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Guest Wentworth

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WWE Summerslam

August 20th, 2006

@ the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston, Massachusetts

Brands: RAW, SmackDown! and ECW

Attendance: 19,580

Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry 'The King' Lawler (RAW), Michael Cole & John Bradshaw Layfield (SmackDown!), Joey Styles & Taz (ECW)


Non-Title Match

RAW vs. SmackDown!

The Spirit Squad (Kenny & Mikey) vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick

The match was added a week prior to the Summerslam pay-per-view, being announced on WWE.com by staff members. In the contest, London & Kendrick quickly found themselves the fan favourites. The other Squad members found themselves getting involved in the match, especially after Kendrick accidentally knocked out senior referee Nick Patrick in the late goings, allowing a 5-on-2 to occur, leading to Spirit Squad dismantling Kendrick with the High Spirits. It appeared to be over from that point, but the team of Kendrick & London found unlikely aid when SmackDown! superstar The Boogeyman appeared and took out the entire Spirit Squad, allowing London to score the pinfall on Mikey for the win. Afterwards, the Boogeyman laid an odd stare upon Kendrick & London, then performed his voodoo dancing and quickly left the ring.

Winners: Brian Kendrick & Paul London via pinfall

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Kane vs. Johnny Nitro © w/Melina

Kane, who had won a #1 Contender's Match against Shelton Benjamin on August 7th, had his first real shot at the WWE Intercontinental Championship in almost three years. Kane dominated the match physically and mentally over Nitro, who often resorted to escaping the ring to the comfort of Melina, and using her prescence as a distraction to Kane, constantly saving Nitro from defeat by arguing with the referee. Nitro and Melina's dirty ways finally prevailed when Melina faked an injury after 'slipping' from the ring apron, causing the referee's attention to be turned away from the match. This allowed Nitro to use the WWE Intercontinental Championship as a weapon on Kane, blindsiding him and making the quick cover for the win, allowing him to retain his title.

Winner, and still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Johnny Nitro via pinfall

Loser Leaves WWE

Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

After turning on his former friend, Rey Mysterio at the Great American Bash, Chavo announced that the only way he would be able to stop Rey Mysterio from gaining fame off of his uncle Eddie's name would to be to beat him into the ground at Summerslam, in a match which would see the loser retire from professional wrestling. Chavo's efforts were put to rest, however. After failing to hit his uncle's famous Frog Splash, the former World Heavyweight Champion would down Chavo with the 6-1-9, followed by the West Coast Pop. Instead of drowning Chavo in 'Na-na-na-na, hey-hey-hey, goodbye' chants, the fans cheered as a tearful Chavo and Rey hugged in the middle of the ring.

Winner: Rey Mysterio via pinfall

'I Quit' Match

Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair

The climax of a blood feud that had been raging on for two months, an 'I Quit' Match was the only way seen fit for Ric Flair and Mick Foley to settle their dispute. The match was an all-out brawl, filled with it's fair share of violence, blood, sweat, and tears. The match, until the end, was an evenly fought, bitter battle between the two legends from the opposite sides of the tracks, when Mick Foley's extreme tactics became too much for Ric Flair. Taking advantage of the 'everything goes' rules, Mick Foley used everything from chairs, to barbed wire, to thumbtacks to weaken Flair to the point where Flair was bordering on unconsciousness. After having seen enough, a battered Foley stopped his assault and claimed that not even he was barbaric enough to continue his assault on Flair and deemed him the better man for being able to take such a beating, and shockingly uttered the words 'I Quit' into the microphone, and left the ring, awarding the match to Ric Flair.

Winner: Ric Flair (Mick Foley quit)

Last Man Standing

The Undertaker vs. The Great Khali w/Daivari

A match that also became the sum of an everlasting feud, The Undertaker had challenged Khali to a match that was to end all between them, which Khali fearlessly accepted. The match, like the contest before it, featured bloodshed from both sides, and eventually culminated when the Undertaker Chokeslammed The Great Khali off of the stage, then doing the same to Khali's manager, Daivari. For the first time, the Great Khali had been ousted on WWE Television, a mark that was long overdue in the minds of WWE fans.

Winner: The Undertaker

Legend vs. Legend Killer

Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Orton

After making a special appearance on Saturday Night's Main Event on July 15th, 2006, The Hulkster, Hulk Hogan, along with his daughter Brooke, were greeted by the prescence of Randy Orton, the self-proclaimed 'Legend Killer'. Randy Orton used this opportunity to get closer to Brooke, not hesitating to flirt with her. Orton then challenged Hogan to a match at Summerslam 'with all respect', causing Hogan to accept. Later on in the night, Randy Orton was in the parking garage, talking to Brooke. Hogan came up from behind and told Randy he would see him at Summerslam, signalling to Randy that it was time for leave. Orton anxiously left, and then Hogan guided Brooke into the car. Upon walking around the back of the car, Hogan was ambushed by Orton, who hit him with the RKO on the back of the car. Orton just smiled as Brooke came running out to check her father. The weeks following saw Hogan rarely appear on RAW, claiming to be ailing from a 'cracked meniscus'. Orton saw this as an attempt to escape his match with him at Summerslam, so Orton called him a faker. The match went on as scheduled, however, and saw Randy Orton chalk up another 'Killed' Legend to his total as he downed Hogan with the RKO not once, but twice. Orton gave Brooke a sultry smile before leaving the ring, allowing her to check on her father.

Winner: Randy Orton via pinfall

World Heavyweight Championship

Batista vs. King Booker © w/Queen Sharmell

Batista, just over a month fresh from his return from injury, wasted little time in setting his collision course with King Booker, claiming to be an "Un-crowned Champion". After having a brief feud with Ken Kennedy, Batista set his sights on the World Heavyweight Championship, and with that, Booker T. After a few weeks of fighting, their match came at Summerslam, where Batista would become a two-time World Heavyweight Champion after downing Booker with a Batista Bomb. Batista then went into the crowd and celebrated with his fans, as 'Batista' chants echoed throughout the TD Banknorth Garden.

Winner, and new World Heavyweight Champion: Batista via pinfall

ECW Heavyweight Championship

Rob Van Dam vs. Kurt Angle vs. Sabu vs. The Big Show ©

On the August 8th edition of ECW on Sci-Fi, Kurt Angle faced off against Sabu in a #1 Contender's Match for the Big Show's ECW Heavyweight Championship. In the end, neither man would claim victory as Rob Van Dam would return from his suspension and level both Sabu and Angle. The next week, Paul Heyman came to the ring at the beginning of the show to address the situation, but was interrupted by the Big Show, who had an easy solution: He would face all three men involved in the fiasco last week. Paul Heyman was intrigued by this idea, and made it official. In the match, the Show would deliver on his promise to remain champion, as he would Chokeslam the man he pinned for the strap a month earlier, Rob Van Dam after Sabu and Kurt Angle had taken one another out with a ladder drop through the announce table, and claim his victory, retaining the gold.

Winner, and still ECW Heavyweight Champion: The Big Show via pinfall

Corruption vs. Destruction

The McMahons (Shane & Vince) vs. D-Generation X (Triple H & Shawn Michaels)

Since returning at Vengeance, D-Generation X had been on a warpath with the McMahon family, prominently Vinnie Mac, and his son Shane. The two sides would undermine one another week in and week out, the McMahon's using blatant mischievery to down Shawn and Hunter, while DX used plain tomfoolery to frustrate the McMahons. Everything came to a halt at Summerslam where DX would find themselves on the brink of defeat of Shane and Vince, who took advantage of a downed referee to bring in help in the form of Umaga, who dismantled Shawn Michaels and Triple H, taking them both down with Samoan Spikes. Just as the recovering referee went to make the pinfall as Shane draped his arm across Michaels' chest, the lights went out. They came back on shortly, to reveal none other than Billy Gunn & Road Dogg, the New Age Outlaws had entered the ring! The old stablemates of DX quickly disposed of the referee and then set up Shane McMahon for the Pedigree, while his father Vince got a taste of some Sweet Chin Music! No winner would be announced, but as far as the fans were concerned DX reigned victorious as the four members of DX stood in triumph over the McMahons.

Winners: No Contest

WWE Heavyweight Championship

John Cena vs. Edge © w/Lita

If the WWE Champion were to be disqualified, he would forfeit the title.

In a battle that had off-and-on raged over the course of six months, Edge and John Cena were to settle things fair and square, as Edge could not escape defeat by disqualifying himself. Edge would not last long in on the level playing field, as John Cena gained momentum quite early and threw the 'Rated R Superstar' from one ringpost to the other. Lita would use her 'assets' to distract the referee, or she had mistakenly thought she had. As referee Jack Doan had his attention turned to Lita, Edge prepared to hit a unsuspecting Cena with the WWE Championship. However, Doan revealed that he was aware to the plot, and abruptly turned around to witness Edge clock Cena with the title! He disqualified Edge on the spot, causing him to lose his title. John Cena, after realizing what had happened, began to celebrate, but this was all premature. Cena attempted to take the title from Doan, but Doan refused to give Cena the title. Cena became shrouded in confusion, but before long, his questions were answered as Randy Orton quickly made his way to the ring, a boyish smile on his face with a microphone in hand. Orton explained that yes, Edge would forfeit the title upon DQ, but the stipulation did not award Cena the title, it instead became vacant, and now he was there to claim it. Orton dropped the mic and went to RKO Cena, but Cena countered and let out a warcry and attemped to hoist him on his shoulders. However, the much more refreshed Orton simply used this as a launch pad, as he reversed the F-U attempt and successfully hit the RKO. Orton smiled as he made the cover, and just like that, he was the WWE Champion, as Cena had now fallen victim twice to such an occurence. Orton's theme then played as he held the WWE Heavyweight Championship in celebration as Summerslam came to a controversial end.

Winner, and new WWE Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton via pinfall

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Guest Wentworth

IPB Image

World Wrestling Entertainment

Owner: Vince McMahon

CEO: Linda McMahon

Headquarters: Stamford, Connecticut, USA

Level: Worldwide

Image: 60%

Risk: 65%

Producion: 100%

Advertising Campaign: 100%

Merchandising: 100%

Budget: $40,000,000

RAW Roster:

Armando Alejandro Estrada (50 Over, Heel, Manager)

Beth Phoenix (40 Over, Face, Lower Midcard)

Billy Gunn (76 Over, Face, Midcard)

Candice Michelle (40 Over, Heel, Manager)

Carlito (78 Over, Face, Midcard)

Charlie Haas (72 Over, Face, Lower Midcard)

Edge (92 Over, Heel, Main Event)

Eugene (66 Over, Face, Lower Midcard)

Jerry Lawler (76 Over, Face, Non-Wrestler)

John Cena (95 Over, Face, Main Event)

Johnny (60 Over, Heel, Lower Midcard)

Johnny Nitro (75 Over, Heel, Midcard)

Jonathan Coachman (60 Over, Heel, Non-Wrestler)

Kane (90 Over, Tweener, Upper Midcard)

Kenny (68 Over, Heel, Midcard)

Lance Cade (65 Over, Heel, Lower Midcard)

Lita (83 Over, Heel, Manager)

Maria (50 Over, Face, Lower Midcard)

Matt Striker (56 Over, Heel, Opener)

Melina (75 Over, Heel, Manager)

Mick Foley (91 Over, Heel, Non-Wrestler)

Mickie James (74 Over, Heel, Midcard)

Mikey (62 Over, Heel, Midcard)

Mitch (60 Over, Heel, Lower Midcard)

Nicky (60 Over, Heel, Lower Midcard)

Randy Orton (91 Over, Heel, Main Event)

Ric Flair (93 Over, Face, Upper Midcard)

Road Dogg (70 Over, Face, Midcard)

Rob Conway (65 Over, Heel, Midcard)

Robbie McAllister (50 Over, Face, Lower Midcard)

Rory McAllister (50 Over, Face, Lower Midcard)

Shane McMahon (91 Over, Heel, Non-Wrestler)

Shawn Michaels (96 Over, Face, Main Event)

Shelton Benjamin (80 Over, Heel, Midcard)

Snitsky (75 Over, Face, Midcard)

Torrie Wilson (75 Over, Face, Manager)

Trevor Murdoch (60 Over, Heel, Lower Midcard)

Triple H (98 Over, Face, Main Event)

Trish Stratus (81 Over, Face, Midcard)

Umaga (65 Over, Heel, Midcard)

Val Venis (60 Over, Face, Lower Midcard)

Victoria (68 Over, Heel, Lower Midcard)

Vince McMahon (92 Over, Heel, Non-Wrestler)

Viscera (65 Over, Face, Lower Midcard)

SmackDown! Roster:

Ashley Massaro (55 Over, Face, Lower Midcard)

Batista (96 Over, Face, Main Event)

Bobby Lashley (75 Over, Face, Midcard)

Booker T (85 Over, Heel, Upper Midcard)

Brian Kendrick (70 Over, Face, Midcard)

Daivari (65 Over, Heel, Manager)

Elijah Burke (7 Over, Heel, Manager)

Finlay (75 Over, Heel, Midcard)

Funaki (63 Over, Face, Opener)

Gregory Helms (71 Over, Heel, Midcard)

Hardcore Holly (72 Over, Face, Lower Midcard)

Idol Stevens (35 Over, Heel, Lower Midcard)

Jake Gymini (57 Over, Heel, Opener)

Jamie Noble (62 Over, Face, Lower Midcard)

Jesse Gymini (52 Over, Heel, Lower Midcard)

Jillian Hall (45 Over, Heel, Manager)

John Bradshaw Layfield (90 Over, Heel, Non-Wrestler)

KC James (39 Over, Heel, Lower Midcard)

Ken Kennedy (70 Over, Heel, Midcard)

Kid Kash (70 Over, Heel, Lower Midcard)

Kristal Marshall (40 Over, Face, Manager)

Little Bastard (50 Over, Heel, Manager)

Michelle McCool (45 Over, Heel, Manager)

Paul London (72 Over, Face, Lower Midcard)

Psicosis (73 Over, Heel, Lower Midcard)

Rey Mysterio (88 Over, Face, Upper Midcard)

Scotty 2 Hotty (65 Over, Face, Lower Midcard)

Sharmell (58 Over, Heel, Manager)

Simon Dean (64 Over, Heel, Manager)

Sylvan (65 Over, Heel, Lower Midcard)

Sylvester Terkay (50 Over, Heel, Midcard)

Tatanka (60 Over, Face, Lower Midcard)

The Undertaker (97 Over, Face, Main Event)

Theodore Long (75 Over, Face, Non-Wrestler)

Vito (69 Over, Heel, Lower Midcard)

William Regal (78 Over, Heel, Midcard)

ECW Roster:

Al Snow (64 Over, Face, Non-Wrestler)

Balls Mahoney (58 Over, Heel, Lower Midcard)

Beulah McGuillicutty (60 Over, Face, Manager)

Big Guido (50 Over, Heel, Lower Midcard)

Big Show (88 Over, Heel, Upper Midcard)

CM Punk (66 Over, Heel, Midcard)

Dany Doring (58 Over, Face, Lower Midcard)

Gangrel (65 Over, Heel, Lower Midcard)

Jazz (65 Over, Heel, Lower Midcard)

Joel Gertner (70 Over, Heel, Manager)

Justin Credible (60 Over, Heel, Lower Midcard)

Kevin Thorn (30 Over, Heel, Lower Midcard)

Kurt Angle (100 Over, Face, Main Event)

Little Guido (61 Over, Heel, Lower Midcard)

Masato Tanaka (80 Over, Tweener, Midcard)

Mikey Whipwreck (65 Over, Face, Midcard)

Paul Heyman (82 Over, Heel, Manager)

Rene Dupree (64 Over, Heel, Lower Midcard)

Riot Guard #1 (65 Over, Heel, Lower Midcard)

Riot Guard #2 (65 Over, Heel, Lower Midcard)

Roadkill (61 Over, Face, Lower Midcard)

Rob Van Dam (90 Over, Face, Upper Midcard)

Sabu (78 Over, Face, Upper Midcard)

Stevie Richards (59 Over, Face, Lower Midcard)

Terry Funk (80 Over, Face, Midcard)

Not Actively Appearing On TV:

Chavo Guerrero*

Chris Masters (Indefinitely suspended for use of performance enhancing drugs)

Dusty Rhodes

Eric Bischoff*

Hulk Hogan**

Jeff Hardy (Will make debut alongside brother Matt)

Joey Mercury (Currently in drug rehabilitation)

Mark Henry (Sidelined with torn patella)

Matt Cappotelli (Recovering from brain cancer)

Matt Hardy (Sidelined with staph infection in the underarm)

Paul Burchill

Steve Austin**

Super Crazy (Sidelined with liver problems)


*-Are currently off of TV for storyline purposes.

**-Are not on TV, but are in contract with the WWE to appear openly.


IPB Image


Mondays on the USA Network @ 9/8c

IPB Image

WWE SmackDown!

Fridays on UPN @ 8/7c

IPB Image

ECW on Sci-Fi

Tuesdays on Sci-Fi @ 10/9c


WWE Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton

Date: August 20th, 2006

From: Vacant

World Heavyweight Champion: Batista

Date: August 20th, 2006

From: Booker T

ECW Heavyweight Champion: The Big Show

Date: July 4th, 2006

From: Rob Van Dam

WWE Intercontinental Champion: Johnny Nitro

Date: June 25th, 2006

From: Shelton Benjamin

WWE United States Champion: Finlay

Date: July 14th, 2006

From: Bobby Lashley

World Tag Team Champions: The Spirit Squad*

Date: April 3rd, 2006

From: Kane & The Big Show

WWE Tag Team Champions: Brian Kendrick & Paul London

Date: May 21st, 2006

From: MNM

WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Gregory Helms

Date: January 29th, 2006

From: Kid Kash

*-Any combination of Johnny, Kenny, Mikey, Mitch, or Nicky can defend the belts as champions.

Quick Results



Umaga d. Rory McAllister

WWE Intercontinental Championship; Johnny Nitro d. Kane via DQ to retain

The New Age Outlaws d. The Spirit Squad (Mikey & Kenny)

Ric Flair d. Shelton Benjamin

WWE Heavyweight Championship; Randy Orton draw John Cena

-The New Age Outlaws made their RAW debut, backed by Triple H & Shawn Michaels, defeating Mikey & Kenny of the Spirit Squad.

-A limping Vince McMahon then made his way onto the stage, and announced that himself and Triple H would do battle at Unforgiven...in a Steel Cage Match.

-John Cena was granted a 're'-match for the WWE Heavyweight Championship against Randy Orton by Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman, but the match ended in a draw after Edge interfered and hit both men with the Spear.

ECW on Sci-Fi


Tommy Dreamer d. Test

CM Punk d. Al Snow

The Sandman d. Rene Dupree

Extreme Rules Match

RVD & Sabu d. The Big Show & Kurt Angle

-Tommy Dreamer defeated Test in a singles match. Afterwards, Paul Heyman and his Riot Guards showed up, but Tommy Dreamer was able to escape after low-blowing one of them.

-It was announced that next week, Snitsky was coming to ECW.

-Just two days removed from their Fourway Dance at Summerslam, RVD teamed with Sabu to take on Kurt Angle and the ECW Heavyweight Champion, the Big Show, in an Extreme Rules Match. Van Dam & Sabu would go on to win after RVD hit a Frog Splash on Kurt Angle through a table.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown!


#1 Contender's Match - WWE United States Championship; Bobby Lashley d. William Regal

Non-Title Match; Brian Kendrick & Paul London d. Gymini

Rey Mysterio d. Sylvester Terkay via DQ

Booker T d. Hardcore Holly

Non-Title Match; Batista d. Ken Kennedy

-Batista would defeat Ken Kennedy in a Non-Title match in the main event. Afterwards, the lights would go out, and the Undertaker would appear in the ring, locked in a staredown with Batista to end the show.



The Highlanders d. Viscera & Val Venis

WWE Women's Championship; Victoria draw Mickie James

Billy Gunn d. Rob Conway

Non-Title Match; Carlito d. Johnny Nitro

DX (Shawn Michaels & Triple H) d. Randy Orton & Edge

-Carlito defeated Johnny Nitro in a Non-Title Match, earning him the right to face Nitro for the WWE Intercontinental Championship at Unforgiven.

-Billy Gunn defeated Rob Conway with some 'help' from his partner, Road Dogg.

-After a controversial finish in the WWE Women's Championship Match involving Victoria and Mickie James, referee Jack Doan announced no winner as both women's shoulders were on the mat. Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman then came out and vacated the title!

-In a match sanctioned by Vince McMahon, DX defeated Randy Orton & Edge. Afterwards, Umaga entered the ring and attacked DX alongside Edge and Orton, before John Cena ran down and cleared the ring. Vince McMahon then sent the Spirit Squad in on John Cena, hitting him with the High Spirits. Vince then announced that DX and John Cena would take on Umaga, Edge, and Randy Orton next week, with the New Age Outlaws being banned from ringside. Also, John Cena, Edge, and Randy Orton would battle at Unforgiven for the WWE Heavyweight Championship, as announced by McMahon.

ECW on Sci-Fi


Snitsky d. Test

Sabu d. CM Punk

Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman d. Paul Heyman's Riot Guards

Kurt Angle d. The Big Show

-Snitsky made his ECW debut, defeating Test.

-Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman scored a victory over Paul Heyman's Security, shifting the balance in the war between Paul Heyman and his former ECW loyalists.

-Kurt Angle defeated the ECW Heavyweight Champion, The Big Show. Rob Van Dam hit a Van Daminator on Angle after the match.

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Guest Wentworth

IPB Image

WWE Friday Night SmackDown! Preview - 09/01/06

The first SmackDown of September is less than just 24 hours away, and it is sure enough set out to be a spectacular event. Last week, the newly crowned World Heavyweight Champion, Batista, went up against Ken Kennedy in a Non-Title bout. After successfully defeating Mr. Kennedy, Batista expected company in the form of his majesty, King Booker and trusting Queen Sharmell. However, the dethroned King was not the one who showed up in the ring. Just moments after Batista's arm was raised in victory, the lights went out for a short amount of time. When they were brought back on, Batista found that the Deadman, the Undertaker was staring back at him! The two locked eyes as the show came to an end, causing a number of questions to circulate on what will take place this week! Well, one thing is for sure. The Undertaker will be in the arena, in action against Vito! The two personalities of these superstars are sure to clash. And will the champion have a part in the match? Time will tell.

As well, last week, Montel Vontavious Porter, or 'MVP', finally revealed to Theodore Long who his agent is, but the SmackDown! faithful were left out as the young superstar whispered the name into the SmackDown! General Manager's ear. However, Porter promises that his agent will be alongside him when he takes on Scotty 2 Hotty! Who will the MVP's agent be? Will it be an storied expert? Or will it be an up-and-coming talent collector?

Things as of late have not been going well for 2006's Cinderella Story, Rey Mysterio. Rey, who won the Royal Rumble and then went on to become the World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania 22, has come off of a defeat at Great American Bash at the hands of Booker T for the title, and following that became intertwined in a bitter feud with Chavo Guerrero. Rey may have defeated Chavo at Summerslam, but the damage emotionally to him was not worth the win. However, Rey will have his chance to pick things up when he takes on the WWE United States Champion, Finlay, as he gets a shot at gold! Will Rey get back on the yellow-brick road? Or will the Belfast Bruiser have one too many tricks up his sleeve?

All of this and more as WWE Friday Night SmackDown! eminates from the Sovereign Center in Reading, Pennsylvania at 8/7c on UPN!

Confirmed Matches:

The Undertaker vs. Vito

Scotty 2 Hotty vs. 'MVP', Montel Vontavious Porter

WWE United States Championship; Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay ©

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Guest Wentworth

IPB Image

WWE Friday Night SmackDown!

From the Sovereign Center in Reading, Pennsylvania

Attendance: 7,083 (Sold Out)

Announcers: Michael Cole & John Bradshaw Layfield

After the intro video for SmackDown! is finished, a quick pyro set goes off and the cameras pan around the Sovereign Center to show the fans in attendance, before things cut to Michael Cole & JBL on commentary.

Michael Cole: "Welcome fans to WWE Friday Night SmackDown! I'm your commentary host alongside John Bradshaw Layfield, and we are here at the sold out Sovereign Center in the wonderful city of Reading, Pennsylvania."

JBL: "Ah, good old Reading. I believe the last time I was here, I was attacked by a transvestite."

Michael Cole: "Oh please. All shenanigans aside, we have a great show lined up for the fans in attendance and you folks at home. Tonight, in our first broadcast in September, we will feature some of the very best. Tonight, one on one, the Undertaker himself will take on Vito. All eyes will not be focused so much on the match, but the possible aftermath, as last week on SmackDown!, our cameras came to the end of their reel as the Phenom stood toe-to-toe with the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista! No blows were exchanged, but the animosity between the two superstars was at an all time high as the Undertaker invaded Batista's space after he successfully defeated Mr. Kennedy in a Non-Title bout. Lets roll the footage."

Last week's SmackDown! conclusion is shown, with Batista defeating Kennedy with the Batista Bomb, followed by Kennedy being helped out of the ring, before the lights cut out. After they have come back on, it is revealed that the Undertaker has appeared in the ring, with his sights set on Batista, and his World Heavyweight Championship. Batista looks back without fear, as the video ends.

JBL: "My oh my, Michael. Let me tell you this. There is nothing scarier than having the Deadman stare you down in the middle of the ring. Now, I may of beaten him before, but I'm not ashamed to admit that he scares the hell out of me. He's one of the reasons that I'm glad I'm no longer wrestling."

Michael Cole: "I can certainly understand you there, JBL. The Undertaker has always been one of the most frightening superstars to step foot in a WWE ring. However, the World Heavyweight Champion didn't seem to acknowledge that. Batista returned the Undertaker's cold stare, as you saw on the tape. Batista will certainly get his mouthful in on Taker as Kristall Marshall will have an interview with him backstage in just a moment. Before we get to that, however, Montel Vontavious Porter, better known by himself as the 'MVP', will be making his in-ring debut, against Scotty 2 Hotty. We will also finally get to meet the man behind the man, Porter's until now, hidden agent."

Montel Vontavious Porter vs. Scotty 2 Hotty

Scotty 2 Hotty joyishly makes his way down to the ring, casually tagging the hands of waving fans at ringside. He gets in the ring and hops around, and awaits the MVP. Porter's entrance then plays, as the superstar slowly, but confidently makes his way to the ring, dressed in yellow and black wrestling shorts, with the letters 'M V P' displayed on the backside in bold red.

MVP and Scotty 2 Hotty get at it, with MVP gaining a quick advantage on Scotty with a headlock. Scotty pushes MVP off of him, and he bounces to the ropes. Scotty hits MVP with a dropkick, as the fans begin to get behind him. Scotty drops on MVP and tries the quick pinfall, but the rookie kicks out at the count of two. Scotty then applies some groundwork submissions, working his way from MVP's arm to his leg. After being unable to make Porter submit, however, he lets up and brings him to his feet. Scotty hits Porter with a left hook, then goes at him with his right, but the attempt his blocked, allowing Porter to hit a suplex on him. Porter anxiously covers, but Scotty 2 Hotty escapes the pin at the two count.

Porter works Scotty into a corner, and begins hitting him with quick jabs and knees. He then sets him up on the top turnbuckle, and makes a shoot to superplex him off. To his dismay, Scotty is able to counter and push him to the canvas below. Scotty then flies off with a super leg drop, connecting with the body of the MVP. Instead of trying for the pin, Scotty brings the MVP back to his feet, and jabs at his midsection. Scotty connects with a stiff shot to the jaw, dazing his opponent. Scotty bounces to the ropes and attempts to nail a flying clothesline, but Porter ducks just in time, causing Scotty to collide with the referee. While not out cold, official Charles Patterson is in some pain as he holes himself in a corner, causing the match to go unsupervised.

Scotty hits a swinging neckbreaker on Porter, downing him in the dead center of the ring. Scotty signals to the crowd that it is time for the Worm, as he swings his arms back and forth excitedly. However, Scotty's attempts are foiled as he bounces to the ropes, as a man from the crowd jumps the barrier and grabs Scotty's leg! Nearly tripping, Scotty turns around to face the man, who has jumped onto the apron. The man hits Scotty with something clenched in his fist, causing Scotty 2 Hotty be knocked backwards dazily towards Porter, who has since made a full recovery! Porter is able to connect with a rear spinning kick to the face of Scotty 2 Hotty, a deadly move known as the Malicious Intent, and Scotty is down for the count. As Porter drops to cover him, it is revealed that the man who attacked Scotty, now brimming with a smirk on his face, is none other than former Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff! MVP hassles Patterson to make the count, and he does, as Porter wins his first match as a WWE Superstar, thanks large in part to Eric Bischoff!

Winner: 'MVP', Montel Vontavious Porter

Michael Cole: "What the hell is that dog Bischoff doing here on SmackDown!? I thought he got fired! That bastard!"

JBL: "Oh yes, that bastard. More like GENIUS."

Eric Bischoff smiles as he steps into the ring, and embraces with Porter, raising his hand in victory. If it still isn't clear to some, it seems to be this: Porter's agent is Eric Bischoff himself.

Michael Cole: "Yeah, whatever. Lets move on to backstage, where Kristal Marshall is with our World Heavyweight Champion."

Cameras cut backstage, where Kristal is indeed standing with the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista.

Kristal Marshall: "This is Kristal Marshall, and I'm here standing with THE World Heayvweight Champion, Batista! Now, Batista, what are your thoughts on the Undertaker, and his appearance last week after your match with Ken Kennedy?"

Batista: "Hmmm, what do I think? I really don't think. I know. And what I know is, is that the Undertaker was out there for one reason, and one reason only. He wants my World Heavyweight Championship. Don't get me wrong, the Undertaker is one hell of a wrestler, and he's a great competitor. He's the Deadman, the Phenom, the Big Evil. He's undefeated at Wrestlemania, he's been the Hardcore Champion, a Tag Team Champion, a Heavyweight Champion. He's done all of that. But there's one thing he can't do, and that's scare me. He can give me everything he has. The staredown, the tongue, the lightning, the fire. I've seen it all before. I can stare him in the eyes and say 'I'm not afraid'. So, 'Taker, you want the World Heavyweight Championship? Well then you're going to have to come and get it. This might be the Dog's Yard, but there's an Animal on the other side of the fence, and he wants in."

Batista smirks and readjusts the World Heavyweight belt, before glancing at Kristal and leaving, who looks impressed with Batista's words.

WWE Tag Team Championship

The Gymini w/Simon Dean vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick ©

Returning from commercial, SmackDown! hosts a quick contest, which sees the 'underdog' team of London & Kendrick take on Simon Dean's super-team of Jake and Jesse Gymini for the WWE Tag Team Championship. The Gymini get some solid 2-on-1 offense on London while Kendrick is held up by the referee. However, the London outsmarts his opponents by hitting a flying clothesline on the double-team attempt, and tags in Brian Kendrick.

Kendrick works on Jesse Gymini in the corner with stiff chops, then hits a monkey roll to have him splat dead center in the ring. Kendrick hits a Standing Moonsault then gets the blind tag from London, who nails the 450 Splash for the easy win, much to Simon Dean's dismay.

Winners, and still WWE Tag Team Champions: Brian Kendrick & Paul London

JBL: "I have a word I use frequently, and it's called luck. And one day Cole, this such luck will run out for London & Kendrick."

Michael Cole: "Maybe you should just take it for what it is- experience and skill."

Backstage, we see King Booker, who is sitting on the bench in his lockerroom with Queen Sharmell. Booker, still reeling from his Summerslam defeat, sulks as Sharmell tries to console him.

Queen Sharmell: "Why so glum, your majesty?"

King Booker: "You know exactly why, Sharmell. I ain't the World Heavyweight Champion anymore. I'm not a king."

Queen Sharmell: "But you are a King! You are....King Booker! You can win the World Heavyweight Championship back. All you have to do is defeat Finlay next week. After that, I'm sure Mr. Long will consider you a definite contender for the title!"

King Booker: "I don't want next week, I want NOW. And quit calling me the damn king!"

Booker gives Sharmell a convincing glare, and then his former majesty gives a pout before leaving the lockerroom with her to sulk.

The Undertaker vs. Vito

The cross-dressing freak known as Vito makes his way to the ring first hand, wearing a pink ballet skirt overtop of traditional black wrestling tights. With his face lightly pampered by make-up, he hops around gently in the ring. Before long, all goes black as the Undertaker's entrance starts, followed by the traditional "BONG" and the music. The Undertaker makes his way down to the ring slowly, his gaze not focused on his opponent, instead it is simply staring onwards. Vito nervously awaits the Deadman, who slowly steps into the ring.

The match begins with Vito foolishly trying to jump the Undertaker, which fails horribly. After jumping on his back, Vito gets slammed to the canvas as the Undertaker whips him over his back. Taker then drops a leg on his gender bending opponent, followed by a cover, for a two count. Taker then tries for a powerslam on Vito, but the man with a eight-match winning streak on SmackDown! reverses, and hits a bulldog on the Phenom. Vito covers, but Taker shoves him off before the referee can get to a two count. Vito lays a couple of stomps on Taker, and this also backfires as Taker suddenly sits up and grabs Vito's leg, and takes him down with a Dragon Screwdriver.

Taker works Vito into the ropes, then downs him with a big boot. Vito scrambles to his feet, somewhat dazed, and runs into another boot from the Undertaker. Still getting to his feet, Vito then charges Undertaker, and spears him against the ropes. Before long, however, the Undertaker has him backing off with stiff clubbing shots to the back. Taker nails Vito with a clothesline, and then covers. 1....2....Vito shoots a shoulder off of the mat. Taker, somewhat frustrated, drags Vito into the corner, and blasts him with a few uppercuts. Taker then hoists himself up onto the ropes, and begins walking along them, holding Vito by the hand with his arm fully outstretched. Vito knows it, and so do the crowds, as Taker goes Old School, and comes down on Vito, sending him down to the mat.

The clear holder of the momentum, Taker brings Vito his feet and slugs him with a couple of quick jabs. Vito stumbles before leaning on the ropes for balance, which allows the Undertaker to use some dirty work, choking Vito on the ropes, before the referee gets him to back off. Vito comes flying at the Undertaker with an elbow, but he catches Vito, and straps a hand on his throat! Taker makes his attempt to Chokeslam Vito, but he alertly knees the Big Evil in the stomach, causing him to be freed from his grasp. With the Undertaker bent over from the knee to the gut, Vito is able to hit a swinging neckbreaker, followed by an elbow drop. Vito covers, but the Undertaker gets a shoulder up without much trouble.

Vito brings the Undertaker back to his feet, and then hits a few stiff knee shots, before attempting to suplex the Undertaker. However, this attempt fails, as Vito is unable to lift the Deadman! Instead, Vito finds himself the one airborne, as the Undertaker hits a massive stalling suplex! Not done there, the Undertaker gets Vito in position for the kill, as he has Vito set for the Tombstone. Without fail, he hits it, effectively ending the match, along with Vito's winning streak.

Winner: The Undertaker

The Undertaker mildly celebrates his win over Vito, but bigger things are due for him, as Batista's music hits the arena, followed by the Animal himself, who wastes no time in getting down to the ring and getting face-to-face with The Undertaker. After a couple of verbal exchanges, the fists begin to fly, as Batista and the Deadman go at it. Batista takes the advantage of not having just gone through a match, as he overpowers the Undertaker and sets him up for the Batista Bomb. But to his dismay, the Undertaker powers out and flips him over, sending him on his spine on the canvas. Batista gets back to his feet, and the Undertaker meets him with a hand on his throat, and without hesitation sends him to hell with an earth-shattering Chokeslam! The Undertaker's eyes roll back into his head as his tongue is fully extended out of his mouth, and he leaves the ring, as Batista slowly gets back to his feet.

Michael Cole: "Oh my god! The Undertaker just sent a powerful message to the World Heavyweight Champion! What impact!"

JBL: "Michael, you want to talk about impact? How about the Clothesline From Hell? The both of them are lucky I wasn't still in my prime to straighten them out."

Michael Cole: "Oh can it. We'll be back folks, with Hardcore Holly taking on Sylvester Terkay, who will have his manager, Elijah Burke in the corner."

Hardcore Holly vs. Sylvester Terkay w/Elijah Burke

The cold and ruthless fighting machine known as Sylvester Terkay takes to the ring with his manager Elijah Burke, as he gets set to take on Hardcore Holly. Holly makes his way out to a small pop from the fans in Reading. The ring bell sounds, and the match gets underway with Terkay immediately taking control of Holly with a wicked brainbuster.

Although Holly is a seasoned veteran in the WWE, Terkay wastes no effort in making him looking like an amateur. Holly is able to muster little offense on Terkay before he counters his moves and sends him hard to the mat with bone crushing hits. Terkay lays Holly out with a spinebuster after he attempts to hit a flying clothesline, followed by a monstrous Bear Hug that nearly puts Holly out.

After the Bear Hug, Terkay makes an attempt at powerbomb, but Holly uses what agility he has left to hit Terkay with a DDT in mid air! With the fans slowly rallying behind him, Holly ducks a clothesline from Terkay and hits him with a vicious kick that would make world champion kickboxer blush. Terkay becomes somewhat groggy from the blow, allowing Hardcore Holly to lock in and connect with the Alabama Slam! Holly, sure of the win, hooks the leg and covers...one....tw-Terkay kicks out! Holly is amazed at the grappler's strength, and brings him back up for another attempt at the Alabama Slam. Unfortunately for Holly, Terkay is more alert this time, and he levels him, using his knee to deliver a crushing blow to the nose of Hardcore Holly. It doesn't take long for blood to flow from Holly's nose, and it's a good thing this match is ended, as Terkay locks in the Keylock, quickly causing Holly to submit.

Winner: Sylvester Terkay

Terkay is congratulated by his manager, Elijah Burke, who is fully dressed in tracksuit attire for the match. Elijah pats him on the back, but Terkay is more focused on Holly, who has gotten to his feet. Terkay storms over to him, and flattens him with a brutal spinebuster! Winning alone is not enough for Terkay, as he stares Holly down, before leaving with Burke.

Michael Cole: "Now was that really necessary? He won the match, isn't that enough?"

JBL: "Cole, this is the WWE. Winning is never enough."

Holly slowly limps backstage, while cameras cut to the lockerroom of Michelle McCool, where she is standing with her clients, K.C. James and Idol Stevens, a tag team that has been labeled as the 'Teacher's Pets'.

Michelle McCool: "Well, well, well, boys. We stand here today, and you, the tag team of K.C. James and Idol Stevens are undefeated! You've beaten the tag team champions twice, and you've also beaten those wretched 'Pitbulls'."

K.C. James: "Yeah, Michelle, we're really doing well! I mean, maybe we might even get a-"

Michelle McCool: "DO NOT SPEAK, UNLESS YOU ARE TOLD TO. Do you understand? And it's Ms. McCool to you. You two may be undefeated, but you haven't impressed me yet. You haven't achieved my ultimate goal of managing the WWE Tag Team Champions. So until you do that, you will not have my respect, boys. Although, that may all change next week. I spoke to our General Manger, and he has agreed to give you two a title shot. Now, you've beaten Paul and Brian before, so they shouldn't be much trouble, and with my little plan I have, everything should go smoothly."

Michelle whispers something into James' and Stevens' ears, as their faces brighten with excited interest.

Michelle McCool: "If this plan succeeds, then I will reward the two of you handsomely. However, if it FAILS, and may the lord himself have mercy on you two if it does, then you will be in for a lot of trouble. So boys, don't screw this up, and maybe the next time we are all together, you'll have gold around your waists."

Michelle leaves the lockeroom with her nose poised high, as James and Stevens alertly follow in single-line fashion.

Michael Cole: "She's got those poor guys whipped!"

JBL: "With sexual appeal and promises for success, that's not something hard to achieve, Michael."

Michael Cole: "I'm sure it isn't. Anyways, when we come back, we will witness the main event. Rey Mysterio. Finlay. The WWE United States Championship. NEXT."

WWE United States Championship

Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay ©

Finlay made his way to the ring dressed in his traditional Irish wrestling attire, however, the black areas are a brimming gold colour. Rey made his way down after, making his entrance from the backstage area instead of traditionally appearing from underneath it.

Rey has little time to prepare himself from the match as Finlay quickly stomps on him visciously, his United States title still around his waste. Finlay then removes the belt, and drags Rey into the center of the ring. He drops a knee on Mysterio, then administers a lethal headlock. Rey squirms around as Finlay, already chock-full of adrenaline continues to apply the pressure, and it is as if you can hear Rey's jaw cracking. Finlay mercifully releases, but only so he can hit Mysterio with an electrifying German Suplex. Finlay follows up the maneuver with a powerful backbreaker, and then covers, but he can only get a two count from Senior Official Nick Patrick.

Finlay brings Rey to the corner and works on his knee, kicking and jabbing at it like a wolverine. Finlay then steps back and attempts to spear Rey into the turnbuckle, but Rey uses the ropes to push himself up causing Finlay to eat the ringpost. Finlay sluggishly stumbles backwards, at which point Rey uses his small stature to get Finlay in a pinning predicament by rolling him up into a Sunset Flip! However, Finlay kicks out at the count of two. The tables have turned though, as Rey hits a standing dropick, followed by an arm drag on the vastly larger Finlay. Rey holds Finlay in an armbar on the mat. Rey then lets up, and hits a moonsault for a two count. He then attempts to get Finlay on the ropes, in an attempt to hit the 619. However, Finlay avoids it and catches Rey with a wicked Belly-To-Belly Suplex, sending Rey halfway across the ring. Back on his feet, Rey only meets more pain as Finlay hits a Fisherman's Suplex, and hooks the leg after for a cover, but he can't get a three count. Finlay then puts Rey in the STF in the middle of the ring, giving Rey no escape. With the move locked on hard, Rey cries out in pain, and the match looks to be near over. However, instead of submitting, Rey starts clawing his way towards the ropes, much to the worry of Finlay. Finlay lets out a war cry and applies the hold even tighter, but Rey is still slowly making his way to escape. Rey lifts his arm slowly as he nears the rope, and comes with in inches of grabbing it, but misses. This allows Finlay to pull Rey back, but in the end, the move back fires as Rey is able to take advantage of the backwards momentum, as he flips free, causing Finlay's eyes to glow in disbelief!

Rey tries to use the ropes as support for his weakened limbs, but Finlay lets him do none of that as he comes charging at him. Instead of avoiding him, the 5'6'' Mysterio comes at him, and they collide, both clotheslining one another! Both men are down, causing Nick Patrick to start the count, but he only gets to four before both Finlay and Rey are back to their feet and swinging at one another. Mysterio ducks a clothesline attempt, and then hits a crucial snap neckbreaker on Finlay! Finlay goes down and Rey doesn't hesitate to cover, but Patrick only gets a two count before Finlay's arm shoots up like a fish jumping out of water. Rey gets Finlay to his feet, and then gives him an Irish Whip to the ropes (oh, irony), Rey expects Finlay to be on the return trail as he goes airborne for a dropkick, but no one is home as Finlay hangs on to the ropes, causing Rey to miss and land on his back. Rey gets up quickly however, as Finlay comes off of the ropes with his arm extended, ready to clothesline Rey. But he misses, as Rey drops to his knees and trips him, causing him to collide with referee Nick Patrick, knocking him into the corner. In classic Patrick fashion, the official rolls around in pain before fading from consciousness. Rey quickly climbs the ropes and flies off of them towards Finlay, and catches him with a huge Frankensteiner! Rey doesn't follow up with a pin attempt, as he realises that Patrick is down and out.

Rey positions Finlay on the ropes with a drop toe hold, and then calls out to the crowd that it is time for the 619. But Rey is unaware that Finlay has already taken advantage of the abscence of a referee, as the Little Bastard makes his way from underneath the ring! The Bastard waddles his way over to the announcer's table, and grabs the United States belt, and hands hit to Finlay, before disappearing under the ring once more! Rey goes to connect with the 619, but Finlay turns around, and clocks him with the gold! Rey is knocked senseless as he drops to the ground. Finlay shows shades of Kurt Angle has he removes the straps of his tights, and goes for Mysterio, who is likely in another world. He picks Rey up, and hoists him onto his shoulders, obviously ready to deliver the finishing blow with the Celtic Cross, but Rey is spared the move as Bobby Lashley comes in from the crowd and spears Finlay, causing him to drop Mysterio! Finlay reels in pain as Rey slowly gathers to his feet while Lashley exits through the crowd, wondering what just took place. Rey then quickly realises what has happened, and sees his chance. He brings Finlay to his feet, then sends him to the ropes, this time successfully hitting the 619! Rey then follows up, as he leaps off of the ropes and lays down the West Coast Pop on Finlay, pinning him down! Patrick is back from the dead, and he makes the count, 1............2.............3! Rey hops off of Finlay in celebration, as he is the NEW United States Champion!

Winner, and the new WWE United States Champion: Rey Mysterio

Rey climbs to the top of the turnbuckle slowly but triumphantly, as he holds his new WWE United States Championship, as tears of joy fall from his face, although mostly hidden by his mask.

Michael Cole: "He's done it! He's done it! Rey is the new WWE United States Champion! What a victory!"

JBL: "I have to hand it to Rey here. That was an impressive victory. When you go out there and outlast a guy like Finlay, you deserve your stripes."

Rey continues his victory pose as the fans in Reading cheer him on, while SmackDown! draws to a heroic close.

::The Backstage SmackDown! Report::

By Michael Hayes

Montel Vontavious Porter defeats Scotty 2 Hotty (at 6:12) via Malicious Intent

Ratings -

Crowd: 46%

Quality: 63%

Overall: 53%

Notes: The 'MVP' made his debut, and his character was pretty well received by the fans, and it doesn't look like he'll be having trouble getting over, as he gained some heel recognition out there. The match was decent, but I think the involvement with Eric Bischoff made it look better than it really was.

Batista's Interview Segment

Ratings -

Overall: 86%

Notes: Not only is Dave a talented big man in the ring in this company, which isn't always the case, he can deliver pretty well on the microphone too. He can also deliver a good promo even when he's not ripping his opponent apart, much like tonight.

WWE Tag Team Championship; Brian Kendrick & Paul London defeat The Gymini (at 3:44) via Get Well Soon to retain

Ratings -

Crowd: 62%

Quality: 70%

Overall: 66%

Notes: Thankfully it was the shortest match on the show tonight, as it really didn't do much for the crowd. Even the babyface champs got little applause for this quick contest, and rightfully so. Each Gymini brother probably weighs more than London & Kendrick combined, so it's not making sense for London & Kendrick to cruise through these guys, amongst the other teams they have handedly beaten since pairing up. Also, I think it's time for the Gymini to move on to something a bit more serious.

King Booker Argues With Queen Sharmell

Ratings -

Overall: 87%

Notes: This was a good transition for Booker T to begin to drop that dreaded 'King' gimmick of his, and perhaps dump Sharmell. Booker didn't outright turn on her, this segment hinted that he can possess those tendencies. Before you know it, it'll be back to the good old days of "Six-Time, Six-Time Champion", and "Now can you dig that, SUCKAAAAAA?".

The Undertaker defeats Vito (at 7:32) via Tombstone Piledriver

Ratings -

Crowd: 78%

Quality: 69%

Overall: 75%

Notes: This match was quite popular with the fans, and Vito is quite the riot in his dress. Although, if Mr. Lograsso wants to go anywhere with this company he'll have to drop the make-up someday. I expected a bit of a better match from these two as their wrestling styles are quite similar, but maybe that just notes that Mark is getting up there in years. Still, Batista's involvement after the match made this whole segment an overall success.

Sylvester Terkay defeats Hardcore Holly (at 5:18) via Keylock

Ratings -

Crowd: 57%

Quality: 70%

Overall: 63%

Notes: This match was good on the wrestling side of things, but the crowd wasn't really into it. While Holly is a regular face on SmackDown!, Terkay is still somewhat of a newbie to the WWE fans, and besides beating the stuffing out of his opponents he hasn't done much to gain any heat. And his manager is somewhat of a poor choice, Elijah isn't superb on the microphone to be able to put Terkay over as a monster. Maybe they should be paired up as a team and have someone with more character manage them, to bolster the weak tag team division SmackDown! has. Still, Terkay's dismantling of the Alabama Slamma showed fans that he's not some nameless wrestler to forget about a week later.

Michelle McCool And The Teacher's Pets Talk Backstage

Ratings -

Overall: 58%

Notes: This segment was small but important in establishing the role of the tag team of K.C. James & Idol Stevens. The fact they are run by a woman draws them more heat, and gives them the feel that MNM had before prematurely disbanding. With some work, this team could be come the next top dogs of the tag division.

WWE United States Championship; Rey Mysterio defeat Finlay (at 16:32) via West Coast Pop to win the title

Ratings -

Crowd: 77%

Quality: 74%

Overall: 76%

Notes: By far the best match of the night, as Rey captures his first title since he was SmackDown!'s World Heavyweight Champion. Rey's acrobatic, high-flying style meshed well with Finlay's mat-technician approach, as they both mixed it up a bit in attempts to best one another. Finlay may have lost the US Title, but I don't see that as the end of his gold run in our company. The finish was loved by the crowd, myself included. I hope to see a rematch down the road between these two. The title just got more important now that a former World Heavyweight Champion is its owner.

Overall: 68%

Nielsen Rating: 5.73

Attendance: 7,083 (Sold Out)

Ticket Sales: $301,960

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Guest Wentworth

IPB Image

WWE RAW Preview - 09/04/06

There are certainly a few issues that need to be addressed on RAW.

At the end of last week's broadcast, the five members of the Spirit Squad stood tall over John Cena, who had been recruited by McMahon to take out the Chain Gang Soldier. Cena had made his appearance to save DX from a 3-on-2 beating from the hands of Edge, Randy Orton and Umaga, but he was downed as all five members of the Spirit Squad hit the ring, blasting him with the High Spirits. Now, in this week's main event, John Cena will team with Triple H and Shawn Michaels of DX, as they take on Umaga, Edge, and the WWE Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton, with the trusted delinquent duo of DX, the New Age Outlaws being banned from ringside.

Also announced last week by the WWE Chairman, is a match that will could quite easily be the main event of Unforgiven this month. John Cena, Edge, and the WWE Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton, will do battle in a Triple Threat Match, with Randy Orton's WWE Heavyweight Championship on the line! This announcement is sure to cause some tension between Randy Orton and Edge, who Vince McMahon will certainly like to see on the same page when they take on DX & John Cena.

Last Monday, Carlito earned the right to face the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Johnny Nitro at Unforgiven for the title after defeating the former MNM member in a non-title bout. What will both sides of this rivalry have to say come showtime?

In a match that promises to deliver, Charlie Haas will take on his former partner, Shelton Benjamin in a singles bout. The two men that burst onto the SmackDown! scene in late 2002 as a part of Team Angle, known as the "World's Greatest Tag Team" went on to be one of the most successful tag teams in SmackDown!'s history, before Shelton Benjamin was drafted to RAW two years later. Now, these men will be opponents as they will square off with one another on RAW. Which man will take the victory?

Don't miss these superstars and more, as it's all live from the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia at 9/8c!

Confirmed Matches:

DX (Shawn Michaels & Triple H) & John Cena vs. Umaga, Edge & Randy Orton

Charlie Haas vs. Shelton Benjamin

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Guest Wentworth

IPB Image


From the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia

Attendance: 7,505

Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry 'The King' Lawler

The opening RAW video package is shown, followed by a video highlighting the end of last week's show, which saw John Cena, DX, the Spirit Squad, Edge, Randy Orton, and Umaga all in the same ring. As a result of last week's events, John Cena will team up with HBK and HHH to take on Umaga, Randy Orton and Edge in the main event, with the New Age Outlaws banned from ringside. After this is shown, JR and the King greet the fans on commentary.

Jim Ross: "Good evening to you, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to WWE RAW! We're here from the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, and boy, do we have a show for you tonight!"

King: "Woo-wee! Do we ever! DX, John Cena, on the same TEAM? I mean, this is going to be a hell of a ride."

Jim Ross: "You got that right King. Our main event will not disappoint, I can assure you that. John Cena will indeed side with Triple H & Shawn Michaels of DX, to take on Umaga, Edge and Randy Orton in an electrifying six-man tag match. Unfortunately for DX, the New Age Outlaws will be watching the match from the lockerroom as they have been banned from ringside. I never heard Vince say that the Spirit Squad were banned from taking place, and something tells me they will."

King: "Well I don't know about that one J.R., but I'm sure we'll see outside involvement of some sort!"

Charlie Haas vs. Shelton Benjamin

The former premier tag team on SmackDown! lock horns to begin the action on RAW tonight, as Charlie drops Shelton with a quick snap suplex to begin the contest. Shelton bounces back to his feet and hits Haas with a spinning heel kick, displaying his agility. Benjamin covers, but Haas is able to kick out with much trouble.

Shelton begins his parade on the offensive side of the match, as he batters Haas with a series of chops and kicks. Shelton then drops a leg on Haas, then subdues him with a headlock. His methods quickly wear thin, however, as Haas powers out of the maneuver, and lands his former partner with a snapmare. Shelton is sent reeling, but he comes back at Haas with another spinning heel kick. However, this time the attempt backfires, as Haas catches him in mid air and drills him with a powerbomb! Haas quickly covers, but Shelton escapes defeat for the time being as he puts his foot on the ropes. Haas hops on top of Shelton before he can get back up, and locks in a single-leg Boston Crab. Haas applies the pressure, but Shelton is able to get to the ropes before much damage is done.

Haas works Benjamin into the corner and sets him on the top rope, hooking him for a Superplex, but he fails as Benjamin shoves him off, sending him to the canvas. Benjamin goes airborne, and BAM!, connects with a HBK-esque elbow drop. Benjamin covers, 1.....2.....Haas kicks out in time. Benjamin downs Haas again with a DDT, but this time he doesn't make a pin attempt. Instead, he whips him to the ropes and makes an attempt to clothesline him, but Haas ducks. However, on the return, he hits a spinning elbow on Haas, dropping him once more. Benjamin then grabs Haas by the head and begins lathering him with a series of jabs to the head.

Clearly with the advantage, Benjamin hits a sick brainbuster on Haas, who is seemingly fading out of consciousness. Benjamin drags his former partner to the corner, and begins brutally stomping away on him. Benjamin appears to be playing for keeps in this one. Benjamin goes to thrust his boot at Haas' face once more, but this time he is stopped, as Haas grabs his foot and shoves him back! Benjamin does a 360-degree turn as Haas regains his stance, going towards Benjamin. The three-time Intercontinental Champion misses a kick on Haas, who grabs Benjamin from behind and lays him out with a stiff German Suplex! Haas jumps on Benjamin for the pin, but he only gets a two count, as Benjamin gets a shoulder off of the mat just in time.

Haas grabs a groggy Benjamin and tries to drop him with a neckbreaker, but Benjamin reverses, and sends Haas flying towards the ropes. Haas has little time to react on the return, as Benjamin catches him and nails him with the T-Bone Suplex! Benjamin almost knows that he's won it, Haas is out for this one. 1.....2.....Haas kicks out! Benjamin can't believe it, as he yells at the referee, demanding the victory. After being unable to convince the referee he is the victor, an irate Benjamin brings Haas back to his feet again, and prepares to put the proverbial nail in the coffin by hitting another T-Bone. But this time, Haas reverses, landing out of the maneuver! Haas sweeps his partner to the ground, and locks him in the Haas Of Pain! It doesn't take long before Haas gets the decision, as he makes Benjamin submit, winning a roller coaster of a match!

Winner: Charlie Haas

Haas gets back to his feet, showing some signs of stiffness, as the fans applaud the fantastic showing by the two wrestlers. Benjamin gets back up as well, and he walks over to his partner. They look at each other, breathing hard, before Haas extends his hand, showing his sportsmanship. Benjamin looks around, and then smiles, as he offers his hand to Haas'. The fans applaud the embrace, but are quickly shocked as Benjamin fakes the gesture, and slips down to hit Haas with a low blow! The fans drown Benjamin in boos, but he doesn't pay attention, as he stares at Haas, who has now dropped to the ground. Benjamin laughs, then leaves the ring as the referee checks on Haas.

Jim Ross: "Oh come on now. That was just low down and dispicable. No respect from that young man, King."

King: "Maybe he would of been in better spirits if he won the match!"

Todd Grisham is in the backstage area, where he stands with Ms. Melina Perez, and the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Johnny Nitro.

Todd Grisham: "Um, Johnny Nitro, do you have anything to say about your match against Eugene tonight, and more importantly, your title defense against Carlito at Unforgiven in a few weeks?"

Melina: "First of all, when you have something to say to Johnny, you say it to me, you worthless bum, and that's Mr. Nitro to you."

Johnny Nitro: "Hey hey, Melina, calm down, baby. Todd here may be just a lowly staff member, but he IS just trying to earn his wages. So I'll lay it out for you, Todd. Number one. I'm going to crush that useless hack, Special Ed Class of 2001, Eugene, as an example for Carlito. No, it'll be more of sending of a message to Carlito. And about Carlito? I'm not worried. I live in the now, so I'll deal with him when the time comes. After all, I'm the WWE Intercontinental Champion, while he's just a lowlife, apple spitting chump from Cuba or wherever. I'll make sure that this title stays in the hands of someone deserving, not some grubby illegal immigrant. I'm done here."

Nitro and Melina prance away, as Todd looks at them in disgust.

The New Age Outlaws vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

A one-sided match in all aspects, as the newly returned Outlaws dismantle Cade and Murdoch without much trouble. Gunn starts the match off with Cade, dropping him with everything from neckbreakers, suplexes, and DDTs. Not even Murdoch can stop the bleeding, as when he rushes the ring, Road Dogg meets him with a clothesline.

After this point, the match doesn't continue much further, as Road Dogg fights Murdoch on the outside, Cade and Gunn continue in the ring. Cade ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own, but he tries a suplex that Gunn gets out of. Gunn delivers a quick boot to Cade's stomach, causing him to bend over, setting himself up for the Fame-Ass-Er, and it's over before it got started, as the New Age Outlaws walk away with an easy victory.

Winners: The New Age Outlaws

The two members of DX slap hands to celebrate their win, but they are unable to cherish it for long as the Spirit Squad storms the ring! All five members circle the Outlaws, and then they draw in! The scenery doesn't look good for the Outlaws, but they fight back, as Billy Gunn sends both Mikey and Mitch over the ropes with a double clothesline, as Road Dogg flattens Kenny with a pumphandle slam, then sends Johnny crying to his mother by sending him over the top rope! The Outlaws then smile at one anohter, as Nicky is left in the ring alone! He cowers backwards, and makes an attempt at escape, but he is apprehended by the two, and put out of his misery with a spike piledriver! They toss the final Squad member out, sending a message to Vince and his goons!

Jim Ross: "Oh dear! Billy Gunn and Road Dogg just overcame a huge handicap! That isn't going to sit well with Mr. McMahon."

King: "I'm sure glad that I'm not a Spirit Squad member right now!"

Jim Ross: "That's for sure, King. Right now we'll go to a commercial break, and when we get back, we'll hear from none other than John Cena."

RAW returns with 'You Can't See Me' playing through the arena, as the fans go crazy for the entrance of John Cena in the Phillips Arena. Soon enough, the Soldier himself steps onto the stage sporting an Atlanta Braves jersey, giving his traditional salute to the fans as he marches down to the ring with a microphone in his hand.

John Cena: "It feels so good to be BACK, in Atlanta, Georgia. I mean, things might not be going to well right now with the Braves, but that's why I'm here to pump this place up. I'm here to do business. Adress a few things. First of all, I want to talk about my match tonight. Tonight, I team up with none other than Shawn Michaels, 'The Heartbreak Kid', and Triple H, 'The Game'. I haven't always been on the same page as those guys, but we all have a common enemy. They don't like Edge. I don't like Edge. They don't like Orton, I don't like Orton. And they don't like Umaga, and sure as hell, neither do I. So tonight, we're gonna go out there and do things up, and lay an ass-beating on them, whether me and DX are best friends or heated rivals, we've got the same agenda. But more importantly than that, is my score to settle with Randy Orton. You know, a couple weeks ago, I was in line to win back the WWE Heavyweight Championship from that two-bit piece of trash, Edge, and then Orton comes out of nowhere and takes the title. Orton had to face me when I was weak and beaten down, not when I was at my best. Orton can't take a challenge like that. Orton is a CHUMP. I mean, sure, Orton is the 'Legend Killer'. He's taken out Hogan, Slaughter, Roberts, and more. Yeah, he can beat the stuffing out of guys ten years past their prime, but I don't see him racking up the wins against anyone still worth a dime in this business. At Unforgiven, Orton's going to get a real taste of what it's like to wrestle. And Orton doesn't have just me to watch out for. He has to watch his back for the 'Rated R For Retarded Superstar', Edge. But Edge doesn't concern me. I've beaten him before, and if I have to do it again to get my title back, then so be it. It don't matter who I beat, because I will walk out of Unforgiven the WWE Heavyweight Champion."

'Burn In My Light' by Mercy Drive hits the speakers, as boos begin to circulate the Phillips Arena, while the WWE Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton makes his way down to the ring with a cocky grin on his face, although not before delivering his trademark pose. Half dressed in wrestling attire, he circles Cena, then hands his belt to an official on the outside, before giving his view.

Randy Orton: "Cena, Cena, Cena. You don't seem to see the picture as clearly as I do. I mean, you go on about how I'm a fake, and I can't play with the big boys? Then why am I the WWE Champion? And I'm not new to this before. While you ran your rap battles on SmackDown!, I was one of the longest reigning WWE Intercontinental Champions in the past decade. Then, I went on to become the youngest World Heavyweight Champion by defeating Chris Benoit. Why don't we roll the footage?"

A short video plays, dating back to Summerslam 2004, where Randy Orton defeated Chris Benoit for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Randy Orton: "And correct me if I'm wrong, you had to go through a redneck stock broker, who doesn't even wrestle anymore, to win your first championship. And while you were filming your crappy movie, I was main eventing this brand, bringing it to the top. As far as Unforgiven goes, I don't even think of you as an opponent, John. More of a distraction. I don't even see why Vince put you in the match. You're nothing but a PUNK. Maybe the next time we're in Detroit, you can call up Eminem and see if he has a job for you."

John Cena: "Maybe the next time the Rolling Stones are on tour, you can challenge Keith Richards to a match, bitch."

Orton fakes a quick chuckle, and then looks around at the crowd, who are chanting 'Orton Sucks' as loud as they can, then he turns his attention back to Cena, and without warning, drops him with an RKO! Orton grabs his belt and steps back and stares at Cena, who is laid out. Orton dusts his shoulder, and smiles, but his glee is quickly erased when Cena pops up, seemingly unscathed by the RKO! Clearly spooked, Orton bolts out of the ring before Cena can get his revenge.

John Cena: "You'll have to do better than that, Randy. So go backstage, and spend some time with that title of yours. Because in twenty days, it'll be mine."

Jim Ross: "Feel the animosity in this arena! It's about to overflow! Cena, Orton, and Edge will collide at Unforgiven, and Orton's title will be on the line!"

Non-Title Match

Eugene vs. Johnny Nitro © w/Melina

RAW returns with Nitro taking on Eugene. The contest starts off with Eugene naively offering to shake the hand of Nitro. Nitro lets off a smug grin, shakes his hand, then twists it to effectively start the match. Nitro clotheslines Eugene, then drops a knee on the nose of the 'special' superstar. Nitro doesn't ease up there, hitting Eugene with an axe-handle drop, then following up with a body splash for a two count. Nitro tries to pick Eugene up by the hair, but he gets caught in an inside cradle by surprise, causing Eugene to nearly steal a victory! Eugene then gets to his feet, refreshed, as he hits a charging Nitro with a spear takedown! Eugene anticipates victory as he covers Nitro, but he is denied as Nitro is able to kick out of the pin.

Eugene hits Nitro with a few headbutts, followed by a snap neckbreaker. Eugene brings Nitro to his feet again, and tries to channel The Rock in an attempt to hit the Rock Bottom, but Nitro elbows his way free, before hitting a backbreaker to kill Eugene's momentum. Nitro applies an Octopus hold maneuver, causing Eugene to twist in agony, but the young nephew of RAW's former General Manager doesn't give in as easily as Nitro hopes, as Eugene forces Nitro to relinquish the hold after refusing to submit, so Nitro delivers a boot to the gut of Eugene. As Eugene is doubled over, Nitro hits a Shining Wizard, sending Eugene to the mat. Nitro then goes upstairs, and his a Shooting Star Press, to perhaps seal Eugene's fate, as he hooks the leg, but Eugene gives everything he has left to get his shoulder off of the canvas, just before the three count!

Frustrated, Nitro slaps Eugene around, throwing him from corner to corner. He begins choking Eugene, but lays off before he is disqualified by the referee. He throws Eugene to the ropes, and expects to clothesline him, but Eugene ducks. He spins Nitro around and WHAM!, he connects with the Stunner, the trademark move of one Steve Austin, one of his favourite superstars. Eugene frantically scrambles over to cover Nitro, but in the meantime, Melina has . Eugene notices, so he instead continues the match. But with the ref's back turned, Nitro scores a low blow on Eugene, dropping him cold, while Melina keeps the referee further occupied by faking an injury to the referee. Things seem to be in the bag for Nitro now, but his plan backfires, as Carlito storms the ring and goes at it with Nitro! Carlito ducks a clothesline, then puts Nitro in Overdrive, effectively taking him out! Carlito drags Eugene on top of Nitro, then exits, as the referee finally turns back to the match, and counts pinfall, 1....2....3, as Eugene scores an upset over the WWE Intercontinental Champion!

Winner: Eugene

Eugene celebrates his win, weathered but ecstatic as Carlito gives a glaring Nitro a quick smirk before heading backstage.

Jim Ross: "What a win for Eugene!"

King: "I think that was more of a win for Carlito, J.R."

Vince McMahon and his son, Shane, are shown in Vince's office, talking to one another while watching the broadcast on their personal television.

Vince McMahon: "God damn that Eric Bischoff, bringing crap like that Eugene on to RAW. It's a disgrace. But what's more of a disgrace, is that god damned Triple H and Shawn Michaels running around, like they own this place."

Shane McMahon: "Absolutely. They won the battle at Summerslam dad, but they haven't won the war."

Vince McMahon: "You're damn right they haven't. Because at Unforgiven, DX will end after I brutalize Triple H in our Steel Cage Match."

Shane McMahon: "Say dad, while you take out Triple H, why don't I just, ensure everything goes ok, how about I take out the 'Heartbreak Kid'. I've beaten him before, so I don't see why I can't beat him again."

Vince McMahon: "No son. I've got an even BETTER idea. It won't just be Shawn Michaels versus my son, Shane McMahon, it'll be Shawn Michaels vs. my son, Shane McMahon and Umaga in a handicap match!"

Shane McMahon: "Well, that might just be the best idea I have heard, dad. DX is going down at Unforgiven!"

Vince McMahon: "That's if they make it through tonight. I have a little plan for our boys in DX."

Vince puts his arm around his son, as he begins whispering something into his ear, as the camera cuts back to the arena, with a match on the way.

Rob Conway vs. Val Venis

Venis and Conway engage in a tie-up, which leads to Conway hitting Venis with a stiff uppercut, then a few quick knees to the midsection of Val. 'The Conman' then drops an elbow on the former Chief Of Staff, then a he sends Venis in to the corner, causing his shoulder to collide with the ring post. Venis stumbles backwards as Conway attempts a roll up, but Venis kicks out.

Conway tries to hit the Con-way, but Venis rolls out of the way, as Conway gets nothing but canvas. Venis gets on the offensive, pounding away on Conway with furious rights and lefts. He tries the Venis Fly Trap, but it fails, as Conway finds solace in the ropes nearby. Venis continues his assault, however, as he catches Conway in an impressive belly-to-belly suplex!

The match draws to it's closing moments as Venis downs Conway with a stiff backbreaker, then scrambles to the top rope, and clinches the match with the Money Shot, ending the match that lasted just over three minutes.

Winner: Val Venis

Jim Ross: "Impressive win for Venis there, as he defeats the 'Conman', Rob Conway. However, up next is the marquee performance of the night, as Shawn Michaels and Triple H of DX team up with John Cena to take on Randy Orton, Edge, and Umaga, up next!"

RAW returns with DX in the ring, before the match is set to begin, as HBK clearly has things to address regarding the match at Unforgiven he has been put in with Shane McMahon and Umaga.

Shawn Michaels: "So...Vince McMahon wants to go around and make matches behind people's backs? That's fine by me. If me and Hunter can take on the Goon Squad 5-on-2, I can take on 'Shane-O' and his Samoan love-monkey."

HBK drops the mic, as John Cena's entrance plays as he makes his way down to the ring to join his team for the night.

DX (Shawn Michaels & Triple H) & John Cena vs. Randy Orton, Edge and Umaga

After all six members of the match have made their way to the ring, Edge and Randy Orton argue over who should start the match, but the decision is made after Umaga lets out a warcry in their ears, telling them that he will start.

Umaga starts off with Cena, charging him, and knocking him down on the mat with his large chest. Umaga then begins choking Cena while slamming his head on the canvas, but his assault is stopped after referee Mike Chioda gives the warning sign to throw the match away. Unsatisfied, Umaga backs away, and tags in Edge, who doesn't pass the opportunity to dive on Cena, battering him with a series of fists. Edge brings Cena to his feet, and the first thing Cena tries to do is clothesline the 'Rated R Superstar', but Edge alertly ducks and then hits the Edge-O-Matic, and covers Cena, but he kicks out at two. Edge, somewhat frustrated, stomps on Cena a few times then tags in the World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton.

Before going to work on Cena, Orton poses, much to the distaste of the crowd. However, this boasting proves to be a mistake, as Orton is barely able to approach Cena before he gets blasted with a takedown. Cena goes hogwild on the third generation superstar, hammering away on him with furious rights and lefts. Cena then gives Orton something to think about, killing his buzz with a wicked full-nelson slam! Cena then tags off to Triple H, who charges in the ring and doesn't think twice about dropping a knee on his former Evolution stablehand.

Triple H hits a hard suplex on Orton, causing Orton to retreat to the outside of the ring. Triple H taunts Orton, who is visible noted to be mouthing curse words to Triple H. Orton slides back into the ring and expects to gain the upperhand, but Triple H catches him right away and sends him flying with another suplex. Orton quickly stumbles over to his corner, where Umaga tags himself in. The Samoan Bulldozer charges Triple H, but he gets no results as Triple H sends him airborne with a high-end backdrop. The Game then tags in Michaels, and they go to work on a double team. Triple H lays out Umaga with a Pedigree, then Shawn comes off of the top ropes with an elbow drop! The match looks to be over, but Edge spares his team of defeat by breaking up the pin attempt. To add insult to injury, he delivers a mean kick to HBK's head, allowing Umaga to take control of the match.

Umaga lets out a vicious warcry, then locks Shawn Michaels in a bearhug, followed by a sick Samoan Drop. Umaga covers, 1......2......Michaels gets an arm up, just in time. Umaga grunts, then tags in Edge. As Edge approaches him, Michaels gets to his knees, looking desperate for mercy, as Edge laughs. But Edge obviously misses Shawn's tomfoolery, as Edge gets caught in a package pinning predicament, which he is only able to escape out of at the last second! Both Edge and HBK get to their feet and size one another up, and then go at eachother, and connect with a double clothesline. Both men slowly make their way to their respective corners, and the tags are then made, with HBK tagging in Cena, and Edge bringing in Orton! Cena flies at Orton, knocking him down with a clothesline, followed by another one as Orton gets back to his feet. Cena doesn't give Orton much time to recover, as he sends Orton a parcel, with the contents inside being the Five Knuckle Shuffle! Cena lets out a warcry of his own, as he waves his hands in the air, trying to jumpstart the crowd's energy.

Cena lifts Orton from the ground onto his shoulders, as he's prepared to send him away with the F-U. Cena makes the attempt, but Orton slips off of him and to his rear. Orton spins Cena around and tries the RKO, but Cena reverses and pushes him to the ropes. Cena catches Orton this time, and drills him with the F-U! Cena tags in Michaels, who comes flying off of the top rope with a body splash on Orton. HBK seemingly has the win in line, until Edge charges the ring and breaks up the count! This brings Cena back into the mix, who clotheslines Edge near the ropes, causing the two to topple over to the mat below! Umaga invades the ring as well, as he meets up with an unsuspecting Michaels and drops him with the Samoan Spike! Michaels drops to the mat, gagging. Triple H then enters, to the aid of his fallen partner, as he sends Umaga out of the ring with his trademark knee smash. Triple H then turns around and catches something much worse than a common cold, as a rejuvenated Orton meets him with the RKO! Orton then sends the Game over the ropes, and taunts him, but meets a similar fate as he turns around, catching a note of Sweet Chin Music!

Referee Mike Chioda is too busy supervising the outside battles raging between Edge, John Cena, Triple H and Umaga to witness the next series of events. As Michaels hits a cross-body splash on Orton, Vince McMahon appears from underneath the ring, with a Sledgehammer in hand! Vince slides in the ring, and clocks HBK in the jaw with the weapon, then escapes as Chioda returns to the in ring action, which sees Orton's arm draped over Michaels. Chioda counts it, 1......2......3 as Vince McMahon helps the trio of Edge, Orton and Umaga steal a win from Cena and DX!

Winners: Randy Orton, Edge & Umaga

Jim Ross: "God damnit! Vince McMahon, that dirty bastard! He just screwed over DX and Cena!"

King: "I guess we see the true meaning of 'Don't Cross The Boss'!"

Vince McMahon laughs on the sidelines as Orton has his armed raised in victory, and then is given his WWE Heavyweight Championship. Unfortunately for Vince, Triple H spots him and his sledgehammer, and goes after him! Triple H runs after Vinnie Mac, who gets into the ring and then quickly falls, tripping over his own feet. Triple H gets in and locks him in his sights, but he's interrupted by Randy Orton, who tries to defend Vince by hitting Triple H with the title. This fails, however, as Triple H simply ducks and then sends Orton out of the ring with a backdrop! As Michaels is helped out of the ring, Triple H zeros in on McMahon. The Cerebral Assassin chuckles coyishly, and Vince laughs as well, desperately hoping that Triple H will mercifully leave. But he gets no such luck, as the Game grabs him by the ear and brings him to his feet. Triple H gives McMahon a shot under the belt, and then positions him for the Pedigree. Triple H lets the crotch chop fly, then puts Vince under with a Pedigree! Triple H then picks up the Sledgehammer and stares at it for a few seconds, then puts it to use as Umaga storms the ring, trying to down Triple H. Instead, he is knocked flat on his back with a sledgehammer shot! Edge meets the same fate as he gets in the ring. Even Shane McMahon, who rushes down to the ring, feels the wrath of Triple H's little friend! Triple H lets out a yell as he poses for the crowd, then throws all compassion aside, as he delivers a brutal blow to the stomach of Vince McMahon with the sledgehammer! Vince screams in the WWE's medical staff begin to rush down to the ring to attend to the fallen leader of the company. But they are unable to reach him, as Triple H keeps them at bay with the sledgehammer!


King: "He's gone crazy! Call the police J.R.!"

Triple H stands over the fallen body of Vince, glaring at the medical staff, as an electrifying RAW comes to a close.

::The Backstage RAW Report::

By Jerry Brisco

Charlie Haas defeats Shelton Benjamin (at 8:20) via Haas Of Pain

Ratings -

Crowd: 77%

Quality: 93%

Overall: 85%

Notes: This match was definitely the right way to start off RAW, as the former dynamic duo of the 'Worlds Greatest Tag Team' clashed in an epic opener. Charlie gets the clean victory, but Benjamin perhaps signifies that he is not through with Haas. You know what they say: Good friends, better enemies.

Johnny Nitro's Interview Segment

Ratings -

Overall: 73%

Notes: A good way to add fuel to the fire between him and Carlito. I'm looking forward to their title bout at Unforgiven this month.

The New Age Outlaws defeat Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (at 2:53) via Fame-Ass-Er

Ratings -

Crowd: 68%

Quality: 68%

Overall: 67%

Notes: The New Age Outlaws haven't done much since returning at Summerslam, and haven't been linked with DX too frequently. This match continues their streak of mediocrity. The Spirit Squad involvement after the match perhaps foreshadows a match between the two sides in the future.

John Cena Shrugs Off The RKO

Ratings -

Overall: 97%

Notes: Well, simply put, the crowd went absolutely crazy when Cena stood up the RKO. This segment also helped bold the fact that Cena's new beef is with Orton. I don't see Orton and Cena settling things this month at Unforgiven.

Non-Title Match; Eugene defeat Johnny Nitro (at 7:04) via Carlito's interfernce

Ratings -

Crowd: 67%

Quality: 68%

Overall: 67%

Notes: The crowd was less than ecstatic about this match, based more or less on the fact that Eugene seems to be boring the crowd these days. Nitro got his fair share of heat, however, and Carlito responded to the remarks by Nitro by helping Eugene clinch an upset, thus furthering the bad blood between Carlito and Nitro.

Father & Son Are Up To No Good

Ratings -

Overall: 90%

Notes: Well, this simply put over the McMahon's as more dastardly, as they booked HBK in a handicap match, and plotted some dastardly deeds for the main event.

Val Venis defeat Rob Conway (at 5:53) via the Money Shot

Ratings -

Crowd: 65%

Quality: 73%

Overall: 69%

Notes: Mildly entertaining filler match, but I really think that it's unfair that a guy as talented as Sean gets stuck with a male pornstar character for nearly ten years, with a few small serious stints strung out during the run, because as he is now he won't be going anywhere soon.

Randy Orton, Edge & Umaga defeat DX (Shawn Michaels & Triple H) & John Cena via Vince McMahon's interference

Ratings -

Crowd: 88%

Quality: 71%

Overall: 82%

Notes: Electric main event, as the main feuds on RAW all come to the party in one big clash. The crowd really loved this match, although the in-ring work was a bit slow due to the large mix of styles, which usually happens in matches involving more than four wrestlers. The finish was great, it really capped off a solid RAW.

Triple H Sends A Message

Ratings -

Overall: 90%

Notes: My favourite segment of the night, this piece really showed that the Cerebal Assassin still breathes within Triple H, as he uses his true tag team partner, the sledgehammer, to decimate the McMahon's, Umaga, Edge, and Randy Orton. Triple H and Vince are going to put on a show on at Unforgiven, in a steel cage no less.

Overall: 81%

Nielsen Rating: 6.85

Attendance: 7,505

Ticket Sales: $300,200

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Guest Wentworth

IPB Image

ECW On Sci-Fi Preview - 09/05/06

On last night's broadcast of WWE Raw, Triple brutally attacked and injured Vince McMahon, bludgeoning him with a sledgehammer after McMahon cost DX and John Cena their match against Edge, Randy Orton and Umaga. Now, less than 24 hours removed from this event, Triple H will challenge The Big Show for the ECW Heavyweight Championship! Will Triple H bring ECW Gold to DX?

In what will be more than just a rare appearance, none other than the master of the Buzzsaw Kick, Tajiri will be on ECW for one night only, as he takes on the up-and-coming CM Punk! Tajiri, who has since moved on from the WWE to continue his work in Japan, will surely give the cocky superstar in Punk a run for his money!

And in another match destined for greatness, Kurt Angle will square off with Rob Van Dam! After Kurt Angle defeated the Big Show in a Non-Title Match last week, Rob Van Dam showed up and took Angle out with a Van Daminator! What will become of these two superstars? Tune in on ECW on Sci-Fi to see!

Last but not least, Snitsky and Test will grapple one another again in a rematch from last week, where the newest Extremist, Snitsky, defeated Test with a Pump-Handle Slam. Will the outcome be the same this week, or will Test turn his fortune around?

Tune in to catch all of this and more on as ECW comes LIVE from the Columbus Civic Center in Columbus, Georgia at 10/9c on Sci-Fi!

Scheduled Matches:

Snitsky vs. Test

CM Punk vs. Tajiri

Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam

ECW Heavyweight Championship; Triple H vs. The Big Show ©

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Guest Wentworth

September 5th, 2006

Chunk Of WWE Superstars Released; Other News

A list has been released of a number of WWE superstars, some who have appeared on WWE television, and some who have been in the WWE's developmental territories, Ohio Valley Wrestling and Deep South Wrestling.

The list goes as follows:

Brooke Adams*

Chet The Jet (Chet Jablonski)*

Damien Steele*

Drew Hankinson*

Dylan Postl (Little Bastard)

Francine Fournier (Francine)

Justice Smith*

Kara Drew (Cherry Pie)*

Maryse Ouellet*

Michael Fury (Big Guido)

Mike Mizanin (The Miz)

Rebecca DiPietro*

Shad Gaspard*

Shelly Martinez (Ariel)

Terry Ray Gordy Jr.*

The Boogeyman (Martin Wright)

Tony Santorelli*

* -These wrestlers were appearing in the WWE's developmental territories, Ohio Valley Wrestling and Deep South Wrestling.

The belief is that these cuts were made for cost-saving reasons. The WWE wishes all of these superstars the best of luck in the future.

Elijah Burke, who has been managing Sylvester Terkay on WWE Friday Night SmackDown!, has been sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling to work on his in ring skills. While Burke is considered by many to be a talented wrestler, the feel is that WWE management wants him to tune up his talent so he can fit into a wrestling position of his own, either back on SmackDown! or on RAW. Terkay will still continue to wrestle on SmackDown!

Earlier today, the WWE came to terms on a written contract with Bobby Roode. Roode was appearing for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling and Border City Wrestling. It is expected that he will spend a month in OVW, then make his jump to the RAW roster. There has also been talk of teaming him with Harry Smith, the son of the legendary British Bulldog, Dave Smith.

The WWE has decided to pair Kevin Thorn with David Heath, better known by wrestling fans as Gangrel in ECW. There was no doubt that once Heath made his re-debut with the company he would be involved with Thorn, but it was unclear if he would be as an ally or enemy. It has now been revealed he will be teaming with Heath, who will use his real name in ECW. The speculated team name for the pair has been rumoured to be Blood Lust.

Expect Sonny Siaki to make his WWE debut soon. The 32 year-old from the American Samoa, who had been a large superstar in Total Nonstop Action before signing with the WWE, is expected to debut in ECW within the month.

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Guest Wentworth

(OOC: All matches in ECW, unless otherwise noted, are Extreme Rules)

IPB Image

ECW On Sci-Fi

From the Columbus Civic Center in Columbus, Georgia

Attendance: 7,506

Announcers: Joey Styles & Tazz

ECW opened with a video of the previous night's footage of WWE RAW, where Vince McMahon was downed by DX's frontman, Triple H with a sledgehammer. The video then hyped the fact that the same Cerebral Assassin will take on the ECW Heavyweight Champion, the Big Show for the title.

Joey Styles: "Hello hello fans and welcome to ECW, where Extreme is only half of the story! We bring you hard-hitting, outrageous action that you CAN'T see in the WWE, or anywhere else. We also showcase some of the very best superstars in the likes of Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Kurt Angle, and not to mention, the ECW Heavyweight Champion, the Big Show!"

Tazz: "I couldn't agree with you more Joey! We bring it like it has never been broughten before! ECW goes beyond all of the ordinary limits, it goes to the abyss and beyond. And tonight, you're going to see just what ECW stands for, right Joey?"

Joey Styles: "Right Tazz! Because tonight, in one-on-one action, Triple H, of RAW's DX, will challenge the Big Show for the ECW Heavyweight Championship! And in other contests, Rob Van Dam will duel Kurt Angle in what promises to be a delighting brawl, and Tajiri will make a very special appearance here in ECW to face CM Punk! And, last but not least, well maybe, Test will try and avenge his loss from last week where he lost to Snitsky, by facing the very same man in singles action! So without furthery delay, let's get hardcore!"

Tajiri vs. CM Punk

Fans applaud the one-night return of Tajiri, who salutes the crowd enthusiastically on his way to the ring. While he does so, CM Punk stands in the ring looking quite annoyed at the Japanese Buzzsaw. Tajiri slides in the ring, and the match begins immediately, as CM Punk spares no sportsmanship by stomping on Tajiri, taking the upperhand. Punk goes airborne without hesitation on Tajiri, hitting him with a crisp cross-body splash. However, on this maneuver, Tajiri is able to roll through and nearly defeat Punk with a cradle pin.

Tajiri is able to escape Punk's grasp for the moment being, as he gets to his feet and engages in a staredown with his opponent. Punk charges at Tajiri, who sends him down with a drop toe hold. Tajiri then applies a straining surfboard submission hold, but is forced to relinquish it after CM Punk manages to shift himself towards the ropes with his body weight, after a good minute or so of excruciating pain. Tajiri gets Punk to his feet and attempts a standing dropkick, but he fails, as Punk ducks, causing Tajiri to miss completely. Tajiri gets up again without much trouble, but he might as well have stayed down as he catches a nasty Devil Lock DDT from Punk! Tajiri looks to be in trouble, but he kicks out a fraction of a section before it's too late. Punk, not pleased with himself, begins slamming Tajiri's head on the mat, before picking him up and throwing him into the corner. Punk hits a spear to Tajiri's midsection, then flips upwards and nails Tajiri with a hurracanrana, dropping him to the mat below. Punk drops a leg from the second rope onto Tajiri, then covers, but once again, Tajiri is able to stay alive.

Punk continues the assault on Tajiri, hitting him with all sides of his offense before finally attempting the Anaconda Vice, getting Tajiri stuck in the middle of the ring, with no ropes to use as an escape. Tajiri doesn't give in as easily as Punk hopes, however, as Tajiri is able to maneuver his legs around Punk's head and apply a head scissors-like hold on Punk, forcing him to let go of his patented finisher on Tajiri. Tajiri then takes advantage of the match, using a hurricane DDT to shift the momentum. Tajiri goes for a quick kick to the side of CM Punk, but he is caught by Punk, who counters by grabbing his feet and flipping him over backwards, hoping to put Tajiri on the mat. However, Tajiri lands on his feet, although somewhat dizzied. Punk attempts a clothesline, Tajiri ducks and "KAPOW!" abruptly ends the match with a devastating Buzzsaw Kick, putting CM Punk in another universe altogether. Tajiri covers, and gets the convincing 1-2-3 count from official Mickie Henson.

Winner: Tajiri

Tajiri bows to the crowd as they cheer him loudly, as he exits the ring with his hands held high.

Joey Styles: "What a way for Tajiri to make an appearance, with a victory over CM Punk. Stay tuned fans, because after the break, Snitsky takes on Test!"

Test vs. Snitsky

Nothing much here really, the match is almost a duplicate of the week's before only shorter. Snitsky easily overpowers Test, despite Test being one of the few ECW superstars that can match up to Snitsky in stature. Test goes for the big boot after a cheap rake to the eyes, but Snitsky avoids it and ends Test with the Pump-Handle Slam. It's a no doubter, as Snitsky gets his second victory in ECW.

Winner: Snitsky

Snitsky raises his arms in victory after the match, and leaves without an altercation with Test. Test however, doesn't go so quietly, as he begins pounding his fists on the mat, sitting cross-legged like a five year old.

Joey Styles: "Test doesn't seem to be handling that loss too well."

Tazz: "Hey Joey, he's in a slump. I've been there, and it stinks."

A black and white video begins playing on the screen, showing a man with short black hair in a suit walking down the street, with the camera viewing from behind. An attractive woman walks past him, and he gestures at her suavely, and she acts flattered as he smiles and keeps on walking. The camera then pans around to reveal his face, and it's Chuck Palumbo. Clips of his matches are then thrown on the screen, meshed together and in black and white, and the video then fades out, with the message "Chuck Palumbo - 09.12.06" appearing on the screen.

Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam

This match is not under Extreme Rules, and both combatants will be disqualified if they compete under those rules.

In perhaps the most anticipated match of the evening, the Wrestling Machine, better known as Kurt Angle, steps into things with Rob Van Dam, who attacked Angle without reason last week after Angle defeated the Big Show. RVD gets into the ring and Angle goes right at him, hitting a vicious clothesline. Angle then lays the former "WWECW" Champion out with a massive belly-to-belly, but is wise enough to know that Van Dam will not go down that easy. Angle instead begins to work on the left leg of Van Dam, applying a leglock. Angle wrenches Van Dam's leg around as if it he were a doll, causing him to squirm desperately towards the ropes. RVD doesn't have to get there, however, as Angle lets go of his leg, and drags him to his feet. Angle dodges a clothesline, and then drills RVD with a German Suplex. Still not confident enough for victory, Angle continues his assault on RVD, using his technical prowess to wear the ECW legend down. This all comes to a stop however when Angle tries the Angle Slam and RVD lands out of it, and drops a neckbreaker on Angle, stopping his momentum dead in it's tracks. RVD then does a cartwheel off of the ropes and hits an impressive standing moonsault on Angle, and covers, but is unsuccessful in his victory attempt. RVD then tries a Rolling Thunder, but his wishes are denied as Angle gets his knees up, countering the maneuver effectively. Angle then regains control of the match, by hitting a belly-to-back suplex, sending RVD flying across the ring. Angle scrambles for the cover, but he is denied the pinfall, as RVD kicks out before the three count.

Angle goes to work on RVD's body submissively once again, applying a Camel Clutch, chanelling the spirit of the Sheik. RVD writhes in pain, but he won't give in, which only frustrates Angle, causing him to apply more pressure. RVD's legs kick in agony, but it does him no good. Van Dam then resorts to dragging himself to the ropes, with Angle weighing down on him to submit. It takes him a fair amount of time, but he is able to finally reach the ropes, much to Angle's dismay. Finding solace, RVD breathes heavily as he struggles to his feet, but Angle quickly grabs him from behind and yanks him down to the mat once again, attempting to put RVD in another submission. This time, RVD takes advantage of the momentum created and rolls through, getting behind Angle. Surprised by the agility of Van Dam, Angle jumps to his feet and turns to face RVD , and he gets pasted with a spinning heel kick to the jaw! Angle goes down like a sack of potatoes, and the former 'Mr. Money In The Bank' realises that his opportunity has arrived, as he wastes no time in hopping onto the top rope. RVD looks to take flight, but it appears as if Angle was playing possum as he rushes RVD and tosses him off of the top rope, sending him to the mat below! Angle tries to land a knee to RVD's midsection from the second rope, but he instead gets the boot of RVD in his face! Angle looks to be seeing stars, as he goes down once again. RVD plays it safe at first, hitting Angle with a split-legged moonsault at first, before venturing to the top to try the Five-Star Frog Splash again. RVD takes flight, and this time he connects, contacting Angle in the midsection! RVD sells his pain, but he doesn't let it get in the way of his pinfall attempt. RVD drapes a weary arm over Angle, and the referee counts, 1........2.......Angle gets his shoulder up! RVD is in mild disbelief as Angle's arm remains in the air, signifying his will to win. RVD begins beating on the weakened Olympian, stomping on him and hitting a few spinning leg drops.

RVD hits a snap suplex on Angle, then looks towards the top turnbuckle as his only solution to beat Angle. RVD goes up again, and looks around as the crowd cheers him on. RVD takes his leap of faith, but Angle rolls out of the way! RVD is left with nothing but solid canvas, but he avoids disaster by converting the Frog Splash into a somersault. However, hitting the ground and staying there may have been RVD's best choice, as as soon as he gets back to his feet Angle catches him, and lands a five-star maneuver of his own, the Angle Slam! Angle covers, but he too faces shock and amazement as RVD kicks out! Angle doesn't complain though, instead he just brings RVD back to his feet and tries to connect with another one. However, he fails, and RVD escapes his clutches, and shoves him towards the ropes. Angle, on the rebound tries to clothesline RVD, but he is tripped by RVD's agile feet, sending him stumbling into referee Mike Posey! The impact doesn't initially hurt Posey, but Angle's force sends him over the top ropes, as he goes tumbling to the ground below, indefinitely removing him from the contest!

The two combatants grapple with one another despite the lack of an official enforcer, as RVD manages to get Angle in the corner and hit him with a series of jabs. RVD then uses the Monkey Whip to get Angle in the milddle of the ring. RVD hits the Rolling Thunder, this time successfully, and then poses to the crowd with his 'R-V-D' taunt. This proves to be erroneous, as Angle catches him with a roll up, which he quickly converts into the Ankle Lock! Angle lets out a warcry as RVD's face flushes red as he yells in pain. RVD slaps his hand on the mat, submitting, but there is no referee to call the decision. Angle twists his ankle as if he were a raging pitbull, before dropping it mercifully. Angle then let's out a 'WOOOO!' before removing his straps from his shoulders in classic Kurt Angle fashion. Angle gets set to do more damage to RVD, but a man in a black leather jacket and jean shorts and an awkardly-shaped mask appears from nowhere and levels Angle with a steel chair! RVD then gets to his feet slowly only to be obliterated with a thundering chair shot from the unknown assailant. With both Angle and RVD down, the man removes the mask, and it is revealed to be RAVEN! The fans go absolutely ballistic as none other than the ECW legend himself, Raven delivers his trademark pose, before leaving through the crowd amongst a sea of rabid fans.

Winner: No Contest


Tazz: "Oh man! All of this and the night ain't even over yet!"

Joey Styles: "You're damn right it isn't! Stay right where you are viewers, because the main event, Triple H vs. The Big Show for the ECW Heavyweight Championship is up, NEXT!"

ECW returns with Triple H standing before a camera, ready to drop his opinion on ECW.

Triple H: "So here I stand, in ECW. Home of the hardcore, land of the extreme. Where some of the most outrageous superstars willing to bleed to death at the expense of the viewer's entertainment take center stage. Tonight, that's all different. Tonight, is where not only the WWE makes it's mark, it's where DX makes it's mark on ECW. After tonight, if I beat the Big Show or not, ECW will never forget this night. I am going to slay the dragon, I am going to down the man known as the Big Shwo. Because tonight, I am going to put the X in Extreme."

ECW Heavyweight Championship

Triple H vs. The Big Show ©

Fresh off of his statement regarding ECW, Triple H makes his way to the ring unaccompanied by any members of DX, as he awaits his challenger, the seven-foot, five-hundred pound Big Show. Show makes his entrance, barely fitting through the entrance from backstage, as he ducks to avoid hitting his head. Show steps into the ring and eyes up his opponent, making his attempt to install fear into Triple H. This tactic doesn't seem to impose the Cerebral Assassin, however. The two men tie-up to begin the match, as the Big Show puts his treasured title on the line. The Big Show ends the tie-up between him and Triple H by laying a huge palm on the chest of the Game, causing him to cry out in pain as he steps backwards. The Big Show clubs Triple H with a clothesline, then drops a heavy elbow on Triple H and covers, but is unsuccessful in his attempt to vanquish Triple H early. The Big Show yanks Triple H to his feet and throws him into the corner and charges at him, but he is denied the corner assault as Triple H sticks a foot out in defense, catching the monster Show in the face. Triple H then elevates himself to the top rope, and comes down on the former WWE giant with a double axe-handled takedown. Triple H then begins choking his much larger opponent, before dropping a knee to the face of the Big Show. Triple H covers, but he is thrown off before the count of even two approaches with great force by the Big Show. Triple H regains his footing, but he's quickly removed of such duty as the Big Show plants his foot in Triple H's face, sending him down to the mat. The Big Show attempts to pin Triple H by merely stepping on his chest, but the Game will not allow himself to be defeated so handedly, as he gets a shoulder up without much trouble.

The Big Show, aware that the match falls under the Extreme Rules category, gets out of the ring and fetches himself a steel chair from beneath the ring. He handles it like a child's doll, tossing it into the ring with no effort. The Big Show then signals that it is indeed 'go time' as he raises his open hand into the air and lets out a yell. However, the Big Show's taunting costs him, as Triple H has gotten to his feet with the steel chair in hand. Show climbs in the ring unbeknownest to this, and eats a faceful of steel as Triple H clocks him with the chair! Dazed, but not down from the blow, the Big Show shakes his head in an attempt to free himself from his scrambled brains. Unsatisfied with the result, Triple H smacks the Big Show again, this time causing the big monster to fall back on the ropes for support. Now frustrated that he can not down the giant, Triple H goes to hit the Big Show yet again, but this time the ECW Heavyweight Champion sends the steel straight into Triple H's face with a ring-shaking haymaker! Triple H goes down like a rock in water, and the Big Show drops to his knees and covers the ten-time World Champion. However, the DX ringleader does not give up so easy, as he kicks out of the pin attempt just in time. The Big Show picks Triple H up and hits him with another open-handed slap on the chest of Triple H, which is now visibly red. Triple H backs up against the ropes as Big Show prepares to deliver another chest shot, but instead, he gets one below the belt as Triple H takes a page out of the book of ECW and hits the Big Show with a low blow! The Big Show lets his agony be heard, as he drops to one knee, allowing the Cerebral Assassin to hit his patented knee smash, dropping the giant ECW Champion.

Triple H now gets the upperhand, hammering away on the Big Show with everything he's got, knowing that a minor assault on the large Big Show won't do much damage. Triple H pounds on the Big Show with a series of blows to the head, followed by stiff kicks to the lower body of the giant Big Show. Now sluggish in his efforts, the Big Show tries to hit a clothesline, but Triple H ducks and delivers a big kick to his gut. Triple H then locks the Big Show underneath, and sets him up for the Pedigree! The Big Show struggles somewhat, but Triple H is able to hit his trademarked finisher, almost guaranteeing victory! Triple H covers, 1......2......the referee is suddenly pulled out of the ring, by none other than ECW's general manager and main man in authority Paul Heyman, who knocks him out with a shot to the jaw! Heyman grabs the Big Show's ECW Championship and slides into the ring, and nails Triple H with the gold! Paul then helps the Big Show drape his arm across Triple H, and then waves a new referee down to the ring, who counts the 1-2-3 for the Big Show, as he retains in thanks to Paul Heyman!

Winner, and still ECW Heavyweight Champion, The Big Show

Joey Styles: "Oh god damnit, not again! Heyman ruins another great finish! Why is he doing this?"

Tazz: "Maybe with a new era in ECW, we gotta expect a new Paul Heyman!"

The Big Show has won the match, but Paul Heyman isn't finished with Triple H. He calls for a mic, and then closes in on Triple, who has holed himself up in the corner, struggling to get to his feet.

Paul Heyman: "So, Triple H. You think you can come to the ECW and take charge? Well I'll tell you what. You made the wrong move, partner. You're going to see just how EXTREME I can get."

Paul lets out a maniacal laugh, and then signals for his Riot Police to enter the ring. They come down to the ring, in single file, and then get behind Paul Heyman, their night sticks at the ready.

Paul Heyman: "Now boys, get rid of this piece of trash. Give him a beating he won't soon forget!"

Paul points in command at Triple H, but the two Riot Guards look at one another as if they misheard the order. Paul begins to grow impatient, as the two Riot Guards stand motionless.


Now angry, Heyman attempts to take one of the guard's nigh sticks, but he is resisted! Heyman is shoved away from the guard, who then, in unison with the other guard, remove their masks, to reveal Billy Gunn and Road Dogg, the New Age Outlaws! Paul Heyman's eyes widen in shock as a feed from backstage plays, showing the real riot guards, bound and unconscious in a lockerroom. Triple H's loyal partners let out a laugh, and then hit Heyman with a double-team suplex, as Triple H gets to his feet and exchanges hugs with his DX stablemates! The Outlaws then grab Heyman by his coat-tails, and feed him to Triple H, who levels the ECW kingpin with a well-earned Pedigree! The three members of DX then tell the Heyman to 'Suck It' before taking off.

Joey Styles: "Oh my lord Tazz! DX has sent a powerful message to Paul Heyman! Triple H said that DX would make their mark, and they did!"

Tazz: "You got that right! Paul Heyman ain't gonna be happy about this!"

Tazz and Joey Styles speculate what may happen the next time ECW is on air as a buzzing crowd chants "DX" as ECW comes to a close.

::The Backstage ECW Report::

By Dean Malenko

Tajiri defeats CM Punk (at 7:02) via Buzzsaw Kick

Ratings -

Crowd: 67%

Quality: 90%

Overall: 78%

Notes: This match was a real treat for the ECW fans, who got to see the prodigial CM Punk take on Tajiri, who made a very special appearance in his one-night return to ECW. A great match on all sides. Who knows, we might just see Tajiri back for more action in the near future.

Snitsky defeats Test (at 2:33) via Pump-Handle Slam

Ratings -

Crowd: 64%

Quality: 68%

Overall: 66%

Notes: Eh. A big-man fest that saw little time. Last week's match between the two was much better. Also, Andrew can't be much of a sexist when there are no women around for him to be sexist against.

Chuck Palumbo Is Coming To ECW

Ratings -

Overall: 70%

Notes: I don't know if ECW is the best place to stick Palumbo, but you never know. He might just fit right at home in the land of extreme.

Rob Van Dam draws Kurt Angle (at 14:49) as a result of Raven's interference

Ratings -

Crowd: 83%

Quality: 87%

Overall: 85%

Notes: This match reminded me of ECW's early days when guys like myself, Benoit, Jericho and Guerrero made our living. This match reminded the ECW fans that not only can ECW deliver with hardcore, heavy hitting action, it can spit out classic matches like vending machine. And don't forget the return of Raven to his ECW homeland, that really capped off the match. I'm looking forward to Raven's time in the new ECW.

Triple H Interview Segment

Ratings -

Overall: 95%

Notes: This goes to show, that even in ECW, Triple can cut a promo with the best of them. He got the fans more than excited for his showdown with the Big Show, and that's what he needed to do.

ECW Heavyweight Championship; The Big Show defeat Triple H (10:13) as a result of Paul Heyman's interference

Ratings -

Crowd: 91%

Quality: 69%

Overall: 84%

Notes: An great match, probably the best ECW Heavyweight Championship match involving a WWE superstar since the new ECW began. A climatic finish, and the DX involvement was nice to see. However, I don't want to see this branch off into a WWE vs. ECW thing.

Overall: 80%

Nielsen Rating: 3.19

Attendance: 7,506

Ticket Sales: $300,240

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Guest Wentworth

IPB Image

WWE Friday Night SmackDown! Preview - 09/08/06

When SmackDown! drew to a close last week, Rey Mysterio was standing tall in the ring, as he had become the WWE United States Champion! After a grueling contest with the 'Belfast Bruiser', Finlay, Rey was finally able to overcome the Irishman's brute strength to capture his first United States title in his career. Now, this week on SmackDown!, Rey will take on a challenge just as big as Finlay was, when he takes on the former Mixed Martial Arts machine, Sylvester Terkay! While this contest will not be for Mysterio's title, you'd have to think that if Terkay wins, he'd have to be considered a definite contender! Will Rey turn back the monster Terkay, or will the up-and-coming superstar score a major victory?

Things between Batista and the Undertaker got rolling last week. After Batista acknowledged the Deadman's intentions, he came down to the ring after the Undertaker had his match with Vito. Batista attempted to Batista Bomb the Undertaker, but he was unable to do so, as the Undertaker powered out of it and gave Batista the Tombstone! While Batista was not out cold, he certainly had trouble leaving the ring after the ring-shaking Tombstone he received at the hands of the Deadman. Neither men will be taking part in in-ring action this Friday, but you'd have to expect that we'll see a confrontation from the World Heavyweight Champion and the Phenom at some point! Check in to find out.

In other action, Ms. McCool's "Teacher's Pets" will get their chance to capture their first gold on SmackDown!, as they take on Paul London & Brian Kendrick for the WWE Tag Team Championship. Will McCool's prized competitors bring her the championships, or will they come up unsuccessful in their hunt for glory?

Catch all of this red hot action and more as the best of the best compete on SmackDown! on UPN live from the Columbus Civic Center at 8/7c!

Confirmed Matches:

Non-Title Match; Sylvester Terkay vs. Rey Mysterio

WWE Tag Team Championship; The Teacher's Pets w/Michelle McCool vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick ©

Edited by Wentworth
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Guest Wentworth

IPB Image

WWE Friday Night SmackDown!

From the Columbus Civic Center in Columbus, Georgia

Attendance: 8,022

Announcers: Michael Cole & John Bradshaw Layfield

Michael Cole: "Hello one, hello all! I'm Michael Cole and this is my broadcast partner John Bradshaw Layfield, and we are going to bring it to you on Friday Night SmackDown!, live from the Columbus Civic Center in Columbus, Georgia! We have a full slate for the fans in the arena and the fans at home tonight, with two championship matches. First off, we have Psicosis taking on Gregory Helms for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, and the "Teacher's Pets", the duo of K.C. James and Idol Stevens, with Ms. McCool by the their side, will take on Brian Kendrick and Paul London for the WWE Tag Team Championship."

JBL: "Oh boy, Cole, tonight is going to be a night like you've never seen it. Some of the planet's best wrestling superstars are going to lock horns tonight. It's gonna be one big party tonight."

Cole: "I'm certain of that. And don't forget, his 'former' majesty, Booker T will be taking on Finlay in tonight's main event. I wonder if Booker T will have the former Queen at his side after what we saw last week!"

WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Psicosis vs. Gregory Helms ©

One third of the former 2005 super trio, the Mexicools, Psicosis gets on the upperhand in the early going on the WWE's longest reigning champion, Gregory Helms as he hits a spinning heel kick on the former super hero. Psicosis goes for a moonsault but Helms is able to dodge it, and plant Psicosis with a hurricane DDT. Hurricane covers, but only gets a two count as a reward. Hurricane then maxes out his strength and hits a powerslam on the former two-time WCW Cruiserweight Champion. He covers again, but fails to secure victory over Psicosis. Helms lifts Psicosis to his feet and hits a few lazy jabs, then attempts to hit him with a lariat maneuver, but Psicosis drops him with a Twist Of Fate-like neckbreaker! Helms, now dazed, stumbles to his feet while Psicosis stalks him for his next move. However, the quick and devious Helms is able to undermine the luchadore with a backslide, and then putting his feet on the ropes without the referee's knowledge! Helms gets the victory, as dirty as it may be.

Winner, and still WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Gregory Helms

Cole: "What an underhanded victory for Helms. Some champion he is."

JBL: "Sometimes Cole, you just gotta do what it takes."

After Cole and JBL have finished commenting on the match, a video on the titantron begins playing, showing an undisclosed silouette walking down a hallway. As the man walks closer towards the camera, it is revealed that it is Chris Benoit. Clips then flash across the screen, showing highlights of headline matches Benoit has wrestled in the past.

Chris Benoit: "Through this business, I have hit my highs and lows. I have been at the bottom of the barrel, and I've been at the top of the ladder. I am a former Intercontinental Champion, a United States Champion, Tag Team Champion, and World Heavyweight Champion. I've been in the ring with the best there is. I've done it all. And at No Mercy, I will return to the ring and show you why I am the best in the business."

Matt Hardy & Tatanka vs. The Pitbulls

The commercial break ends with Matt Hardy & Tatanka taking on the Pitbulls. Matt starts off with Kid Kash in this one, Kash taking a shot to the midsection followed by a bulldog (no pun intended) from the former Version 1.0 superstar. Hardy rams Kash's face into the turnbuckle a few times, followed by a tag to Tatanka. Tatanka lays a few chops on the chest of Kid Kash, then drops him with a rusty snapmare. Tatanka covers, but Kash kicks out at the count of two. Tatanka argues with the referee over the call, but gives up and instead applies a headlock to the Pitbull. Tatanka drops the hold after it doesn't succeed in making Kash submit, so throws Kash into the Pitbull's corner and hits him with a clothesline. However, Tatanka doesn't realize that Jamie Noble makes a blind tag, who quickly comes off of the top rope with a flying clothesline to shift the momentum in favor for his team.

Tatanka now finds himself on the losing side of the battle, as Jamie Noble keeps him in pain with piercing stomps to the chest. Noble locks in his modified Dragon Sleeper, with himself and Tatanka a far ways away from his corner. He is able to hold the move for an extended period of time, draining Tatanka's energy from the match, slowly making him a zombie to the submission hold. Referee Jim Cordaris grabs Tatanka's arm to see if it will fall, and it does. He lifts it for the second time, and once again, it drops like a medicine ball. Cordaris lifts Tatanka's arm for the third and final time, and this time Tatanka keeps it up in the air! Tatanka's arm begins shaking with life as Tatanka lets everyone know that he is still in the match. Tatanka hits a few elbows to the gut of Noble, and then whips him to the ropes and boots him on the return! Tatanka then walks over to his corner and tags in Hardy, while Noble scrambles to his side and tags in Kid Kash.

Kash and Hardy collide in the ring, with Hardy getting the better of the exchange, hitting a clothesline on the former ECW superstar. Hardy hits an arm drag on an invading Jamie Noble, who's momentum carries him over to Hardy and Tatanka's corner, where Tatanka meets him with a brutal headbutt, dropping him cold. Hardy is able to control the in ring action, kicking Kash in the gut and dropping him with the Twist Of Fate! Hardy covers, and it's a certainty, as Hardy and Tatanka pick up the win.

Winners: Matt Hardy & Tatanka

Cameras cut away from the Hardy/Tatanka celebration, to the backstage area where the 'MVP', Montel Vontavious Porter is with his newly revealed agent, Eric Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: "Ugh, what is that awful smell?. It's the citizens of this dump, Columbus. This town is dirtier than a toxic landfill. Thankfully, we're able to take refuge back here, and not have to show ourselves to those slobs in person. Instead, we can send our message from here. Now, Mr. Porter, why don't you tell the people here, what your goal is?"

MVP: "That sounds like a good idea Mr. Bischoff, because these idiots obviously have no clue who I am. My first goal is to get the hell out of this dump, but not before addressing my plans for my time on this brand. To start things off, I am going to have a celebration for my debut victory last week. But not with you imbusiles. My celebration will take place with Mr. Bischoff and a few lovely ladies at the local Casino, that is, if this rotting cesspool even has one. Then, next week, I will start my journey. My journey to become the World Heavyweight Champion. And not just any World Heavyweight Champion. The greatest. And with Mr. Bischoff, a former General Manager at my side, it'll only be a matter of time before I clinch that goal. So, until the next time I see you peons, goodbye."

Cole: "Ugh. This MVP guy makes me sick. He's so full of himself."

JBL: "Hard not to be when you're undefeated!"

Cole: "Well I hope it isn't that way for long. Up next though, we'll see the high-flying Rey Mysterio in action against Sylvester Terkay!"

Non-Title Match

Sylvester Terkay vs. Rey Mysterio ©

SmackDown! returns with David vs. Goliath in the squared circle, as the MMA veteran, Sylvester Terkay, squares off with the WWE United States Champion, Rey Mysterio. Rey uses his luchadore abilities from the get go, as he hits Terkay with a hurracanrana, dizzying Terkay. However, the brute gets back to his feet and clobbers Mysterio with a lariat, followed by a half-nelson slam for a two count. Terkay treats Mysterio like a ragdoll, tossing him into the corner and crushing him with an elbow. Rey drops lifelessly to the canvas, and Terkay slaps a seated armbar on the former World Heavyweight Champion, but Rey uses his small size to escape the Predator's grasp by flipping to his feet and then reversing the move into an armbar of his own! The move fails however, as Rey's strength is not able to contain the former amateur champion for very long.

Rey decides that his new plan of attack will be through the air, as he quickly scales the turnbuckle and comes off with a crossbody on Terkay, for a two count. Rey rolls to his feet with stunning agility, and ducks in time to avoid a massive axe kick from Terkay. Rey hops on the monster's back, and then drops him with an impressive hurricane DDT! Rey gets on top of Terkay's back and applies a headlock, but it fails quickly after Terkay gets to his feet with Mysterio on his back, and hits a mat-shaking electric chair drop! Rey is stunned and down from the maneuver, and Terkay covers, but Mysterio fights his way to stay in the match, getting a shoulder off of the mat just before the count of three. Mysterio may have escaped that battle, but the war is still on, as Terkay beats on him visciously, pushing him to the ropes with a series of hard fists and knee shots. Terkay busts Rey with a hard suplex, and then catches Mysterio in a sleeper hold, which Rey finds no way out of before it is locked in. Sitting in the middle of the ring, Rey begins to fade, as Terkay doesn't hesitate to up the level of pressure. However, as the referee is checking on Rey's consciousness, he ignites with life, waving his hand in desperation! After nearly a minute's worth of struggling, Rey is able to break free from the hold! Rey gets to his feet and Terkay swings at him, but he is blocked by Rey's forearm! Rey then hits a shot of his own to the Predator, and then hits a flying clothesline after bouncing off of the ropes!

Rey whips Terkay to the ropes, and he comes back on the rebound hoping to clobber Mysterio, but Mysterio drops to the mat in time to trip Terkay up, sending him to rest in between the ropes! Mysterio then delivers the call out, and he takes off, looking to connect with the 619. However, as Rey swings around to hit Terkay, Terkay is able to move out of the way. Rey lands on the outside apron, while Terkay gets to his feet on the inside. Rey catapults himself off of the ropes and targets Terkay, but things go awry as Terkay catches him on his shoulders! Terkay flips the small Mysterio upside down, and then delivers a brutal Muscle Buster! Rey is clearly in another world as he lays star-spangled on the canvas, but that is not enough satisfaction for Terkay. Terkay drags Mysterio like wounded prey to the ropes, and then positions his head on the middle rope, and begins to choke him, pushing down on Mysterio's head with his knee. The referee gives the warning sign, but Terkay ignores it, and thus gets disqualified!

Winner, via disqualification: Rey Mysterio

The referee tries to raise Rey's limp hand in victory, but Terkay shoves him away. Terkay grabs Mysterio by the neck, and gets him to his feet, in the center of the ring. Terkay lets out a confident roar, and then drills Mysterio with the reverse Chokeslam. Terkay grunts and exits the ring, perhaps signalling that he has bestowed his mercy upon Mysterio. However, that his not the case, as Terkay grabs a chair from the outside of the ring, and gets back inside. Already motionless, Rey is defenseless to stop the attack as Terkay CRUSHES him with a chair shot to the head. While it his hidden by his mask, it is likely Rey is bleeding from the head as Terkay leaves the ring, unsympathetic to the damage he has caused, as medics rush to the ring to attend to Mysterio.

Cole: "That is SICK. Terkay needs to be punished for his acts here tonight. That is despicable. Rey could be seriously hurt."

JBL: "I'll have to agree here Cole. Terkay is an unchained monster, and he needs to be stopped."

Cole: "This is disgusting. When we come back, we'll see Paul London and Brian Kendrick defend their WWE Tag Team Championship."

WWE Tag Team Championship

The Teacher's Pets w/Ms. McCool vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick

After Rey is helped from the ring, the challenging duo of K.C. James and Idol Stevens make their way to the ring, led by one Ms. McCool. After they make themselves at home in the ring, the fun-loving champions sprint down to the ring, and slide in to get face-to-face with their enemy. The match soon begins, with K.C. James starting off with Paul London. London starts off with James by hitting K.C. with a high knee to the face, followed by a standing somersault, which London gets a two count from. London delivers a snap suplex to James, then tags off to his partner, Brian Kendrick. Kendrick enters the ring via a flying neckbreaker on James, who had only just gotten to his feet. Kendrick follows that move up with a standing moonsault, followed by another cover. This time, James is saved by his partner, the arrogant Idol Stevens. Stevens' interference results in a stomp to the head of Kendrick, allowing James to gain some ground on his opponent. As Stevens is ushered back to his corner, K.C. James banishes Kendrick with a large powerbomb! James covers Kendrick, but Paul London rushes the ring to make the save. London, like Stevens is forced back onto the outside of the ring. This allows both James and Stevens to double team Kendrick, hitting him with 'The Detention', a maneuver where James catapults London and Stevens dropkicks him in midair. Stevens is tagged in, and the match continues at it's normal pace once more.

Stevens pounds away at Kendrick in the corner, then brings him to his feet and then hooks his tights, and puts him airborne in the vertical position. Stevens waits a few moments, then drops Kendrick with the very strategic stalling suplex before hooking his leg for the pin attempt. Kendrick kicks out, but he's not out of danger yet. Idol Stevens locks Kendrick in the FUJC, a modified STF, which some interpret as the 'Fuck U John Cena'. Kendrick looks to have no way out of the hold, but inch by inch he claws his way towards the ropes, and after what seems to be a lifetime, finally grasps his right hand on the lower rope. Stevens is forced to let go of Kendrick. Stevens drags Kendrick to the center of the ring, and attempts to lift him by his foot. He does so, but Kendrick uses his agility to his advantage, and plants Stevens with an Enziugiri! Kendrick frantically gets to his partner, London, and exchanges the tag, and London is in the ring to face Stevens, who isn't able to get to his corner in time to make his tag. London grabs Stevens by the hair and straightens him out with a few shots to the cranium. London then downs Stevens with a kick, and goes upstairs and hits the always exciting, always dangerous 450° Splash! London covers, but Stevens JUST barely gets a shoulder up to save himself and K.C. James from defeat.

London, clearly on the upper side of things, hits a springboard dropkick on a sluggish Idol Stevens, followed by a snap neckbreaker for another two count. The match, which is now looking like a one-sided affair, goes on with Stevens taking bruises from the former Cruiserweight champ. London tags Kendrick back in, while Stevens finally gets the tag to K.C. James. James and Kendrick rush the ring and clothesline one another, and then get up both looking to hit a dropkick, but they obviously fail, both only catching air. Now slower on their return to their footing, both men begin swinging at one another with wild rights and lefts, with Kendrick breaking the even strengthed affair with a spinning elbow that catches James square on the jaw. Kendrick makes a pin attempt, but it is broken up by Stevens. This brings in London, who evens up the affair by attacking Stevens, starting a four man war between the teams. After the debris is settled, London and James are left in the ring as the legal competitors, while Kendrick and Stevens are battling it out on the outside. London hits his patented Tiger Suplex on James, and then gets to his feet, riling up the crowd. It is at this time that Ms. McCool steps up on the apron, brandishing a pair of brass knuckles on her hand! She tries her hardest to get into the ring, but she is denied entry by referee John Finnegan. However, this all turns out to be a ploy as Paul London, who was paying attention to the Ms. McCool's shenanigans, turns around to see that Stevens has gotten back to his feet, and he too has a pair of brass knuckes! This is not a pair the referee sees, and as such, they are very well utilized to clean London's clock as Stevens hits him square in the jaw, sending him down like an anchor! As Stevens hooks the leg for the pin, Ms. McCool recedes from the ring apron, allowing Finnegan to count the three, crowning new WWE Tag Team Champions!

Winners, and new WWE Tag Team Champions: The Teacher's Pets

Idol Stevens escapes Kendrick's now vengeful grasp and scurries to the rampway to celebrate with Ms. McCool and James, as they are now the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Cole: "Does anyone have any integrity around this place anymore? What kind of win is one achieved by not playing by the rules?"

JBL: "A very good one, Cole."

Cole: "I'm not surprised to hear you say that, John."

Finlay vs. Booker T w/Sharmell

Booker T comes to the ring with Sharmell in tow, while Finlay comes down to the ring without the comfort of his recently lost WWE United States Championship. The match begins with Finlay striking Booker T with a few lefts, but not without Booker T coming back with a few shots of his own. Booker bounces to the ropes to give himself momentum, then charges towards Finlay. Booker tries to clothesline the Irishman, but Finlay ducks and then hits a German Suplex on the former King of SmackDown!. Finlay, not satisfied with one German Suplex, executes one more before covering Booker in an attempt to win the match early. Booker kicks out, with his loyal wife cheering him on. Finlay dampens the mood with fierce stomps to Booker T, a few that look like they could break bones. Booker struggles to his feet, and he is quickly taken off of them by a brutal sidearm to the back of the head by Finlay. Finlay presses his knee on back of Booker T, stretching his arms outward, causing obvious pain to the former World Heavyweight Champion. Booker doesn't fade so easily though, forcing Finlay to look for another way to beat him. Finlay tries using his brute strength, as he hits a standing Fireman's Carry on Booker T, not once, but twice. Booker is in obvious pain now, but he gets to his feet and fends off an elbow from Finlay and hits the Book End, a move not seen in over four years! Booker coves Finlay immediately, but he escapes the pin. Now having the momentum in his corner, Booker hits a sidewalk slam on his foe from across the pond. Booker now takes his turn as the man applying the submission hold, as he puts Finlay in a headlock. However, the 'Belfast Bruiser' doesn't waste time in showing that he will not be ousted by a simple headlock, as he uses stiff elbow shots to Booker T's midsection to free himself.

Finlay, now on the upperhand once more, hits a few chops on Booker T, followed by a vicious powerslam. Sharmell watches on in despair as her former king gets manhandled by Finlay, who follows the powerslam with a axe handle drop. Finlay attempts to tatoo an elbow drop on Booker, but he rolls out of harm's way, which instead inflicts Finlay as his elbow eats the hard canvas! Booker gets Finlay to his feet and delivers a few chops to his chest, then clotheslines him over the top rope, sending him spiralling to the ground below! Booker exits the ring to join his opponent in battle, as the two exchange blows in front of the SmackDown! announce table. Finlay tries to hit a clothesline on Booker but misses, who counters with a massive Axe Kick! Booker rolls Finlay back into the ring, as the referee gets to the count of six. As his former majesty works on Finlay's midsection in the corner, a surprising amount of 'Booker' chants rise out of the crowd.

Booker taunts in an attempt to get the fans even more heated, but his tactics backfire when Finlay charges out of the corner and tackles him. Finlay goes back to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle, and comes off in hopes to hit a flying axe handle, but the 'Five-Time, Five-Time, WCW Champion' hits Finlay in the stomach with a fist of his own. Booker hits a rising knee facebuster on Finlay, and then hits a backdrop suplex to finish the sequence of executed moves. Booker covers, but he can only get a two count, as the fighting spirit of Finlay is still clearly alive and well. Now looking to seal the deal, Booker tries to set up the Scissors Kick, but Finlay catches him halfway through it, and plants him with a stiff spinebuster! Finlay undoes the straps, and motions that this is the end of the line for Booker T. Booker is hoisted onto Finlay's shoulders, as Finlay looks hit the Celtic Cross. Sharmell jumps up onto the apron in a fleeting attempt to spare her husband from defeat, but her help isn't needed, as Booker T manages to land safely out of the Cross and successfully hit the Scissors Kick! Booker drops onto Finlay for the cover, but Sharmell is still on the ropes arguing with the referee, unaware that the tables have turned in the contest! After getting a ten count on Finlay, Booker T finally decides that something is wrong, and attends the situation! Booker T then squabbles with Sharmell, pushing the referee out of the way. After settling the altercation with his wife, Booker T turns back to the match, where Finlay is waiting for him. Finlay hits the Celtic Cross successfully this time, as Booker T is laid out to dry. Finlay hooks the leg and gets the 1-2-3, getting the win with some involuntary help from Sharmell!

Winner: Finlay

Cole: "Sharmell just inadvertantly cost her husband the match! Booker T is NOT going to be happy!"

JBL: "I have a feeling things could get very ugly here Cole."

Sharmell gasps in wake of her error, as Booker sits up furiously. As Finlay celebrates his win on the outside, Sharmell gets in the ring and tries to explain her mistake to Booker T, but her attempts are futile as the Booker T grabs her by the chin as he gets to his feet! Sharmell squirms in anxiety as Booker T yells at her, clearly saying 'I have had it with you!'. Booker then does the unthinkable- he slaps his wife! Sharmell overexaggerates her pain, keeling over, covering her face. Instead of feeling remorse for his actions, Booker T goes to the ropes and comes back, dropping Sharmell with the Scissors Kick! As the fans roar in approval, Booker T then shows us that he is truely back, as he performs the Spinaroonie! Booker, now back on his feet with his hands held in triumph, intakes the cheering fans as Finlay watches from the ramp in distaste.

Cole: "Booker just leveled his wife with the Scissors Kick!"

JBL: "Now can you dig that, sucka?"

Cole: "Booker T is back and better than ever, JBL! When we come back to SmackDown!, we'll hear from the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista!"

Booker T leaves the ring the loser, but perhaps the happier out of himself and Finlay, as SmackDown! heads to its final commercial break.

Cole: "Welcome back fans, we're here in the Columbus Civic Center, where shortly, Batista will be down in the ring to speak his mind about the Undertaker!"

Only seconds after Cole is finished speaking, the Animal's theme music begins to play as the World Heavyweight Champion, in full dress attire complimented by his trademark sunglasses, makes his way down to the ring, not without his impressive pyro set. With his title on his shoulder and a microphone in his hand, Batista looks to be ready for business. He climbs in to the ring and poses for the audience.

Batista: "Well, well, well. Here I am, in Columbus, Georgia! This couldn't be a better place for what's going down tonight. Tonight, I'm down here, and I want to solve the Undertaker's deal. I want to know what he wants. The Undertaker may have gotten the best of me last week, but tonight's a whole new chapter. Tonight, things are going my way. So, Undertaker, if you have something to say, come down here and say it!"

Batista stares at the TitanTron, as the fans are now quiet with anticipation, and they are rewarded as the lights are cut and the traditional 'GONG' is heard as the Undertaker's music begins to play. After a short period of time, the Phenom's music fades away while the lights come on, with the Undertaker in the ring standing across from Batista! With his demonic voice in full effect, The Undertaker delivers a piece on the microphone to Batista.

The Undertaker: "Batista. I think both you and I know why I've been showing up everywhere you go. I want your World Heavyweight Title, and I am not afraid to take it away from you...with force. If you want, things here tonight can go the same way they did last week, Batista. That is, with your body on the canvas looking up at the ceiling. I'd like that, but I'd much rather like it at No Mercy, with your World Heavyweight Title on the line."

Batista, with his mood shifted from casual to serious, takes his sunglasses off and puts them in his breast pocket, not keeping his eyes off of the Undertaker.

Batista: "If you're so sure that you can do what you did last week, then why don't we find out, RIGHT NOW!"

Batista drops his title off of his shoulder as well as his mic, and begins exchanging blows with the Undertaker! The fans frantically cheer for both men, as they throw one another around the ring, with no man gaining the advantage. After a good minute of brawling, the Undertaker finally looks close things up, as he puts Batista under, and sets him up for the Tombstone. Things look to be like a repeat of the week previous, but this time Batista powers out, reversing positions with the Deadman. Batista then lets out a roar, and gives the Undertaker a taste of his own medicine, hitting him with the Tombstone! Batista crosses the Undertaker's arms and stands up victorious, his arms held high. Batista grabs his title and repositions it on his shoulder, and then picks the microphone up once more.

Batista: "As far as No Mercy is concerned, you're on. And one more thing: REST IN PEACE."

Cole: "Batista vs. The Undertaker at No Mercy, with Batista's World Heavyweight Championship on the line? This could be the most explosive match the WWE has ever seen!"

JBL: "I've been in the ring with both men, and one of them at a time is enough. Now, the both of them, going head to head? I can't even fathom the outcome."

SmackDown! then comes to an end with Cole and JBL trying to re-evaluate what just took place as Batista stands on the turnbuckle with his World Heavyweight Championship held high, as the fans go crazy in reaction to the announcement of one of the biggest matches in the WWE's history.

::The Backstage SmackDown! Report::

By Michael Hayes

WWE Cruiserweight Championship; Gregory Helms defeats Psicosis (at 3:42) via backslide pin

Ratings -

Crowd: 47%

Quality: 86%

Overall: 66%

Notes: A short, but fun match featuring two of the most talented cruiserweights on SmackDown!'s roster. It's nice to see Helms have such a long reign (the WWE's longest reigning champion among all current title holders), and it's nice to see two heels battle one another as well.

Chris Benoit Returns At No Mercy

Ratings -

Overall: 76%

Notes: Perhaps the best wrestler under contract for the 'WWE', Benoit will certainly excite a few fans when the Rabid Wolverine makes his return to the ring. I wouldn't be surprised if Benoit's main agenda is the World Heavyweight Championship. We'll have to wait and see.

Matt Hardy & Tatanka defeat the Pitbulls (at 6:38) when Matt Hardy pinned Kid Kash

Ratings -

Crowd: 67%

Quality: 82%

Overall: 74%

Notes: Even at his age, Tatanka can still perform to a certain degree. He's still an old-time favourite, and he's an inspiring character to younger audiences. The Pitbulls didn't look as fluent with one another as they have in recent weeks. Personally, I'd rather see these guys have seperate careers on SmackDown!, but that's just me.

Eric & The MVP

Ratings -

Overall: 84%

Notes: Of all the places I expected to see Bischoff return, this is not one of them. I never saw Bischoff as the guy who manages a single entity, but then again, his time with Three Minute Warning wasn't bad. We'll see where Bisch takes the MVP.

Non-Title Match; Rey Mysterio defeats Sylvester Terkay (at 8:08) via disqualification

Ratings -

Crowd: 66%

Quality 75%

Overall: 70%

Notes: Every week I see Terkay, he imtimidates me more and more. I mean, the guy is a beast. He's like Rhino with a beard. Terkay could easily be the company's top dog one day, he certainly has the driving force to do it. He really took it to Rey in this match and after the match, which may signify an upcoming rivarly between the two.

Sylvester Terkay Sends Rey To The Harris County Hospital

Ratings -

Overall: 66%

Notes: This bit really irked the fans. Rey's a hero to them, and to see Terkay tear him up like a stuffed teddy bear, broke their hearts. This part also made Rey look a far cry from a former World Heavyweight Champion, and established Terkay as a even more of a monster.

WWE Tag Team Championship; The Teacher's Pets w/Ms. McCool defeat Paul London & Brian Kendrick (at 7:12) to win the titles when James pinned London

Ratings -

Crowd: 58%

Quality: 81%

Overall: 69%

Notes: I liked the Teacher's Pets better when they were called MNM. Ha, all jokes aside, I don't see a better team for London and Kendrick to lose the titles to at this time. This was a great match, and McCool was a great, um...nevermind.

Finlay defeated Booker T (at 12:39) via the Celtic Cross

Ratings -

Crowd: 59%

Quality: 78%

Overall: 68%

Notes: This match started off as a dead horse as far as crowd involvement goes, but as it drew to the end they got quite into it. Like I said last week, the return of the real Booker T wasn't far away, and I was right. Finlay may have won the match, but Booker won the segment. With Booker's actions towards Sharmell, I don't see things being over between him and Finlay.

Undertaker, R.I.P.

Ratings -

Overall: 80%

Notes: This is going to be the best main event No Mercy has ever seen in, well, a year. Last year's showing between Batista and Guerrero (RIP) was pretty entertaining, but before that, No Mercy has been kind of dull. But now with the Animal and Deadman going one on one, No Mercy is going to be an exciting event. I liked how Batista served the Deadman with his own move, but I don't think upper management liked it as much, due to the fact that the Undertaker rarely gets put out cold by his enemy, much less with his own finisher.

Overall: 71%

Nielsen Rating: 5.73

Attendance: 8,022

Ticket Sales: $320,880

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Guest Preston

why has nobody commented on this, this is great, lol. im really enjoying this as its keeping realistic. and i am really intrigued to see who this big superstar is and i hope he goes to smackdown as they need star power. the undertaker vs. batista as well as benoit's return at no mercy, and this debut could see them being back on top. because they have always had the stellar midcard, and with guys like finlay there they can safely say that the US title will be covered. i like rey as champion, but again he is just getting destroyed by the looks of it...

i like the teachers pets being your new MNM, just hope they dont go down the same path all WWE tag teams seem to go down where they are together win the belts, have a long reign, lose them and then win them back and become 3/4 time tag champions together within a year and then split up.

overall a VERY good diary and i am enjoying smackdown way more than RAW.

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Guest Wentworth

IPB Image

WWE RAW Preview: Special 9/11 Edition - 09/11/06

On a day that will forever live on in infamy in American history, WWE RAW will be ready for action.

WWE RAW will take place, LIVE from the Madison Square Garden in New York City, as the superstars of RAW pay a tribute with hard-hitting action and a tribute to the five year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington D.C. Throughout the show, the entire RAW roster will share their comments backstage with their thoughts on the disaster, and it's aftermath.

When RAW came to a close last night, the fans at the Phillips Arena saw Vince McMahon help Umaga, Randy Orton and Edge defeat DX and John Cena. But Vince would not be the man to have the last laugh, as Triple H outright beat him to a bloody pulp with his sledgehammer after the match! It has been confirmed that Vince will not be at RAW tomorrow night, but his son, Shane McMahon will be. Will Shane O'Mac punish the Game? Or will the DX ringleader have Shane suffer the same outcome as his father?

As far as the in ring side of things is concerned, it is going to be one hot night at the MSG. In the main event of the evening, Shawn Michaels of DX will take on Edge, the 'Rated R Superstar'. It is no secret that these two aren't the best of friends, as history would show. This time, Edge may have some help on his side, with Shane McMahon and Umaga likely not far away from this match. Will Shawn Michaels gain momentum on the path to his handicap match with Shane O'Mac and the Samoan Bulldozer at Unforgiven, or will the former two-time WWE Champion come out victorious, giving his Unforgiven opponents Randy Orton and John Cena something to worry about?

Another match being featured on RAW will see Shelton Benjamin square off with Viscera. After putting on a clinic last week with his former partner Charlie Haas, where Benjamin saw himself lose a fair match, Benjamin showed his respect to Haas by hitting him with a low blow! It's almost a guarantee that Haas will have something to say about Benjamin's actions last week. Will the World's Greatest Tag Team become involved in the 'Worlds Greatest Feud?'? Tune in to RAW to find out.

Edge may be involved in the WWE Championship match at Unforgiven involving John Cena and the champion, Randy Orton, but he is not as personally engaged with Orton as one John Cena may be. After all, Orton essentially stole the title from Cena. Edge, like Cena, is just as desiring to capture his third WWE Championship, but Cena doesn't just want the gold, he wants Orton as well. Will the Soldier and Orton have a confrontation on RAW? Or will the third generation superstar avoid Cena at all costs? And while Edge will be in capacity as he takes on Shawn Michaels in the main event, will he spare some time to get heated with his Unforgiven counterparts? In just 24 hours, we will find out.

Two other matches on RAW also have outside attractions. Carlito, who will take on Johnny Nitro for the WWE Intercontinental Championship in Toronto at Unforgiven, will take on Matt Striker on RAW. Will Carlito pick up a win against the teacher? Or will Johnny Nitro help Striker teach Carlito a valuable lesson? As well, the Highlanders will be taking on the Spirit Squad for the World Tag Team Championship. Now, the Spirit Squad sure isn't fond of Rory and Robbie, but it is another dynamic duo that the Spirit Squad may have more problems with, and that team is none other than the New Age Outlaws, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg of DX! Last week, after the Outlaws easily defeated Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. After the match, the entire Spirit Squad ran to the ring, apparently at Vince's orders to take down Gunn and Road Dogg. However, the 5-on-2 handicap did not help the Squad, as the Outlaws effortlessly tossed them from the ring! Will the Outlaws have involvement in this match, perhaps letting the Spirit Squad that they are on the hunt for their titles? Or perhaps, if the New Age Outlaws do get involved, the Highlanders may find themselves the ones wearing the gold at the end of the night!

All of this and more comes to you live on a very special WWE Monday Night Raw, which airs at 9/8c on the USA Network, live from the Garden!


Carlito vs. Matt Striker

World Tag Team Championship; The Highlanders vs. The Spirit Squad ©

Shelton Benjamin vs. Viscera

Shawn Michaels vs. Edge

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Guest Wentworth

IPB Image

WWE RAW, 9/11 Anniversary Edition

From Madison Square Garden in New York, New York

Attendance: 18,200

Announcers: Jim Ross & Jerry 'The King' Lawler

This edition of RAW opens with controversial footage that depicts the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington D.C. After the footage comes to an end, the WWE logo surfaces on a black backing with the words 'WWE Remembers". The cameras then cut to the Garden, where the 18,200 fans in attendance are all on their feet, in silence, as is the WWE lockerroom, who is emptied out onto the RAW stage, with the likes of Triple H, John Cena, Edge, Randy Orton and Ric Flair at the front of the group. Lilian Garcia then announces that there will be a two minute period of silence in memory of the lives lost on 9/11. After the silence, none other than Nancy Sinatra, daughter of the legendary Frank Sinatra performs the Star Spangled Banner, which receives a standing ovation from the New York faithful. The regular WWE intro then begins and returns to the arena with the fans cheering in excitement, as things go to commentary.

Jim Ross: "Welcome all of you WWE fans at home, and here, at Madison Square Garden. I'm Jim Ross, and sitting next to me is my broadcast partner, Jerry 'The King' Lawler. Tonight is a very special night for not only the WWE, but for the nation. Not only tonight will you witness the best action from our RAW superstars, but you will see and hear testimonials from our men and women in this company, giving their thoughts on 9/11. And just FYI, RAW will be run by Shane McMahon tonight, as Vince will not be here after the beating Triple H gave him last night. So with that being said, let's get it on here folks."

Carlito vs. Matt Striker

This patriotic edition of WWE RAW begins with Carlito taking on the 'Teacher', Matt Striker. Carlito gets Striker in a wristlock to begin the contest, and then begins twisting each one of Striker's fingers on his left hand. Striker shrieks in pain, while Carlito seems to be amused by his agony. Carlito uses an armdrag takedown on Striker, who wisely stays down to avoid more of a beating from Carlito. Carlito executes a small leg drop on Striker and then makes a pin attempt, which Striker kicks out of in time before the three. Carlito picks away at his opponent with kicks and chops, followed by a neckbreaker that nearly wins him the contest. Striker then resorts to his lowly tactics, as he pulls a pair of brass knuckes out of his contest while Carlito turns away from him for a moment. Striker makes it clearly visible to referee Jack Doan that he has the illegal object, which causes Doan to intervene and take the brass knuckes from him, and hand them off to the outside. However, this was all part of Striker's bigger plan, as he scores a low blow on Carlito behind Doan's back! Carlito drops to the mat and Striker covers just as Doan returns to the action, and makes the count. 1...2...Carlito escapes the upset by shooting his left shoulder up.

OOC: I don't know why I'm doing this, but at the exact time of this paragraph break I was informed that Steve Irwin, aka 'The Crocodile Hunter' has died. R.I.P. :thumbsdown:

Striker now takes the upperhand, hitting two consecutive suplexes on the Carribean superstar. Striker hits a top rope cross-body, attempting to score a pinfall afterwards, but instead, Carlito rolls through and lands on top in a cradle pinning predicament! Jack Doan makes the pin count, but Striker BARELY escapes. Carlito and Striker both rise to their feet and size one another up, and then charge, colliding in the ring. Carlito hits an impressive belly-to-belly suplex on Striker, and hopes to follow up, but Striker slips behind him and hits a reverse DDT. Striker hooks the legs for the cover, but like his previous attempts, he fails at pinning Carlito. He brings Carlito to his feet, and taunts the crowd and yells something out to them, presumably signalling it is time to clinch the match. Striker prepares Carlito for a the Golden Rule like a teacher prepares homework for a sick student, but Carlito escapes disaster and blasts Striker with an Overdrive of his own! Carlito pounces on Striker for the cover, 1......2......Johnny Nitro pulls Jack Doan out of the ring! Doan immediately calls for the disqualification, giving Carlito the win!

Winner, by disqualification: Carlito

Nitro, accompanied by Melina ignores him and slides in the ring. Carlito is on his feet to meet his Unforgiven date, but Nitro plants him with a superkick! Nitro then ascends to the top rope, and from there he hits a Shooting Star Press on Carlito! Nitro, with Melina holding his WWE Intercontinental Championship at his side, laughs at his downed enemy and then leaves towards the backstage area, having definitely won this affair.

J.R.: "I guess Nitro doesn't believe in karma, King. Carlito isn't the kind to swallow something like that with a spoonful of sugar and let it go. He'll get his."

King: "Speaking of getting some, check out Melina! Woo-wee!"

<RAW heads to a commercial break following the match. It is at this time that Stephanie McMahon, Chavo Guerrero, and Rob Van Dam share their thoughts on 9/11. RVD mentions how each day, the United States and its people grows closer to bringing those responsible to justice.>

RAW returns with Shelton Benjamin sporting sunglasses, backstage with Maria, who looks gleeful to interview Shelton.

Maria: "Shelton Benjamin, you are a former 3-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, and last week you went up against your old partner, Charlie Haas, and came up short. And what do you have to say about your match with Viscera tonight? What are your comments?"

Benjamin, obviously annoyed at Maria noting his turmoil with the Intercontinental title and loss last week, gives her a cold glance.

Shelton Benjamin: "What are my comments? I'll tell you what they are. First of all, I'll get Viscera out of the way. He ain't nothin but a fat ass pimp, and I'm going to beat him 1-2-3 tonight. More importantly though, is Charlie Haas. I was cheated out of my victory against Charlie. Charlie was always the cheater out of the two of us when we were a team, and I see he hasn't stopped. That's why I decided to pay him back a little something after our match. You see, Charlie may have won the match, but I wasn't the one on my back in pain after it was all said and done. But humiliating Charlie in front of a TV audience wasn't enough for me. I want to do it on a much larger scale. Yeah, that's right, Charlie, I want a rematch with you. I want your ass at Unforgiven. And you better believe I am going to whoop it 'till it's black and blue."

Benjamin gives a brash smile to the camera before heading off, somehow leaving Maria confused.

J.R.: "I remember when Shelton first came to RAW...oh how times have changed."

King: "Yeah, and so have fashion trends! So get that monstrosity off of your head."

J.R.: "Can't go wrong with the Sooner, King. Moving on, I've just been informed, that DX is not in the building as of yet. So that means, for our upcoming match involving the Spirit Squad and the Highlanders, that we'll see no involvement from Road Dogg and Billy Gunn, the New Age Outlaws. With that said, let's get it on."

World Tag Team Championship

The Highlanders vs. The Spirit Squad ©

Kenny and Mikey represent the Spirit Squad, as they will take on Rory and Robbie McAllister, who are looking to gain their first gold on RAW. Things don't start off for the Scottish pair well, with Robbie being isolated in the corner by Kenny and Mikey, getting pounded on and pulled. Although, the impact doesn't seem to have an effect on Robbie. Robbie powers out of the corner and tags to Rory, who comes in the ring and takes Mikey, the legal Squad member down with a clothesline, followed by a knee drop for a two count. Rory applies a standing waistlock on his smaller opponent, slowly dragging him around the ring in an effort to keep the hold applied. Mikey looks to be within breaking distance, so Rory counters his attempts with a weakly performed German Suplex for his troubles. Rory tags his cousin back in, and the match continues.

Robbie executes a few stiff kicks on Mikey's legs, then hits a sloppy suplex on the Squad member for a two count. Robbie whips Mikey to the ropes and expects to boot him, but Mikey comes back with a dropkick to the face of Robbie. Mikey scrambles to his corner and tags in Kenny, while Robbie looks as if the dropkick didn't hurt as much as it should have. Kenny hits a bulldog on Robbie, then brings him to his feet and makes an effort to strike him. Robbie blocks, so Kenny then resorts to a rake to the eyes of the Scottish brawler. Rory, uncontent with Kenny's tactics, jumps into the ring, looking for consolation. However, he is denied by referee Chad Patton. This inadvertantly costs the the Highlanders badly, as behind Patton's back, Nicky, Mitch, and Johnny get in the ring and blast Robbie McAllister with the High Spirits! Rory is forced back to the outside and the pinfall is counted, 1-2-3. Kenny and Mikey retain the titles for the Spirit Squad. And judging by the in-ring performance of our loveable Highlanders, that's a good thing.

Winners, and still World Tag Team Champions: The Spirit Squad

J.R.: "I'd like to see how well the Spirit Squad do if the two competing members are the only ones allowed to be near the ring."

<Another 9/11 insert is aired, this time the thoughts of Trish Stratus, Carlito, John Cena and Gregory Helms are shared. Trish mentions how even though she is Canadian, this still affects her because it affects the world and how we live. Carlito says that sooner or later, justice will be served, and that's cool.>

RAW comes back on the air with Randy Orton's music coming to an end, as the WWE Heavyweight Champion stands proud in the ring. He has the stick in his hands, and he's ready to call Cena to the ring.

Randy Orton: "Here I stand, the WWE Heavyweight Champion, in Madison Square Garden, in New York City. And boy, is it ever the same dump since I was last here. Don't make me feel sorry for this city. Because I'm not out here to pledge sympathy. I'm out here to deal with more important things. Important things like my WWE Heavyweight Championship match at Unforgiven against Edge and....John Cena. Now, Edge is a worthy competitor. But there is a good reason why he's the challenger and I'm the champ. Because technically speaking, I beat him for this very title. But let's move onto John Cena. Yeah, sure. He's a movie star, he's the Chain Gang Soldier! But to me, that's nothing. I'm Randy Orton, a third generation superstar, and I am the youngest World Champion in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment. And it seems like John is jealous of such feats. So if he wants to settle things between us, then he can come down here right now!"

It doesn't take long before John Cena storms down to the ring and charges at Orton, spearing him to the ground! Cena unloads on Orton, but the WWE Champ fights back, getting back to his feet and getting Cena into the corner. The two look to further their brawling, but WWE Staff hit the ring, seperating the two. The crowd lets their displeasement be heard, as they drown the ring in boos and jeers. Orton and Cena are held apart from one another by the two sides, trading insults.

J.R.: "My god! Cena is livid! He wants a piece of Orton, right now!'

King: "I don't think Orton wants a piece of Cena!"

Shelton Benjamin vs. Viscera

The former Intercontinental guru for the 2005 campaign squares off with the 'Love Machine', Viscera. Shelton begins the contest by avoiding his combatant, Big Vis. Viscera eventually catches him grabbing him by the head and tossing him into the ring! Viscera performs the VD on Benjamin, and things are already looking down for Shelton. Viscera covers, but Shelton just escapes the defeat by putting his leg on the bottom rope. Viscera grabs Shelton by his neck, and tosses him into the turnbuckle like a stuffed animal. Viscera squishes Benjamin with his weight by thrusting his backside into his midsection, causing Benjamin to drop like a fly. Viscera dances for the crowd, and then gets back to business.

Shelton Benjamin goes for a Sunset Flip on the much larger Viscera, and it backfires, as Viscera simply sits on top of Benjamin, trapping him in a pinfall. Jack Doan makes the count, but Benjamin still manages to live on, kicking out.

Viscera tries a Samoan Drop on Benjamin, but the attempt is unsuccessful, as Benjamin rolls off of the monster's back, and clubs him in the head. Viscera drops to his knees, then to the mat after Benjamin hits him with a dropkick to the back. Benjamin rolls Viscera over and makes a pin attempt, but Viscera kicks out after just a one count. Benjamin's face is painted in a portrait of worry, as he contemplates what will bring down this big machine. Viscera gets to his feet slowly as Benjamin steps away from him. Viscera eyes Benjamin up as if he is a 12 course meal, and then walks towards him slowly. Benjamin panicks and makes an attempt to plant him with a super kick. This backfires, as Viscera catches his foot cleanly and flips him on his rear end. Viscera grabs Benjamin before he can escape to the outside. Viscera then exercises his power by lifting Benjamin clear over his head, and tossing him to the ground outside the ring! Viscera laughs as Benjamin reels in pain, then goes to the outside to inflict more pain on the former Team Angle member.

Viscera gets to the outside, where Benjamin has posted himself up against the guard railing. The two hit each other with left and rights, and then Viscera ends the affair by promptly throwing Benjamin into the ring post! Viscera tries to flatten Benjamin against the post, but at the last second possible, Benjamin rolls to safety! Five-hundred pounds of flesh collides with the post as Viscera misses Benjamin, who has now gotten into the ring as Jack Doan hits the count of six on Viscera. Doan gets to nine by the time Viscera has collected himself and re-entered the ring, where he is met by an assault from Shelton Benjamin. Viscera gets to his feet amidst Benjamin's strikes, and tries fighting back. However, the more advanced and agile fighting of the Orangeburg, South Carolina native is too much, as Viscera's attacks go without connection. Shelton then makes an attempt to T-Bone Viscera - this obviously fails. However, Shelton still succeeds in bringing Viscera to the ground with a lethal superkick. Benjamin flies to the top rope, then flies off of it, hitting Viscera with a top rope splash. Shelton stays on top of Viscera and hooks the leg for the win, and he gets it, defeating Big Vis fair and square.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Benjamin has his hand raised by Jack Doan, and then gets set to leave before Viscera re-awakens, but he is stopped by Charlie Haas, who runs down to the ring and attacks Benjamin! Benjamin tries to fight back, but he is much more fatigued than Haas, who easily dismantles him with a Belly-To-Belly Suplex! Benjamin wisely rolls out of the ring as Haas taunts him for more! Haas then grabs a microphone:

Charlie Haas: "So Shelton, if making you tap out in the middle of the ring is your idea of cheating, then what do you classify as and outright ass-whooping that ends with you on a hospital bed? We can see what you call it after that's what happens at Unforgiven. As far as your little challenge goes, YOU'RE ON!"

J.R.: "Did you hear that King? Benjamin vs. Haas at Unforgiven! Two former partners collide!"

King: "Yay."

A feed appears on the TitanTron with Johnny Nitro standing against a wall with Melina, backstage somewhere...

Johnny Nitro: "Tonight went perfect, Melina. I went down there and I showed Carlito that I am the WWE Intercontinental Champion, and that he's a nobody. I kicked his ass. They should of had a referee down there. I would of pinned his ass, 1-2-3. Oh well, that can wait for a live, pay-per-view audience, at Unforgiven, in Toronto. Canadians might live in igloos, but at least you don't have to worry about getting mugged when you're walking down the streets, like you do here. And after I do wreck Carlito, you...and I, can-"

Johnny Nitro's words will have to come at a later time, as Carlito appears from the side and attacks Nitro! He grabs Nitro by the hair and throws him head first into a door, knocking him out! Melina cowers in fear as Carlito lets out a small laugh and picks up Nitro's Intercontinental title, and gives it a hungry stare.

Carlito: "Now that's cool."

<Yet another 9/11 showing, those featured this time are Triple H, Batista, Kurt Angle, and Test. Batista, being from the Washington D.C. area, was especially touched by these attacks. Batista claims that he'd trade in his career to bring down terrorism.>

RAW returns as a white stretch limousine pulls up in the garage parking lot. The driver steps out and opens the door at the back, and out step Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg of D-Generation X! All dressed in black along with black sunglasses, the four men glance at eachother before Triple H says that it's time before business, before heading off, as Shawn Michaels is set to face Edge in the main event shortly.

J.R. "This match is going to be quite a big one, King. The 'Rated R Superstar', Edge, taking on the Heartbreak Kid, the Boy Wonder, Shawn Michaels, of DX! You'd have to wonder if Shane McMahon and his cohorts will be watching this match from backstage or from ringside. We know Daddy McMahon won't be around thanks to Triple H, but unfortunately, the demon seed will be around, you can count on that."

King: "This is going to get out of hand at the end of the night, I just know it JR!"

Shawn Michaels vs. Edge

With no sign of DX, Shane McMahon or Umaga at the beginning of the match, Michaels and Edge engage in combat, with Michaels starting on the upperhand by powering Edge into the corner and hitting the '10 Count' on him. HBK lays Edge out with a monkey flip, then applies a tough headlock. Edge counters with elbows and breaks free, then tries to surprise Michaels with a quick suplex, but Michaels lands behind him and hits a back suplex of his own. Michaels covers, but Edge doesn't struggle in breaking out of the pin attempt. Michaels takes advantage of Edge's long hair and uses it to pull Edge to his feet. The two swing wildly at eachother once more, with Edge getting the better of the altercation, ending the fist trading with a DDT on the 'degenerate'.

The match, now being advantage Edge, continues with Edge applying the Edgeacator on Michaels, a move that proved useful for Edge against him in their bitter rivalry that has roots going back nearly two years. Michaels lets everyone know he's in pain, but he does something about it as he fights his way to the ropes before Edge can inflict serious damage. Edge tries to drag Michaels back into the center of the ring to renew the hold, but while in motion falls prey to a cradle attempt by HBK. The fall comes close, but Edge escapes defeat for the time being. Both men come to their feet, with Edge charging Michaels, but only receiving an arm drag takedown as his reward. Edge is back on his feet and Michaels plans to hit another one, but Edge has other ideas as he takes Michaels out with a Spear! Michaels goes down hard, and Edge is convinced he is at victory, and hooks the leg. But HBK shows that it will take more than just one spear to put him out as he kicks out with plenty of time before the three. Edge, visibly frustrated, uses the Irish Whip to send Michaels to the ropes. Edge prepares for another one, but instead, Michaels leapfrogs him and keeps going towards the other end of the ropes. Michaels bounces off of them with momentum, as Edge comes back at him, and plants the former 2 time WWE Champion with a spinning suplex that seemingly comes out of nowhere! Edge is stunned, and so is Michaels, but he covers anyways, but comes short of the win.

Michaels resorts to his high-flying abilities as he climbs to the top rope, looking to nail his trademark elbow drop, but he comes up mentionably short, as Edge rolls out of the way in plenty of time, as Michaels hits nothing but white-grey canvas. Edge grabs Michaels by the waist and yanks him to his feet, although it is a sluggish effort, and then hits a full-nelson slam! Bubba would be jealous of that one, as Edge covers, hoping for victory. He gets no such thing though, as Michaels proves once again that he will not be defeated without a true fight. Edge sets up his enemy into the corner and has another attempt at the Spear, but it is Michaels this time who averts disaster, dodging Edge's lethal move, sending the Rated R Superstar straight into the ring post! Michaels catches a reeling Edge with a high-end neckbreaker, getting massive airtime before impact. Michaels doesn't waste his time trying to pin Edge, as he knows that Edge is an equal competitor, and he too will require more effort to be broughten down. Michaels gets fast on the track to doing this by hitting a fallaway slam on Edge, then a powerslam. Now visibly fatigued, Michaels decides to re-route his plan of attack on the ground to conserve energy, and applies a crab-like sleeper hold, locking Edge's body with his legs wrapped around him. Edge's arms wave desperately initially, but he begins to fade shortly thereafter. Michaels attempts to defeat Edge by submission are thwarted however, after Edge begins to elbow his way out of Michael's grasp. Michaels whips Edge to the ropes, hoping to clothesline him over the top, but Edge catches him in the collision, sending both men toppling to the ground below!

<RAW's final commercial break occurs at this time, with none other than Shawn Michaels, Bobby Lashley, Tazz, Dean Malenko and Michael Cole offering their words for the tribute to 9/11.>

J.R.: "We're back here King, in what has been nothing less than a grueling contest between two men, King, who I honestly believe, are out here to destroy their opponent!"

King: "This match has been crazy so far JR, I can't fathom what will happen next!"

In ring action returns with Edge beating away on Michaels on the inside of the ring after the 'During The Commercial' recap shows that Michaels threw Edge into the steel steps, but then missed a flying takedown attempt on Edge against the barricade. In the present, Edge keeps hold of Michaels by his hair as the Heartbreak Kid is planted on his rear on the canvas as Edge lathers him with a series of stiff punches. Edge then brings Michaels to his feet and yells in his ear, calling him a 'worthless sonofabitch', then promptly hitting the Edge-O-Matic. Edge hooks Michaels' leg in the current position he's in, almost certain of a win, but doesn't get it, as Michaels kicks out! Edge is very frustrated at this point, as he yells at referee Mike Chioda. Edge is on his feet now arguing with Chioda' claiming that his count was too slow. Edge's bickering leaves an opening for Michaels, who rolls Edge up from behind! Chioda hurries to make the count, but Edge is able to break the pin just in time. Edge pounces to his feet as Michaels stands from one knee, wiping his sweat from his forehead. Edge glares at Michaels with a look that almost says 'betrayal', and the two continue. Michaels taunts Edge, clearly a bait attempt. It seems as if Edge has no idea that this is Michaels' intention, as Edge charges at him without caution. Michaels looks to play a note of Sweet Chin Music, but no sound can be heard, as Edge ducks the attempt! It is instead, Edge who hits the signature move on it's own creator! Edge then taunts the crowd by performing Shawn Michael's classic pose, much to the disgust of Madison Square Garden.

Edge once again sets up Michaels for the Spear, Michaels stumbles around in the corner, still feeling the effects of the kick. Edge takes off towards Michaels, who waltzes in his direction. Edge makes contact, but not with his desired target, as Michaels avoids the Spear, thus causing Edge to FLATTEN referee Mike Chioda! Edge stands back in shock at what has transpired. However, his face is wiped clean of any emotion soon afterwards, as he turns to Michaels, who has been tapping his foot, waiting for him to do so. Michaels finally sets things straight, and delivers the Music to Edge, dropping him flat! Michaels doesn't have long to celebrate his impending victory, as Umaga doesn't hesitate to appear and knock Michaels senseless with a clothesline, nearly taking his head off. Shane McMahon and Estrada, who have materialized at ringside, cheer on the Samoan Bulldozer as he prepares to wreak havoc on Michaels. After various chants in Samoan, Umaga brings Michaels to his feet and tosses him to Edge, who has since recovered. Edge holds him in position as Umaga slaps his chest, almost war-like, and then sticks his thumb high in the air, as he reveals that Michaels is in for a Samoan Spike. The deadly move hits a target, but not the one Umaga intends as Michaels slips free from Edge's grasp, causing Umaga to drive his thumb into Edge's throat! Edge gags as he drops to the canvas next to Chioda, while Umaga gets a faceful of boot as Michaels plants him with the Sweet Chin Music! Shane, Armando can only watch as Shawn Michaels goes airborne, landing the elbow drop on Edge's heart. Michaels, now weary, looks to make sure Chioda is able to make the count. Chioda crawls closer, and makes the count: 1............2............3! Michaels wins a roller-coaster of a match!

Winner: Shawn Michaels

J.R.: "Good lord King! Shawn Michaels has just defeated Edge in a slobberknocker!"

King: "And he won despite Umaga's interference! What a performance JR!"

Michaels' celebration doesn't live long enough, as Shane McMahon, Umaga, and Armando Alejandro Estrada hit the ring and begin stomping away on Michaels. Michaels is now busted open as a result of the onslaught. Umaga prepares to drive the Samoan Spike into Michaels, but the music of DX hits the PA system, as all three men stare at the stage in disbelief! However, the music is merely a ploy as Triple H, Billy Gunn, and Road Dogg enter the ring from the crowd! Shane, Umaga, and Armando turn around to see that DX is standing right behind them! Gunn sends Umaga over the top rope with a clothesline while Road Dogg disposes of Estrada with a Pumphandle Slam before rolling him out of the ring. Shane is left surrounded in the ring, as Michaels is now getting to his feet, with blood heathily flowing from his head. Shane makes an attempt to escape, but the Outlaws catch him, and allow him to be hit with some Sweet Chin Music! Shane is then fed to the wolves, as he is brought straight back to his feet and sent to Triple H, who levels him with the Pedigree! All four men then stand in a line in the ring, over Shane's lifeless body. They all then point to the ceiling, and then in synchronization deliver the crotch chop, as a DX logo is shone from a spotlight in the rafters, but this time it is in the colours of red, white and blue!

J.R.: "Good god almighty King! Look at that!"

King: "Oh my god! Does this mean that Triple H is running for president?"

J.R.: "It means that DX has gone American! Long live the red, white and blue! God bless everyone on this very special night!"

J.R. and King continue commenting on DX's powerful signature on Shane McMahon as the Garden is rocked by 'USA' chants as RAW goes off of the air.

::The Backstage RAW Report::

By Jerry Brisco

Carlito defeat Matt Striker (at 5:16) via disqualification

Ratings -

Crowd: 67%

Quality: 65%

Overall: 66%

Notes: Decent opener match, but the real purpose here was to further the bad blood between Carlito and Nitro.

Shelton Wants A Rematch

Ratings -

Overall: 78%

Notes: The white man be holdin' Shelton down! Hmm, lets hope Haas accepts the challenge.

World Tag Team Championship; The Spirit Squad (Kenny & Mikey) defeat The Highlanders (at 6:06) to retain

Ratings -

Crowd: 60%

Quality: 48%

Overall: 56%

Notes: Ugh. The McAllisters simply did not perform in this one. They need to know that they can't play a straight kick to the face off as if it were a feather duster.

John Cena And Orton Get Heated

Ratings -

Overall: 87%

Notes: Like both of these men have said. Unforgiven's match may include Edge, but this is a personal war between Cena and Orton. Orton has won the war of words until this point, but will Cena be the one to win the title?

Shelton Benjamin d. Viscera (at 9:49) via a Top Rope Splash

Ratings -

Crowd: 70%

Quality 59%

Overall: 66%

Notes: Viscera may be as mobile as an anvil, but he can still entertain, and that's what's important. Benjamin wins cleanly here. Haas shows up, and it indeed will be Haas vs. Benjamin II (or III, for those who keep score at home) at Unforgiven.

Carlito's Revenge

Ratings -

Overall: 83%

Notes: Carlito gets one back on Nitro. Good, short segment that shows Carlito will be no walk in the park for the former MNM member.

DX Is Here...

Ratings -

Overall: 93%

Notes: DX is looking high profile right here. Triple H is here to do business, and he means it.

Shawn Michaels defeated Edge (at 17:11) via Top Rope Elbow Drop

Ratings -

Crowd: 93%

Quality: 94%

Overall: 93%

Notes: Simply put, wow. These two put on a hell of a match. This definitely shows why their feud was once of the best of 2005. Shawn may be past forty, but he can still pull off a five star match, and it doesn't hurt to have Edge to work with.

DX Goes USA On Shane

Ratings -

Overall: 86%

Notes: Very appropriate segment for this special night. DX once again bests the McMahons, and they do it in patriotic fashion.

Overall: 79%

Nielsen Rating: 6.04

Attendance: 18,200 (8,022 in reality)

Ticket Sales: $320,880

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Guest Wentworth

IPB Image

ECW On Sci-Fi Preview - 09/12/06

When ECW drew to a close last week, Triple H and the New Age Outlaws had sent an extreme message to Paul Heyman and his pet project, ECW Heavyweight Champion, the Big Show. Triple H and his DX cohorts had one-upped the viscious Heyman, who helped the Big Show retain his ECW Heavyweight Championship against Triple H. After costing Triple H the match, Paul Heyman had ordered his security force to take care of the Cerebral Assassin. However, Paul quickly discovered that his guards weren't really who he thought they were. After refusing to move on his command, a video feed appeared, showing two unconscious guards dressed in black, and they were revealed to be Paul's real security! The men in the ring then unmasked themselves, and it was none other than Billy Gunn and Road Dogg! The two caught Heyman and then helped Triple H dispose of the ECW dictator with a Pedigree, before posing for the crowd as the show went off air. This week, we won't see a further altercation between the two sides, as Paul Heyman has banned DX from ECW! But Paul has promised an announcement will be made on his program tomorrow night, and it may regard the ECW Heavyweight Championship!

In ring action will begin when Tommy Dreamer and the Sandman will once again team up to take on the debuting tag team of Blood Lust, consisting of vampires David Heath and Kevin Thorn! Will the ECW originals prevail, or will the supernatural duo of Heath and Thorn come away with the win in their debut as a team? Catch ECW to find out.

Also, from last week, we saw none other than the ECW legend Raven return to the home of the hardcore, interfering in Kurt Angle's match with Rob Van Dam. In the end, both RVD and Angle were on their backs in the middle of the ring as Raven had hit both competitors with a Steel Chair! Raven then posed for the crowd in the Columbus Civic Center, which was absolutely thriving after Raven's return. Will Raven be in the DCU Center in Worcester to make his stance more clear?

Speaking of Rob Van Dam, the high-flyer formerly known as 'Mr. Monday Night' will see ring action against Test. Test has come off of two straight losses to Snitsky, while Rob Van Dam was obviously in the draw against Angle last week. Will Test get back into the win column, or will the former WWE/ECW Heavyweight Champion be too much for the Canadian Extremist?

In other action, Chuck Palumbo will make his ECW debut, taking on Stevie Richards. Palumbo was known for his underhanded tactics in the WWE and WCW, but now he is venturing into the land of extreme. Will Palumbo make it big in ECW by continuing his cheating trend?

All of this action and more will take place LIVE from the DCU Center in Worcester, on Sci-Fi on 10/9c!


Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman vs. Blood Lust

Chuck Palumbo vs. Stevie Richards

Rob Van Dam vs. Test

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