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Mashed, PS2


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Has anyone played Mashed for the PS2? Its literally the most addictive multiplayer game I've ever played (including Pro Evo). I first played the demo two player with my brother on monday, kept playing it all week (this is with us having to reset after each game), and bought it yesterday on its UK release date. Since then I've finished the 1 player to win all the tracks, and have been playing 4 player all day. It meant we got to the pub half an hour late tonight, much to the bemusement of the other 3 lads waiting for us, and we've already organised another game tomorrow. I have literally no idea how to escape its power, join me......

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Literally missed out the most important part. Its a four player driving game, all played on one screen, in the style of old-school Micro Machines. If the screen catches up with you, you're out. Its a ridiculously simple premise, with ridiculously simple controls, but its stupidly playable. Even more so than Micro Machines was. UK Official Playstation Magazine gave it 9/10, and confessed a lot of their working day was taken up playing it.

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