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Help with a song

Guest Hurricane

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Guest Hurricane

Forgive me, but Im not really "up" on "love songs". But when I was at work today this song came on the radio that a certain girl seemed to love, but I cant find it anywhere. Im assuming its new but im not sure. However, I know the last two lines of the chorus

"... And I dont know why,

But I cant take my eyes off of you"

Im almost positive that was it.

I want the song name and/or the artist who sings it. If anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Guest Hurricane

Hmm no, not by Slayer. But thanks for the help <_<

It was some band called Lighthouse or Lifehouse. I dont know, I just needed the words, because im going old school and im singing it to this girl before I ask her out.

So I'll probably be on here in a couple days whining about how my life sucks and girls hate me. So be ready <_<

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