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Angela Ammons - Who I Am?

So many times things I've tried in my life

been so many places

you could say I know some faces.

So many times I've cried in the dark

with a broken promise tearing me apart.

This life is totally mine

and I don't know what it is

I think about the time

wishing you were only mine.


And this, this is who I am,

Hope you understand

That this is what I want to do.

And you, you dont think its true

I believe in you

so tell me what you want to do.

So many times I've tried to be strong,

So many times when people did me wrong.

And if I could change the way you feel deep down in your heart

you and me would never be apart.

This life is totally mine

and I don't know what it is,

I think about the time,

wishing you were only mine.


You don't know,

You will find

everbody falls sometime

but you dont have to look around

cause I believe

this is me, who are you

what am I supposed to do? (x4)

That's all Google could come up with. Not exactly a lot to go on though :P

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It's a 'common' song. I thought "Whoa-o...whoa-o, this is what I want to do" might trigger some memories. It's total 90's dance cheese. But I cannot remember what it's called.

If the commentator would have shut the fuck up I could probably have heard more lyrics. :(

FUCK OFF, how did I not know this? It just realised what it was, not entirely sure how, but I just did. :shifty: Reily you suck for not knowing the Vengaboys.

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