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TNA "Staying alive"


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TNA "Staying alive"

{Not really much of a backstory a brief history lesson from the start of TNA up until my diary begins}

In early 2002, father and son promoters Jerry Jarrett and Jeff Jarrett announced the launch of a new wrestling organisation, which they hoped fans would embrace as a viable alternative to the WWE.

The proposal was as follows: NWA:TNA would stage an event each Wensday night which would be broadcast line on pay-per-view in the united states and canada, Worse was to come for the TNA viewers.

After paying for the pleasure the fans would receive a product which had inferior values and who's biggest stars where Ken Shamrock, Scott Hall, Buff Bagwell and Jarrett himself most of these had never been over with the fans or had been released or never even past the mid-card level.

Due to the low-budget presentation and shortage of star power, Jerry and Jeff as well as TNA where fighting a losing battle before they had even promoted there first show

Tna's first ppv went ahead and it immediately showed another problem with the promotion.

The league seemed to have no identity or direction for which they where hoping to head into but TNA's real success was the X-division.

Also Vince Russo was on board as a consultant/ideas man from the start the Jarrett's where reluctant to admit that they where associated with Russo as this could be bad for business after all he was being sued from Hulk Hogan at the time for the incident at WCW's bash at the beach.

TNA's ppv tapings where taking place in Huntsville, Alabama due to the falling budget and not enougth ppv buys TNA moved to Nashville Fairgrounds nicknamed the TNA asylum this was due to poor ticket sale's, Wrestlers had there earnings cut and top talent was only used if necessary....but despite all this TNA was losing the battle and fans where losing interest with the already crumbling promotion before it had even taken off.

After August 2002 it was announced that there would be no further live ppv's for the foreseable future for which many thought was the death of TNA for promotion who was trying to gain ground to work on into the future however.

TNA resurfaced in september 2002 with a show featuring Scott Hall and Sean Waltman both of the men commanded $2,000 per appearance TNA was hoping that these two stars would be there answer to the fans and the promise land.

Hall and Waltman where not the answers they where looking for money was fading fast and the fans where tried of the stale product and Hall and Waltman had done nothing of note on the show in late October a life-line came like an Angel to them Panda Energy they invested heavily in TNA the deal was structured in such a way that Jeff and Jerry retained a financial interest and that they and not Vince Russo remained in charge of booking.

This meant that TNA could actually for the first time they could spend real money on an image and a good roster.

TNA increased talent budget in an attempt to atract new viewers in which they got Roddy Piper and Curt Henning and Vader and signed most of the regular crew to contracts with the financial pressure off the promotion started to come together most of the Russo written stuff had already been canned by then in its place was a new era the era of the X-Division also a good tag team as champions known as America's most wanted and a World title which was put over every week by Mike Tenay and Don West.

Jeff Jarrett's fist title win came on November 27th with a win over Ron Killings in which both men spoke about what the NWA world title meant to them also this match marked the on screen debut of Vince Russo who's interference helped Jarrett win the belt.

This however caused upheaveal both on screen and off but the Jarrett's insisted that he was talent only why where they saying this becuase everyone knew that Russo was writing the weekly shows and the Jarrett's had the final say on them.

But much to the amazemnet of a lot of internet sites and magazine's on wrestling and many fan's Vince Russo wasnt harming the product he was aided it despit its many losses TNA was in its strongest postion yet at the end of 2002.

Then on January 22, 2003 came the first headline the grab many fans "Defection of WWE wrestler" the defecting wrestler was actually Raven who debuted and attacked Jarrett and stole his World title belt, Raven hadnt really defected hed been really defected of course the WWE had realeased him.

Now as we look at TNA the elevation of AJ Style's is happening Styles is growing into the role of the super arogant heel and TNA have dug deep into the pockets of Panada and lured Sting into the first of hopefully many appearances for the company....Can styles convince the jury that he is a worthy champion.

NWA World Champion

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AJ Styles

June 11, 2003 defeats Jeff Jarrett & Raven

NWA Tag team Champion's

IPB Image

America's Most Wanted

June 25, 2003 defeat Elix Skipper & Chris Daniels

X-Division Champion

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Chris Sabin

May 14, 2003 defeating Amazing Red & Jerry Lynn

Don’t start and stop multiple diaries. It's the oldest most basic rule in The Dome.
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TNA on ppv

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from Nashville Fairgrounds aka the TNA Asylum

6th August 2003

Alter Boy Luke vs Jimmy Rave

This was a dark match before the show started to make sure the fans got into the Nashville Fairground on time and get to there seat's as well as collecting any needed food.

The match was fast and action packed for a dark match as Rave showed a lot fancy moves and holds before locking on The Satellite Crossface, the pain was too much for Luke to bear forcing him to tap out and giving Jimmy Rave the win.

Overall Rating: 54%

Main show starts

The show opened up with Raven already standing in the ring alone, as the fans in Nashville look on as he takes to the microphone ready to cut his promo.

"You see AJ Styles its real simple why im out here i wanna restore order and respect into the NWA title which you have around your waist and i will do anything in my power to get that title shot if i have to physically rip out your worthless spine and urinate on it i will, becuase there's no chance no chance that im gonna lose my shot again"

The fans seem in shock and awe at Raven's challenge to AJ Styles never the less it should have got the champions attention it got most of the fans attention.

Overall Rating: 83%

Chase Stevens vs Kid Romeo

A good solid opener for the show with Chase Stevens and Kid Romeo working well together in the match, wasnt a bad match until Stevens tag team partner Cassidy O'Reilly came in and superkicking the hell out of him while the ref wasnt looking which sent Stevens away with the win, Stevens and O'Reilly walk backstage looking pleased with themselves that there plan worked well.

Overall Rating: 52%

The action reverts to the backstage area where Shane Douglas is about to interview Jeff Jarrett, Shane Douglas reveals to the fans that he standing in for the normal interviewer Goldy locks.

"Jeff Jarrett after seeing what Raven had to say early on and the challenge he proposed to the NWA Champion AJ Styles what do you have to say about that"

"Well what can i say....but if Raven thinks he getting a rematch with Aj Styles he can get back in the line, it was him that was pinned in that triple threat match hell man i wasnt even pinned and i lost the title"

"Well those are the rule's Jeff"

"Shut the hell slappy,you see i plan on beating AJ Styles for that title belt and mark my words he pray at the feet of worthy champion so why dont you choke on that"

"Oh you the man Jarrett you tell him not to mess with Mr Big around here" Ron Killings comes into the shot Jarrett takes one look at him before letting out a sigh "and what in the hell do you want".

"I just wanted to come here and see what makes you think you can beat AJ Styles and what actually gives you the right to even face him becuase i bet that....." Jarrett begins to smile "So let me gets this straight you would actually put money on the fact that i couldnt beat AJ Styles here tonight in the TNA asylum well i tell you what put your money where your mouth is becuase tonight ill take on AJ Styles and i will beat him and become the new NWA Champion" Jarrett and Killings shake hands as the bet is on, Douglas looks on

Overall Rating: 85%

David Flair vs Elix Skipper

David Flair brought out his burlap sack and placed it at ringside with his weapons safely at ringside the match began.

Elix opens up with some speedy moves and a spinning back kick knocking David to the ground only for him to come back with some of his own.

Elix comes back from a rebound off the rope's and goes for the clothesline but misses it crashing into the ref before David drops him to the ground with a dropkick before getting out the ring and going to his bag of tricks, he places his hand in the bag before bringing out a frying pan and getting back into the ring.

Skipper is just getting up from off the canvas as David comes over and swings at him with the pan but Skipper ducks and snatches the pan from David and pans him straight over the head with it and hitting David with a swinging rock-bottom and covering him the ref comes around at a very good time for Skipper to make the count.

Overall Rating: 52%

NWA X Title Match

Chris Sabin©vs Jerry Lynn

Chris Sabin the champion is hoping to retain the title while Lynn would probally be happy with the fist of his X-division reigns as champion.

Pure speed was the factor in this match not fancy holds just pure speed and takedowns off both men who took to the air on several ocassions in the match inside and outside the ring.

A true highlight was when Sabin jumped onto the top rope before throwing himself on top of Lynn who was outside the ring knocking him back down.

There was plenty of blocks and reversals by both men hoping for the other one to slip up but both men where on top of there game and wanted to be champion.

In the end it was a cheap win for Chris Sabin after he removed the turnbuckle padding as Lynn came running over and Sabin darted out of the way and smashed his head into the steel, which set up Sabin for the pin.

Not a bad match, maybe a bad finish for Sabin who was dominant in the match and some feel he didnt need to cheat to win but as people say its a win and that all that matters.

Overall Rating: 69%

NWA Tag Team Title Match!

Shark Boy And New Jack vs America's Most Wanted©

America's most wanted the most dominant and best tag team in TNA right now where hoping to come away with there title belts still around there waist as they took on the odd couple of New Jack and Shark Boy.

Shark Boy quickly gets underway by dropkicking both members of AMW before the match had even started, as Shark Boy uses a basement dropkick to keep the legal man James Storm on the floor as New Jack flys over the top rope ontop of Chris Harris.

While New Jack is outside the ring busy with Harris, Storm quickly powerslams Shark Boy to the floor and goes for the pin,New Jack see's whats going on and quickly enters the ring and goes to drop the elbow to break the pin as he does Storm moves out of the way. New Jacks elbow drop hits Shark Boy in the crotch before New Jack turns around and gets a clothesline to the neck, before Storm pins Shark Boy for the win and to retain there tag team belts.

Overall Rating: 67%

AJ Styles and Vince Russo quickly make there way to the ring before the math, they quickly inform the crowd that the upcoming match with Jarrett and Styles would now be a non-title match as Jeff Jarrett isnt the number one contender.

AJ Styles vs Jeff Jarrett

Jarrett seems pretty miffed that the match will be a non title one since Vince Russo decided to change the rule's but Jarrett still has that bet to keep so he fights the match like its a world title match regardless that is a non title contest his pride must be one the line scott hudson informs us.

Styles comes running at Jarrett but Jarrett grabs hold of him and brings him down onto his knee with a backbreaker, Jarrett goes for the pin but cant keep styles shoulder down. Russo quickly distracts Jarret from ringside.

As the two have a war of words with each other, this buys Styles some time to get up before Jarrett turns around.

AJ is already to his feet by the time Jarrett turns and hits him with a dropkick and goes for the pin but Jarrett gets his feet on the ropes breaking the pin.

Styles begins to assualt Jarretts face with some mounted punches but the ref stops him which buys Jeff some time to recover.

As Jarrett gets to his feet AJ runs over but Jarrett catches him and side-chokeslams him to the mat.

Jarrett is about to set him up for the stroke,As Russo quickly distracts the ref.

Jarrett gets ready to pick AJ up but someone grabs hold of his hand and spins him around before slamming his own guitar into his face....Jarrett falls to the floor as Ron Killings stands there with the remaining bit of Jarrett's guitar in his hand before getting out of the ring and going backstage not before shouting to Jarrett "I won the bet".

AJ Styles quickly covers Jarrett for the win.

Overall rating:(81%)

Styles begins to carry on his attack on Jeff Jarrett giving him a few sharp kicks before he begins to unload on him with some mounted punches he signals to Russo to get him a chair from out of the crowd Raven hits the ring stopping Styles and Russo in there tracks, Raven just stands there as if daring them to make the first move as TNA on PPV goes off the air

Overall Rating: 84%

* I have just sorted out a few mistakes i have just spotted after i re-read through it and i have added a few more things to the promo's and match's sorry if there is a few more mistake's in there.

I hope you all enjoy the read and thank you for viewing*

Edited by Lex Luther
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Brief TNA news

A broken leg has put Sabu on the sidelines for the next 7 months hopefully he will make a full recovery and the injury wont nag at him on his return to TNA.

What will AJ Styles do in his quest to defeat Raven and remain the NWA champion and will Jeff Jarrett be on the war path with Ron Killings, this feud all started over a bet which went wrong.

While Raven's quest is about respect and tradition and to restore honour into the NWA title, around the waist of AJ Styles and hopefully soon around the waist of Raven.

Shark Boy will demand answers this week from New Jack after there loss to America's most wanted last week.

Also Low-Ki is set to take on Chris Sabin for the X-divsion title at the next show, rumors and reports are coming in that Frank Shamrock could be at the next show ? have TNA made him an offer who know's

Also Buff Bagwell has checked into a rehad clinic and will be taking two to three month's off the road.

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AJ Styles

This AJ Style's thing is pissing me off already.. which ain't a good start.. make sure you double check your grammar and recourses before starting a diary..


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TNA on PPV preview.

This week at the TNA Asylum in Nashville the lineup looks like this.

Raven will Vs a wrestler of AJ Styles choice.

If Raven beats wins, next week AJ Styles will Vs a team of Ravens choice in a handicap match, as this war with Raven and AJ Styles heats up for the NWA Chanpionship.

Jeff Jarrett has found a master plan to make Ron Killings life a living hell in TNA when he brings in some back up to as Jarrett puts it "Take out the trash"

Shark Boy will be seeking answers from New Jack after there loss in search for tag team gold

And speaking of the tag team champions America's most wanted will take on Chase Stevens and Cassidy O'Reilly.

In the X-division Chris Sabin will hope to retain his title when he faces Low-Ki.

Anyone have any predictions on who AJ Styles has picked for Raven to Vs....?

And who is Jeff Jarrett bringing in to take out the trash known as Ron Killings ?

Also who's gonna walk out of TNA as the X-division and tag team champions ?

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from the Nashville Fairgrounds aka the TNA Asylum

*Main show starts*

The show open's up with a video package showing last week's action from TNA on PPV with Raven and AJ Styles squaring off with each other in the ring as the fans where on there feet.

The camera goes to the backstage interview area where Goldylocks who has returned to TNA is standing by with Ron Killings and is about to get his thoughts on why he attacked Jeff Jarrett last week and what are his thought's are going into his match tonight agaisnt Jarrett's master plan.

"Im standing by with Ron Killings, who last week had a bet with Jeff Jarrett saying that he couldnt beat AJ Styles and yet Jarrett was on the verge of winning the match until you came out and attacked him causing AJ Styles to win the match, what everyone wants to know is why did you do this"

"What can i say well the Truth would be a start....the reason i attacked Jeff Jarrett was becuase it wasnt over a stupid bet oh no it was much greater, i was aksed to take out Jarrett by a certain someone and i did what i was told to do,And now im a lot richer and more powerful here in TNA and the fans know im the one who cost Jeff Jarrett a victory over that punk AJ Styles and Jarrett has a master plan for me tonight he thinks im trash and he's gonna take me out get over it bro becuase The Killings never fails and i might just have a few tricks that i can use"

Overall Rating: 78%

Shark Boy vs New Jack

After there loss last week to America's most wanted, and the low-blow Shark Boy received from New Jack he wants answers and this match might be the only that this can be resolved

Shark Boy showed some speed in the match but New Jack looked tough and ready to go as the two partners went at it in the opening match.

Usally in a Partner Vs Partner match they show each other respect, but New Jack upset Shark Boy for the win by holding onto his tights and getting the three count and the win.

Shark Boy seems pretty miffed and quickly exits the ring while New Jack celebrates the cheap win he had over his tag team partner can they both trust each other now after the recent match as things still seem un-resolved and it looks like a new sore has been opened for the two.

Overall Rating: 59%

The actions goes backstage to Vince Russo's office as he stand there about to announce Ravens oppnent for tonight main event in the fall's count anywhere match.

"Tonight Raven will Vs a wrestler of AJ Styles choice and he has picked someone, Raven and this man have a whole lot of history you could say Extreme history tonight in that very ring on one corner it will be Raven and on the other it will be......The Sandman"

The crowd are in shock at what they have heard Raven Vs The Sandman right here tonight on TNA on PPV.

Overall Rating: 70%

NWA Tag Team Title Match!

America's Most Wanted© vs Hotshots

Amerca's Most Wanted had a good victory victory over Shark Boy and New Jack last week to retain the NWA Tag Team Titles, They hope to keep the gold around there waist's by any means they can.

Hotshots member Chase Stevens had a good win over Kid Romeo with the help from Cassidy O'Reilly last week as both men from Hotshots look ready and focused.

Harris and Stevens will start the match.

America's most wanted where in control as they singled out Chase Stevens before irish-whipping him into the turnbuckle before James Storm kept hold of his body as Chris Harris ran over and smashed straight into him with a clothesline, O'Reily tried to break up the two on one but Amw just beat the hell out of him making the tag team title defence look very easy to them.

James Storm climbs out of the ring with O'Reily as Harris ddt's Stevens to the mat before covering him for the pin, from the outside Storm grabs ahold of Stevens legs and keeps ahold of them as the ref makes the three count.

Amerca's most wanted come away with the win but by cheating but they wont complain they keep there title belts.

Overall Rating: 66%

NWA X Title Match!

Chris Sabin© vs Low Ki

Sabin the champion who beat Jerry Lynn last week looks to take on the force of Low Ki who is a lot better amd faster than Jerry Lynn and is a dominant force in the X-division both of the men relied on speed and high-flying tactics as well as trying to keep each other grounded from the air.

The match carried on for 15 minutes with both men just getting two counts on each other, both men put in a hard effort into the match but in the end the time limit expired, the match was declared draw as both men shake each others hand in respect of the contest and fight.

Both men showed the heart of a true champion as the fans show a lot of respect to them and the viewers at home relize what the X-divsion is all about week in and week out here in TNA.

Overall Rating: 61%

Ron Killings Vs ?

Killings had no idea who he was to Vs tonight as he stood in the ring, Jeff Jarrett made his way out onto the ramp with Ron and Don the Harris brothers coming behind him as they get in to the ring Jarrett shouts at them "Take out the trash boys".

Killings will Vs both men in a handicap match as the bell signals the start of the match.

Both men quickly pick away at Killings knocking him to the canvas and beating the hell out of him with a few double team moves.

Both brothers distract the Ref as from the outside Jarrett smashes his guitar over the head of Killings allowing both men to pick up Killings and do a massive H-bomb allowing them to get the win as Jarrett looks pleased with there handy work both of the brother's continue to beat up Killings before the refs and backstage staff arrive to pull all three men away from ringside as Killings lies in the ring after the brutal three on one attack.

What is Killings going to do next week

Overall Rating: 60%

The cameras go to the backstage area where Raven as he gets ready for his match with The Sandman tonight.

"As part of our little deal Mr Styles if i beat that piece of cr*p that youve brought in, you have to Vs a team of my choice in a handicap match.

Well ive already found my team and sorted them out for next week so you can expect punishment and suffering....the fact that The Sandman is here tonight is Bullsh*t! but i couldnt care less becuase he is a nobody trying to live off a name he made elsewhere in ECW....and ECW is dead and will remain dead,

And if you and the fans here in Nashville think that he is going to beat me youve all got another think coming (Raven begins a cacky laugth at the camera before extending both arms and tilting his head back) Quote the Raven never.....more"

From behind Raven two men appear wearing black helmets as Raven reaches down and rests both of his hands on there hands before pulling away at the helments as the fabric streches and get pulled off into his hands, stood there next to him are the Briscoe Brothers

Overall Rating: 70%

Hardcore rules match

Raven Vs The Sandman

Raven will take on AJ Styles choice The Sandman,So his team of Jay and Mark...The Briscoe Brothers can tear apart Styles next week, Sandman and Raven have had many battles in the past as they look to Vs each other tonight as the ring is filled with weapons of all kinds.

Sandman smahes Raven in the head with one of can's before picking up his Cane and smashing the hell out of Raven but Raven stands there and enjores shot after shot before he kick's The Sandman in the groin with a low-blow turning the tide of the match Raven quickly picks up a steel chair and smahes Sandman into the head busting him wide open as from out of the crowd AJ Styles hits the ring and goes to attack Raven....but an Even-Flow ddt quickly sorts him out before Raven goes to the outside and brings a table into the ring before setting it up he places Styles and The Sandman on top before he goes to the top turnbuckle and dives off with an Elbow straight through the middle before pinning The Sanman for the win,

Raven walks away the winner of the match even with AJ Styles getting involved.

Raven stands there before exteding both arms as the match is over and as TNA on PPV goes off the air.

Overall Rating: 71%

We got a 0.20 buy rate for 'TNA on PPV'!

The attendance was 3464 people.

We made $500000 from pay-per-view revenue.

We made $45032 from ticket sales.

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TNA on PPV preview

From the TNA Asylum in Nashville

IPB Image

The Briscoe Brothers Vs AJ Styles

After beating The Sandman last week, Raven was given the power of booking AJ Styles in a 2 on 1 handi-cap match agaisnt a team of his choice, Raven picked his team well, He selected the young and fresh Briscoe Brothers to do his dirty work over AJ Styles, can the champion prevail or will Raven's team walk away with the win.

Ron Killings and Americas most wanted Vs Jeff Jarrett and The Harris brothers

Ron Killings has found himself some back up this week, himself and the NWA tag team champions will be looking to take on the "Chosen One" Jeff Jarrett and Jarretts team of sidekicks The Harris brothers who took on Killings last week.

Shane Douglas Vs New Jack

Shane Douglas will be returning to the ring tonight to take on New Jack, who in the last few weeks has turned on his tag team partner Shark Boy.

NWA X Title Match!

Chris Sabin Vs The Fallen Angel

Chris Sabin is on a roll as the champion, after retaining his belt twice he will take on the high-flying Fallen Angel who is returning to TNA tonight.

Predictions are welcome and what you think will happen and who you hope will win.

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IPB Image

From the TNA Asylum in Nashville

20th September 2003

Shark Boy vs Jimmy Rave

Shark Boy was in poor condition tonight, After the recent incidents and what New Jack did last week has took it out of the Shark and the fans noticed it, In an attempt to boost his spirits they began to shout him some praise, To try and lure the spirit of The Shark into him maybe it would work ?.

Jimmy Rave was on fire with several good chain-linked moves and a lot of mat work showed that he had been learning new styles of in-ring work in the last few weeks.

Jimmy Rave hit his finisher the Northern Lights Bomb to pick up the three count.

Overall Rating: 58%

The camera's quickly look above the ring to the rafters of the TNA Asylum, where Raven is stood on a platform.

The camera's go up into the rafters, the fans in attendance look up and then view the big screen to hear what Raven has to say.

"Welcome to the Raven's nest....last week i defeated The Sandman to get closer to what i have dreamed of,Its not becuase i want it or becuase ive dreamed of it....its becuase its my destiny to be the NWA Champion,

AJ Styles you havent shown any respect to the NWA and the fans and Myself......No one respects the flame quite like the fool who gets badly burned, and you are that fool...(Raven tilts his head back with his arms extended)...Quote the Raven Never More"

Overall Rating: 94%

Shane Douglas vs New Jack

Shane Douglas has finaly returned back to the ring and is looking in strong form, Douglas went out his way to entertain the fans and made New Jack look like a fool in this contest, New Jack did get the upperhand near the end of the match but a quick distraction off Shark Boy who came to ring side made him slip up as Douglas quickly rolled him up for the pin and douglas walks away the winner thanks to Shark Boy.

Douglas gets out of the ring and leaves as Shark Boy takes out his frustration that has built up in the recent weeks and smashes New Jack down to the canvas.

New Jack leaves with the EMT's after the beating Shark Boy has given him in this fit of pure-rage

Overall Rating: 54%

NWA X Title Match!

Christopher Daniels vs Chris Sabin

No one has been able to defeat Chris Sabin in the last few weeks and tonight was no exception when he took on "The Fallen Angel".

Daniels owned Sabin in this contest and managed to carry himself and Sabin, This was a good contest as the fans lapped it up and wanted more off the two, Daniels sneakily hit Sabin near the end of the match with his own title belt and goes for the pin.

But Chris Sabin kicks out after a 2 and a half count which annoys Daniels quite a lot.

Daniels has some harsh words with the ref.

Sabin grabs hold of him and rolls him up and grabs onto Daniels tights for some leverage to retain his title..

Daniels protests to the ref about it as Sabin gets the hell out of there the ref informs Daniels that he didnt see it, The fallen angel quickly drops him with a drop-kick as staff and security hit the ring to take daniels backstage and save the ref from anymore punishment he might get.

Overall Rating: 55%

*Commercial break*

The Action cuts back to the locker room where The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniles is..as he gest ready to talk trash about whats just happend

"Chris Sabin i saw it and the whole of Nashville saw it live, you cheated to retain your title, I am the Fallen Angel sent from heaven and going straight to hell and ill be taking you with me"

Overall Rating: 80%

Ron Killings, Chris Harris, and James Storm vs Jeff Jarrett, Don Harris, and Ron Harris

Jeff Jarrett and the Harris boy beat The Truth the week before.

So this week he has found himself some back up, so he can a fair chance at facing Jeff Jarrett.

This was a wild six man tag match with both teams coming out of the box looking fresh and focused isnt TNA fun.

AMW and The Harris brother where focused and began brawling througth the crowd to see who is the best tag team of all.

As Jarrett watched his back up dissapear into the crowd The Truth quickly nailed him with a chair for the win.

Overall Rating: 60%

AJ Styles vs Briscoe Brothers

Ravens team where ready to take on the NWA Champion AJ Styles who is trying to prove that he is the greatest champion of all time and some people belive that he is, with his heel qualities of being arogant and young the fans love to hate him as he goes at it with veterans of yesterday but his oppnents tonight a great young tag team The Briscoe Brothers.

Styles found it hard to fight both men off but he managed it,He relied on speed and arieal moves as he kept both men grounded to the canvas, Styles quickly threw Jay out of the ring before hitting the Styles clash on Mark to win the contest.

Overall Rating: 64%

Raven quickly hits the ring from out of the crowd with AJ Styleses NWA title in hand, he slides into the ring and aims at AJ before running over.....Styles quickly turns around to catch Raven in the act, So quick kick in the chest stops him as Styles picks up the belt and nails Raven with it busting him wide open, Styles asks for the microphone.

"Raven i hope you can hear me....next week we sign the contracts for our NWA title match i hope your-ready becuase your going down for the one...two...three after the Styles Clash.......You screwed up my friend and you need to deal with it... Johnny Polo"

Styles raises the NWA title above his head as the show ends and goes off the air.

Overall Rating: 89%

Overall Show: 71%

TNA on PPV was attended by 1782 people!

We made $23166 from ticket sales.

Edited by Lex Luther
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IPB Image

Your Fired.....

TNA.com has recentley learned that wrestler Jerome "New Jack" Young has been fired by the management.

The descion came with backing from both Jeff and Jerry Jarrett, some fans and wrestlers are in shock but New Jack's firing from the company comes days after a backstage bust up with Vince Russo and Shark Boy as well as booker Billy Holden.

New Jack was frustrated with the feud he was having with Shark Boy and felt that he wouldnt gain anything from it and so he had heated words with all three people.

New Jacks worse timing was to come a few days later, On the 23rd of September he made an apperance on Talkwrestle.com radio and went public with his feelings on the angle as well as bad mouthing TNA talent and the fans and hiring himself out to promoters for there roster.

Over the weekend TNA offcials as well as the Jarretts,Holden and Russo thought it would be best to cut ties with Young and informed him of his firing thus ending his on screen feud with Shark Boy who is said to be livid over the current situation and it looks like his push has fell short this time.

IPB Image

New Jack on his way out of the company for XPW

Alchol Problem for top TNA player.....denied time to seek help ?

Problems with Alchol are thick and far for people and it seems the stars also have problems with it too.

Scott "Raven" Levy recentley informed TNA management about his alchol addiction, Raven was given a lot of surport by the management and told after his feud with AJ Styles is over he can take as much time off as he needs.

TNA did not contact a rehab clinic becuase this would cause the Raven and Styles feud to end and TNA needs all the star power it needs.....Is it really worth rating when its a stars health at the risk TNA thinks so.

IPB Image

Ravens Deamons are real....and he needs help

Edited by Lex Luther
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Dude, not to be dis-respectful but you seem to hvae to edit every single one of your posts, even after editing you have multiple spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes, something which Diary readers do not want to see. the feuds are not too bad, but the writing lets it down, get that sorted and you'll be on your way, otherwise, I can see many people turning a blind eye to this diary....

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IPB Image

From the TNA Asylum in Nashville

27the September 2003


Alexis Laree defeats Valentine

*Main Show*

Jimmy Rave and Shark Boy Vs Swinger and Diamond

Jimmy Rave who has been on a winning streak over the last few weeks will tonight team up with Shark Boy who managed to beat the living hell out of his former tag team partner New Jack last week, This will Swinger and Diamonds fist match under the new TNA banner as both teams are ready to kick off the ppv.Jimmy Rave quickly distracts Swinger which allowed Shark Boy enougth time to preform the Shark Bite right on Swingers Ass this caused minor giggle with the fans who where there. Rave seemed to be having fun as he quickly nailed Simon Diamond who was caught off guard with a Cross-Armbreaker, before Shark Boy irish-whipped Swinger over into the direction of Jimmy Rave who hit him with his finisher the Doppler Effect his knee's smashing into the face of Swinger causing him to fall to the canvas, Rave quickly pins him to win the match as both he and Shark Boy come away with the win.

Overall Rating: 66%

Ron Killings is backstage in locker room unpacking his bag of ring clothes for tonights event as Jeff Jarrett walks up behind him before coughing and getting his attention.

"Listen up kid you think TNA is all about you well its not and tonight it ends...you think your so clever because you've got America's most wanted on your side a tag team which look like a couple of gay's"

Truth quickly turns to Jarrett "You seem to know a lot about gays Mr chosen one and you talk about cowboys, weren't you once a country singer else where...and oh that reminds me you didn't even sing those songs"

"Wow someone's done there homework, you where still in your diapers at that time....but let me remind you, weren't you a failed Rap artist too doing beats then there was that failed i mean a BIG tag team you had, you had better count yourself lucky that i don't kick the crap out of you here and show your momma live on tv why i am the "chosen one" because tonight me and Raven are gonna team up and face you and that punk who thinks he is the next Hulk Hogan.....and its gonna be a long night for you,Oh and you forgot to mention Tennesse Lee...it looks like you don't do your homework so good so in future "don't p*ss me off"

Jarrett grins as he walks away having showed Killings who the better man is.

Overall Rating: 84

The camera's leave the locker room area with Jeff Jarrett and follow him up to the interview area where he walks on by the camera's stays there as Shane Douglas stands with Goldylocks.

"You keep the camera on The Franchise thats right you see The Franchise is back in TNA where he belongs, year after year i have been held back from the tier in ECW in the WWE and finally in WCW....people will say i've had my time and i made the biggest mistake in throwing the NWA Championship on the floor hell i didn't want to be a dead-promotions champion....but now i start and i vow to destroy the wrestling world of the biggest D*ck there has ever been that will be the Flairs...i cant get my hands on that son of bitch that i want but i will get my hands on you David i will send a message to your father that i am the best and i will prove it to him and you and the entire world because i am The Franchise"

Overall Rating: 86%

NWA X Title Match!

Chris Sabin vs Kid Kash

Chris Sabin will tonight take on Kid Kash with his Championship being on the line,can he remain champion for another week, Kash quickly opens the match up with a Hurricanrana knocking Sabin to the floor who quickly gets up before taking Kash down with a Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors Takeover onto the canvas floor before getting himself ready to hit the Chicken Wing Piledriver but from out of the crowd Christopher Daniels enters the ring and nails Sabin with a Step Up Enziguri nearly knocking his head off, this allows Kash time to get to the top rope and hit a Flying Frog Splash for the pin-fall and to become the new champion

Overall Rating: 61%

Kash leaves the ring with his new title belt as Christopher Daniels asks for the microphone.

"I told you that cheating was a sin and all sinners get whats coming to them...And that's the gospel according to the Fallen Angel" Daniels exits the ring and walks to the backstage area.

Overall rating: 67%

David Flair vs CM Punk

David Flair is the son of the legendary Nature Boy, Ric Flair will tonight take on CM Punk, early on in the evening David heard Shane Douglas talk trash about his family,will David be focused on the match ?

Cm Punk opens up the match with a Double Underhook Backbreaker throwing David onto the canvas floor in the early going of the contest but Cm Punk follows this move up with a Split Leg Moonsault, the match is very one-sided as David is more concerned about the comments Shane Douglas made but manages to get back at Cm Punk with a Knife-edge chop but Shane Douglas quickly makes a well timed run in and smacks David with a steel Chair causing the match to end by Dq Douglas gets the hell out of there as Cm Punk check to see if David is ok.

Overall Rating: 60%

AJ Styles and Ron Killings vs Jeff Jarrett and Raven

All four of the men in this match have issues with each other and by the looks of things there wont be settled here tonight, Styles and Raven start the match off with Raven getting the best of Styles with a Russian Leg Sweep before tagging in Jarrett who cracks on a figure four-leg lock which would have Ric Flair wooing his heart out.

Killings makes the save but Raven hits him with an Irish Whip into the Corner followed up by a Clothesline to the throat and neck area of Ron Killings, Jarrett grabs hold of his guitar from ringside and hits AJ Styles over the head with it while the ref is busy with Raven...Jarrett clears the ring of any leftovers before Raven tags him in and Jarrett pins Styles for the win after Jarrett used a Guitar Shot to make sure he and Raven came away the winners

Overall Rating: 70%

Vince Russo walks down to the ring where Raven is stood with the passed out AJ Styles and hands him the contract for the World Title match which a date has yet to be named, Raven quickly signs the contract before throwing it onto the lifeless body of the passed out AJ Styles as Jarrett and Raven stand in the ring Russo makes his way backstage....Jarrett and Raven stand over Styles and Killings as the show finishes.

Overall rating: 83%

Edited by Lex Luther
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IPB Image

From the TNA Asylum in Nashville

4th October 2003

Jimmy Rave vs Shark Boy

Last week both men where partners and yet tonight they face off agaisnt each other in the opening contest, Jimmy Rave dominated this match with Shark Boy getting little momentum

except a few dropkicks and right hands.

Jimmy Rave proved he was the best in this match after he hit the Greetings From Ghana allowing himself to come away with the win, Rave and Shark Boy shake hands after the match to prove that there still friends after this exciting opening bout.

Overall Rating 68%

Vince Russo quickly appears on the scene from the back and announced that the TNA board of directors had given him full control over TNA after Ron Killings had put in a complaint stating that Jarrett had abused his power in TNA and wouldnt put him in the matches he had selected, Russo claimed he was now running the show

Overall Rating: 72%

Simon Diamond vs Swinger

The two partners from last week who faced Jimmy Rave and Shark Boy thought that it was the other one who caused them to lose the match last week so they where out here tonight to prove who really was the weakest link from last week.

However Swinger wasn't prepared for the beating that Diamond gave him, the former ECW wrestler beat the living hell out of Swinger and threw him over the top rope and causing him to smash his head on the steel ringsteps which knocked him out causing the match to end by countout.

Overall Rating: 53%

The cameras leave ringside where the Emt's are treating Swinger and go to the backstage area where David Flair is stood outside a locker room the camera focuses on the door to reveal the name tag, it reads "Sandman" David quickly looks left and right before knocking on the door and entering the room.

Overall Rating: 55%

Sandman vs Shane Douglas

Sandman will be taking on Shane Douglas both men spent time together in ECW and know each others styles and the ECW factor should come in handy for this Texas death match where there are no rules and anything goes.

The opening of the contest showed why there are no rules as Sandman used a big bag of popcorn to floor Shane Douglas onto the floor before collecting his next weapon which was a sign which read "For sale by the owner" Sandman went to nail Shane with it but Shane ducks out of the way before reaching into his trunks and throwing some salt or flour into the eyes of The Sandman from behind Douglas David Flair appears and smashes him with a steel cooking tray before rolling The Sandman over on top of Douglas for the victory.

Flair helps Sandman up off the mat after the contest before both men shake hands proving that there plan has worked out very well and David has got some revenge for the attack last week.

Overall Rating: 69%

Ron Killings and Sean Waltman vs Jeff Jarrett and Rick Steiner

The fast action paced team of Killings and Waltman agaisnt the team of Brawlers.

Team Jarrett used of lot of powerful moves in this tornado tag but the team of Killings and Waltman reversed a lot of them before there back up plan came into effect as America's Most Wanted made there way to the ring it was then 4 on 2 and Team Jarrett fell as Killings and Waltman walked away with the win they continued to beat down Jeff and Rick before the Briscoe Brothers came out to make the save as AMW and Waltman and Killings wanted know part as they fled the ring.

Overall Rating: 70%

Raven vs Christopher Daniels

The fast paced Fallen Angel seemed to have everything going his way in the match as Raven who was a broken down wreck in the match didnt look set to do anything after the beatings by AJ Styles seemed to have taken the desired effect on his body but help was on the way from Chris Sabin who Daniels had screwed out of his title the week before.

After smashing him with a steel chair Sabin shoved Raven on top before allowing him to get the pin, Sabin didnt wait around too long after he saw AJ Styles come down to the ring also.

Overall Rating: 76%

Daniels also see's whats making it way to the ring and bolts away leaving Raven all on his own as Styles hits the ring with America's most wanted in tow with Vince Russo coming along also.

Russo,Styles and Americas Most Wanted all swarm over Raven and beat him down before a Chair shot off Vince Russo knocks out Ravens lights as Styles takes to the microphone.

"Tonight Raven and TNA fans you have seem the birth of the Next Generation, with this man Vince Russo in charge of TNA we can do what we want becuase where taking over this joint me as your World Champion and Americas Most Wanted as the tag team champions there isnt anyone who cant stop us....anyone"

Styles and Americas Most Wanted stand in the ring with Russo as the show goes off the air with Next Generation still beating the hell out of Raven

Overall Rating: 77%

Edited by Lex Luther
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IPB Image

From the TNA Asylum in Nashville

11th October 2003

Jimmy Rave Pinned Alter Boy Luke

In the opening contest of the night Luke tried to wear down the fast action paced Jimmy Rave, However Rave who's been on an impressive winning streak of late quickly started getting into the match and began gaining momentum before the the pace of the action turned in Rave's favour as he quickly hit the Greetings From Ghana the fans knew the contest was over as he came away with win.

Overall Rating: 62%

Jimmy quickly took to the microphone and thanked the fans for there surport in recent weeks and told them that his winning streak would not be beaten and that he had a surprise for his fans tonight saying that he had found himself a manager.

Rave introduced Valentina as his new manager the fans seemed pretty impressed with Raves manager as both of them left the ring and walked up the ramp to the backstage area.

Overall Rating: 50%

Shark Boy defeats Chase Stevens by Dq

The impressive fast action paced Shark Boy looked focused on tonight's match which was an evenly matched contest with both men gaining momentum.

The fans didn't know who would win the contest as both men traded blows, Cassidy O'Reilly quickly came onto the scene and tried to help his partner Chase Stevens come away with the win but the referee called for the bell as the match was over by dq.

O'Reilly and Stevens quickly attack the referee as more referee's make there way to the ring to break it up.

Overall Rating: 60%

The action cuts backstage as the ring is being cleared.

The cameras see Shane Douglas near the production trucks food table picking over what food hes going to eat....Suddenly David Flair and The Sandman appear on the scene and they begin to pick away at Douglas before The Sandman and David hoist him into the air before smashing him througth the food table.

The two on one attack leaves him in the hands of the Emt's who are quickly on the scene as David and Sandman walk away looking pleased with there handy work.

Overall Rating: 71%

Christopher Daniels vs CM Punk vs Chris Sabin

This triple threat match was full of near falls on submissions, Daniels and Sabin have been feuding with each other over the previous weeks and last week Sabin screwed Daniels out of a win over Raven and in the previous week Sabin lost his championship thanks to The Fallen Angel.

The Fallen Angel clearly had Cm Punks number tonight after he came away with the win, how the referee didn't see the illegal low blow is anyone as he quickly followed it up with a small package to come away with the win as Cm Punk got screwed out of the win Chris Sabin seems very mad as Christopher Daniels quickly makes a sharp exit

Overall Rating: 72%

AJ Styles and Trinity appear backstage, Trinity cuts into an interview as Styles stands there watching her.

Trinity claims that Ron Killings had better do the right thing tonight as this offer only comes once before she then cuts into Raven calling him a smelly stinking tramp and that Styles is a real champion and Raven would only be a glorified Jobber.

Overall Rating: 80%

AJ Styles and Ron Killings defeat Jeff Jarrett and Raven via Dq

Raven seemed pretty pissed off with Trinitys comments on him so he quickly went to work on Styles and suplexed him onto the mat before Jarrett came into the ring and let Styles tag in Killings the two men went at it before Jarrett hit the stroke instead of going for the pin he tagged Raven back in which was a mistake right there.

Raven went straight after Killings with an Evenflow ddt but Jarrett saw that Styles had a chair he quickly made the save but he also smashed Styles with the chair allowing them to come away with win Following a Dq, Raven was very displeased with Jarrett about this and quickly chased him to the back as Styles and Killings stay in the ring

Overall Rating: 79%

America's Most Wanted and Vince Russo come down to the ring with a briefcase in hand.

Fame and Fortune stand in the ring as Russo takes to the microphone before speaking to Ron Killings he quickly states that he could use a man like Killings in his team and offers him a place in Fame and Fortune....Ron doesn't look like he wants to join until AJ Styles brings over the briefcase and hands it to him....Killings opens the briefcase Inside it is some money Killings quickly shuts it and shakes hands with Vince Russo after selling himself out for the money.

Overall Rating: 71%

Edited by Lex Luther
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IPB Image

From the TNA Asylum in Nashville

18th October 2003

Legends of the Deep defeat Swinger and Diamond

Both teams had a lot of momentum in an evenly based contest as Shark Boy and Jimmy Rave teamed up to show of there new tag team called "Legends of the Deep" the fans also seemed to have fun watching the new team.

Jimmy and Shark Boy worked well as a team, unlike Diamond and Swinger who must still have issues, the end came for them when Sharky and Rave hits there new finisher "The Tidal Wave" as they wrapped up Swinger for the pin in the opening contest of the night with both teams having a good showing

Overall Rating: 69%

Valentina is backstage at the interview area where Shark Boy and Jimmy Rave join her, Valentina has been Raves manager for over a week now and she quickly cuts into why Rave is the best in TNA and how he wont be defeated and that Legends of the Deep are the best tag team anyone will see, she quickly lays a challenge down for America's Most Wanted to place there belts on the line at a later date and face Legends of the Deep, Rave and Shark Boy look pleased with there win and so does Valentina.

Overall Rating: 58%

Christopher Daniels is backstage having just arrived at the arena, Chris Sabin quickly jumps out from behind a coke machine before hitting a standing dropkick onto Daniels the two hit a few moves before Sabin throws Daniels into the Vending machine causing it to break.

Sabin walks off ready for his match with Kid Kash.

Overall Rating: 75%

NWA X Title Match!

Chris Sabin Defeats Kid Kash

Having just took out Christopher Daniels backstage, Chris Sabin now knows he has a fair playing field to try and regain his Championship and what a good tactic it was by Sabin.

Kash and Sabin fly off the handle at the start of the match with some high-flying and evenly paced action as the fans are behind both men as always both men deliver a good match and in the end Sabin walked away with the victory after he cheated to win using an illegal item.....the referee never saw the brass knuckles as Sabin covers him for the pin.

Straight after the match Daniels runs down to the ring and floors Sabin with the Last Rites before smashing the hell out of him for his attack on him backstage as both me have drawn blood tonight.

Overall Rating: 60%

The action cuts to the backstage locker rooms where Shane Douglas is.

He cuts into how David Flair sucks like his old man and that The Sandman is nothing but a drunk.

Douglas then reveals that if Flair wants to play Extreme and with Extreme help, then he will fight fire with fire.

Jerry Lynn appears on the scene as Douglas announces that tonight Jerry Lynn would team with him to face Flair and Sandman.

Lynn claimed that space mountain would be dead after tonight

Overall Rating: 67%

Shane Douglas and Jerry Lynn defeat David Flair and The Sandman by Dq

The feud with Douglas and Flair has been over David's father Ric Flair but the super crazy David Flair has tried to restore the honour of his dad at all costs and even asked The Sandman for help....and really The Sandman will do anything for a beer.

Lynn seemed to be a good pick as a tag team partner as he ripped the hell out of Sandman in the opening minutes before David came onto the scene with his trusty burlap sack

Lynn and Douglas where both gaining a lot of momentum and both looked like they might win the match that was until David reaches in his sack and pulled out a crowbar before smashing Douglas over the head with it, The referee has no hesitation in calling for the bell.

However Flair and The Sandman aren't done as they again begin to pound Jerry Lynn and Shane Douglas as the feud carrys on.

Overall Rating: 63%

Fame and Fortune (AJ Styles, Ron Killings, Chris Harris, and James Storm) Defeat Team TNA (Raven, Jeff Jarrett, Jay Briscoe, and Mark Brisco)

The match was out of Control as the referee couldn't keep order as fights kept breaking out of nowhere inside and outside of the ring, all seven men where striking each other and focusing on there rivals with the fans behind both teams it was hard for one Referee to try and restore order to an already out of control match.

AMW and The Brisco Brothers went fighting in the crowd while Killings and Jarrett went backstage....that left Raven and the champion AJ Styles all alone in the ring until Vince Russo quickly came out and took out Raven with a steel chair allowing Styles to get the win as Fame and Fortune steal the win over Team TNA as TNA on PPV goes off the air.

Overall Rating: 72%

Edited by Lex Luther
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IPB Image

From the TNA Asylum in Nashville

25th October 2003

The opening credits begin to play as TNA on PPV begins, Scott Hudson announces that tonights PPV would be the last one until the 22nd of November where TNA will hold a three hour event called Showdown.

The cameras quickly cut to the main entrance of the Nashville arena where a Limo pulls up with Panda Electrics written down one side of it.

As the door opens a woman steps out into the night air before a man arrives and calls her Miss Carter as the cameras come back to ring side.

Overall Rating:68%

Jimmy Rave and Valentina vs Legend and Tracy Brooks

Jimmy Rave and his manager Valentina will team up in the opening match of the night to take on Joe Legend and Tracy Brooks.

Rave and Valentina have been working well since they joined forces and Raves winning streak carried on tonight.

With the momentum in there favour Rave hit his finisher the Greetings From Ghana and pinned Legend for the win as he and Valentina walked away with the win in a very even contest

Overall Rating:49%

Christopher Daniels vs Amazing Red with Chris Sabin as the referee.

Week in and week out in TNA the feud with Daniels and Sabin seems to get more intense.

As tonight Daniels would take on the fast action paced Amazing Red with his rival Chris Sabin as the guest referee something told the fans that Daniels wasn't in for a fair contest from the opening bell.

Daniels gained a lot of momentum while Amazing Red was out classed by The Fallen Angel but after Daniels hit the Last Rites Sabin refused to make the count as both men then had a pushing contest from which Amazing Red sneaked up behind Daniels and got him in a school boy pin...Sabin then quickly made a quick 3 count.

Not to matter as Daniels walked away leaving Sabin with the Emt's after he opened him up with a chair.

Overall Rating: 76%

Briscoe Brothers vs America's Most Wanted

The fans didn't know which team would walk away the winners and its a shame the tag belts weren't on the line as both teams made this a high class bout neither team gaining a clear opening over the other....until Shark Boy who made the challenge to Americas most wanted last week came in and distracted Chris Harris from which Mark Briscoe rolled him up and held onto his pants for the win.

However party wasn't over as Harris and Strom beat the hell out of all three of the men and left the ring still the NWA Tag Team champions with a title defence with Briscoes coming up would the outcome be the same.

Overall Rating:70%

The camera cuts to the backstage area where Dixie Carter appears she walks up to Jeff Jarretts locker room door and knocks on before entering his locker room with a letter in her hand.

The fans are left wondering what she wants with Jeff Jarrett and whats the letter about ?

Overall Rating: 71%

AJ Styles and Shane Douglas vs Sandman and David Flair

After last weeks failed win over David Flair, Shane Douglas will be teaming with the NWA Champion AJ Styles to see if he can beat the hell out of David Flair and The Sandman who have been a pain in his side for the last few weeks....However Styles has his own problems with Raven to worry about.

The match was very fair and both teams picked up several advantages over each other and all four men gained a lot of momentum.

Styles was about to hit the Styles Clash until Raven jumped over the guard rail to distract the referee which quickly allowed Flair to deliver a low blow and retreat to his trusty sack where this week he pulled out an Electric stun gun before nailing Douglas and Styles with it....Raven moved out of the way to allow the Referee to count the pin fall on Styles.

Overall Rating: 69%

Jeff Jarrett comes down to the ring and announces that TNA has managed to get a Tv deal with the network NBC and as of next Thursday they would be on there with a one hour show.

Overall Rating: 70%

Edited by Lex Luther
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TNA Impact! on NBC

IPB Image

From the TNA Asylum in Nashville

3rd November 2003

The opening credits start to play as TNA Impact! on NBC begins.

Scott Hudson replays action from the last TNA on PPV and shows the matchs for tonight as well as a plugging the tickets for TNA's next ppv showdown on November 22nd live only on PPV.

The Briscoe Brothers come to the ring and say how proud they are to be on NBC with TNA and tonight its going to be better when they defeat Chris Harris, James Storm, Chris Sabin, and Shane Douglas in the 4 on 4 Tag team match.

Americas Most Wanted's theme music plays up as they make there way to the ring before they attack The Briscoe Brothers with there Tag Team Belts knocking them to the canvas floor.

Both of the brothers are bleeding from the head due to the belt shots as AMW don't look like there going to give up as Harris takes to the microphone and states "Briscoe Brothers.....Americas Most Wanted find you Guilty" Both of them then apply Sharpshooters until the Referees come down to the ring and stop the action from getting worse as The Briscoe Brothers are taken out of the arena on strechers.

Overall Rating:62%

Team Rave (Jimmy Rave, Shark Boy, David Flair, and Christopher Daniels) vs Team Wildcat (Chris Harris, James Storm, Chris Sabin, and Shane Douglas)

Since the Briscoe Brothers were injured by AMW, David Flair and Christopher Daniels were allowed to find two other tag team partners to help them face America's Most Wanted and Chris Sabin and Shane Douglas, They picked "Legends of the Deep" to team up with them.

All of the men in ring have issues with each other and the match was a mess well a war with cheating and two on one attacks and chairs being used its a good job the match was no Dq otherwise both teams would have got a Dq.

Legend of the Deep hit the Tidal Wave on Chris Sabin from which Daniels got the pin and the win for his team and managed to pin his rival he is set to face at Showdown in a few weeks time.

Overall Rating:68%

Jeff Jarrett and Raven vs AJ Styles and Ron Killings

Raven who helped Sandman and David Flair last week come away with a win over AJ Styles and Shane Douglas knows that tonight he will probally get some backlash from last week, as he teams up with Jeff Jarrett who seems that he wants to destroy Ron Killings who has done nothing but annoy him in recent weeks and managed to pick up a few win's over Jarrett several times.

Raven and AJ Styles are set to face each other one on one at some point for the NWA World Title a date has yet to be named.

The match was very fair and both teams picked up several advantages over each other and all four men gained a lot of momentum, Jarrett pinned Styles in the end after hitting his finisher The Stroke to prove he didn't need his Guitar, Styles and Killings got there revenge after the match by smashing both members with the World title belt.

Overall Rating: 80%

Dixie Carter quickly walks down to the ring from the backstage area with a contract of some sort in her hand and a microphone she gets in the ring which stops Killings and Styles in there tracks as Vince Russo also comes to the ring.

Dixie take's to the microphone "On the 22nd of November at TNA's ppv Showdown in the Main Event of the evening it will be for the NWA World Title.....Raven Vs AJ Styles in a steel cage match" Russo is quickly joined by the rest of Fame and Fortune as they argue over the outcome Jarrett gets to his feet and grabs the nearest microphone "Listen up Slappy at Showdown its gonna be me...and The Briscoe Brothers Vs Ron Killings.....Americas Most Wanted and You Vince Russo...its gonna be TNA Vs Fame and Fortune winner take all if you lose your fired and if you win....you control TNA" Russo who isn't very happy about this grabs the microphone "Now come on thats no way fair whats....all that about give me a fair chance" Dixie Carter quickly sorts it out "Ok Russo you have two chances to keep your job with the TNA Vs Fame and Fortune match and in the World Title match if AJ Styles wins you and him keep your Jobs and Raven is fired if Raven wins both you and AJ Styles will be fired so your client must win for you to keep your job" TNA Impact! goes off the air with the law for this months PPV having been laid down by Dixie Carter

Overall Rating:70%

Edited by Lex Luther
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TNA Impact! on NBC

IPB Image

From the TNA Asylum in Nashville

11th November 2003

The opening credits start to play as TNA Impact! on NBC begins.

Scott Hudson replays the action from last weeks Impact! showing the Jarrett/Russo argument as well as the list of matchs for tonights Impact! and the PPV in two weeks time.

The cameras go to the back to Dixie Carters office.

Where she is with Jay Briscoe, Jay tells her that Mark was beaten up pretty bad last week by Americas Most Wanted and cant make it to tonights show and maybe even the PPV, Dixie lets him know that tonight she will find him another partner for the injured Mark Briscoe to take on Americas Most Wanted and that she will ask Jeff Jarrett about what to do at the PPV Jay tells her thank you before leaving her office as the action comes back to the ring.

Overall Rating:65%

Shane Douglas vs Sandman

Douglas who lost in the tag team match last week looks set to take on David Flairs friend who has been helping him out a lot over the last few weeks and both have managed to get wins over each other and both have a lot of history.

It comes to no surprise that Shane Douglas is watching his back in this match.

Both men gain a lot of ground in this match and trade blows and holds until from out of the back David Flair comes to the help of The Sandman with Sandmans own Cane and smashes Douglas round the back of the head from which the Referee had no choice but to call for the bell as Douglas comes away with the win by Dq.

Shane Douglas manages to fight both men off leaving Flair and Sandman one week before Showdown to come up with a plan to take out Shane Douglas for good.

Overall Rating:70%

Jeff Jarrett is sat in his locker room placing on his elbow pads for tonights match with AJ Styles.

Before Dixie Carters enters his locker room he smiles and stands up to greet her before shaking her hand she explains that Mark Briscoe is badly injured and can not compete tonight so she has placed Jay with Legends of the Deep to Vs Ron Killings and Americas Most Wanted....but Mark Briscoe can not make it to Showdown which leaves Jeff Jarrett to find a another tag team partner for the match.....he quickly smiles and says he knows the right person but its going to cost a lot money Dixie says she has the money if he can get the goods he replies that he can and Russo will have a fit when he knows who it is.

But who is it ?

Overall Rating: 77%

Jay Briscoe, Jimmy Rave, and Shark Boy vs Fame and Fortune

With Mark Briscoe being injured Jay has found himself with the tag team who are set to face Americas Most Wanted for the Tag titles after Showdown, Jimmy Rave and Shark Boy look pleased that they have been picked and Killings will team up with Fame and Fortune friends Americas Most Wanted who are pleased that they injured Mark but are now worried who Jarrett has in mind for his replacement.

America's Most Wanted and Killings are out matched by the skill of Legends from the Deep who take it to the tag team champions before Jay takes out Chris Harris leaving him injured on the arena floor before Rave's Manager Valentina runs in and distracts Killings which allows Rave to get him in a roll-up pin for the win as Storm tends to his injured partner, Legends from the Deep with Jay Briscoe and Valentina stand in the ring happy with what they have done.

Overall Rating:69%

AJ Styles vs Jeff Jarrett with Raven as the Referee

Styles knew his luck would run out tonight and would Raven be all fair in the match he was wondering well the same could be said for Jarrett who was still mulling over if his tag team partner for Showdown would sign for TNA.

Styles and Jarrett finally locked horns as the fans went wild for the action as Raven sat in the corner watching it all on his typical way he was ready for what Fame and Fortune might throw at him at Showdown.

Styles gained a lot of offence in the match and the better man until Raven hit an Evenflow DDT on him as Jarrett went for the cover Raven made the three count screwing Styles out of a win two weeks before there big match at the PPV.

Raven quickly exits into the crowd as Styles is laid out in the ring with his NWA title having been laid across him by Raven, Jarrett gets out the ring as Killings runs down the ramp and floors him with a chair shot leaving him out on the floor as TNA Impact! goes off the air.

Overall Rating:83%

Edited by Lex Luther
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NBC drops TNA Impact!

After only two shows on NBC's network TNA Impact! has been dropped which comes as a huge blow to the Nashville promotion.

*This just came a day before i was going to do the Impact! tv show lol looks like i dont have a tv show now, anyhow that means that the next show thats posted will now be the PPV Showdown of which the current card looks like this*

Cage match for the NWA Title

Raven Vs AJ Styles ©

*If Raven wins AJ Styles and Vince Russo will be fired....if Styles wins Raven will be fired.

Russo's client AJ Styles must win for him to keep his job*

TNA Vs Fame and Fortune

Jeff Jarrett, Jay Briscoe, and Sting Vs Americas Most Wanted(Chris Harris and James Storm) and Ron Killings

*if Fame and Fortune win they control TNA.

If team TNA win Fame and Fortune must split up*

X-Division title match

Chris Sabin © Vs Christopher Daniels

Jimmy Rave Vs Jerry Lynn

Alter Boy Luke Vs ?

again your views on the recent shows and the ppv are welcome as any problems you may have with the product of TNA.

Edited by Lex Luther
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