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Halo Director Announced


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Halo Director Is Announced

Newcomer Neill Blomkamp on board

Source: Variety

The two studios collaborating on the adaptation of Halo have finally announced their choice of director.

Universal (which is handling the film in the US) and Fox (which nabbed international rights) have, along with executive producers Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh, selected newcomer Neill Blomkamp to direct the movie.

Blomkamp is best known for some cutting-edge adverts, including the Citroen “Alive In Technology” spot which starred a dancing transformer-type 'bot. But in the shorts world, he’s something of a star, having created and directed the impressive mini-film Alive In Joburg. The enterprising types at Ain’t It Cool tracked down a copy online, which you can find here.

The director was briefly considered for Transformers before a certain Michael Bay came along, and his hi-tech work will likely be a good fit for the power suited warriors and aliens of the movie’s plot. “It was very important to Peter and Fran that they find a genuine filmmaker who will make a distinctly personal film. They wanted someone who would have things to say, display a unique point of view and be able to etch their personality into it," their representative, Ken Kamins blabbed to Variety.

The first draft script was penned by Alex Garland, who stayed true to the game’s alien combat plot, but the current draft – by DB Weiss – is likely to try and expand the appeal of the film beyond the sort of people who spend entire nights playing the game.

And among the names that had been considering Halo before this announcement is Guillermo del Toro, who ultimately decided to focus on Hellboy. "I was in negotiations to come on board," del Toro told Variety, "but it was always on parallel with my other projects, most importantly Hellboy 2, and for artistic and personal reasons, I couldn't let that one go." He’s offering his full endorsement of Blomkamp, though, having seen his demo reel: "I was blown away. The Halo he's attracted to is great news to the fans of the game who are into the Master Chief aspect."

There’s no casting yet – and we expect a few more drafts of the script to be completed before a frame is shot, but Blomkamp will have the full support of Jackson’s studio system in New Zealand, and Weta will be providing the effects. If it can get properly on track, expect Halo to invade a summer 2008 release date.

from: http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=19302

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