a wicked spinebuster. It was now two-on-two, as the other three members of the Spirit Squad were incapacitated. Johnny tried to run away, but Triple H caught him, and threw him in the corner. Michaels got Kenny in the corner too, and both members of DX proceeded to hit Kenny & Johnny with a series of stiff chops. They fell to the mat in pain. Michaels began tuning up the band, and HHH threw Kenny with an irish whip, allowing HBK to drill him with some Sweet Chin Music. Johnny got up, looked around, and started to beg on his knees, but HHH caught him with the pedigree. HBK went over and layed on top of Nicky (they were the legal men) as the referee counted the three. DX celebrated afterwards.

Degeneration X def. The Spirit Squad via pinfall. [**1/2]


JR: “And in their first match back together, Degeneration X just dominated the Spirit Squad!”

King: “Mr. McMahon won't be happy about this, JR! He was banking on the Squad to beat DX!”

JR: “Well he'll have to deal with it tomorrow night King, as I'm sure his mind is on the WWE Championship match, which is next!”



Rob Van Dam© vs Edge w/Lita

Edge and Rob Van Dam started this match with a long feeling-out process. RVD kept checking over his shoulder as he circled around Edge, wary of Lita and her seemingly inevitable interference. The two finally locked up, and Edge pushed RVD away. RVD rolled, sprung up, and hit Edge with a spinning heelkick! Edge got up and tackled RVD, hitting him with punches all across his face. Van Dam managed to throw him off, and when they got up RVD caught Edge with an armdrag. Edge slipped out, and caught RVD with a quick DDT. 1...2...RVD kicked out. Edge immediately locked Van Dam in a chinlock, only to have RVD power out of it and hit a snap-suplex. He then hit a quick leg-drop on Edge, before running to the ropes...rolling thunder! 1...2...Edge kicked out. When Edge rose RVD pelted him with a series of stiff kicks to his legs and back, finally knocking him down with a kick to the head.

Van Dam went to the top rope quickly, going for a split-legged moonsault, but Lita grabbed his foot, causing the Champion to land awkwardly on the back of his head. Edge recovered and used this to gain the advantage over the ECW Champion, immediately dragging RVD out to the middle of the ring and locking in his submission move, the Edgecator. RVD was clearly in pain, as he attempted to escape the move. RVD managed to get near the ropes, but when he reached out for them, Lita pulled them away. When he reached for the ropes for a second time the referee saw Lita, and he yelled at her. She released the ropes, allowing Van Dam to grab them and escape the pain. The damage was done, however. Van Dam stumbled when he get to his feet, allowin Edge to catch him with an irish-whip into the corner. After hitting several blows to RVD, Edge placed him on the top-rope, and they came off with a huge superplex! Edge dragged his arm across...1...2...RVD kicked out! Edge got up, and couldn't believe it! He pulled his hair, and went to the corner in anger. When RVD got up, Edge went for the Spear, but Van Dam jumped right over him! RVD then connected with a superkick! Cover, 1..2...Edge kicked out! Van Dam immediately went back to work, stumbling back into the ropes and hitting the rolling thunder! 1..2...Edge kicked out again! RVD appeared to have had enough at this point, as he went over to the turnbuckle, and connected with a split-legged moonsault! 1...2...Edge once again kicked out! It was now the Champion's turn to be frustrated, as he looked visibly upset that he hadn't won the match already. He went to the top-rope again, and came off with a Frog Splash! But wait a minute...Edge just pushed the referee in front of RVD! The ref is out! Edge quickly motioned to Lita, who went to grab a steel chair. She was about to bring it into the ring, when Paul Heyman suddenly appeared from behind, and grabbed the chair from her! When she attempted to grab it back, Heyman shoved her out of the way! Heyman then rolled into the ring, where he had a stare-down with Edge. Edge looked pissed, and he charged towards Heyman, only to have Heyman toss the chair to him! Edge turned around...Van Daminator! Edge was out cold! Van Dam quickly lept onto the top turnbuckle, pointed to his shoulders, and flew off with the Five Star Frogsplash! Heyman quickly grabbed the referee, who made his way over...1....2....3! Heyman helped RVD up to end the show, as RVD celebrated with both the ECW and WWE Titles.

Rob Van Dam© def. Edge via pinfall to retain the WWE Championship. [****]


JR: “I don't believe it! In the most important match of the night, ECW has defeated RAW! Rob Van Dam is still WWE Champion!”

King: “This is a load of B.S., JR! Mr. McMahon must be absolutely livid!”

JR: “I'm sure he is King...what will this mean for ECW, and more importantly, for RAW?”


Quick Match Results

Carlito def. Johnny Nitro & Shelton Benjamin©

Kane def. “Kane”

Mickie James© def. Jazz

John Cena def. Sabu

Randy Orton def. Kurt Angle

Ric Flair(2) def. Mick Foley(1)

Degeneration X def. The Spirit Squad

Rob Van Dam© def. Edge


Prediction Contest Results

Mister Kennedy(CX)- 5/11

Lucas Jackson(CX)- 6/11

Rey Mysterio(CX)- 6/11

Liamo(CX)- 6/11

Grapehead(CX)- 6/11

Now That's Cool(CX)- 4/11

Panni(CX)- 6/11

RKOwnage(CX)- 5/11

Adam(EWC)- 6/11

ghetto_smurf(EWC)- 8/11


Notes: Good job smurf, I'll try and think of something for you. It won't be anything really big, but I'll try and think of something. Anyway, there's the first PPV...damn that took a long time! :)

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IPB Image

Vengeance Fallout

June 26, 2006

The fallout of last night's Vengeance Pay Per View will take place tonight on RAW, as the superstars head to Fayetteville, North Carolina.

RAW was up 3 to 0 against ECW, until the main event. In controversial fashion, Rob Van Dam managed to retain his WWE Championship against Edge! RVD and Heyman have announced that they will be at RAW tonight...will "The Rated R Superstar," have anything to say to the man who beat him at Vengeance?

Last night also saw the return of Degeneration X, as they easily defeated the Spirit Squad in a 2-on-5 Handicap match. Mr. McMahon will address DX tonight in the middle of the ring. What could he possibly have in store for the reunited Triple H and Shawn Michaels?

A new Intercontinental Champion was crowned last night, as Carlito won a triple-threat match against Johnny Nitro and Shelton Benjamin. Carlito is scheduled to make his first defense tonight, when he goes up against the man he pinned, Johnny Nitro! Will he be successful, or will his reign end prematurely?

A new tag team will also debut tonight, as the Highlanders finally make their in-ring debut against former World Tag Team Champions, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch! Will their debut be a success? Or will their first match on American soil be a complete disaster?

Find out all this and more on RAW, Monday night at 9/8 CT on USA Network.

Confirmed Matches:

Carlito© defends against Johnny Nitro

The Highlanders versus Murdoch & Cade

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IPB Image

WWE RAW – JUNE 26th, 2006

An Extreme Celebration

[RAW kicks off with Rob Van Dam and Paul Heyman entering the ring. RVD has the WWE and ECW Championship belts on his shoulder. The two men get a fairly mixed reaction as they enter the squared circle.]

Heyman: “I'll admit...last night at Vengeance, the RAW 'superstars' certainly didn't do too bad. I mean, there's no denying that. They got the best of us in the first three matches. You can't take that away from them. But what you also can't take away...is the fact that the man standing next to me is still WWE Champion!”

[RVD grabs the mic.]

RVD: “I've had my fair share of doubters, I know. There's a lot of people who've always said that I couldn't do it, that I wasn't championship material. But at ECW One Night Stand, I proved them wrong. And at Vengeance I proved them wrong again, when I pinned Edge to retain my WWE Title!”

[“You Think You Know Me”.....Edge's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring to a chorus of boos. He enters the ring with Lita at his side, and he's not smiling.]

Edge: “Yeah Rob, you pinned me. You pinned me alright...after your buddy Paul Heyman here threw a steel chair at me, and you kicked it in my face! That wasn't an ECW event last night, Rob! Last time I checked, you can't use weapons in a damn wrestling match! And not only that, but you, Paul Heyman, pushed an innocent woman!”

Heyman: “And you act as though you did nothing wrong? She was getting a chair you stupid son of a bitch, and I did what I had to do to protect my champion.”

Edge: “Listen here, Mister ECW. Nobody cares about your little brand! It's a piece of crap! And seeing Rob Van Dam carry around MY WWE Championship makes me absolutely sick! You're shitting all over the legacy that I helped build! And I won't allow it any longer!”

RVD: “Oh really, Edge? Well what are you going to do? Last time I checked, I already beat you!”

Edge: “I'm going to make you an offer. An offer that you can't refuse. You know we've got a little event coming up on July 15th, called Saturday Night's Man Event. Well Rob...I'm going to give you a chance to be hardcore. I'm going to give you a chance to silence the critics, once and for all. What do you say about you and me, at Saturday Night's Main Event...in a match that we both excel in? How about you and me...in a ladder match!”

[RVD seems to consider the offer, as Heyman whispers in his ear.]

RVD: “You know what? You're on, Edge. And come Saturday Night's Main Event, you're going to see why they call me the Whole F'n Show!”

[Edge nods and exits the wring with Lita, as the show cuts to a break.]


Carlito© vs Johnny Nitro w/Melina

Carlito and Nitro went at it in a quick-paced match to kick off the show. Carlito looked confident being the new Intercontinental Champion, and Nitro looked like he really wanted to win. Melina tried to interfere in the match, but Carlito wouldn't let her do anything. After a great display of holds and counter-holds, Carlito escaped from Nitro's vertical suplex and hit the back-cracker! When he went for the pin however, Shelton Benjamin suddenly burst into the ring, and attacked Carlito! The referee called for the bell, as Benjamin layed both men out before walking off.

Carlito def. Johnny Nitro via disqualification to retain. [***]

The Mystery

[Kane is shown walking backstage, when the lights suddenly turn off.]

Kane: “No! This isn't real...I beat you! You weren't real! I showed everyone last night!”

[The lights suddenly turn back on, and a shadowy figure can be seen.]

Kane: “You! You're not...him! What the hell are you doing here?”

[When the figure speaks, it's voice sounds strangely familiar...]

???: “Kane...you are needed. I'll see you Friday night.”

[The figure disappears as Kane looks in in shock.]


Mickie James© vs Trish Stratus

Trish was making her return from an injury here tonight, and it looked pretty obvious. These two were surprisingly sloppy due to her ring-rust, which didn't look to good on television. Mickie targeted Trish's injured arm for the match, just wearing her down. She locked in the Fujiwara Armbar, and Trish quickly tapped out so she wouldn't aggrivate her injury. She walked up the ramp in frustration after the match, as Mickie celebrated.

Mickie James© def. Trish Stratus via pinfall. [*1/2]

Welcome to RAW!

[The Highlanders are shown backstage, walking through the doors to the arena. They stare at the place in awe.]

Rory: “Wow, look at this place, Robby. We aint never fought in no place like this before.”

Robbie: “Aye...this is like a grand colloseum!”

[They stop near some random security worker.]

Rory: “Ey! Where's the ring at?”

[The worker looks at them strangely, then points to his right.]

Security: “Um...over that way.”

[The Highlanders nod and walk towards the ring. On their way through the back, they spot several people, such as Viscera, Snitsky, and Eugene.]

Robbie: “Wow Rory...look at all these superstars! I dunno if we can match some o' these fellas.”

[Rory just shakes his head and pulls his brother by the ear towards the ring.]


The Highlanders vs Murdoch & Cade

This wasn't really much more than a squash to get the Highlanders over. Murdoch got in a little bit of offense early on, but the Highlanders were more interested in looking at the arena and the fans than they were the match. Once they focused on the ring, Murdoch & Cade didn't have a chance. The Highlanders actually seemed to be working pretty stiff, hitting some hard clotheslines. They ended the match by pinning Murdoch after a spike piledriver.

The Highlanders def. Murdoch & Cade via pinfall. [*1/2]

A Legend Defeated

[Mick Foley's music hits, and he comes out to boos. He gets in the ring with a microphone in hand.]

Foley: “Last night, I beat Ric Flair. [boos.] I know what you're saying. You're saying 'hold on Mick...you lost 2 to 1!' Well, I guess I did. But just look at the ring. Do you see Ric Flair standing here before you? No. Wouldn't he have shown up here tonight...in Fayette, North Carolina...right in the middle of 'Flair Country'...if he had won? You're damn right he would've! He would've been stylin' and profilin' and all that other garbage. But he didn't win, and that's why he's not here!”

[Foley pauses, as the crowd boos him without mercy.]

Foley: “I beat Ric Flair at his own game last night! Just look at the first fall! I out-wrestled him! He got over-confident, and I used one of his own damn tricks to pin his ass! Now yeah, he started to make a comback. He tried hurting me knee. And yeah, I even tapped out to save myself for the final fall. But Ric Flair...he wasn't thinking. He wasn't watching for Mick Foley! He thought he had it won, and he dropped his guard. So I took the opportunity. Roll the footage!”

[Footage is shown of Ric Flair getting beaten by Foley, and being led out of the arena on a stretcher.]

Foley: “That's right! Your little hero, Ric Flair...was led out of his home town arena in a damn ambulence! So please, tell me, how could he have won the match? You don't win the match and then get carried out on a stretcher! I won the match last night...and I destroyed the legend of Ric Flair right in his home town! Last night, I proved once and for all...that Mick Foley is the greatest legend of all-time...not Ric Flair! Wooooo!”

[Foley leaves the ring as the show cuts to a break.]

Winners and Losers

[Randy Orton is shown backstage, with Maria.]

Maria: “Randy Orton, last night, you pinned ECW's own Kurt Angle. What are you thinking about for the future?”

Orton: “Let me set things straight, Maria. Last night...I didn't just beat Kurt Angle. No...I beat ECW! I killed the legend of Kurt Angle! And you ask me what I have planned for the future?”

Maria: “Yeah!”

Orton: “There's one thing set for the future, Maria. And that's Randy Orton winning the WWE Championship. And that's not just a prediction. Oh no...it's something more. That, Maria...that's destiny! It is my destiny to-”

[Orton is suddenly cut off, by John Cena!]

Cena: “Did I hear you say that you're going to win the WWE Championship? How's that, bro? What have you done here on RAW? You got one win man...one! I beat Sabu last night! And you know what? I've beaten Kurt Angle before. I haven't even gotten my damn rematch for MY title yet!”

[Cena is now cut off, as Kurt Angle and Sabu cut in!]

Angle: “You? Beat me? Knock it off, Cena. You know that you could never beat me in a wrestling match. And you [points to Orton] never beat me either. You cheated last night, you because you knew that you couldn't beat me clean! So me and my friend here...we've got an idea. We all want the damn title. So how about at Saturday Night's Main Event, the four of us go head-to-head. And the winner gets any title match that they want!”

Cena: “Ya know what, Kurt? I'm in.”

Orton: “That's fine by me, too. You get the papers, I'll sign 'em. It just means that there's a few more people that I'm going to have to embarrass on my way to the top.”

[The four men have a stare-down as the show goes to another break.]

Singles Match:

Umaga vs Charlie Haas

This was probably Umaga's longest match to date, but that's not really saying much. Haas got in a few good hits and even locked in a submission or two, but then Umaga just took over. He threw Haas around the ring, showing off his surprising agility and strength. Haas tried to make a comback with a flying crossbody from the top, but Umaga caught him and hit a powerslam. He then hit the Samoan Spike, and covered Haas for the pin.

Umaga def. Charlie Haas via pinfall. [3/4*]

The Intercontinental Champion

[Maria is backstage with the Intercontinental Champion, Carlito.]

Maria: “Carlito, last night you won the Intercontinental Championship in a triple-threat match at Vengeance! But tonight, you got beat up by Shelton Benjamin!”

Carlito: “Wait a minute there, Maria. You think that I got...'beat up'....by Shelton Benjamin?”

Maria: “It sure looked like it!”

Carlito: “Well I've got some news for you...I didn't! I didn't get 'beat up!' I got jumped from behind! Shelton saw that I had taken his title, and he decided to attack me in the middle of my match! All I have to say is...das not cool! But you know what, Shelton Benjamin? No matter what you do, you'll never beat able to beat Carlito. You'll never be able to take MY Intercontinental Championship. Now that...that's cool.”

McMahon's Surprise

[“No Chance”...Vince McMahon's music plays, and he makes his way out to the ring with his son Shane.]

Vince: “Last night was a sad day for me. Not only did RAW fail to regain the WWE Championship, but the Spirit Squad lost to...to Degeneration X dammit! [pop.] Those damn...fools always have to ruin whatever the hell I have planned. Well I've got news for you, DX. I'm the boss. I call the shots around here, not you! I can do anything to you that I want! I'm Vince McMahon dammit!”

[Vince pauses, as he's red in the face.]

Vince: “You know what? I'm going to do something right now. Coming up next, in the main event here on RAW, we're going to see a Vengeance rematch! It's going to be Degeneration X taking on...the Spirit Squad! And this time I garuantee you that DX will fall...because the special referee is going to be my son Shane! Spirit Squad! Come on out here!”

[The Spirit Squad's music hits, but to McMahons' surprise, five men wearing nothing but thongs with “DX” spray-painted on the front run out and start dancing right up next to them!]

Vince: “What the...get the hell away from me! I said get the hell away from me!”

[The real Spirit Squad suddenly comes running out, and they quickly throw the men out of the ring. Vince looks absolutely pissed, and Shane looks embarassed.]

Vince: “Come on out here, dammit! Get the hell out here!”

[DX's music hits, and they make their way out (laughing all the way) to a huge ovation.]

Special Guest Referee-Shane McMahon:

Degeneration X vs The Spirit Squad

This was pretty much an encore of last night's performance, but that's not entirely a bad thing. The only difference was that Shane was very linient when it came to the Spirit Squad not making tags, and very strict when it came to DX. Michaels and Triple H still had the obvious advantage though, beating the Squad whenever they got the chance. At the end Michaels was going for some Sweet Chin Music on Kenny, but Kenny ducked and HBK blasted Shane right in the face! DX then made short work of the Spirit Squad, bringing chairs into the ring and just cleaning house. The show ended with DX doing their crotch-chops with a lifeless Shane McMahon in the ring, and Vince looking on in anger on the ramp.

Degeneration X versus the Spirit Squad went to a no contest. [**1/2]

Quick Match Results

Carlito© def. Johnny Nitro

Mickie James© def. Trish Stratus

The Highlanders def. Murdoch & Cade

Umaga def. Charlie Haas

Degeneration X def. The Spirit Squad

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Since you've written only three shows by now and gotten two replies to this topic, and three now, I can't really say that you're "underrated". However, I must say that this is one heck of a diary, and that that Vengeance was one hell of a Pay-Per-View. The idea of RAW getting the best of ECW in three matches and then RVD beating Edge in the main event was great. I also thought that the preparing promo of the ECW group before Angle vs. Orton was good, and Heyman seemed realistic. You also capture King's style very well IMO.

Keep it going, I'll try to come up with some longer feedback later on (Y)

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I love what you're doing with the Flair/Foley angle. It seems so realistic. It's almost just like what Foley and Flair would say. But, the thing that confused me is that you arent really doing anything but showing them off in the ring...I mean really the whole purpose of D-X is to entertain the fans on the mic...right?

Good show overall. This diary ain't bad. But would've been better if backed up with a backstory.

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WWE News and Notes - July 1st, 2006

-Morale backstage at the Vengeance PPV was said to be fairly strong, with most of the matches getting good reactions. Some ECW stars felt that the result of the matches should've been more even, but most agree that the overall results managed to keep both brands strong.

-This week's edition of ECW on SCI-FI was much more ECW-oriented, with only one small segment between RAW and ECW stars (in which Randy Orton confronted Sabu & Kurt Angle). The main event saw the Big Show defeat The Sandman. Tommy Dreamer ran down and attacked Show afterwards.

-Harry Smith continued to work dark matches, and it's still not known when he will make his RAW debut. Ideas are being thrown around about his placement on the card, as some expect he could make an impact immediately. Below are the Dark Match/HeAT Tapings Results...

Pre-Show: Harry Smith def. Rob Conway

HeAT Match: Shelton Benjamin def. Nate Webb

HeAT Match: Matt Striker def. Eugene

HeAT Match: The Spirit Squad def. Viscera & Venis

Post-Show: Rob Van Dam def. Edge

-In ratings news, RAW ended up with a 4.2 rating this week, down slightly from last week. The ratings were highest for the opening segment (4.3) and the main event (4.6). ECW dipped slightly with a 2.4, while Smackdown! pulled in a 2.6.

-The Kane angle played out a bit more on Friday Night Smackdown!, as it was revealed at the end of the program that the mystery man was The Undertaker himself. He claimed that he sent the Fake Kane after Kane because he needed him to revert to his old self. Kane showed anger towards his "brother", but did not attack. It is expected that Kane will continue to think about whether or not to help Undertaker, before they reunite as the Brothers of Destruction later this summer.

-With all of that being said, Kane has officially been moved to Smackdown! in an attempt to boost the star-power of the brand. The Undertaker storyline was his idea, as it seems likely that Kane will be retiring within a year. He has expressed interest in putting over Bobby Lashley before heading out.

-Ric Flair was not on RAW this monday as a way to sell his injuries from Mick Foley at Vengeance. Their feud is definitely not over, and it is expected that the two will meet in another gimmick match at SummerSlam, which is scheduled for August 13th in Boston, MA.

-It is expected that the Saturday Night's Main Event show will have anywhere from 3-5 matches, 2 of which are already announced. Although the main focus of the show will be the two RAW/ECW matches, it is expected that Smackdown! will also get at least one match on the card to promote it's Great American Bash event.

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Guest wrestling_assassinator

kool diray m8 i like evrything about it :D good storylines just keep updates more frequen will ya?? sound !

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IPB Image

RAW versus ECW

July 3, 2006

The RAW superstars will head to the historic Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the eve of our nation's birthday.

Last week, it was announced that at Saturday Night's Main Event, we would see Randy Orton taking on John Cena, Sabu, and Kurt Angle, with the winner getting a shot at their brands Title! Tonight's we'll get a preview of that match, as John Cena takes on Kurt Angle, and Randy Orton takes on Sabu.

Edge also made a challenge to WWE Champion Rob Van Dam last week, asking RVD to take part in a ladder match at Saturday Night's Main Event. RVD accepted. Tonight, Edge's talk show, the "Cutting Edge," makes its return with special guest Paul Heyman! What will Heyman have to say to Edge?

Mick Foley insulted Ric Flair in the middle of the ring last week, though the "Nature Boy" was still hurt from their Vengeance encounter. Will either man be in attendence tonight? And if they are, what will they have to say?

Mr. McMahon will also address Degeneration X again, who managed to defeat the Spirit Squad twice last week. Last week his announcement was disrupted by male strippers sent by DX...the Chairman of WWE did not take kindly to the gift. What will he have to say?

Finally, the Highlanders will try and win their second match on RAW, as they face the team of Val Venis and Viscera. Will they continue to make an impact on the tag ranks here on RAW?

Find out all this and more on RAW, Monday night at 9/8 CT on USA Network.

Confirmed Matches:

Kurt Angle vs John Cena

Randy Orton vs Sabu

Val Venis & Viscera vs The Highlanders

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IPB Image

WWE RAW – JULY 3rd, 2006

The Legend Killer

[Randy Orton's music hits, and he makes his way down to the ring. He demands a microphone from Lilian.]

Orton: “On July 15th...at Saturday Night's Main Event...a new #1 Contender will be crowned. There's going to be a special four-way, RAW versus ECW match, in which the winner will earn himself a title shot in the future. I'm going to tell you right now...you're looking at the winner. [boos.] That's right! I, Randy Orton, am going to win the four-way match, and go on to win the WWE Championship!”

[Orton pauses as the crowd boos.]

Orton: “And tonight...we're going to see a little preview. In the main event, we'll see ECW's Kurt Angle take on RAW's John Cena. And up next? We're going to see ECW's Sabu take on...me.”

[Orton smirks.]

Orton: “Yeah! What exactly do they call Sabu? The homicidal, suicidal, genocidal, death-defying maniac? That's a pretty big line for a guy who doesn't even talk, don't ya think? Anyway...Sabu? They say that you're one of the craziest, greatest hardcore wrestling of all-time. Some people say that you're a legend. But I've got news for you, Sabu. My name is Randy Orton. And they call me the Legend...Killer!”

[The crowd's boos suddenly turn to cheers, as the lights go out and Sabu appears in the ring, starting the match!]


Randy Orton vs Sabu

Orton went right at Sabu, who pratically no-sold everything that the “Legend Killer” did. Sabu looked slightly out of place without any weapons in there. The two tried to work a fast-paced match, but it just didn't turn out so well. Sabu started to get the upper-hand after about seven or eight minutes, and Orton was forced to result to his old cheating ways. However, Sabu would have none of it, and tried to grab a chair. The referee took it from him though, and when Sabu turned around, he was hit with a RKO, giving Orton the win. Orton dashed up the ramp after the match, as Sabu rose to his feet.

Randy Orton def. Sabu via pinfall. **

The Cutting Edge

[Edge's music hits, and he makes his way out to the ring with Lita. The ring is set up for his “Cutting Edge” talk-show.]

Edge: “In less than two weeks, at Saturday Night's Main Event, I will become WWE Champion. That's not a prediction, or a guess. It's fact. And that's all that you're going to hear on this show. The Cutting Edge isn't like the other talk-shows. On this show, you people get the truth. The truth that only I, the Rated R Superstar, have the balls to tell you. And I'm telling you tonight...I am going to become WWE Champion once again, come Saturday Night's Main Event. You see...I excel in ladder matches. They're my specialty! I was always the MVP of the TLC matches! I'm the original Mr. Money in the Bank! Rob Van Dam! The fact of the matter is...you're no more than a transitional champion. A transitional champion that didn't deserve the title in the first place!”

[The crowd boos, until the ECW music hits and Paul Heyman, tonight's guest, makes his way to the ring. He gets in the ring, as Edge looks irritated.]

Edge: “What the hell are you doing here, Heyman? Did I introduce you yet? This is the Cutting Edge! This is my show!”

Heyman: “I think I speak for everyone here when I say...shut the hell up!”

[The crowd pops as Edge goes crazy in the ring.]

Heyman: “You know what Edge? I didn't think that it was possible. No...I didn't think it was possible for one man to be as full of shit as you are! [pop.] You think that you're the master of the ladder match? Have you even seen the things that Rob Van Dam can do? He can do things with that ladder that you can't even imagine, Edge. And you talk about RVD being a transitional champion? Didn't that happen to you back in January, Edge?”

[Edge suddenly stops Heyman by slapping him right in the face!]

Edge: “What the hell are you doing you son of a bitch? You come out here, and try to embarrass me on my own show?”

Heyman: “I'm just doing what the show claims to do...tell the truth.”

[Heyman smirks, and Edge drills in the face with a right-hand! He has Lita hold up Heyman, and he's about to hit him with the Spear until Rob Van Dam runs down to the ring and attacks him! The two brawl in the ring, forcing security to run down and seperate the two. They're screaming at eachother as the show goes to a break.]


Mickie James© vs Torrie Wilson

Pretty much a squash match, this lasted a total of three and a half minutes. It was pretty obvious to the fans that Torrie wasn't a wrestler, as save for one or two moments, she was dominated by Mickie. Mickie ended up winning the match after hitting her DDT that she does. After the match, Mickie tried to assault Torrie, only to have Trish Stratus run down to the ring and chase her off. Mickie walked up the ramp with the championship after the match as Trish helped Torrie up.

Mickie James def. Torrie Wilson via pinfall to retain the WWE Women's Championship. [1/2*]

Melina, Nitro, and...Coachman?

[The Coach is shown backstage in his office, when a knock comes at the door. Johnny Nitro and Melina walk in.]

Coach: “Hey guys...what can the Coach do for you?”

[Melina seductively walks over and sits on the Coach's lap.]

Melina: “Listen...Mister Coachman. Nitro and I here...we'd like a shot at the Intercontinental Championship. I mean, did you see what happened last week? Nitro was clearly going to make a comeback, but Shelton Benjamin ran in and ruined the match!”

Coach: “An Intercontinental Title match, huh? Well I suppose that wouldn't be um..too hard to make.”

[shelton Benjamin suddenly comes walking through the door.]

Benjamin: “Hey man! If anyone deserves a title match it's me! Nitro over there was the one that got pinned! Carlito didn't even beat me to take the title!”

[Carlito now comes strolling in, with the Intercontinental Title over his shoulder.]

Carlito: “Me? Never beat you? It's called a triple threat match. That means that there's three people in it! And last time I checked, only one of them has to be pinned! And that's what Carlito did!”

Coach: “Well you've all got a point...so how about this? At Saturday Night's Main Event, we'll see a Vengeance Rematch. It'll be Carlito defending the Intercontinental Championship against Johnny Nitro AND Shelton Benjamin!”

[Melina, Nitro, and Benjamin all look pleased, while Carlito picks up his apple.]

Carlito: “You're making me defend my belt, in a triple threat match? Against these two? At Saturday Night's Main Event? I thought that you were cool, Coach. And that match? That's not cool. [pause.] But you want to know what is going to be cool? It's going to be cool watching Carlito beat both of your asses one more time!”


The Highlanders vs Viscera & Venis

Rory & Robbie seemed to have a little bit of trouble here, but they managed to gain control of the match after mere minutes. They used a primarily all brawling moves, and again looked motivated to win their match. After playing to the crowd for a little while, the Highlanders teamed up on Viscera to throw him off of the apron. The legal man, Val Venis, was then hit with the “Scotdrop” from both men to score the pinfall.

The Highlanders def. Venis & Viscera via pinfall. [*1/4]

The New Face of ECW

[Kurt Angle and Paul Heyman are in the back, with Kurt getting ready for his main-event match.]

Heyman: “Kurt, tonight you've got a match with John Cena in the main event. Some people would be worried about this...but I wouldn't be if I were you. This is a tremendous opportunity, Kurt. Not only does it give you a chance to eliminate one of your opponents before Saturday Night's Main Event even takes place, but it allows you to fully establish yourself as the new face of ECW. John Cena is against everything that we stand for, Kurt. He's exactly the kind of wrestler that we hate. And you're the kind of wrestler that we love. So tonight, I want you to go out there, and show that punk what being extreme is all about.”

[Angle nods, and looks intensely into the camera as the show cuts to a break.]

The War Continues

[Mick Foley is backstage with Maria.]

Maria: “Mick, last Sunday you bloodied Ric Flair at Vengeance, and the following night you insulted him here on RAW. What's going on?”

Foley: “What's going on? I'm just exposing Ric Flair, Maria. I'm exposing Ric Flair for being the coward that he is! He may be the greatest wrestler of all-time, he just might be. But I know for sure that he isn't the toughest! I mean, just look at him! He didn't show up last Monday in his home-state, and he isn't here again tonight! And you know why? He's afraid of me! He's afraid of the hardcore style that I helped introduce into wrestling! Ric Flair's afraid of the attitude that I and WWE had! He's an old man, just clinging to those last bits of old-school wrestling. Wrestling's evolved, Ric! I helped pave the way for a new era, and what did you do? You kept doing what you've done for the past few decades. You're afraid of change, Ric. I'm not. I mean, just look at me! Mankind, Cactus Jack, Dude Love...I've changed when I need to. But you don't, Ric. And that's why you're afraid of me!”

[Foley leaves in a rush, as Maria just stands there.]


Umaga vs Eugene

Another squash for Umaga. Eugene just played around in the beginning, which pissed the “Samoan Bulldozer” off. He threw Eugene around the ring, before taking him to the outside and beating him up. He then tossed Eugene back into the ring, and after hitting a couple of headbutts, he finished Eugene off with the Samoan Spike. Umaga and Armando Alejandro Estrrrrrrrrada celebrated after the match, as Eugene lay beaten in the ring.

Umaga def. Eugene via pinfall. [1/2*]

The Degenerates

[Vince McMahon's music hits, and out comes...Vince McMahon? Wait a minute...that's Triple H! Triple H is dressed just like the chairman, and he even walks like him.]

Triple H: “Degeneration X! I'm sick of you two ruining my damn show! And tonight, just like I've promised for the past few months...I'm going to make your life a living hell!”

[The crowd laughs.]

Triple H: “You think that you're funny, running around and making jokes? Sending me strippers? I don't think that it's funny at all! Dammit....Shane, get down here!”

[shawn Michaels comes out, dressed as “Shawn O'Mac.” He's got Shane's little dance down great. He gets into the ring and stands near his “father.”]

Michaels: “Yes, daddy?”

Triple H: “Shane, you know as well as I that through all the years that we've been in business together, Degeneration X has been what their name suggests...Degenerates. They think things like....like flashing people, and...and impersonations....and crotch-chopping...they think that stuff like that is funny! You know what that does to me?"

Michaels: “Makes you feel like a complete ass?”

Triple H: “It...it TURNS ME ON! [pop.] What's better than seeing two men run around and make fools of themselves each and every night? I LOVE Degeneration X!”

Michaels: “You do? Well...I guess it make sense...you are the guy who likes men to kiss your ass and all...”

Triple H: “You're damn right I do! And you know what else I like?”

[McMahon's music hits, and the real Vince & Shane walk out. Security is behind them.]

Vince: “You two think that it's funny, coming down here and mocking my son Shane and I? Well I've got some news for you two. As of right now, you two are BANNED from wrestling on any WWE events! Security! Get these two men out of my damn building!”

[security starts to head towards the ring, but HBK & HHH jump out, and dash into the crowd. The segment ends with Michaels and Hunter dashing up the stairs, as McMahon looks on from the entrance ramp.]

Getting Ready

[Maria is backstage with John Cena. He looks ready for his match with Kurt Angle.]

Maria: “John, in just a few minutes you'll be going up against the 'Wrestling Machine,' Kurt Angle. What do you have to say about your match?”

Cena: “Listen, I know what people are saying. They're already saying that I can't hang with Kurt. That's he's too good. That's he's going to take me to the mat, and just rip me apart. But I've got some news for those people...I'm not going to wrestle Kurt Angle! Tonight, we're going to see how tough Kurt Angle really is! He can talk all he wants about being an Olympian, but Kurt, I've beaten you in the past, and I'm going to do it again here tonight! You're the new face of ECW? Well tonight, we're going to see how tough you really are! You better be ready, Kurt Angle. Because you're in for one hell of a fight!”

[Cena leaves in a rush, leaving Maria standing there.]


Kurt Angle vs John Cena

Angle and Cena went at it in an absolutely great main event for RAW. Cena was true to his words, and this ended up being more of a fight than it was a technical classic. They threw in plenty of moves, but they were more high-impact moves like suplexes and the like. They were actually pretty evenly matched against eachother. After the eighteen minute mark, Angle accidentally knocked out the referee when attempting to hit Cena with a German Suplex. Cena quickly escaped and hit the FU on Angle, but the referee wasn't there to make the fall. Sabu suddenly came running out of the crowd, and came into the ring. As Angle got up the two circled around Cena, until Randy Orton appeared on the ramp! He stared down all three men, before walking backstage with with a smirk on his face! Cena tried to fight Angle & Sabu off, but they got the better of him, and Angle connected with an Angle Slam, and then Sabu with a Triple-Jump Moonsault. Angle then pinned Cena, as the referee slowly counted to three. The show ended with Sabu & Angle celebrating in the ring, as Cena tried to get to his feet.

Kurt Angle def. John Cena via pinfall. [***1/2]

Quick Match Results

Randy Orton def. Sabu

Mickie James def. Trish Stratus

The Highlanders def. Viscera & Venis

Umaga def. Eugene

Kurt Angle def. John Cena

Notes: Sorry about the DX promo...I don't think that it turned out too well. Oh well.

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WWE News and Notes - July 8th, 2006

-The big news of this week has to be the return of Batista to the Smackdown! brand. He immediately made an impact, challenging Mark Henry to a match at the Great American Bash. This adds to the already announced card of King Booker vs Rey Mysterio for the World Title, and Bobby Lashley vs Finlay vs William Regal for the US Title.

-To follow up that story, it was announced that Batista, Lashley, and Mysterio would team up at Saturday Night's Main Event to take on King Booker, Henry, and Finlay. This is likely the only match for the Smackdown! brand at the event.

-Officials backstage are said to be impressed with the chemistry that Benjamin, Nitro, and Carlito have with one another. Because of this, it is expected that the three men will go against eachother in various combinations throughout the summer.

-Rene Dupree made his return to action on HeAT this week, wrestling Snitsky. Harry Smith wrestled another dark-match, and Degeneration X battled the Spirit Squad in a street fight after the show had stopped taping.

Pre-Show: Harry Smith def. Matt Striker

HeAT Match: The Spirit Squad def. The SAT

HeAT Match: Rene Dupree def. Snitsky

HeAT Match: Johnny Nitro def. Charlie Haas

Post-Show: Degeneration X def. The Spirit Squad

-In ratings news, RAW ended up with a 3.8 rating this week, down from last week, likely due to the long holiday weekend.. The DX segment scored a 4.5 score, which was the peak of the show. ECW scored a low 1.6 on Independence Day, and Smackdown! got a 2.9 with the return of Batista.

-Rob Van Dam is currently working through some pain in his knees, which is why he had a limited role on RAW. The injury is not serious, and he is not expected to miss any ring-time in the near future.

-Ric Flair once again sat out RAW, likely due to help build anticipation for his feud with Mick Foley. He is said to be glad to get the time to heal up, so his probable match with Foley at SummerSlam will be able to be a great one.

-Although wild rumors have been going around about Rob Van Dam and his smoking habit, there are no truth to the rumors. The WWE and ECW Champion has passed all known tests of WWE's Wellness Program.

-The card for Saturday Night's Main Event is likely finalized, with four matches announced for the card. Although it may be possible that WWE will bring back a big name to help earn some ratings for the show, the main focus is set to be the two RAW versus ECW matches.

-WWE officials are currently negociating with those at NBC to try and secure future Saturday Night specials. If this one draws in good ratings, it is expected that WWE will be allowed around 2 events per year, as was the case with this year. With more PPV's than ever before, the general feeling backstage is that 2 of the events is enough.

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IPB Image

SNME Preview

July 10, 2006

The RAW superstars head to the Tyson Events Center in Sioux City, Iowa, tonight, just days before Saturday Night's Main Event.

Last week on RAW, Edge had Paul Heyman as the special guest on his "Cutting Edge" show. The result ended up being a wild brawl between the WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam, and Edge himself. This week RAW will get a special preview of Saturday Night's Main Event, as the unlikely team of Edge, John Cena, and Randy Orton will take on Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle, and Sabu in a huge main event!

Mr. McMahon announced that DX was banned from wrestling on RAW last Monday after they impersonated him and his son Shane...what will the Degenerates have to say about that? Will they even be allowed to say anything about it at all?

Mick Foley continued to run down Ric Flair last week, who again did not make an appearance on RAW. This week, Foley has announced that since Flair will not come to RAW, Foley will be going to Flair! Can Foley really be telling the truth?

Another big tag match will go down on RAW, as the two challengers for the Intercontinental Championship at Saturday Night's Main Event team up to take on Carlito and Charlie Haas! Haas and Benjamin once teamed together, what part will their history have to play?

Finally, the Highlanders will once again see action on Monday night, as they take on the new team of Rob Conway and Matt Striker. Will their streak continue?

Find out all this and more on RAW, Monday night at 9/8 CT on USA Network.

Confirmed Matches:

Kurt Angle, Sabu, & Rob Van Dam vs John Cena, Randy Orton, & Edge

Johnny Nitro & Shelton Benjamin vs Carlito & Charlie Haas

The Highlanders vs Rob Conway & Matt Striker

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IPB Image

WWE RAW – JULY 10th, 2006

The Degenerates, Part I

[Degeneration X's music hit to kick off RAW, and Shawn Michaels and Triple H came down to the ring to the biggest pop of the night. They got in the ring, and grabbed microphones.]

Triple H: “Ladies and gentlemen...are you ready? [pop.] I said...ARE...YOU...READY? [pop.] Then for the thousands in attendence, and for the millions watching at home...lllllllllets get ready to suck it!”

[The crowd erupts as HHH & HBK pose in the ring.]

Michaels: “You know, last week, Hunter and I did a little...skit, if you will...in which we impersonated the McMahons. Although I'm sure all of you thought that it was enjoyable, Vince himself was less than pleased, to say the least. Infact, he was so...excited...that he decided to ban us from wrestling here on RAW. [boos.] I know, I know. That sucks, doesn't it?”

Triple H: “You're damn right it sucks! I mean, that's what we do! We're wrestlers...we wrestle! I mean, that'd be like...like telling the President that he can't go to work! Wait a minute...he doesn't do anything anyway...it'd be like telling Lita that she can't...nevermind...you get my point!”

Michaels: “But Hunter? Has anything that Vince has said ever made us change before?”

Triple: “That's what I was getting at. Vince McMahon, like it or not, we're Degeneration X. The King of Kings and the Heartbreak Kid. We do whatever the hell we want! You think a little slap on the wrist is going to stop us? You're wrong. You think that just because you threatened to tell our parents that we're going to stop playing on the damn playground? Think again. We're Degenerates, and we do whatever the hell we want. And it starts tonight.”

Michaels: “And if you aren't down with that, we've got two words for ya!”

[The crowd says “suck it!” as Triple H & Shawn Michaels pose in the ring to the DX music. The show then heads to a break.]


The Highlanders vs Matt Striker & Rob Conway

Although the Highlanders are still a dominating tag team, their matches are getting more challenging by the week. This was no exception. Despite not teaming together often, Conway & Striker seemed to have good chemistry together. They tried to out-wrestle the Highlanders, but they just couldn't get the job done. After around ten-minutes of solid action, Rory hit a powerbomb on Striker. He then lifted him up with Robbie, and hit the Scotdrop. He pinned Striker as Robbie sent Conway off of the ring apron.

The Highlanders def. Matt Striker & Rob Conway via pinfall. [*3/4]

Teaming Up

[Carlito and Charlie Haas are shown backstage in the locker-room, warming up.]

Carlito: “Hey, man. You used to team with Shelton Benjamin, right?”

Haas: “Yeah. We haven't teamed in years, though.”

Carlito: “That doesn't matter...listen. I'm going to need your help tonight. Those two guys...they're going to be gunning for Carlito. I need your help, and more importantly...I need your trust. You in?”

[Haas thinks about it, then reaches out and slaps Carlito's hand.]

Haas: “Yeah, man. You can count on me. This is my big chance, right here.”

The Degenerates, Part II

[Degeneration X is sitting backstage at a table. A waiter comes and brings them a huge amount of food. Triple H is drinking a beer.]

Triple H: “Man, this is good stuff, isn't it?”

Michaels: “Yeah, you're damn right it is. And you know what's the best part? It's all on Vinnie Mac's tab.”

Triple H: “Yeah, and good thing it is, too. I'm not really hungry anymore. Are you?”

Michaels: “Nah, I'm good. You know what? Let's go do something else. We could always go stop by and visit an old friend.”

[The two rise and leave the huge pile of food, as they talk quietly to eachother about who they're going to meet.]


Carlito© & Charlie Haas vs Johnny Nitro & Shelton Benjamin

This preview of Saturday Night's Main Event turned out to be a very entertaining, high-speed match. All of the men in the ring looked motivated to out-perform the others. Haas and Benjamin provided some great chain-wrestling, and Carlito & Nitro pulled out some good spots. In the end though, Haas stayed true to his word, and Nitro & Benjamin had problems working together. After Nitro accidentally layed out Benjamin, Haas grabbed Nitro and placed him on his shoulders. Carlito ran in and hit the back-cracker, allowing Haas to pin Nitro and win the match. He celebrated with Carlito afterwards.

Charlie Haas & Carlito© def. Shelton Benjamin & Johnny Nitro via pinfall. [***]

Getting Ready

[Paul Heyman, Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle, and Sabu are all backstage in a dark portion of the locker-room.]

Heyman: “Listen. At Vengeance, we didn't get the job done. Yeah, we won one match. But they won the other three. And guys...THAT'S UNACCEPTABLE! We are EC F'N W! We don't get beat! We're the toughest sons of bitches that the wrestling world has ever seen! And we're getting beat by a bunch of...of 'superstars.' That's what they are! They aren't wrestlers! You guys are the wrestlers. They're just in it because they've got good looks, or good bodies. Or they can talk on a microphone. You, not them, are the wrestlers. You are what this sport is all about. Tonight, go out there, and show them what wrestling is all about. Because God knows that we've all forgotten.”

[The segment ends with Angle, Sabu, and RVD nodding, ready for the main event.]

The Degenerates, Part III

[The Coach is walking around backstage, when he bumps into Degeneration X! Triple H and Shawn Michaels put their arm around him, as he looks nervous.]

Triple H: “Hey there, buddy!”

Coach: “Oh, um...hi guys! Is there anything I can do for you?”

Michaels: “Nah. We just thought that we'd say hello.”

Coach: “Ok...I guess I'll just be going then...later..”

[Triple H & Shawn Michaels start to let the Coach go, but HHH suddenly pulls him back and pulls the Coach's underwear up to his head in a huge wedgie! HHH pats the Coach on the back as he grimaces. DX then walk away laughing.]


Umaga vs Brad Smith

A total squash for Umaga, as we've seen in previous weeks. Smith, the Heartland Wrestling Association member, didn't even have a chance. He got in a couple of punches, but then Umaga just took over. After two minutes of just beating the hell out of the kid, Umaga drilled his neck with the Samoan Spike and pinned him for the 1-2-3.

Umaga def. Brad Smith via pinfall. [1/4*]

The Degenerates, Part IV

[The show cuts to the production truck in the back. Triple H and Shawn Michaels are sitting in chairs around a computer.]

Triple H: “What does this do?”

[He pushes a button, and pyros similar to Kane's go off in the ring.]

Michaels: “Sweet, man! Here, lemme try...”

[Michaels pushes another random button, and the old Dudleyz pyro goes off.]

Triple H: “Move over, I want to-”

Michaels: “No, I get to do it...”

[They start shoving eachother, until they both hit buttons on the keyboard. Tons of pyros go off in the arena, and the lights start flashing.]

Michaels: “Hey...let's see what McMahon's doing, Hunter! These cameras can see everywhere!”

Triple H: [smirks] “They can see everywhere, can they?”

Michaels: “Yeah, I think so...”

Triple H: “Say, would you mind going to get me a water quick, Shawn?”

Michaels: “Yeah, I guess.”

[Michaels leaves as Triple H smiles. One of the members of the production crew stares at Triple H, who stares right back.]

Triple H: “What? It's not like I'm using this to...ehem...look at anyone...”

[The scene ends with Triple H turning the screen away from the camera, as we can no longer see what he's looking at. However, the look on his face gives it away. Two words: Diva. Showers.]


Victoria vs Trish Stratus

Decent Diva's match, these two usually work pretty well together. Trish looked pretty good considering that she had just came off of an injury, and Victoria is a solid women's wrestler. This went back and forth, with both women holding the advantage at different points in the match. Trish gained the command in the end though, and after about seven minutes she caught Victoria with a DDT. She followed it up with the Chick Kick, and she covered Victoria for the pinfall. After the match, she made a motion around her waist, no doubt challenging the champion, Mickie James.

Trish Stratus def. Victoria via pinfall. [*3/4]

An Uneasy Alliance

[Randy Orton is warming up backstage, when John Cena walks up to him.]

Cena: “Listen, Randy. You know as well as me how important our match out there is tonight. And you know how hard it's going to be to win. I know that we're going to be opponents this Saturday, and to be honest, I think that I'm going to kick your ass. But tonight, we've gotta work together. If you and me take out Kurt Angle and Sabu tonight, it'll just be you and me for that title show. Ya hear?”

[Orton smirks, as he and Cena stand face-to-face.]

Orton: “I got ya, Cena. But just to let you know, as soon as the match is done...you're fair game to me.”

[Edge suddenly bursts into the room, and stares at both men.]

Edge: “What the hell is this? You two, having a meeting without me? I've got some news for you...I'm the captain tonight! If I don't win that WWE Championship this Saturday, then you two won't have anybody on RAW to use a title shot against! This isn't no two-man team. I'm in on this, too. I may not like either one of you...but I'll be dammed if I lose to Rob Van Dam again tonight.”

[The other two men shrug, as the camera goes to a break.]

Welcome to Flair Country

[The camera goes to a big house, obviously far away from the arena. It scans the area, then shows Mick Foley exiting a car.]

Foley: “Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here tonight at the house of the Nature Boy, Ric Flair. [pause.] Nice place, isn't it? I mean dang...this place is huge. It must be nice living in a place like this, right Ric? You've probably lived in a place this big for your whole career. Having people wait on you, get you whatever you want. It must be nice, I'm sure. Because while you were living in this damn mansion, I was rotting away in a damn shitbox apartment! And that's the difference between you and me, Ric. You're the guy who's always stylin' always profilin'. I'm just plain old Mick Foley.”

[Foley starts walking, until he comes to a door. He knocks on it loudly.]

Foley: “Come on out, Ric! Come on, you damn coward! Come out of your damn castle, and fight me like a man!”

[Foley is about to open the door, until it bursts open and Flair starts throwing right-hands at Foley! The two roll about on the ground brawling, until Flair throws Foley off. He hits Foley with a low-blow, and then drags him over to Foley's car. He tossed Foley onto the hood, then takes him over to the side and throws Foley face-first through the driver's-side window! He opens the door and tosses Foley into the car, and slams the door shut.]

Flair: “Get the hell off of my property, you damn son of a bitch! I'm coming back to RAW next Monday, and Foley, I'm going to give you an offer that you won't be able to refuse.”

[Flair leaves, as the camera shows Foley slowly coming to his senses, his face a bloody mess in the front-seat of his car.]


John Cena, Randy Orton, & Edge vs Kurt Angle, Sabu, & Rob Van Dam

This was a wild six-man tag match to end RAW with. The main story was that the ECW wrestlers worked flawlessly together, while the RAW guys struggled due to lack of trust and miscommunication. Plenty of time was given to this main event, and everyone got a good amount of ring-time. Edge & Kurt Angle had a great few minutes when they were in their together, perhaps referencing their old feud, but everyone did their part. The end was absolutely wild. Cena and Sabu were brawling on the outside. Edge was going at it with Angle, but a spin-kick from Van Dam sent them both to the outside. Orton then went for the RKO, but RVD blocked it, and hit a superkick on Orton. After hitting the Rolling Thunder, RVD went to the top-rope and came off with the Five-Star Frog Splash to take the victory for ECW. The brawl continued however, with RVD's celebration being interrupted by Edge's spear. Angle & Sabu were quickly by Van Dam's side though, and they brawled with Cena & Edge to end the show. Remember to tune into Saturday Night's Main Event!

Rob Van Dam (Team ECW) def. Randy Orton (Team RAW) via pinfall. [***1/4]

Quick Match Results

The Highlanders def. Striker & Conway

Carlito & Haas def. Nitro & Benjamin

Umaga def. Brad Smith

Trish Stratus def. Victoria

Team ECW def. Team RAW

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IPB Image


JULY 15th, 2006


Rob Van Dam© vs Edge w/Lita

-This all started back when Edge won the #1 Contendership to the WWE Championship. Back in June, Edge shockingly helped Rob Van Dam defeat John Cena for the WWE Championship at ECW One Night Stand. Since then, Edge has feuded with the "Whole F'N Show" over the title. He lost a match at Vengeance, but challenged RVD to a rematch at Saturday Night's Main Event. The two men will go at it in a ladder match for the Championship tonight, a match in which both men excel. Can the "Rated R Superstar" bring the WWE Championship back to RAW?


Mysterio, Lashley, & Batista vs Booker T., Finlay, & Henry

-All six of these men have a very long history with one another, and have their reasons for being in this match. At the Great American Bash, Rey Mysterio will attempt to defend his World Championship against Booker T, Bobby Lashley will try and regain his United States Championship against Finlay and William Regal, and Batista will try and gain some revenge against the man who put him out of action for over six months, Mark Henry. Who will win in this preview of the Great American Bash?


Randy Orton vs John Cena vs Kurt Angle vs Sabu

-These four men, representing both RAW and ECW, having been feuding for quite some time. It started off as Cena against Sabu and Orton against Angle, but since then each of them have had problems with the other three. At Saturday Night's Main Event, the four of them will meet one final time...with a Championship match on the line! Who will walk out the victor, with a guaranteed shot at their brand's World Champion?


Carlito© vs Johnny Nitro w/Melina vs Shelton Benjamin

-The three men in this match have already wrestled once...at the Vengeance Pay Per View last month. This Saturday Night they will meet in the ring once more. Carlito pinned Johnny Nitro last time...will Shelton Benjamin win back the title that he lost without being pinned? What role will Nitro's valet, Melina have to play? Will Carlito be able to retain his Championship against all of the odds? Tune in to find out.

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IPB Image


Saturday Night's Main Event

[The show starts with the classic music, as it cuts to Edge.]

Edge: “Tonight, I'm going to prove everyone wrong. I'm going to climb the ladder, and win the championship that I deserve. Rob Van Dam, you can kiss your title goodbye. You'd better get ready...because after tonight, RAW is officially Rated R.”

[Now it cuts to RVD himself.]

RVD: “Edge, you think that you can beat me in a ladder match? I don't think so, man. I'm the most extreme superstar there is, and I've climbed that ladder plenty of times. You're just standing in the way of the the Whole...F'N...Show.”

[it's now John Cena's turn.]

Cena: “I never got my chance at the title that I lost in the first place. I never got to have my rematch. Tonight, in the number one contendership match, I'm going to take it myself!”

[Kurt Angle is now up.]

Angle: “I've worked all my life on one thing...wrestling. I've been the WCW Champion. I've been the WWE Champion. But I've never been ECW Champion. And tonight, I'm going to take the first step on becoming the first man to hold all three.”

[batista is the final man shown.]

Batista: “Mark Henry! Back in January, you injured me and cost me my World Heavyweight Championship. After tonight, you're going to wish that you never crossed the path of the Animal, Batista!”


JR: “Hello everyone, and welcome to Saturday Night's Main Event! I'm Jim Ross, and alongside me is Jerry 'The King' Lawler.”

King: “We've got some huge matches tonight, JR! It's RAW against ECW!”

JR: “There's no doubting that King, but first let's go over to our friends at Smackdown!, Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield!”

Cole: “Hey guys, RAW and ECW aren't the only ones here tonight! Here on the Smackdown! side, we've got a huge preview of the Great American Bash!”

JBL: “I can't wait for that, Cole. It's going to be great to see Batista's foot get shoved up his mouth when he's in the ring with the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry!”

JR: “Well up next ladies and gentlemen, we've got a triple-threat for the Intercontinental Championship! What a way to start the show!”



Carlito© vs Shelton Benjamin vs Johnny Nitro w/Melina

The first period of this match went by pretty slowly, with each of the men just sizing the others up, and waiting for one of them to make a mistake. As time went on however, the match evolved. The early match's brawling was replaced by quicker and quicker action, and bigger and bigger spots. These three definitely have great chemistry together, that's for sure. Melina tried to interfere in the match, but Carlito & Benjamin managed to prevent her from doing any serious harm. The further along the match progressed, the bigger the spots became. Carlito busted out an awesome springboard moonsault to the outside, and Nitro hit Benjamin with an impressive shooting star press. At one point, Benjamin actually jumped from the ropes onto Carlito's shoulders, and hit Nitro with an impressive flying legdrop. In the final moments of the match, Nitro had hit Benjamin with a DDT, and was going up to the top-rope to do a moonsault...only to have Carlito leap up and hit him with the backcracker! Carlito covered to score the pin, and celebrated to the dismay of Nitro, Benjamin, and Melina.

Carlito© def. Johnny Nitro & Shelton Benjamin via pinfall to retain the WWE Intercontinental Title. [***1/2]


JR: “I don't believe it! Carlito has retained his Intercontinental Championship against all odds in an amazing match!”

King: “Those three men definitely showed the world something tonight JR...they are the future of WWE.”


A Chance for Greatness

[Edge is backstage with Lita, when Vince McMahon walks in on him.]

Edge: “How's it goin', boss?”

Vince: “Fine, Edge...listen. Tonight, you've got a ladder match with Rob Van Dam for the WWE Championship. Now, when he first won the belt, I didn't worry. I thought that it was interesting, kind-of funny, actually. It was something different seeing an ECW wrestler hold a WWE Title. But you know what? It's not funny anymore! That belt, the belt which holds the legacy of the promotion that my family built from the ground-up, has been turned into a damn prop! Now there's nothing I can do about your match tonight, Edge. But I just want to let you know one thing. You have two options. You can take the easy route, and win the title tonight. You can bring it back to WWE. Or you can...well, let's just say you can not win the belt. Trust me, Edge. You don't want to do that. You win me my damn belt back, or I promise you...there WILL be hell to pay!”

[McMahon leaves, as Edge smirks.]


JR: “It looks like Edge has just received the ultimatum, King! It's do or die for the Rated R Superstar here tonight!”

King: “Don't worry JR, I'm sure he'll get the job done! You can't beat Edge in a ladder match! It's impossible!”

JR: “Well no matter who wins the title match tonight, this match up next will likely determine the next challenger for either man. It's fatal four way, and it's extreme rules!”



Randy Orton vs John Cena vs Kurt Angle vs Sabu

Each man started this match in a corner, and each man with a weapon. Sabu and Angle started with chairs, Cena started with a chain, and Orton started with a kendo stick. When the bell rang they all circled around the ring, before Sabu, Cena, and Angle all turned on Orton and started beating him with their weapons. And thus, Orton was out out of the match relatively early. From this point the match became more even, and more weapons quickly came into play. Sabu, as usual, took one hell of a beating when he was hit. Cena was double-teamed by the ECW wrestlers more and more as time went on, as it seemed sure that Angle or Sabu would win it. Their desire for the gold overtook both of them though eventually, as they turned against one another. It was when these two were brawling in the ring that Randy Orton made his return, and smacked Angle in the head with a chair before connecting with the RKO on Sabu. He went to cover the hardcore legend, but Cena broke it up! Cena and Orton then went at it, with neither getting the advantage until Angle rose and hit Orton in the back with the chair! Angle wasn't paying attention to Cena though, and that was his downfall, as Cena hit Angle with the F-U onto a chair! He then went over to Orton, and locked in the STFU...Orton tapped! John Cena has earned himself a Championship match!

John Cena def. Randy Orton, Kurt Angle, & Sabu via pinfall to earn a title match. [***]


JR: “He's done it! John Cena will finally be getting his rematch for the WWE Championship!”

King: “Well, I'm not a huge Cena fan JR...but at least Sabu or Angle didn't win!”

JR: “To be honest King...I am too. If they'd have gotten the title shot, RAW might never get the WWE title back.”


I've Got a Bad Feeling About This...

[The camera shows Rob Van Dam warming up backstage, with both the WWE and ECW Championships sitting on a bench next to him. Paul Heyman suddenly walks into the room.]

RVD: “Hey, Paul. How it goin', man?”

Heyman: “Alright...listen. Rob...I don't have a good feeling about tonight. I mean, yeah you're the whole f'n show and all...and yeah you excel at ladder matches...but so does Edge. Maybe you made the wrong decision when you accepted his challenge. I mean, if you lose the title...that could really hurt our brand. We've got the ECW Title, but right now, the fans are tuning in to see you as the WWE Champion. And we've just started back up, Rob. I just...I just don't want anything to go wrong.”

[RVD looks at Heyman, and puts his hand on his shoulder.]

RVD: “It's all right, dude. Edge might be tough, but he's forgetting who he's messing with. He's not messing with some 'superstar.' He's messing with the extreme wrestler, and the WWE Champion...Rob...Van....Dam. I've got it under control!”

[Heyman nods in understanding, and he leaves quietly.]


Cole: “Well folks I'm Michael Cole, and it's just about time for the highly anticipated Smackdown! Six-man tag match! This match is huge, I can't think of anything bigger than the return of Batista...”

JBL: “I can, Cole. You know what that would be? It would be the return of John Bradshaw Layfield...the WRESTLING GOD.”

Cole: “I suppose that would be pretty huge...what's holding you back, then?”

JBL: “I told you already, you moron! First I got fired by Teddy Long, and now there's this thing with my back...”

Cole: “Well whatever, let's just get to the match. Here comes the World's Champion, Rey Mysterio!”



Mysterio, Lashley & Batista vs King Booker, Finlay & Henry

Mysterio and Finlay were the first two men in the ring, and they put on quite a good fight. Finlay obviously had the advantage in power, but Rey held on due to pure determination. The heels really took advantage of having two partners here, making quick tags with one another and just pounding the World Champion. It was Mark Henry in the ring when Mysterio finally escaped, making the hot tag to Lashley. Lashley attacked all three men head one, which proved to be an unsuccessful strategy, as they wore him down together. After making several more tags between the heels, Lashley was getting worn down. He tried to power out of moves by Henry, but he just couldn't do it. His opportunity finally arised when Henry went for a splash, as Lashley rolled out of the ring and tagged in Batista! The Animal immediately came in and cleaned house, taking out all of the heels with clotheslines. He beat on Henry until Finlay was tagged in. When Finlay ran in, he was caught with a Spinebuster. King Booker suffered the same fate, and Henry was knocked from the ring by a Spear from Lashley. Mysterio went to the top and dropped the Dime on Finlay, and Batista hit him with the Batista Bomb before pinning him for the win. The face team celebrated as the heels recovered after the match.

Batista, Lashley, & Mysterio def. King Booker, Finlay, & Henry via pinfall. [***]


Cole: “Wow, amazing! It doesn't look like Batista has lost a step!”

JBL: “Well that's expected, Cole. Once you start working with guys like me, you learn things. Batista's obviously learned pretty damn well. He might be something, someday.”

Cole: “You're pretty damn arrogant, you know that?”

JBL: “And you're pretty damn annoying, you little hobbit! I've earned my reputation!”


DX Comes to Saturday Night!

[The camera goes to the back, where Degeneration X is shown walking around backstage. While walking around, they see Vito!]

Michaels: “Hey Hunter...what's up with that guy?”

Triple H: “You mean the dress? I dunno...he looks kinda tough I guess...”

[They continue walking, until they bump into the Little Bastard!]

Michaels: “Look Hunter! It's Finlay! I remember him from WCW!”

Triple H: “That's not Finlay, you idiot! Finlay just wrestled! I do know him from somewhere though...”

Michaels: “Yeah, he does look familiar...”

Triple H: “I've got it! Here, lemme borrow your hat...”

[HHH takes the hat off of Little Bastard's head, and puts it on his own.]

Triple H: “How's this...[in high-pitched voice] they're always after me lucky charms!”

Michaels: “That's it! He's the leprechaun! But what's he doing here?”

[Triple H and HBK continue talking as the Little Bastard looks on in anger as the show goes to a break.]


JR: “It's quite obvious that DX hasn't been watching Smackdown! lately...”

King: “What do you mean, JR? I think that it's great! Smackdown!'s got the lucky charms guy, and I don't know if you've been watching ECW, but they've got a guy who looks just like Count Chocula! Haha!”

JR: “Well, I'm not the one dressed as a King...anyway, our main event is next!”

King: “Edge vs RVD in a ladder match for the WWE Title! RAW versus ECW! This is going to be great!”



Rob Van Dam© vs Edge w/Lita

From the moment these two stepped into the ring, everyone knew that it had the potential to be a contender for Match of the Year. Needless to say...it delivered. It started off as a slow brawl, with both men using weapons to beat and wear-down their foe. Edge seemed to have a little bit higher of a tolerence for the pain, but RVD did a bit more damage than Edge did with his innovative offense. He targeted Van Dam's knee from the early-going, using all of the weapons around him. Lita tried to interfere on Edge's behalf as well, but RVD took her out with a Van Daminator to a huge pop. As the match went on more blood was shed and it became more violent. The ladder began to come into play much more, as they both started to make attempts to climb it and reach the championship. There were some really dangerous spots here, including a replay of the TLC match, where Hardy was hanging from the belt only to have Edge spear him. More and more weapons kept coming into play, as RVD started bringing in tables. He stacked two of them on top of one another, but whatever plans he had were forgotten, as Edge attacked him with a barbed-wire 2x4. From this point on, it was simply a matter of who wanted it more. Van Dam tried to show off, attempting a Van Terminator on Edge when he could've easily won the match. Edge was pulled out of the corner by Lita though, and RVD crashed and burned. Edge then rose in the corner, and hit the Spear on RVD! He started to climb the ladder, and was about to reach the belt, when RVD started climbing as well. The two started fighting on top of the ladder, each of them clearly showing their desire for the belt. Rob Van Dam's dreams were crushed however, when Edge struck him with a clean right-hand, and shoved him off of the ladder...through the two tables that he had set up earlier! The fans chanted “Holy Shit!” and “EC-DUB!” as Edge slowly climbed the last steps, and unhooked the belt to pick up the win, and his second WWE Championship.

Edge def. Rob Van Dam© after he retrieved the belt to become the NEW WWE Heavyweight Champion. [****1/2]


JR: “And it's over! Here tonight, on Saturday Night's Main Event on NBC...Edge has reclaimed the WWE Championship! Finally, it's back on RAW!”

King: “Yes! I knew it would happen, JR! I just knew it! Edge is the Champion again!”

[An exhausted Edge stood on top of the ladder, holding the belt as high as his tired arm could lift it. The camera showed Rob Van Dam and the carnage below, then showed one last show of Edge celebrating his victory before the show went off the air.]


Quick Match Results

Carlito© def. Johnny Nitro & Shelton Benjamin

John Cena def. Randy Orton, Kurt Angle & Sabu

Batista, Mysterio & Lashley def. Finlay, Henry & King Booker

Edge def. Rob Van Dam©


Notes: Not full match results, I know. They're still longer than the normal RAW results, though. I actually prefer writing like this, I might do it for SummerSlam (it'd be a bit more detailed). It takes a lot less time to write, and the matches I write in full lack psychology and things like that, and half of the people don't read all of them anyway. :lol: But there's the show, I actually got it out before the real one!

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Guest Gavin

Very very good Saturday Night Main Event. I've been pretty much a silent reader of this diary, but I thought I'd comment on SNME.

I would of liked DX in a match, but the segment was down to a tee with DX's style in my opinion.

The main event was good, glad Edge brought the title back to RAW, in what would be a great real life match.

Carlito retaining. Now that's cool!

Hopefully now Cena won the No.1 contenders match, RAW vs ECW will disappear, just keeping it to RAW.

The 6-Man tag was decent, but probably the worst match of the show.

I like the way you've written it too, it makes it a nice length to read. I would of liked one more match on the card though.

Overall, Great Show!

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WWE News and Notes - July 17th, 2006

-The ratings for Saturday Night's Main Event are in, and they aren't half bad. The show scored a 3.3 rating, 0.2 higher than the show in March. WWE officials believe that what is most likely the blowoff to the ECW/RAW angle helped boost the ratings. WWE is currently negotiating with NBC, to possibly do a show in December.

-Edge winning the WWE Championship was the big story of the night, he was obviously very pleased in winning his second title. Many believe that Edge being the main man to fight ECW is a symbol of the company's trust in Edge as a main eventer.

-From this point forward, it is expected that ECW will be treated as its own brand, with little cross-brand promotion. Although some WWE stars may make appearances from time to time, ECW is expected to run on it's own now. They've had over a month to gain an audience, and now it's time to test the brand.

-There was plenty of action before RAW this week. Harry Smith continued to dominate in dark-matches, defeating Rene Dupree. On HeAT, The Spirit Squad defeated Murdoch & Cade, Mickie James pinned Torrie Wilson, and Val Venis pinned Johnny Parisi.

-In ratings news, RAW ended up with a 4.0 rating this week, down from last week, with ratings being highest for the main event and the DX segments. ECW scored a 2.5 on Independence Day, and Smackdown! managed a 2.8.

-Despite some serious bumps in the ladder match at Saturday Night's Main Event, both Rob Van Dam and Edge are said to be in good condition. Both men were pleased with the match, although Edge would like to refrain from working too many dangerous matches due to his previous injuries.

-The home that Mick Foley was at on RAW this Monday was infact Ric Flair's. Mick Foley did not need any stitches, despite being thrown through a window.

-There is talk of bringing back both the Television Title and the Tag Team Titles for ECW over the course of the next few months. Although there is plenty of talent for the Television Title, ECW lacks the tag teams, and officials are worried that it may be too hard to get the 3 belts television time with only 1 hour to work with each week.

-The card for the Great American Bash is largely finalized. The show will feature Rey Mysterio defending the World Title against King Booker, Batista taking on Mark Henry, The Undertaker versus The Great Khali, Finlay defending against Lashley & William Regal, and London & Kendrick defending against the Pitbulls. A Cruiserweight title match is also likely to be added to the card.

-One thing of note is that Kane, who recently moved to Smackdown!, is not on the card. It is expected that he will appear though, and that he will help the Undertaker in the Punjabi Prison match against the Great Khali.

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IPB Image

WWE RAW – JULY 17th, 2006

The Savior

[The show starts on a high note, as “Metalingus” by Alter Bridge hits, and the new WWE Champion, Edge, makes his way down to the ring with Lita, who is carrying a long, red bag. He's dressed in street clothes, clearly not expecting to wrestle tonight. The crowd is booing him relentlessly. He gives the spinner a twirl, and smirks.]

Edge: “Last Saturday night, at Saturday Night's Main Event, you witnessed history. For the first time in fourteen years, the WWE Championship was defended on NBC. Rob Van Dam put up his championship against me...in a ladder match. A match in which both of us excelled in. And I'll admit...that was exteme. RVD put up the fight of his life. But it just wasn't enough to take me down. I went through hell saturday night, but I kept clawing, climbing higher and higher on that ladder, until I reached up, and took what was mine!”

[The crowd mainly boos, with a few small cheers mixed in.]

Edge: “And yet, you boo me? Me, the Rated R Superstar! I put my body in the line in that match, and you people have the balls to boo me? I should be your hero! Do you even realize what would've happened if it wasn't for me? Rob Van Dam would've kept that title...our title...over in ECW. He would have destroyed the legacy that I, and the people before me, nearly killed ourselves to build! I should be treated like a king, tonight! Everyone ought to be bowing to me, thanking me for being RAW's savior!”

[Edge looks pissed, as the crowd continues to boo.]

Edge: “That's right! That's what I am! I am the savior of this show, and of this company! And to demonstrate this, I've brought a little something here tonight in that bag Lita's carrying. Something to show that I am a new champion. Something to show that I respect this business! Something to show that my name will be written down on the list of all-time greats!”

[Edge lifts the spinner belt high in the air.]

Edge: “You see this? This is an example of the mockery that the WWE Championship has become! When John Cena won this title, he destroyed what it had become by turning it into a piece of filthy bling-bling! This time, I'm not going to be a transitional champion! This time, I am going to become one of the greatest WWE Champions of all time! And it starts with this!”

[Edge throws the spinner belt on the ground, and spits on it. He lifts his hands high, and Lita walks behind him. She opens the bag she was carrying, and takes out the old WWE Championship. She straps it around Edge's waist, as the crowd boos again.]

Edge: “You see this belt around my waist! This is the REAL WWE Championship! This isn't some piece of jewelry, this isn't something to hold your pants up. This is a championship! This belt is the very same that was worn by Triple H, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Eddie Guerrero, and JBL! And now it's mine! The Rated R Superstar! Get used to seeing this picture...you're going to be seeing it for a damn...long...time!”

[Edge's music hits, and he picks up Cena's belt. He drags it along the ground as he makes his way to the back.]


The Spirit Squad© vs Jose & Joel Maximo

Quick, energetic tag match to kick off RAW. The SAT were just here to job and get some money, and maybe get a look from management. Johnny and Kenny were once again working the match, with the others on the outside doing damage when the opponents came out. This was pretty much a squash to showcase the champions though, as the SAT just got beat the whole time. The match ended when Johnny hit his corkscrew kick, and Kenny hit the flying legdrop to pin Jose.

The Spirit Squad© def. The SAT via pinfall to retain the World Tag Team Championships. [*1/2]

Leaving Already?

[Edge and Lita are shown walking backstage, Edge smiling as he keeps looking at the WWE Title around his waist. They walk over to a limo, and Lita steps in...but Edge pauses.]

Edge: “Hold on a minute, there's something I've got to take care of...”

[Edge walks away from the limo and over to a trash can, where he smiles. He lifts Cena's old title, spins it once, and throws it into the can. He looks at his belt one more time, before walking to his limo. When the limo pulls away the camera pans back to the trash-can, where John Cena stands. He gets a decent pop as he reaches in and pulls out his championship, and stares down where the limo went in hatred.]

Break It Down!

[The camera goes to a door after the commercial, which reads “Mr. McMahon.” Shawn Michaels appears next to the door, and screams can be heard from within. He cautiously opens the door, only to find a wild party scene to greet him. Triple H is sitting on the couch with a beer in each hand, and women sitting on his thighs.]

Michaels: “What the...I was just gone to drain the man vein...when did they get here?”

[Triple H is about to explain himself, when McMahon himself walks into the room with a look of shock on his face. That soon turns to anger, as his face turns red.]

McMahon: “Dammit! What the hell is going on in here?”

Michaels: “Well Vince...it looks like a party to me.”

McMahon: “And why the hell is there a party in my office?”

Triple H: “Well Vince...when you're not allowed to wrestle, to do your job...you've got a lot of free time. We're Degeneration X. We do what we want, when we want, where we want. And you know what? We came in here to ask for something...but this just looked like too nice of a place not to have a party! I mean, look at this! You've got a nice leather couch here, a big high-definition t.v. Over there...it's a a nice little place you've got here.”

[Vince looks like he's ready to hit someone, as DX smirk.]

McMahon: “You came here to ask me something? What the hell do you want?”

Michaels: “We want you, Vince. You and your boy, against us.”

McMahon: “Are you kidding me? You think that I'm just going to...risk my life in a match! You think that I'm just going to lift your ban? Well think again! I'm Vince McMahon dammit, I'm the one calling the shots around here! Now get the hell out of my office!”

[Michaels and Triple H slowly leave, with the women that were by Triple H following behind them. When the exit the room, they close the door behind them, and look at eachother.]

Triple H: “I guess we're just going to keep having fun, then.”

[Triple H and Shawn Michaels smile as the show cuts to another break.]


The Highlanders vs Umaga

Well...this certainly wasn't the best match. The Highlanders gave Umaga the most trouble that he's had so far. The 2-on-1 advantage really helped them out, as they were able to make quick tags and stay fresh, while just pounding on Umaga. It seemed to be working...slowly Umaga was losing it. However, just when it seemed that the Highlanders had the match won, Armando Alejandro Estrada entered the ring and bashed them both with a steel chair. He then ordered Umaga to attack the Highlanders..and he was ballistic, attacking then with the chair. He hit the Samoan Spike on both of them before leaving the ring.

The Highlanders def. Umaga via disqualification. [*1/4]

The Son of a Legend

[A video comes up on the screen. It shows clips of the British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith. It showcases his popularity with the British fans, and his wrestling ability as well. Finally, the clip ends, and a young man appears on the screen. A voice over is heard...]

Voice: “Next week...the son of a legend begins his own legacy.”

[The words “The British Bulldog: Davey Boy Smith” come up, and are replaced by “The New British Bulldog...” it fades, then new words come across the screen “Harry Smith.”]

[The camera quickly moves to a room, where Randy Orton stands, stroking his chin. He smirks as he looks at the words on the screen.]

Orton: “The son of a legend, eh? We'll see about that.”

[Orton continues to look arrogant, as RAW goes to a break.]

A Legend Gets Extreme

[Ric Flair's music plays, and he struts out to the ring to a huge pop. He smiles as he grabs a microphone.]

Flair: “Mick Foley! Get your ass down here now!”

[Mick Foley's music hits, and he slowly comes down to the ring with a bandage over his forehead.]

Flair: “Foley! What the hell gave you the bright idea to come right into my home? What gave you the idea to invade the Nature Boy's privacy?”

Foley: “It's simple, Ric. I'd been waiting here on RAW for you to show your face for weeks! The days went by...and I still didn't hear a word from Ric Flair! I may have beaten your ass at Vengeance Ric, but I never intended that to be the end of this war. And you, the coward that you've always been, stayed home. You just watched it all happen. You watched me rip on you, and you just sat at home. You know what, Ric? That drove me nuts! I had to do something, for me, and for all of these fans, right here in San Antonio, Texas!”

[Foley gets a cheap pop, as Ric Flair looks on.]

Flair: “You want to know what I was doing, Mick? I was healing up from the cheapshot that I received from your hands at Vengeance! And I was planning, Foley. I was planning on a way to come back here, and kick your ass! WOOO! And please, you call me a coward? You're the one who chickened out at Vengeance! I was beating you, and you knew that you couldn't win! So you grabbed a weapon, just as I said you would! I said that you needed props for you damn stunts, and I was right!”

[Flair pauses, as Foley stares at him.]

Flair: “So I came up with a little solution. You see Mick Foley, we've got a little event coming up on August 13th, a little event called SummerSlam. One of the biggest events of the year! And I thought long and hard about that show, Mick. Until I came up with a solution that benefits both you and me. You want to hear what it is? [Foley nods.] I've come up with something that I call an Extreme Steel Cage match. I've got this vision, Mick. A 20-foot high steel cage, with barbed wire lining the top! No escape! And the cage inside will be filled with weapons of every kind! Thumbtacks, chairs, whatever you can imagine. So what do you say, Mick? You and me, SummerSlam, Extreme Cage match!”

[Foley takes some time to consider, as the crowd cheers.]

Foley: “You know what, Ric? I accept!”

[Foley lashes out at Flair, and the two start going at it in the ring. Before any serious damage can be done though, Foley clotheslines Flair out of the ring. Flair goes absolutely nuts on the outside, throwing his jacket in classic fashion, as Foley smiles and the show goes to a break.]


Carlito© vs Charlie Haas

Very good match, with both men showing their respect for one another. Carlito was a bit quicker here, while Haas tried to control the war on the mat. To Carlito's credit, he held up pretty well, but Haas's amateur experience just gave him too big of an edge. After escaping the ring to catch his breath, Carlito came in and started to use his high-flying offense more. Haas tried to adapt, but the Champion just had too much. He escaped from a german suplex and hit the back-cracker to score the pinfall! The two men shook hands after the match, but when Haas exited the ring Shelton Benjamin ran in, and hit Carlito with the T-Bone Suplex! Benjamin stared down Carlito as RAW went to a break.

Carlito© def. Charlie Haas via pinfall to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship. [***]

The Bitch is Here!

[Trish Stratus is shown walking in the back, only to have her bump into Melina and Johnny Nitro!]

Trish: “What do you want, Melina?”

Melina: “First off Trish, I'd like to welcome you back. I know that your injury must have been hard on you. And secondly...I'd just like to ask you to move over.”

Trish: “What?”

Melina: “Move over, because there's a new face of women's wrestling here on RAW, and you're looking at her. Now if you'll excuse us, I've managed to get Mr. McMahon to give Johnny a match with a former WWE Champion.”

[Melina & Nitro walk off, both of them looking quite smug as Trish looks surprised.]


John Cena vs Johnny Nitro

Nitro showed some promise here, working with Cena to a pretty decent match. Although Cena dominated the majority of the match, Melina helped Nitro get some spots in on the former WWE Champion. Their styles may not have meshed too well, but it worked. Cena tried mainly to over-power Nitro with his brawling, while Nitro used his speed, as well as Melina's distractions. Cena just ended up being too much in the end though, as he rolled out of the way when Nitro tried his Standing SSP, and hit a clothesline. After hitting a fisherman's suplex, he did the five knuckle shuffle, and then the F-U. Cena then quickly locked Nitro in the STFU, and despite Melina's screaming, the move was too much and Nitro tapped out. After the match, Cena grabbed a microphone.

John Cena def. Johnny Nitro via submission. [**1/2]

The Challenge

[Cena grabs a microphone, and begins to speak.]

Cena: “Edge! Listen, man. I know that you think you're the big man because you beat Rob Van Dam. And I'll admit...that's pretty impressive. You did something that I could not do, and that's beat RVD at his own game. So hats off to you, bro.”

[The crowd gives a very mixed reaction.]

Cena: “And you know what? I can even understand you wanting to go back to the old Championship. This belt right here symbolizes everything that I stand for, and you know what? A lot of people don't like that. But when you spit on this, and threw it in the trash? That's not cool, man. By doing that, you disrespected me. And Edge...you've seen it before. When I get pissed off, I turn into a whole different person.”

[The crowd gives Cena a few cheers.]

Cena: “So tonight I've here to lay down a little challenge. I won a match at Saturday Night's Main Event too, you see. I won something called a number one contender's match. That match gave me a gauranteed WWE Title match any time that I want! I thought about when I should get my match, and I decided to pull a page out of RVD's playbook. Sunday, August 13th. SummerSlam. Live, from Boston, Massachusetts. That's right in my backyard, dawg! I can't think of a better place! Edge, at SummerSlam, I'll have the homefield advantage. And I promsise you, and all of the chain gang, that there's going to be a huge party in Boston after I take back what's mine! Word Life!”

[Cena's music plays as he salutes the fans in the ring to close RAW.]

Quick Match Results

The Spirit Squad© def. The SAT

The Highlanders def. Umaga

Carlito© def. Charlie Haas

John Cena def. Johnny Nitro

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Guest Gavin

Great show. I love your promo's, you do them so well.

Harry Smith coming to RAW will be great. Randy will kick his ass though :P

Cena V Edge was always going to happen at Summerslam. The extreme cage match is something I would love to watch.

Keep up the great work!

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WWE News and Notes - July 24th, 2006

-Of course, the big news this week comes from the Great American Bash Pay Per View. Rey Mysterio's underdog title-run was ended last night, as King Booker defeated him to finally win a World Championship in WWE, as Chavo Guerrero shockingly turned on Mysterio. Plans right now feature Chavo facing Mysterio at SummerSlam. Here is a full set of results from the show...

-King Booker def. Rey Mysterio© with help from Chavo Guerrero.

-Batista def. Mark Henry for the #1 Contendership.

-The Great Khali def. The Undertaker, but the Undertaker was saved by Kane after the match.

-Bobby Lashley def. Finlay© & William Regal by pinning Regal.

-London & Kendrick© def. The Pitbulls to retain.

-Mister Kennedy def. Matt Hardy

-Michelle McCool def. Ashley, Jillian, & Kristal.

-Gregory Helms© def. Psicosis with help from Super Crazy.

-The show recieved good reviews, with almost everyone agreeing that it was the best version of the PPV that WWE has put on so far.

-By pinning Mark Henry, Batista earned himself a title shot against King Booker at SummerSlam. The feud is expected to partially play off of the real-life heat between the two at the SummerSlam promotional taping.

-In ratings news, RAW ended up with a 4.2 rating this week, proving that Edge does equal ratings. ECW got a 2.4, and Smackdown! scored a 2.8 heading into the Great American Bash.

-Paul Heyman addressed the crowd at the ECW show on Tuesday, and he confirmed that ECW would no longer be appearing on RAW unless invited. In the main event of the show, Rob Van Dam retained the ECW Championship over the Big Show in an Extreme Rules match.

-Despite Edge throwing John Cena's title belt in the trash on Monday, the "Spinner Belt" is still being sold at merchandise stands, as it is the top-selling replica title belt.

-Harry Smith is now officially part of the RAW roster. He will be making his debut tonight on RAW. As shown last week, it is expected that his first major feud will be with none other than Randy Orton. Staff are hoping that the fans react well to Smith, and believe that he could be a big draw in the U.K. and also in Canada.

-The following matches took place on HeAT: Murdoch & Cade def. Viscera & Venis...Rob Conway def. Gene Snitsky...Matt Striker def. Johnny Parisi...Shelton Benjamin def. Deuce Shade.

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