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WWF 1997 - Got Attitude?

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(Thanks to Cabanarama for the idea of the colours)


WWF World Champion: Shawn Michaels

WWF Intercontinental Champion: Hunter Hearst Helmsley

WWF Tag Team Champions: British Bulldog & Owen Hart

Tag Teams:

Bulldog & Owen

PG-13 - JC Ice & Wolfie D

Suicide Blondes - Adam Copeland & Christian Cage

The Can-Am Express - Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon

The Godwins - Henry & Phineous Godwinn

The Hardy Boyz - Matt & Jeff Hardy

The Headbangers - Mosh & Thrasher

The New Rockers - Marty Jannetty & Leif Cassidy

Too Much - Brian Christopher & Scott Taylor

Television Shows

Monday Night Raw - Prime Time on USA Network

Shotgun (Saturday) - Graveyard on Local Network

Superstars (Sunday) - Early Evening on USA Network

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WWF would like to announce that it has signed sponsorship deals with the following companies:

Nintendo: Get Our Latest Releases

Sega: Play Sega 32X err...Dreamcast...err...

Stacker 2: The world's strongest fat burner

Sports Illustrated: The best in sports magazines

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Monday Night Raw Preview

1st September 1997

Leif Cassidy will face The Executioner

Can Leif Cassidy score an upset over the mysterious one?

The British Bulldog will be in one on one action as he will face off against Rocky Maivia!

Can the Bulldog prove he is just as successful in singles action as he is in tag team action?

The Intercontinental Champion Hunter Hearst Helmsley will square off in a non title match against Goldust

Even though it's a non title match, if Goldust could pin Triple H or make him submit, would it put Goldust in line for a title shot at the champ?

And in the main event there will be a 6 Man Tag of epic proportions.....

Vader will team up with Mankind and Steve Austin to face the team of The Undertaker, Bret Hart and the reigning WWF Champion Shawn Michaels

Can these two teams co-exist as 5 of the 6 men all want a title shot at Michaels

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The Night Of The Rattlesnake

September 1st 1997

Steve Austin, Mankind & Vader def. Shawn Michaels, Undertaker & Bret Hart

The Main Event was everything it was promised to be and more. All 6 men brawled back and forth with each other in the ring and outside of it. Several times in the match it looked as though both teams had the match won. Bret Hart locked the Sharpshooter in on Austin until Vader broke it up. The referee was then knocked down by accident after Mankind dodged a Sweet Chin Music attempt. Undertaker then took Mankind to the outside of the ring and over the barricade and the two brawled around the arena while Bret Hart and Vader fought on the rampway. Austin then took Michaels out with a clothesline and slid out of the ring and grabbed Michaels championship belt. Austin swung with the belt but Michaels ducked and scored with the Superkick but there was no referee. As Michaels went to wake up the referee Austin kicked Michaels south of the border and hit the Stunner just as Earl Hebner regained conciousness for the win.

Overall Rating: 82%

Austin then proceeded to beat down Michaels hitting the Stone Cold Stunner a further three times before raising his arms in victory.

Overall Rating: 84%

In Other Action:

Rocky Maivia pinned The British Bulldog.

The crowd were solidly in the favour of Rocky in this match but that didn't seem to phase Bulldog who wore down Rocky with a series of power moves. Rocky reversed the momentum after escaping a Powerslam and fought back with right hand after right hand. Seeing all this, Owen Hart who was at ringside went to grab a chair. Hart climbed up on to the apron and instructed Bulldog to irish whip Rocky into the chair however Rocky reversed and sent Bulldog sailing into the chair and knocking Hart flying off the apron. Rocky then rolled up the stunned Bulldog for the 3 count.

Overall Rating: 82%

Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Goldust

Goldust went into this match knowing that if he could defeat Triple H he would be in line for a shot at the Intercontinental Title, however Goldust just wasn't prepared for Chyna to interfere in the match. Goldust had everything going his way until Chyna climbed up on to the apron while Triple H grabbed his belt. Goldust turned round and got nailed with the championship belt. Triple H then pinned Goldust and put his feet on the ropes adding insult to injury

Overall Rating: 77%

The Executioner pinned Leif Cassidy in minutes after a Spinebuster.

The Executioner dominated this match with Cassidy getting little momentum except a few right hands in here and there. The Executioner brutalised Cassidy with slams and clotheslines before hitting the spinebuster for the win.

Overall Rating: 64%

Gorilla Monsoon also announced that next week on Monday Night Raw, the main event will be even bigger than the one tonight as Steve Austin will face Bret Hart with the winner facing Shawn Michaels for the WWF Championship at In Your House: Unforgiven

Overall Rating: 91%

Overall Show Rating: 79%

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-March 13, 2006 Rule EDIT You are required to post something constituting actual results for your matches once you are past the backstory part of your diary. Simply listing who won and who lost is NOT acceptable. Put a LITTLE bit of effort into your diary, please. Diaries that don't do this will be closed from here on out. No exceptions.

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WWF.com has just received word that the following superstars have just been signed to developmental contracts and will report to USWA until they are called up to the main roster.

Chris Kanyon

CW Anderson

Devon Storm

Shane Helms

Shannon Moore

Sho Funaki

TAKA Michinoku

We look forward to seeing these superstars on the main roster soon!

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WWF Shotgun Preview

Saturday 6th September 1997 on Local Network

In the main event Brian Pillman will match up against Flash Funk

Jesse James Armstrong will face Billy Gunn in one on one action

Goldust takes on Savio Vega

Can Goldust rebound after his loss on Monday Night Raw

Faarooq goes one on one with Marc Mero

Will it be the Dominator or the Merosault that prevails


We catch up with Owen Hart and British Bulldog who wil speak about what happened on Monday Night Raw this past week

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September 6th, 1997

Faarooq pinned Marc Mero

In the opening contest of the night it truely was power vs speed as Marc Mero tried to wear down the bigger stronger Faarooq, however Faarooq soon got hold of Mero and powered him to the mat. Mero began gaining momentum after being locked in a sleeper hold until Faarooq pulled him back down via a hair pull. Mero then fought out of the hold again and tried to hit a clothesline but Faarooq slammed him to the mat with a vicious spinebuster. Faarooq then hit the Dominator for the win.

Overall 71%

Goldust pinned Savio Vega

In what was an evenly matched contest, the two traded the momentum back and forward with no one gaining a clear advantage. The crowd started to get behind Goldust who in turn started to fire off with right hands on Vega. Vega went for the Caribbean Kick but Goldust dodged at the last second and hit the Curtain Call for a much needed victory.

Overall Rating: 74%

The British Bulldog and Owen Hart made their way to the ring. Bulldog addressed the fact that Rocky beating him on Raw this past week was a fluke and nothing more. Hart then grabbed the microphone and issued a challenge to Rocky at Superstars. Owen didn't have to wait much longer as Rocky Maivia came out on to the sound stage and told Owen that he accepts the match on one condition....if he beat Owen then Rocky would get to choose a tag team partner and would get a tag title shot.

Overall Rating: 90%

Jesse James Armstrong defeated Billy Gunn via DQ

Armstrong looked to have Billy Gunn's number tonight as Gunn really let his frustrations fly on Armstrong nearly getting himself disqualified on numerous occasions. Armstrong set up Gunn for the Pumphandle Slam but Gunn grabbed the ropes and pulled himself outside, there he grabbed the ring bell and hit it right in the throat of Armstrong causing the disqualification.

Overall Rating: 68%

Brian Pillman pinned Flash Funk

In another power vs speed encounter, power once again triumphed as the much quicker Flash Funk got grounded early on by Pillman. From then on the rest of the match was pretty much all Pillman. Funk got in a few right hands here and there but in the end Pillman got the better of it and hit a Powerbomb followed by his patented Flying Crossbody for the 3 count.

After the match Pillman continued to beat down Funk with a Steel Chair before throwing him out of the ring where Pillman stood alone as Shotgun went off the air.

Overall Rating: 79%

Overall Show Rating: 76%

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Superstars on USA Network preview

Sunday 7th September 1997

Main Event: Rocky Miavia vs Owen Hart

If Rocky wins this match against Hart, Rocky will get to choose a tag team partner to challenge Hart & Bulldog for the Tag Team Titles

Triple H defends the Intercontinental Title against Jake Roberts

The Snake tries to take the gold from the champ

Leif Cassidy faces Brian Pillman

Bob Holly will square off with Billy Gunn

Vince McMahon interviews Shawn Michaels

What will HBK have to say about facing either Bret or Austin

We catch up with Steve Austin and Bret Hart

We see what they both have to say before their big match against one another on Raw

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Superstars on USA Network

September 7th 1997

Bob Holly defeated Billy Gunn

In the opening contest of the night it featured a full scale brawl between Billy Gunn and Bob 'Harcore' Holly. There were no headlocks and sleeper holds just flat out power moves. The crowd didn't seem to enjoy the match however. After a wild match Bob Holly managed to secure the win over Gunn after an Alabamaslam.

Overall Rating: 59%

Our cameras then take us backstage to reveal Steve Austin. Austin cuts a promo saying that it is his destiny to be World Champion and nobody would stop him, not Bret Hart, not Shawn Michaels

Overall Rating: 82%

Brian Pillman destroyed Leif Cassidy

Leif Cassidy may be speedy and he may be technical but tonight he was just no match for Pillman. Even with tag team partner Marty Jannetty at ringside, Cassidy just couldn't overmatch the sheer power of Pillman. Within minutes Cassidy was subjected to the Flying Crossbody for the defeat.

After the match, much like Pillman's match with Flash Funk, Pillman proceeded to beat down his opponent until referees came in to stop it.

Overall Rating: 65%

The cameras then take us backstage to where Bret Hart is standing. Bret talks about how all his life he has been held down but not anymore. Now is his time, now is the era of the Hitman and Austin would realise this tomorrow night on Raw when Bret Hart walks out the new Number One Contender

Overall Rating: 92%

Intercontinental Title Match: Jake Roberts defeated Triple H via DQ

Jake Roberts appeared to have everything going his way in this match. He had Triple H right where he wanted him. Roberts was ready to lock in the facelock and DDT the champ straight to hell but because of Chyna and a steel chair that didn't happen. Instead Chyna whacked Jake with the chair causing the disqualification saving the title for Helmsley. Helmsley and Chyna then sped down the aisle not waiting for Roberts to get payback

Overall Rating: 66%

After the commercial break we come back and Vince McMahon is in the ring. He announces tonight's guest as Shawn Michaels and the World Champion walks to the ring. He cuts an interview stating that nobody can defeat him, whether it is Austin, Bret Hart, or both, nothing is going to stop Shawn Michaels from retaining what is rightfully his.

With that in mind Steve Austin hit the ring and tried to attack Michaels, but unfortunately for Austin, Michaels appeared to have it scouted as HBK Superkicked him then clotheslined him out of the ring.

As cameras cut to the commercial break Shawn Michaels was in the ring with the World Title on his shoulder staring down Steve Austin who was on the ramp.

Overall Rating: 92%

Rocky Miavia defeated "The Rocket" Owen Hart

There was a lot riding on this match for Rocky, although he didn't seem to let that bother him, he was more focused on beating Owen and making a name for himself, which he did. In what was a back and forth match which even had the British Bulldog at ringside doubting Owen might win. This obviously showed a lot more when Bulldog climbed into the ring preparing to swing a steel chair at Rocky who was being held by Hart. But Rocky moved at the last second and inadvertently blasted Owen Hart with the chair. Rocky threw Bulldog out of the ring and hit the Dropkick on Hart for the win. Rocky now gets to choose a partner to face Bulldog and Hart for the tag titles!

After the match, Hart and Bulldog double teamed Rocky and beat him down before they posed with their belts as 'Superstars' went off the air.

Overall Rating: 72%

Overall Show Rating: 75%

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Monday Night Raw on the USA Network

Monday 8th September 1997

Number One Contenders Match: Steve Austin vs Bret Hart

Only one of these men can face Shawn Michaels but which one will it be

The Undertaker vs Vader

It's the Deadman vs The Monster, who will prevail

Hunter Hearst Helmsley w/ Chyna vs Rocky Miavia

Rocky has been on a roll lately, can he score another win? Will his surprise partner make an appearance?

Goldust vs Billy Gunn

Both men have been on a losing streak as of late, only one can end

WWF Tag Team Championships: Bulldog & Owen vs The New Rockers

The champs face The Rockers just ahead of facing Rocky Miavia and a mystery opponent

Plus, Shawn Michaels, Sycho Sid and more

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This is a nice diary, I'm quite into it. It started off quite shaky but now you've edited it and your results are a nice length to read. (Y)

And as for The RAW main event with Bret/Austin I picture you giving Austin the win here. You also seem to be pushing Rocky a little here too, after that "fluke" against Bulldog and then defeating Owen and getting to pick a partner to challenge them.

I'll keep checking this one, man. Keep it up! (Y)

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Monday Night Raw Results

8th September 1997

WWF Tag Team Championship: Bulldog & Owen defeated The New Rockers

The champs looked to be slightly off their game tonight only knowing who one of their opponents will be, but that didn't stop them defending their straps. The Rockers used their speed to their advantage to wear down the champs, scoring near falls on various occasions but in the end Leif Cassidy was no match for the Sharpshooter and soon found himself tapping out in pain

Overall Rating: 72%

The cameras go backstage to reveal Sycho Sid standing in the basement. Sid talks about how he wants to make an impact in the WWF and he would do that tonight.

Overall Rating: 70%

Goldust pinned Billy Gunn

In our next match, one losing streak would change for one man and tonight that man was Goldust. In what was a very even bout Goldust had Gunn on edge tonight as he pranced around the ring. This paid off the Bizarre One until Gunn took him out with a clothesline and gloated to the crowd. Gunn then went for the Fameasser but took so much time, Goldust dodged and hit The Curtain Call for the victory.

After the match a frustrated Billy Gunn grabbed a chair and proceeded to beat down Goldust until a hoarde of referees cane down to stop this.

Overall Rating: 80%

Shawn Michaels is backstage, he says he will be watching the main event tonight very closely and he will scout whoever his opponent will be.

Overall Rating: 92%

Our cameras then show us Sable walking backstage, she accidentally bumps into Sunny who is drinking some water which ends up all down Sunnys dress. Sable apologises and walks off until Sunny comes up behind her and knocks her over on the floor. The two have a brief catfight until referees and road agents come to break them apart

Overall Rating: 65%

Triple H w/ Chyna defeated Rocky Miavia

Rocky got a real taste of who he would be dealing with at IYH: Unforgiven when Owen Hart cost him his match. Rocky had things going his way until Chyna climbed up on the apron which allowed Owen enough time to climb in the ring and wipe out Rocky with his Tag Title belt. All Triple H had to do was cover Rocky for the win.

Afterwards Owen hit Rocky with the belt 3 more times before finally leaving the ring. Looks like Rocky hasn't found a partner yet.

Overall Rating: 78%

Paul Bearer is backstage with Mankind. Bearer announced that Mankind has found a change of heart as of late and has been doing strange things and Mankind has his mind set on one thing which he wants to do which will all be revealed in time

Overall Rating: 80%

The Undertaker defeated Vader

Almost a tonne of body weight was in the ring for this encounter and the two went all out to try and score a victory over the other with both men failing to gain any sort of momentum until Undertaker started to deliver right hand after right hand to Vader catching the monster off balance. Undertaker then caught Vader with a surprise Chokeslam for the win.

After the match however, a man came running down the aisle with a steel chair and into the ring. The man was Sycho Sid. Sid cracked the chair right into the head of Undertaker before leaving busting the Deadman wide open

Overall Rating: 85%

Steve Austin defeated Bret Hart

What a showcase this match turned out to be, the crowd were solidly into this one and didn't know which way this would end up. Shawn Michaels walked on to the ramp to watch the match first hand. It looked like both men were down and out but both got up just before the count of 9 before trading blows. The referee got wiped out a little later in the match which led Austin to deliver a field goal right between the legs of Bret and then follow it up with a Stunner just as Earl Hebner came too, to earn himself a shot at Shawn Michaels.

As Raw went off the air Austin and Michaels stared each other down.

Overall Rating: 87%

Overall Show Rating: 79%

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The only thing I have against this is the RAW show, the matches and stuff are well-booked, however, I think it'd be better if we had a bit more detail with interviews and matches, and also, a few more segments for RAW, would be great, because instead of looking like a 2 hour show it looks more like a one hour show.

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Shotgun on Local Network Results

13th September 1997

Flash Funk & Leif Cassidy defeated Faarooq & Crush

This match was speed vs power, brains vs brawn and speed and brains prevailed. Leif Cassidy started the match off with Crush, Cassidy used his speed to tire Crush out until Faarooq came in and the pair double teamed Cassidy to ground him. The power team then kept Cassidy in their corner and wore him down with power moves and a vicious bearhug. A miscalculation however bought Cassidy enough time to roll to his corner and tag in Funk who came in like a house on fire. Funk delivered clothesline after clothesline to Crush & Faarooq. Cassidy then came back and they hit a double suplex on Faarooq and a double dropkick on Crush sending him out of the ring. Cassidy then flew over the rope and hit a plancha on Crush while Funk climbed to the top rope and hit the Scorpio Splash on Faarooq for the win.

Overall Rating: 76%

Sycho Sid was backstage. He said how he wanted to make a name for himself in the WWF and what better way to do it than taking out a sure fire hall of famer in The Undertaker. Pillman said Undertaker should give way for an up and comer in the WWF and that would be him. Sid finished the interview by challenging Undertaker to a match at IYH: Unforgiven.

Overall Rating: 79%

Brian Pillman defeated Marc Mero

Marc Mero tried everything he could to defeat Pillman. Pillman remains undefeated though as he stormed through Mero. Mero tried everything he could to wear down Pillman and looked like it was working until Pillman took Mero out with a vicious clothesline which spelled the end for Mero. Pillman hit a scoop slam and another clothesline before ascending the top rope. Just as Mero was getting back up, he got taken back down again by Pillman who hit the Flying Crossbody for the 3 count.

After the match Pillman grabbed the microphone and announced that he is issuing an open challenge for anyone in the world to face him at IYH: Unforgiven

Overall Rating: 79%

When we come back Jerry Lawler is standing in the ring for the bikini contest. He introduces Sable then Sunny. Sable went first, and posed for the crowd. Sunny went next, and strutted around the ring. King listened to the crowd reaction and then declared Sable the winner. She celebrated while Sunny stands in the corner looking furious. Sunny then ran at Sable for a clothesline but Sable ducked, kicked Sunny in the midsection then Sunny fell out of the ring. As Sable left Sunny was seen having a hissy fit on the floor

Overall Rating: 63%

Billy Gunn defeated Goldust

In a rematch from Monday Night Raw it looked as though Goldust would beat Billy again until Billy held on to the ropes as Goldust went for a DDT. Billy locked in a headlock on Goldust which almost won the match. The crowd started to get behind Goldust, who in turn fired off some stiff right hands on Gunn. Goldust then hit two clotheslines and a scoop slam and signalled for the Curtain Call. Just as Goldust was about to deliver his neckbreaker finishing move, Billy rolled through and hooked the tights for the win.

Billy then sped off down the aisle not waiting for Goldust to get revenge as Shotgun went off the air.

Overall Rating: 83%

Overall Show Rating: 77%

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