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  1. Is there anywhere I can find a TEW pic pack with all of the pictures on clear or white backgrounds?
  2. Month one of Wrestling Supercards is now live!

    Managers can now enter some tournaments!

  3. The Player's Guide is a lovely touch. Mind if I ask how many workers etc. are involved? And yet to debut workers?
  4. Anyone got a head shot of Ultimo Panda and/or Super Panda?
  5. Works for me. EDIT: Could you pop it on the grey background?
  6. I like the font - can we keep it and change the Pro Wrestling parts to something "regular"? And can we change the layout so it reads: Pro Wrestling THUNDER with the bolt in the background.
  7. Could someone fix me up with a logo, suitable for use in TEW and a diary? The promotion name is Pro Wrestling THUNDER so I'd the logo to focus on the THUNDER part with a thunder bolt through one of the letter and the "Pro Wrestling" parts nestled on top. Hopefully that makes sense.
  8. Sometimes I think about you.

  9. Where can I download EWR and iDOM?

  10. You're not on enough anymore.

    Be on more.

    I miss your borderline obsessive nerdiness about The Colony. :(

  11. Bebe looked pretty sharp down the right wing. In the first 45 minutes, he was the better of the three attackers that we played. Not the greatest prospect but playing week in, week out could see him turn into a really decent winger. Maybe he just needs a loan next season to the Championship.
  12. Who the hell is advising Wayne? That is the most horrible ten days of PR I have ever seen. Horrible, horrible stuff. At the very least... He should have been at the Stoke game and not in Dubai. Or if he couldn't go that... At least be seen to be watching the game on television.
  13. Does anyone with a blog know how I can find out where my hits come from? I've had 285 hits in three days but I can't see which search engines they are from

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DJ Ice
    3. Jake O. Rhodes

      Jake O. Rhodes

      If you can add widgets on your blog then you can use StatCounter to track your traffic.

    4. Tarheels.


      Sitemeter is the one that I use for my blog.

  14. Thank you good sir. You are too kind.

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