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Call of Duty 2 help.


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I got it yesterday and I got to the pipeline mission and finished it and then pressed next mission and then it went back to the training mission which doesn't make sense. I go to mission select and the Pipeline mission is there but none after it.

Do I have a dodgy copy? I've done it twice, I don't get it.

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I'm going to assume you're talking about the level where you demolish the pipelines. But it shouldn't take you back to the training mission, the next mission is repairing cut wires. So it's possible you have a problem copy

If you do the training mission again can you access the next mission?

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I believe a lot of people had this problem when the game first came out, although I never did. I seem to recall it being a problem with the gamertag/Xbox Live somehow not working with the game correctly. I think it was set up to read save game by your tag and not what was on the HD or something like that and I believe the problem got fixed with the first patch.

What your going to have to do is delete your saved games entirely and start again making sure your tag connects every time you play the game and taking the time to make sure when you save that it's actually working.

EDIT: What's your gamertag? I'll have you a game of COD2 online sometime.

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