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WWE: The Re-Shuffle


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Wrestlemania 22 Card

World Heavyweight Championship

Kurt Angle def. Rey Mysterio & Randy Orton

WWE Championship

Triple H def. John Cena

Hardcore Match

Shawn Michaels def. Vince McMahon

Casket Match

Undertaker def. Mark Henry

Hardcore Match

Edge def. Mick Foley

Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Rob Van Dam def. Shelton Benjamin, FInlay, Ric Flair, Bobby Lashley & Matt Hardy

United States Championship vs. Career Match

Chris Benoit def. JBL

WWE Tag & World Tag Championship Two Falls Match

Big Show & Kane def. MNM, London & Kendrick, and Chris Masters & Carlito for the WWE Tag Championships, and MNM def. Big Show & Kane, London & Kendrick, and Chris Masters & Carlito for the World Tag Championships

Grudge Match

The Boogeyman def. Booker T

European Championship

Test def. Charlie Haas in the Tournament Finals to Become the First WWE European Champion Since it's Return


But that wasn’t how the show ended. As Kurt Angle held the World Heavyweight Championship above his head and the fans showed their disgust that Rey Mysterio hadn‘t reached the heights he should have, music began to play that no-one expected.

“No Chance In Hell” erupted around the arena to suspicious boos from the crowd as Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon made their way to the stage. As Kurt clutched his Championship belt close to his heart and looked on suspiciously Vince took a microphone.

“You know when Linda first came up with the draft format and the two brands idea, I was excited. I was able to show the world I was the finest wrestling promoter in the business by taking 50% of the roster’s talents and putting it to better use than Ric Flair did. But now… four years on I feel like the World Wrestling Entertainment brands of RAW and Smackdown are in a rut. They are in the middle of lull."

“And this lull is partly due to me. You see I trusted RAW and Smackdown! to some of the strangest people in Sports Entertainment. Teddy Long, Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair or Paul Heyman… Take your pick. Every single one of those men have managed to run their respective shows into the ground."

“They have managed to disappoint me over and over again. But tonight is the

last time I am disappointed. Because as of tonight, I am putting the power back into the hands of the McMahon family."

“The RAW brand will be ran by my daughter Stephanie and the Smackdown! brand will be ran by my son Shane. And everything will be up for grabs. Every single employee on our books and every Pay-Per-View. The whole lot is up for grabs. And starting tonight, on a live web cast on WWE.com or on your Pay-Per-View channel, Shane and Stephanie will go through the process of putting their rosters together."

“That means, that anyone can end up anywhere. No-one is safe. No-one at all.”

And there it was. Vince McMahon had decided to reshuffle the pack with his children in charge of the shows. It was time for a fresh start in his mind, but now it was simply a case of making sure it paid off as the crowd

booed and hissed the decision, albeit for Rey’s sake rather than their own as most seemed a little excited by the changing face of the WWE.

And so it begins...Again...

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The following took place on wwe.com and live on Pay Per View. It is the results of the WWE re-shuffle.

RAW Roster


Kurt Angle

John Cena




Booker T

Shelton Benjamin


Ken Kennedy

Johnny Nitro

Joey Mercury

CM Punk


Sean O'Haire

Paul London

Brian Kendrick

Paul Burchill

Charlie Haas

Ken Doane

Johnny Jeter

Rene Dupree

Sylvain Grenier

Robert Conway

Mark Jindrak

Simon Dean

Matt Striker





Jim Ross

J.B. Layfield

Todd Grisham

Kristal Marshall

Tag Teams:

MNM - Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro

The Hooligans - Paul London & Brian Kendrick

Ken Doane & Johnny Jeter

La Resistance - Sylvain Grenier & Robert Conway

Sean O'Haire & Mark Jindrak


World Heavyweight Champion - Kurt Angle

Intercontinental Champion - Shelton Benjamin

World Tag Champions - MNM

European Champion - Test


Smackdown! Roster


Triple H


Shawn Michaels

Randy Orton

Chris Benoit

Rob Van Dam

Big Show

Mark Henry

Rey Mysterio


Bobby Lashley


Chavo Guerrero

Jeff Hardy

Matt Hardy

William Regal

Chris Masters

Gregory Helms

Kid Kash

Jamie Noble

Lance Cade

Trevor Murdoch

Super Crazy



Val Venis

Sylvester Terkay

Elijah Burke

Scotty 2 Hotty


Armando Alejando Estrada

Kosorow Daivari

Michelle McCool

Candice Michelle

Ashley Massaro


Michael Cole


Josh Matthews


Tag Teams:

The Hardy Boyz - Matt & Jeff Hardy

The Pitbulls - Kid Kash & Jamie Noble

The Roughnecks - William Regal & Finlay

The Mexicools - Super Crazy & Psicosis

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

Sylvester Terkay & Elijah Burke


WWE Champion - Triple H

United States Champion - Chris Benoit

WWE Tag Champions - VACANT

Cruiserweight Champion - Gregory Helms


The following is WWE's Pay Per View Schedule from now until Wrestlemania 23:

WWE Backlash: Sunday, April 30th, RAW PPV

WWE Judgment Day: Sunday, May 21st, Smackdown! PPV

WWE King of the Ring: Sunday, June 11th, RAW and Smackdown! PPV

WWE Fully Loaded: Sunday, July 2nd, RAW PPV

WWE Vengeance: Sunday, July 30th, Smackdown! PPV

WWE Summerslam: Sunday, August 27th, RAW and Smackdown! PPV

WWE Mind Games: Sunday, September 24th, RAW PPV

WWE No Mercy: Sunday, October 22nd, Smackdown! PPV

WWE Survivor Series: Sunday, November 26th, RAW and Smackdown! PPV

WWE Armageddon: Sunday, December 24th, RAW PPV

WWE Royal Rumble: Sunday, January 21st, RAW and Smackdown! PPV

WWE No Way Out: Sunday, February 18th, Smackdown! PPV

Wrestlemania 23: Sunday, April 1st, RAW and Smackdown! PPV

Flat_Doughnut is RAW and I am Smackdown.

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RAW Preview

Top of the Mountain

Monday 3rd April 2006

IPB Image

Kurt Angle did it. At WrestleMania 22, he promised that he would walk out STILL the World Heavyweight Champion and the Olympic Hero came good on his promise defeating Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio at the huge event. Now as the WWE enters a brand spanking new era, Kurt finds himself on a new brand with both of his challengers come from his sight but surely that won’t last for long. with the likes of John Cena, Edge, Booker T and Batista on the RAW roster it can only be a matter of time before someone stakes a claim to the Championship that Kurt possesses.

And in the huge shake-up that the WWE draft last night, Stephanie McMahon is surely pleased with her roster and we will be hearing from the NEW General Manager on her plans for the four RAW Championship belts.

So far, two matches have been signed for the first show of the re-shuffled era. Shelton Benjamin will have to get over his loss in the Money in the Bank ladder match as he is set to take on Matt Striker for the Intercontinental Championship, while in tag team action Paul London & Brian Kendrick will face-off against the returning duo of Sean O’Haire & Mark Jindrak.

Plus expect appearances from the NEW European Champion Test, the NEW World Tag Team Champions MNM, Charlie Haas & Kane only on WWE RAW!

Confirmed Matches

Intercontinental Championship: Shelton Benjamin © vs. Matt Striker

Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. Sean O’Haire & Mark Jindrak

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Smackdown! Preview

IPB Image

In a new era of the WWE, Smackdown will be a very busy show.

Triple H became an 11 time WWE Champion at Wrestlemania 22, defeating John Cena, but now that he's on Smackdown and Cena's on RAW, who will challenge Triple H for the title? The #1 contendership is up for grabs so far, but won't be for long, according to new General Manager Shane McMahon.

Shane McMahon was appointed new General Manager of Smackdown at Wrestlemania, and he plans to change the face of Smackdown forever. He will start by naming new WWE Tag Champions. During the draft after Wrestlemania, Big Show and Kane, the WWE Tag Champs at the time, were split, Kane going to RAW, and Big Show going to Smackdown, so they had no choice but to forfeit the titles. Therefore Shane will announce a tournament for the WWE Tag Titles on Smackdown.

This will be the second ever WWE Tag Team Championship Tournament(he first being in late 2002 when the titles were first introduced). The first tournament gave us many wrestling classics, including the final match, where we saw Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit beat Edge and Rey Mysterio to capture the gold. Shane will announce all 8 teams involved on Smackdown, but he has already announced one of the matches. The first match of the tournament will be The Hardy Boyz vs. The Pitulls.

What else will Shane come up with this week on Smackdown? Tune in to find out!

Confirmed Matches

The Hardy Boyz vs. The Pitbulls - WWE Tag Team Championship Quarter Finals Match

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Monday 3rd April 2006

Jim Ross and John Bradshaw Layfield welcomed the fans to the New Generation of RAW. Bradshaw was asked about his defeat to Chris Benoit, to which Layfield no-sold and decided that he wanted to be join the commentary team as a brief re-cap of WrestleMania was followed by Mr. McMahon’s HUGE announcement about the reformation of the WWE.

Ringing in the changes

As the harrowing image of Vince McMahon faded away, the picture opened up on the brand new RAW General Manager, Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie started by welcoming the viewers to the new WWE brand and then promised them something different from everything before. She promised to run things her way and to leave her mark on the federation almost immediately by announcing the 2nd Gold Rush Tournament to crown the next #1 contender to Kurt Angle’s World Heavyweight Championship. Stephanie then proceeded to announce Booker T vs. John Cena and Batista vs. Joey Mercury for this evening and followed it up with Edge vs. Shelton Benjamin and Kane vs. Carlito next week.

Stephanie promised some more changes in the coming weeks but for now, the main event at Backlash was her main priority.


Tag Team Match

Jindrak & O'Haire vs. London & Kendrick

The opening match of the Stephanie era saw the return of Sean O’Haire and Mark Jindrak to the WWE ring as they took on the new RAW members Paul London and Brian Kendrick, and it was the smaller tag team that started brightest.

Jindrak and O’Haire seemed to be suffering a little ring-rust as they tried to grapple with the high-flyers and in the end, they resorted to underhand tactics to get their way and at one point, Sean O’Haire managed to flapjack Brian Kendrick onto an exposed turnbuckle before laying him out with the Widow-maker.

Paul London immediately tried to get involved but referee Nick Patrick held him back as Mark Jindrak entered and the former WCW Tag Team Champions hit a double power-bomb on the hapless Kendrick to record the victory.

After the match, Sean O’Haire and Mark Jindrak were celebrating on the ropes as Paul London carried Brian Kendrick to the back, all the while making sure that the former Natural Born Thrillers were very aware that it wasn’t over between the two teams.

Winners: Jindrak & O'Haire


72, 73


Commercial Break


A short promo for Bracket A of the Gold Rush Tournament aired as the video showcased Booker T, Batista, John Cena and Joey Mercury as potential finalists in two weeks time.

Tag Team Match

Charlie Haas & Shannon Moore vs. Test © & CM Punk

The four finalists in the European Tournament faced off as Test paired up with the exciting CM Punk to take on Shannon Moore and the defeated finalist, Charlie Haas. And it was the champion that looked the brightest as he quickly imposed himself on the two smaller men on the opposite team, before tagging in Punk who was a different kettle of fish and took Shannon Moore to the mat and began to work over his lower back with varying submission and little flips.

Moore did wriggle free of one move and then dived towards Charlie Haas, unleashing him from the ring apron as he attacked Punk and then chopped Test off the apron and as Test flew he was set upon by La Resistance. The re-uniting trio set upon Test, obviously stating their claim to the European Championship before rolling him back into the ring. In the commotion, John Finnegan seemed to lose focus of who was legal and as Charlie Haas pinned Test he made the count and awarded the match to Haas and Moore on dodgy grounds.

Winners: Charlie Haas & Shannon Moore


62, 77

Notes: Shannon Moore debuted his new gimmick (Highlight Reel). Test debuted his new gimmick (Anti-USA).

Midas Touch?

Backstage, Edge and Lita were with Kristal as she interviewed the Rated “R” Superstar ahead of his Gold Rush match next week. Edge reminded everyone that he was the man that won the first Gold Rush Tournament and despite not winning the belt on that occasion, Edge promised to make light work of Shelton Benjamin and prove he had the Midas Touch when it comes to the Gold Rush . Edge added that the level of intensity he would bring to the tournament would be a side of Edge that no-one has seen before, and that no-one would like.



Commercial Break


You could be so much more

Backstage Carlito was in his locker room, relaxing on a sofa as he “coached” two very pretty ladies. Carlito was telling the ladies how to perform Powerbombs and Hurricanranas on the mats that he had laid out when they fell forward into an uncompromising position. “Now, that’s COOL!” grinned Carlito as he watched ladies.

That was until CM Punk appeared in the doorway. Punk seemed disappointed by Carlito, claiming he wasn’t aware of the opportunity that was in front of him. CM Punk continued by claiming Carlito was a lazy hick that didn’t appreciate that in 27 days he could be World Heavyweight Champion but instead he was happy to play around with women in his locker room. Punk finished by adding that he was a warrior of the ring, and that if he was given even a sniff of the opportunity that Carlito had been presented with, he wouldn’t stop until he was completely prepared and ready to be crowned the Champion.

Carlito just shrugged, deciding “That’s not COOL!” before returning to his coaching session.


Singles Match

Intercontinental Championship

Shelton Benjamin © vs. Matt Striker

The Intercontinental Championship started with Matt Striker ranting in the ring that tonight he would show them how a true Champion acts. Striker ran down Shelton Benjamin as a wannabe play-boy who would be taught a lesson in the ring as they battled for Shelton’s Gold.

But it seemed that Benjamin had no hangover from the brutal Money in the Bank match as he sprang into action, interrupting Striker’s speech and dominating throughout. The reaction for Benjamin was mixed throughout as he used his natural ability to always keep Striker in check. However, Striker did get some meaningful offence in what was really a routine defence for Shelton as after he pushed his way out of a sleeper hold, Matt Striker was scooped around in the T-Bone Suplex and Benjamin kept his Championship.

But straight after the belt, Edge pounced from the crowd and thumped Shelton Benjamin with a steel chair laying him out cold on the mat. As the screen headed backstage, Edge seemed pretty with himself seven days before his showdown with Shelton Benjamin in the Gold Rush Tournament.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin


47, 63

Notes: Matt Striker debuted his new gimmick (Old School Heel), it got a positive response. The WWE Intercontinental title has lost image.


Commercial Break


You Won’t See Me

Backstage, Todd Grisham was with John Cena. The former WWE Champion did concede he was disappointed that he had lost at WrestleMania 22 to Triple H. However, Cena added that was a chapter in his life that will remain open until he and Triple H are back on the same brand. For now, The Dean of Thugamonics was focusing on the Gold Rush ahead, promising to leave RAW tonight still in the Tournament and well on his way to Backlash to once again be the top dog in the WWE.


OUR European Championship

Elsewhere backstage, La Resistance were back to their French loving selves. They blamed their reformation on the European Championship and promised to represent France with pride when they captured the belt for their own. However, this is where the inner fighting began as it seemed all three wanted to be crowned the European Champion.


Singles Match

Gold Rush Tournament

John Cena vs. Booker T w/Sharmell

The first Gold Rush Tournament kicked off as John Cena looked to return himself to the top of the WWE and Booker T looked to elevate himself to a title shot after promising so much during his debut a few years ago.

The match was a classic brawl with the crowd firmly behind the underdog Cena. Booker T played his heel role well as he and Sharmell looked to control Cena and cause an upset. Cena tried to battle back but it seemed Sharmell was doing an excellent job on the referee and after a low-blow, Booker T levelled Cena with the Scissor Kick to pull off a huge win and advance to the Gold Rush Semi-Finals.

Winner: Booker T


88, 64

Notes: Booker T gained overness from this match.


Commercial Break


I'm That DAMN Good

Coming back from the break and the camera’s got their first shot of the World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle. Kurt was on promo-form as he ran down every single competitor in the Gold Rush Tournament and promised to walk out of Backlash as the Champion just like he did at WrestleMania.

Kurt called Shelton a Momma’s boy, before focusing on the freak that is Kane and then to Edge; the flash-in-the-pan Champion. Angle again confirmed that although he expected to see the best that RAW has to offer win the Tournament, he’s just that DAMN good.



Singles Match

Gold Rush Tournament

Batista vs. Joey Mercury w/Johnny Nitro

And in the show's main event, Batista and Mercury squared off for the right to face Booker T. Technically the match was a shambles as both men struggled to find any rhythm competing against each other but the cheating ways of MNM and Batista's raw physical dominance was enough to keep the crowd involved as the two men looked to put away their former stable-mate.

But in the end, Batista managed to push his way out of a Snapshot and as Joey rebounded off the ropes, a Batista Bomb was waiting with his name on it as The Animal booked himself a match with Booker T.

And straight after the bell, Booker T ran from the entranceway, hoping to earn himself an advantage for their match-up but as he entered the ring, Batista was well aware of his attack and laid him out with a vicious Spinebuster as RAW went off the air. The Animal stood in the ring, motioning that he wanted his Championship back as Stephanie McMahon’s first show in charge ended.

Winner: Batista


90, 64

Overall Rating: 77%

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Weekly RAW News

-RAW drew a 6.90 rating on the USA Network this week. It is believed the high ratings were due to the Re-Shuffle of the rosters and hopefully the brand can continue to keep these high standards.

-There is no word out of the WWE are to who will win the Gold Rush Tournament. The company have released 8 potential Backlash posters to keep the smarks guessing with Kurt Angle pictured with the eight Gold Rush entrants even though John Cena and Randy Orton have been eliminated. Numerous theories have been thrown around.

-Ken Kennedy was kept off television this week as the WWE are trying to find a program for him. The impressive youngster doesn't have any obvious feud partners at the present time and the WWE don't want him doing nothing on television and rather he appeared with an impact.

-The tag team of Ken Doane and Johnny Jeter are set to be given a manager. No ideas yet on who the person will be although rumblings backstage have indicated everyone from Stephanie McMahon to the colour commentator John Bradshaw Layfield.

-Speaking of Layfield, it is believed that the big wigs were very impressed with his commentary and hope that he and J.R. can continue on a successful streak in the weeks to come.

-Paul Burchill is being re-packaged before debuting on RAW while MNM are set to appear on next week's show and lay down a challenge for Backlash.

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Nice first show Doughnut, I like the idea of the Gold Rush Tournament. I'd love to see an Angle vs. Batista match, and if it happens, hopefully they continue to feud after Backlash.

I'm guessing CM Punk's gonna feud with Carlito, but I may be wrong. Either way, should be a fun feud.

I love how you're booking the European Championship. Making Punk, Moore, Haas, Test, Dupree, Grenier and Conway in the division makes even the lower midcard fun to read about.

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IPB Image


Smackdown! 4/7/06

A new video package featuring Triple H, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit, Randy Orton, Rob Van Dam, and others appears with Smackdown's old music used in 2003-2004. Then the pryo goes off and we are underway!

In Ring Segment: Shane McMahon's music hits as he comes down to the ring and grabs a mic. Suprisingly, even after his feud with Shawn Michaels, Shane is heavily cheered. Shane starts off by saying how glad he is to finally be on Smackdown. He then talks about all the changes he is going to make on the show. One of them is the Tag Title situation. He realizes that there are no Tag Champions on Smackdown, and he is going to do something about it. He announces the second ever "WWE Tag Team Championship Tournament". The first one, founded by current RAW General Manager Stephanie McMahon, took place in 2002, and saw Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle as the first ever WWE Tag Champions. Well, tonight, that Tournament will start once again. Shane then announces the 8 teams involved. The Hardy Boyz(with a loud pop), The Pitbulls(with some boos), William Regal & Finlay(with loud boos), The Mexicools(with some cheers), Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch(with some jeers), Sylvester Terkay & Elijah Burke(with little reaction, but a few boos), Rey Mysterio & Chavo Guerrero(with loud cheers), and Chris Benoit & Rob Van Dam(with very loud cheers). Shane announces that tonight The Pitbulls will go against The Hardy Boyz and Chris Benoit & Rob Van Dam will go against William Regal & Finlay. Shane music hits again and he walks back up the ramp dancing around as the fans cheer him on.

Backstage Segment: The Hardy Boyz are shown backstage getting ready for their match.


Match: The Hardy Boyz vs. The Pitbulls

Ending: The Pitbulls have controlled most of the match, using alot of drity tricks towards their advantage. Late in the match Noble applies a Surfboard stretch to Jeff, but after a while Jeff finally muscles out of the hold, and fires up on Noble. Some hard right, and a couple clotheslines by Jeff. As Noble gets up, Jeff tries to kick him, but Noble catches his foot. Jeff then twists and kicks Noble with his other foot, knocking Noble down and allowing Jeff to make the hot tag! Matt comes in and fires up on both Kash and Noble. A hard right to Noble, a hard right to Kash, a clothesline to Noble, and a dropkick to Kash. Hardy then follows up by giving Noble the Side Effect, and goes for the cover. 1...2...No! Kash breaks up the three count! Kash then clubs Matt's back a few times, but now Jeff comes in to help. Jeff runs at Kash, but Kash dodges him. Jeff then runs up the turnbuckle and pulls off a Corkscrew splash on Kash! Kash is out cold, and Matt and Noble both make it to their feet. Noble tries to get Matt on his shoulders, but Matt drops behind him. Matt turns Noble around, and, Twist of Fate! Matt goes for the cover!


Winners: The Hardy Boyz (Match Time - 10:14)

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Nice idea, but a couple of flaws.

Namely punctuation, grammar and spelling (primarily on the Smackdown post).

The main flaw though is that Randy Orton appeared on both Raw AND Smackdown. On your draft he was sent to Smackdown, yet he fought Batista on Raw, then appeared on Smackdown aswell, think that might need clearing up!

Good work apart from that though.....

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The main flaw though is that Randy Orton appeared on both Raw AND Smackdown. On your draft he was sent to Smackdown, yet he fought Batista on Raw, then appeared on Smackdown aswell, think that might need clearing up!
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RAW Preview

Monday 10th April 2006

Can Edge Stop Him?

IPB Image

This week on RAW, Edge will be faced with the task of humbling the impressive Shelton Benjamin in the Gold Rush Tournament. Benjamin has been on an impressive streak for the past couple of months after reclaiming the Intercontinental Championship and the Rated ‘R’ Superstar, who promised to win his 2nd Gold Rush Tournament, will hope to have his number.

In the other Gold Rush match, Kane will face off with Carlito for the final semi-final spot. Carlito received an unwanted pep-talk from CM Punk last week but will it have done any good come his match-up with the 7’ monster that is Kane?

Elsewhere on the show, Sean O’Haire and Mark Jindrak will continue their in-ring return with a tag team match against Rob Conway and Rene Dupree of La Resistance. With the French origin trio focusing their attention on Test, it should mean that O’Haire and Jindrak can pull off another win, while in a three-way match for a shot at Test’s European Championship, Charlie Haas, Shannon Moore and Matt Striker will face off.

And despite his loss in the Gold Rush Tournament, Joey Mercury, along with Johnny Nitro will be making a statement regarding their World Tag Team Championships.

All this plus Kurt Angle, John Cena, Batista and Booker T only on WWE RAW!

Confirmed Matches

Gold Rush: Edge vs. Shelton Benjamin

Gold Rush: Kane vs. Carlito

Sean O’Haire & Mark Jindrak vs. Rob Conway & Rene Dupree

Charlie Haas vs. Shannon Moore vs. Matt Striker

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Smackdown! News

*SPOILER WARNING* - Some of these aritcles may contain spoilers. You were warned.

Credit to nodq.com

The 4/7 edition of Smackdown drew a 3.4 overall rating. Although the rating is almost twice as low as the RAW rating, it is still considered high, because the show is on Friday nights.

Although it is not confrimed, the main event of Judgment Day may be Triple H vs. Undertaker. This may change, because Shawn Michaels wants to go into surgery after Judgment Day for his nagging knee injury he's had since 2005, and he wants just one more main event match before he leaves, so it is definatley not guaranteed that Undertaker will main event the show.

Randy Orton and Big Show will definatley not main event Judgment Day though. It has been said that Orton will most likely get into a program with Chavo Guerrero, continuing from his feud with Rey. The feud won't be based on Eddie's death though, it will be mainly focused on Orton ridiculing Chavo for always being Rey's "sidekick". And Big Show will most likely get into a small program with Chris Benoit. It has been said that WWE wants to turn Big Show heel again, and Big Show will most likely start by feuding with Benoit.

There have been a few rumors floating around that WWE wants to put Smackdown back on Thursday nights. Reports claim that their contract with UPN, which usually ends in the fall, actually will end in early summer. WWE is said to have plans of moving away from the UPN network and going on the USA network with RAW, on Thursday nights. But, remember these are just rumors, WWE hasn't confrimed a thing yet.

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Monday 10th April 2006

So Many Contenders, One Little Tournament

RAW opened with it’s familiar firework display before the arena nearly exploded as Kurt Angle made his way to the ring to a huge reaction from the crowd. The Olympic Hero immediately took a microphone and simply stated that the sight of him with the World Heavyweight Championship around his waist was something the WWE fans would get used to seeing. That caused a huge cheer from the crowd and as Kurt promised to hold the Championship until he was ready to give it up, seemed to make them cheer even more.

Kurt was in total promo mood as he ran down Kane again, promising that no matter how big his opponent was at Backlash, Kurt Angle was that DAMN GO-

Angle was stopped as Ken Kennedy made his first appearance in a WWE ring since the re-shuffle. Kennedy strolled to the ring and with a furious Kurt Angle standing only feet away. Kennedy delivered his now familiar introduction. BUT… it didn’t stop there as Kennedy introduced the future Gold Rush Winner and the NEXT World Heavyweight Champion… BOOKER T!!!



But as Booker’s music hit the airways, he didn’t appear on the stage. Instead, Kurt Angle was blindsided by Booker coming through the crowd as Kennedy and Booker T pummelled Angle in the centre of the ring.

The attacked continued as Kennedy held Angle up for the Scissor Kick before Booker tried to take the World Heavyweight Championship so he could hold it, but as he did Batista’s music hit and The Animal stormed the ring, chasing Kennedy and Booker T off.

Kennedy and Booker T exchanged words with Batista as they backed up the ramp as The Animal checked on the down Kurt Angle.


Notes: Ken Kennedy gained overness from this segment.

Tag Team Match

Jindrak & O’Haire vs. La Resistance (Rob Conway & Rene Dupree w/Sylvan Grenier)

Sean O’Haire and Mark Jindrak were in the ring once again for the opening match on RAW as the duo faced off with two thirds of La Resistance in Rob Conway and Rene Dupree. Sylvan Grenier was also there but it seemed that La Resistance were having issues with each other, seemingly having not sorted things out from last week as the two teams clashed.

Both teams had periods in control of their opposition with Grenier proving to be a useful addition to his team as his general distraction proved to be very helpful at key moments in the contest. But it was simply the sight on one man that finished off a pretty exciting tag team match as the very proud Canadian, Test appeared on the stage. His presence distracted all three La Resistance members an Sean O’Haire was able to thump Rene Dupree with The Prophecy while Mark Jindrak hit the Death Mark on Rob Conway to keep the duo’s impressive return to the WWE on track.

After the bell, Grenier considered attacking but thought better of it as Jindrak and O’Haire occupied the ring and were just waiting for him.

Winners: Jindrak & O'Haire


69, 75


Commercial Break


There are other teams so there is no need for us

After the commercial, the camera opened up on the World Tag Team Champions relaxing in a hotel room. Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro were lying on a bed, drinking cocktails and watching the WWE broadcast.

As the camera opened on them, they turned to address the tag team division or lack there of. “There is no point for us to be on RAW, as well there is no-one to challenge us for out title belts,” smiled Mercury before drinking from his tall glass. “Until someone can prove to us that they are good enough to be even in the same ring as us, we’ll be spending our time with Ashton, Paris and Lindsay…”

MNM waved goodbye from their hotel room as the camera returned to the arena.


The NEW Dean System

Around the arena, Simon Dean’s music hit and the fitness instructor launched himself onto the stage, carrying obviously his product. Dean introduced the crowd’s to the New Dean System. A nutritional system that he has developed to help even the best athletes, become great. Dean said he was so sure of his product that he had even trained two men up with them living off his system.

Those two men would be the poster boys of the New Dean System brand as Simon Dean introduced Ken Doane and Johnny Jeter to the ring. The two young charges posed for the crowd as Simon Dean issued an open challenge to any tag team in the back to come out and take his prime species to which the music of Paul London and Brian Kendrick started.


Tag Team Match

New Dean System (Ken Doane & Johnny Jeter w/Simon Dean) vs. Brian Kendrick & Paul London

Kendrick and London stormed to the ring to take on the brand new tag team and were immediately met by double cross-bodies from the former Spirit Squad members. The New Dean System dominated the two on the outside of the ring before rolling them in and getting the match started, and it truly was a breath-taking match.

While, Doane and Jeter appeared to be still getting used to each other, it was compensated by Simon Dean’s antics on the outside and the four men’s willingness to put their bodies on the line. But it was outside interference that interrupted the classic encounter as Sean O’Haire pulled Paul London off the apron. That left Ken Doane with the chance to hit Brian Kendrick with the Simonizer to record the victory for the New Dean System.

But what happened after that was just strange. Sean O’Haire and Mark Jindrak stomped on Brian Kendrick and Paul London while the New Dean System celebrated, only for Matt Striker and seemingly his new tag team partner Paul Burchill to interrupt and cause a four team brawl.

Striker and Burchill were the last team left standing as they laid out all three teams and then stood together as WWE RAW headed for a commercial.

Winners: New Dean System


65, 78

Notes: Paul Burchill debuted his new gimmick (Lackey), it got a positive response.


Commercial Break


Three Way Dance

#1 Contendership to the European Championship

Charlie Haas vs. Matt Striker vs. Shannon Moore

The #1 Contendership to Test’s Championship was on the line as the victorious tag team from last week faced off with Matt Striker. The match was a horrible clash of styles as Haas and Stryker looked uncomfortable with the unpredictable ball of speed that is Shannon Moore flying around.

And with Test providing colour commentary along with J.R. and JBL, each of the trio had something to prove. The match wore on with each one trying to impose themselves with the flamboyant Shannon Moore really delighting with his aerial take downs and his apparent disregard for his body as he hit a dropkick on Haas and followed it up with a second rope moonsault.

Striker brought him down a peg or two though, catching him in mid-air and showing considerable strength to power him to the mat with a shoulder breaker before locking in his Detention before Charlie Hass recovered enough to German Suplex Striker from sitting and then apply his own Haas of Pain to Shannon Moore to record the victory and earn himself a shot at the European.

Although straight after the match, there was no fighting as Test simply backed up the ramp pointing at the belt; promising to never let it slip into Haas’ possession.

Winner: Charlie Haas


58, 73

I Set The Standards

The match was followed by Edge making his way to the ring. The Rated ‘R’ Superstar was just out in the ring just to warn everyone about the match they were set to see in the main event. Edge confirmed that the match would be Rated ‘R’ as he promised to truly embarrass Shelton Benjamin in a match that would be so brutal and vicious that he advised parents to think long and hard about letting their children watch it.

But naturally, Edge was interrupted by the man he was set to face tonight as Shelton Benjamin made his way to the ring. Benjamin said he pitied Edge for thinking so much of himself, as it would only lead to disappointment. Shelton reminded Edge and every single WWE fan out there that he was a roll as of late with the only exception being the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania.

Edge simply reminded Shelton Benjamin that he won the 1st Money in the Bank match and the first Gold Rush Tournament and just when he looked like we would get a preview of the show’s main event, security poured out of the locker room, followed by Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie announced that she didn’t want the future of her company risking themselves in an unsanctioned brawl, but Benjamin and Edge even managed to quarrel over who she was referring to as security moved them apart and made sure they left peacefully.


Notes: Shelton Benjamin's turn was completed, and he is now a face. Shelton Benjamin gained overness from this turn.

Tag Team Match

Kurt Angle & Batista vs. Booker T & Ken Kennedy

The tag team match that brewed out of the opening segment was next as Booker T and his new associate Ken Kennedy took on the team of Angle and Batista; and it was the World Heavyweight Champion that started brightest, really going for Booker T before Ken Kennedy launched himself into the ring and went for Angle.

However as the match continued it seemed as though there was some tension between Batista and Kurt Angle. Last week on RAW, Batista did make the “belt” around his waist and the fact that The Animal was still in the Gold Rush Tournament meant that Batista was happy to let Kurt remain in the ring for long periods but in the end, it seemed that Booker T and Batista’s rivalry just went up a notch as Booker hit a low-blow on The Animal and with Kurt Angle just watching on Booker T hit a Scissor Kick for the win and the HUGE boost ahead of their match-up next week on RAW in the Gold Rush Semi-Finals.

Winners: Booker T & Ken Kennedy


78, 67

Notes: Ken Kennedy gained overness from this match.


Commercial Break


Singles Match

Gold Rush Tournament

Kane vs. Carlito

As RAW returned from commercial the first Gold Rush Tournament match was set to take place as Carlito and the Big Red Machine made their way to the ring, and the match started really brightly with Carlito going for Kane’s legs with a couple of baseball slides. And Kane even tried different things, scaling to the top rope to clothesline the crap out of Carlito’s neck in quite an interesting match-up and it seemed as though Carlito may have done enough to secure the win as he prepared himself to hit his Swinging Neckbreaker, when CM Punk appeared on the stage.

The distraction caused Carlito to walk to the ropes and scream at him, but as Carlito turned around he walked straight into Kane’s CHOKESLAM as the Big Red Machine moved a step closer to the Backlash Main Event.

After the bell, CM Punk climbed in the ring and just stood over the broken body of Carlito and shook his head in disgust.

Winner: Kane


79, 75

Kristal Asks…

This time with Kristal, Kurt Angle was involved in another segment as he sat down with Kristal and had a serious interview.

Kurt spoke about his career, retaining at WrestleMania 22 and basically his plans for the future which involved remaining Champion for as long as possible. The interview was a few short minutes as Kristal asked Kurt about the contenders that were left, but Angle simply replied that he felt no-one could keep up with him in the ring so he expected to walk out of Backlash as Champion.


Notes: Kurt Angle lost overness from this segment. Kristal Marshall gained overness from this segment.


Singles Match

Gold Rush Tournament

Shelton Benjamin vs. Edge w/Lita

The main event of the night saw the Intercontinental Champion facing off with the former WWE Champion in a really interesting match. In the early beginnings, Edge seemed very aware of Shelton’s natural ability and so fled from the ring on more than one occasion as well as hiding behind the referee and using Lita as a barrier.

His actions only caused to infuriate Shelton and seemingly looking to end things, Shelton took to the top rope as Edge spoke to the referee about his “injury.” Lita pushed the Intercontinental Champion from the top rope before Edge took him down with the Spear and then the Edge-O-Cution to pick up the unlikely win.

RAW ended with Edge pacing up the ramp as Shelton Benjamin watched on from the ring, looking very pissed off.

Winner: Edge


83, 78

Overall Rating: 74%

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RAW News

-RAW drew a 6.88 rating for the second show of the Re-Shuffle. This is down 0.02 points on last week and it is believed the hype surrounding the shuffle is beginning to wear off. The WWE are very happy with the rating and will have no problem if it were to drop a little bit more before steadying out.

-It is believed that Kurt Angle was used too much last week. He was involved in two interview segments, and although he was a good choice to debut Kristal Marshall’s “Kristal Asks…” it is thought that someone else could have been brought in. Expect numerous WWE RAW stars to be on the “show” in the coming weeks.

-The WWE has high hopes for the Tag Team Division on RAW. The new teams of Sean O’Haire and Mark Jindrak, Matt Striker & Paul Burchill and Doane & Jeter are all well regarded by Dean Malenko who has been given the job of improving the reputation of the Tag Team Gold. MNM will be at the top of the division for a while though, as the new teams settle themselves.

-Officials are pleased that Ken Kennedy has settled well into his role as Booker T’s new assistant. Sharmell was missing from the show due to a back injury, and it is now believed that Kennedy will act as Booker’s personal ring announcer in the coming weeks.

-The European Division is said to be exciting fans again with Test and Charlie Haas set to be pushed with the Championship, and eventually ear-marked for future glories in the WWE.

-WWE.com announced two matches for WWE Backlash this week with Carlito facing CM Punk, while Test will defend European Championship against Charlie Haas. The show will be going out on Sunday 30th April and is sponsored by McDonalds.

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IPB Image


Smackdown! 4/14/06

Smackdown first comes on with a highlight video of last week's main event. Their intro video then plays and pyro goes off afterwards, and we are underway!

Match: The Mexicools vs. Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

Ending: The Mexicools have had the upper hand in the match so far with their high flying stle, but once Super Crazy went for a diving body slash, Trevor Murdoch caught him and gave him a spinebuster. Ever since then Cade and Murdoch have been isolating Crazy from his partner. But once Crazy tagged in Psicosis, things started to heat up. Psicosis hit a dropkick on Cade, a Spinning Wheel kick on Murdoch, and a spinning hurricanrana on Cade. Psicosis then went to tag in Crazy again, but Murdoch knocked Crazy off the apron. Psicosis then turned around towards Murdoch, and Cade came from behind and they both hit the TNT on Psicosis. Murdoch then goes for the cover!


Winners: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (Match Time - 8:14)

Edited by Foppa
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Smackdown! News

*SPOILER WARNING* - Some of these aritcles may contain spoilers. You were warned.

Credit to nodq.com

The 4/14 edition of Smackdown drew a 3.7 overall rating. There rating is still miles lower than RAW, but it is steadily rising. The main atraction of the show was the main event, which the last half hour got a 3.9.

So the main event of Judgment Day is Triple H vs. Undertaker for the WWE Championship. Michaels was going to win, but he thought of an idea of him turing heel and feuding with RVD, leading to them facing each other at Judgment Day, and having RVD go over, and Michaels then heading off to get knee surgery. Other matches that are planned for Judgment Day are Benoit vs. Big Show, Orton vs. Chavo, and a slight possibility of Mysterio vs. Mark Henry.

There is talk of having the tournament finals for the WWE Tag Championships to be The Hardys vs. Finlay & Regal for Judgment Day.

Rumors for Smackdown moving to thursday nights are floating around even more. There is talk of WWE having a meeting in the near future to address their information on the matter, if there is any at all.

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Unfortunatley, I am unable to continue this diary. Flat_Doughnut says he doesn't want to continue with the diary, so there will be no RAW show. And just making a Smackdown show for now on is kinda pointless, and I don't want to do two shows a week, that would take up too much of my time. So, I'm ditching this diary sadly. I am gonna make a 2003 diary though, since there are no 2003 diaries going on currently in the diary dome.

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