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The Recommend For Above Thread


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Okay...I want some new music (Because I always want new music...I get bored easily).

Basically how this will work (Hopefully) is that someone wants some new music they say what they like (Or what they're looking for, or just go all out random) and the next person posts an artist that fits the criteria (Or just a random artist) and 5 songs that, the person should check out.



At the minute I am liking Pedro The Lion. Can you reccomend me a similar band.


The Weakerthans - The Reasons, Aside, This Is A Fire Door Never Leave Open, One Great City, The Presence Of Dawn.

- I want a band that sounds like a baby being hit over the head with an anvil...preferabely covering Bridge Over Troubled Water.

You get the idea. It could potentially be moved to forum games. I just see it as a way to get people listening to new stuff, quickly and easily. As I'm one of the biggest culprits of when someone makes a "Recommend me" thread, I post like 20 bands sometimes, which is an impossible feat. So basically, one band, and it'd move on like a chain (And then, other people can also check out some of the bands suggested).

Okay. I want more metal. I know the obvious stuff. I like In Flames. And I'm pretty fond of Strapping Young Lad (Before it got 'popular' to like them here...but I sort of forgot about them :shifty:), Fear Factory, Dark Tranquility (Who pretty much just sound like In Flames...only shittier) and Dragonforce. What should I get to expand by metal horizons?

If this thread doesn't take off, just change it into a recommend YI some random different type of metal bands.

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Try SiKth - Part Of The Friction, Hold My Finger, Such The Fool, Bland Street Boom.

Not strictly 'proper' metal, but you wanted the horizons broadened.

I want something happily euphoric, but using proper instruments - so no crappy GATECRASHER EUPHORIA MAX or anything. Similar lines to BSS. Don't give me Feist. >_>

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God Forbid are worth a shot. Might not be entirely what you're looking for, but they're far better than Trivium.

Now lets try my request again, but more specific. I'm looking for a 'proper band' that writes songs which have a certain something that make them give a sense of happiness and euphoria, and sweetness. Much like the aforementioned Broken Social Scene do.

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Protest The Hero - they're like punk-metal, if that's a real genre (Is it fuck)

Turn Soonest To The Sea

Heretics & Killers

A Plateful Of Our Dead

The Divine Suicide Of K

No Stars Over Bethlehem

Everything I suggested is off of "Kezia", the stuff before that is good. But not as easy to get into IMO.

Will answer TSSTB's in a second.

Explosions In The Sky - No lyrics though...well as far as I can remember

Your Hand in Mine (Get both...the one off of The Earth...and the one off of "Friday Night Lights")

Yasmin The Light

Day One

A Slow Dance

First Breath After Coma

Okay. I want something which is basically acoustic. Don't give me the obvious stuff (Which had been popular over the past 6-7 years or so). I don't care if it's a male or female vocalist.

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Guest Chasing Ringy

YI: Try Elliott Smith, Jose Gonzalez or Nick Drake. Not completely acoustic, but primarily so. I guess. I'm not good at acoustic :shifty: Unless that's obvious stuff. If so then try Andrew Morgan, and Kelley Stoltz

SSTB: And while I'm at it, I'll help SSTB. Try Elliott Smith :shifty:. Except he's not that euphoric, but he could do. If not give a shot to Alaska!, Volcano!, Valley of the Giant or maybe even some Pavement/Stephen Malkmus. And definately try some Islands.

Tristy: Try Andrew Morgan. Or to some extent, Belle and Sebastian. Or even Elliott Smith :shifty:

As for me, I don't really want anything, but for the sake of this thread, recomment me something that sounds like ... errr... the Cure?

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