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Star Trek: Re-Boot the Universe

Timmoru Suzuki

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WOW! Didn't see it posted, just found this. Basically, a proposal was put forward to do a TV re-telling of the original series (like the Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men etc in comics). The proposal, from 2004, was put forward by Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski and TV producer Bryce Zabel, and would have featured all the familiar characters from the show, plus some new ones.

Some of the classic episodes would have been re-told, as well as some based on modern Sci-Fi work, and some all-new adventures.

The article is here

You can also download the official proposal for the show, off the link to Zabel's web-log, which I'm reading now. I believe their might be a first-draft script somewhere on there as well, though I haven't looked properly yet.

EDIT - After reading the proposal, the basic idea is very, very exciting, and the PR ideas were immense. The basic five-year 'search' story-arc however was a bit bollocks, and parts of the idea for the pilot were slightly un-neccessary.

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