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I need some major help!


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Ok. Here's the deal.

I'm in career mode and doing very well. Ranked 6 in the World and able to breeze my way into the Final of that Masters Tournament at the end of every season. But I can't seem to beat Federer in the final. He keeps on breaking my serve, putting shots beyond my reach but still in play, Just basically making me look bad. I resort to turning my 360 on and off to try again. But it's still the same.

I really need some help because it's honestly burning me up. Any good advice and suggestions are welcomed.


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Good advice ehh

Get a Wii

Very funny. Why don't I just pick myself up from rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.

But seriously, I came on here to get advice regarding my problem and you wasted your time to make reply as dumb as that...I pity you.

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I can have a similar problem sometimes. It may not be the best advice, but I think it comes down to the speed of your character, as well as precision of your shots, and maybe power.

If you still can, train those areas. If your training is over, then maybe entering tournaments a step down from Masters (Majors, and the minor pro ones) and going well in those will allow you to upgrade any bronze and silver stars for gold ones. Remember the real pros have all gold stars, whilst your created player begins by earning only bronze.

When I use a real player vs. Federer in exhibition, I tend to beat him fairly easily, so I think it must just be the stats your created player has.

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And I take it you can't train anymore?

Maybe its the fact that you balanced stats out, rather than trying to be awesome in just a few areas. For instance, the forehand and backhand are too low IMO. I've never found having a really really low volley stat to be a problem, but I'm a baseliner anyway. Focus doesn't seem to do much, and stamina could safely be a star or so lower, so you could use the stars in other areas. Service is way high as well, since as I find 'risk' serving hard enough with real players, I never developed my serving stat beyond two stars I think in career mode, I don't think its needed if your good enough in other areas.

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Huge Update

I've taken timmayy's advice and started a new career along with giving out the attributes to his suggestions and well maybe it's the stats or that I've found a good strategy but dam!

Before, I wasn't able to even win a game in my issue, But I just won a 5 set thriller against Federer in the 2008 French Open final! lol

Well anyway, thanks alot. I really appreciate the help. Mainly from timmayy. I'll cya soon, people.

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