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World Wrestling Entertainment 06


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Monday Night RAW Roster

Main Eventers

Edge w/ Lita

John Cena

Shawn Michaels - D-Generation X

Triple H - D-Generation X

Upper Midcarders


Chris Masters - Currently in Rehab

Johnny Nitro w/ Melina - WWE Intercontinental Champion


Mick Foley

Randy Orton

Ric Flair

Shelton Benjamin

Umaga w/ Armando Alejandro Estrada



Fake Kane

Kenny - Spirit Squad - World Tag Team Champion

Mickie James - WWE Women's Champion

Mikey - Spirit Squad - World Tag Team Champion

Trish Stratus

Lower Midcarders

Beth Pheonix - Injured

Charlie Haas


Lance Cade - Teaming w/ Trevor Murdoch

Rob Conway

Robbie McAllister

Rory McAllister


Trevor Murdoch - Teaming w/ Lance Cade

Val Venis - Teaming w/ Viscera


Viscera - Teaming w/ Val Venis


Harry Smith

Matt Striker

Mitch - Spirit Squad - World Tag Team Champion

Nicky - Spirit Sqaud - World Tag Team Champion

Enchancement Talents

Doink The Clown - Eugene's Legends

Jim Duggan - Eugene's Legends

Kamala - Eugene's Legends


Candice Michelle

Torrie Wilson

Authority Figures

Jonathan "The Coach" Coachman - Executive Assistant

Shane McMahon

Vince McMahon - Chairman of the WWE


Jim Ross - Announcer

Jerry "The King" Lawler - Colour Commentator

Ring Announcer

Lillian Garcia


Maria Kanellis

Todd Grisham


Chad Patton

Jack Doan

Mickie Henson

Mike Chioda

June 26th 2006 - Monday Night RAW

There’s an old expression that says…well, “S**t Happens.” On RAW, it happened alright; thanks to DX, it happened all over Mr. McMahon, his son Shane and the Spirit Squad.

DX were scheduled to take on Shane & Mr. McMahon, and before the match the McMahon men said that they would “beat the crap” out of DX. However, the match never even took place; and as for DX’s crap, well, it ended up all over the Chairman and his associates.

When the match was set to begin, Mr. McMahon’s music hit; but instead of the Chairman, Triple H came out dressed as such. The Game cleared up any rumors about Mr. McMahon, insinuating that he didn’t like cocks, but in fact it was Dicks. You know, Dick Ebersol, Dick Cheney, Dick Clark and the like. When he threatened to fire anyone who got between him and his Dicks, HBK came out to Shane-o-Mac’s music; Michaels was even dressed like the younger McMahon, complete with Shane-o-Mac jersey.

The “product of Mr. McMahon’s semen” showcased his dancing skills, which brought The Game to put a halt to the proceedings. Having to top HBK, The Game rolled a clip on the TitanTron of Mr. McMahon singing “Stand Back” at the 1987 Slammy Awards! The degenerates danced to the classic tune until finally the Chairman’s music hit once again.

As the McMahons threatened DX with baseball bats, they introduced the “observers” who would watch the match. Of course, it was the Spirit Squad. But as Mr. McMahon told DX what was in store for them, he noticed a Porta-Potty sitting on the stage. When the poor WWE Chairman inquired what it was for, Triple H told him that it was there because he was full of crap.

And then the heavens opened. In a scene that would make even the worst offenders cringe, the McMahons and the Spirit Squad were covered in crap! Yes, actual human waste. If you thought the green paint last week was bad, well, go find one of the McMahons and tell him that. DX was left standing tall, once again getting the best of Mr. McMahon and his band of henchmen.

Moving onto less messy matters, the WWE Championship was on the line in the main event of RAW when Rob Van Dam defended his gold against John Cena. The match was made last night at Vengeance, and earlier in the night on RAW, Edge expressed his displeasure about Cena’s opportunity to regain the gold.

Interrupting Torrie Wilson’s WWE Summer Special Magazine cover unveiling, Edge said he was the MVP on RAW, and that he was the one who should be on magazine covers and receiving WWE Championship opportunities. Since he couldn’t get what he wanted however, he decided that he would “get the hell off of RAW.” Edge & Lita then left through the crowd and exited the arena, leaving behind the “joke” that was RAW. Unfortunately, the joke would end up being on Cena and Van Dam later in the night.

Cena and Van Dam threw everything they had at each other, and late in the match it looked like RVD was ready to put the challenger away. However, Cena rolled away from a Five Star Frog Splash attempt, and after blocking Rolling Thunder by using his knees, Cena looked poised to reclaim the gold. He nailed RVD with an FU and locked him in the STFU, but just as the champion looked to tap out, Edge ran in and attacked both men. After nailing Cena with the Edgecution DDT and spearing RVD, the Rated-R Superstar told the WWE Champion that he would “see him tomorrow night.” If what Edge meant what I think he did, that means that the Rated-R Superstar will be showing up on ECW on Sci Fi to confront the champion.

Speaking of champions, the Women’s Championship was on the line on RAW as well. In her first match back after missing two months with a shoulder injury, Trish Stratus challenged Mickie James for the gold. Trish fought valiantly, but unfortunately couldn’t get the job done, as Mickie nailed her with a DDT to get the pinfall and retain the gold.

After the match, however, Melina led new Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro to the ring. Melina told Trish that while the six-time Women’s Champion may have been the top WWE Diva at one point, that title now belonged to her. This enraged Trish, who attacked Melina. Unfortunately, Nitro grabbed Trish and it looked like a two-on-one attack would occur until Carlito ran out from the back to help Trish by running them off.

Later, Trish caught up to Carlito in the back and thanked him, but Carlito went off on a rant about Nitro stealing his victory at Vengeance. When he finally realized what was happening, however, Carlito told Trish it was no problem. A smiling Trish then referenced Carlito’s “Do You Spit or Swallow?” shirt and whispered something in his ear. Carlito’s response? “Now THAT’S cool!” Now, I don’t know what she said, but if my assumption is correct, I may have to get me one of those T-shirts.

The saga between Kane and his impostor also continued on RAW. The Big Red Monster took on Randy Orton, and as it looked like he was going to finish off the Legend Killer, the impostor made his way to the ring. Kane tried to attack both of them, but unfortunately fell victim to an RKO that gave Orton the victory.

After the match, impostor Kane tried to attack, but the Big Red Monster. He basically destroyed the doppelganger, giving him two chokeslams in the ring before the impostor ran away. After one more chokeslam on the stage, Kane dragged the impostor through the backstage area. As they reached a back door, the Big Red Monster ripped off the impostor’s mask, saying “I believe that this is mine!” Kane then threw him out the door, but not before it was revealed that the impostor was bald like the Big Red Monster.

Also, the Charlie Haas/Viscera/Lilian Garcia love triangle continued to simmer, which worked out in the favor of Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch. As Viscera & Val Venis took on Cade & Murdoch, Haas made his way to ringside and began to talk to Lilian. Lilian seemed disgusted, but the worst was yet to come. As Viscera was dominating in the ring, Haas began to rub her shoulders before finally kissing her. That distracted Vis long enough for the former World Tag Team Champions to do a little high/low action on big man. They nailed their old Sweet and Sour signature move to get the pinfall, and an angry Vis was left in the ring to stew about the whole situation. This also happened to be Val’s first match on RAW since injuring his elbow nearly three months ago; as you can tell it was a tough night for the returnees.

Ric Flair also made an appearance on RAW, appearing via satellite from his home in Charlotte. His specific point of interest was Mick Foley, and Flair lambasted the Hardcore Legend for his actions at Vengeance.

“Last night, you proved that everything in my book is true,” Flair screamed. “You’re a glorified stuntman who takes the easy way out.”

Later, Flair added that Foley “knows nothing about wrestling,” and that “the next time I see you, the glorified stuntman will be mine all night long. WHOO!”

And in one other toilet humor moment, another video showcasing the Highlanders was seen on RAW. Rory McAllister and his cousin Robbie were in a bathroom this time, and the Scottish pair was mesmerized by a urinal. You can pretty much guess what happened next, but to make a long story short, the Highlanders will make their debut next week on RAW. If they’re as entertaining in the ring as they have been in their preview videos, then you can count me in as the first man aboard their bandwagon.


Women's Champion Mickie James def. Trish Stratus

Umaga def. Kamala

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch def. Val Venis & Viscera

Randy Orton def. Kane

WWE Champion Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena (No Contest)

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Friday Night Smackdown! Roster

Main Eventers

Batista - Currently Injured

Rey Mysterio w/ Chavo Guerrero - World Heavyweight Champion

The Undertaker

Upper Midcarders

Bobby Lashley - United States Champion

Booker T w/ Sharmell - The Court

Chris Benoit - Currently Taking Time Off

Finlay w/ Little Bastard - The Court

Ken Kennedy

Mark Henry

The Great Khali w/ Daivari


Gregory Helms - WWE Cruiserweight Champion

Joey Mercury - Currently in Rehab

Matt Hardy


William Regal - The Court

Lower Midcarders

Brian Kendrick - Teaming w/ Paul London - WWE Tag Team Champion

Burchill - Currently Injured

Gunner Scott

Jake - The Gymini

Jamie Noble - Teaming w/ Kid Kash

Paul London - Teaming w/ Brian Kendrick - WWE Tag Team Champion


Super Crazy


The Boogeyman - Currently Injured



Enchancement Talents


Funaki - Teaming w/ Scotty 2 Hotty

Scotty 2 Hotty - Teaming w/ Funaki

Simon Dean - The Gymini


Ashley - 2005 Diva Search Winner

Jillian Hall

Authority Figures

Theodore Long - General Manager of Friday Night Smackdown!


Michael Cole - Announcer

Mike "The Miz" Mizanin - Host of Friday Night Smackdown!

John "Bradshaw" Layfield - Colour Commentator

Ring Announcer

Tony Chimel


Josh Matthews

Kristal Marshall

Steve Romero


Charles Robinson

Chris Kay

Jim Korderas

Nick Patrick

Friday Night Smackdown! - June 30th 2006

United States Champion Bobby Lashley continued his meteoric rise to success on SmackDown with a huge win over King Booker in his first ever Steel Cage Match Friday night. Lashley and King Booker have been at each other’s throats ever since the King of the Ring Tournament, and as of late, King Booker’s Court has inserted themselves into the rivalry as well. After two straight weeks of having to contend with William Regal and Finlay as well as King Booker himself, General Manager Theodore Long decided to give Lashley an opportunity against his arch nemesis inside a steel cage to make sure that there would be no interference.

Heading into SmackDown, it was still unknown whether Long’s decision would indeed work to Lashley’s favor. After all, King Booker is a veteran of Steel Cage Matches, while this marked Lashley’s first encounter inside the unforgiving structure. To make matters even more interesting, Lashley’s United States Championship was on the line. Early on, it looked as if, King Booker’s experience would pay off, as he had one leg out the cage door. But Lashley’s freakish strength allowed him to pull the King back in by his other leg, and the match continued.

King Booker tried to ground Lashley by focusing on his previously injured knee – which was due largely in part to an attack by Regal, Finlay and the King – but Lashley was able to endure the punishment. However, even though they were locked out of the cage, Regal and Finlay still made their presence felt. As Lashley began to take control, he tried to climb over the cage, but Finlay and Regal were there, wielding a shillelagh and steel chair respectively, to send Lashley back into the ring. An enraged Lashley was able to knock them off the apron, but in the meantime, King Booker was trying to make his own escape. Lashley utilized his impressive agility to hop op on the other side of the cage and caught King Booker as he had one leg draped over the cage. The two battled momentarily on the top turnbuckle before Lashley tossed King Booker back into the ring.

With Regal and Finlay just getting back to their feet, and with King Booker down on the mat, Lashley was able to climb out of the cage and land on the floor to successfully defend his United States Championship. It seems that no matter what is in Lashley’s way, he finds a way to overcome it. What is the next step for the young powerhouse? Most likely, it will be whatever he wants it to be.

While one Champion was celebrating at the end of SmackDown, another was down and out as the show kicked off. One week after being tricked into a disqualification loss thanks to World Champion Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero, Mark Henry was back on his Path of Destruction.

“Last week I had Rey Mysterio right where I wanted him. I should be the World Champion,” said Henry while addressing the Roanoke, Va. crowd. “I had him whipped. I had him beat. I had him crawling at my feet.”

But before Henry could get much further he was interrupted by the retired Chavo Guerrero. Chavo said that he knew that Henry wanted him to come out of retirement so they could have a match, but that wasn’t going to happen. Responding to Henry calling all of the Guerreros parasites, Chavo said that the Guerrero name was bulletproof.

“I spit on the Guerrero name. I spit on you. And if your Uncle Eddie were alive, I’d spit on him, too,” said Henry.

Needless to say, Chavo stormed the ring upon hearing the inflammatory comments from the World’s Strongest Man. But Chavo was following his heart and not his brain. After a couple of hard punches, Henry was able to catch Chavo with the World’s Strongest Slam. That was just the beginning of what Henry was ready to unleash.

The World’s Strongest Man followed that with a second-rope splash, and he went back up for one more. But before he could connect, World Champion Rey Mysterio rushed to the arena, trying to help Chavo. When Mysterio hit the ring, however, Henry landed on the World Champion instead. Henry continued to pour it on and rammed Rey back-first into the apron and kicked his head against the ring post. The World’s Strongest Man returned his attention to Chavo and slammed him back-first into the ring post twice before putting him in a bone-crunching back breaker. Mark Henry destroyed everything in his path, and it doesn’t look like anyone can stop him.

The Cruiserweight Championship was also on the line Friday night as Gregory Helms defended the gold against Super Crazy. Just last week, Super Crazy and then-partner Psicosis had an opportunity at tag team gold, but the Mexicools imploded and the two came to blows. Unfortunately for Super Crazy, the same thing happened again during his singles match against Helms. Crazy had Helms locked in a submission maneuver, but Psicosis stormed the ring from out of nowhere and assaulted his former partner, resulting in a no-contest. Both Superstars were out for blood, and it seems like it may only be a matter of time before these two have to settle things one-on-one.

Mr. Kennedy continued his impressive win streak since returning to SmackDown a few weeks ago with a big win over Gunner Scott. Kennedy continued to unleash a new, more aggressive attack. After brutalizing Scott, and taunting him along the way, Kennedy capped things off with a picture-perfect Ken-ton Bomb for the victory. But before he could finish his closing announcement as the victor, he was interrupted by The Great Khali’s music. As the monster made his way to the ring, Kennedy did the wise thing and fled the scene to fight another day. Scott was not as lucky.

The Great Khali hoisted Scott up with ease and sent him crashing down to the mat with a two-handed chokeselam. To add insult to injury, The Great Khali was instructed by Daivari to put Scott into a bodybag, eerily reminiscient of some of Undertaker’s past actions. Daivari then laid out a challenge to Undertaker for a Punjabi Prison Match at The Great American Bash. No one is really sure what a match of this nature entails, but Undertaker is normally not one to back down to a challenge. Will Undertaker answer the call, or will he continue to rest in peace?

In addition to trying to help King Booker defeat Lashley in the main event, Finlay was also in singles action Friday night on SmackDown against Matt Hardy. Finlay debuted back in Januaray in a match against Hardy and was disqualified for using excessive force and not breaking the ref’s five-count. So, Hardy definitely had a score to settle. Finlay tried to use his shillelagh, but Hardy caught him and tried to use the weapon as well. The referee stepped in, and as he retrieved Finlay’s weapon, the fighting Irishman caught Hardy and dropped him on an exposed steel turnbuckle. One Celtic Cross later, and Finlay was the victor. Finlay’s friend Little Bastard was also at ringside and even tossed JBL a cold Guiness to enjoy during the match.

The Toughest Man ever to wear a dress, Vito, also continued his winning ways. Vito used his alternative lifestyle to his advantage against the paranoid Simon Dean. Obviously uncomfortable with Vito’s unorthodox ring attire, Dean kept trying to cover up his opponent. In the end, Vito locked in a vicious arm bar, as Simon’s head was positioned up Vito’s dress, forcing the fitness guru to tap out. Vito’s armbar was surely painful, but it was probably nothing compared to the mental anguish that Dean will endure every time he thinks of that fateful Friday night in Roanoke.

The Pitbulls, Kid Kash and Jamie Noble, also made their SmackDown debut. The duo showed that they are one of the most aggressive tag teams to join SmackDown in quite some time. They punched, kicked and slapped their opponents around the ring mercilessly. When they finally dished out enough punishment, they finished their opponents off with a tag team maneuver that resembled the Doomsday Device, which was utilized by the legendary Legion of Doom. Will the Pitbulls be able to become legends in their own right? Only time will tell.

Last year’s Diva Search winner Ashley was interviewed by Kristal to give her thoughts on the this year’s contest. Ashley said that above all else, the contest is about having fun. She mentioned that she was stoked when Kristal made the top-10, but the SmackDown interviewer did not look pleased. Apparently offended by the comment, Kristal responded by saying, “I finished fourth, bitch.” Apparently the Diva Search Contest is not all about fun and games.

And the ambassador of Quebec, Sylvan, showcased the exciting nightlife of Montreal and invited all of the SmackDown fans to visit his hometown.


Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Super Crazy (No Contest)

The Pitbulls def. Malik Yamah & Marty Garner

Finlay def. Matt Hardy

Mr. Kennedy def. Gunner Scott

Vito def. Simon Dean

United States Champion Bobby Lashley def. King Booker (Steel Cage Match)

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Extreme Championship Wrestling Roster

Main Eventers

Kurt Angle

Rob Van Dam - WWE Champion - ECW Champion

Upper Midcarders

Big Show


Terry Funk - Semi-Active



The Sandman

Tommy Dreamer

Lower Midcarders

Al Snow

Balls Mahoney

Little Guido - Full Blooded Italians

Mike Knox w/ Kelly Kelly

Tony Mamaluke - Full Blooded Italians


Big Guido - Full Blooded Italians

CM Punk

CW Anderson

Danny Doring



Justin Credible

Enchancement Talents

Stevie Richards



Trinity - Full Blooded Italians

Authority Figures

Paul Heyman - Owner of ECW


Joey Styles - Announcer

Tazz - Colour Commentator

ECW on Sci-Fi - June 27th 2006

This week on Sci Fi, WWE and ECW World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam defeated the Wrestling Machine, Sandman beat up an obese male stripper, and Big Show manhandled Tommy Dreamer…again.

Tuesday afternoon, it was announced that the Rob Van Dam vs. Kurt Angle match would carry a special stipulation. If Angle won, he would be inserted into the Championship match at July 15’s Saturday Night’s Main Event, turning the Triple Threat into a Fatal Four-Way. Tuesday night, Angle told the ECW fans what being a Champion meant to him.

“What you don’t know, is that every day since April 2nd has been a failure to me. Because, April 2nd was the last day I held a Championship”. The Olympic hero continued. “Inside, I hate myself because I am a Champion. I am the greatest Champion this business has ever seen. Tonight, I’m going to put Rob Van Dam in such agonizing pain that he’s going to wish he could go back in time and choose a different line of work. When your name is Kurt Angle, failure is not an option.”

For Kurt Angle, failure might not have been an option, but on Tuesday night, it was a reality. The Wrestling Machine gave a first-class performance, but the reigning WWE and ECW Champion was up for the challenge.

Angle owned the early portion of the match, using his vast arsenal of mat-wrestling techniques to ground the high-flying Van Dam. RVD eventually fought back, using a variety of trademark martial arts kicks to gain the advantage. However, Angle had Van Dam well scouted because when RVD went for his signature Rolling Thunder, the Wrestling Machine was ready and countered it into the Ankle Lock.

Somehow, Van Dam fought his way to the ropes and escaped the Ankle Lock, earning himself a second chance in the match. RVD took advantage of his new lease on life, countering an Angle Slam attempt into a spike DDT, and then sealing the deal with the Five-Star Frogsplash.

After the match, Van Dam was attacked again by Edge, who delivered on his promise to show up at Sci Fi when he arrived with Lita prior to the main event and claimed two seats in the Roanoke Civic Center’s front row. Edge, who along with John Cena will challenge Van Dam for the WWE Championship at July 15’s Saturday Night Main Event, speared RVD for the second straight night, sending a message to the ECW fan-favorite.

Last week on Sci Fi, Tommy Dreamer told Big Show that if he wanted to prove himself in ECW, he’d have to go through the Innovator of Violence. Show ended up giving Dreamer the beating of a lifetime. As Big Show left the ring, Dreamer was seen pulling himself to his feet, seemingly asking for more punishment.

This week, Dreamer proved to have the biggest balls in all of ECW, or sports-entertainment for that matter when he called out Big Show again. The strategy might have been different this week, but the result was the same as Big Show again laid waste to the former ECW World Heavyweight Champion.

Tonight’s episode of ECW on Sci Fi opened with a bang. A frustrated and battered Sabu took on former ECW World Tag Team Champion Roadkill in Extreme Rules singles action. Early on, the death-defying maniac showed signs of fatigue after his loss to John Cena at Vengeance.

Roadkill controlled the action with a series of power moves, and even mixed in a springboard like splash from the second turnbuckle. Eventually though, Sabu came to his senses and regained control. Using his two favorite weapons, a chair and a table, Sabu took the advantage. The hardcore legend drove the Angry Amish Warrior through a table with an Arabian Facebuster, incapaciting his oversized opponent long enough to lock in the Camel Clutch and record the victory.

Last week, ECW Vixen Kelly was interrupted in the middle of her expose by an unknown man who covered her assets with a towel. This week, it was learned that the man with the towel was actually her boyfriend, Mike Knox. The young exhibitionist accompanied Knox to the ring for his match against Danny Doring, but became distracted when fans repeatedly asked her to show them the goods. After the match, which Knox won in impressive fashion, Kelly took to the stage. Unfortunately for the rabid ECW fans in attendance, Knox again threw in the towel and removed the Vixen from the stage.

In the evening’s most troubling moment, a chunky and overly plump male stripper who was described by Joey Styles as “corpulent”, made his way to the ring and delivered the night’s second revealing dance. The rotund adult entertainer’s dance was interrupted by ECW’s Hardore Icon, Sandman. The beer guzzling five-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion was not amused by the fat man’s dance. Accordingly, the Sandman caned the holy hell out of the flabby showman.


Rob Van Dam def. Kurt Angle (Non-Title)

Sabu def. Roadkill

Mike Knox def. Danny Doring

The Sandman def. Fat Stripper

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Monday Night RAW Preview (Monday, Week 1, July, 2006)

Independence Day

On July 4th, America will be celebrating Independence Day, but on RAW, the celebration is going to start a little sooner. Vince McMahon has said that he will be holding a party backstage for all of the RAW superstars & staff, except for D-Generation X. We know D-X won't be happy about this, but what is Vince going to do to keep them away from his party?

Last week on ECW on Sci-Fi, "The Rated-R Superstar" Edge delivered his promise & showed up along with Lita, before spearing Rob Van Dam, the man who he'll face at Saturday Night's Main Event along with John Cena for the WWE Championship. Earlier during the week, Paul Heyman said if that how he wants to play, he's going to show how ECW play. What will Paul Heyman have in store for Edge?

Ric Flair last week from his home in North Carolina said that at Vengeance, Mick Foley proved him right when he gave The Nature Boy a hell of a beating & said that Foley will be his all night long the next time they meet. What does Flair have in mind for the so-called "Glorified Stuntman"?

In singles action this week, Carlito will take on "The Legend" Killer, Randy Orton while The Highlanders will make their debut on RAW.

All this & more on RAW, so be ready to tune into the USA Network on Monday Night at 9/8 CT.

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IPB Image

Monday Night RAW (Mon. Week 1, July 2006)

LIVE On The USA Network & Sky Sports

The Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA

The RAW broadcast kicked off with highlight's from last week's edition of RAW, where D-Generation X embarrassed The McMahon's by dressing up as them, before having crap being poured over them & The Sprit Squad. We also saw highlights of Edge's attack on Rob Van Dam in ECW, after the WWE & ECW Champion defeated Kurt Angle. The RAW opening video then played, followed by the pyro’s before looking over the crowd as JR & Jerry 'The King' Lawler welcomed us to Monday Night RAW.

JR & King guided us through of what was going down tonight, including the Independence Day Party being held by Vince McMahon, The Highlander's making their debut on RAW, Carlito taking on 'The Legend Killer' Randy Orton & an appearance by Extreme Championship Wrestling owner, Paul Heyman.


The Independence Day Party

We crossed backstage to where we saw Vince & Shane McMahon at the Independence Day Party with a glass of champagne in their hands while there were many guests gathered in groups in the background.

Vince McMahon: In just one day, Independence Day will be held right throughout America, as we will celebrate our independence as a country. But tonight here on RAW, we’re going to celebrate our independence as a wrestling promotion. Well actually, not all of us, because last week after those damn D-Generation X bastards embarrassed me & my son Shane, by dressing up as us, before dropping a pile of waste on top of us & The Spirit Squad, they're not getting anywhere near this party.

Shane McMahon: That’s right Dad, you see D-Generation X need to learn not to mess with us, because we The McMahon's are the greatest & most powerful family in sports entertainment. We drove WCW out of the business, we created Hulk Hogan, The Rock & 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin & soon enough, we're going to make those bastards in Orlando make an impact on the unemployment line.

But back to DX, they're going to learn that not everything is all fun & games anymore. You see, it's not the Attitude Era anymore where it was all about having a good time & were not in 80’s where good always conquered evil, we are in the year 2006, where it is the survival of the fittest.

Vince McMahon: And in the survival of the fittest, the McMahon's will always be on top, while people like Triple H & Shawn Michaels will be stuck on the bottom, begging for mercy from the people above them, including myself & Shane. But right now, we are going to start celebrating Independence Day in peace, without D-Generation X causing any trouble.

But just to show what those degenerate's are missing out on because they want to humiliate us, here are two of the most sexiest women on RAW & television, the beautiful Candice Michelle & the cover girl of the WWE Summer 2006 Magazine, Torrie Wilson.


What They Are Missing Out On

Candice Michelle & Torrie Wilson then came through a door, both wearing red & white bikini's as 'Buttons' by The Pussycat Dolls (the same song used by Kelly Kelly of ECW) started to play, as the two of the women danced with each other for a good amount of time.

Vince McMahon: Okay ladies, I think that's enough to make D-Generation X wish they were here at this party, but just in case they're spying on us, I think we better go to my office so they don't play some stupid prank on you two beautiful ladies.

Candice & Torrie then grabbed an arm each of Mr. McMahon's before walking out of the room with him. But on his way out, Vince stops to talk to Shane.

Vince McMahon: Shane, I've got some business to attend to, so watch out for D-X, I don't want them ruining my party.

The three of them then walked out of the room as Shane shook his head, before taking a sip of champagne as we crossed back to the ring to where Trevor Murdoch & Lance Cade were already in the ring.


Tag Team Match

Cade & Murdoch vs. The Highlanders

Some Scottish bagpipes started to play, as the debuting Highlanders made their way down to the ring in the same outfits they were using in their vignettes.

After they got in the ring, the two cousins then started arguing over who was going to start the match against Lance Cade, with them pushing each other back & forth until Rory pushed Robbie to the outside as the bell rang to start the match.

Rory dominated Cade in the early going's of the match, by hitting some stiff punches, clotheslines & a couple of power moves in there as well. He then tagged in Robbie, who continued the dominance, until Lance poked him in the eyes, giving him & Murdoch the opening they needed.

Cade then went to work on Robbie's lower back after he hit a back suplex. He hit some knees to the lower back, some punches & even a backbreaker, which got a 2-count. Cade then tagged in Murdoch, which started a series of frequent tags, keeping both men fresh as they continued to work on Robbie.

But Cade & Murdoch's frequent tags stopped, after Robbie got out of a pendulum backbreaker by hitting some punches to Cade's face with some help from the crowd, before he made an important tag to Rory. Rory ran into the ring & hit a clothesline to Cade, before hitting one to Murdoch who ran into the ring. He then followed that up by hitting a back body drop to Cade & another clothesline to Murdoch that sent him across the top rope & onto the ground below.

Robbie, who had now recovered got up as he & Rory hit The Scot Drop on Cade, followed by Rory pinning Cade to give The Highlanders their first victory on RAW.


DX Arrive

We crossed to the parking lot, where a black limo pulled in as King mentioned that it might be Paul Heyman. The driver then climbed out of the car & opened the back doors, where D-Generation X climbed out, wearing those cartoon t-shirts & a pair of jeans. The two of them started walking as they began to talk.

Triple H: Hey Shawn, why did Vince send this limo to us?

Shawn Michaels: I don't know Hunter, maybe because you are a company guy after all.

A cheap pop is heard from the crowd, referring to Hunter's position in the WWE.

Triple H: But guess what Shawn, there's a party tonight.

Shawn Michaels: YIPPEE!!!

Shawn started dancing around like Shane McMahon once again, as HHH stood there laughing.

Triple H: STOOOOP IT!!!

Shawn then fell to the ground at Hunter's Vince impersonation, before he nipped up to his feet as the two of them started laughing, along with the crowd.

Triple H: But back to the party, where not invited because we dumped a load of crap on them & the S*$!ty Sqaud last week.

Shawn Michaels: Oh man, what are we going to do then?

Triple H: Well Shawn, when does DX ever listen to anybody?

Shawn Michaels: Never.

Triple H: And we aren't going to start tonight. So Shawn I'll tell you what we are going to do. We are going to find this party, kick Vince McMahon's ass & then tell him to...

Crowd: SUCK IT!!!

DX then entered the arena through some double doors, as we went to a commercial break.


Flair Wants To Go Hardcore

'Also Sprach Zarathustra' by Richard Strauss played through the PA System as the fans got to their feet as 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair made his entrance down to the ring in a grey suit. He climbed through the 2nd rope & grabbed a microphone off Lillian Garcia.

Ric Flair: Last week, I said that when I saw that son of a bitch, Mick Foley again, he was going to be mine all night long the next time we met inside the squared circle. Well Foley, guess what, why don't we do it at SummerSlam?


The crowd started yelling in delight at a possible rematch between Ric Flair & Mick Foley at SummerSlam.

Ric Flair: You see Foley, I beat your ass twice at Vengeance, before your proved to me & to the rest of the world that you are a glorified stuntman, when you gave me one of the biggest beating's of my life. Well Foley, I want to return you the favour at SummerSlam, because I want your ass in one of the matches that made you what you are today, a glorified stuntman, a hardcore match.

The crowd went ballistic at the thought of the two veterans in a hardcore match.

Ric Flair: You see Foley, your not the only one who can go hardcore around here.

Ric Flair then started to pound himself in the head, busting himself open as blood dripped down his face.


Flair then signaled for Foley to come down to the ring while he still pounded away at his head, when Melina & Johnny Nitro's music played as the two of them appeared on the stage, with a microphone in Melina's hand.


A Message From Melina, A Personal Friend Of Mick Foley's

Melina: Ric, Ric, Ric, I'm sorry to tell you this but Mick Foley isn't in this arena tonight.

The crowd booed, expecting to see a brawl between Foley/Flair.

Melina: Ric, he's not even in Philadelphia, he's back home in Long Island, New York, watching his television & laughing at you for pounding away at yourself, when he wasn't even here tonight.

The crowd booed once again at Melina’s comments.

Melina: But Ric, before you fall unconscious, Mick, who is a personal friend of mine, told me to tell you this message. He told me to tell you that at Vengeance, when he beat you to a bloody pulp, he was finished with you. You see Ric, Mick doesn't want anything to do with you anymore, because he's gotten his revenge & now, he's going to sit in his home & never return to the ring because Ric, his last goal was to beat the living hell out of you & now that he's achieved that, 'The Hardcore Legend' Mick Foley, has officially retired from wrestling.

So Ric, have a nice day.

The crowd booed as Flair stood in the ring livid as we went to a commercial break. But before we did, JR said that after the break, it is going to be Carlito taking on 'The Legend Killer' Randy Orton.


Singles Match

Carlito vs. Randy Orton

When we got back from the break, we crossed to the announcer's table, where now Melina & Johnny Nitro were sitting, alongside JR & King when 'I Spit In The Face Of People Who Don't Want To Be Cool' started to play, as Carlito made his way down to the ring, while never taking his eyes off Nitro & Melina. 'Burn In My Light' by Mercy Drive went through the PA System, as Randy Orton made his entrance to the ring.

After Orton climbed down from the 2nd rope, Carlito started laying some punches into him, backing him into the corner. Carlito then continued the punches, getting Orton down onto the mat, where he started stomping a mudhole into him, before yelling at Nitro & Melina who were at the announcer's table.

Carlito then went to attack Orton, but he got met with a poke to the eyes, killing Carlito's early momentum as Melina & Nitro talked about their feud with Carlito.

Orton then remained strong for most of the match, except for when Carlito went for a comeback, but those attempts were ended quickly. One of those attempt’s featured Carlito jumping onto the ropes, before getting pushed to the outside by The Legend Killer as the match was interrupted by a commercial break.

When we returned to the Wachovia Center, Orton had Carlito standing in the ring, where he was hitting him with some right hands, before hitting a neckbreaker, knocking Carlito down onto the mat.

Orton then started slithering around on the mat like a snake, setting Carlito up for the RKO as Carlito slowly got to his feet. Orton then went for the RKO, but Carlito pushed Randy into the ropes, as he bounced back where he got hit with the Back Cracker as the two men laid down in the middle of the ring.

Both of the men got up to their feet at the referee's count of 7, before the two of them went blow for blow, with Carlito getting advantage. Carlito then started building up a huge amount of momentum, by hitting clotheslines, suplexes & a flying dropkick off the top rope.

Carlito then went to deliver his 2nd Back Cracker of the match, but Melina & Johnny Nitro took their headsets off, as Melina jumped up onto the apron, distracting Jack Doan & Carlito, who turned his attention to Melina as well.

But as he did, Johnny Nitro ran into the ring with the Intercontinental Championship, & hit Carlito right across the head, right behind Jack Doan's back, before scampering out of the ring as Melina climbed off the apron.

Randy Orton then made the cover as Jack Doan counted the 3-count, giving him his 2nd victory since returning to RAW, thanks to some help from Melina & the Intercontinental Champion, Johnny Nitro.


That Wasn't Cool, But This Is

As Randy Orton made his way to the back, Nitro & Melina climbed back into the ring, as Melina ordered Nitro to beat down on Carlito, who happily obliged.

After a couple of stomp's, Melina told Nitro to hold Carlito up, and just when Melina was about to slap Carlito right across his face, Trish Stratus ran down to the ring without her theme music & tackled Melina from behind, as the diva's rolled around the ring, until Johnny Nitro pulled Trish off Melina.

Nitro then held Trish's hands behind her back, as Melina gave her a vicious slap right across her face as the fan's booed. Melina then went to give her another taste, until Carlito hit a Back Cracker on Nitro, as he rolled out of the ring. Trish then hit a Chick Kick on Melina, knocking her to the outside as well as her & Nitro made their way up the ramp, with Nitro holding his lower back & Melina holding her head, as Trish & Carlito stood tall in the middle of the ring as the fan's cheered for the 'couple'.


I Have A Plan

We crossed backstage, to where we saw Shane McMahon, knocking on his father’s door.

Vince McMahon: Who is it?

Shane McMahon: It's me Shane.

Vince McMahon: Well Shane, what do you want? I'm uh... busy at the moment.

Shane McMahon: D-X are here, they just arrived awhile ago.

The door then flies open, as Vince McMahon comes out, while zipping up his trouser's.

Vince McMahon: Come on Shane, let's go, I have a plan to stop those damn D-X bastards from ruining my party.

Vince then turned around, looking into his office.

Vince McMahon: Candice, Torrie, you girls just stay there, I've just got to take care of some business right now.

Shane & Vince then walked down the hallway as we went to another commercial break.


My Name Is...

When we got back from the break, Armando Alejandro Estrada, the manager of Umaga was in the ring, with a microphone in his hand.

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Haha, now everybody listen to me. My name is Arrrmando Alejandro Estrrrrrrada & here is my client, the Samoan Bulldozer, UUUUUUMAGA.

Umaga’s music played, as he made his way down to the ring, before climbing through the 2nd rope.


Singles Match

Umaga w/ Armando Alejandro Estrada vs. Doink the Clown w/ Eugene & Jim Duggan

As Armando was talking to the undefeated Umaga, Doink the Clown's music played as Doink made his way down to the ring, accompanied by Eugene & WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Duggan.

As soon as Doink got into the ring, he was hit with a vicious clothesline from Umaga, knocking him straight down onto the mat. Umaga then lifted Doink up & threw him into the corner where he did a Flair-like spot, before ending up hanging from the top rope.

Umaga then hit a Diving Headbutt on Doink's chin, knocking him down onto his back, where Doink rested in the corner. But he didn’t get to rest for long, as Umaga hit Doink with his butt at high speed, causing Doink severe whiplash.

Armando then jumped onto the apron & pulled out a cigar, as Umaga picked Doink up from the ground. Armando then broke the cigar, as Umaga hit the Samoan Spike, before covering Doink for the 3-count to keep his undefeated streak intact.


What’s A Party Without D-X

We crossed backstage once again, this time to D-Generation X, who were walking down a hall.

Shawn Michaels: Man Hunter, where is this party? I need a can of soda for crying out loud.

Triple H: Well, I need a damn beer for god sakes.

Shawn then slapped Triple H right across his face.

Shawn Michaels: Hunter, don't ever use God's name in vain.

Triple H: Sorry man, I forgot about you & your changed ways.

Shawn Michaels: I haven't changed, I just don't drink, smoke or do any drugs. But I still think I'm cute & I know I'm sexy.

Triple H: Shawn, I don’t think women think your cute or sexy anymore.

Shawn Michaels: You did a couple of weeks ago in Vegas, Hunter.

Triple H: Shawn, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

The two then saw a door reading 'Independence Day Party'.

Triple H: Well here we are, let's get ready to crash this party.

D-X went through the door, revealing the room we saw at the top of the show. The two walk over to the catering table, where there was some snack food & a champagne bottle, along with a couple of glasses. Triple H then started pouring himself a glass, before handing it to Shawn Michaels.

Shawn Michaels: Where's Vince & Shane?

Triple H: Hey Shawn, have a drink of this.

Shawn Michaels: Hunter, you know that I don't drink anymore.

Triple H: One mouthful isn't going to get you sent to hell, so just take some.

Shawn Michaels: Well if I end up in hell Hunter, it's your fault.


Shawn Might Not Be In Hell, But D-Generation X Might As Well Be

Shawn went to take a mouthful of the champagne, but both he & Triple H got attacked by Shane McMahon & Kenny of The Spirit Squad. Shane threw HBK across the table, with HBK sliding onto the floor as Kenny hit Triple H over the head with the champagne bottle.

Vince McMahon then came into the room, with a big smile on his face, seeing the damage that Kenny & Shane just did to D-Generation X. Vince then started stomping on D-X, along with Shane & Kenny, before hunching down onto the ground.


We Have A Main Event

Vince McMahon: D-X, you want to try & ruin my damn party, well your going to pay for it tonight god dammit. It's going to be you two in a Handicap match against my son, Shane McMahon & Kenny & Johnny of The Spirit Squad.

And if you don't like that, well I've got two words for you two pieces of crap...

Vince climbed up to his feet, as Shane & Kenny stood behind him.

Vince McMahon: Too bad.

Vince then walked off with Shane & Kenny following him, as D-Generation X laid on the ground in pain as we crossed to another part backstage.


He's Back...

The camera started off on the ground, looking at a pair of black boots. The camera moved up to the man's legs, which were black, except for red flames on the legs & the red barbwire across the thighs.

The camera continued to move up, to the man's mid-section & arms, where we saw a black glove on his right hand with Kane’s mask in his hand. That arm was also covered in black, while the other one wasn’t covered by anything. The rest of his upper body was covered in black.

The camera then zoomed out, revealing The Big Red Machine, Kane walking to the ring as we went to a commercial break.


Singles Match

Kane vs. Rob Conway

When we returned from the break, Rob Conway was already in the ring as the two explosion’s went off on the stage, as Kane’s theme music (The same music that Fake Kane was using) started to play as he made his way down to the ring still with his mask in his hand.

Kane climbed into the ring over the top rope as Conway sensibly rolled under the bottom rope to the outside. Kane then stood in the center of the ring, before putting his mask in front of his feet, followed by setting off his pyro’s.

Conway then climbed back into the ring, only to get hit a big boot to the head, knocking him down onto the canvas. Kane started kicking him numerous times right in the head.

Kane picked Conway up & threw him into the corner, where he hit some massive uppercuts, before walking over to the opposite corner & running back to hit a massive clothesline, followed by a sidewalk slam. Kane then started choking Conway for a count of 4, where he chased Mickie Henson to the outside of the ring.

Kane then signaled for the chokeslam as Conway got to his feet, before getting hit with one as the referee made the 3-count to give Kane the victory.


Yes, He’s Definitely Back…

After the match, Kane grabbed the mask that was still in the ring & strapped it on Conway’s face. Kane started stomping on Conway’s head viciously, before going to the outside where he grabbed a steel chair.

Kane slid the chair into the ring, before climbing in there himself. Kane picked the chair up & just as Conway was getting up, he got whacked with the chair right across his face as JR said that Kane has snapped & that Conway doesn’t deserve this.

Kane then hit him with another shot to the head as Conway was on the ground, before taking the mask off Conway’s face before leaving backstage.


He Said He Was Showing Up, But Not With These Extremists

We crossed to the parking lot as a black sedan was just parking. The four doors then opened, as the Extreme Championship Wrestling owner, Paul Heyman, the WWE & ECW Champion, Rob Van Dam, “The Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle & “The Death-Defying Maniac” Sabu started to walk into the building, with all of them wearing ECW shirts, except for Sabu.

Paul Heyman, Rob Van Dam & Kurt Angle: EC DUB, EC DUB, EC DUB.

The four of then walked through the same doors D-Generation X walked through earlier as we went to a commercial break.


Handicap Match

D-Generation X vs. Shane McMahon, Kenny & Johnny w/ Mikey, Nicky & Mitch

When we got back from the break, ‘Here Comes The Money’ by Naughty by Nature played throughout the Wachovia Center as Shane McMahon made his way down to the ring. The Spirit Squad’s theme started to play, as the whole Spirit Squad made their way down to the ring, with Kenny & Johnny leading the way.

“The Kings” by Run-D.M.C. started to play, as we saw the usual D-Generation X entrance done by Triple H & Shawn Michaels. But as soon as they set off the green pyro’s, Kenny, Johnny & Shane O’ Mac attacked HHH & HBK, with Shane laying into Michaels as Kenny & Johnny threw Hunter to the outside of the ring.

Shane, who started the match off with HBK, dominated due to his sneak attack at the start of the match. Shane hit his usual punch combination & even hitting a diving elbow from the top rope that got a 2-count, before tagging in Kenny.

Kenny started to choke HBK, until the Mike Chioda pulled him off. But once he did, Kenny started arguing with Chioda as Mikey, Nicky & Mitch pulled HBK to the outside, where they got some cheap shots in, before throwing him back into the ring as The Game went to save his partner.

Kenny then started beating down on The Heartbreak Kid with some stomps, followed by him climbing up to the top rope & going for a leg drop, which missed when Shawn Michaels rolled out of the way.

HBK started to crawl towards Triple H, as Shane climbed into the ring, only to be stopped by Mike Chioda as the two of them argued. But as they argued, HBK made the tag to Triple H, only for Trips to get sent back to his corner due to the referee not seeing the tag.

Shane then went back to his corner as Kenny tagged in Johnny, who went to hit the Johnny-Go-Round, but HBK ducked it & started to hit some punches to Johnny, making him reel towards the ropes. HBK then whipped Johnny across the ring, before hitting him with a flying clothesline, nipping up & tagging in Triple H.

Triple H raced across the ring, as Johnny who had now recovered, back peddled into his corner, where he tagged Shane McMahon into the match. Shane started arguing with Johnny, before pushing him into Triple H, who hit him with a Spinebuster as he rolled out of the ring. Kenny then jumped into the ring & started punching Hunter before trying to send him into the ropes, only to get sent there himself.

Kenny bounced back, only to get hit with a Facebuster, followed by a clothesline, knocking him to the outside of the ring as well. The rest of the Spirit Sqaud then climbed into the ring, only to all be thrown over the top rope, before making their way backstage along with Johnny & Kenny.

Triple H then looked over at Shane McMahon, who was still standing on the apron. Shane jumped down from the apron & started backing away from the ring & Triple H, until he ran into Shawn Michaels. Shane then turned around to get hit with some Sweet Chin Music. The Showstopper then threw Shane O’Mac into the ring, where he was picked up Triple H, who delivered the Pedigree to give D-Generation X the victory as we went to a commercial break with JR saying that next, ECW owner, Paul Heyman & his lackeys will be coming to the ring.


It’s All About Respect

When we came back from the break, ‘Bodies’ by Drowning Pool, the theme song used for the opening video package of ‘ECW On Sci-Fi’ as Paul Heyman along with the “Extremists”, as King liked to call them, made their way down to the ring to a mixed reaction.

As soon as all four of them entered the ring, Heyman grabbed Lilian Garcia’s microphone off her, before he started to speak.

Paul Heyman: Last Tuesday night, Edge decided to come to ECW & spear our champion & your champion, Rob Van Dam. But for those of you who didn’t see it, take a look for yourselves…

Footage of Edge’s attack on Rob Van Dam from the last episode of ‘ECW On Sci-Fi’ is shown on the titantron.

Paul Heyman: Edge, that sort of thing might be tolerated here on RAW & in the WWE, but it isn’t in Extreme Championship Wrestling, because that isn’t how ECW works. You see Edge, ECW is built on respect & it seems like that you Edge, don’t have an ounce of it in your body.

The WWE & ECW champion, Rob Van Dam gestured for the microphone off Heyman, who happily passed the microphone to ‘Mr. Tuesday Night’.

Rob Van Dam: Your right Paul, Edge doesn’t have no respect for me, for you or for ECW. You see Edge, at ‘Saturday Night’s Main Event’ when I defend my WWE Championship against you & John Cena, I’ll make sure that I beat some respect into you because I am Rob… Van… Dam.

Kurt Angle grabbed the microphone off Rob Van Dam, before he started to speak to the Philadelphian crowd.

Kurt Angle: When I think about respect Edge, I think back to last week in the match between myself & Rob Van Dam, who is standing in the same ring as me tonight. You see Edge, me & RVD beat the holy hell out of each other & then once it was all over, we shook hands backstage. To me, that is what ECW & respect is all about, so Paul, for tomorrow’s night main event in ECW, I want you to make the match, “The Rated-R Superstar” Edge taking on “The Wrestling Machine” Kurt Angle.

The crowd started popping, until Sabu snatched the microphone off Kurt Angle.

Sabu: I want Edge tomorrow night.

Sabu & Angle then stared off at each other, until Heyman grabbed the microphone off Sabu.


ECW’s Main Event Is…

Paul Heyman: Well this seems quite interesting now doesn’t it? We have a Wrestling Machine in Kurt Angle, who could break’s Edge ankle in half while also throwing German Suplexes. But then we have Sabu, the death-defying maniac who could kill himself, along with Edge.

So tomorrow’s night is going to be Edge taking on Kurt Angle in an Extreme Rules match.

Sabu grabbed Heyman by the throat & pushed him against the ropes as the crowd went up in another mixed reaction.

Paul Heyman: But Sabu, if Angle doesn’t get the job done tomorrow night, I promise you, you will get a match against Edge, so you can show him what ECW is all about.

Sabu then let go of Heyman, when...


They Hate Each Other, But They Hate ECW More

‘Metalingus’ by Alterbridge started to play through the PA system as Edge appeared on the stage with Lita & with a microphone in his hand.

Edge: You know what Paul, you might think that I may get taught some respect tomorrow night in ECW against Kurt Angle, but guess what, just like you did here tonight, I won’t be coming alone. You see, the person who is going to be coming with me & Lita ECW tomorrow night, is someone that all four of you know very, very well. He is…

‘My Time Is Now’ by John Cena started to play as the former WWE Champion, John Cena appeared on the stage, before he grabbed the microphone off the ‘Rated-R Superstar’ as the fans had a mixed reaction.

John Cena: Yeah, that’s right, I’m going with Edge & Lita to ECW tomorrow night, because of just one simple reason, we may hate each other, but we hate ECW more. You see Paul, you talk about respect & how Edge didn’t show you any, well what about when you had me ambushed by your extremist’s a couple of weeks ago. Or what about when Sabu hit me with an Arabian Facebuster through the announcing table? Is that what you call respect Paul, is it?

Well if it is, why don’t me & Edge beat some respect into you & all of your little extremist’s right here, right now?

The fans popped as Cena took his shirt off while walking down to the ring, talking trash, with Edge right by his side.


Will It Be Different Tomorrow Night?

As soon as Cena & Edge got into the ring, Angle & RVD went toe-to-toe with the superstar’s as Sabu went to the outside & grabbed a steel chair. But back in the ring, Cena & Edge got the advantage quickly, as Cena took RVD over the top rope with a clothesline, before following him to the outside as well. But as that happened, Sabu climbed into the ring & threw the chair at Edge, who ended up catching it & whacking Angle right over the head with it, before doing the same to Sabu.

But as this was all happening, Paul Heyman was making his way through the crowd to get away from the carnage. RAW then ended with Edge & John Cena standing tall in the middle of the ring, while the extremist’s & Paul Heyman were in the crowd, watching on.

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ECW on Sci-Fi (Tuesday, Week 1, July, 2006)

Do The WWE Have The Edge?

Paul Heyman said that he would be coming to RAW last night & he did so, but not alone because he brought with him the WWE & ECW Champion, Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle & Sabu. But that wasn't the only surprise of the night regarding ECW, because Edge & John Cena have decided to team up, to take on ECW because as John Cena said last night on RAW, "We may hate each other, but we hate ECW more".

Edge & John Cena then cleared house, but will the same thing happen in ECW when Edge takes on "The Wrestling Machine" Kurt Angle? We know that John Cena will be in Edge's corner along with Lita, but which extremist will be balancing the odds for Kurt Angle? Will it be Sabu, Rob Van Dam or even The Sandman?

But while the main event is going to be huge, you can't forget about Tommy Dreamer trying to initiate Big Show into the world of extreme, only for him to get manhandled by the 500lbs monster. Well this week in ECW, the two will meet in a tag team match, when two ECW Originals, Tommy Dreamer & Balls Mahoney, take on The Big Show & Mike Knox.

So be ready to tune into the Sci-Fi Channel at 10/9 CT to get your weekly dose of EXTREME.

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IPB Image

ECW on Sci-Fi (Mon. Week 1, July 2006)

Taped For The Sci-Fi Channel

The Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA

ECW on Sci-Fi opened up with highlights of last night’s ‘RAW’, where Paul Heyman appeared along with Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle & Sabu, also known as the ‘Extremists’. The highlight package also showed Paul Heyman booking Kurt Angle against Edge tonight, to Sabu’s objections. The video then ended with Cena saying that he & Edge might hate each other, but they hate ECW more.

After the highlights package, ‘Let The Bodies Hit The Floor’ by Drowning Pool started to play, as the ‘ECW on Sci-Fi’ introduction video played. We then crossed to the arena, where Joey Styles & Tazz welcomed us to the show, before we crossed to Kelly Kelly’s stage.


Kelly Kelly’s Exposé

‘Buttons’ by The Pussycat Dolls started to play, as Kelly Kelly made her way through the curtain, before she started to dance around a glass chair to the delight of the male fans in the arena for a couple of minutes.


Tag Team Match

Tommy Dreamer & Balls Mahoney vs. The Big Show & Mike Knox w/ Kelly Kelly

Mike Knox’s music started to play, just as Kelly Kelly was ready to undo her bra. He ran across to the stage & covered her up with a towel, before walking her down to ringside. ‘Crank It Up’ by Brand New Sin sounded throughout the Wachovia Center, as The Big Show made his way down to the ring.

Tommy Dreamer’s music then started to play, as he made his way down to the ring with his tag team partner for this evening, an ECW Original, Balls Mahoney. Both of them ran down to the ring, as Dreamer went straight after Show while Balls & Knox battled it out respectively. Styles also pointed out that this match wasn’t under ‘Extreme Rules’, while Kelly Kelly played to the crowd.

The brawling continued, until Show threw Dreamer over the top rope & to the floor below, while Knox left the ring to cover up his girlfriend, who was ready to reveal her puppies on television. That left Balls & Show in the ring, as the two of them went at it, with Show obviously getting the advantage.

Show hit some chops on Balls in the corner, but Dreamer ran back into the ring & started to attack Show from behind. Show then turned his attention to Dreamer & went to chokeslam him, only for Balls to attack him from behind while on the outside, Knox was trying to cover up Kelly Kelly.

Balls started to control Show, by focusing on his legs with some chop blocks & kicks to the leg. But the controlling of the 500-pound monster ended when Knox ran into the ring & hit Balls with a DDT. But while Knox was in the ring, Kelly started to strip again, forcing Knox to turn his attention to Kelly.

Back in the ring, Balls made the tag to Dreamer, who unleashed a flurry of punches on Show, until Show hit him with a headbutt, knocking him to the mat. Show then clotheslined Balls off the apron, which made his head hit the ring apron on his way to the ground.

Show then picked up Dreamer & hit him with the Cobra Clutch Backbreaker for the 3-count to end the contest.


May I Have Another?

Show started to celebrate his victory, when Dreamer, still on the ground, started to speak into a microphone.

Tommy Dreamer: May I have another?

Show turned around to Dreamer & picked him up off the ground by his neck, before chokeslamming to the outside as we went to a commercial break.


Straight Edge

After the break, a video started to played as we saw some footage of a man wrestling, who looked like CM Punk. A voice over then started to talk, which sounded like CM Punk.

Voiceover: My name is CM Punk.

I am straight edge.

Some different footage of him wrestling showed up on the screen.

CM Punk: Straight edge is who I am.

The screen showed Punk wrestling in a different match once again.

CM Punk: Straight edge is what I believe in.

Like we did before, the screen showed a completely different match which Punk was wrestling in.

CM Punk: Straight edge is my life.

The video then ended with Punk doing the X symbol as we crossed back to the Wachovia Center as Test’s music started to play as he made his way down to the ring. ‘What Does Everybody Want’ played throughout the PA System, as Al Snow made his way down to the ring with Head.


Singles Match

Al Snow vs. Test

As soon as the lovable Al got into the ring, Test went straight after him with some right hands as Tazz mentioned that this isn’t an Extreme Rules match. Test then threw Snow into a corner, where he hit some rights & lefts, until Al ducked a punch, getting Test into the corner.

Al started to throw some of his own punches, but it quickly ended when Test hit a knee to the gut, followed by a neckbreaker that got a 2-count. Test then gained control of the match, with Al only getting a couple of shots in now & then.

But when Test went for a Diving Elbow, Al moved out of the way as the crowd started to clap for the ECW Original. Both of the men then made their way to their feet, with Snow getting the punches in first, reeling Test towards the ropes. Snow then whipped Test across the ring, only for him to bounce back & duck a clothesline.

Test bounced back from the other ropes & from out of nowhere, hit a massive Big Boot to end the match & to give him his 1st victory here in ECW.


ECW Is About Respect

We crossed backstage to where Kurt Angle was standing in front of a black background, with him showing his mouthguard reading ‘ECW’.

Kurt Angle: Respect, that is what ECW & myself, The Wrestling Machine, Kurt Angle have in common. When I was drafted over here by Paul Heyman, I wasn’t too keen on joining Extreme Championship Wrestling. Back in the ‘90’s, Paul offered me a spot on the roster, only for me to turn it down because of the gory nature of the product.

Well, I still felt the same way about ECW still, but when Paul sat me down & told me that even though guys like Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman beat the living crap out of each other, they would still have respect for each other because that was & still is what ECW is all about.

But Edge, you represent everything that now I & ECW hate about the WWE. You think that you should get everything handed to you on a platter without lifting a damn friggin’ finger for it.

Well Edge, tonight you are going to have lift all of your damn fingers & your hand, before you tap out in the middle of the ring here tonight in ECW’s hometown, Philadelphia. So Edge, you & your hoar & John Cena better be ready, because your about to get some damn respect beat into you.

We then went to a commercial break as Angle stood there, breathing very hard.


Extreme Rules

The Sandman vs. Chris Guy

When we got back from the break, an unknown wrestler was in the ring, before being announced to us & the fans as Chris Guy while we found out that this was going to be the first Extreme Rules match of the evening.

The Sandman’s music started to hit as The Sandman appeared at the top of the crowd with a beer in one hand & a Singapore cane in the other. The ECW Original then made his way through the crowd, while Guy got a trash can lid from under the ring.

As soon as Sandman got over the rail, Guy climbed back in the ring with the trash can lid, obviously knowing that if he had any chance of beating Sandman, he’d have to do it in the ring.

Sandman slid into the ring under the bottom rope, buy Guy quickly started to hit him with the trash can lid, but to no avail. Sandman just got up to his feet & started hitting his beer can against his face, as Guy just stood there. Sandman then hit Guy with his cane, as Guy covered his face with the trash can lid.

Sandman then started to whack Guy continuously with the cane while he was lying on the ground, before pinning him to continue his winning ways in the new ECW as we went to another commercial break.


We Spit On ECW

When we got back from the break, ‘Metalingus’ by Alterbridge started to play as the trio of Edge, John Cena & Lita made their way down to the ring to boo’s from the crowd. They climbed into the ring, as Edge grabbed a microphone from the edge of the ring, before he began to speak.

Edge: In a just few minutes, I’m going to be going one-on-one with the Olympic Gold Medalist, the Wrestling Machine, Kurt Angle, but before I do, I want to point something out to everyone here in this arena. Roll the tape…

Footage of Angle’s promo earlier is shown, where he says that ECW is all about respect.

We cross back to the ring, where John Cena now has the microphone.

John Cena: Kurt, didn’t you hear what we said last night on RAW? How can you say that ECW is all about respect when I got attacked by all your new buddies in the back there? Or when Sabu gave me an Arabian Facebuster right through the RAW announcing table? That isn’t what I call respect Kurt.

Cena passed the microphone over to Edge.

Edge: And I don’t call that respect either Kurt. You see, ECW & you may think that ECW is built on respect, but every single one of you are wrong.

But if you want to think that Kurt, that’s fine, but let me just say one thing, if ECW is built on respect, well then we spit on ECW.

Cena & Edge then spat on the ECW logo in the middle of the ring, as Kurt Angle’s music played as he rushed down to the ring, along with Rob Van Dam & Sabu. The three of them quickly climbed into the ring, as Angle tackled Edge to the ground, while Cena was thrown to the outside by Sabu & Rob Van Dam as Mickie Henson ran the bell to begin the match.


Extreme Rules

Kurt Angle w/ Rob Van Dam vs. Edge w/ John Cena & Lita

Angle started to throw some vicious right hands at the ‘Rated-R Superstar’ as Rob Van Dam flew across the top rope, landing on John Cena on the outside of the ring. The fans then started an ECW chant for the ECW & WWE Champion.

But back in the ring, Angle, who obviously took offence to the spitting offence, was still throwing some very stiff hands at Edge, until Edge crawled to the outside of the ring. But while he was taking a break, with Lita trying to comfort him, Angle was getting a steel chair from underneath the ring.

Angle then walked over to Edge & went to hit him right across the head with the chair, until he pushed Lita right in front of him. Angle then went to move Lita out of the way, but Edge quickly scampered back into the ring.

Angle followed him back inside with the steel chair, but was met with some stomps to his surgically repaired neck as Rob Van Dam on the outside, was starting to throw some punches at the now recovered John Cena. RVD then threw him into the steel steps, before trying to cheer on Kurt Angle, who was getting hammered away in the corner by Edge, before he fell down to the bottom rung.

Edge then started choking him with his foot, until Mickie Henson pulled him away. But when Mickie Henson was arguing with Edge, Lita slapped Angle right across the face, which caused RVD & Sabu to chase after her. But as they were chasing her, Cena came out of nowhere & clotheslined Van Dam, onto the ground below. Cena then grabbed a nearby steel chair & whacked him right over the head with it.

Back in the ring, Edge lifted Angle up off the ground & went for a suplex, but Angle countered into a Belly-to-Belly suplex as the two men laid down in the middle of the ring. Cena & Lita started hitting their hands on the apron, trying to help Edge while the crowd started clapping for The Wrestling Machine.

Both men got back up to their feet & went punch for punch, with Angle getting the advantage, making Edge backtrack towards the ropes. Angle then threw him across the ring into the ropes, where he bounced off, before getting hit with another Belly-to-Belly suplex from Angle. Angle then pulled his straps down & went to lock in the Anklelock, but Cena ran into the ring with a steel chair & clocked Angle right over his head, knocking him down onto the mat below.

Cena then went to the outside, as Edge started to recover. He lifted Angle up & kicked him in the gut, before spearing him. He then pinned The Wrestling Machine to get the 3-count to the displeasure of the ECW crowd.


It’s Not Over Yet…

Sabu’s music started to play as Sabu ran down to the ring with a steel chair in his hands, to the horror of Cena & Edge. Sabu quickly slid into the ring & threw his steel chair at Cena, who was standing on the apron. He then threw some punches at Edge, before throwing him to the outside of the ring.

Sabu then flew over the top rope, hitting a Flying Crossbody on Edge as Lita grabbed a steel chair. She then went to hit Sabu, but he grabbed the chair right out of her hands before throwing it right back in her face.

But while Sabu was contending with Lita, Edge tried to crawl away from the Suicidal, Homicidal & Genocidal Sabu. But Sabu grabbed the steel chair he had before & threw it at Edge.

Sabu then picked the Rated-R Superstar up, before laying him on the announcing table as Styles & Tazz quickly moved away, knowing what Sabu can do.

Sabu then climbed back into the ring, where he set a chair up while he grabbed the chair which he threw at Cena earlier. Sabu then ran across the ring, jumping onto the chair before jumping onto the top rope, before he hit an Arabian Facebuster to Edge, threw the announce table.

The ECW broadcast then ended with an overview of all the carnage, before the screen went black.

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Friday Night Smackdown! (Friday Week 1, July 2006)

The Animal Returns

This week on Smackdown! will mark the return of one of the biggest superstars in the WWE, "The Animal" Batista. After being out on the shelf since January thanks to "The World's Strongest Man", Mark Henry. What will Batista have to say about being back, but most of all, what will he have to say about Mark Henry?

Also tonight, there will be a 10-man Battle Royal to determine who will be facing Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Championship at The Great American Bash. Superstars such as King Booker, Bobby Lashley, Ken Kennedy will be participating, to get a shot at the gold.

The Great Khali will also be in action when he will wrestle Matt Hardy in singles action. The Great Khali last week laid out a challenge to The Undertaker, to wrestle him in a Punjabi Prison match at The Great American Bash. Will tonight be the night that Undertaker answers the challenge, or has Khali really broken his spirit?

All this & more on 8/7 CT on UPN, where Friday Night Smackdown! is 'TV That's Changing Friday Nights'

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IPB Image

Friday Night Smackdown! (Mon. Week 1, July, 2006)

Taped For UPN

The Wachovia Center, Philadephia, PA

A video package of Batista was shown at the top of the broadcast, with the video ending with the words ‘The Animal Returns Tonight’. The Smackdown! opening video is then shown, accompanied by ‘Rise Up’ by Drowning Pool. We then crossed to the arena, where the pyro’s started going off down the ramp, before doing the usual crowd shot.

Paul London’s & Brian Kendrick’s music started to play as the two ran down to the ring with those masks over their faces as Cole pointed out that the first match of the evening must be the 10-man Battle Royal to determine who will face Rey Mysterio at the Great American Bash. They were followed out by Ken Kennedy, The Pitbulls & Tatanka.

King Booker, Finlay & William Regal, who were all accompanied by Queen Sharmell made their way down to the ring, followed by the United States Champion, Bobby Lashley.


10-Man Battle Royal

Winner Faces Rey Mysterio At ‘The Great American Bash’ For The World Heavyweight Championship

Paul London vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Ken Kennedy vs. Kid Kash vs. Jamie Noble vs. Tatanka vs. King Booker w/ Queen Sharmell vs. Finlay vs. William Regal vs. Bobby Lashley

The match started off with everyone going off in their separate directions, with Kennedy battling Tatanka & the two tag team going at it. But while that was all happening, Lashley had a stare-off with King Booker & his Royal Court. The four of them had words, until Sharmell jumped onto the apron, trying to distract Lashley.

But as soon as Lashley turned around, Regal went to get a cheap shot in, only for him to get thrown over the top rope & be the first man eliminated in the match.

But as soon as he got eliminated, Finlay & Booker went straight after Lashley, making him back into the corner. Booker & Finlay then started taking shots at Lashley, while The Pitbulls, Paul London & Brian Kendrick were battling on the other side of the ring.

The Pitbulls had the advantage, throwing some punches at London & Kendrick, before throwing them into the ropes. London & Kendrick then bounced off the other side, as Kash & Noble both hit kicks to the gut, followed by a suplex on London & Kendrick, sending them to the outside. Or so they thought, because both London & Kendrick grabbed the ropes & flipped back into the ring.

They then went after The Pitbulls again, as Kennedy was trying to get Tatanka over the top rope while Booker & Finlay were trying to do the same to the United States Champion, Bobby Lashley.

Lashley was on the outside on the apron, as he was trying to fight off Booker & Finlay, while Sharmell was pulling on his leg as well. The fans then started a Lashley chant, as he kicked Sharmell off his leg, before hitting a couple of punches onto Booker & Finlay, giving him time to get back into the ring. Lashley then hit a double clothesline, before he started to stomp on Finlay & Regal.

Back to Tatanka & Kennedy, Tatanka had Kennedy on the ground, throwing some punches at him. He then climbed up to the top rope, but Kennedy, who was playing possum, jumped up & pushed him off the turnbuckle & to the outside, cutting the participants down to just 8 men as we went to a commercial break.

When we got back from the break, Booker, Finlay & Lashley were battling it out, as were Paul London, Brian Kendrick & The Pitbulls, while Kennedy was in the corner, resting.

Lashley got the advantage over Booker & Finlay once again, as he hit both with a kick to the stomach, he then threw Finlay into the corner, before he picked up Booker & went to throw him over the top rope, only for Sharmell to grab Lashley’s feet, causing him to fall with Booker landing on him.

Booker & Finlay then started to beat up on Lashley, until London & Kendrick pushed them off, before hitting Dropsaults to the delight of the crowd. But as soon as they got back up to their feet, The Pitbulls hit vicious clotheslines to the back of their heads, knocking them onto the ground as well.

The Pitbulls then stood tall in the ring, as everyone started getting up. The Pitbulls quickly sided with Booker & Finlay, as Paul London, Brian Kendrick & Bobby Lashley grouped together as well.

The two groups then stared off at each other, before every single person looked over at Kennedy, who was relaxing in the corner. All 7 of them then cornered Kennedy in the corner, before they all hit their respective finishers on him, before London & Kendrick threw him over the top rope.

But as they did this, The Pitbulls eliminated the WWE Tag Team Champions as well, meaning that there were 5 men left in the Battle Royal as we went to a commercial break.

When we got back from the break, Bobby Lashley was lying in the corner as King Booker, Finlay & The Pitbulls were putting the boots to him in a 4-on-1 advantage. Booker then picked Lashley up & hit him with a kick to the gut, before he bounced off the ropes & hit a Scissors Kick. But Lashley moved out of the way, as he started to punch everything in sight, until all 4 of the men tackled him to the ground, before they hammered away at him once again.

Booker then started choking Lashley before he lifted him up, as Finlay grabbed his shalleigh while The Pitbulls rested on the ropes. But from out of nowhere, London & Kendrick ran down to the ring & pulled The Pitbulls over the top rope to eliminate them from the match, just as Finlay swung his weapon at Lashley, only for him to duck & hit Booker.

The two tag teams started to brawl all the way backstage, as Lashley hit a couple of clotheslines on Finlay, before hitting a Powerslam to the delight of the crowd. Lashley then started to set up for the Spear on King Booker, only for Little Bastard to climb out from under the ring to grab his foot.

But as he was trying to get rid of her, Finlay grabbed his shillelagh & went to hit Lashley with it, only for him to duck, before he clotheslined the Irishman over the top rope, leaving himself & King Booker the last two men in the battle royal.

Lashley then went to pick Booker up, only to get hit with a low blow, knocking Lashley down onto the ground. Booker then started to stomp on Lashley, before he picked him up & threw him into the corner, where he threw some chops, before hitting a clothesline, making the United States Champion stumble out of the corner as William Regal & Finlay ran down to the ring.

Booker then went for the Book End, only for Lashley to elbow his way out of it. Lashley then went for the Powerslam, only for Booker to wriggle free & push him into the ropes, where Regal hit him with a pair of brass knuckles, while Finlay hit a low blow.

Lashley then stumbled back into the middle of the ring, where Booker hit the Scissors Kick on Lashley, before he threw him over the top rope to win an opportunity to face Rey Mysterio at ‘The Great American Bash’ for the World Heavyweight Champion.


The King Will Become The Champion…

After the match, King Booker grabbed a microphone from Tony Chimel, before he started to speak as Queen Sharmell, Finlay & William Regal stood behind him.

King Booker: All hail King Booker, all hail King Booker.

The fans started to boo the King, as he just stood in the ring soaking it in.

King Booker: That is what Rey Mysterio will be saying at The Great American Bash, when I defeat him to become the World Heavyweight Champion because I am the King. And once I’m finished with you Rey, I will make both you & your close friend, Chavo Guerrero kiss my feet because you are nothing but peasants in my kingdom & in my kingdom, no ones dreams come true.

So Rey, once I’m finished with you at The Great American Bash, you will be saying…

All hail King Booker, all hail King Booker, the champion of the World.


But He Needs To Make An Example Out Of Someone…

King Booker: But Rey, I need to make an example out of someone, just to show you why I’m the King & why I will be the World Heavyweight Champion at the end of The Great American Bash. And that person I’m going to make an example out of is Bobby Lashley.

Booker looked down over the ropes, where Lashley was still lying down.

King Booker: Bobby, you’ve made my life a living hell ever since I won King of the Ring at Judgment Day. Well Bobby, you might’ve fought last week was the end of it all, but it wasn’t, because it’s going to end tonight.


That Example Is Bobby Lashley

The Court then made their way to the outside, where they all put the boots to Lashley, before they rolled him back into the ring. Finlay & Regal then started to stomp on him some more, as Booker grabbed a steel chair from the outside.

Finlay & Regal then lifted Lashley up as Booker whacked the United States Champion over the head with the steel chair. Regal then swapped places with Booker, as he threw some punches at Lashley with his brass knuckles on, busting him open. Regal then swapped places with Finlay, as Finlay whacked Lashley over the head with his shillelagh a number of times, before he fell to the ground.

The Court then stood tall in the middle of the ring as we went to a commercial break.


The Toughest Man To Ever Wear A Dress

When we got back from the break, we saw the dress-wearing Vito at the interview set by himself.

Vito: Last week, when I revealed myself to the world that I like wearing dresses, I couldn’t had been prouder that I had finally come clean. After years of trying to cover this up, from all my friends & family, I decided to be a man & put it in the open, but now, I’m pissed that I did.

You see, the reason I kept this in the dark was because I was afraid that I would get laughed at, everywhere I go & I was right. Just look at what happened last week, JBL was making fun of me, the fans were & hell, even Michael Cole was.

Well guess what, every single one of you can go screw yourselves, because I shouldn’t be ridiculed because I wear a dress. It’s not right & that’s why tonight in my match, I’m going to show you all why I’m the toughest man to wear a dress.


Cruiserweight Championship

Gregory Helms © vs. Psicosis

We crossed back to the ring, where Psicosis made his way down to the ring followed by his opponent for this evening, the Cruiserweight Champion, Gregory Helms.

The two then locked up in the middle of the ring, with Helms being the bigger man, tried to push Psicosis into the corner, only for Psicosis to counter it with a drop toe hold, sending Helms face first into the second turnbuckle.

Psicosis bounced back off the turnbuckle, but Helms threw him into the rigpost, before he went for a rollup that only got a 2-count.

Helms then started stomping on Psicosis, before he picked him up & went to throw him into the ropes, only for Psicosis to reverse it & followed it up by throwing Helms over the top rope. The Mexican luchadore then hit a suicide dive onto Helms as we went to another commercial break.

When we got back from the break, Helms had Psicosis in the corner hitting him with some right hands, as we see a replay of what happened during the break when Helms threw Psicosis into the steel steps. But back on the “live” action, Helms lifted Psicosis up onto the turnbuckle, before he hit a hurrucuranna.

The Cruiserweight champion then climbed onto the top rope & went for a moonsault, only for Psicosis to roll out of the way as Helms burned & crashed on the mat.

Psicosis made his way back up to his feet first, as he went on the attack for most of the match, before he went up to the top rope to finish Helms off.

But his former tag team partner, Super Crazy pushed him off the rope & into the ring, as Jim Korderas rang the bell to end the match.


Will It Ever End?

As Tony Chimel announced that Gregory Helms retained the title due to disqualification, Crazy & Psicosis started to brawl all around the ring, as some road agents from backstage made their way down to the ring to stop the brawl.

But as they were separated due to the road agents, they still managed to get some shots in at each other. But after a little while, both of them managed to escape, as they started to fight each other once again, until the agents separated them again.

The two then tried to break free once again, until Theodore Long’s music started to play, as the Smackdown! General Manager appeared on the stage with a microphone in his hand.


Loser Leaves Smackdown!

Theodore Long: Hold up there playa’s, I’m sick of you two interfering in each other’s matches every single week. So that’s why next week, its going to stop, because it’s going to be you two going at it in the middle of the ring in a ‘Loser Leaves Smackdown!’ match.

Theodore Long then left backstage, as we crossed to the commentator’s table, where Michael Cole & JBL started to hype up Batista’s return, until Cole said that a fight has broken out backstage.


The Court Strikes Again

We crossed backstage, to where Rey Mysterio & Chavo Guerrero were trying to fend off King Booker, Finlay & William Regal. But after a little while, The Court gained the advantage, as Chavo started getting hit with a shillelagh from Finlay, while being in the Regal Stretch. But his good friend got the worse of it all, as he was put through a table with a Book End from King Booker.

The Court then walked off, satisfied, as we went to a commercial break.


Come To Quebec

When we got back from the break, Sylvan was standing in front of a Quebec flag.

Sylvan: Hello, my name is Sylvan & I am the Ambassador for Quebec, the greatest city in the whole entire world.

Quebec is a city of fine cuisine, culture & of course, our beautiful women. So come to Quebec, because Quebec is better then whatever city you live in.

We then crossed back to the ring, as Sylvan stood there smiling.


Singles Match

Matt Hardy vs. The Great Khali w/ Daivari

‘Live For The Moment’ by Monster Magnet started to play, as Matt Hardy made his way down to the ring to a good pop from the crowd. The Great Khali then made his way down to the ring, accompanied by his manager, Daivari.

The Great Khali then climbed onto the apron, as Hardy started throwing some right hands at him, which only infuriated the monster, as he just gave Hardy an overhead chop over his head, before he climbed over the top rope & into the ring.

Khali started to stomp on Hardy for a good minute or so, before he picked him up off the ground. Khali then lifted Matt into the air by his throat, before throwing him back down onto the ground where he got a 3-count.


He Might Not Die, But He Might As Well

After the match ended, Daivari climbed into the ring, before he ordered the monster to inflict some more pain on Matt Hardy.

Khali then picked Hardy up, before he ripped off the top turnbuckle pad, before smashing his head against it, before hit an overhead chop, knocking Hardy to the ground as Daivari grabbed a microphone.


Will He Answer The Challenge?

Daivari: Undertaker, last week my client, The Great Khali challenged you to a match at The Great American Bash in a Punjabi Prison match. Undertaker, you didn’t answer his challenge & we all know why, because The Great Khali has broken your spirit. You see Undertaker, you aren’t the Phenom in the WWE anymore, The Great Khali is the real Phenom & there’s nothing you can do about it.

So Undertaker, as long as The Great Khali is on Smackdown, you will rest in pea…

Daivari was interrupted by The Undertaker’s gong, as the lights went out as well.

The Phenom Answers

The Undertaker’s music then stopped, as his voice was head throughout the arena.

Undertaker: Khali, you may think that you have broken my spirit, but you are wrong my friend. I am The Undertaker & at The Great American Bash, I will make sure you REST IN PEEEACE.

The lights then came back on, as Daivari & Khali stood in the ring, with Daivari having a terrified look on his face, while Khali just stood there as we went to a commercial break.


Singles Match

Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Vito

When we got back from the break, Scotty 2 Hotty made his way down to the ring, followed by ‘The Toughest Man To Ever Wear A Dress’, Vito. But as Vito was making his way down to the ring, Scotty started to laugh at him, along with some of the fans in the crowd as well.

Vito rushed into the ring & started attacking Scotty with some vicious right hands knocking him on the ground, before choking him for the count of 4. Vito then stomped on Scotty, before picking him up & hitting Scotty with a clothesline, knocking him to the outside of the ring.

Vito followed him to the outside, where he threw him into the ringpost & steel steps, before rolling him back into the ring where he got a 2-count.

Vito then continued the attack for most of the match with some power moves & aggressiveness, with Scotty only getting a couple of punches in on Vito now & then.

The match came to an end when Vito hit the Code of Silence on Scotty for the 3-count.

After the match, Michael Cole said that after the commercial break, “The Animal” Batista would be making his way down to the ring.


The Animal Returns

‘Unleashed’ by Saliva started to play throughout the arena when we got back from the break, as Batista made his way out onto the Smackdown! stage to a huge ovation from the crowd. He then made his way down to the ring, before he grabbed a microphone off Tony Chimel.

Batista then went to speak, but a ‘Batista’ chant broke out as the fans cheered for the former World Heavyweight Champion.

Batista: Well, it’s good to be back here on Smackdown!.

Batista then paused as the fans chanted his name once again.

Batista: After months of being stuck on the shelf, I’m back & I’m ready to compete in the squared circle for everyone here tonight.

The fans cheered, hoping that they would see Batista in action.

Batista: But as much I’d like to, I’ve got business to take care of tonight & that business is Mark Henry.

Batista took off the sunglasses he was wearing, before he started to speak again.

Batista: Mark, ever since you injured me at that WWE Live Event all the way back in January, I haven’t stopped thinking about you. When I getting my diagnosis, I was thinking about you. When I was getting back into shape, I was thinking about you. When I vacated MY World Heavyweight Championship, I was thinking about you.

And tonight Mark, I’m still thinking about you & how I’m going to kick your ass. So Mark, why don’t you get out here right now, otherwise I’ll come back there & drag your ass down to the ring, before I beat the living daylights out of you.

Batista then took off his jacket as ‘Somebodies Gonna Get It’ by Three 6 Mafia played throughout the arena, as Mark Henry made his way down to the ring.


World’s Strongest Return

Batista jumped out of the ring & went straight after Mark Henry as the two of them battled on the ramp, with Batista getting the advantage as he threw him into the barricade. Batista then hit Henry with some more right hands, before dragging him onto the centre of the ramp.

Batista then kicked Henry in the gut, before hitting a Batista Bomb on The World’s Strongest Man, right on the steel ramp.

Smackdown! then ended with Batista standing over the fallen Mark Henry.

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WWE.com News

Two Matches Announced For 'Saturday Nights Main Event'

Just a short while ago, Theodore Long has informed WWE.com that he has made a 6-man tag match for 'Saturday Night's Main Event'. He has said that it will be King Booker, Mark Henry & Finlay facing Batista, Bobby Lashley & Rey Mysterio. Vince McMahon also told us that it will be Carlito & Trish Stratus facing Johnny Nitro & Melina in an Intergender Tag Team match at 'Saturday Nights Main Event'.

Paul Heyman has also told us that this week in ECW, it will be Sabu taking on Edge in an Extreme Rules Match.

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Monday Night RAW (Monday Week 2, July 2006)

What Will Mr. McMahon Have In Store For DX?

Last week on RAW, Mr. McMahon's 'Independence Day Party' didn't go to plan, when DX not only crashed his party, but when they beat the living hell out of his son, Shane McMahon in the middle of the ring. We know that Mr. McMahon will not be in a good mood when he rolls into the Tyson Events Center. So what will Mr. McMahon have in store for DX?

Last Tuesday night in ECW, Edge overcame the odds & beat Kurt Angle with some help thanks to John Cena. But his win came at a price, as the man who wanted to face him, Sabu, took out the Rated-R Superstar with an Arabian Facebuster through the announce table. So due to those events, Sabu & Edge will lock up in the middle of the ring tommorow night in ECW. But tonight on RAW, it will be John Cena & Randy Orton facing WWE & ECW Champion Rob Van Dam & Kurt Angle in some tag team action.

Umaga will also be in action when he takes on another one of Eugene's legends, WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Duggan while Charlie Haas & Viscera will settle their rivalry when they meet in the ring once & for all.

So tune into RAW this Monday Night at 9/8 CT only on the USA Network.

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This is a very well diary that is straight to the point, very realistic and entertaining. RAW was great. DX and the McMahons were all over it and it was very entertaining. ECW was just as good and I'm looking forward very much to the Sabu Vs. Edge match. I think thats gonna be totally on the money. Smackdown was also excellent. I think you captured King Booker very well and it was a great show to start from with the return of Batista. Three solid shows mate! Can't ask for more! I am really looking forward to next week! Lets hope this version is sweeter to Mick Foley than reality :)

Good luck!

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IPB Image

Monday Night RAW (Mon. Week 2, July 2006)

LIVE On The USA Network & Sky Sports

The Tyson Events Center, Sioux City, IA

The RAW broadcast opened up with highlights of the DX & McMahon segments from last week, before showing the clip of seeing Shane McMahon getting some Sweet Chin Music & a Pedigree during the main event, where The Spirit Squad abandoned Mr. McMahon’s son. We then saw another highlights package, this time of the events that occurred between ECW, Edge & John Cena on both RAW & ECW, with the video ending with both Sabu & Edge lying in the mess of a broken announcing table.

‘Across The Nation’ by Union Underground started to play, before we crossed to the Tyson Events Center, where straight away, without no pyro’s, the WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon made his way down to the ring.


Vince Is A Family Man

Mr. McMahon quickly walked down to the ring, with no strut or anything, obviously still upset over last weeks beating that his son got from D-Generation X. After Lillian Garcia introduced the Chairman of the WWE, he quickly snatched the microphone off her, before he started to speak.

Vince McMahon: Last week, in this very ring, my son, Shane McMahon, got the living hell beat out of him by D-Generation X. Roll the footage…

A replay of Shane getting beat up by DX was shown, before we crossed back to Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon: Well guess what, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, I’m sick of your crap, week in, week out & soon enough, it’s going to come to an end. But there are five other men who I’m sick of & they are The Spirit Squad.

The crowd gave a rare cheer for Mr. McMahon.

Vince McMahon: Week, after week, I give those damn cheerleaders a simple job to do & every single time, they seem to screw it up one way or another. But last week was the final straw, because instead of saving my son, they abandoned him & left him to get some Sweet Chin Music from Shawn Michaels & a Pedigree to Triple H.

Well guess what, there’s show coming up very soon, on NBC called Saturday Night’s Main Event. And at Saturday Night’s Main Event, you will be defending the World Tag Team Championships against none other then Shawn Michaels & Triple H, D-Generation X.

The crowd popped at the announcement of the match.

Vince McMahon: But to make sure you don’t have an excuse for if you lose at Saturday Nights Main Event, its going to be Mikey & Kenny, the two men who originally won the titles, will be facing DX. Also, if you end up losing at Saturday Night’s Main Event, you will be hearing…


The crowd started going nuts, knowing that the Spirit Squad could possibly be gone from the WWE.


Does The Devil Have Spirit?

Vince McMahon: But guess what Spirit Squad, that isn’t all that’s going to happen because right here & right now, in this very ring, its going to be Johnny taking on the man who destroyed Rob Conway last week, The Big Red Machine, KANE.

But this is just a taste of what is to come Spirit Squad, because tomorrow night in ECW, I will be making another match for Saturday Nights Main Event involving Mitch, Nicky & two of ECW’s best.

So Spirit Squad, get ready for the worst week of your lives, because you are now riding along the HIGHWAY TO HELL.

So Johnny, get your ass out here right now, so the journey can begin & if any of your buddies come out here, there’ll be even more hell to pay.


Singles Match

The Spirit Squad Are Barred From Ringside

Kane vs. Johnny

Johnny made his way down to the ring, as Vince made his way to the back. When the two met in the ramp, they had some quick words, before they walked off in their separate directions as we went to a commercial break.

When we got back from the break ‘Slow Chemical’ by Finger Eleven started to play as Kane, with the same ring attire from last week, along with his mask in hand, made his entrance as Johnny looked terrified.

But straight after Kane set off his pyro’s, Johnny hit some right hands on The Big Red Machine, until Kane just took Johnny down with a big boot. Kane, just like last week, tried to get the mask on Johnny’s face, but Johnny quickly scampered out of the ring, trying to get away from the monster.

But Kane just climbed to the outside, but Johnny ran around the ring, before climbing back inside the squared circle. Kane followed him, but as Kane slid into the ring, Johnny hit some stomps on Kane’s back. But that had no effect on the big man, as Kane got straight back up & hit an uppercut, followed by a sidewalk slam on the male cheerleader.

Kane then got his mask, which he had in his hand the whole time, & put it on Johnny. Kane then picked him up & hit a huge chokeslam on Johnny to get the victory.


The Big Red Aftermath

After the match, Kane picked Johnny up again & hit another chokeslam on him, before he went to the outside & grabbed a steel chair. Kane climbed back into the ring & lifted Johnny up onto his feet.

The Big Red Machine then hit him with a shot to the guts with the chair, followed by him wrapping it around Johnny’s neck. Kane then walked around the ring with him, before throwing him face first into the mat, causing the chair to smash Johnny’s neck (Undertaker used this move back when he was ABA).

Kane then took the mask off Johnny, before heading backstage as we went to a commercial break.

When we got back from the break, we saw Johnny getting carried out on a stretcher, as blood was coming out of his mouth. JR said that he hopes that Johnny recovers soon, while King commentated on Kane, and how this attack wasn’t needed tonight.


Just A Taste

We crossed backstage, as we saw Trish Stratus in her locker room alone, polishing her Women’s Championship, when none other then Melina walked into the room. Trish put the belt on the top of her shoulder, before standing up.

Trish Stratus: What do you want Melina?

Melina: Well Trish, I wanted to talk to you about last week.

Trish Stratus: Oh, when I kicked your ass, while Carlito kicked Nitro’s? Like Carlito would say Melina, that was cool.

Melina: No it wasn’t, that wasn’t cool Trish. But guess what Trish, you & Carlito will get what’s coming to both of you at Saturday Night’s Main Event when Johnny Nitro & I, Melina will kick both of your asses.

But just to show you what you’re in for on Saturday night Trish, here’s a taste.

Melina then viciously slapped Trish across her face, knocking her to the ground, before walking out of the room with a smile on her face.


We’re Going To Take You To The EXTREME

We crossed to the interview set with Todd Grisham, who was standing with the WWE & ECW Champion, Rob Van Dam & Kurt Angle of ECW.

Todd Grisham: Rob, Kurt, tonight you two will face RAW’s very own John Cena & Randy Orton in the main event. What are your thoughts?

Kurt Angle: Last Tuesday night in ECW, I got robbed in my match against Edge when John Cena ran into the ring after taking out my partner tonight, the WWE & ECW Champion, Rob Van Dam.

RVD did his thumb taunts, before Angle spoke again.

Kurt Angle: Well tonight Cena, on your home turf, Rob & I, we’re going to get some payback for last Tuesday. You see, since joining ECW, I’ve realized that no one gets away with disrespecting ECW.

Look at what happened to Jerry Lawler at One Night Stand. He got choked out by Tazz. Look at what happened to Edge, he got an Arabian Facebuster through the announcing table last week, courtesy of Sabu. Look at what happened to your tag team partner tonight, Randy Orton at One Night Stand. I made him tap out like the little bitch he is.

Rob Van Dam: That’s right man, you made his ass tap out. But at that same event, I became the WWE Champion, when I beat John Cena. And at Saturday Night’s Main Event, I will beat both him & Edge to keep the title in ECW. But until then, John, Kurt & I, we’re going to kick both your asses.

Kurt Angle: Speaking about you Randy, I haven’t forgotten about you & I bet you haven’t forgotten about the time I broke your ankle, or the time where I made you tap out in the Hammerstein Ballroom. Well Randy, your going to take a trip back in time tonight, because I will make you tap out once again.

And why Randy? Because like Edge, like John Cena, you are everything that ECW isn’t, while Rob & I, we are everything that ECW is. So you boys better be ready tonight, because we’re going to take you…



Singles Match

Viscera vs. Charlie Haas

‘Pay The Price’ by Eric & The Hostiles started to play as Charlie Haas made his way down, as JR & King ran down the feud between him & Viscera. Viscera’s music then went over the PA System, as The World’s Largest Love Machine made his way down to the ring.

But while the big man was climbing into the ring, Haas was talking to Viscera’s former girlfriend, Lilian Garcia. But as they were talking, Viscera signaled Lilian to move out of the corner. Lilian then left to the outside, but as soon as Haas turned around to face Viscera, he was squashed between Viscera & the turnbuckle, before falling down onto the mat face first.

Viscera then started talking to Lillian from the ring, before going back to Haas & picking him up off the ground. Viscera hit a body slam, before bouncing off the ropes & going for a splash, only for Haas to move out of the way, making Big Vis crash into the mat.

Both of them laid on the ground for a little while, with Haas getting up first while Vis was still on his knees. But Haas sent him back onto the mat, with a dropkick to his head.

Haas then went for the cover, where he only got a 2-count. Haas then stomped on the big man, before going for another cover where he only got a 2-count again. He then went for another one, but Viscera pushed him off & sent him flying across to the ring & under the bottom rope to the outside of the ring.

Viscera then climbed to the outside, as he grabbed Haas & sent him head first into the ring post, before whipping him into the steel steps. Haas then started to crawl up the ramp, trying to get away from Big Vis, but Viscera just picked him up & hit a sidewalk slam on the ramp.

Viscera then started doing his usual sex antics on Haas, before going for a Splash, but once again, Charlie moved out of the way as Viscera crashed into the steel ramp. Charlie then got up off the ground & picked Viscera up, before leaning him against the barricade, where he hit some chops, before throwing him back into the ring.

Haas then surprisingly climbed up to the top rope & went for an elbow drop, but Vis moved out of the way as Haas landed on the mat, hard. Viscera then looked at Haas, before he walked over to the ropes, where he started to talk to Lillian.

But as Vis was talking, Haas recovered & rolled him up to get the victory.

After the match, Haas wisely left the ring, as Viscera was looking on in disbelief.


Oh Mickey Your So Fine

We crossed to the RAW interview set, as we saw Maria with a microphone in her hand.

Maria: Hi, my name is Maria & I’m here with ‘The King of Kings’ Triple H & ‘The Heartbreak KID’ Shawn Michaels, D-Generation X.

Triple H & Shawn Michaels then popped up on either side of Maria, as she started to speak to the camera. But as she was doing so, HHH & Shawn looked down her top.

Maria: At Saturday Night’s Main Event, D-Generation X will face Mikey & Kenny of The Spirit Squad for the World Tag Team Titles & if The Spirit Squad lose, all five of them will be fired from the WWE.

Maria then looked at Trips & Shawn, who looked away very quickly, getting a laugh from the crowd.

Maria: So D-X, what are your thoughts?

Triple H: Now before we give our thoughts on our match at Saturday Night’s Main Event

Shawn Michaels: Which will be live on NBC.

Triple H: We would like to comment on the top you are wearing tonight, it is very nice.

Maria: Well thankyou.

Triple H: But now onto more important matters, we would like to thank Vince McMahon for letting us to get rid of those five pieces of crap from the WWE.

Shawn Michaels: It’s four now Hunter, didn’t you see what happened to Johnny earlier tonight?

Triple H: Oh yeah, Kane just broke his neck. Anyways, Mikey, Kenny, Penny, whatever your names are…

Shawn Michaels: What about Mickey?

Shawn then started to sing the Mickey song, while dancing.

Triple H: Like I was saying, you better start practicing all your cheers, like Shawn here, because you will need anything & everything in your disposal this Saturday night, because D-Generation X will be ready to kick all of your asses.

Shawn Michaels: And if you’re not down with that, we have two words for ya.

Crowd: SUCK IT.

RAW then went to a commercial break as DX walked off the screen.


You May Be Finished With Me, But I’m Not Finished With You

‘Also Sprach Zarathustra’ by Richard Strauss started to play throughout the arena as Ric Flair made his way down to the ring to a pop from the crowd. Flair then climbed into the ring & grabbed a microphone off Lillian, before he began to speak.

Ric Flair: Last week on RAW, I called that son of a bitch, Mick Foley out to this ring so that we could agree on a match at SummerSlam, WOOOOOOOOOOO, but not any kind of match, WOOOOOOO, a hardcore match.

The crowd popped again for the idea of Flair & Foley mixing it up in the ring once again.

Ric Flair: But that glorified stuntman decided he didn’t want to go another round with the Naitch, so he told his “personal friend” Melina to tell me that he has retired from wrestling because he was finished with me. Well guess what Foley, you may be finished with you, but, WOOOOOOOOO, I’m not finished with you.

You see Foley, I want some payback for what you did to me at Vengeance. I want to make you bleed with my own two hands. I want to leave you lying in your own pool of blood. And I want to do at SummerSlam Mick.

So Foley, I know your watching RAW right now, so you better call Melina & tell her that SummerSlam, me & you in a hardcore match, is on. And if you don’t Mick, you better change the channel, because I won’t be leaving this ring until a match between me & you is official.

Flair then waited for someone to come down to the ring, but instead of someone like Vince McMahon or Melina, Matt Striker’s music started to play as the former school teacher came out onto the stage with a microphone in his hand.


Today’s Lesson: Respect

Matt Striker: Hello, my name is Matt Striker & I am your teacher.

The crowd booed Striker, obviously not pleased with him so far.

Matt Striker: And tonight, I will be teaching all of you about respect, especially you Ric. You see, last week, Melina told you that Mick Foley was finished with you & that he had retired from wrestling. But now this week, your still calling him out so you can have a match against him at SummerSlam. Well Ric, I’m not sure if it is because of your old age, or just that Mick Foley’s beatdown made you lose some brain cells, but can’t you just respect his wishes?

Ric Flair: You want me to respect that son a bitch’s wishes? WOOOOOOOO, do you even know who I am? I’m Ric Flair, ‘The Nature Boy’ a 16-time, 16-time, 16-time, WOOOOOOOOOO, a 16-time World Champion, and I don’t have to listen some school teacher tell me what to do.

Matt Striker: Well Ric, just listen to this. Why not right here & right now in that ring, I beat some respect into you. What do you say?


The Match Is On

Ric Flair: Your on.

Striker then walked down to the ring, while Flair undressed, revealing his red tights underneath his pants.


Singles Match

Ric Flair vs. Matt Striker

After Striker got into the ring, Mike Chioda ran down to the ring & rang the bell to start this impromptu match.

Flair & Striker circled around the ring, before they locked up, as Flair pushed Striker into the corner. Flair then let go of Striker, before hitting a nasty chop right across his chest as Striker yelled in pain. Flair then hit a couple more chops on him, until Striker rolled to the outside, holding his chest.

Flair then quickly climbed to the outside & hit some more chops, before smashing Striker’s onto the steel steps. Flair then went for an Irish whip, but Striker reversed it, sending Flair right into the ringpost.

Striker then threw Flair into the ring & went for the cover, only to get a 2-count. Striker then picked Naitch up off the ground & threw him into the corner, where he hit some right hands, knocking onto the ground, where Striker choked Flair with his foot, until the referee pulled him away.

Striker then lifted Flair up off the ground & hit some knee’s to his gut, before whipping him across the ring as Flair did his usual spot in the corner, where he goes flying everywhere. But as soon as he landed back in the corner, Striker hit him with a clothesline, as Flair fell onto the ground.

Striker went for the pin, only to get a 2-count. Frustrated, Striker locked in a sleeper hold for a good couple of minutes. But as Mike Chioda was about drop Flair’s arm back down for the 3rd time to end the match, Flair kept it up & slowly got his feet as Striker still kept the sleeper on Flair.

Flair started to elbow Striker in the guts, before pushing him into the ropes. Striker then bounced back & got hit with a huge chop, knocking him onto the ground. Flair then went for the Figure Four Leg Lock, but Striker reversed it & pushed Flair into the ropes.

Flair bounced back, only for him to get rolled up by Striker who then grabbed the tights. But luckily for Flair, he kicked out at the last moment. Both of them got up, as Striker went for a clothesline, only for Flair to duck it. Striker then turned around, only for him to get chopped back onto the ground, where Flair locked in the Figure Four Leg Lock, forcing Striker to submit.


This Is For Trish

After the match, Flair kept Striker in the Figure Four Leg Lock, as Mike Chioda tried to break it. But from out of nowhere, the Intercontinental Champion, Johnny Nitro ran down to the ring & started stomping on Flair, making him let go.

Nitro then started to beatdown on Flair, before picking him up, as he told Striker to hold him. Nitro then went back to the corner, as he started to shine up the Intercontinental Title. But just as he was about to hit Flair, Carlito grabbed his feet & pulled him out of the ring & started throwing wild lefts & rights saying that this is for Trish, before throwing him into the steel steps.

Carlito then climbed into the ring & went to hit Striker, but Striker hightailed it through the crowd as we went to a commercial break.


Singles Match

Umaga w/ Armando Alejandro Estrada vs. Jim Duggan w/ Eugene

When we got back from the break, Umaga’s music started to play as he made his way down to the ring with his manager, Armando Alejandro Estrada. After Umaga climbed into the ring, Jim Duggan’s music started to play as he made his way down to the ring with Eugene, who was waving an American flag. But as Duggan, climbed onto the apron, Umaga pushed him off, sending him face first into the barricade.

Umaga then climbed to the outside & started pounding Duggan’s head on the barricade, before throwing him into the steel steps. Umaga then picked him up & hit his head against the steel steps, before throwing him back inside the ring.

Umaga then put him in the corner, before he walked over to the opposite side of the ring. Umaga then ran across the ring & hit him with the Samoan Crusher, as Duggan was lying motionless in the corner.

Umaga then dragged him into the middle of the ring, before lifting him up, as Estrada climbed onto the apron. Estrada then broke his cigar, as Umaga hit Duggan with the Samoan Spike, before pinning him for the 3-count.


We Are Going To Take Care Of Business

We crossed backstage to where Todd Grisham was at the RAW Interview set.

Todd Grisham: Hello, my name is Todd Grisham & my guests at this time, are John Cena & Randy Orton.

Cena & Orton then came into view.

Todd Grisham: Now, John, Randy, in just a few minutes, you will be taking on the WWE & ECW Champion, Rob Van Dam & fellow extremist, Kurt Angle. Your thoughts?

Randy Orton: You know what Todd, you know what, tonight, Rob & I, we, we are going to take care of business with RVD & Angle. You see, RVD has John Cena’s WWE Championship, while I am going to show Kurt Angle that his victory against me at One Night Stand, was nothing then just a one night fluke.

John Cena: Your right Randy. You see RVD, you have what is mine, the WWE Championship. I had to go through I Quit & Elimination Chamber matches, General Manager’s trying to screw me over & then at WrestleMania, I had to face Triple H just so I could keep my WWE Title.

Well Rob, guess what, at Saturday Night’s Main Event, I’m going to be walking out the WWE Champion, because next week when I walk into RAW, the first thing I will be saying is, THE CHAMP IS HERE.

Cena & Orton then walked off, as we crossed to the ring as Kurt Angle’s music started to play as he made his way down to the ring to a mixed reaction, due to his alliance with ECW.


Tag Team Match

Rob Van Dam & Kurt Angle vs. John Cena & Randy Orton

‘One of a Kind’ by Breaking Point then started to play, as the WWE & ECW Champion, Rob Van Dam made his way down to the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd, due to him being from ECW.

‘Burn In My Light’ by Mercy Drive then started to play, as Randy Orton made his way down to the ring to the only one-sided reaction for this match. ‘My Time Is Now’ by John Cena then went through the PA System, as John Cena came down to the ring to another mixed reaction.

The match started off with Orton & Angle, as RVD & Cena went to their respective corners. Orton & Angle locked up in the middle of the ring, with Angle taking Orton down onto the mat with a side headlock takedown. Angle then continued the headlock, while on the ground, until Orton raked his eyes, breaking the hold.

Orton then went on the attack, with some right hands, before throwing him into the corner. Orton then hit some kicks to the gut, before slapping Angle right across his face. Orton then went to pull Kurt back into the middle of the ring, but Angle tackled him to the ground & started to hit some lefts & rights as Orton tried to block the shots.

But soon enough, Orton wriggled free & quickly climbed to the outside of the ring. Angle followed him, but Orton started running away from the Olympic Gold Medalist, before climbing back into the ring. Angle followed him & just as Orton was going to make a tag, Angle grabbed him & hit him with a German suplex, which got a 2-count.

Angle then took down his straps & went to lock in the Anklelock, but Orton countered it, as he sent Angle into the ropes, before hitting his version of the neckbreaker. Orton then started to stomp on Kurt, before locking in a sleeper hold.

Orton kept it applied for a little while, until the crowd got behind Kurt by default (thanks to Orton being a fully-fledged heel). Kurt then pushed Orton into the ropes, before he bounced back as both of them hit clotheslines, knocking each other down onto the mat.

Both of them started crawling towards their corners, with Cena & RVD ready to make the hot tag. Angle was the first one to get to this corner, but only just as Orton made the tag very soon afterwards. Cena & RVD then traded punches (elbows in RVD’s case), with Cena getting the advantage. Cena threw RVD into the ropes, with RVD coming back & getting hit with a huge clothesline. Cena then signaled for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but as he came off the ropes, Orton tagged himself in.

The referee then ordered Cena out of the ring, as Orton started to setup for the RKO. RVD then got up to his feet & pushed Orton into the ropes, accidentally knocking the referee down onto the ground.

RVD & Orton then started to trade punches inside the ring, until Edge ran down to the ring with a steel chair. Edge quickly climbed into the ring & swung the chair, aiming for the back of RVD’s head. But RVD sensed it & moved out of the way, as Orton got flattened by the chair shot.

Edge then went to the outside while RVD jumped onto the top rope, before hitting the Five Star Frogsplash on Orton, as the referee recovered to make the 3-count.


Sabu Has The Edge

As Edge was tugging on his hair, shocked at what had just happened, the man who he will be facing tomorrow night in ECW, Sabu, ran down the ramp with a steel chair, before throwing it right at back of Edge’s head. Sabu then threw the chair a couple more times at him, before lying Edge on the top of the barricade.

Sabu then climbed onto the top rope, before hitting an Arabian Facebuster on Edge.

RAW then ended with Sabu & Edge lying in a heap, as JR hyped up their match in ECW.

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Guest Korrosion

I love you layout, its easy to read and flows really well. But i'm with The Fallen Angel 2.0, i like short and sharp match results, but the matches are easy to read. The ECW show was my fav, i like CM Punk's segment, can't wait to see what you have instore for him.

Even though it is realistic, i hate the WWE guys (Cena & Edge) being on the ECW show as it takes ECW away, but it is realistic. Smackdown! and RAW were both solid shows. Keep up the good work.

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ECW is your best show in my opinion. I'd love to see an ECW over ride of smackdown and raw ... I feel your best characters are in ECW and your most believable heat is in ECW

If you can get the characters on raw and smackdown to have a 'true feel' to them like they ECW guys do, then all three of your shows will be very good

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ECW On Sci-Fi (Tuesday Week 2, July 2006)

Sabu vs. Edge, Mr. McMahon in ECW

Tonight on ECW On Sci-Fi, there is going to be a rocket buster of a main event as Edge & Sabu will be doing battle in an Extreme Rules match. Last week, Angle wasn't able to get the job done but tonight, Sabu will get his chance to finally put the Rated-R Superstar back in his place. So will Sabu be able beat the former WWE Champion, or will Edge be able to pick up some momentum going into his match against Rob Van Dam & John Cena?

Also tonight, Vince McMahon will make his first appearance in Extreme Championship Wrestling, as he will be announcing who will be taking on Nicky & Mitch. Who will he choose to face The Spirit Squad?

All this & more on ECW on Sci-Fi at 10/9 CT.

Edited by TheTruth
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ECW is your best show in my opinion. I'd love to see an ECW over ride of smackdown and raw ... I feel your best characters are in ECW and your most believable heat is in ECW

If you can get the characters on raw and smackdown to have a 'true feel' to them like they ECW guys do, then all three of your shows will be very good

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IPB Image

ECW on Sci-Fi (Tues. Week 2, July 2006)

LIVE On The Sci-Fi Channel

Target Center, Minneapolis, MN

After seeing highlights from last night’s main event on RAW, where Edge accidentally hit Orton with a steel chair, before RVD hit the Frogsplash for the victory. But that’s not all, as we saw Sabu come down to the ring & hit an Arabian Facebuster on Edge, who was lying on the barricade at ringside.

‘Bodies’ by Drowning Pool started to play, before we crossed over to the Target Center, as the usual crowd shots opened up the show. Vince McMahon’s music then started to play, as the WWE Chairman made his way down to the ring for the first time in ECW’s history.


Vince Announces The Opponents

Mr. McMahon then climbed into the ring, before grabbing a microphone off a staff member at ringside.

Vince McMahon: Well, well, well, there’s only one reason that I’m here in Extreme Championship Wrestling tonight, and that is to announce who Mitch & Nicky will be facing this Saturday night at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

But before I do, I want to send out a little message to DX. Hunter, Shawn, I haven’t forgotten about what you did to my son on RAW two weeks ago, and I haven’t forgotten about all the stupid pranks that you two have pulled on Shane & I. Remember that, because this war, is far from over.

But enough about D-Generation X, I came here for one reason only, and was to announce who Mitch & Nicky will be facing this Saturday night at Saturday Night’s Main Event. Now on RAW, I said they are two of ECW’s best & by god, they are.

So the first of the two people that Mitch & Nicky will be facing is a Hardcore Icon, an ECW Original, he is The Sandman.

The crowd cheered, in approval of Vince’s decision.

Vince McMahon: Hey shutup, I never said any of you could talk.

The crowd then booed Vince, getting the heat back on him.

Vince McMahon: Now The Sandman’s partner, is apart of the New Breed of Extreme Championship Wrestling & representing the wrestling side of things here in ECW. He is a former WWE Champion, he is the only Olympic Gold Medalist in ECW, he’s ‘The Wrestling Machine’, Kurt Angle.

The crowd gave a huge pop for Angle.

Vince McMahon: Shutup dammit, I haven’t finished yet.

The crowd went quiet, with only a couple of boo’s being heard.

Vince McMahon: Not that’s all, because you see, I want them to suffer the same fate as Johnny’s, I want them to suffer the same fate as their teammates, Kenny & Mikey will on Saturday night against D-Generation X. That’s why, at Saturday Night’s Main Event, in that very ring, it will be Kurt Angle & The Sandman taking on Nicky & Mitch in an Extreme Rules match.

The crowd went nuts, knowing that at Saturday Night’s Main Event, that all four remaining Spirit Squad members would be getting their asses kicked.

Vince McMahon’s music then played as he made his way backstage, as Styles & Tazz at the announcing table hyped up the tag team match, along with Sabu & Edge for later tonight.

‘Crank It Up’ by Brand New Sin started to play as Big Show made his way down to the ring, followed by Mike Knox, Kelly Kelly & then Test as Styles said that it looks like we are going to see a 6-man tag team match. Tommy Dreamer then made his way down to the ring, followed by Balls Mahoney. The two of them then stayed on the outside of the ring, as Terry Funk’s music started to play as Dreamer’s partner from One Night Stand made his way down to the ring.


6-Man Tag Team Match

Tommy Dreamer, Balls Mahoney & Terry Funk vs. The Big Show, Mike Knox & Test w/ Kelly Kelly

The match started off with Test & Balls Mahoney, as the other four men stood on the apron, while Kelly Kelly pranced around ringside. Balls & Test locked up, with Test getting the advantage as Tazz pointed out to us that this isn’t an Extreme Rules match.

Test pushed Balls into the corner, before breaking cleanly. But straight afterwards, Test hit some right hands, followed by some knee’s to the gut & shoulder blocks, before hitting a sidewalk slam, getting Balls out of the corner, as Test tagged in Mike Knox.

Knox went on the attack with some stomps, before lifting Balls up & throwing him into the ropes, Balls then came back & got hit with a back body drop as he fell hard on the mat. Knox then started to choke Mahoney, until Mickie Henson pulled him away, as the two of them started to argue. But as they were, Show climbed into the ring & hit a leg drop, before rolling to the outside as Knox went for the cover, only to get a 2-count.

Knox then picked Balls up, but Kelly Kelly started to strip to the crowd, forcing him to leave the ring & go the outside. But as he did, Balls made the hot tag to Funk, as he ran into the ring, signalling for either Show or Test to take him on. Both of them then entered the ring, as the two of them went after him, only for Tommy to get inside the ring as well.

Funk & Test then battled it out, while Tommy & Show went punch for punch. But that soon ended, as Show & Test clotheslined both of their foes onto the ground, before stomping on them, as Knox was still contending with Kelly Kelly.

Show then told Test to continue the beatdown on Dreamer & Funk, as he told Knox to get his ass back inside the ring. But as Show’s back was turned, Dreamer & Funk got up & threw Test to the outside, before they both rolled him up to get the upset victory on Show.

Funk & Dreamer then quickly left, along with Balls, as Show, Test & Knox were livid inside the ring as we went to a commercial break.


RAW Flavour & An Extreme Side

When we got back from the break, we saw Kelly Kelly sitting down backstage with Mike Knox screaming in the background, when RAW’s Candice Michelle appeared.

Candice Michelle: Hey Kelly Kelly.

Kelly Kelly: Hey.

Candice Michelle: Kelly, I’ve been watching ECW On Sci-Fi since its debut & the highlight of the show, for me personally, were your exposé’s.

Kelly Kelly: Well thankyou.

Candice Michelle: Now this Saturday night, you know that Saturday Night’s Main Event will be on, right?

Kelly Kelly: Yeah.

Candice Michelle: Well Kelly Kelly, I was wondering that if you will be doing an Exposé.

Kelly Kelly: Yes I will.

Candice Michelle: Well would you mind if I joined you Kelly, because the only thing that needs to be added to your exposé’s, is a little bit of RAW flavour, and that is what I will bring on Saturday night.

Kelly Kelly: No I wouldn’t mind at all Candice.

Candice Michelle: Okay then & if you’re lucky Kelly, after the show, I’ll show you my extreme side.

Candice then walked off, as we crossed back to ringside as Stevie Richards was already inside the ring. Sandman’s music then started to play as he made his way down through the crowd, as Styles & Tazz talked about his match against The Spirit Squad this Saturday night. The Sandman then entered the ring, as John Finnigen rang the bell to start the match.


Singles Match

The Sandman vs. Stevie Richards

As Sandman & Richards circled around the ring, Tazz pointed out that this wasn’t an Extreme Rules match, so Sandman could have a bit of a problem on his hands. The two of them locked up, with Richards pushing Sandman into the corner, before hitting some right hands. But Sandman then ducked one, as he pushed Richards into the corner & unleashed some right hands of his own, as Richards quickly rolled to the outside of the ring.

Sandman followed him, as he grabbed his hair, knocking him down onto the mat. Sandman then started to stomp a mudhole in him, before lifting him up & throwing him into the barricade, head first as he rolled back into the ring to break the count.

Sandman then came back to the outside of the ring, and started to stomp on Richards some more, before lifting him up & throwing him into the ringpost, as Richards bounced off & back onto the ground. Sandman then went in the ring, breaking the count once again.

But as he came back to the outside, he got with a thumb to the eyes by Richards, before hitting his head against the ring, numerous times, as Sandman fell onto the ground, as this time, Richards climbed back into the ring.

Richards then climbed back to the outside, as he started to hit Sandman’s head on the announcing table, until Sandman blocked it, as he started to smash Richard’s head on the table. Sandman then whipped Richards into the steps, before climbing back into the ring to once again break up the count.

Sandman then climbed back to the outside & hit a dropkick to a sitting Richards, as his head was smashed against the steps. Sandman then rolled Richards back into the ring & pinned him to get the victory, as Styles said that even though this wasn’t an Extreme Rules match, he still found a way to get extreme as we went to a commercial break.


Kick Ass

When we got back from the break, we saw Edge, John Cena & Lita standing in front of the ECW Interview set.

Edge: Tonight, in this craphole called ECW, I’m going to go one-on-one with Sabu in an Extreme Rules. Am I worried because Sabu has made a living off putting his body on the line, putting people through tables & all the other crazy stuff he does? No, I’m not worried, why would I be? I’m the Rated-R Superstar, I’m a former WWE Champion…

Cena & Edge look at each other for a moment with a look of awkwardness.

Edge: I’m Edge & in my corner, I’ve got another former WWE Champion, John Cena.

The two look at each other awkwardly again, due to their past.

John Cena: You see Sabu, the odds are stacked against you, and if your name isn’t John Cena, you’re not going to overcome them. But anyways, tonight Edge is going to kick your ass & if anyone tries to interfere, I will kick their ass, just like Edge & I are going to kick RVD’s ass at Saturday’s Night Main Event, so we can take the WWE Championship back home to RAW.

Edge: So Mr. Tuesday Night, you better be watching tonight’s match, because once I’m finished with Sabu, you’ll be next.


Singles Match

Kurt Angle vs. Little Guido w/ Trinity

Little Guido’s music started to play as he made his way down to the ring with Trinity to some heat from the crowd. Kurt Angle’s music then played, as he made his way down to the ring a huge ovation from the crowd.

Angle then jumped up on the middle rope, saluting the crowd, but Guido started to attack him from behind, as Mickie Henson rang the bell to start the match. Angle then climbed down from the middle rope, as he was getting hammered with some right hands by Guido, until he blocked one & hit an Overhead Belly to Belly suplex on the Italian cruiserweight.

Kurt Angle then started to wrestle with Guido on the ground, with him obviously getting the better of Guido, due to his obvious amateur wrestling ability. Both of them then got up, as Guido went for a dropkick, only for it to be blocked by Angle as Guido landed on the mat face first. Angle then started to slap the back of Guido’s head, before lifting him up & hitting a German Suplex trifecta, which at the end of it, got a 2-count.

Angle then took down his straps, as Guido got up slowly, only to get hit by an Angle Slam. Angle then locked in the Anklelock as Guido tapped out to the Wrestling Machine.


I Want Competition

A video started to play, showing some more clips of the man we saw from last week, CM Punk wrestling. The screen then faded to black, as some text appeared on the screen reading ‘What is straight edge?’ as we see CM Punk’s face as he answers the question.

CM Punk: No drinking, no smoking, that’s what straight edge is & straight edge is my life.

Some more action from Punk’s matches are played, before another question appeared on the screen, this time reading ‘Why are you coming to ECW?’

CM Punk: Because I want competition & in ECW, you get competition every time you step into the squared circle here in Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Some more wrestling videos are shown of Punk, before another question appears, reading ‘When will you be coming to ECW?’

CM Punk: Soon, because my only addiction, is competition.

The video then came to a close, as we went to a commercial break.


Fertig Is Coming Next Week

When we got back from the commercial break, we saw a shot of the arena, until there was something on the wall, written in red. It said ‘Fertig Is Coming Next Week’. Styles & Tazz then said that it must’ve been the vampire that had been hanging around the arenas.

We crossed back inside the Target Center, as Sabu’s music started to play as Sabu made his way down to the ring with a steel chair. ‘Metalingus’ by Alterbridge then sounded throughout the PA System as Edge, along with John Cena & Lita. Edge & Lita then entered the ring, as Cena walked over to the announcing table & took up a seat, saying that he’s going to do some guest commentating tonight in ECW.


Extreme Rules

Sabu vs. Edge w/ Lita

John Finnigen rang the bell to start the match, as Sabu & Edge circled around the ring, until Sabu threw a chair at Edge, only for him to duck as it went crashing out of the ring. Edge then went to run after Sabu, only for him to get knocked down onto the ground with a drop tope hold by Sabu. Sabu then went to the outside & grabbed a steel chair from under the ring, before climbing back inside as Edge got up to his feet.

But he was soon knocked down, as Sabu threw the chair right at his head. Sabu picked the chair up & climbed up to the top rope, only for him to miss the Arabian Facebuster by hitting it away from Edge.

Edge got back up to his feet, as he did a cocky grin, before lifting Sabu up off the ground & hitting some knee’s to his stomach, before whipping him into the corner. Edge then hit a running clothesline on Sabu, before hitting some left & right hands, knocking him down onto the lower turnbuckle.

Edge grabbed the chair Sabu had earlier, and set it up in front of Sabu’s face, before walking over to the opposite side of the ring. Edge then hit a dropkick on the steel chair, making it smash against Sabu’s face, before going for the cover to get a 2-count.

Edge started to stomp on Sabu, before climbing to the outside, as he dragged out a table from underneath the ring. Edge set it up on the outside, before climbing back into the ring, as he stomped on Sabu some more, before lifting him up off the ground & walking him over to the nearest set of ropes from the table.

Edge then lifted Sabu into the air in a reverse suplex postion (instead of Sabu’s head facing the same way as Edge’s, it’s opposite). Edge then went to throw Sabu threw the table, but Sabu landed on the apron, as the two went blow to blow. Sabu started to get the upper hand, as he went for a suplex, only for Edge to land on the apron as well.

The two of them started punching each other, until Sabu locked in a headlock, before hitting a bulldog off the apron, as both of them went crashing into the table as the crowd started to chant ECW.

But as the two were lying there in pain, Cena got up from the announcing booth & walked over to both men, before lying Edge on the top of Sabu, as Finnigen had no choice to start the count.

But just as his hand was coming down for the three, RVD broke it up with a huge dive. RVD then got up, as he & Cena started to brawl around the ring, with RVD getting the advantage, as he pushed Cena into ringpost, before grabbing a steel chair from underneath the ring & hit a Van Damintor on the former WWE Champion.

RVD then walked back over to Edge and Sabu, as he threw both of them back into the ring, as the two of them started to get up to their feet. The two then traded blows, with Sabu getting the advantage, as he ran back across the ring, before bouncing back & hitting a crossbody on Edge. Sabu then rolled Edge back into the middle of the ring, before grabbing a chair fro nearby, before setting it up in a sitting position. Sabu then ran across the ring, before coming back & hitting a Triple Jump Moonsault.

Finnigen then started the 3-count, but from out of nowhere, Cena broke it up. Cena then lifted Sabu into the air & hit the FU, but as soon as he hit the move, RVD tackled him out of the ring, as both of them started to brawl with each other on the outside.

Meanwhile, inside the ring, Edge crawled onto Sabu to get the 3-count & the victory, while Cena was stopping RVD from entering the ring.

Edge then rolled to the outside, as RVD consoled him friend, while looking at his opponents at Saturday Night’s Main Event, Edge & John Cena as ECW went off the air.

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Friday Night Smackdown! (Friday Week 2, July 2006)

You Will Just Have To Wait Until Saturday

'You will just have to wait until Saturday' were the words of Theodore Long, when he told wwe.com that he had decided to ban Mark Henry & Batista from the arena, in case one of them gets seriously hurt. But at Saturday Night's Main Event, Theodore Long won't be able to stop the two heavyweights going at it, as they will be involved in a 6-man tag team match.

Speaking of that 6-man tag, two men competing in that match, Rey Mysterio & Finlay will do battle inside the squared circle, giving us a taste of what is to come on Saturday night. Who will be able to gain momentum going into Saturday Night's Main Event, and will The Court get involved?

Also, tonights marks the end for either Super Crazy or Psicosis, as they will compete against each other in a 'Loser Leaves Smackdown!' match. Which luchadore will be sent away from the blue band? Will it be Psicosis, or will it be Super Crazy?

There's only one way to find out & that is to tune into UPN at 8/7 CT, for 'TV That's Changing Friday Nights'.

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