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My whole life I had pretty much just been a series of strikeouts. Every time it looked like something was going my way, I would find a way to screw it all up. But that all changed when a big bald guy punched me in the stomach one Sunday morning.

Wait. That’s a bit too soon, isn’t it?

Okay, well, I guess it all really started to change when I began booking for a small wrestling promotion in Southern Florida. All of the wrestlers were just a bunch of kids fresh out of training. An old family friend named Stan Cheswick trained them and put shows on for them to get some experience. He really hated booking everything since he didn’t like letting his preference towards specific guys show. I love it though. I always felt I had a knack for storytelling. But I’ll be honest, it’s not like any of it really mattered. Stan would just set up a tent in the backyard of his house in Miami and whoever wanted to watch could come. It was mostly tourists and everything, so it’s not like anyone followed the storylines, except for a few kids from the area.

It wasn’t glamorous. I certainly wasn’t going to be getting any calls from anyone in the business. I was just some mark. No one important.

And that’s when I got punched in the stomach. On a Sunday morning, just like I said earlier. We had just put on a show the previous night. I was really happy because I finally got to book the blowoff to a feud I had been running for over a year. Both guys were horrible, to be frank. It’s the only reason I was able to keep the feud running so long though. With such little skill, they had nowhere to go. The first guy was a 19-year-old who liked to call himself The Punisher despite being a mere 110-pounds. I tried to talk him out of the horribly cheesy name, but he liked it and Stan always felt that the boys should learn to deal with their own characters and make their own decisions. The other kid was 21, wrestled under a plain black mask, and called himself The Dragon. I hated this one too. I told him there were a lot of Dragons out there: an Ultimo, a Kid, an American, a Super. I said he was going to be a Dragon, he had to define what Dragon he was. He got a big goofy grin on his face and said The Dragon. He thought it was genius and I just walked away.

Even though I hated the gimmicks and both of them were pretty lousy wrestlers, I was excited to see their feud finally end. Despite their obvious flaws, they were both hard workers and really enthusiastic. Real nice too. Against Stan’s wishes, I booked a ladder match. Stan hates garbage matches, but I thought the neighbor kids would get a kick out of it and I wondered if The Punisher and The Dragon would do well under that type of environment. To my surprise, they had their best match ever, which was still pretty bad. But I always like to look on the bright side of things.

Okay, right, so I get punched in the stomach. Now it seems like I’m mentioning this out of nowhere. But that’s how it felt for me too. I was just walking down the street reading the paper and a big blad guy, just like I said, punched me right in the gut. A second guy came from behind and they both threw me in the backseat of a nearby car. They both quickly sat on both sides of me and the driver took off.

I was too stunned to speak for a bit. Within a few second the one bald guy (they looked like twins, so I wasn’t initially sure which one had hit me) said, “Sorry about the punch to gut. I didn’t want you to start squirming away.”

“Where… where are we going?” I said. I was only trying to be polite because I knew exactly how hard these guys could hit.

“To the boss,” the other said. “To Old School Eddie.”

Within just a few minutes I was escorted out of the car and was sitting inside an empty bar facing a man around the age of 80.

“Are you Old School Eddie?” I said.

Oh, I hate that name,” Eddie said. He had a scratchy Italian accent, but it wasn’t that thick. “You see, the boys like to call me that because they say I am from what they call ‘the old school.’ You see, we who are from the old school, we don’t use that phrase. It’s not true. We worked. We did not go to any ‘school.’ So, you see, to say that we are ‘old school,’ it undermines the work.”

I really had no idea what to say. “So… what do you want to be called?” I finally said.

Eddie laughed. “I’m just an old man with old views. I have no problem with the name.” He looked up in the air and seemed to be thinking hard for a few seconds. “But now that you mention it, if I were to decide what the boys called me, maybe I would pick something like… ‘Classic,’ you know? Because that’s what it is. What I do, what I decide, how I operate, it’s not ‘old school,’ it’s ‘classic.’ Ah, yes. I like that. Classic Eddie. But where I come from, what you might call the ‘old school,’ you do not get to pick your nicknames. They are given. Earned. That’s the classic way.” He winked at me.

“Uh, sir,” I said. “Mr…”

“You call me Eddie,” he said.

“Right. Eddie, what am I doing here?”

“That’s a good question. And you’ve been patient. You’re name is John, right?”


“John, I will not be around on this earth too much longer. My time is wearing thin. I can feel it in the way I walk. All of the weight that pulls down on me, you see?”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Ah, sorry, maybe. Surprised? You are not that stupid. But John, I will not be around much longer. And for an old man like myself, with as many aspirations as I have had in my life, this is depressing. I have done a lot though. I have seen many sights, made love to many beautiful women, have done many extraordinary things. But I have never done one of the things I have desired almost my entire life. You see, even though the boys here, they always make fun of me for it, I have always been a wrestling fan.”

“That’s good to hear, sir.” At this point, I was trying almost too hard to be polite, as I still wasn’t sure what I was there for. Eddie seemed to understand and gave me a bit of a smile that sort of made me feel comfortable even though I was afraid he would kill me or something. “I do some booking for a local promotion out here for the Miami Wrestling Academy.”

“I know, John. I have seen your work a few times. I saw your show just last night. That’s what I came to see you about.”


“Yes, yes. I want to run my own promotion. The Florida Wrestling Empire. It has been a dream of mine for many years. I have connections and can get everything started very soon. But I do not trust many men to book my company.”

“You don’t want to book yourself?” I asked.

“No! Never! Where is the fun in that? This will be my retirement, John. To sit down and watch a wrestling show every week. Shows with all of my favorite wrestlers. I don’t really want to run the promotion so much as I want to see what I want to see.”

“And what do you want to see?”

“Well, I am old school, yes? I like to watch those who entertained me when I was a young man. Barry Windham. Greg Valentine. King Kong Bundy. Abdullah the Butcher.”

As Eddie listed off more wrestlers I couldn’t help but think about how weird it was to hear an old Italian man say names like Barry Windham and King Kong Bundy with such nostalgia.

“But my personal favorite,” Eddie said. “The man who I worked so hard to obtain the services of: Ric Flair himself.”

“I thought he was under contract with WWE,” I said.

Eddie smiled, and for once it didn’t look completely comforting, but this time with a hint of mischief. “I have my ways, John. And I worked very hard for this. You will also notice in a few days that Vince McMahon will officially close the doors of his ECW project.”

“Are you serious? Why?”

“Mr. McMahon has found that it is not in his best interest… financially to pursue such a business endeavor.”

“How do you know this?” I asked.

Eddie actually looked angry and it made me fearful for a second. “Maybe this is the old school in me talking, John, but where I come from, we do not ask too many questions.”

“I’m sorry, sir.”

Eddie smiled. “It’s okay, my friend. Another thing about the old school that you may not know is that we are very forgiving to those who deserve forgiveness.”

“I understand, sir.”

“So we will see a few things changing soon, you see? And what do you know? You will see news items about my good friend Mr. Flair. They will say he had a falling out with the WWE. They will say that Mr. Flair had creative control and that he chose to walk out of the company. But all in all, it was on good terms. You see, both Mr. Flair and Mr. McMahon are professionals and if some day they want to chose to work with each other professionally once again, who am I or you to say that they will not? Do you understand what I am saying, John?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. And many men will be released. With the loss of a third brand, many men must be let go. And what do you know about this?”

“Only whatever the news reports say. Probably something to do with a lack of business.”

“Probably. That is more than likely the truth, right?”

“If that’s what they say.”

“If that’s what they say, correct. So, John, I ask you now, will you book for my company? You do so well. I have seen you. I will tell you what I like. Can you do this for me, John?”

My instincts said no, my brain said to find a way out, but my heart, the part of me that loved storytelling, said I wanted this so bad.

Plus I was afraid Eddie would shoot me or something.

“I’ll do it, sir. No problem.”

“Good! I have contacted my wrestlers. All are under written contracts. I pulled some strings, you see? Promised some favors. Tomorrow you will some down here, see the list, and hopefully be surprised. We have a TV deal too. Just a local station. Total creative freedom with no pressure. I want my shows on video tape, in case I turn out to live to be 100 and this whole thing is some kind of bust, okay? And we have an announcer. Mr. Joey Styles.”

“Wow. He works for WWE too.” I tried not to pry too much this time.

“Not anymore, he doesn’t. This is the first favor I did for someone that I will tell you about. Maybe the last, maybe not. Who knows? But my friend Joey Styles, he hated that job. You have read the news about it?”

“Yeah, sounds like they wanted him to announce in a different style.”

“Yes, and Mr. Styles did not like that and neither did I. So, I make a call here, I make a call there, and here we are. Joey Styles can be Joey Styles. Everyone is happy, yes?”

“Everyone important.”

“Exactly! I like that. You remember that saying, it will come in handy maybe. Now, you make a list, okay? Make a list of all of the wrestlers you want and I will look over it. I will try to make them all work. No one from the WWE though. I feel that maybe this relationship is exhausted for the time being. You understand? And no TNA. I like this TNA show. It is not my style, but I do not wish to deal with them. They are good people, you see, and I do not wish to burden them with an old man’s wishes. So you go now. Come back tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. and we will go over things, okay?”

“Yes, sir.”

“I am Eddie. Call me Eddie, please.”

“Right. Okay, Eddie. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I almost backed out. Sometimes I wonder if that would have been best. But I didn’t and I guess that’s all that matters. I showed up the next morning. Eddie wasn’t around, but the bald twins and a small nerdy-looking guy with glasses were waiting for me. One of the twins pulled a chair out for me at a table.

“Sir,” the other one, Baldie #2, said. “This is your personal assistant Old School Eddie has prepared for you. His name is Sophie.”

“Knock it off, jackoff,” the nerd said. He looked at me. “My name’s not Sophie, it’s Ted.”

“Calm down, Sophie,” Baldie #1 said.

“Piss off,” Ted said, not eve looking in Baldie’s direction.

“Okay, okay,” I jumped in. “So Ted, what’s the deal. Who are we working with?”

“Well, Eddie’s aspirations have been a bit high, but we’ve pulled everything off so far. I assume you know the basic guys. Abdullah the Butcher, Barry Windham, Greg Valentine, Jim Neidhart, Kevin Sullivan, King Kong Bundy, Lex Luger, Marty Jannetty, Mike Enos, Mike Rotundo, Tracy Smothers, Vader, and you already know about Mr. Flair.”

“Some of those guys are news to me, but that sounds good.”

Ted let out an exhausted sighed and I noticed for the first time that he looked extremely stressed out. “We have also made other arrangements. Eddie doesn’t get into Japanese wrestling a lot, but he’s always been fond of Justin Liger.”

Jushin,” I said.

“Yeah, whatever. He likes this Jushin Liger guy and we managed to get him on a written contract.”

“Jeez,” I said. It was really starting to hit home how much pull Eddie had all over the world. “If you don’t mind me asking…”

Ted cut me off. “I do. Moving on—Eddie’s an old school fan, but he’s always kept up with wrestling. I assume you know who Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar are?”


“Well, they’re both on board. One of them in particular was a big headache, but they’re both in. Absolutely and unconditionally. Well, absolutely, at least.” Ted smirked a bit. “We’re working on this guy Sabu too. He should be locked in soon, but it’s not official yet. We’re taking this WWE business one day at a time. Eddie likes that brawling stuff. The crazier, the better. He’s not much of a fan of the high flying business, but he loves the brawling. It’s all boring as hell if you ask me. So who’s on your list?”

“Okay, well, Eddie didn’t leave me with too much of a description of what he likes, but I think I know. You gave me a few ideas right now too. First off, Ace Steel, Doug Williams, Masada, and Michael Modest all seem like guys who would appeal to Eddie.”

“Listen,” Ted said, sounding tired. “Just list off the guys. You don’t need to explain anything to me.”

“Fine. I’m also interested in Ash Parker, BJ Whitmer, Bryan Danielson, Chad Collyer, Colt Cabana, Greg Pawluck, John Walters, Matt Stryker, and Necro Butcher.”

“Bryan Danielson… that’s, uh, the ROH guy, right? The champion?”


“You really need this guy?”

“Well, I think Eddie would like him.”

“You guys are making my life a living Hell this week. Fine. I’ll get Danielson in. But he better be worth it. Anyone else?”

“How do you think Eddie would feel about a few high flyers?”

“Oh, come on, kid. I don’t know.”

“Alright, alright. Get Jack Evans and Tony Kozina. I think Eddie will enjoy what I have in store.”

“Done and done. I think I can grab up most of these guys by the end of the day. Oh yeah, there are two more guys we are working on: Hernandez and Harry Smith. Hernandez was legitimately let go by TNA. Call it a gift. Eddie wanted you to know that. He told me to tell you that he was sincere about what he said concerning TNA. The Smith thing is… well, that’s a case in itself. It is what it is, right? You know how this stuff works.”


Ted picked his briefcase up and started walking towards the door. “That’s all for now. Your first show is in a week, kid. Wednesday, August the 10th. Be ready. Count on all of this talent being on the show, okay?”


“And remember, this is for Eddie. But if this fails, then it’s not for anyone. I don’t know how this stuff all works, but you gotta play to a normal audience too. Eddie likes the old school stuff. It’s all in the name, kid. It’s no joke. The guy is old school through and through.”

“He’s classic,” I said.



“Right, whatever. He’s old school. You know, fist fights, technical stuff. That kind of shit. People fighting for pride, for championships. You know what I’m talking about. You better, because I’m just spitting out stuff I was told. I don’t know shit about wrestling other than what Eddie tells me. But what I do know is that nothing can succeed on a broad scale when it is being made for a single audience. Balance it out, alright?”

“Yeah, I’ll do my best.”

“Hey, you’ll do just fine, kid. I can tell. You’re easygoing. I was like that once, can you believe that? I went into this thing thinking I’d be in and out, bing bang boom, no sweat, right? Hey, fifteen years later and this is what it looks like I went to law school for. I’m a damn nervous wreck. Eddie’s got me traveling across the globe like crazy the past few months to top it off. I mean, I usually have good days, but not right now. Not the way things have been going lately. Poor Old School’s afraid he’s going to kick the bucket soon. I don’t know if it’s his health or something else, but he’s practically counting on it. I guess that’s a thing that comes with old age, huh? So in order for Eddie to get more out of his life, he’s sucking years out of mine. I swear, every damn day I’m losing a week out of my life from stress. This is no way for a man to live. But you, you seem like a real natural mellow guy. Look at you. You’re either bliss from ignorance or one cool customer.” Ted paused. “You are one cool customer, aren’t you?”

I swallowed. “A cool customer.”

“That’s right. That’s the way to be. Okay, kid. One week, got it?”

“Got it.”

Ted walked out the door and that’s when I started to realize what I had gotten myself into.

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Guest Bosstown Boy

Dude, I read through that and at first I thought it was going to be another stupid "wrestlers fall into my lap" situations. You made it believable that this Classic Eddie can really get these guys. I am really looking forward to reading this diary and it'll be interesting to see your writing outside of the more sci-fi interests of your Hall of Game diary. I'm a fan and I aspire to write like you did, so I'll be back.

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I'm afraid I can't concur with the statements above. The backstory is an interesting idea and one I haven't heard of before. The idea mafia dealings of 'we'll get them, don't ask questions' is very intreguing and it would be pretty cool if you revealed what happened in a flashback style very slowly, as it adds to the story. Backstories are obviously a means to an end and the real talent is coming up with an idea that has yet to be used, which I think you have done.

However that doesn't mean I particularly liked it. Of course the grammar and the writing itself was good, as you would expect from someone of your standard. The small town booker thing is fine, everyone has to start somewhere, good bit of humour in the backstory up until meeting with the fist but then for me it starts to fall apart a little. Firstly, would you really react so calmly if you were abducted? I know your man is supposed to be one of the coolest cats around, but surely if two heavies had hit him and put him in a car he'd be a little more startled? Then the character of Old School Eddie. Nice idea for the character, I liked the stuff about the 'classic' moniker, but he comes off as quite smarky for an 80 year old fan and you don't really apply the accent either. The other thing I didn't like was when Eddie himself started using the term old school after making a big deal out of not liking the term. Again, with Sophie, I thought he came off as a little smarky for a mob employee, as did Eddie's taste in talent.

Finally, I think the idea is somewhat wasted on a present day time period. With the old school vibe given off from the backstory and the fact that Flair is the centre I feel that it may have been better suited for a decade or so ago, maybe around 1992, 1993, when the territories thing was fairly active.

That all being said it's a nice start, I like the talent you're using and I like the interesting twist in the backstory.

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I don't typically like to directly respond to stuff, as the writing should reflect my opinions, but I'll make an exception for just a few things.

Then the character of Old School Eddie. Nice idea for the character, I liked the stuff about the 'classic' moniker, but he comes off as quite smarky for an 80 year old fan and you don't really apply the accent either. The other thing I didn't like was when Eddie himself started using the term old school after making a big deal out of not liking the term. Again, with Sophie, I thought he came off as a little smarky for a mob employee, as did Eddie's taste in talent.

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Ted approached me once again the morning of the second show.

“Hey, kid, listen,” he said. “I went over the script today and everything looks good. The Smith/Danielson match is good, Doug Williams vs. Jushin Liger looks solid, and we like the Modest/Jericho stuff. But I’m questioning a few things.”

“You don’t eve like wrestling, Ted,” I said. “How would you even know.”

“Are you questioning my authority?”

“I’m just saying… how do you even know this much about wrestling?”

“I’ve spent years catering to every one of Eddie’s needs, you don’t think I picked up on a few things? Why don’t you quit busting my balls and listen to what I have to say? There are some problems you have with this show.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I said. “I know what Eddie likes. A lot more than you do, I bet. No matter how long you’ve been working for him.”

Ted looked at me for a little while.

“Alright. You’re supposed to be the expert.”


Local Station

August 17, 2006

Miami, Florida

Ric Flair is Challenged

Ric Flair came out to start the show once again. There were a lot of “Flair” chants and when he got to the ring he took a considerable amount of time to soak in the praise.

Flair: Miami Florida! I have news for you! If you weren’t here last week, if you didn’t get the news, didn’t see it on the tube, I’ve got news for you! The Nature Boy is back! Whoo! The Nature Boy is back and stylin’ and profilin’! I may not be as young as I used to be, but I’ll tell you one thing, Miami! The Nature Boy can still go! He’s still got it!

The fans cheered Flair as he paused.

Flair: And last week I saw some of the best up and coming wrestlers of today show that they have what it takes to compete with some of the great legends of this business. I saw BJ Whitmer, Harry Smith, and Colt Cabana, just to name a few, give it there all in this ring. And, Miami, the Nature Boy’s ready to take them all on! I’m ready to compete with the best that this business has to offer! Because the Nature Boy’s here to prove that it takes more than youth, it takes more than a few pretty-looking wrestling moves to beat the man.

Flair pointed to his head with his index finger.

Flair: To beat the man…

All of a sudden AFI’s Miseria Cantare played over the speakers and CM Punk emerged from the backstage area with a mic. He talked as he slowly approached the ring and got inside.

Punk: You want to talk about the best in the business, Ric Flair? Because, you know, I was watching the show last week and, yeah, I saw some great wrestlers like Jushin Liger, Bryan Danielson, and Chris Jericho. But if you want to throw the term “best wrestler” around, you better be talking exclusively about CM Punk.

Flair had a smirk on his face as he and Punk came face-to-face.

Flair: I’ve seen you, kid. I saw you at the new ECW, talking about discipline and patience. About being drug free. And I’m going to tell you right now, if you’re looking for the Nature Boy’s advice…

Punk: Well you know what, I’m not looking for the Nature Boy’s advice.

Punk got up close to Flair and Flair, looking a little more annoyed, still smiled a bit.

Punk: I’m not here to sit around anymore. I’ve been patient. For the past year now, I’ve waited on the sidelines, biding my time, scouting talent, studying tapes, honing my skills. I have been extremely patient. And it’s all come down to this. This night, Ric Flair. I come out here to confront you, and what are you going to say? ‘Hey, kid, you’ve got a good attitude. Keep it up.’ I know what you’re going to say because I’ve heard it all before. For the past year that’s all I’ve heard it from all the veterans. Harley Race, Al Snow, Ricky Steamboat, Ted Dibiase, Dean Malenko, Arn Anderson—everyone telling me that I have a good attitude and to bide my time. I’ve done that and that road has led here: to Florida. To you, Ric Flair. You said that you knew who I was. But Flair, you don’t know a damn thing about me. But I know about you. You like to party. You engage in promiscuous sex. You use drug enhancers. So you’re going to stand here, tell me that you know who I am, know about my lifestyle. That’s bullshit, Ric Flair. Because, yeah, maybe you are a sixteen-time world champion. Maybe you have wrestled all over the world. And maybe, just maybe, you are the best wrestler ever. But you will never be the kind of man I am, Flair. Do you see these tattoos?

Punk showed Flair his knuckles, and Flair, clearly annoyed, said “yes.”

Punk: This is no joke to me. This is my life. I take this very seriously. And I take wrestling very seriously. And I think you did too at one point, Ric Flair. I really do believe that. But you know what else I believe? I believe that you don’t anymore. Last week you called this ring a playground. And that’s true, isn’t it? Isn’t it, Flair? Just some playground for you to do your Flair strut around, a place to wear your damn robes, parading around like it’s the 1980s and you actually mean something. Like you…

Flair: Son, I think it’s about time you shut your damn mouth.

The fans cheered.

Flair: If you think you can come here into my house tonight and insult me after I show you respect, then you’ve got another thing coming.

The fans cheered once more as Punk seemed to be unfazed.

Flair: I’m going to do something right now that’s either because I’m wiser at my age or more of a fool. I’m going to give you a chance to apologize right here, right now. Apologize for disrespecting me and the entire business for what you just said.

Punk laughed.

Punk: You think I insulted the entire business?

Flair nodded and, off mic, said, “Yeah. Yeah, I do.”

Punk: Well, let me set something straight for you. Let me make something very clear so that your egotistical, rotted mind can understand: the only one of us who has disrespected the business is you, Ric Flair. You brag about how you partied, how you boozed every night at the height of your career, and you set a example for the future of this business. Every wrestler after you that has had their life ruined because of drugs and alcohol has you to thank, Ric Flair.

Flair looked livid at this point.

Punk: Because it’s your fault. What have you done to stop it? What have you done, Flair? Have you spoken out? Have you set a new example? Have you denounced that lifestyle? You haven’t done shit! For years you went out to the ring and glorified the lifestyle that continues to destroy the lives of this business. The kind of man I am, Ric Flair, is the one who is going to take this business over, who’s going to take your place as ‘the man,’ and who’s going to set a new example and set the pace for the new breed of professional wrestlers. And if you really still are ‘the man,’ then let’s do this tonight. It’s your playground, right? You’re supposed to wrestle Vader tonight, well why don’t you use your backstage pull and prove yourself to your successor.

Flair: You want to go one-on-one with the Nature Boy? You want to go toe-to-toe with the man? Then you got it, you little punk! You’re going to get humbled in this ring tonight! By the end of this day I’m going to make you learn to respect me and this business! But let me guarantee you one thing: you’re never going to get another chance in any promotion that I’m involved in ever again once I’m through with you. I don’t deal with arrogant punks like you anymore. So once I’m done whipping your ass all across the ring tonight, and next week, and the next, humbling you, showing you that you’re nothing but some kid trying to play in the big leagues, then you’re out of here. And the next time anyone hears the name CM Punk, all they’re going to think about is how when the Nature Boy teaches a lesson to the young guys in this business, they better listen. They better respect him. Or else they may not get any other chances. So you want to go at it tonight? You’ve got your match! But you’re going ot get humbled in that ring tonight! I guarantee it! Whoo!

Flair’s music played as Punk walked out of the ring, both him and Flair talking trash off mic the entire time.

Rating: 87

BJ Whitmer vs. Kevin Sullivan w/ Mike Rotundo

Joey Styles officially welcomed us to the show as he went over the matches for the night and talked about the surprise main event of Ric Flair vs. CM Punk.

Styles: But right now we’re going to see BJ Whitmer back in action against Mike Sullivan. Last week Sullivan was at ringside with Rotundo when he lost to Whitmer, now Rotundo is alongside Sullivan.

Styles went over Sullivan and Rotundo’s history in the Varsity Club as Whitmer and Sullivan had a feeling-out process. Sullivan eventually took control of the match by hitting Whitmer in the square of his back with some forearms. Sullivan kept the next few minutes of the match on the mat, working on Whitmer’s back.

Styles: It looks like Kevin Sullivan is taking Rotundo’s approach and is not taking any big risks. As we saw last week though, BJ Whitmer is definitely not afraid to go for the big moves.

Kevin Sullivan hit three consecutive atomic drops and then ran to the ropes and went for a clothesline. Whitmer ducked the clothesline and then hit a dropkick as Sullivan came back at him, but he held his back as he hit the ground.

Styles: Whitmer connects but his back looks in pretty bad shape.

Both men got up at the same time. Whitmer took the advantage right away and hit Sullivan with a series of punches followed by a DDT. He then climbed the turnbuckle.

Styles: Whitmer’s going for another risk.

Whitmer went for a cross body, but Sullivan ducked out of the way just in time.

Styles: And he crashes and burns!

Whitmer grabbed his back as Sullivan grabbed his hair, lifted his head, and kicked him in the face a few times. He then lifted Whitmer up for an extended vertical suplex. But Whitmer countered out of it and hit a quick german suplex.

Styles: BJ Whitmer’s running on pure instinct now!

Because Whitmer’s back was hurting it took him a while to get up, causing both men to stand at the same time. Whitmer kicked Sullivan in the gut and hit the Wrist Clutch Exploder for the win.

Winner: BJ Whitmer

Styles: BJ Whitmer has now defeated both Mike Rotundo and Kevin Sullivan and you have to wonder, especially considering Sullivan’s bitter streak, if they’ll stand for being upstaged by the youngster.

Rating: **

Jack Evans vs. Hernandez

Styles called this match a David vs. Goliath bout.

Hernandez completely dominated the entire match. Aside from a few weak punches in the beginning, Evans didn’t get any offense in. He did, however, completely make the match worth watching with his insane, over the top selling. Hernandez would hit him with a running lariat and Evans would hit the ground like he was thrown down by a huge slingshot. After a few bumps like this his body was completely limp.

Styles: I’ve never seen anyone bent in half so many times!

After a few minutes of this, Hernandez lifted Evans up for a powerbomb, backed up near the turnbuckle, carefully balanced himself on the first rope, then the second, and then the third.

Styles: What a show of balance by the big man!

As soon as he was on the top ropes he powerbombed Evans down onto the mat and followed it up by a quick elbow drop for the win.

Winner: Hernandez

Styles: We just witnessed a great power display by Hernandez and a great show of pain tolerance by Jack Evans!

Rating: **1/2

Bryan Danielson vs. Harry Smith w/ Jim Neidhart

Styles: Get ready for a wrestling clinic! Bryan Danielson may have lost his match against Michael Modest last week, but he’s shown that he is more than capable of taking his opponents to the limit. And Harry Smith may be younger, but he still has a great amount of experience for his age that might help get him the win tonight.

Danielson and Smith wrestled the longest match of the night, but not by much. They kept to the mat for almost the entire match, trading strikes here and there. Danielson controlled the match for the most part while Jim Neidhart screamed advice at Harry.

Styles: Jim Neidhart seems to be more of a drill instructor right now than a manager or tag team partner.

At one point Harry managed to hit a huge brainbuster off of the top rope.

Styles: Jim Neidhart’s yelling at Smith to make the pin. Harry could pick up the win right here!

Smith didn’t make a cover though. He took his time climbing the top rope and signaled for a diving headbutt.

Styles: Smith’s going to borrow a page out of the book of his late father’s tag team partner, the Dynamite Kid, and go for a diving headbutt!

Smith launched himself at Danielson, but Danielson moved out of the way and Harry crashed to the mat headfirst.

Styles: Smith made what may end up being a critical error! And Neidhart is livid!

Both men got up at the same time. Danielson hit two European uppercuts and then hit a brainbuster. He went for the cover and got the three count.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

Styles: Bryan Danielson gets the win by not making the mistake that the young Harry Smith made. And you can guarantee that the drill instructor Jim Neidhart will have something to say about that in the back.

Rating: ****

Michael Modest Confronts Jericho

Styles: Up next is another huge match, fans, as Michael Modest will be wrestling Chris Jericho. Both men scored huge wins yesterday, so the victor here will be coming off a lot of momentum next week.

Michael Modest came out second with a mic.

Styles: It looks like Michael Modest is going to have a few words for Jericho before the match.

Modest: You know, Jericho, last week, I’m not sure if you watched the tape, but Joey Styles said that you were the best that America had to offer. Well, I have some beef with that.

Styles: It’s true! Chris Jericho has accomplished more in America than most men dream of!

Modest: When it comes down to it, Jericho, you may have wrestled in America for most of your career, but I’m even though I’ve spent a big part of my career in Japan, I’m still an American, and when you compare us two, pound for pound, calling you the best in America is a joke.

The crowd booed as Modest paused.

Modest: And seeing as I have spent the best years of my career in Japan, calling Jushin Liger the best from Japan is another joke. So when you talk about the best from America and Japan, you only need to remember one name: Michael Modest. So Jericho, I’m going to take care of you tonight, and then Jushin Liger’s next on the list.

Modest threw down his mic and rushed to the ring.

Rating: 79

Chris Jericho vs. Michael Modest

Jericho attacked Modest as soon as the bell rang, as Modest slid to the ring.

Styles: Michael Modest just got through making some pretty bold claims, but the grumpy bastard might have some difficulties backing them up.

Jericho dominated the early part of the match as Joey defended his claim that Jericho has accomplished and established himself enough in America to be called one of America’s best, citing, foremost, the fact that he was the first ever Undisputed Champion of the World.

Modest eventually took control of the match and hit a lot of high impact moves as he slowed the pace down. He struck with his forearms quite a bit and hit a lot of suplexes. At one point though, in his cockiness, he spent too long yelling at the fans and allowed Jericho to recover. Jericho played possum though and when Modest threw him into the ropes, Jericho hit a Lionsault and nailed Modest.

Styles: Michael Modest’s arrogance finally cost him!

Jericho hit a few high impact moves and went for the Liontamer, although Modest got to the ropes. Jericho then tried to pick the momentum up again by throwing Modest into the ropes, but Modest countered it and nailed Jericho with a spinebuster.

Styles: Jericho was at the advantage when the pace was quick, but as soon as it slowed down he was in Modest’s territory and the grumpy bastard took advantage of that.

Modest pulled off two german suplexes and then nailed the Reality Check for the somewhat anticlimactic pin.

Winner: Michael Modest

Styles: So far Michael Modest has backed up his claims, but he’s not done living up to his own hype. He still has to prove himself against Jushin Liger and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a rematch between him and Jericho somewhere soon down the line.

Rating: ***1/4

Sabu vs. Masada

Styles: The homicidal, suicidal, genocidal Sabu got a quick win over the veteran Greg Valentine last week, but let’s see how he does against the younger Masada.

Masada attacked Sabu as soon as he got into the ring and took immediate control of the match, hitting a lot of power moves on Sabu.

Styles: Masada must have been taking notes last week, as he’s not giving Sabu anytime to go to the air.

After Masada had dominated a little while, Sabu eventually reversed a powerbomb attempt into a hurricanrana and immediately went into the air.

Styles: Once Sabu gets going about the only thing you can do is hope he crashes and burns!

Masada wasn’t able to get the advantage again, as Sabu eventually hit a legdrop from the top rope and won.

Winner: Sabu

Rating: **1/2

Colt Cabana and Ace Steel vs. Lex Luger and Partner

Styles: Colt Cabana and the man who trained him, Ace Steel, insulted Lex Luger last week and now Luger wants his revenge on both of them, but he’s been very quiet about who he has chosen for his tag team partner.

Colt Cabana once again came to the ring with a shirt on and mocked Luger by struggling to take it off.

Styles: Well, that’s certainly not going to help a cause in diplomacy.

Lex Luger came to the ring with Barry Windham.

Styles: It looks like Lex Luger has teamed up with his former tag team partner, Barry Windham. He took Ric Flair to the limit last week, let’s see what he can do tonight.

This was a total brawl that the ref lost control of almost immediately. The ref kept on threatening the guys to get back into the ring, but when they would chaos would soon break down again and they would all be outside brawling once more.

Styles: If they’re not careful, the ref’s going to throw this one out.

The questionable man in this match was Ace Steel, as he had not had an FWE match yet, but he more than held his own, taking Windham to the limit.

Eventually though Lex Luger was able to get Colt Cabana in the Torture Rack as Windham kept Steel occupied outside of the ring. Cabana soon submitted.

Winners: Lex Luger and Barry Windham

Luger threw Cabana down and screamed, “Are you laughing now? Huh? Are you laughing now?”

Styles: If that won’t get Colt Cabana to quit making fun of Luger, I’m not sure much will.

Rating: **3/4

Doug Williams vs. Jushin Liger

While both men were making their way to the ring Joey talked about how important international matches like this were to FWE and discussed how we could see more matches like this one.

Styles: We talked about the international credentials of Jushin Liger last week, but Doug Williams is certainly no slouch in his homeland of the Unite Kingdom. Among many accomplishments, he’s a 2-time FWA British Heavyweight Champion. Without a doubt, this will be an interesting contest.

Both men wrestled very conservatively in the early portions of the match, but it was Liger who made the first big move, hitting a hurricanrana. Liger then picked up the pace slowly, but Williams refused to try to keep up and instead kept trying to take the match to a slower pace. In the end this was his downfall and Liger was able to hit a Fisherman Buster for the win.

Winner: Jushin Liger

Rating: ***

Brock Lesnar vs. King Kong Bundy

This match was a total squash. King Kong Bundy, who Joey called a big friendly giant, was able to mount very little offense as Lesnar switched his strategy from the high impact moves of last week to more MMA style strikes and restholds. The barrage of offense was too much for Bundy and Lesnar ended the bout with a Dragon Sleeper in just over three minutes.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Styles: There is no doubt in my mind that Brock Lesnar is one of the biggest lowlifes this business has ever seen, but you cannot possibly deny the sheer force that he commands in that ring. If anyone is able to beat Brock Lesnar soon, not only will I be happy as hell, but I’ll also be extremely surprised.

Rating: **

Ric Flair vs. CM Punk

As each man came down to the ring, Styles hyped Punk up as one of the best wrestlers in the U.S. to never get a major break.

Styles: But after nearly a year of waiting in the sidelines, it’s finally put up or shut up time for CM Punk as he wrestles the legend, Ric Flair!

Punk took early control of the match after a feeling out process and took the match to the mat. Flair kept trying to take the match to a more brawling-based bout, but Punk kept forcing him to the mat. After Flair finally quit trying to turn the pace of the match and attempted to match Punk’s technical ability, Punk shifted the match’s momentum to a brawl, but then took the match back to the mat.

Styles: Punk’s playing mind games with Ric Flair and it seems to be working.

After some time of this, Ric Flair finally resorted to cheating as he low-blowed Punk behind the ref’s back.

Styles: They don’t call him the dirtiest player in the game for nothing!

Flair was finally able to control the match and brawled all around the ring with Punk. Unfortunately for Flair, Punk took a page out of his book and poked Flair in the eyes.

Styles: Punk’s playing by Flair’s own rules!

After a while, when Flair was on his knees, he attempted another low blow, but quickly scouted the situation out and dropped a knee on Flair’s forearm.

Styles: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a low blow blocked like that before!

Flair grabbed his forearm in pain as Punk quickly ran to the ropes and hit a shining wizard. As Flair staggered up, Punk hit a stun gun and followed it up by a neckbreaker. Punk then locked in the Anaconda Vice.

Styles: Flair’s struggling! Punk has the Anaconda Vice locked in tight in the middle of the ring! The Nature Boy either has to make it all the way to the ropes or give up!

Punk kept the move on for quite a while longer before Flair had to submit.

Winner: CM Punk

Styles: CM Punk has done what he came here to do! Ric Flair wrestled a hell of a match, but there was nowhere for him to go once Punk locked in the Anaconda Vice. Punk made sure he put Flair in a position where he had to tap!

Punk got on his knees and raised his arms up in the air. The camera caught a good picture of Flair walking to the back and then cut to Punk celebrating in the ring once again as we fade to black.

Rating: ***

Overall Rating: 71

After the show I ran into Ted, who looked angry.

“I told you your show had problems!” he said.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“Eddie’s pissed!”

“Of course he is. That’s part of being a fan. You get angry when the bad guys win. I thought you knew a lot about wrestling from Eddie.”

“All I know is he’s pissed. He just wants to have a few drinks with Flair and call it a night.”

“Look, Ted. Think long-term here. The more a fan hates a wrestler, the more he enjoys it when that wrestler finally gets beaten.”

“Are you an idiot? Do you think we have all the time in the world? Eddie could die any…”

“Do you even know that for sure?”

“Look, next week better leave Eddie happier, got me?”

“I’ll do what’s best for Eddie, I promise.”

“Good. That’s what we’re here for. Remember that. That’s the point of this whole thing.”

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I hadn’t seen Classic Eddie all week. Ted said it was because he was busy with the “business,” but I let myself get a little too paranoid. I was worried that Eddie was unhappy with the direction I was taking Flair. While I wanted to entertain Eddie in the short-term, I was also aware that good long-term booking was more satisfying.

Plus, Ted was more than likely right when he said that Eddie may not be around for too much longer. If enjoying FWE was one of Eddie’s last wishes, maybe I shouldn’t be thinking long-term. I couldn’t decide whether FWE should be more of a novelty promotion or a serious one. It was a struggle between what I felt I wanted to do versus what I felt I was being asked to do.

I told Ted to promote a tag match for the next main event between Punk and Flair, with a partner of their choice, to be announced. I also told him to promote Vader vs. Hernanadez, Colt Cabana and Ace Steel vs. Lex Luger and a partner of choice, Barry Windham vs. BJ Whitmer, Tracy Smothers vs. Necro Butcher, Chris Jericho vs. Doug Williams, and Bryan Danielson vs. Michael Modest.

Ted told me that the crowd for the shows were getting pretty big and they wanted to see how things would go inside a building. They would charge for tickets for the first time, so he wanted to make sure that it was a good show. I was fine with the decision, but he told me that we were doing the show on Saturday which only gave me less than a week to prepare. I told Ted to, so far, advertise a CM Punk vs. Ric Flair rematch, Necro Butcher vs. Sabu, and BJ Whitmer vs. Barry Windham (we would promote the Wednesday night match as a warm-up). Additionally, I wanted to advertise an International Four Corners Match. Chris Jericho would be planned to represent Canada, Doug Williams would be scheduled to represent the UK, Michael Modest and Bryan Danielson would be scheduled to wrestle for the American spot, and Jushin Liger would be set to represent Japan. The rest of the matches would be very heavily promoted starting Wednesday night all the way up until the show on Saturday.


Local Station

Wed. August 24, 2006

Miami, Florida

Ric Flair and CM Punk Pick Their Partners

The show opened up with Joey Styles along in the ring.

Styles: Miami, Florida, I am extremely honored and privileged to present to you the 16-time former World Heavyweight Champion and wrestling legend, the Nature Boy Ric Flair!

Flair came to the ring with the usual fanfare.

Styles: Mr. Flair, tonight you will be wrestling CM Punk and a partner of his choice in a tag team match. What we’re all dying to know is who you have chosen as your partner.

Flair: Joey Styles, I have to admit to you, it’s been a long week. Because last week, right here in Miami Florida, I swore to CM Punk that I would humble him in that ring. But at the end of the day, when the show was over, CM Punk beat me fair and square.

The crowd booed.

Flair: But CM Punk, if you know anything about the Nature Boy, if you’ve done your homework, you know one thing, whenever I lose, I come back fighting! I’m a 16-time World Champion, son! Do you know what that means? That means not only have I won sixteen of the biggest battles of my life, I’ve lost just as many! But it’s not all about wins and losses, it’s about winning the matches that matter. That’s why I’m here. That’s why the Nature Boy is the biggest name ever in this whole damn business!

The crowd cheered.

Flair: So even if last week was a huge win for you, Punk, even if last week may have made your career, the worst thing you can do is count me out! I always come back. I always get my revenge and tonight will be the beginning of that. Now all week long people have been asking who my partner will be. ‘Are you picking someone from the old school, Nature Boy? Are you picking someone from the new school?’ Well, I’ll tell you what, the Nature Boy is here to show CM Punk a lesson. You think you’re the best the new school has to offer? I don’t think so! Because I’ve been watching a young man very closely the last few years. And the past two weeks here in the FWE he showed me that he has what it takes to be a star in this business. So, CM Punk, tonight, to prove to you that you’re not the best young man in the business, I’m going to walk down to this ring with Harry Smith! And we’re going to spend the rest of the night kicking your ass all across Miami, Florida! Whoo!

CM Punk’s music cut the rest of Ric Flair’s speech off. Punk came out with a mic and talked from the aisle.

Punk: You know, Flair, I was going to wait until Joey Styles introduced me, but you can’t seem to shut your damn mouth.

Flair, off mic, said, “I’ll stop talking when I want to stop talking.”

Punk: You’re used to doing whatever you want, aren’t you? In fact, you’re so egotistical that you think you can choose some rookie as your tag team partner and, as you put it, kick my ass all across Miami, Florida. Well, if I’m remembering correctly, and I think I am— because unlike you, I’m a little too young to have Alzheimer’s— the last time we were in that ring together, I was the one who did the ass-kicking. And if you think that Harry Smith is going to help you out tonight, you have another thing coming, especially considering that I didn’t take my job in picking a partner so lightly. You see, I picked someone to team with tonight who I don’t even respect. As far as I’m concerned, this guy can kiss my ass for all that he’s done. But when it comes down to my success and what I need to do to win, I don’t really give a damn what I think of him. So tonight, while you picked the rookie Harry Smith, I picked the unstoppable monster, Brock Lesnar.

Some of the fans booed, while others cheered.

Punk: Flair, last week I proved that you don’t have the physical skills to compete at my level. Tonight, I’m going to prove that you don’t even have the strategic skills to compete with me either.

Punk’s music played and, off mic, Flair screamed, “Bring it on, punk!” as the show went to commercial.

Rating: 90

Vader vs. Hernandez

As the two wrestlers entered the ring separately, Joey briefly defended Flair’s choice in partner and discussed Smith’s young, yet experienced, career.

Hernandez and Vader slugged it out at the beginning of the match with Vader coming out on the better end. He hit Hernandez a bit more in the face and pulled off some bodyslams. He really started to get ambitious with his power moves when he went for a powerbomb. However, Hernandez muscled out of it and started throwing some right hands. He ran to the ropes and shoulder blocked Vader, but the older man would not go down.

Styles: Vader refuses to fall!

Finally, Hernandez went to the top rope and hit a cross body on Vader and finally took him down.

Styles: Hernandez definitely has the skills to bring down Vader, but can he put him away?

Hernandez then tried to tire Vader by locking in some rest holds, but this gave Vader an opportunity to hit a german suplex after being in a headlock for a bit. Vader then hit a few big moves and finished Hernandez off with a Vaderbomb.

Winner: Vader

While Vader celebrated, Hernandez attacked him from behind. He ended his attack by picking Vader up on his shoulders and throwing him outside of the ring.

Styles: What unbelievable strength!

Hernandez just stood in the ring staring at Vader while the refs helped him up and to the back.

Rating: **1/2

Matt Stryker vs. Chad Collyer

Joey Styles hyped up both men as veterans in the HWA. He said that they have wrestled each other many times before and had an opportunity to show Miami what they could do.

Unfortunately, they had just under five minutes to do so and, while they did very well in that time, it wasn’t enough to blow anyone away. They started off with some chain wrestling, but quickly moved up to the bigger moves, making things seem a bit rushed. Matt Stryker eventually won the match after a Death Valley Driver to Collyer.

Winner: Matt Stryker

Rating: **3/4

Colt Cabana Presents a New Tag Team Partner for the Night

Colt Cabana came to the ring with Ace Steel. He had a mic with him.

Cabana: Tonight, I’m supposed to tag with my good friend, Sexy Ace Steel. But Steel, if you don’t mind, I think I’m going to have to replace you.

Ace Steel made a “that’s alright” expression.

Cabana: We’re putting you on the bench, buddy. Because last week I realized that we need a bit of help. A bit of guidance, if you will. We need a mentor, Steel.

Steel nodded, approvingly.

Cabana: So I flew someone in tonight. A tag team expert. A connoisseur of double team moves, if you will. Lex Luger, last week you brought Barry Windham with you, tonight I’ve got Mr. ‘Rock Till Drops’ Marty Jannetty!

Rating: 86

Colt Cabana and Marty Jannetty w/ Ace Steel vs. Lex Luger and Mike Rotundo w/ Kevin Sullivan

Jannetty ran to the ring, soon followed by Lex Luger, Mike Rotundo, and Kevin Sullivan.

Styles: Colt Cabana may have had a surprise in Marty Jannetty, but I don’t think he or Steel were expecting two other men to accompany Luger to the ring.

Cabana and Jannetty did a lot of double team moves and even some old Rockers spots. Luger and Rotundo spent the majority of the match using rest holds to try and keep Cabana and Jannetty from moving around. Sullivan tried to interfere a few times, but Steel kept him busy at ringside.

Styles: Ace Steel took Luger and Windham to the limit last week, I don’t think he would be afraid to do the same to Kevin Sullivan tonight.

Cabana launched Rotundo out of the ring while Jannetty kept Luger busy with a series of punches. Cabana than kneeled behind Luger. Jannetty superkicked Luger, causing him to stumble and trip behind Cabana, leaving him wide open to be rolled up by Colt for the win.

Winners: Colt Cabana and Marty Jannetty

Styles: Colt Cabana may not be a stranger to tag team wrestling, but I think it’s safe to say that bringing in Marty Jannetty certainly didn’t hurt tonight! But I have to wonder if Luger’s alliance with Sullivan and Rotundo is just a temporary partnership.

Rating: **1/2

Jushin Liger vs. Milano Collection AT

Milano was relatively unknown by the Miami crowd, but Styles made sure viewers at home were aware of his work in Japan and the United States.

This match clocked in at almost exactly ten minutes and was almost exclusively a technical match. This gave Joey plenty of proof that Liger could wrestle many different styles. Liger, who was in control for most of the match, won after hitting Milano with a brainbuster.

Winner: Jushin Liger

Styles: Jushin Liger shows why he is the best in Japan and will try to prove that he is one of the best in the world next Saturday in the International Four Corners Match.

Rating: ***1/4

Falls Count Anywhere Match: Tracy Smothers vs. Necro Butcher

Styles made sure to push the Necro/Sabu match for next Saturday. He called both men two of the craziest wrestlers he had ever seen and promised a bloodbath on Saturday.

Styles: But do not count Tracy Smothers out of this match. He has been in plenty of hardcore matches himself. He’s even wrestled bears before!

Smothers really took it to Necro at the beginning of the match. Necro was stumbling around so much that Styles questioned whether he was drunk. At one point Smothers took Necro to the ground and tried to chain wrestle, but Necro took the match back to their feet and started to brawl around.

Styles: Necro is definitely not going with the flow that Smothers is trying to create. He plays by his own rules and this man definitely likes to brawl.

Necro threw a few haymakers, picked Smothers up for a suplex, and dropped Smothers out of the ring. Unfortunately for him, Smothers hung onto Necro’s pants and took him down with him.

Styles: Smothers outsmarts Necro!

But the outside of the ring didn’t prove to be a better environment for Smothers. Necro haphazardly threw two chairs at Smothers and then kicked him in the face with a big boot. He then delivered a piledriver to Smothers on the concrete and covered him for the win.

Winner: Necro Butcher

Necro stumbled in front of one of the cameras and said, “I’m coming for ya, Sabu. You ain’t leaving that arena alive on Saturday.”

Just then Sabu came out to the ringside area with a chair. He launched it at Necro and delivered a dropkick a second later. He hit Necro a few times, sending him reeling down the aisle. He then got in the ring with another chair, set it in the middle, ran to the ropes, jumped on the chair, jumped on the top rope in front of Necro and then landed on him.

Styles: I think it’s safe to assume that Sabu is ready for the Necro Butcher this Saturday!

All the refs and a few wrestlers (Masada, King Kong Bunday, Jim Neidhart, and BJ Whitmer) came out and separated both men.

Styles: Next Saturday is going to be a war!

Rating: **3/4

Chris Jericho vs. Doug Williams

Joey Styles once again talked about the big International Four Corners Match and said that both of these men were included because they were the best in the FWE from their respective countries.

Once again, Doug Williams wrestled a very conservative match, taking no big risks. Jericho, on the other hand, was taking a lot of risks and went up to the top rope a lot more than he had in several years.

Styles: Chris Jericho must have been taking notes last week on Williams’ style and is combating Williams’ no risks style by going up in the air.

Jericho’s risks, however, only paid off in the early portions of the match. While he had more control for the majority of the match, Williams’ careful nature paid off when he caught Jericho on the top rope and hit an ace crusher. He then worked the neck for a bit, nailed a DDT, and hit Jericho with the Chaos Theory for the win.

Winner: Doug Williams

Styles: Doug Williams will be going into the show this Saturday with a win on his record here in FWE, which is certainly going to help out his mental game. Jericho, on the other hand, will be coming off of two losses and will desperately be looking for a win on Saturday.

Rating: ***1/4

BJ Whitmer vs. Barry Windham w/ Kevin Sullivan

Barry Windham was, surprisingly, accompanied by Kevin Sullivan. Styles speculate if he was involved with the Luger/Sullivan/Rotundo alliance. He noted that BJ Whitmer defeated Sullivan last week and Rotundo the week before and that this was a preview for this Saturday.

Windham came out swinging at the beginning of the match and Whitmer mainly absorbed punishment at the beginning of the match. Sullivan was really urging Windham on. After about four minutes of Whitmer getting completely whipped around the ring, Whitmer made a huge comeback, once again taking risks, and hit some big suplexes off of the big man.

Styles: BJ Whitmer might be on to another huge win!

Whitmer hit a back body drop and signaled to the crowd that he was going for the Wrist Clutch Exploder. While he played to the crowd briefly, Sullivan threw something small to Windham.

Styles: I think Sullivan just threw a pair of brass knuckles to Windham!

Windham slowly stood up and when Whitmer went to set him up for the Exploder, Windham nailed him with the brass knuckles and slid them out of the ring without the ref noticing as the ref made the three count.

Winner: BJ Whitmer

Styles: BJ Whitmer has been cheated out of another victory!

As Sullivan congratulated and thanked Windham outside of the ring Styles talked about how Whitmer would have a chance for revenge this Saturday.

Rating: **1/2

Bryan Danielson vs. Michael Modest

Styles: With the winner getting the American spot in the International Four Corners Match, the stakes are high for this rematch.

Joey mentioned that Modest has had two huge victories already against Chris Jericho and Bryan Danielson and that a third win would make him undoubtedly one of the top competitors in the FWE. He also made sure to mention Danielson’s impressive win over Harry Smith last week and his history in ROH. Additionally, he pointed out that Bryan Danielson passed out in his match against Modest, so he never submitted or was pinned.

This was an even stiffer match than the last one, which helped increase the quality. Danielson in particular was much more aggressive and came back with some heavy offense, including a lot of suplexes and back breakers.

Styles: Modest is starting to look a little panicked. This is the first time I haven’t seen that usual grumpy bastard look on his face!

Modest started to come back more aggressive, but Danielson set the pace at a level Modest couldn’t keep up with. He hit a series of german suplexes, followed by a dragon suplex, and then Cattle Mutilation. Modest hung on for a little while, but finally submitted.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

Styles: Bryan Danielson will be in the International Four Corners Match this Saturday. And not only that, but he got retribution from Modest by making him submit!

Modest looked pissed as Danielson left the ring with a cocky look on his face.

Styles: I sincerely doubt though that Michael Modest is through with Bryan Danielson!

Rating: ***1/2

Ric Flair and Harry Smith w/ Jim Neidhart vs. CM Punk and Brock Lesnar

Styles: There’s a lot at stake here. Ric Flair now needs to prove that he can beat CM Punk, CM Punk is trying to prove that he’s one of the best in this business, Harry Smith wants to show that he can hang in the main event scene, and Brock Lesnar… well, I think Brock Lesnar just wants to destroy people!

The first part of the match followed traditional tag rules. At one point Ric Flair was the face in peril, with Punk and Lesnar making a lot of quick tags. Joey noted that Lesnar was a monster, but he knew how to wrestle a smart match. Eventually though Flair hit a low blow on Punk behind the ref’s back and made the hot tag to Smith. Smith came in the ring, hit a flying clothesline on Punk and dropkicked Lesnar off the mat.

Styles: It’s go time for Harry Smith and so far he’s more than holding his own!

Harry hit Punk with some lariats and a lot of quick power moves. Finally Lesnar, upset over getting dropkicked, ran into the ring and just destroyed Smith with a clothesline. The ref tried to get him to stand in his corner, but Flair came in as well and the match turned into a chaotic brawl.

Styles: I think the ref is just going to let this one go wherever wrestlers want it to go!

Lesnar brushed Flair off as best he could and really gunned for Smith. Eventually Punk grabbed his bearings and targeted Flair. Punk and Flair fought in the ring as Smith and Lesnar brawled outside. Lesnar whipped Smith over and over again into the guardrails. Eventually he whipped him into a corner that Neidhart was near and Neidhart cuahgt Harry, softening the blow. Lesnar was pissed and picked up a chair. He casually walked over to Neidhart. Neidhart was yelling at him to take the fight in the ring and Lesnar, looking as if he couldn’t even hear Neidhart, hit him hard in the head with the chair, knocking him out. He then hit the already knocked out Neidhart in the head with the chair repeatedly.

Styles: Brock Lesnar is crazy!

Smith finally recovered a bit and dived at Lesnar and knocked him over. He threw a barrage of punches at Lesnar.

Styles: Smith is showing no mercy!

Harry went into the ring as Brock was kneeling on the ground outside. Harry then climbed the top turnbuckle and, when Brock had staggered up to his feet, dived down onto him in diving headbutt formation and cracked his head against Lesnar’s. Both men crashed to the ground and were completely out.

Styles: Harry Smith just sacrificed himself ot take out Lesnar!

Ric Flair and CM Punk, who had been brawling in the ring, finally picked up the pace. Punk tried to slow the match down just like he did the week before, but Flair reversed all of his rest holds and stated to school him in the later brawling portion of the match. Punk bumped around like a maniac for Flair. Flair hit a series of atomic drops, clotheslines, knee drops, and back body drops, among other things. With Lesnar, Smith, and Neidhart still out, Flair finally put the Figure Four on Punk, who submitted almost immediately.

Winners: Ric Flair and Harry Smith

Styles: Ric Flair wins the match and has proven that he can dish it out to Punk just as much as Punk can dish it out to him! But the real test will be next Saturday when these two have their second one-on-one match!

The cameras panned out a bit to show Punk on his back grabbing his knees, Flair celebrating, And Smith, Lesnar, and Neidhart lying on the outside.

Styles: The ringside area is a mess of bodies right now. What carnage and mayhem we just saw! But the FWE has promised to top themselves this Saturday. We’ll see you then!

The show faded out with the cameras focused on Flair’s hand being raised.

Rating: ***1/4

Overall Rating: 72

Ted made sure the posters for the next show went to print so they could promote immediately the next morning. The card was:

The Rematch: Ric Flair vs. CM Punk

International Four Corners Match: Chris Jericho (Canada) vs. Jushin Liger (Japan) vs. Doug Williams (United Kingdom) vs. Bryan Danielson (United States)

Falls Count Anywhere: Sabu vs. Necro Butcher

BJ Whitmer vs. Barry Windham

Brock Lesnar vs. Harry Smith

Colt Cabana, Marty Jannetty, and Ace Steel vs. Lex Luger, Mike Rotundo, and Kevin Sullivan

Vader vs. Hernandez

Michael Modest vs. Matt Stryker

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I realized the morning of the show that the arena we were using had been funded and created by Eddie and his business. It was a fairly small building which looked designed to hold only about 2,000, but it had arena-style seats. The seating reminded me a really nice movie theatre and there was even a big screen for the entrances.

Eddie was, again, nowhere to be seen. Ted said he was taking care of a lot of important business and he had been looking forward to tonight so that he could have fun and relax. It turned out about 600 other people had the same idea. I was again conflicted with whether or not I wanted to make decisions to entertain the masses or just specifically Eddie. I had bounced back and forth on several different decisions throughout the past few days before the show and hadn’t finalized the booking until just hours before everything started. In the end, I was more wishful that I had done the right thing than I was confident.

Note on the ratings: All matches are now accompanies by an excerpt from the review of a fictional writer (AJ Quinn). Since I don’t write move-for-move matches, I think this will help readers get more of a general idea of how the matches went down and were perceived by fans. Quinn is cynical, yet conveniently sympathetic to my cause in booking good shows. Imagine my luck. ;)

FWE Saturday Night Special

Sat. August 27, 2006

Local TV Station

Miami, Florida

Dark Match: Milano Collection AT vs. John Walters

This match didn’t appear on television, but it was planned to be included in the DVD release.

The match clocked in at about five and half minutes and was pretty back-and-forth. Milano was able to showcase much more of his ability than he was on Wednesday night in his match against Liger. Walters was also able to get in some offense too, but this was mainly a showcase of Milano Collection AT.

Milano eventually got the win after a Paradise Lock.

Winner: Milano Collection AT

[Quinn says: Decent stuff from both men for the time they were given. It would be nice to see what they could do with more time.]

Rating: **1/2

Styles: Welcome everyone to the FWE’s first Saturday Night Special! Tonight’s going to be our biggest night yet! We’re going to see a big six-man tag match pitting Colt Cabana, Ace Steel, and Marty Jannetty against the coalition of Lex Luger, Mike Rotundo, and Kevin Sullivan. We’ll also see a huge hardcore bout between Sabu and the Necro Butcher that promises to be a bloodfest. In addition, we’ll witness Brock Lesnar vs. Harry Smith, Vader vs. Hernandez, and the highly anticipated International Four Corners Match which will see Chris Jericho, Doug Williams, Jushin Liger, and Bryan Danielson wrestle for the honor of their countries. And for our huge main event we’ll witness the rematch between the legend Ric Flair and the man who beat him one-on-one a little over a week ago, CM Punk. But right now, let’s head to the ring where BJ Whitmer and Barry Windham are set to go at it once again.

BJ Whitmer vs. Barry Windham w/ Kevin Sullivan, Mike Rotundo, and Lex Luger

Whitmer came out alone, but Windham came down with Kevin Sullivan, Mike Rotundo, and Lex Luger.

Styles: BJ Whitmer doesn’t look too happy with Barry Windham’s entourage and I can’t say that I blame him.

Whitmer and Windham started the match as a straight up brawl, but their even contest soon saw some interference when Windham kept throwing Whitmer out of the ring and distracted the ref so that Sullivan, Rotundo, and Luger could get in a lot of free shots. When the match was in the ring Whitmer had to put up with the jeering of Sullivan and, occasionally, Luger. Rotundo kept quiet for the most part, but tripped Whitmer behind the ref’s back quite a bit. All three kept circling around the ring occasionally and kept Whitmer thinking more about them than about Windham.

The slow-paced match eventually came to a close when Windham hit a Tombstone Piledriver after Sullivan, from the apron, had hit Whitmer in the back of the head with brass knuckles.

Winner: Barry Windham

Styles: That’s the second cheap victory in a row for Barry Windham!

[Quinn says: All of the mischief going on outside of the ring kept the match from gaining any real flow, but it established the alliance between the four heels and kept both Windham and Whitmer strong. This was definitely more of a story match than a pure wrestling match.]

Rating: **1/2

Michael Modest vs. Matt Stryker

Matt Stryker came out to the ring first, followed by Michael Modest who had a mic.

Modest: Tonight, I shouldn’t be at the beginning of this card wrestling some nobody. I should be in the International Four Corners Match! I’ve beaten Chris Jericho and Bryan Danielson already, and tonight, I was going to get through Jushin Liger and Doug Williams in one match to prove to everyone that I am the best in the world. I’m going to show something the FWE booking committee that if they don’t give me what I want then there will be repercussions. Because tonight I’m going to injure one of their future stars, Matt Stryker, beyond repair.

Modest’s plan to injure Stryker seemed to be going well at first. He was delivering a lot of stiff strikes with his forearms and was stretching the hell out of Stryker, but the Cincinnati veteran soon made a comeback when he pulled off a desperate flying lariat successfully. Stryker followed up by hitting a few release german suplexes, which Joey called favorites of Stryker’s. Stryker got a few near falls, which really had the crowd pumped. Eventually Stryker went for the Death Valley Driver for the win, but Modest reversed out of it and hit a german suplex of his own followed by a quick Reality Check. He pinned Stryker and got the win.

Winner: Michael Modest

Styles: Stryker almost had this one locked away, but Modest’s experience and quick thinking got him the win. At the end of the day though, I think the grumpy bastard has been a bit humbled tonight.

[Quinn says: This was a lot better than I thought it would be, especially considering the disappointing performance from Stryker last Wednesday. I was a little surprised they gave Stryker so much time and offense here, but in the end I think he looked good and Modest still looked strong.]

Rating: ***

Fall Count Anywhere: Sabu vs. Necro Butcher

Four tables were set up at ringside, one at each side.

Styles: This is a match that a lot of hardcore wrestling fans have been waiting for. The suicidal, homicidal, and genocidal maniac, and former ECW Heavyweight Champion, Sabu will be set to defend his status as hardcore icon against a man that has pushed the definition of extreme over the past several years, the callous, unrelenting extremist, the Necro Butcher!

The match started off with a staredown. Necro threw the first wild punch, with Sabu following with one of his own. The violence quickly escalated when Sabu, after knocking Necro to the ground with a hard right hand, asked for a chair to be thrown into the ring. A fan did so and Sabu promptly threw it in Necro’s face. Sabu then slowly set the chair up in the middle of the ring and went for a Triple Jump Moonsault, but Necro got up in time and when Sabu was on the top rope, Necro pushed him off onto the table set up outside.

Styles: The Necro Butcher is showing no concern whatsoever to Sabu!

Necro followed up with a clumsy dive over the top rope that just barely hit Sabu. Joey acknowledged that Necro probably absorbed more punishment in that move as the two slowly stood at the same time. They again started to slug it out, this time outside of the ring. The fight spilled out into the audience at ringside.

Styles: The fans might want to watch out; both Sabu and the Necro Butcher seem more concerned with hurting each other than with making sure they don’t hurt anyone ringside.

After they brawled all around the arena, they returned near the guardrails and Butcher suplexed Sabu over the guardrail and onto the table.

Styles: Sabu has taken punishment from two of those tables now.

Necro entered the ring, climbed the turnbuckle, and went for a senton bomb onto Sabu, but Sabu moved out of the way, causing Necro to land on the concrete. Sabu crawled part of the way under the ring and reemerged with a metal spike.

Styles: Sabu is going to murder the Necro Butcher!

Sabu nailed Necro in the head with the spike over and over again until Necro was bleeding all over the place. It was about a 0.7 on the Muta scale.

Styles: Necro Butcher’s wearing the crimson mask.

Sabu took the fight back into the ring. They brawled around for a little while. Sabu went to launch Necro over the top rope and onto one of the tables, but Butcher had the move well scouted and landed (as gracefully as Butcher can) on the outside apron. Sabu though immediately went to the ropes on the other end and came crashing onto Butcher on the way back, sending both of them crashing onto the table. They brawled outside some more until they were both on the ring apron again, by the fourth and final table.

Styles: It looks like that last table isn’t going to make it!

Butcher eventually laid Sabu on the table and climbed the turnbuckle nearest it. His balance was a little off and he had to sit down. He got up again and was once more a bit off balance. While he tried to even himself out, Sabu popped up and hit him with a few right hands. Necro once again sat down, Sabu climbed the turnbuckle, and hit a hurricanrana on Necro, sending him crashing onto the table.

Styles: Sabu may have just put the Necro Butcher out of this match!

Sabu got back into the ring with a chair and used it to dive onto the ropes. He came crashing down onto Butcher from the top rope to the outside and hit him with a leg drop. He covered Butcher and got the three count.

Winner: Sabu

Styles: Sabu has come out the technical winner in this war, but I’m hesitant to say that either man has come out any better after tonight.

[Quinn says: This match was what it was. People were really raving about it, but I don’t know if I can share that same kind of enthusiasm. Don’t get me wrong, it was a lot of fun, but perhaps a bit overhyped. I have enjoyed Necro Butcher’s work lately, as he can work well with a certain few guys, but I’m not sure if Sabu is one of those guys. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good, entertaining match, but not on the level of his stuff against Samoa Joe or Low Ki. While those matches should pretty much appeal to most general wrestling fans, this one probably falls more into a niche category. Fans who miss ECW should enjoy this one quite a bit. It reminded me of some of the Sabu/Sandman matches. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is your call.]

Rating: ***

Colt Cabana, Marty Jannetty, and Ace Steel vs. Lex Luger, Mike Rotundo, and Kevin Sullivan w/ Barry Windham

Joey Styles went over how Colt Cabana had mocked Luger on the FWE’s debut show, how Luger aligned himself with Kevin Sullivan, Mike Rotundo, and Barry Windham and how Cabana and Steel brought Jannetty in as their tag team expert.

In the early portions of the match Cabana, Steel, and Jannetty showed off a lot of tag team maneuvers. Joey Styles said that it appeared as though their team was much more prepared than Luger’s.

Joey may have spoken too soon because the match took a different turn. Luger’s team showed their strategy by attempting to isolate Jannetty. Jannetty, though, was too crafty for them and reversed a lot of their moves and tagged in Steel. Luger was able to catch Steel in a powerslam and soon he and his partners were able to isolate him in their corner. They used a lot of quick tags to keep Steel there. Joey changed his mind and said that they definitely had a great strategy to counter Jannetty’s influence in using double-teaming moves and were working fluidly together.

Ace made a few close, yet failed attempts at a hot tag, but he was finally successful after hitting an enziguri on Rotundo. He then made the tag to Cabana. Cabana ran into the ring and took care of Sullivan, ran at him, by tossing him outside of the ring. Lex Luger ran into the ring and Jannetty did as well. Cabana and Jannetty double dropkicked Luger, sending him spilling outside of the ring. With their back turned to him, Windham climbed up to the apron. Steel noticed this and dived at him, pushing him off. Windham landing on his legs and, to take him out of the match, Steel nailed him with a suicide dive.

Styles: Ace Steel has neutralized Barry Windham!

Jannetty and Cabana then hit Rotundo with their kneeling/superkick combination that they used on Wednesday. Cabana rolled Rotundo up and got the pin.

Winners: Colt Cabana, Marty Jannetty, and Ace Steel

[Quinn says: This was a bit short, but I loved the double teaming stuff. It was definitely the most redeemable factor of the match. Like with Windham’s match earlier though, there was a bit too much underhandedness. Still, it was fun in a sort of novelty match kind of way. I wonder if they will keep the Cabana/Steel/Jannetty team intact.]

Rating: **1/2

Brock Lesnar vs. Harry Smith

Styles: Just last Wednesday the young Harry Smith took out the monster Brock Lesnar with a flying headbutt to the outside of the ring. Lesnar has been livid the past few days and has sworn that he will tear Harry Smith apart tonight. But if he underestimates Smith like he appeared to last Wednesday, he will almost definitely be in for a surprise.

Lesnar went to attack Smith as soon as he entered the ring, but Harry ducked his swings and came back with some of his own. He sent Lesnar to the ropes and came back with a high dropkick. Lesnar immediately rolled out of the ring while Smith played to the crowd. Joey took this time to note that Neidhart was not accompanying Smith tonight because doctors would not clear him quite yet after those massive chairshots to the head.

Lesnar kept on rolling back into the ring and, during the feeling out process, would roll back out.

Styles: Brock Lesnar is stalling, trying to frustrate Smith.

Styles mentioned that both men were considerably young for wrestling standards and, ironically, Smith actually had more ring experience. Joey noted that they both had very different types of experiences too. Smith had done a lot of traveling all over the world, while the bulk of Lesnar’s experience was in mainstream North American wrestling.

Eventually Harry was able to keep Lesnar in the ring by locking in a side headlock, but Lesnar reversed it into a back body drop and began dominating the match. He relied really heavily on MMA-style submission holds and occasionally would hit a power move if Smith seemed to be muscling out of them.

Styles: Lesnar’s MMA training is coming in handy.

Lesnar looked like he was going in for the kill when he hoisted Smith up on his shoulders, but Harry struggled out of Lesnar’s grip and maneuvered himself around so that he hit a bulldog.

Styles: Don’t count Harry Smith out yet!

Harry Smith was the first to get up. He hit Lesnar with some European uppercuts and then followed it up with a huge extended suplex. Smith followed up with a series of power moves as Joey questioned where Smith was getting his energy from. Eventually, Smith went to the top rope.

Styles: He’s going for the diving headbutt!

He launched himself at Lesnar, but Brock rolled out of the way at the last second.

Styles: Harry Smith just landed head first on the mat!

Brock picked Harry up and hit the F5 . He covered him, but Harry kicked out.

Styles: He kicked out of the F5! He kicked out of the F5!

Lesnar was pissed and hit two more consecutive F5s. He made the pin and won the match.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Styles: It took three F5s, but Brock Lesnar was finally able to take Harry Smith out. But I’m willing to bet that anyone in the back who underestimated Smith ealier won’t anymore.

[Quinn says: Harry Smith continues to impress in the FWE. Lesnar has been impressive from a character standpoint, but the MMA stuff in his matches is a bit dull. Harry really brought the goods here though and played a great underdog who made you believe that he could win right up until the end.]

Rating: ***

International Four Corners Match: Chris Jericho (Canada) vs. Jushin Liger (Japan) vs. Doug Williams (United Kingdom) vs. Bryan Danielson (United States)

Styles touted each man as among the elite from their respective countries. He felt that Liger had the most experience, Jericho had been the most successful, Williams had the best mind for strategy, and that Danielson was the most diverse. He also said that Danielson was the wild card since he had not wrestled any of these men in the FWE yet, although he did mention that he had previous encounters with both Williams and Liger in ROH.

Jericho and Liger started the match out and built on some of the sequences from their first match. They both reversed out of everything and the fans gave them a round of applause after they were through with the sequence. Both men tagged out.

Styles: Jericho and Liger are going to let Williams and Danielson have a go.

Unlike the Liger/Jericho sequence, where it was mostly even, the Danielson/Williams sequence saw Danielson as the aggressor and Williams reversing out of everything that he tried to do.

Styles: Danielson can’t seem to gain any momentum.

Finally, Danielson got frustrated enough that he tagged out to Liger. Liger and Williams did a short sequence, with Williams reversing out of everything that Liger was trying as well. At one point Williams threw Liger to the ropes. Danielson tagged Liger as he went to the rope, unbeknownst to Williams. Danielson climbed the top rope in his corner and dropkicked Williams from behind.

Styles: Well, that’s one way to take Williams down!

Danielson took Williams to the mat for a while until Doug was able to tag in Jericho. At this point it seemed that all of the other three men were picking on Danielson. Styles wondered if it was because of Danielson’s slightly cocky attitude. Eventually, when Danielson was in the ring with Williams, he was able to tag in Jericho.

Styles: Bryan Danielson finally got out of there. I don’t know how much more punishment he could withstand.

Williams eventually tagged in Liger. After Jericho and Liger went at it for some time, Jericho tried to tag in Danielson, but Bryan stepped down from the ring apron.

Styles: Bryan Danielson wants to conserve his energy, but he could be missing out on some good opportunities by doing so.

There was a lot of back and forth action between Williams, Jericho, and Liger, but Danielson mainly stayed out of it, outside of one blind tag that Jericho pulled off (although Danielson was able to tag out to Liger after just a single arm drag to Williams).

At about the 21 minute mark Danielson blind tagged himself in through Liger. He hit Jericho (who was in the ring with Liger) with a springboard dropkick. He then hit Liger with a release dragon suplex and then nailed Williams with a high dropkick to the face that sent Williams falling off the ring apron. Danielson then concentrated on Jericho again. He hit a german suplex followed by a dragon suplex into a pin for the three count.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

Styles: Bryan Danielson bided his time and got the win! I think his decision to attack Liger and Williams might seem questionable, but that’s what it took to get the victory.

[Quinn says: This was a real solid match with a lot of great pure wrestling. However, with Danielson being the only one who was willing to go the extra mile to win, it felt a bit bland. Don’t get he wrong idea though; this was a great effort by all guys. I liked how Jericho and Liger built off of their previous match (although since this wasn’t a singles match, that didn’t seep into any other part of the match other than the beginning), Williams’ constant reversals really put over his style, Danielson’s performance was a lot of fun.]

Rating: ***1/2

Vader vs. Hernandez

Styles made sure to remind viewers that Vader defeated Hernandez Wednesday night, but Hernandez attacked him after the match by throwing the big man to the outside of the ring.

This was a fairly short but impressive slugfest. Unlike the previous match, Hernandez was able to show off a lot more here by throwing the mammoth Vader around a little and even going to the top rope a few times. The big spot of the match was when Hernandez hit a flying cross body on Vader. He followed that up with a body splash from the top rope and made the cover. Vader actually managed to kick out by throwing Hernandez off a bit.

Styles: Vader’s strength is unbelievable!

Hernandez was unfazed and began to repeatedly stomp Vader. He lifted Vader up on the top turnbuckle and hit a massive superplex. He followed up with an elbow drop off of the top rope and made the cover for the win.

Winner: Hernandez

[Quinn says: This was a great power display for Hernandez, but outside of that, it felt like just a generic big man match. I’m all for Hernandez being pushed, but if this is all they plan on doing with Vader, it’s a real shame. With his most recent WWE appearances in mind, it’s starting to get frustrating seeing Vader not treated the way he deserves to be.]

Rating: **1/2

Ric Flair vs. CM Punk

Styles: Both of these men have a pin on each other so there’s a lot of pride at stake tonight. And I have to be honest, as much as I think CM Punk is an outright arrogant ass, his win on Flair was in a singles match while Flair’s was in a tag match, so I have to give him the edge here.

Punk and Flair got up in each other’s faces and started to trash talk. Punk slapped Flair and after pausing a bit Flair came back with a hard chop to the chest. Punk gave him one of his own and Flair fired back with another. They went back and forth for a while until Flair’s chops became so quick and hard, Punk retreated to the corner. Flair kept on firing with chops until Punk bailed out of the ring. Flair let out a “whoo!”

Styles: The Nature Boy is taking CM Punk to school!

Punk kept trying to get up no the ring apron to reenter the ring, but Flair would make a swipe at him and Punk would drop back down. After doing this three times, Punk poked Flair in the eyes and entered the ring.

Styles: Punk once again borrows a page from Flair’s book. It seems to be pattern.

Punk used a lot of underhanded techniques to keep Flair from gaining any momentum. He also made sure to humiliate Flair as much as possible. He shoved his face into the mat a few times when in submission holds, tugged at his hair to take him to the mat, and even pit in his face atone point. This did a lot to frustrate Flair, however, it didn’t do a lot to wear Flair down. All of the time he spent trying to embarrass Flair could have been spent beating him down.

The real downside to Punk’s strategy was that he overestimated how frustrated Flair would become. He had hoped to take him off of his game quite a bit, but Flair was able to come back mid-match with a lot of fire. Punk though, realizing that his strategy was not quite panning out, tried to top Flair in aggression. Just like Flair had out-chopped Punk previously, Punk wailed on Flair with some vicious chops of his own.

Styles: You can hear those all across the arena!

Although this seemed to work quite a bit for Punk, it ultimately just made Flair angrier. Flair stomped on Punk’s feet, connected with a few chops, and hit a vertical suplex. He kept on hitting Punk with a quick succession of moves. He then went to the top rope, but Punk caught him and sent him crashing to the mat. Punk dropped a few elbows on Flair’s knee and then locked in the Figure Four.

Styles: Punk is once again using Flair’s own moves against him!

Flair refused to give up and slowly managed to turn over and reverse the hold on Punk.

Styles: If anyone is going to know how to reverse out of the Figure Four, it’s going to be the master of the hold!

Punk reached the ropes and as they both stood up he knocked Flair down to his knees with some elbows to the head. Punk, who was close to the ropes, then hit a quick shining wizard, although it may not have been the best move as he grabbed his knee afterwards, obviously still hurting from the Figure Four. Punk slowly limped over to the top turnbuckle, but Flair, with a last ounce of strength, quickly hobbled over to the corner and knocked Punk off so that he crotched himself on the corner. Flair then set him up for a superplex, but Punk hit him with a few right hands and then quickly pulled off the Pepsi Plunge. He then covered Flair and got the three count.

Winner: CM Punk

Styles: CM Punk has done it again! He beat Flair one-on-one for the second time in a row!

Punk smugly smiled at Flair, who was out in the ring, as Joey talked about how big of a victory this was for Punk. He also wondered what this would do to Flair’s psyche.

The show faded out Punk continued to smile arrogantly at Flair.

[Quinn says: This was a step up from their last singles match. Punk’s mimicking Flair brings some character to the match and puts him over as an arrogant heel, but I am getting antsy to see him display his wider move set. But the real story here is Flair. It’s getting easy to sympathize with him and Punk does a lot as well to help you feel the frustration. Flair may not be as fluid and quick as he used to be, but his acting helps to tell a solid story here.]

Rating: ***1/2

Overall Rating: 74

As I left the arena to go home, the last person I expected to see was Classic Eddie. I was sure the ending to tonight’s show was not what he was hoping for at the moment.

“John,” Eddie said. “We need to have a talk.”

“Alright,” I said. “About what?”

“I think you know. You know me, John. And I think you know exactly what I’m going to say.”

“Eddie, listen. I don’t… uh…”

“I liked it. I didn’t think I would, but I have begun enjoying what you are doing. It reminds me of when I was a younger man and I would get angry at the wrestlers. I like that. It’s been a while since I have felt like that while watching a wrestling program. I thank you, John.”

I was a little more than a bit surprised. I said “thanks” and Eddie walked away to have some drinks with Flair and the rest of the boys at the bar. For the first time I felt like I had some freedom in what I wanted to do with the show.

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I really like the way this diary has started out. This is a spectacular example of how important a backstory can be to the diary overall, since it really does influence what you do in the ring. I do worry that getting Eddie's blessing so early while taking 'liberties' could hurt that interaction, though - I'm looking forward to the time when Eddie brings the hammer down about something and watching how the booking is forced to change in that regard. I really do hope that the strong connection between story and wrestling can be kept up, though - without that, this diary would really lose its strongest part.

It's hard to judge the wrestling part so early, since there's only so much you can do with four shows when you're taking over a new fed. However, I think you've established a pretty good core group of guys. Flair, Punk, Modest, Lesnar, Smith, Jericho, Danielson, and Liger seem like your top-level guys here, and you also have a solid group of guys set to work directly below them. The one thing that surprises me, though, is the lack of gimmicks. Being a fan from the old school to a degree, it seemed that Eddie would be more into some gimmicked wrestlers, which is something that FWE really doesn't have right now. The roster's set up pretty well right now, but I would like to see some future additions to the roster given something to help them stand out a little bit.

Overall, a great start to this diary, and it's one I look forward to every time it's update. Hopefully you'll be sticking with it - it's a story with a lot of great built-in plot points, and I really hope you can reach them all.

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I was doing some work for the FWE one afternoon at Eddie’s diner. We were getting ready to crown a champion and I wanted to make sure everything was in order. We had hung some posters up and had some commercials air that were a bit vague, so now we needed to get things rolling with it.

Eddie and Ted came walking up to me.

Listen, Eddie,” Ted said. “Don’t worry about this stuff. I’ll let the kid know.”

“No. I have been too busy with other business. I want to let him know myself. I do not like being so distant from any parts of my business.”

At this point it was a little awkward since I was right in front of them.

“You can come to me about anything, Classic,” I said.

Eddie smiled and then looked at Ted. “You see? He calls me Classic. Not Old School. That’s called respect.”

“Hey, I respect you, Eddie,” Ted said. “It’s just that everyone calls you Old School.”

Eddie shrugged him off. “John, we are bringing in a lot of new talent, okay?”

“Okay, that’s fine,” I said. “Are they all personal picks?”

“I owe some favors here, I owe some favors there. Other guys I like, others I think you would like. But none of that matters.”

“It should all be fine either way. Who all did you sign?”

Ted Jumped in. “We’ve got Apolo, Brian Jennings, Caprice Coleman, Chris Copeland, Cibernetico, Davey Andrews, Derek Wylde, Don Juan, Dan Maff, EZ Money, Glen Gilberti, Frankie Kazarian, Ikaitia Loa, Jon Moxley, Kevin Northcutt, Lex Lovett, Mike Desire, Onyx, Ryan Sakoda, Tack, and the Human Tornado.”

I was pretty overwhelmed. The list was way bigger than I imagined.

“Don’t worry about fitting everyone in at once,” Eddie said. “We’ll keep them busy in the meantime.”

“I should figure something out for all of them,” I said, but that was mostly wishful thinking.

Eddie smiled, expressed his gratitude and excused himself. Ted stuck around to discuss posters.

“What we’ll need,” I said. “Is to advertise a 16-man tournament with these names already included: Jushin Liger, Ric Flair, Chris Jericho, Bryan Danielson, Michael Modest, CM Punk, Harry Smith, Brock Lesnar, Doug Williams, and Vader. Advertise an 8-man match for Wednesday with Colt Cabana, Ace Steel, Marty Jannetty, and BJ Whitmer vs. Kevin Sullivan, Lex Luger, Barry Windham, and Mike Rotundo. The winning team will be included in the tournament. Also advertise Matt Stryker vs. Masada vs. John Walters vs. Milano Collectino AT with the winner being entered. As far as non-tournament activity this Wednesday goes, advertise Ric Flair vs. Chris Jericho, Sabu vs. Abdullah the Butcher, Doug Williams vs. Michael Modest, and the main event: CM Punk vs. Bryan Danielson.”


Wed. August 31, 2006

Local TV Station

Miami, Florida

Joey opened the show by hyping tonight’s matches and the tournament to crown a champion.

Ric Flair vs. Chris Jericho

Styles: Both Ric Flair and Chris Jericho have been entered into the tournament. But make no mistake about it; there may not seem like a lot at stake here, but the winner of this match is going to be headed into the tournament with a lot of momentum and the loser isn’t.

The big story of this match was the subtle transformation of Jericho going from a respectful competitor, to his old, arrogant self, and then back to being respectful. The arrogance wasn’t blatant, as it was mostly in a few of his actions here and there. He didn’t throw out any of his cocky covers, but once in a while he would grab the ropes while having Flair in abdominal stretch or telling the ref that Flair was pulling his hair. This type of behavior only really happened in the middle of the match. As the bout became more intense, Jericho concentrated more on the moves that he was doing. This proved to be the better strategy, as he was able to pin Flair after a sunset flip.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Styles: Chris Jericho gets a huge victory going into the tournament, but Ric Flair has only managed to begin a losing streak.

Flair looked pretty upset—more angry than sad. Jericho offered a handshake and he reluctantly obliged.

[Quinn says: The subtleties in Jericho’s performance made this match. Without them, this would probably be a little below three stars, as it was really the bulk of the story. I would go a bit further with the rating, but the ending was abrupt and I felt that, at points, Jericho wanted to wrestle a bit of a different match than Flair did. The last few sequences were good, but it just seemed like Jericho wanted to go a bit faster than Flair. But like I said, Jericho’s performance was great and it was nice to see him drift back into his old heel role for a few minutes.]

Rating: ***1/4

Colt Cabana Speaks for his Troops

Colt Cabana was backstage with Ace Steel, Marty Jannetty, and BJ Whitmer.

Cabana: Hi, everybody. I’m Colt Cabana. You may remember me from matches where I wrestled Lex Luger. And the week after that where I wrestled Barry Windham… and Lex Luger. And the week after that when I wrestled Mike Rotundo… and Lex Luger. And who can forget last Saturday where I was involved in an eight-man tag that had—you guessed it—Lex Luger on the other team. BJ Whitmer here has had a similar problem monotony like myself, Crazy Eyes Ace Steel, and Marty Jannetty have had. But it’s all going to end tonight because we’re parting ways with Luger’s alliance. Because the winning team is going to be included in the upcoming tournament to crown the first ever FWE Heavyweight Champion. So when we beat you guys we will be officially moving on to bigger and better things. You can bet on that.

Rating: 77

Colt Cabana, Ace Steel, Marty Jannetty, and BJ Whitmer vs. Lex Luger, Barry Windham, Kevin Sullivan, and Mike Rotundo

This match was fairly similar to the six-man match from the night before in regards to what Cabana, Jannetty, Steel, Luger, Sullivan, and Rotundo did. Whitmer and Windham both served as powerhouses in their teams and brought a lot of intensity to the match, making it quite a bit less comedic. Luger and Windham also did a lot of teamwork.

Whitmer was the real standout of the match. Cabana and Jannetty repeated a lot of Rockers spots, but Whitmer brought a lot of the momentum to the table for his team, at some point manhandling all four members of Luger’s team.

The ending to the match came after Cabana and Jannetty cleared the ring of Luger and Sullivan. Steel then took Rotundo out with a suicide dive, leaving Windham alone to Whitmer. Whitmer really took it to Windham for a little bit and then ended the match after a Wrist Clutch Exploder.

Winners: Colt Cabana, Ace Steel, Marty Jannetty, and BJ Whitmer

Styles: Colt Cabana, Ace Steel, Marty Jannetty, and BJ Whitmer are all going to be competing for the right to be the first ever FWE Heavyweight Champion!

As all four men celebrated, Sullivan and the rest attacked them from behind. Cabana, Steel, Whitmer, Luger, Sullivan, and Rotundo all took the fight outside of the ring, but Windham, who had a chair with him, cracked Jannetty in the head with a wild swing in the middle of the ring. He then followed up with a piledriver on the chair. All of the referees and road agents ran into the ring and separated the men. They had to help Jannetty to the back. He didn’t look good at all.

Styles: What a disgusting display of sportsmanship by Barry Windham! I think Jannetty’s status in the tournament is questionable at best.

[Quinn says: If you take Whitmer out of the equation, this is almost a complete rehash of the tag match last Saturday. On the plus side, Cabana and Jannetty were still entertaining and to see Whitmer unleash on Windham and the rest was nice to see. I hope this feud is about to finish though, as it looks like it’s gone on for about as long as it should.]

Rating: **1/2

Falls Count Anywhere: Sabu vs. Abdullah the Butcher

Styles: Sabu brought the Necro Butcher to the limit last Saturday, now he has the opportunity to do the same with another butcher—Abdullah the Butcher.

Sabu was pretty crazy in this match, going to the air and hitting Abdullah pretty accurately every time. Abdullah primarily just bumped for Sabu for the most part, but after a little while, he came back strong and Sabu did most of the bumping. Abdullah eventually took out the fork and just mauled Sabu’s forehead with it.

At around the nine minute mark Necro ran into the ring through the crowd.

Styles: It’s the Necro Butcher. And he has a bat wrapped with barbed wire!

Necro nailed Abdullah in the back with the bat to get him off of Sabu. He then started beating the hell out of Sabu with it. After beating on Sabu for a while, Necro got out a table and set it up inside the ring. He threw Sabu on top of the table, wrapped himself up wit the barbed wire from the bat and did a senton splash on top of Sabu from the top rope onto the table.

Styles: The Necro Butcher is crazy!

The ref finally threw the match out even though there were no DQs.

Winner: Draw

Styles: Referee Hiroyuki Unno has finally thrown this one out. The Necro Butcher has completely hijacked this night from Sabu and Abdullah.

Necro continued to beat down on Sabu but then Abdullah came from behind and started hitting Necro over the head with his fork. Necro tried to fight back, but Abdullah just retaliated with a few headbutts and then continued with the fork. Sabu then joined in on the fight, but Abdullah attacked him with the fork too.

Styles: It looks like Abdullah hasn’t forgotten about his match with Sabu. He still wants to keep it going.

The whole situation completely fell apart with all three men just beating the hell out of each other. Referees and road agents had to come down once again to calm the situation down and get all three men out of there.

[Quinn says: Okay, sue me, but I loved it. This was complete carnage. Sabu was actually looking fluid for once and the match was set up so that all Abdullah had to do to carry his weight was bring out that damn fork of his. Necro Butcher really brought the fun though. He might be blatantly ripping off the Sandman here, but whatever, it works. Some people might think 3 stars is a bit much, but I couldn’t help but enjoy myself for this one.]

Rating: ***

Matt Stryker vs. Milano Collection AT vs. John Walters vs. Masada

Styles: The winner here gets a spot in the tournament.

This one started with traditional tag rules, but broke down real quick. Each man’s strategy differed a bit from the others. Walter’s stood back from the most part and ran into to hit someone with a move occasionally. Joey noted that he looked to be biding his time and make the pin behind everyone’s back.

Masada, on the other hand, would concentrate on a single man and pretty much ignore the rest. The hope on Masada’s part was that if he didn’t occupy himself by worrying about the others, he could hit a few crucial moves and secure the win easier. Walters really neutralized him though because made sure to keep an eye on everyone and anytime that Masada seemed to be making any progress, Walters would make sure to knock him out of the ring or clothesline him and run out of the ring real quick.

Milano Collection also didn’t seem to pay attention to anymore than one person at a time, but his strategy was unique because, unlike Masada, he didn’t work solely on one person for too long. He would hit one person with a few things and then go for someone else. The thinking here was that he would slowly be wearing everyone down and his lack of idleness would make him a much harder target. Again, Walters fouled up those plans because he kept a much closer eye on everyone than either Milano or Masada were expecting.

Although Walters’ strategy helped in neutralizing Masada and Milano, it was Stryker’s approach that was best. His tactics were similar to Walters, but he was much more intense about what he did. Instead of staying idle he would really go after someone hard. After each move though, he made sure to look around and take notes on what everyone else was doing. If someone seemed to be making any progress, he would concentrate on them (in a way, this was similar to Milano’s strategy, just less random). This helped neutralize Walters, but Stryker actually left Walters alone most of the time and let him do a lot of the work for him. Because of this, he was able to stay on a single competitor for longer than he normally would have been able to. And because Masada and Milano’s strategy had little to do with watching the others, they left themselves more vulnerable to Walters’ attacks, leaving Stryker free to gain more momentum.

The ending eventually came when Masada and Milano were in the ring together. Walters was crouching on the outside, waiting to strike at the right moment and Stryker was also hanging on the outside, playing possum after being hit quite a while ago with a clothesline to the outside from Masada.

Masada caught Milano on the ropes and powerbombed him from the top. Walters then ran in and nailed a Lung Blower. At just the right moment, Stryker then ran in and hit a dragon suplex for the win.

Winner: Matt Stryker

Styles: Matt Stryker’s going to get a chance to be the first ever FWE Heavyweight Champion!

[Quinn says: Damn, these guys packed in a ton of action in the five minutes they had. Walters played his role well and Stryker came out looking really smart. I think it would be a mistake to go for 3 stars here as the match really was pretty short, but it comes pretty close.]

Rating: **3/4

Doug Williams vs. Michael Modest

Styles: It was just a few weeks ago that Modest said he was going to prove that he was better than Doug Williams and now he finally gets a chance to back those words up.

The match started off with Modest being very aggressive and Williams trying to slow the pace down with reversals and submissions, relying heavily on his European style. Because of this the pace was sporadic at first with both men trying to gain the advantage.

Styles: Both Modest and Williams want the match to be wrestled there way, it’s just a matter of time before one of them gains some momentum.

It was Modest who finally got things going his way after a tornado DDT. But instead of keeping the pace fast, he slowed it down and began to apply a variety of submissions.

Styles: Michael Modest is deciding to control the match by outwrestling Williams in the kind of match that he prefers.

Modest was able to gain a lot of momentum this way because as long as he was beating Williams in his own kind of match, a lot of Williams’ strategies couldn’t be used as he was used. However, as time went on, he waited for the right opportunities and did some reversals at some key moments. This started to make Modest panic a bit and he went for some risky moves. Williams was waiting for this though (and was actually trying to force Modest into making some risks) and was able to take advantage of the situation. Modest went for a double axe handle but Williams rolled behind Modest and hit a german suplex. Williams stood up, still holding onto Modest.

Styles: Williams is going for the second half of the Chaos Theory!

But Modest grabbed onto the nearby ropes at the last second and hit a stunner on Williams. He went for the cover.

Styles: One, two, and—No! Williams kicks out!

Modest didn’t hesitate though. He stood back, waited for Williams to stand up and Modest went for a strong lariat. Williams rolled out of the way again, but Modest was expecting him to and quickly turned around and nailed the lariat. Williams flew back on the top of his head and flipped onto his stomach.

Styles: What a clothesline!

Modest made the cover and one the match.

Winner: Michael Modest

Styles: Michael Modest had Williams’ strategy well scouted out, but this match definitely could have gone the other way as Williams showed great ring presence. Hopefully we will be in store for a rematch soon.

[Quinn says: The beginning was a bit awkward I though, but the ending sequence was quick and fluid. The psychology was also top notch. Timing is a bit of an issue once again though, but I think if a rematch was given just another five minutes or so they could have a match that got really close to reaching the 5-star region.]

Rating: ****

Tony Kozina vs. ?????

Tony Kozina came to the ring with a mic.

Styles: That’s Tony Kozina. We’ve been hearing about this guy internally in the FWE for a few weeks now.

Kozina: This is the fifth FWE show now and “The Tank” Tony Kozina hasn’t been booked for a match yet.

Styles: “The Tank”?

Kozina: Well, I’m sick of waiting around. “The Tank” is the kind of guy that makes things happen. I don’t wait for someone to make an impact, I make it on my own! So I’m going to throw out an open challenge right now! Anyone who wants a piece of Tony Kozina can come up to the ring right now and be my first victim!

With just a little wait, Vader’s music played and he storm to the ring.

Styles: It’s Vader!

Tony Kozina was wide-eyed and he dropped his mic.

Styles: Tony Kozina looks scared out of his mind!

Kozina gathered up a bit of strength and went chest-to-chest with Vader (which was more like chest-to-stomach). Kozina threw some punches at Vader’s stomach, but they didn’t make the big man budge. Vader swung some punches and threw Kozina around a bit. There was a small sequence where Vader nailed some hop tosses just to show how easy it was.

Styles: The Tank’s not necessarily living up to his name right now.

At one point though Vader had Kozina lifted up for a guerilla press slam, but Kozina wiggled out of it and nailed a DDT on the way down.

Styles: Vader may have underestimated Kozina.

Kozina immediately made a mistake by trying to shoulder block Vader.

Styles: But I think Kozina has underestimated Vader even more!

Vader finally put the match away by powerbombing Kozina and finishing him off with a Vaderbomb.

Winner: Vader

Styles: Tony Kozina may not have gotten close to beating Vader, but he has a ton of guts!

Vader helped the groggy Kozina to his feet and leaned him up on one of the corners.

[Quinn says: I was happy to finally see Tony Kozina debut, but I wish it was under different circumstances. This match was far from even and, in the long run, I hope decisions like this don’t hurt the smaller guys. But Kozina looked pretty good here and that DDT was awesome. Vader’s recent WWE run certainly doesn’t speak for his overall ability right now. He’s not anything like he used to be, but he can still move. This was a fun match, but maybe more of a novelty.]

Rating: **1/2

Jushin Liger vs. Jack Evans

Joey went over Evans’ work in Dragon Gate and ROH.

Similar to his match with Hernandez, Evans bumped like a madman in this match. The match actually started out fairly even for a few minutes, with Evans pulling off some crazy moves and Liger coming back with more ground-based moves. But Liger eventually took control and pretty much obliterated Evans. At three different points Liger struck Evans with palm strikes, the third which sent Evans spinning in the air.

Styles: Liger’s going to knock Evans out!

Liger finally managed to end the match after a Liger Bomb.

Winner: Jushin Liger

[Quinn says: It’s fun to see Liger get to manhandle someone and Evans is probably he most over the top bumper in the states right now. This match was only just over seven minutes, but it was non-stop the entire time. Here’s to hoping Evans evolves from his current status as bump machine though.]

Rating: ***

CM Punk Promises to Win the Title

CM Punk was backstage.

Punk: In just over two weeks the first ever FWE Heavyweight Champion will be crowned and I don’t think there’s any doubt who will wear that belt for the first time. Because the second I came into this promotion, I took over. I kicked Ric Flair’s ass off of the top of the mountain in just a matter of weeks. And now I’m going to finish the job and make my dominance official. Bryan Danielson, it continues with you tonight. And whether I face Ric Flair, Chris Jericho, Doug Williams, Jushin Liger, or even my old friends Colt Cabana and Ace Steel, I’m going to prove that I am the best talent in the FWE and no one is even close to passing me by.

Rating: 91

Brock Lesnar vs. Jim Neidhart w/ Harry Smith

Joey reminded the fans that Lesnar knocked Neidhart out last week and made him miss the Saturday show.

Lesnar just destroyed Neidhart in this match. Neidhart was able to engage in a slugfest at the beginning but Lesnar controlled the match for the most part. He threw Neidhart around in the beginning of the match and then did some mat work for the second half. He finally put the match away by making Neidhart tap to a chickenwing.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

Lesnar picked up the groggy Neidhart and then F5ed him twice. Harry Smith got up no the ring apron and Lesnar swatted him down. He then powerbombed Neidhart. Smith then slid in the ring and speared Lesnar to the ground. He and Lesnar traded rapid fire punches with Harry Smith surprisingly coming out on top. Smith then delivered a few snap suplexes and dropkicked Lesnar in the face, sending him spilling to the outside.

Styles: Harry Smith has taken tooth and nail to Brock Lesnar! Lesnar looks shocked! He didn’t think that Harry Smith could be that aggressive!

Lesnar backed away out of the ringside area, never keeping his eyes off of Smith.

[Quinn says: It’s a lot of fun to see Brock Lesnar throw people around who you aren’t used to seeing in that position, but that’s about as good as this one got.]

Rating: **

CM Punk vs. Bryan Danielson

Styles: This has the potential to be a huge main event, fans! Bryan Danielson’s coming off the heels of a big win the International Four Corners Match and CM Punk just defeated arguably the biggest legend in this business last Saturday, Ric Flair!

Both men stared each other down and talked trash. Punk finally slapped Danielson and Danielson responded with a very hard forearm to the face that sent Punk to the ground. Punk immediately got up to retaliate but Danielson came back with a series of forearms. Punk retreated to a corner and kicked at Danielson’s legs. To stop Punk, Danielson gave a quick low dropkick to Punk’s right leg. He then left the ring and used the post to help work on Punk’s leg.

Styles: Danielson saw Punk’s choice of offense and immediately targeted the part of the body that is vital to that strategy. Bryan Danielson is a wrestling machine and if you aren’t on your guard when you wrestle him, he will break you apart.

Danielson continued to work on Punk’s leg. Joey noted that even if Danielson neutralized the use of Punk’s legs, he could still lock in the Anaconda Vice.

At one point Punk backed out into a corner and when Danielson rushed in for the kill, Punk sidestepped him and slammed his head into the turnbuckle. Joey noted that Punk was just waiting for Danielson to get too comfortable in his strategy.

At this point Punk pretty much lost the use of his leg. He could pull off power moves like a german suplex, but the impact was lessened because he didn’t have the full use of his legs to help increase the impact. Joey said that Danielson picked a great body part to work on because almost every move relied on the legs in some way. But Punk found a way around it. He nailed a lot of DDTs, ace crushers, and eventually took Danielson to the mat, working on the neck.

Styles: CM Punk is working towards putting Danielson out with the Anaconda Vice.

Danielson was able to take the match in a different direction though. As long as he kept Punk on his feet, he had the advantage. Danielson started to throw Punk around and kept him moving. After a while he went for the sharpshooter.

Styles: Danielson is going for one of the most painful submissions in the business!

Punk wiggled out of the sharpshooter attempt and, with his left leg, kicked Danielson away onto the mat. He got up and stood in the middle of the ring. Danielson charged at Punk, and Punk again sidestepped him and sent him crashing into the ref, who was behind him. The ref fell out of the ring and Danielson was still standing. Punk dropped to his knees and when Danielson turned around, he low-blowed him. He then hit an STO and locked in the Anaconda Vice. Danielson crawled to the ropes and grabbed them, but the ref was still out. Punk kept the Vice locked in and then eventually rolled into the middle of the ring again. The ref finally got his act together and reentered the ring. Danielson had now been in the Vice for an excruciatingly long time and finally had to tap out.

Winner: CM Punk

Styles: CM Punk has defeated Bryan Danielson, but it wasn’t without controversy. It will be interesting to see how this match will affect the psyche of each of these men. But for now, CM Punk is building up to the winning streak of a lifetime.

The show faded looking at CM Punk exiting the ring, with Bryan Danielson in the background lying down on the mat.

[Quinn says: This is definitely the FWE’s best match so far. Both guys started intense and kept that up the entire time. Punk snuck in some stuff from Flair’s book, which was some nice continuity. They worked on the right body parts, sold the right stuff, and everything flowed well. My only major complaint is that Punk ha to cheat to win, which took away from the match. I know they wanted to put over how Flair’s matches influenced who Punk is as a wrestler, but I wish it should have been done in a way that didn’t taint the ending. Still an awesome match though.]

Rating: ****1/2

Overall Rating: 74

The posters for our next big show Night of the Champion went out the next morning. They advertised the tournament, with the first round set to take place the next week. This is what it looked like:

Jushin Liger

Harry Smith

Colt Cabana

Chris Jericho

Ric Flair


Brock Lesnar

Matt Stryker

Marty Jannetty

Bryan Danielson

BJ Whitmer

Michael Modest

CM Punk

Doug Williams

Ace Steel


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FWE TV: Tournament Night (extended hours)

Wed. September 7, 2006

Local TV Station

Miami, Florida

Joey Styles welcomed everyone to the show. He said that tonight was FWE’s Tournament Night and all of the matches would be first round matches in the tournament to crown the first ever FWE Heavyweight Champion. He said that they had extended hours tonight, so they could go on as long as needed. He ran down the tournament brackets.

Jushin Liger

Harry Smith

Colt Cabana

Chris Jericho

Ric Flair


Brock Lesnar

Matt Stryker

Marty Jannetty

Bryan Danielson

BJ Whitmer

Michael Modest

CM Punk

Doug Williams

Ace Steel


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Wed. September 14, 2006

Local TV Station

Miami, Florida

Joey opened the show by announcing some of the matches for the night. He said that we would see the second round bouts in the tournament to crown the first FWE Heavyweight Champion. We would be seeing Bryan Danielson vs. BJ Whitmer, Chris Jericho vs. Jushin Liger, CM Punk vs. Vader, and, in the main event, Ric Flair vs. Brock Lesnar. Joey said that all of those matches could go either way. He also wondered what, if any, kind of influence the chief of the booking committee, Don Callis, would have tonight.

Styles also made sure to announce that their next big event, the second show to be held in the arena, would happen a week from this Saturday and would feature the two semi-final matches of the tournament. He said that more matches would be announced as the night progressed. He also noted that it was going to be titled The Night of the Champion.

Second Round Tournament Match: Bryan Danielson vs. BJ Whitmer

Styles: Bryan Danielson, who is undoubtedly one of the best wrestlers in the world, has been on quite a roll lately, but you also can’t deny the momentum that BJ Whitmer has going into this match tonight.

This match started out as a slugfest, thanks mostly to Whitmer. Joey noted that Danielson typically likes to be the aggressor, but Whitmer was showing much more aggression tonight. He also noted you could see in Whitmer’s actions how hungry he was to win that title.

Danielson, though, was not outdone by Whitmer. While Whitmer may have shown a lot of intensity, Danielson was a bit of a smarter wrestler. To match Whitmer’s aggression, Danielson pulled out some moves that he rarely uses, like a spinning heel kick, to knock Whitmer off his game. He wanted to throw him off by doing things outside of his opponent’s expectations. When he was able to gain some momentum in his direction, he took Whitmer to the ground. It was obvious that Whitmer wanted to fight more than he wanted to mat wrestle, so Danielson did all that he could to keep the match on the ground. Whitmer was obviously frustrated with this and generally did poorly during the submission sequences.

However, Whitmer was able to slug it out with Danielson near the end of the match where he made his comeback. Joey, who was noting Danielson’s strategy, thought that Danielson seemed really off his game against Whitmer when they were brawling. There were a ton of near falls, which had the crowd popping huge. Fortunately for Danielson, he managed to hit a few crucial moves near the end of the match, including a brutal dragon suplex. He ended the match after locking in Cattle Mutilation, which forced Whitmer to tap.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

Styles: Bryan Danielson is going to the semi-finals to wrestle the winner of the Vader/Punk match later tonight!

Danielson acted a bit smug after the match, which was pretty consistent with his earlier actions, since he was heeling it up a bit. But he offered Whitmer a handshake, which was accepted.

Styles: Bryan Danielson may not be the most humble guy in professional wrestling, but he definitely respects his opponents.

[Quinn says: The opening stuff was pretty good, the middle portions where Danielson controlled the match were a bit boring, and the ending was some intense stuff. I feel a bit conflicted. Although the middle parts, where Danielson kept the match on the mat, was pretty slow and dragged on, it really helped make the crowd go nuts when the match picked up speed. Danielson made sure that the audience didn’t get too bored, but I thought it was a bit weak even so. Still, the rest of the match was either good, or off the charts.]

Rating: ***1/4

The Onslaught Express (Greg Pawluck and Ash Parker) vs. Chad Collyer and John Walters

This was pretty much a complete squash. Joey called Pawluck and Parker technical experts and they proved it in this match. They made a lot of quick tags in and out and hit Collyer and Walters with a barrage of quick moves.

Styles: Not only are Pawluck and Parker technical machines, but they are also apparently great tag team workers!

The Onslaught Express won the match around the 4:00 mark after making Collyer submit to a boston crab/camel clutch combo (Pawluck with the crab, Parker with the clutch).

Winners: The Onslaught Express

Styles: With tag team talent like this, you can’t help but think a tag team championship may just around the corner for the FWE.

[Quinn says: Quick and inoffensive. I’d like to see Walters and Collyer actually do something other than job, but Pawluck and Parker make a good team and I’m glad they look to be starting a division.]

Rating: **3/4

Brock Lesnar Attacks Harry Smith

Harry Smith was backstage with Kevin Kelly.

Kelly: Harry Smith, so far in the FWE you have been very impressive, but you haven’t yet had your first big victory. How has this affected your performances?

Smith: You know what I’ve noticed in the past few weeks, Kevin Kelly? There are a lot of people out there who support me. A lot of people who believe that I have what it takes to be the greatest wrestler in this sport. And there are just as many people who think I’m just some overhyped kid from a famous wrestling family. And while I appreciate all of those who support me, it’s the doubters out there that keep me motivated. So you ask me how my performances have affected me lately? Well, the more time goes on, the more motivated I get. The hungrier I am, the ore intense my performances will get. And I have my sights deadset on one man: Brock Lesnar. Brock, you think you may be one of the biggest monsters in this sport, but when you mess with the wellbeing of my family, you’re going to see me…

All of a sudden Brock Lesnar attacked Smith from behind. He knocked him to the ground and destroyed him with a barrage of punches. Lesnar then stood up and smirked a little, looking down at Smith. He then turned to Kelly and grabbed his mic.

Lesnar: This is the future of professional wrestling? This piece of crap lying on the floor? This kid I just knocked out? Harry Smith isn’t the future. He’s a joke.

Lesnar laughed a little, dropped the mic, and left.

Rating: 69

Tony Kozina vs. Matt Stryker

Kozina came to the ring with a mic.

Kozina: Vader, a few weeks ago I wrestled you and you destroyed me. I’ll admit, when I made an open challenge, I didn’t expect someone like you to answer the call. But you know what that tells me? That deep down, you fear me!

Styles: Is he joking?

Kozina: Oh yeah, you heard me right, big man. You fear me, Vader. You see my potential and you want to dispose of me before the The Tank takes you out. Well, I’m not going anywhere, Vader. In fact, I’m training for the rematch I rightfully deserve. So when you see what I do to Matt Stryker tonight, remember: you’re next!

Styles: You know, I have to applaud Tony Kozina for his guts, but he was manhandled by Vader the last time they were in the ring. This is just my opinion, but I don’t think he’s anywhere near the level he needs to be to beat Vader.

This was a pretty short, energetic match. Kozina started off really cocky, but that did not last long. Stryker poured on the quick offense, taking Kozina down with shoulder blocks and suplexes. Joey noted that if Stryker could take Kozina down with shoulder blocks, what would he do if Vader tried?

Stryker eventually won after a Death Valley Driver.

Winner: Matt Stryker

Styles: If Tony Kozina is training for a rematch with Vader, I think he has a long way to go!

[Quinn says: Both of these guys really stuck to the basics and didn’t try to wow the audience with spectacular looking moves, which really worked. It was a little on the short side though. I hope the stuff with Kozina doesn’t lead to a burial, because that’s where it looks like it’s headed. Good to see there is some faith in Stryker though.]

Rating: **3/4

Second Round Tournament Match: Chris Jericho vs. Jushin Liger

This was a bit similar from their first encounter, but Jericho definitely heeled it up a lot more. He didn’t resort to cheating at all, but he definitely acted very cocky and at one point went for the patented arrogant cover.

Liger was really at the top of his game though. Every time Jericho showed a lot of arrogance, Liger would come back with some strong moves, as one point hitting a massive palm strike that got a close two count.

At about the halfway point, Don Callis came out and watched the match from the entrance.

Styles: Who knows what Don Callis is up to, but you have to bet that it has something to do with his quest to mold the FWE into the image he has created.

Neither man paid any attention to Callis, so the match was unaffected by his presence.

The fairly even match started to pick up eventually and Jericho really started to target the legs, after a few successful dragon screws. He finally got Liger in the Liontamer and forced him to submit.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Styles: Chris Jericho goes 2-0 with Liger and will face the winner of tonight’s main event in the semi-finals.

Don Callis looked really interested in the outcome of the match and left the ringside area as Jericho helped Liger up.

Styles: Jericho’s looking much more cordial now than he was a few minutes ago.

[Quinn says: Another awesome match from these two. I actually think they stepped up their game from last time. Jericho’s gradual shift to his heel persona is intriguing, but I do think that Liger needs to be in some kind of program before he becomes stale. But this was just a fantastic match all around. Maybe the best yet in the FWE.]

Rating: ****3/4

The Two Towers (Barry Windham and Lex Luger) w/ Kevin Sullivan and Mike Rotundo vs. Colt Cabana and Marty Jannetty w/ Ace Steel

Joey announced that The Night of the Champion would feature a big 8-Man Single Elimination Tag Match pitting Kevin Sullivan, Lex Luger, Barry Windham, and Mike Rotundo against Colt Cabana, Ace Steel, Marty Jannetty, and BJ Whitmer. Joey said that this would end the feud once and for all and also wondered if Whitmer wasn’t present for this match because he just finished a brutal match against Bryan Danielson or because he wanted to distance himself from his teammates.

This was a pretty standard affair, with Cabana and Jannetty doing a lot of double team maneuvers. Cabana utilized a lot of old school offense, hitting arm drags, atomic drops, and the like. He kept his offense really simple. Joey called it an ode to the golden days of the Rockers.

However, this wasn’t enough to get them the victory. Although Ace Steel did his best to keep Sullivan and Rotundo busy, it was a two-against-one affair and Sullivan and Rotundo were able to distract Cabana and Jannetty during some crucial moments.

There were a series of near falls for Cabana’s team near the end of the match, but eventually Windham was able to dispose of Cabana by clotheslining him out of the ring, giving Luger enough time to lock in the Torture Rack and make Jannetty submit.

Winners: The Two Towers

Anarchy let loose at this point, as neither team had to worry about disqualification anymore. Steel went apeshit on Rotundo, diving on top of him from the ring apron and throwing wild punches all around. But while Steel was occupied, Sullivan lifted Cabana into the ring. Luger launched Jannetty out of the ring, prompting Windham to follow outside of the ring and keep him at bay. Sullivan then grabbed the mic.

Sullivan: This is what I promised you, Luger. You help us with our little Whitmer problem and we’ll help you get revenge on Cabana.

Sullivan then pulled a spike out of his pants pocket and handed it to Luger. Luger grabbed it and started beating the hell out of Cabana’s forehead with it, making his enemy bleed. Steel tried to run in the ring, but he was pretty worn out from fighting with Rotundo. Sullivan easily stomped him to the ground and threw him outside. Luger beat on Cabana for quite a while more and finally stood up, smiling. Sullivan screamed at him to give more punishment. But just then BJ Whitmer ran in the ring. He clotheslined Sullivan out. Luger ran at him, but Whitmer caught him and delivered an exploder. As Luger rolled out of the ring, Rotundo ran in, but Whitmer grabbed the back of his head and launched him right back out over the top rope. Windham then entered the ring. Whitmer and Windham stood tow-to-toe and slugged it out. Whitmer was eventually able to hit the Wrist Clutch Exploder and threw Windham out afterwards. Steel and Jannetty entered the ring and helped Cabana stand up, as the four men stood beaten and defeated, yet tall.

Styles: Kevin Sullivan may have helped Lex Luger get his revenge on Colt Cabana, but his Whitmer problem has been far from solved. It looks like their last chance will be at The Night of the Champion in the 8-Man Single Elimination Tag Match!

[Quinn says: Jeez, I wonder why Luger and Windham aren’t going by their old name. As far as the match goes, it was completely standard stuff. Nothing new from these guys at all. And after Cabana’s match last week with Jericho, I think that’s a shame. Nonetheless, the post-match happenings were exactly what this feud needed to give it just a bit more fuel until the blow-off match. I’m not horribly excited, but at least Cabana has some much needed motivation to defeat Luger.]

Rating: **1/2

Abdullah, Sabu, and Necro Butcher Brawl

Abdullah the Butcher came out for his match against Mike Enos, but was jumped by Necro Butcher.

Styles: It looks like the Necro Butcher hasn’t forgotten about the forking he got last week!

Necro was really taking it to Abdullah before Sabu came out. The Butchers were fighting on the floor, so Sabu got up on the ring apron and hit an asai moonsault.

Styles: An asai moonsault on the Butchers! And now is probably the best time to announce that at The Night of the Champion, a Hardcore Three-way match between these men will go down.

As Joey said this, Necro threw some wild punches at Sabu, sending Sabu flying into the crowd.

Styles: But I’m not sure if an arena can hold these three!

All three guys went crazy fighting all over the place. At one point Necro sent a large light post crashing down, narrowly missing Abdullah and Sabu.

Styles: The Necro Butcher is out to kill!

There were also a few fans (that were plants) who got in the way of the fighting and were knocked out in the process. Abdullah basically spent the whole time forking the hell out of Sabu and Necro, while Sabu and Necro were responsible for some of the crazier spots.

Finally, the entire locker room (minus CM Punk, Ric Flair, Brock Lesnar, Michael Modest, Sullivan and his crew, and Cabana and his crew) came out and broke the fight up. The whole ringside area was a mess from the brawl and Joey wondered if the Three-way match would be called off.

Rating: 69

Second Round Tournament Match: Vader vs. CM Punk

Joey said that Punk had been very impressive in the FWE so far, but he had not fought someone the size of Vader yet. He added that there were a lot of wrestlers who, despite a solid record in many other circumstance, failed to achieve greatness because they could not equalize the advantage some of the great bigger men had in their size.

Punk stalled like crazy in the beginning portions of this match, which really frustrated Vader. He was finally able to take Vader down after frustrating him enough by clipping his legs.

Styles: Tony Kozina might want to take some notes on Punk’s strategy!

Punk’s upperhand was short-lived though, as Vader soon caught Punk in a bodyslam and continued to deliver some quick punishment to him by delivering a series of power moves. Joey noted that Vader didn’t leave a lot of room for his opponents to breath.

However, Punk kept working on Vader’s legs and it eventually wore down the big man. Punk locked in the figure four at one point.

Styles: CM Punk is using Flair’s own move!

But Vader was too powerful to keep in the middle of the ring, as he kept reaching the ropes. Punk kept working on his legs though and eventually was able to roll him up for the win.

Winner: CM Punk

Styles: The first official semi-finals match is set! Ten days from tonight CM Punk and Bryan Danielson will square off for the second time in the FWE and the winner will be in the finals of the tournament!

[Quinn says: This was a bit disappointing, but Vader definitely isn’t the man he used to be, so I’m not sure why my expectations were as high as they were. However, Punk worked a really smart match, as he substituted flashy ring work for a simple strategy. This gets a lot of credit for solid psychology, but also loses a lot for the stalling.]

Rating: ***

Punk Isn’t Done Yet

Punk, who was still in the ring, grabbed the mic.

Punk: If there was any doubt before tonight as to who the top wrestler in the FWE is, then this damn well better silence it. What more do I have to prove? I’ve beaten Ric Flair twice. I’ve beaten Bryan Danielson. I’ve beaten Doug Williams, one of the best wrestlers in Europe. And now I just beat Vader, one of the best big men in wrestling history. What else is there left for me to do? Who else is a threat? Chris Jericho? Jushin Liger? I already pinned the guy who beat them. Those garbage wrestlers who were just out here wrecking the set? What they do is a joke and they don’t deserve to be in the same ring as me. How about Harry Smith? Are you going to throw that overrated piece of crap at me? Brock Lesnar? Michael Modest?

Punk paused.

Punk: I’m not here to play games. I’m not here to pretend to be an MMA wrestler, to carryon my family’s honor. I’m here for myself to prove to the world that I am the best professional wrestler in the world! I’m serious about what I do. I don’t give a damn about living up to my family’s expectations. I don’t give a damn about MMA. And I don’t give a damn about respecting veterans. I’m here for me. For CM Punk. And in ten days, at The Night of the Champion, at the night of CM Punk, I’m going to prove to everyone that I am the best wrestler in the FWE.

Rating: 84

Michael Modest vs. Doug Williams

This was a really intense match. Michael Modest looked like he was in a bad mood and Williams knew he was in for a fight, and thus looked a little less cheerful than usual.

Styles: That grumpy bastard Michael Modest is clearly angry that he didn’t advance in the tournament last week and I think he plans on taking his frustration out on Doug Williams tonight.

As the match progressed from the feeling out process to more heavy-hitting moves, Joey noted that Modest had taken BJ Whitmer to the limit in one of the best matches so far in the FWE. He also said that Williams was quickly becoming one of the top wrestlers in the world.

Williams showed much more aggression in this match than he normally had been. However, Modest came back with some real heavy offense, causing Williams to quickly go back to his normal tactics of playing it safe and waiting for his opponent to make a mistake. This strategy worked very well, as Modest, who assumed Williams was going for an outright brawl, was completely caught off guard and a lot of his offense was initially reversed as soon as Williams switched up his strategy.

Styles: Doug Williams is teaching the experienced Michael Modest a thing or two about reversals.

Modest looked furious, which seemed to take him off his game even more. Joey noted that anger can sometimes further motivate a wrestler or further discourage them, and in this case it seemed to be discouraging Modest.

Modest, though, was able to utilize a lot of reversals of his own. And at one point the match seemed to be more about who could torture the other the most by using submissions. This was a bit of a more even bout, but ultimately Williams seemed to come out on top, as Joey reminded us that he was the Human Torture Device.

Near the end of the match there were a ton of near falls, as Modest started busting out a variety of suplexes, but Williams was able to get the win after nailing Modest with the Chaos Theory.

Winner: Doug Williams

[Quinn says: I was really surprised by this, as I didn’t think they would give it enough time to be as good as it was, considering there are seemingly more important matches on the card. But the reversals and submission exchanges here were real intense. It’s refreshing to see two guys make submissions seem so important. However, it would have been nice to see them work on more specific body parts. As it was, it seemed more like a submissions version of a spotfest. But that’s my only complaint. Both of these guys broke out the good stuff. Modest is quickly becoming one of the FWE’s best and Williams isn’t far behind.]

Rating: ****

Second Round Tournament Match: Ric Flair vs. Brock Lesnar

Joey noted that this may be Flair’s biggest challenge yet, as Lesnar has been a champion in both the United States and Japan. He also noted his amateur background, football training, and recent MMA training.

Styles: Of all of the men in the FWE, Brock Lesnar is the single most all-around athlete that this promotion, and possibly all of wrestling, has to offer. But, when it comes down to it, no matter what kind of a physical beast he may be, Brock Lesnar will still have to get through the dirtiest player in the game. And I don’t care if you’ve been trained in ever sport known to man, when Ric Flair nails you with a low blow, it damn well is going to hurt!

Flair and Lesnar stared each other down and talked trash for a bit. Joey talked about how their styles were so different from each other, it would be very difficult to predict this one.

Lesnar was the first one to take a swing, prompting Flair to come back with a chop. They went back and forth like this for a little while until Flair backed Lesnar into a corner, stomped on his feet, and delivered a few quick chops to the chest.

Styles: It may not be the most graceful strategy, but it’s working!

After a while, Lesnar’s chest started to become very red.

Styles: Look at the chest of Brock Lesnar!

Lesnar finally had enough of the chopping and came back with a lariat and suplex. Lesnar started to dominate the match, using simple offense to wear Flair down. However, at one point, Flair rolled to the outside and it looked like he was hurt. The ref started counting him out and at nine, Flair rolled in and out again.

Styles: It looks like the match may need to be stopped.

Lesnar looked irritated, but he knew that if Flair didn’t return to the match, he would have the match won. But Flair eventually got in the ring and stayed in. He was limping around.

Styles: Flair might be vulnerable enough for an easy win for Lesnar.

Lesnar charged in for the kill, but Flair ducked him, moving just fine now, and came back with some boxing fists to the face.

Styles: Flair was playing possum!

At this point Flair resorted to every trick in the book to the frustration of Lesnar. Lesnar wasn’t counted out though. He spent a good amount of time dominating, but just didn’t gain a lot of momentum due to Flair’s dirty tricks. At some point though, Flair was able to low blow Lesnar behind the ref’s back and roll him up. Lesnar kicked out at three. Flair then kept Lesnar down, grabbed his legs, and kicked him in the chest a bit. He then locked on the Figure Four.

Styles: Figure Four! Flair’s locked in the Figure Four! But Brock Lesnar’s legs are thick as tree trunks and Flair hasn’t worked on them very much this entire match!

Flair kept the Figure Four locked in for quite a long time, keeping Lesnar in the middle of the ring. Lesnar, however, refused to submit. When he eventually reached the ropes, it took him a bit to climb up. As soon as he did, Flair kicked his legs from underneath him.

Styles: Lesnar’s legs hadn’t been worked over earlier, but they’re not in the best shape anymore! And without a sufficient amount of leg power, Lesnar will be unable to do a lot of the power moves that he favors.

Flair continued to target Lesnar’s legs as Lesnar tried to apply some MMA-style submission holds. However, Flair had him well-scouted out and kept the match off the ground. When it seemed like Lesnar’s legs were shot, Flair reapplied the Figure Four. Lesnar refused to tap for quite some time. He rolled over and reversed the move on Flair, but could not hold it for very long due to his hurt legs. Flair then reversed the move back into the original Figure Four. Lesnar again held on for a while, but eventually had to tap.

Winner: Ric Flair

Styles: Ric Flair has won! He’s going to wrestle Chris Jericho ten days from now in the semi-finals at The Night of the Champion!

Ric Flair, exhausted, celebrated as the show faded to black.

[Quinn says: Boy, that early portion was pretty boring, but as soon as Flair started working on the legs, it really picked up. I also didn’t mind the cheat-to-win stuff before that, but it wasn’t really picking up the pace enough. But the leg work was really good and it made Lesnar look like a tough bastard since he refused to give up for so long. Everyone looked good after this one.]

Rating: ***1/4

Overall Rating: 71

Ted approached me after the show.

“Bad news, kid. Sabu got hurt during that brawl.”

“How bad is it?” I asked. “Will he be able to wrestle at the big show?”

“I’m not sure if he will ever be able to wrestle again. But listen, Old School’s going to take care of his bills and everything. You just figure out what to do about the show.”

“Yeah, you guys have to get those fliers out, don’t you?”

“No, we’re not doing anymore fliers. As of tomorrow, we’ll have the website up and running. The hype for our promotion is getting pretty big. The DVDs are selling well and we want to make sure we can reach as many people as possible. This is actually becoming profitable.”

“That’s great news.”

“But about that Sabu match…”

“Right, right. I don’t think we’ll need a replacement. If there’s a neutral party in the match, then it will take away from the hatred. Unless we added someone who is friends with Sabu. Let’s wait a bit on this. As far as I’m concerned now, we’ll keep it a one-on-one match. But I have a few ideas that may or may not pan out.”

“Good. We’ll talk about that all later. I gotta get to the hospital to tae care of some business with Sabu.”

The Night of the Champion Card (so far)

Semi-Final Tournament Match: Ric Flair vs. Chris Jericho

Semi-Final Tournament Match: CM Punk vs. Bryan Danielson

Final Tournament Match: Ric Flair or Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk or Bryan Danielson

Necro Butcher vs. Abdullah the Butcher vs. Possible Replacement for Sabu

8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match: Colt Cabana, Ace Steel, Marty Jannetty, and BJ Whitmer vs. Kevin Sullivan, Mike Roundo, Lex Luger, and Barry Windham

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For those not totally familiar with some of the wrestlers used in this diary:

Colt Cabana raps

A Necro Butcher video

A Harry Smith/TJ Wilson highlight video. Harry's in the shorts, unless my eyes are playing tricks on me.

Jack Evans video

Doug Williams hits the Chaos Theory

A Matt Stryker match

Milano Collection AT match

There were a few that I could not find any videos for, but this is pretty good. I just thought this would help put some visuals together for anyone who might be reading this regularly.

Also, I might as well note it here, but Milano Collection AT has been injured for a weeks and will be out for quite a while.

Thanks for reading and I hope you're enjoying this as much as I have enjoyed writing it so far.

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Ted came up to me in a hurry just hours before the show.

“Sabu’s going to wrestle,” he said.


“He found some idiot doctor to clear him. It’s far from legit, I think. It looks like he’s afraid of Old School.”


“You haven’t heard any of the stories yet?” Ted looked surprised.

“I, uh… get the general idea.”

“Some guys think they need to be a little more concerned than they should be. Make sure not to book him in a match though. We don’t want him hurting himself anymore than he has.”

“Is he on for the show this Saturday?”

“I’m trying to talk him out of it, but for now, keep him on the show tonight in some capacity.”


Wed. September 21, 2006

Local TV Station

Miami, Florida

Joey went over the card for the night. He said we would be seeing a special Falls Count Anywhere Match between The Towers and Colt Cabana and BJ Whitmer. He also hyped Doug Williams vs. Chad Collyer, Abdullah the Butcher vs. Tracy Smothers, Matt Stryker vs. Hernandez, Harry Smith vs. Jushin Liger, and the main event, Chris Jericho and CM Punk vs. Ric Flair and Bryan Danielson. He also noted that Brock Lesnar was suspended for the night because of his actions last week.

Falls Count Anywhere: TheTowers vs. Colt Cabana and BJ Whitmer

Joey said that Kevin Sullivan, Mike Rotundo, Ace Steel, and Marty Jannetty were banned from ringside. He also questioned the decision to have Whitmer in this match instead of Ace Steel since Cabana and Steel have tagged with each other a lot in the past. However, he did note that Whitmer had been on on a huge roll lately.

This was a real bloody match. Luger and Windham dominated in the early portions of the match. Joey noted that the Towers had been in some of the most brutal brawls in the past and their experience was showing. However, the youth and energy of Cabana and Whitmer matched this experience. The brawl spilled all over the ringside area, but once it entered back in the ring, Cabana and Whitmer had complete control over what was going on. With blood on both of their faces, Cabana and Whitmer played to the crowd and signaled that they were going to end the match soon.

However, Luger and Windham were able to make a comeback while Cabana and Whitmer were too busy playing to the crowd. After dumping Cabana out of the ring, Luger and Windham hit a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo (with luger hitting the powerbomb) for the win.

Winners: The Two Towers

The fight didn’t stop though. Luger and Windham kept on beating Cabana and Whitmer up. After a while though Cabana and Whitmer fought back. Things got completely out of hand when Kevin Sullivan, Mike Rotundo, Ace Steel, and Marty Jannetty ran in the ring and joined the fight. Sullivan and his crew took complete control and left Cabana’s team lying on the outside as they celebrated in the ring.

Styles: This feud has been complete anarchy! And it will all come to an end this Saturday after the 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match!

[Quinn says: This is exactly the kind of stuff this feud needed. I like Jannetty’s involvement and everything, but the focus on his tag work with Cabana just didn’t come off as well as this. Luger and Windham were also in good form tonight, relying primarily on their brawling skills. This match gives the feud just enough feul to make me interested in the blowoff match this Saturday]

Rating: ***

Joey Styles took this time to announce the card for The Night of the Champion.

Semi-Final Tournament Match: Ric Flair vs. Chris Jericho

Semi-Final Tournament Match: CM Punk vs. Bryan Danielson

Final Tournament Match: Ric Flair or Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk or Bryan Danielson

Necro Butcher vs. Abdullah the Butcher vs. Possible Replacement for Sabu

Brock Lesnar vs. Harry Smith

Matt Stryker vs. Jushin Liger

8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match: Colt Cabana, Ace Steel, Marty Jannetty, and BJ Whitmer vs. Kevin Sullivan, Mike Roundo, Lex Luger, and Barry Windham

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The Night of the Champion

September 24, 2006

Local Station

Miami, Florida

DVD Extra Match: Tony Kozina and Mike Enos vs. The Onslaught Express

Once again, Ash Parker and Greg Pawluck showed how affectively they could tear an opposing team apart by tagging in and out quickly and by targeting a specific body part with a variety of high impact moves and submissions. In this case they were able to target Enos’ legs and Kozina’s neck.

Kozina and Enos did an okay job, but Kozina was way too reliant on Enos, and when Parker and Pawluck worked over his legs, a lot of his offense had less impact and he needed to rely more on Kozina. The Onslaught Express, though, really worked over Kozina hard and they ended up sealing the win after they put him in the boston crab/camel clutch submission.

Winners: The Onslaught Express

[Quinn says: Pretty okay stuff, but nothing to write home about because of the length. Enos looked a bit out of place, but the sequences with Kozina looked rather good. I don’t know if I’m a big fan of the Kozina/Enos tag team, but I like the Onslaught Express so far. Let’s just see them in a long match though.]

Rating: **

Joey Styles officially welcomed the viewers to the show. He ran down the card. He announced that, unfortunately, the Necro Butcher had injured Sabu on the last show and that the three-way match was officially a one-on-one encounter. He added, though, that it would be in a cage to ensure that no one else other than the two men in the match would be getting hurt. After he was done going over the card, he really put over the crowning of a champion.

Styles: Ultimately though, tonight is the champion’s night. No matter who wins the feud in the 8-man single elimination tag match, no matter who walks out of the hardcore steel cage match, no matter who wins the Doug Williams/Michael Modest match, or who wins the Brock Lesnar/Harry Smith match, tonight, we are here to celebrate our first champion. There’s champagne in the back. The balloons are ready to fall. A party will be started, but for who? All we know is that Chris Jericho, Ric Flair, Bryan Danielson, or CM Punk will be at the top of the FWE today and their victory will be celebrated at the end of the show.

Semi-Final Tournament Match: Ric Flair vs. Chris Jericho

Styles put over each man as a top competitor in the business and said that either could win. He did mention, though, that Jericho has one win over Flair already in the FWE.

From the very beginning of this match, Jericho flipped his heel switch on and cheated like crazy. Joey said that he was getting close to that championship and was maybe getting a bit desperate since this was the most conniving we had seen him thus far in the FWE. However, this strategy, if that’s what it was, didn’t work out too well because Flair had no problem playing a few underhanded cards of his own. After a while he began to outwit and out-cheat Jericho at nearly every turn.

Styles: You’re not going to win a cheating contest with the dirtiest player in the game!

But Jericho quickly changed his strategy after seeing his weak results. He referred back to his previous winning strategy and tried to out maneuver Flair. Flair had learned from his previous match though and actually countered a lot of Jericho’s offense. Jericho, in his panic, relied heavily on all of his offense he had used time and time again because it was so natural. Flair had obviously done his homework and was able to reverse and avoid almost every move, which sent Jericho into even more of a frantic state and caused him to rely even more on tried-and-true offense. Flair was then able to get the momentum rolling easily in his way and worked over the legs of Jericho before making him tap to the Figure Four.

Winner: Ric Flair

Styles: Ric Flair is going to the finals tonight! He’s had his ups and downs in the FWE and we’re finally going to see, once and for all, if the Nature Boy still has it in him!

[Quinn says: The psychology was absolutely solid, as they built really well on their previous match, but Jericho looked kind of weak there at the end. I see the need to put Flair over as a master strategist, and maybe Jericho’s a guy who can take booking like this and bounce back pretty easily, but it was a bit underwhelming. But make no mistake about it; this was a very good match. The cheating stuff was a bit overkill and Flair cheating kind of negates the heel effect that could have been had from Jericho cheating, but whaddaya gonna do? Good stuff from both men. Ultimately, I do wonder if we would have seen the same match had this been in the main event since it would have been given more time and, I would argue, would need much more drama to feel like a good finale.]

Rating: ***1/4

Semi-Final Tournament Match: CM Punk vs. Bryan Danielson

Styles said that while Flair and Jericho had already accomplished a lot, these were two guys who still had a lot of prove.

Both these guys were mad men during this match. Danielson started the match out with a heavy set of offense, mostly consisting of chops and forearms. Punk fired back with some kicks and chops of his own. Neither man got much of an advantage for a little while.

Styles: This is an all-out brawl between two of the best young men in the business! They’re holding nothing back!

Danielson was able to get a bit of an advantage after hitting a slick and swift dragon suplex seemingly out of nowhere. Punk landed hard on his neck and bounced backward onto his stomach.

Styles: That could take Punk out already!

Danielson, however, did not go for the cover. He started to pound and stretch the neck instead.

Styles: Bryan Danielson is either showing bad judgment by not going for the pin and giving Punk time to recover, or showing a great deal of expertise in his own offense by quickly targeting that neck.

Danielson controlled the match a great deal, but this only lasted so long. Punk eventually was able to escape Danielson’s dominating offense and started to fire back with some stiff brawling offense. Danielson backed down though and, instead of fighting back, went on the defense. Joey wondered if he was playing it safe or if Punk was wearing him down a lot. Either way, Joey figured that Danielson was at risk in giving Punk too much time to gain momentum.

However, as soon as Punk’s guard went down, Danielson was back in control. Punk had been beating down Danielson for quite a while was going for the shining wizard, but Danielson, who had been playing up on the beating, stood up quickly, caught Punk in a t-bone suplex position, and launched him backwards. Danielson then began to target the neck once again. His offense, this time, was not so slow and easy-going. At this point he realized that Punk would be getting desperate and Danielson did not want him catching him off guard by pulling a risky move out of nowhere. Truth be told, the beating that Danielson was trying to absorb had taken its toll on him and he needed to go in for the kill. Punk was determined to win though and came back with stronger offense that was now beginning to obviously wear Danielson down. At one point Punk began to climb the ropes to attempt something, but when he was on the second rope, facing the crowd, Danielson caught him in a dragon suplex, launched him backwards, rolled him on his stomach, and then clinched in Cattle Mutilation. Punk tried to hold on for a minute or so, but the pain was too intense and he tapped out.

Winner: Bryan Danielson

Styles: Bryan Danielson has won! Ric Flair vs. Bryan Danielson will happen tonight and it will be for the FWE Heavyweight Championship!

[Quinn says: Phenomenal, energetic stuff. The first submission segment by Danielson slowed things down a bit more than I would have liked, but other than that, these guys went a mile a minute and never slowed down. I loved how Danielson was ruthless and went for the first weak spot he saw in Punk. I also liked how Punk was obsessed with making this a striking contest. Both guys were stubborn and it was fun seeing them try and get their own way. Just great stuff all around.]

Rating: ****1/2

8-Man Elimination Match: Colt Cabana, Ace Steel, Marty Jannetty, and BJ Whitmer vs. Kevin Sullivan, Barry Windham, Lex Luger, and Mike Rotundo

Styles: We’ve seen these two teams battle each other over and over, now we’ll finally get an official winner.

Sullivan’s team utilized some good old fashion heel tactics in this one, immediately isolating Steel in their corner after a feeling out process with Whitmer and Rotundo. Steel continuously went for a desperate tag, but the heels had him well scouted out and were eventually able to get a pin on him after a shotgun by Rotundo.

Styles: Cabana’s team suffers their first casualty!

Whitmer immediately ran in and destroyed Rotundo with a series of clotheslines and suplexes. Fortunately for Rotundo, he was able to roll out, grab his bearings, enter back into the ring, and make the quick tag.

There was a lot of back and forth action at this point and many tags. Whitmer was eventually able to get Sullivan alone and they isolated him in their corner. Cabana made the pin after a double superkick from him and Jannetty.

Styles: It’s three-on-three now!

Noticing that Cabana and Jannetty were dangerous together, the heels targeted Jannetty. However, they had a difficult time keeping him in the ring. Being a tag team expert, Jannetty made a lot of tags in and out and his team began to rarely have one person in for very long at any given time. It wasn’t until Windham hit a really hard lariat on Jannetty that they were able to finally isolate him. They worked him over for a bit and eventually got the pin after a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo from the Towers (which Joey called The Old School Drop).

Styles: Cabana and Whitmer are on their own now!

Despite their brief past differences, Cabana and Whitmer worked really well as a team. They had obviously taken advice from Jannetty, as they kept on making quick tags and worked together in the ring when possible. At one point Whitmer whipped Cabana towards Rotundo, giving him an extra bit of velocity. Cabana leaped over Rotundo and delivered a sunset flip. Rotunduo was so caught off guard by the speed of the flip that he barely even struggled when Cabana got the three count.

Styles: Cabana and Whitmer have just evened it up! It’s not 2-on-2!

Cabana started to get a little cocky. He began to mock Luger once again for the goofy video of his that popped up on the internet. He screamed repeatedly at Luger, “I don’t know!”

Styles: That’s what started this whole thing!

Luger came back hard though and Cabana immediately got serious again. He and Whitmer kept on pouring on the double team offense and were able to eventually get the pin on the irate (and off his game) Luger after a superkick/roll-up combo.

Styles: And the odds are finally stacked up in their favor!

Windham attacked Cabana and Whitmer right away and kept his offense coming quick and heavy. He actually dominated for a little while and got a few near falls on both of his opponents. The numbers were stacked too high up against him though and he eventually fell victim to the second double superkick of the night.

Survivors: Colt Cabana and BJ Whitmer

Styles: Colt Cabana and BJ Whitmer have finally won the feud! Lex Luger had apparently promised Sullivan revenge on Whitmer, but thanks to his alliance with Colt Cabana, that never came into fruition.

[Quinn says: I much preferred the Falls Count Anywhere tag match that last took place. This felt slow. All of this isolation sequences were just too much. It picked up near the end, but at that point there was only so much salvaging that could be done. Cabana, Steel, and Whitmer will be especially better off exploring other feuds. Jannetty too. I don’t know how I feel about Sullivan and his crew yet, but they didn’t exactly work wonders here. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun and everything, but it had its limitations.]

Rating: **1/2

Matt Stryker vs. Jushin Liger vs. Hernandez w/ Don Callis

Styles: This match was originally scheduled to be Matt Stryker vs. Jushin Liger, but Don Callis, the head of the booking committee, added Hernandez, one of the wrestlers in his vision of the FWE, into the match to put both Stryker and Liger out of action. Callis says that both Stryker and Liger are not included in his vision, but, even though Hernandez is quite the powerful wrestler, it might be too much of a task to take out two of the best wrestlers in the FWE at once.

Stryker and Liger double teamed Hernandez to start the match off. However, the alliance was short-lived. Joey noted that, while Hernandez’s order to destroy his opponents was an important element to the match, the real goal here was to move up the ladder. He reminded us that these are all still competitors trying to make it in the business.

There wasn’t necessarily a lot of psychology to his match, just a lot of spots. Matt Stryker was the workhorse of the bout. Whereas Hernandez stuck mostly to brawling and hit a high spot here and there and Liger stuck mostly to groundwork and a few high spots, Stryker was the more versatile all-around worker of the match.

However, Hernandez’s strength could not be matched (although Stryker did pull off a few impressive power moves on him). Hernandez utilized what was around him to the best of his ability, using Stryker and Liger’s own bodies against each other. He continually whipped and threw his opponents into each other.

This strategy eventually got him the win. Hernandez whipped Stryker into Liger, causing Liger to fall out of the ring. Hernandez then gave Stryker a spinebuster and hit a senton bomb off of the top rope for the win.

Winner: Hernandez

Callis looked mildly pleased.

Styles: Hernandez has won the match, but I don’t think he has eliminated Stryker and Liger from competition. This issue very well may be far from over.

[Quinn says: This was a really good spotfest, but it didn’t really expand much beyond that. Hernandez and Stryker are showing a ton of potential and Liger is still great.]

Rating: ***

Doug Williams vs. Michael Modest w/ Chad Collyer and John Walters

Michael Modest came to the ring with Chad Collyer and John Walters. Joey said this pretty much cemented the fact that the three were in cahoots, although there was little doubt in the first place.

It was pretty obvious that Modest wanted to beat Williams clean because Collyer and Walters didn’t interfere in the early portions of the match, although they did try to intimidate Williams from the outside.

The feeling out process eventually progressed into a submission showdown. Williams aggressively and consistently targeted the neck while Modest’s strategy shifted a bit. He originally tried to focus on the back, but once Williams reversed one too many of his submissions into a neck submission, Modest tried to focus on Williams’ right arm. This strategy went even worse and all the while Williams was making more and more progress on Modest’s neck. Modest really started to feel the strain on his neck and panicked. He went back to applying back submissions on Williams, but it didn’t take him long to realize that Williams had full control of the match.

Modest quickly abandoned submissions all together and started brawling. He gave the signal to Collyer and Walters and they made sure to stay near Williams to psyche him out. This took Williams off his game and allowed Modest to take control of the match and make sure they stuck to brawling. Williams fought back hard and soon the two started pulling off a lot of strong style power moves. At one point Collyer actually tripped Williams, which gave Modest a chance to hit a lungblower and roll Williams up for the win.

Winner: Michael Modest

Michael Modest had Walters and Collyer lift him up on their shoulders to celebrate.

Styles: What an arrogant ass! He may not have even won if it wouldn’t have been for Walters and Collyer!

[Quinn says: Another fantastic match between these two. The submissions stuff had a lot of psychology in it and I loved the progression of Modest’s strategy. I wish they wouldn’t have redone the roll-up ending and I could have done without the interference, but all around fantastic stuff by these two.]

Rating: ****1/4

Hardcore Cage Match: Abdullah the Butcher vs. Necro Butcher

Styles: The Necro Butcher has been callous and dangerous force in the FWE in the past few weeks. He put Sabu out of action last Wednesday and he’s looking to do the same to Abdullah tonight.

Abdullah came to the ring with his fork, while Necro brought two garbage cans full of junk with him into the cage.

Styles: Both of these guys are ready to kill each other!

Joey also made sure to remind the viewing audience that either man needed a pin or submission to win. The only reason the cage was there was to protect the audience.

This match was a complete mess, in a sloppy, semi-intentional hardcore way. Necro did the vast majority of the effort, whether he was selling like crazy for Abdullah or creating believable, stiff offense.

Abdullah, for the most part, just hit Necro with stuff, usually his fork. Necro was the first one to bleed, but he was quickly followed by Abdullah. Necro was able to eventually use Abdullah’s fork against him and took control of most of the offense.

The high point of the match was when Necro wrapped a steel chair with barbed wire, climbed the top of the cage, and came falling down, cracking the chair on Abdullah’s head. Necro made the only pin attempt in the match and got the win.

Winner: Necro Butcher

Abdullah was notably not moving after the match and eventually had to be helped out as Necro stood by, watching and laughing.

Styles: The Necro Butcher has claimed another victim! Who is going to stop this maniac?

[Quinn says: There was zero psychology here, just a bunch of sick spots. Normally I don’t have a problem with that (I think some of my past reviews of Necro’s matches are proof), but when the participants in a match barely bother to go for a pin and, you know, win the match, it takes me out of the moment. This was basically Jackass in a steel cage. Regardless, Necro took some sick, entertaining bumps. If you would have replaced Abdullah with someone who can actually work a good match and added in at least a few pin attempts, this could have been a lot better. As it stands, it was pretty much a DUD outside of the sick bumps.]

Rating: **1/2

Brock Lesnar vs. Harry Smith

Styles: Brock Lesnar has been bullying Harry Smith practically since day one. He’s assaulted Smith, he’s assaulted his family, and tonight Harry Smith has promised that Lesnar will finally get what he deserves.

Brock Lesnar dominated the early portions of the match. There was a small feeling out process, but Lesnar soon took over and kept control for quite a while. He mainly relied on submission holds, but also liberally used power moves when he felt he needed to. Smith, though, did not look frustrated at all.

Styles: Harry Smith is visibly keeping his cool, but he better do something soon, or Brock Lesnar is going to continue to decimate him.

Brock was really starting to pour on the submission offense and looked to be trying very hard to make Smith tap. He was screaming at the top of his lungs, using all of his strength to stretch Smith. Smith, in the meantime, while visibly in pain, would not submit and would not give Lesnar the pleasure or encouragement of screaming in pain. Whether this pissed Lesnar off or just made him think he wasn’t getting anywhere was hard to tell, but either way he completely dropped the submission offense and started hammering Smith with some pretty basic and affective big man moves. Joey noted Lesnar’s amateur wrestling and small MMA background and said that Smith probably can’t match his submission skills, but he stood more of a chance now that Lesnar was taking the match in a different direction.

Styles: Brock Lesnar may be pouring on most of the punishment, but Harry Smith has definitely just dictated the pace right now.

Smith used his speed to minimize Lesnar’s influence in the match and, for the most part, it worked. Lesnar was getting very frustrated, but he had already made up his mind to wrestle a brawling match. His stubbornness was something Smith had counted on. Smith had definitely done his homework over the weeks, noticing that Lesnar rarely changed up strategies on a whim.

Smith kept his offense fairly simple. His main objective was to slowly wear Lesnar down and frustrate him. He wasn’t trying to rush to a finish, he was just taking it one step at a time. He utilized a lot of dropkicks, legscrews, vertical suplexes, bulldogs, and drop toeholds, among other things. This proved to be really successful and eventually Smith started to work over Lesnar’s left leg. Lesnar began to get more and more frustrated and after taking quite a bit of abuse to his leg, pulled out some huge power moves that got a few close pinfalls. Finally, after pretty much exhausting his entire arsenal (minus the F5), Lesnar began to climb the ropes, although he had some problems getting up because of his left leg.

Styles: Smith’s leg work is coming in handy.

Finally, Lesnar reached the top rope and looked to be going for the shooting star press.

Styles: Brock Lesnar could be going for the shooting star press!

However, Lesnar had stalled much too long and Smith was able to gather up enough strength to run to the corner and nail a huge belly-to-belly from the top rope.

Styles: A belly-to-belly from the top rope! I can’t believe Harry Smith had enough energy to do that!

Both men were down on the mat for quite some time and both stood up at the same time. They slugged it out for a little while. Smith then chop blocked Lesnar’s legs out from underneath him. He followed up with a series of german suplexes.

Styles: Harry Smith’s going to the ropes. He’s going to hit a diving headbutt!

Smith hit the diving headbutt and immediately the adrenaline kicked into his system. He popped up and signaled to the crowd that he was going to finish Lesnar off. He first, though, lifted Lesnar’s head and delivered a few stiff kicks to the face.

Styles: Harry Smith’s getting a bit of revenge on Brock Lesnar right now with those hostile kicks to the face. He’s fighting more with his heart than he is his brain right now. This could come back to haunt him.

Fortunately for Smith, it didn’t. After he was done kicking Lesnar in the face (which was now bloody), he hit a final german suplex, bridged, and got the three count for the victory.

Winner: Harry Smith

Styles: Harry Smith has done it! Harry Smith has done it! He has finally defeated Brock Lesnar!

Smith walked up to Lesnar, who was in the middle of the ring, out cold, and shook his hand, somewhat sarcastically.

Styles: I don’t think that’s a formal sign of respect from either man, but Harry Smith is getting the most out of his win!

[Quinn says: This was a bit sloppy and slow at points, but there was a lot of emotion there. It reminded me, in a way, of Lesnar’s match with Eddie Guerrero, in that they didn’t rely on a lot of big time moves for the most part. Despite the few sloppy points, Smith looked like a champ and I’m curious to see where they go with him from this point.]

Rating: ***1/4

FWE Heavyweight Championship Match: Ric Flair vs. Bryan Danielson

Styles: This is it, fans! In just a few moments, the first ever FWE Champion will be crowned. It will be either Ric Flair or Bryan Danielson. But no matter who it is, I, for one, will be damn proud of our champion! But enough talking, let’s finally crown our champion!

The feeling out process lasted quite a bit, with neither man gaining an advantage. Joey noted how even their skills were. Flair eventually won the feeling out process and sent Danielson to the corner with a long series of hard chops. Flair just kept hitting Danielson with the chops over and over again until the fans were going crazy.

Styles: No one quite delivers a chop like Ric Flair does!

Danielson’s chest was bright red and after Flair was done chopping him, he fell to the floor in pain, protecting the sore area, really putting over how sensitive the area was. Joey predicted that this would limit Danielson’s ability a bit during the match.

Flair definitely had the opportunity to slow the match down, but instead he kept the match going at a quick pace, brawling with Danielson all across the ring.

Styles: Flair is really taking it to Bryan Danielson! And I’d venture to guess that Danielson didn’t expect these tactics from Flair going into this match.

Danielson absorbed punishment for a while but eventually stopped Flair dead in his tracks by delivering a huge headbutt. He then seized his opportunity and immediately began to work on the back of Flair, hitting a few nice backbreakers and stretching the back. Joey wondered if either man had learned anything from each other when they tagged together last Wednesday.

Flair eventually was able to gain some momentum and worked on Danielson’s legs. Danielson, though, was the superior mat-worker on this particular night and was able to shift the momentum back into his favor. Flair, realizing that he could not win the match if it stayed focused in this direction, poked Danielson in the eyes and tried to take the match back to a brawl. Danielson looked to be willing to brawl, but quickly put Flair in a chicken wing.

Styles: The last thing Bryan Danielson seems to want to do is trade blows with Flair. I’d be willing to bet that those chops took a lot more out of him than he originally believed they would.

Flair was eventually able to reach the ropes and break the hold. Danielson slowly backed away and raised his hands up in the air, leaving him wide open for a rapid-fire series of chops to the chest by Flair. Danielson backed quickly into a corner, clearly in pain, cementing Joey’s feeling that the chops were really bugging him. Once Flair got Danielson in the corner, he used his experience and skill to keep the match in his favor.

Styles: Flair’s wrestling the match that he wants to wrestle right now.

The fans were really eating up Flair’s offense, as he threw in a lot of textbook underhanded Flair maneuvers here and there. But after quite a while of this, Danielson was able to connect with a European uppercut. Flair looked woozy. Danielson went to the ropes and came back with another hard uppercut, causing Flair to do the patented Flair flop.

Styles: Flair’s down!

Danielson went for the quick cover, but Flair kicked out at two. Joey praised Danielson for seizing an opportunity some men his age would pass over. Danielson left no room for Flair to rest though. He kept on the assault and this time varied his offense a bit. At one point, after Flair had been thrown outside (the only time the match actually left the ring), Danielson hit a huge tope, which Joey noted was not part of his typical arsenal.

Styles: Both of these men have been pulling out all of the stops tonight!

After the match reentered the ring and stayed there for quite a bit, Danielson started to go for Cattle Mutilation. But Flair had the move well scouted and would squirm like crazy when Danielson attempted to lock it in. After several tries though, Danielson was finally able to put the move on Flair.

Styles: Bryan Danielson has Cattle Mutilation on Flair! It could all be over right here!

Flair hung on for quite some time and eventually got one of his feet to the ropes. Danielson dragged him into the middle of the ring after breaking the hold. He tried for Cattle Mutilation again, but Flair rolled over just in time and kicked Danielson in the face. This sent Danielson back a bit. He quickly ran back towards Flair, only to be met with a foot to the crotch.

Styles: That’s something that will hurt any man!

The referee threatened to disqualify Flair, but Flair seemed to be maintaining that it was not intentional. Joey wondered if the ref would even have the guts to send this crowd home without declaring a champion.

Flair hit Danielson with a few of his key moves and finally locked in the Figure Four. Danielson screamed in pain as he slowly made it to the ropes. But Flair took a page out of Danielson’s book and dragged him to the middle of the ring and reapplied the move. This time, as both men lay facing each other, Flair made sure to chop Danielson in that already brutally sore area on his chest. This left Danielson in enough pain that it made it very difficult for him to concentrate on moving to the ropes. Eventually, after being in the Figure Four for a long time, Danielson tapped.

Winner: Ric Flair

Styles: Ric Flair is the winner! Ric Flair is the first ever FWE Heavyweight Champion!

Ric Flair was awarded his belt as balloons and confetti fell from the ceiling. Flair celebrated for quite a while in the ring. Danielson eventually approached him and, with just a hint of reluctance, shook his hand.

[Quinn says: This is probably the best Ric Flair match in years that didn’t rely on hardcore spots. Not only that, but they only left the ring once. This says a lot about Ric Flair’s ability to still work a good, smart match and it also says a lot about Bryan Danielson’s ability. I’m really tempted to go the full ***** with this one, but I couldn’t do it without feeling guilty. I loved the match, but I think there were a few awkward spots. However, like Rock/Hogan, this match was more about atmosphere than anything else and it provided a great moment.]

Rating: ****

Most of the FWE locker room came out to celebrate Flair’s victory. Surprisingly, CM Punk came out too.

Styles: The last thing we need is CM Punk ruining this moment!

The locker room, who was down on the floor, sort of backed off as Punk entered the ring. Flair looked cautious and a bit upset as he saw that Punk had a mic.

Punk: You know, Flair, I gave you a lot of shit when I first came into the FWE. I swore to you that you didn’t have what it took to be The Man anymore. I told you that I had no respect for you. But here I am at your celebration. I don’t take back what I said about you and your boozing, Flair. I meant that and I will never take that back. That’s something that you can’t undo. But look at my record, Flair. Look at my past. I’ve made mistakes before and I’ve never—never—had hang-ups admitting I was wrong.

He got up face-to-face with Flair.

Punk: And Ric Flair… I was wrong. You still have it.

Flair, off mic, said “Thank you.”

Punk: But I’ll tell you one other thing. Tonight may have cemented the fact that you still have it. But we also know that Bryan Danielson has it. And Chris Jericho has it, Harry Smith has it, Michael Modest has it, BJ Whitmer has it, Colt Cabana has it. And I have it, Flair. I guarantee you I have it more than anyone else.

Punk backed up a bit.

Punk: Tonight is your night and I’m not going to take that away, but remember that from now on, you’re a marked man. And don’t forget, Flair: you have never beaten me in a one-on-one match. But this is your night. You’ve earned my respect. There’s no doubt about that. But you just remember that you have never beaten me one-on-one.

Punk shook Flair’s hand and left the ring as the celebration continued.

Styles: I’m not sure what to make of that show of respect, but one thing I know that I agree with wholeheartedly is that tonight is Ric Flair’s night!

The shows faded out with Flair celebrating in the ring with the majority of the locker room.

Overall Rating: 79


I caught up with Classic at the party after the show. Joey hadn’t been making anything up when he said there was a party waiting in the back. Eddie, champagne glass in hand, greeted me with a smile.

“John,” he said. “I’m so happy for everything you have done for me. You have made what would be an otherwise stressful time in my life very enjoyable. At my age, these are the things that are important. Money doesn’t mean much to me anymore. I just want to die a happy man. And you cannot be happy with stress. You have exorcised my demons.”

“Well, Classic, I would have never done it unless I felt very, very threatened.”

I immediately regretted joking about it. Eddie’s face got very serious. He looked at me hard and the few seconds that passed felt like an eternity. Finally, he busted out laughing.

“I… apologize for my forwardness. And that punch in the stomach, it was not my idea. Not my orders, you see? I heard you took it…almost too well.”

“I was too scared to do anything else. I just kept quiet. I thought those guys would have killed me if I didn’t.”

Eddie shrugged. “They might have.”

I laughed, but Eddie didn’t.

“You have a good head on your shoulders, John. An instinct for the business.”

“Well, I’ve been watching wrestling since I was a kid. Kind of like you, I guess.”

“No, not the wrestling business,” he said.

I was really caught off guard. “Eddie, I don’t…”

But Eddie interrupted; his train of thought seemingly shifted. “We are kind of alike though, aren’t we?”

“Well, in that one way, a lot, yeah.”

“I know you more than you think, John. And I have a feeling there is more to me than you realize. So trust me. We are alike.”

Initially, I didn’t know what to make of this. Was he talking just about wrestling, or his personal business again? And I knew Eddie was involved in mob activity, but to what extent? What exactly did he do? I knew Eddie at this point. He was my friend. But he was still such a mystery to me.

As the months went on, I found out more. And as the years continued, I learned to quit being surprised when I dug up more information.

But that night at the party, Eddie was still an enigma to me. I cared about the guy though. There was just something about him.

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There have been and will be a few changes to this diary. Most notably, if you look back at some of the earlier posts, I've begun dividing things into chapters. In the longrun of how I view this diary progressing, things have just started and a lot of the more major elements haven't even been introduced. I don't know how many chapters there will be, but like I said with the IWF, I'm in this one for the long haul and I hope you stick with me.

Secondly, I have begun my very last semester in college. I'll be done in December and will then have a lot more free time. As of now I hope to keep updating consistently, but it will be at a slower rate. Like I said earlier though, I'm committed to this, so it won't be abandoned over the semester as the pressure from classes increases. I can see the light at the end of the academic, so I'm not concerned about dropping this.

I debated calling everything that I had written so far the Prologue, since so far everything has been done to set up the major elements, but as we go on I hope you'll agree with my decision. In retrospect things should be a little clearer, for better or worse.

Anyways, if you're hanging in there with me, I appreciate it.


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FWE New Update from FWE.com

-First off, we here at the FWE want to congratulate Ric Flair on becoming the first ever FWE Heavyweight Champion. We look forward to his first title defense in the main event next Wednesday on FWE TV. The booking committee has been in intense debates over who the first challenger to Flair’s belt should be. Anyone who was a victor at The Night of the Champion is certainly going to be one of the leading candidates in the debate, but ultimately Don Callis has the most power since he holds a very large portion of the voting percentage.

-Don Callis has been obsessed with molding the FWE into his image. There have been a few FWE wrestlers he doesn’t see in his vision. Matt Stryker and Jushin Liger have both been huge targets on Callis’ list of wrestlers to eradicate from the FWE. Don Callis has said that next Wednesday on FWE TV a new wrestler will join ranks alongside with Hernandez in Callis’ Elite (those he sees as major players in the FWE) and that Matt Stryker is the main target. Stryker is already signed up to wrestle Masada next Wednesday, so the match may be subjet to change if Callis wants to replace Masada or if Stryker is attacked beforehand.

-Callis has also signed Jushin Liger vs. Michael Modest for next Wednesday, which leaves some speculating that Modest could be part of The Elite. This match too is subject to change should Modest be given the title shot.

-In surprising news, Tony Kozina has called out Vader for their rematch. It has only been a few weeks since Kozina started his training with Mike Enos, but Kozina feels he is ready to take Vader down. Enos is said to have been strongly urging Kozina to train longer, but Kozina has been pretty stubborn about it. At the reuqest of Kozina, this match will take place this Wednesday.

-Chris Jericho is said to be furious over his loss to Ric Flair at The Night of the Champion and has demanded a match with one of the FWE’s best to cement himself at the top. No match has been set since the debate over the #1 contender has not been settled, but expect to see a big match with Jericho on Wednesday.

-Also set for this Wednesday is John Walters and Chad Collyer vs. Doug Williams and a partner of his choosing. Williams has expressed an interest in Harry Smith, but has not committed to choosing him since he could be pulled out of the match to be in the main event. Sources say that some of his other top choices include Colt Cabana and Bryan Danielson.

-Abdullah the Butcher sustained several nasty gashes all over his body and was immediately treated at a hospital following his match with Necro Butcher. FWE officials are keeping him off the Wednesday show and have also temporarily suspended Necro Butcher out of fear of what he might do at the show. He has already taken out Sabu and Abdullah, two of the most violent wrestlers in history, and there is a big concern for the safety of the rest of the locker room. There is a continuing debate on whether or not Necro Butcher should even be in the FWE, but Callis has been a big supporter of Butcher’s. Some feel that Callis is the only reason Necro is still even in the FWE after what happened to Sabu.

-FWE officials have had very little contact with CM Punk after The Night of the Champion. No one in the back seemed to expect him to show respect to Flair last night and this has left many wondering if he has some ulterior motives. Kevin Kelly has been put in charge of tracking Punk down on Wednesday night and finding out what is going on.

-Jimmy Hart has been in contact recently with FWE officials about bringing in some new talent. Jimmy Hart has managed some of the best wrestlers in the business, including Dino Bravo, The Hart Foundation, Hulk Hogan, Lex Luger, The Nasty Boys, Rhythm and Blues, Rick Rude, and the Big Bossman. Hart said he won’t reveal who he wants to bring in, but he has said that he has been negotiating with some of the best, well-known indy talent around.

-Expect to see Josh Daniels make his debut soon on FWE TV.

-Speaking of FWE TV, the show could be given a bit of a face lift soon with a new name and other features. Don’t worry, though. The show will still take place outside and will continue to be free.

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