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Few Questions About No Mercy

Guest mAXi

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Right so i just haven't been able to figure out some things in the game.

First off, how do you retreive something in a ladder match. For example, it was Edge(Me) vs. Y2J. I had him down on ground and his bar said 'losing it' so i thought this is the perfect chance to win the match, i get to the top and it says tap. I tap various buttons, nothing happens. What button should i be pressing to retreive the item.

Also, i can't seem to have a proper Royale Rumble match. It's just a fatal four way of some sort. Is there any actual way of getting a proper Rumble match because i can't.

Lastly, is there any 'mods' or something i should download for the game ?.

Thanks in advance.

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In the ladder match. I pressed A, i jumped off the ladder onto my opponent. When pressing B i punch as if im fighting someon who has climbed onto the other side of the ladder.

It's handy. But i still don't know how to retrieve something..

And as for Pin. I forgot that, i seriously don't know how to pin.

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I'm pretty sure pinning is R, I always get the names of the buttons mixed up. And when on the ladder, do not start tapping until you are told to. Sometimes you could not be close enough to get the belt, so tap won't come up. The tapping thing doesn't kick in right away incase you actually want to jump off.

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Me gots a few other questions.

I know it sounds stupid but how do you hit finishers. I can do the ones where i can easily set it up like the Rock Bottom off the ropes and the Swanton off the top turnbuckle but say i was Austin. How would i go about hitting the Stunner, is it just random buttons. Is there a special button ?.

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You need to work your way up to special, hit the taunt button and then perform a hard grapple. Then hit the taunt button again and STUNNAH~!

You need to have your attitute meter flashing special to do any proper specials. My favourite one is a tigerbomb from the apron to outside...

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