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WCW 1999


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WCW 1999: Can Russo save the sinking ship?

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1999 had not been a good year for WCW; the old superstars were still dominating. At the start of the year the nWo had been reformed once again much to the dismay of the fans. So far WCW had had world champions like: Hollywood Hogan, Ric Flair, Kevin Nash and Randy Savage. DDP did manage to finally get a big break and become champ twice though. Fans were getting tired of the product as it was the same superstars on top and the same things happening again and again. While WWF were showing exciting new superstar and entertaining storylines, WCW was still keeping the old farts on top and the young shining talents in WCW were getting fed up with it all. Many superstars were trying to get out as soon as they could and around June 1999 Chris Jericho, one of the companies most promising talents left and morals were as low as ever under Bischoff’s regime. The old stars were basically doing what they wanted to, the young stars were suffering and Bischoff was going crazy from stress, the WCW product was being affected by it. That’s when WCW management decided it was time for a change…

Around September, WCW was going down fast, the newly appointed President of WCW Bill Busch and Harvey Schiller among others decided that it couldn’t continue this way; Bill Busch had a contact inside WWF, a contact by the name of Vince Russo. Busch convinced Russo to jump ship along with Ed Ferrara. At this time Bischoff had been send home and Kevin Nash, Kevin Sullivan and others were holding down the fort until Russo’s arrival which was to be after Halloween Havoc. But in the weeks they were holding the fort down, the booking was so horrendous, WCW decided that Russo should start early and he did. His first day on duty was October 18th 1999, the Nitro before Halloween Havoc. Russo also got to do Halloween Havoc which actually wasn’t a bad show. And now, everybody was wondering, could Russo and Ferrara save the sinking ship?...

Main Eventers


Hulk Hogan - Out of action

Roddy Piper - Out of action

Bret Hart

Kevin Nash

Ric Flair



Upper Midcarders

Jeff Jarrett


Chris Beniot

Lex Luger

Scott Hall

Scott Steiner - Out with back surgery


Billy Kidman

Booker T

Buff Bagwell

Disco Inferno

Eddie Guerrero

Jim Duggan


Rey Misterio Jr.

Terry Funk - Out of action

The Cat

The Demon - not debuted yet

Perry Saturn

Dena Malenko

Shane Douglas

Stevie Ray


Big T

Big Vito

Brian Adams

Bryan Clark

Curt Hennig

Chris Kanyon


The Wall


Steve Williams

Lower Midcaders

Kevin Sullivan

La Parka

Lash LeRoux



Mike Rotunda


Norman Smiley


Rick Steiner

The Maestro

Al Greene

Bam Bam Bigelow

Brian Knobbs

Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Crowbar - Not debuted yet

David Flair

Fit Finlay

Horace Hogan

Hugh Morrus


Jerry Flynn

Juventud Guerrera


Prince Iaukea

Rhonda Singh

Tank Abbot

Shaggy 2 Dope

Violent J




El Dandy

Evan Karagias

Jamie Dundee

Kaz Hayashi

Kid Romeo

Mike Sanders

Rick Fuller

Shane Helms

Shannon Moore

Silver King

The Barbarian

Wolfie D


Alan Funk

Chuck Palumbo

Elix Skipper

Mark Jindark


Sean O’Haire

kendall Windham

Scott James

Brad Armstrong

Steve James

Tag Teams

Creative Control - Not Debuted yet

Filthy Animals

Harlem Heat

Los Fabulousos





Fithy Animals

The Revolution

World Champ: Bill Goldberg

United States Champion: Vacant

World Tag Champions: Harlem Heat

WCW Television Champion: Rick Steiner

WCW Cruiserweight Champion: Disco Inferno

Storylines going into the first Nitro after Halloween Havoc:

- At Halloween Havoc we saw The Revolution turning on Chris Benoit and continuing their feud with the Filthy Animals. The Animals attacked Flair in an ambulance and drove of with him

- Jeff Jarrett had just debuted and portrayed himself as “working for the powers that be”

- The Total Package Lex Luger had just held a funeral for himself, proclaiming Lex Luger dead and that everybody should now refer to him as “The Total Package”

- At Halloween Havoc Hollywood Hogan laid down in his title match with Sting, later in the evening Sting faced Goldberg in a proclaimed non-title match where Goldberg won the title from Sting’

- Buff Bagwell took on a shooting gimmick where he would come out and break kayfabe the first day under Russo regime

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Preview for WCW Nitro October 25th 1999

United States tournament

Because of WCW laws, a man cannot hold two single championships at one time, because of that Bill Goldberg has been stripped of the United States title. So this Monday on Nitro a United States title tournament will start with 4 matches. Watch Nitro this Monday to find out who goes on from the first brackets.

Sting wants answers

Sting demands on answers on what happened at Halloween Havoc, so this Monday on Nitro he’s gonna call out the new power in WCW and demand answers. Watch how that turns out this Monday on Nitro.

Seven will debut

The mysterious man by the name of Seven who has been signalling his arrival for long in WCW will debut this Monday on Nitro against an unknown opponent, watch how that turns out this Monday.

Us Title tournament: David Flair vs Buff Bagwell

Us Title tournament: Booker T vs Disco Inferno

Us Title tournament: Vampiro vs Alex Wright

Us Title tournament: Scott Hall vs Tank Abbott

Seven vs ???

Sting demands answers

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WCW Nitro ResultsMonday October 25th 1999

We immediately go to the backstage area where Sting is angrily throwing stuff around.

We then start of with a video package of everything that happened last night at Halloween Havoc, then the normal Nitro opening sequence ends and we cut to the arena where Tony Schiavone & Bobby Heenan welcome us to the show.

And we are LIVE from Philadelphia, PA

Taking care of business

We start the show off with Sting’s music hitting the arena and the former champ makes his way out to the ring angrily. He steps into the ring and demands a mic which he gets.

Sting: “I came here for one reason and one reason only tonight, and that is to get back what is rightfully mine, to get back MY WCW world heavyweight title which that gimp Bill Goldberg is carrying around in the back. I came here tonight to talk to J.J Dillion to have him take care of business and get me my title back, because you see last night I came to Halloween Havoc to fight, I was determined to fight Hogan, but it really didn’t matter, I was just looking for a fight. When Hogan then stuck his tail between his legs and took the easy way out, WCW signed me up with the newly crowned US champ, Goldberg… and he just happened to beat me. But I never agreed to it being a title match, and that’s why I want to talk whoever the hell is in charge tonight, right here in this ring, right now!”

J.J Dillions music hits to absolutely no crowd reaction whatsoever, but in spite of that the boss makes his way out with a tired look on his face, he steps into the ring and gets a mic.

Dillion: “Sting… *takes a deep breath* last night in Las Vegas you didn’t just suddenly fight Goldberg, you know as well as I that both you and him signed a contract that said that you would face each other. I got the contract in the back so I can prove it to you…”

Sting: “But I never agreed to a title match.”

Dillion: “Well then you should have read the contract, you were the WCW World Champion and you were beaten that in any wrestling federation means that you lose you title and Goldberg is now World Champion. However because Goldberg has two champions now, he is stripped of the US title which is to be held up and a tournament for it will start tonight. And now Sting, I know that you are unhappy because of what happened last night, but it does state in your WCW contract that you are entitled to a rematch, so you just tell me and you get a rematch anytime anywhere.”

Both suddenly get interrupted by Not Lex Lugers music. TTP makes his way out with Liz, he steps into the ring.

Dillion: “May I ask what the cause of the interruption is?”

*Not Luger gets a mic handed*

TTP: “Oh I’m sorry Jojo I just had something to say, I just spoke to the powers that be and they told me I have as much right to get a title shot as he has *points to Sting*. So when you and Goldberg square off, I want in on it too.”

Sting: “What the hell are you thinking…?”

Dillion: “It’s actually a good idea, I like it.”

Suddenly Bret Hart’s music blurs up and The Hitman makes his way onto the stage with a mic.

Hart: “Seeing as all idiots suddenly can get in on a title match here, put me in for it too, I think I deserve a title shot.”

*Dillion takes another deep breath as he raises the mic to his mouth*

Dillion: “You know what? I’m fine with that, but since it’s a new day in WCW I want all stars to prove themselves. So tonight all three of you have matches and if you lose your opponent will take your spot…”

Both Luger and Hart smiles while Sting is giving Luger an evil stare and we cut to commercial.


When we come back the announcers talk about the US title tournament, the brackets look like this:

IPB Image

WCW fear me

Tank Abbott is standing in front of a wall backstage

Abbott: “Listen up geeks, I aint no candy arse wrassler, I’m a shoot fighter dammit and what I don’t get I take. You better learn that because I plan on making my stay here in WCW a loooong stay, I’m just here to take care of business, so if you get in my way you’re not coming out alive on the other side.”

You gotta wrestle? OH MY GOD

Backstage Kevin Nash is sitting in a chair with his feet up watching the show he then calls Scott Hall and tells him to take a look at this.

Hall: “What?”

Nash: “Listen, they booked you in the US title tournament, and you’re up against this original tonight.”

Hall: “What? You’re retired, and I just don’t want to wrestle. They can’t do that to us.”

Nash:” You know now that I cant wrestle I can be your promoter, will work out great and you’ll soon have gold around your waste again.”

Hall: “I hope you’re right big man, I hope your right.”

I wonder who my opponent is?

Gene Okerlund is standing by with Norman Smiley backstage.

Gene: Norman Smiley, last week you and Horace Hogan brought the hardcore back to WCW and this week you have another Hardcore match, but you don’t know with whom.”

Smiley: “You know Gene I enjoyed my match last week and its great that hardcore wrestling is back in WCW, I don’t know who my opponent will be tonight, but I will beat him, because so far I am the best hardcore wrestler in WCW.”

Gene: “Norman Smiley vs a mystery opponent later on tonight.”

US Title Tournament Round 1

Booker T vs Disco Inferno

A nice well fought match up by both competitors, the managed to put each other over well and have a good match, the match went pretty even the whole way the through, suddenly Booker T started getting a little advantage after hitting the Houston Hangover. Booker finish Disco of with the Axe Kick to advance in the tournament.

Winner who advances: Booker T


The Outsiders are getting ready

Backstage Gene Okerlund says he’s been send here to get comments on Scott Halls match tonight. Gene goes to knock on the Outsider’s locker room door. Out comes Kevin Nash dressed as Jim Cornette.

Okerlund: “Kevin Nash, for weeks now The Outsiders have been present at Nitro without doing anything, but tonight the new WCW management has booked Scott Hall in the United States Title tournament against Tank Abbott, any comments on that?”

Nash: *trying his best to sound like Cornette* Well let me tell you something Gene, tonight Scott is going to take Tank Abbott and Tank let me tell you this. Tonight you’re gonna get the ass kicking of a lifetime by my client Scott Hall. Abbott you’re gonna take the exit from this tourmant tonight by the hands of my client be sure to that. And Scott Hall will go on to Mayhem November 21st in Toronto, Canada to win the United States Title. *Nash starts swinging with a tennis racket* so Gene you better watch out cause tonight, Scott Hall is gonna take out Tank Abbott.”

Nash goes into his locker room again and Gene just stands there looking after him

I’m my own person!

Dustin Rhodes makes his way out in a black coat with a black hat and a white mask, he steps into the ring and you can literally hear the fans laughing in the background.

Dustin: “Look at me…Look at this outfit I am in, I left WWF to get away from gimmicks like this, I came here to WCW to be me, Dustin Rhodes, but noooo Dusting Rhodes isn’t exciting enough, Dustin Rhodes isn’t interesting enough, so they dressed me up like Uncle Fester and The Undertakers lovechild. But you know what? I’m sick of this crap, from now on I’m not going to take this anymore.”

*Dustin rips his mask and outfit of to reveal a wrestling outfit consisting of a black shirt and red leather pants*

Dustin: “I challenge anyone in WCW to a hardcore match right now because I am the hardest hitting man in WCW and I’m going to prove it now, ME Dustin Rhodes.”

Norman Smiley’s music starts up and out comes Norman.

Hardcore Match

Dustin Rhodes vs Norman Smiley

Dustin threw all sorts of trashcans in the ring with weapons in, in the ring. Dustin starts of by caning Smiley to death, throughout the match Smiley got little offence in and was just being pummelled with all sorts of weapons from chairs to brooms. The finish came when Dustin hit the Snap Sit Neckbreaker on a chair on Smiley for the three count.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes


Vivi La Raza

The Filthy Animals come out to the ring with big grins on their faces, they step into the ring and Eddie Guerrero gets on the mic.

Eddie: “It doesn’t matter how many times WCW book the animals against each other, we will always survive hahahaha. Now last night, we showed why we are the dominating team in WCW when we took out old man Flair. We gave Ric Flair such an ass kicking, that he won’t sit, walk or come back in a long long time. So now with him gone, we can get down to more important business, ese.”

*Eddie passes the mic to Kidman*

Kidman: “Yes because that, that old…”

*Mysterio covers Kidman’s mout and reminds him this family entertainment*

Kidman: “…oh yeah. Sorry Vince. Well with Ric Flair gone we can focus on The Revolution, The Revolution have been annoying us for a long time now and that’s why we challenge you to a 6 man elimination tag match at Mayhem and we will take you too school.”

Suddenly before The Animals can say anymore The Revolution storm the ring and gets into a big brawl with The Animals, eventually they get The Animals chased off and Douglas gets on the mic.

Douglas: “Any time anywhere, we accept your challenge for Mayhem, and we’ll show you who the superior team is.”


Truth is, I am a freak

We are backstage in a darkroom with very little light; we can see Vampiro standing in a red light.

Vampiro: “You know, ever since I first came to WCW I felt like I have been misplaced, that I don’t belong here because there are so many people and I was always kind of a loner who didn’t really have any friends, and now suddenly there are all these people with great success and good looks and then there’s me, an ugly freak who doesn’t fit in anywhere. But I try, I try so hard to fit in with the normal people, but you know it just doesn’t work and then they mock me and I get really upset and then it gets worst for them and you know I’m sorry for all the bad things I’ve done, but I just kinda had too because they told me too. And now I’m suddenly in this US Title tournament and I’m going up against Berlyn next, and Berlyn is very successful and has many friends and good looks and you know it just pisses me off so you know I’m going to go out there tonight and prove to myself and everyone else that freaks can fight too…”

United States Title Tournament

Berlyn w/The Wall vs Vampiro

The match started out pretty even, but half way towards the match Vampiro started laying a lot of martial arts moves on Berlyn and got really dominant. This of course made The Wall interfere a lot, but to no luck. At one point Berlyn had Vampiro up against the ropes and ran towards him, Vampiro lifted him up and threw him over the top rope onto The Wall taking them both out; Vampiro rolled him into the ring again and hit The Nail In The Coffin for the three count.

Winner who advances: Vampiro

Are ya ready?

Backstage The Outsiders are getting ready, Kevin Nash is still dressed as Jim Cornette and Hall is in wrestling gear now.

Nash: *waving wildly with a tennis racket* “Scott, are ya ready? Tonight you’re gonna go up against Tank Abbott and you’re gonna him down good. Tonight you will kick Tank Abbotts ass, shoot fighter or not, tonight Tank Abbott’s going down…”

Nash started talking faster and faster and eventually you couldn’t hear what he was saying, Scott just kept nodding as we cut away.

Another place backstage The Total Package and Liz are WALKING.

World Title Match mini-tournament

The Total Package Not Lex Luger w/Elisabeth vs Diamond Dallas Page w/Kimberly

Pretty boring match as it was just a slug fest. A few suplexes were hit, but this was mostly just a hit and punch match, eventually Liz interfered on behalf of Luger and got into a cat fight with Kimberly. Further into the match Luger locked DDP into the Toture Rack and he tapped.

Winner who is going to the ME at Mayhem: The Total Package


I am my own man

Backstage Chris Benoit is getting ready; Gene approaches him and asks him for comments about last night.

Benoit: “You know Gene, I am fed up with all this crap about the Revolution, if they want a war I’ll give them one, cause quiet frankly I think they are in over they’re heads here with me, Flair and The Animals. But don’t worry I wont stop, I mean Dean is someone I’ve known my entire life, he is like a brother to me. But I don’t care anymore, he turned on me last night and he’ gonna pay for that mark my words.”

Gene: “Big words from Chris Benoit.”

Another place backstage The Revolution is watching with big grins on their faces.

United States Title Tournament

David Flair vs Buff Bagwell

Bagwell started out by kicking David’s ass, Buff hit a lot of suplexes and stuff on David, plus a lot of punches and kicks. David started coming a little back, but not much Bagwell still dominated him. The finish came when Flair locked Buff in the Figure Four Leg Lock and Buff surprisesingly tapped.

Winner who advances: David Flair

Did I do it well Russo?

Flair left the ring right after the pinfall was made as Buff got up and on the mic.

Buff: “Did I do a good enough job for you, huh Russo? Did I? Because I am so sick and tired of this s**t, I am so tired of jobbing and getting my ass kicked every single week on WCW TV, well it isn’t going to happen no more, because I tell you this Russo, you can…”

Bagwell can’t say anymore because he suddenly gets attacked by Curt Hennig and beat down, we then cut to commercial.


The Outsiders are WALKING~!

Backstage The Outsiders are walking; Scott Hall has a serious look on his face while Nash is jumping around like an idiot with his tennis racket. Hall vs Abbott is up next.

US Title Tournament

Scott Hall w/Kevin Nash vs Tank Abbott

The match starts off with Scott Hall mocking Tank Abbott, Hall is laughing at him trying to act like a shoot fighter. Hall and Tank lock up their fingers and Tank beats Hall. Hall kicks Tank in the gut, but Tank answers back by laying a serious of punches on Hall. Some time go by where Tank gets Hall boxed into a corner and beats the holy hell out of him. Hall falls down and slides out of the ring, Hall talks to Nash, but Tank grabs Hall’s hair from the ring. Hall starts screaming and Nash grabs a chair and nails Tank between the ropes. Ref calls for DQ

Winner who advances: Tank Abbott by DQ

This match will be excellently executed

Gene Okerlund is standing by with Bret Hart

Okerlund: “Bret, in a couple of minutes you will face Curt Hennig and if you win you will go to Mayhem and fight for the World Title, your comments?”

Hart: “Gene, how many world titles have I won since I came to WCW?” *Gene lifts his shoulder* that’s right, zero. And Gene I intend to go to Mayhem and beat the other four dorks and become the WCW World Heavyweight champion for the first time in my career. Because I am the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.”

World Title Mini-Tournament

Bret Hart vs Curt Hennig

This was a good technical match, it started off in brawling,, but quickly turned into a very technical match with a lot of mat wrestling. The match was fought very even and nobody really went on top most of the time, the finish came when Curt Hennig tapped out to the Sharpshooter.

Winner who goes to Mayhem to fight for the title: Bret Hart

You owe me money

Backstage Disco is talking to someone who is apparently named Tony.

Tony: *With Italian accent* Disco, you promised me you would win tonight and advance in this tournament, I bet my money on you. How could you let me down?”

Disco: “Listen I’m sorry Tony, but I thought I had him beat.”

Tony: “Well punk, the fact is you owe me money now. So unless you want to answer to the boys, you gotta start doing stuff for me. You follow?”

Disco: “Answering to the boys doesn’t sound nice, so ok…”

Tony: “Good, follow me…”


Backstage Jeff Jarrett is leaving The Powers The Be’s office.

Jarrett: “Yes I’ll take care of it.”

Jarrett then goes of cam.

Chris Benoit vs Dean Malenko

Very good matcg, another good technical match. Gutsy booking by WCW. Half way through the match The Revoultion ran in and started beating down Benoit with weapons, suddenly Double A Arn Anderson ran in with a chair and chased The Revolution off.

Winner: No Contest


Brian Knobbs & Hugh Morrus w/Jimmy Hart vs Rey Mysterio Jr & Billy Kidman

Not a very good match even though Mysterio & Kidman being in it made it better. Finish came when Kidman hit Knobbs with the Shooting Star Press for the pinfall.

Winners: Mysterio & Kidman


The champ says a few words

Backstage Gene Okerlund approaches the champ Bill Goldberg.

Okerlund: “Bill tonight it was decided that at Mayhem you will defend your title against three men, now we have already found out two of these men. And in a few minutes we will find out whether Sid Vicious or Sting will be in the match. Your comments?”

Goldberg: “Well Gene, I haven’t got much of a say in things like that. Other than I am once again the WCW champion and I will defend the title against anyone, anywhere mark my words. At Mayhem I don’t care who is in the match, because fact of the matter is, I will we walk out the champ.”

Goldberg leaves as Gene says some final words

World Title Mini-Tournament

Sting vs Sid Vicious

An ok match, no moves were really hit it was mostly just a slug fest and it looked like Sting didn’t really want to be there. Midway through the match two suits run out (Skull & 8-Ball from the WWF), they take out the ref and start beating on Sid who fights back to no avail. After they beat him down, Jeff Jarrett comes down, they hold him up and Jeff breaks the guitar over Sid’s head. All three men stomp him a little and then place Sting on top of him. They leaves the ring as the ref awakens and counts to three.

Winner who goes to Mayhem to fight for the title: Sting

Jarrett and the suits make their way up the ramp, we see Sting celebrate as the show fades to black.

Quick Results

Booker T d. Disco

Dustin Rhodes d. Norman Smiley

Vampiro d. Berlyn

The Total Package d. DDP

David Flair d. Buff Bagwell

Tank Abbott d. Scott Hall by DQ

Bret Hart d. Curt Hennig

Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko went to a no contest

Rey Mysterio Jr & Billy Kidman d. Hugh Morrus & Brian Knobbs

Sting d. Sid Vicious

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WCW Thunder resultsThursday October 28th 1999

We start of with a recap of Nitro and then ends the video package with the flying WCW logo in normal fashion. We cut to the arena where fireworks go off and Tony Schiavone & Mike Tenay welcome us to the arena.

And we are LIVE from San Diego, CA.

Cruiserweight Title Match

Disco Inferno vs Evan Karagias w/Madusa

Match started off with a tie-up and then developed from that. It went very slow all the way through and wasn’t that exciting, Madusa interfered a couple of times on Karagias behalf, but Disco finally managed to reversed Evan into her, she fell of the apron and Karagias stumbled into the Chartbuster for the three count.

Winner and still champion: Disco Inferno


I still am the master and ruler of the world

Sid Vicious music hits and out comes big Sid; Sid grabs a mic and starts talking.

Sid: “Ever since I arrived at World Championship Wrestling again, I have been the most dominant man in the company, I had a huge winning streak, the match with Goldberg was a fluke, I was attacked before the match started. That was the only way he beat me and tonight I intend to prove it, I issue and open challenge to the locker room and I will cripple anyone who answers it…”

Chris Benoit’s music starts up and out comes The Crippler

Benoit: “Did I hear you say Cripple anyone who answers? Ever since you came to WCW, you seem to be losing more and more, and I will gladly take you on tonight, to see if you can Cripple the Crippler or if you’ve got it all in the mouth.

Sid: “Chris Benoit, I promise you this, tonight my streak wont be broken, but your back will.”

The announcers then chat a little

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Lash Leroux

Match started of fast and continued in a very quick phase all throughout the entire match, Lash was in control most of the match, but Chavo got some good offence in too. The finish came when Lash hit the Whiplash for the three count.

Winner: Lash Leroux


The Maestro vs Prince Iaukea

Ugh, Maestro and Kea wrestle back and forth for some time without any real challenge in it, Iaukea did some good moves, but there was absolutely nothing special here. Maestro hit The Encore for the three count and it was over.

Winner: The Maestro

The Revolution are ready

The Revolution make their way out to the ring led by Shane Douglas, they step into the ring and Douglas gets on the mic.

Douglas: “At Mayhem, we will go into a six man tag team match with Rey Mysterio Jr, Konnan & Eddie Guerrero and when we face them we will be ready for them believe me. But tonight we start of with a little practice for that match with a 6 man tag right here on Thunder. And we will show you a little preview of what we’re going to do to the Animals at Mayhem, hahahaha.”

The Revolution vs Silver King, El Dandy & La Parka

The Revolution mainly dominated Slilver King & El Dandy, but they got a little resistance eveytime Parka stepped into the ring. The match was pretty good and went quite some time, before finishing when Douglas pinned El Dandy after The Pittsburgh Plunge.

Winner: The Revolution


Brian Adams & Bryan Clarke vs Mike Rotunda & Kevin Sullivan

Sullivan no-sold everything as always, but besides from the Clarke & Adams dominated the match and came off as a good pairing. They finished of Rotunda with The Meltdown.

Winners: Brian Adams & Bryan Clarke

The Champs are getting ready

Backstage Scott Hudson approaches Harlem Heat.

Hudson: “Gentlemen, tonight you are going up against the Team of Lenny & Lodi also known as XS, any comments?”

Booker T: “Scott, as always Harlem Heat are going to retain their world tag team titles, XS aint no match for Harlem Heat. We’re the 10 time World Tag Team champions ******, and what are XS? Formed earlier this year? Well tonight is just going to be another for walkthrough for us.”

Stevie Ray: “After we’re done with XS tonight they’re never going to get a tag team title shot again because we’re going to send them home permanently.”

Booker T: “XS, N-words we’re coming for you.”

World Tag Team Title Match

Harlem Heat vs XS

XS got off to a good start against Harlem Heat, but were soon beat down and the size difference was beginning to mean more and more. Match finished off when Booker T hit the Axe kick on Lodi.

Winners: Harlem Heat


Buff Bagwell vs Scotty Riggs

The match went back and forth with Buff mainly in control all the way through, towards the end of the match Buff took out Riggs with The Blockbuster, but then started showboating instead of pinning, Curt Hennig ran out and brawled with Buff until officials pulled them apart.

Winner: No Contest

Bret Hart vs Konnan

As nice technical match here which Bret Hart mainly controlled with all sorts of moves and holds, the match finished when Bret made Konnan tap to the Sharpshooter.

Winner: Bret Hart


World Title

Bill Goldberg vs Steve Williams

This wasn’t any different from the normal Goldberg matches. He kicks, he punches, he kicks, he punches. Spear, jackhammer, 1…2…3. Goldberg retains

Winner: Bill Goldberg

Schiavone and Tenay hype Nitro a little before we then go to the main event.

Chris Benoit vs Sid Vicious

Pretty even match that went back and forth, Benoit got some moves in, but mostly this was a normal kick and punch type of Sid match. The match ended in a no-contest, when Sid & Benoit brawled in the crowd and they both got counted out.

Winner: No contest

Quick Results

Disco Inferno d. Evan Karagias

Chavo Guerrero Jr. d. Lash Leroux

The Maestro d. Prince Iaukea

The Revolution d. Silver King, El Dandy & La Parka

Brian Adams & Bryan Clarke d. Mike Rotunda & Kevin Sullivan

Harlem Heat d. XS

Buff Bagwell & Scotty Riggs went to a no contest

Bret Hart d. Konnan

Goldberg d. Steve Williams

Chris Benoit & Sid Vicious went to a no contest

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WCW Saturday Night ResultsOctober 30th 1999

Brad Armstrong d. The Maestro after a match going back and forth, Armstrong defeated The Maestro with The Russian Legsweep

Devon Storm d. La Parka after a decent match going back and forth, Storm managed to hit The Leap Of Faith on La Parka and take the victory home

Evan Karagias d. The Barbarian after Madusa interfered multiple times on Evans behalf, Evan managed to defeat The Barbarian with The Sleeper Slam

Hugh Morrus d. Mike Rotunda after demolishing Rotunda for a while, Morrus finished him off with The No Laughing Matter.

Vampiro d. The Cat after interference from The Insane Clown Posé Vampiro defeated The Cat with the Nail In The Coffin.

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World Championship Wrestling News and Notes

So far we’ve had two weeks of new management in World Championship Wrestling, the booking has improved slightly, however the ratings still don’t improve very much. The first Nitro under Russo regime did a 3,3 rating. The last week under Nash booking did a 2,6 rating and this week Nitro did a 3,5 rating and the booking team aren’t satisfied yet. Russo has promised that he will take WCW further in the coming weeks and wowed to be more creative with the on-screen product. World Championship Wrestling has also announced that some changes are going to be made within the company that will affect the on-screen product, like WCW are planning to cancel the third hour of Thunder. Until next time, take care…

Credit: pwinsider.com

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Preview for Nitro November 1st 1999

The United States Title Tournament continues

The United States title tournament continues this Monday on Nitro with a second and final round of opening matches, this week will feature stars as, The Toal Package, DDP, Shane Douglas, Chirs Benoit and more. So tune into this weeks Nitro to see who will advance.

Multiple Title Defences

This coming Monday on Nitro, all reigning Champions will defend their titles again, to prove themselves worthy for the Powers that Be. Turn into Nitro this week to see if all champions retain.

Sid is on a rampage

Sid Vicious has been on a rampage ever since Jeff Jarrett caused him a title shot last week, this week his is calling out Jarrett to find out why Jarrett cost him the title shot. Find out why Jarrett cost Sid a title shot and what Sid is going to do this week on Nitro.

Plus Kevin Nash and Scott Hall has promised this is going to be a night “Up-north” won’t soon forget and much more.

Unites States Title Tournament: The Total Package vs Diamond Dallas Page

Unites States Title Tournament: Shane Douglas vs Perry Saturn

Unites States Title Tournament: Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero

Unites States Title Tournament: Dean Malenko vs Curt Hennig

Cruiserweight Title: Disco Inferno vs Juventud Guerrera

TV Title: Rick Steiner vs Lash Leroux

World Tag Title Match: Harlem Heat vs Barry & Kendall Windham

World Title: Bill Goldberg vs Bam Bam Bigelow

The Outsiders promise a big night

Sid confronts Jarrett

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WCW Nitro resultsNovember 1st 1999

Backstage The Outsiders are lining up with a lot of beer bottles in front of a monitor, getting ready for Nitro. They’re talking about that tonight will a night that “Up North” wont forget anytime soon.

We start of with a video package of what happened last week on Nitro, we then go to the normal Nitro opening sequence, it ends and we cut to the arena where Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan welcome us as fireworks go off.

And we are LIVE from Minneapolis, MN.

Nobody is going to stand in my way

We start tonight off with the Scheme Gene show, Gene calls out Sting. Sting makes his way to the ring to a mixed crowd reaction, but mostly cheers.

Gene: “Sting, last week when we were out here, we found out that at Mayhem, not only will you get your rematch for the World Title, but you will compete for it with three other men, namely: the champ Bill Goldberg, Bret “The Hitman” Hart and your best friend The Total Package.”

Sting: “You know Gene, me and Lex go a long way back. We’ve been best friends for as long as I can remember and we stood together in everything, but that World Heavyweight Championship belt is mine, the very reason I am in this business is to get that belt and nothing is going to stand in my way. Like I made clear last week, I don’t know what Lex is doing, but if he stands in my way, no questions asked he is going down. So Lex I hope you will be wise come Mayhem and not stand in my way, because I don’t want to ruin our friendship if I don’t have too, but you know as well I as know how important that World title belt is and I will do anything and everything to get it, but you know Lex isn’t the only one in the match, there’s also Goldberg *crowd pops* and Bret Hart *smaller crowd pop * and none of them are going to be that big a challenge, trust me on that…”

Before Sting can finish his sentence TTP’s music starts up and Not Lex Luger makes his way out with Elisabeth by his side to boos from the crowd. TTP steps into the ring and.

Gene: “The Total Package, do you have anything to say?”

TTP: “Well Gene, first of all sorry for the interruption. Second, Sting I know how important that world title is to you, but it’s also very important to me, however, there is one difference between you and me. See as you said our friendship go way back and I’ve always had you by my site, and that’s not something I want to risk by going into this match, so Sting if you want that title it’s all right by me, and we might as well face it. Together we can take down Goldberg & Bret Hart twice as hard.”

*Sting laughs and smiles at TTP*

Sting: “Lex, my buddy. I knew I could count on you all the way. We are going to show to the world that together we are stronger than any force in wrestling.”

*Sting and Luger shake hands*


When we come back Tony and Bobby chat about The United States Title Tournament, the brackets now look like this:

IPB Image

We gotta get through this

Backstage we’re in The Revolutions locker room.

Malenko: “Wow, they booked you guys against each other.”

Douglas: “WHAT?”

*Douglas takes a look at the screen while Saturn is standing in the back*

Douglas: “It’s true, well… I got a plan, listen to this…”

The scene cuts away as we go to the ring for our first match of the evening.

Cruiserweight Title Match

Disco Inferno vs Juventud Guerrera w/Psicosis

A very good competitive match, Disco tried to keep it more ground based and did a lot of submissions, while Juvi went on top and flew around like he normally does. A lot of big moves were hit by Juvi, and the finish came when Juvi pinned Disco after a 450 Splash to become Cruiserweight Champ!

Winner and NEW Cruiserweight Champion: Juventud Guerrera


You really did it this time

Backstage “Tony” is yelling his lungs out at Disco.

Tony: “What the hell just happened out there?!! You told me you were gonna squash that midget that it was going to be a no biggy and I was going to get my money back!!!”

Disco: *Sounding very worried* I know!! It’s not fun for me either; I just lost the Cruiserweight Title.”

Tony: “Well, you better start coming up with ideas son. Because next week I got two family members coming here and they’re gonna assist you when you do my jobs, and if you fight against it, it will be worst for you.”

*Tony leaves the scene*

Disco: *Whispering under his breath* He got thugs coming after me now too.”

*Disco slams his head into the wall as we cut away*

Where is he? 1

Backstage Sid kicks the door in from the parking lot, he is angrily threatening officials and demanding them to tell him where Jarrett is, no one knows. Sid continues his search.

Hardcore Match

Dustin Rhodes vs Brad Armstrong

Armstrong jumped at Rhodes from the start hammering him, but Rhodes got the upper hand and started beating down Armstrong with all sorts of weapons. The math didn’t go long before Rhodes finished off Armstrong with a powerbomb through a table.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes


We’re gonna get through this

When we come back The Revolution are making their way to the ring led by Shane Douglas while the crowd cheers. They step into the ring and Douglas gets on the mic.

Douglas: “At Mayhem, me, Dean and Perry are going into a match with three members of the Filthy Animals, but first tonight we’re competing in the United States title tournament. And… *fans boo loudly* SHUT UP! I don’t like you either, I can’t wait until I’m out of this stinking piece of trash that you people call a city, I know you hate me, I’m more successful and I’m way better looking than all you people out here. *Fans chant Asshole Asshole* Well ignoring you, let’s get down to business. I don’t know what WCW management are thinking, but we’ll tell you this WCW management, we don’t care how many times you book The Revolution against each other, we will always still be standing afterwards. So Perry, you and me are going to have the best damn match on the card, right now! And no matter who wins the better man will succeed.”

Douglas drops the mic as Malenko leaves the ring.

WCW United States Title Tournament

Shane Douglas vs Perry Saturn

Match started of with several tie-ups, and a lot of submission countering. A lot of moves and suplexes etc. were hit and overall a good match. The match went back and forth for quite a long time without any of the two competitors gaining the upper hand. The match finished off when Saturn hit the Death Valley Driver and scored the upset pin over his leader Shane Douglas

Winner who advances: Perry Saturn

I’m going to get my revenge tonight

Gene Okerlund is backstage Buff Bagwell.

Gene: “Buff, over the last two weeks, you have freely expressed your hate against the new WCW management, now WCW management countered back by sending Curt Hennig after you. But Buff tonight you wowed to get your revenge.”

Bagwell: “Gene, I am so sick and tired of WCW management, I’m not answering to them and I never will be, so they decide to send Curt Hennig after me? Ha! That guy had his prime like ten years ago and back then he was still not as good as Buff Daddy. So Hennig, you better watch your back, and look around every corner, because I’m coming for you and I’m going to kick your butt. You know why? Because I’m Buff and I’m the Stuff and that’s just the way it is. So tonight, Curt Hennig, your going dooooown.”

Buff leaves the screen as we cut away

Where is he? 2

Backstage Sid Vicious is angrily throwing stuff around, still looking for Jeff Jarrett, but nobody knows where he is. Sid says he’s gonna find him, and when he does it’s no going to be pretty.

“Up North” won’t forget this

The wolf hovels hit as Kevin Nash comes, dressed as Vince MacMahon.

IPB Image

Kevin McNash steps into the ring and grabs a mic.

*Fans boo heavily*

Nash: “ *Trying to sound his best like Vince MacMahon* SHUT UP!! I’m the most powerfull man in Sports Entertainment today goddammit, everything I do, I do for the fans and you people should respect me, because without me there wouldn’t be any wrestling. I created wrestling, you people should follow me, you people should thank me.”

Crowd begins to chant “asshole, asshole” again

Nash: “Don’t call me that, I’m not that, you people are that. Unlike billionaire Ted, I didn’t buy my way to the top, I borrowed a little money here and there and, of course with little stock options, I became a millionaire. I singlehandedly put everyone else out of business until I was the only one in town, I am the biggest most powerfull man in wrestling today, no one is better than me and I beat everyone. But tonight I come to you here, to stand behind the next World Heavyweight champion, he is a young punk with a bright feature, we will push him until he is stuffed down your throats and then we will push him even more, he is to go one on one with the champ and here, he is the future of professional wrestling…Scott Hall!”

Scott Hall’s music starts up and Hall makes his way out to boo from the fans, Hall steps into the ring and grabs a mic.

Hall: “Hey Yo, if you’re going to be running this gimmick, I’m not going to follow to follow you. The Powers That Be told me, one more strike and I’m out, so I have to find nicer people to be friends with now, and I’m not burning any bridges up north now… not! By the way who the hell picks your wardrobe? Well whatever, because to all the boys in New York, we got your attitude right here *Hall does a crotch chop*”

Tony concurs and we go to commercial.


When we come back the Nitro Girls do a little dance.

The Champ is here

Backstage Bill Goldberg arrives with the World Title strap over his shoulder and a bag in his hand.

Revenge is coming now!

Backstage Curt Hennig is sitting on a chair tapping his wrists, getting ready for his match. Suddenly Buff Bagwell comes running up from behind and hits him off the chair, Buff starts throwing him into the walls and stomping.

Buff: “How do you like someone to cost you a title match, huh? How do you like being attack from behind?”

Buff stomps him some more, we go to the arena where Dean Malenko is getting ready for his match against Curt Hennig.

United States Title Match

Dean Malenko vs Curt Hennig

Hennig’s music hits and Buff comes dragging Hennig out, beating him all the way down the ramp, Buff throws Hennig into the ring and stays at ringside. Manlenko started pounding on Hennig. Malenko had the upper hand the whole match through as Buff interfered everytime the ref wasn’t looking or Hennig started getting the upper hand. In the end Hennig tapped to the Texas Cloverleaf

Winner who advances: Dean Malenko

Post match, Buff got into the ring again and stomped Hennig some more, he then got on the mic

Bagwell: “I’m tired of this, The Powers That Be aren’t pushing me around, and neither are you. Do you think you can handle me one on one? How me and you, no BS, at Mayhem.”

Bagwell then throws down the mic and jumps out of the ring as we cut to commercial.


Kronik vs XS

Brian Adams & Bryan Clarke are put together again this week; Tony explains to us that Clarke and Adams liked working together so much that they formed a team and are now known as Kronik. This match didn’t go long, Clarke and Adams basically destroyed both XS members, they finished the match off giving Lodi a Double Chokeslam (A High Time according to Tony) for the three count.

Winners: Kronik

When then go to the announcers who chat a little about the upcoming PPV, but they quickly get interrupted by Sid’s music.

I’m calling you out, right now!

Big Sid makes his way out to the ring with a mic in hand; he steps into the ring and starts to talk.

Sid: “Jeff Jarrett, last week I had a World Title shot within the reach of my arm, all I had to do was lift Sting up, plant him on the ground and count him out 1…2…3. But you had to stand in the way off that, I’ve said it in the past and I’ll say it again, if anybody stand in my way, I take them down. This is no exception. Jeff Jarrett you want to interfere in my business? You want to scre *bleep* me over, you want a fight with me? Well I accept, Jeff you just come down here right now, and I’ll face you.”

Jeff Jarrett’s music starts up and Jarrett comes walking out with the guitar over his shoulder and the two suits behind him, Jarrett tells the suits to stay outside of the ring, while he goes in to face Sid. Jarrett grabs a mic and gets ready to say something.

Jarrett: “Ok, listen up big man. I never intended to have a fight with you, last week I only did what I was told to do by The Powers That Be, The Powers That Be didn’t want a possibility of you becoming World Champion, because honestly you’re crazy, you don’t look good and you don’t smell good either. You are hardly what WCW want to present as their World Heavyweight Champion, and I agree. You are far from the best this promotion can offer, take me for example, I’m good looking, I don’t smell and I’m a world class superstar, I’m everything you’re not big Sid. So you see there is nothing personal in it, it was strictly business.”

Sid gets a very angry look on his face as he prepares to say something.

Sid: “As far as I’m concerned, when you took it upon you to do what The Powers That Be told you to, you made it personal to me. And I don’t care if it was business; I want you in the ring, but not just any ring. No Jeff Jarrett I want you at Mayhem, one on one, me against you.”

Jarrett thinks for a while before answering.

Jarrett: “Ok, I’ll be more than happy to fight you at Mayhem, so I can prove to the world that I am a big future player for this company and that you are nothing, but an old man.”

Jarrett laughs, but he quickly stops as Sid nails him with a huge right, Sid throws in a couple of blows and takes Jarrett down with a clothesline. The suits enter the ring fast, the first one runs against Sid, but Sid catches him by the throat and drills him into the ring with a Chokeslam. He then goes to brawl with the second one and grabs him by the throat too. But before Sid can lift him up, Jarrett nails Sid with a guitar shot from behind and Sid goes into the ground. Jarrett raises his arms in victory as they leave the ring.

Getting into character

Backstage Scott Hall and Kevin McNash are watching the show on a monitor.

Nash: “If Sid got scre*bleep*d The Powers That Be didn’t scre*bleep* Sid, Jeff Jarrett didn’t scre*bleep* Sid, I didn’t scre*bleep* Sid, Sid scre*bleep*d Sid.”

Hall: “Right you are big man, right you are.”

We’ll win this tournament

Backstage the Filthy Animals are discussing tactics for Eddie Guerrero’s upcoming US Title tournament match with Chris Benoit.

United States Tile Tournament

Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero w/The Filthy Animals

A very good hard fought match that went back and forth and everywhere all the time, The Animals managed to stay out of the match and let the competitors fight too, which was a good thing. Towards the end Rey distracted the referee when Benoit went up on the apron, Konnan then nailed Benoit with a chair and Benoit fell off the apron, Guerrero then climbed the turnbuckle and hit The Frog Splash for the three count.

Winner who advances: Eddie Guerrero

After the match The Filthy Animals all started stomping Chris Benoit, Arn Anderson then came running out with a chair to save behind the second week in a row, Anderson chased all The Animals off as we cut to commercial.


Why are you doing this?

Backstage Benoit is getting checked by medics and Arn Anderson is with him

Benoit: “Why do you keep helping me out?”

Anderson: “Son, it’s quite simple. I watched what you said about a month when you talked about what is wrong with this business, well I agree, but I think that you are the future of it. You have the potential to be the Ric Flair of this generation, you got the skills and everything, and I want to help you.”

Benoit: “You serious?”

Arn nods, but before Benoit can answer we cut away.

United States Title Tournament

Diamond Dallas Page w/Kimberly vs The Total Package w/Liz

Tony put over the fact that TTP beat DDP last week in the mini World Title tournament, is he able to do the same tonight? The match pretty much went like last weeks, a slug fest with punches and kicks and some moves from DDP’s site. The match finished when DDP hit the Diamond Cutter for the surprise win.

Winner who advances: Diamond Dallas Page

The announces chatted a little about Mayhem again until the next match started.

WCW Television Title

Rick Steiner vs Lash Leroux

Total trainwreck, Rick Steiner totally just squashed Leroux who got sorry offence in, Steiner stiffed Leroux up good too, match finished after Steiner hit the Bulldog.

Winner and still champ: Rick Steiner

World Tag Title Match

Harlem heat vs Barry and Kendall Windham

Barry and Kendall didn’t get much offence in, they mainly just put Harlem Heat over and got their asses kicked. There wasn’t much in this match, as Booker was the only one who could really go. We also cut to commercial in the middle of it. The match finished off when Stevie hit the 110th Street Slam on Kendall

Winners and still champions: Harlem Heat

Some words from The Hitman

Gene Okerlund is backstage with The Hitman

Gene: “Bret Hitman Hart, we’ve seen tonight so far that tensions are running high everywhere going into this title match at Mayhem. What is your involvement in all this?”

Bret: “Well Gene, so far The Hitman sees this as only business, I’m here for one reason and that is to get that World Heavyweight Championship, I know Goldberg only wants to keep his title, so so far its only Sting and TTP that have personal problems going into this match. They say they stand divided, but sooner or later their ego’s are going to take them down, however me? I’m on my own and I’m going to win the title on my own, be sure of that. You know why Gene?”

Gene: “Why`?”

Bret: “Because I am the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.”

Bret leaves the screen as we cut away.

Meng vs Sting w/TTP and Liz

TTP and Liz come out with Sting, I guess to back him up. Sting and Meng go at it and Meng no sells much of what Sting throws at him, but Sting is mainly in control. Towards the end of the match, Sting got Meng locked in a sleeper hold and they are at the edge of the ring with both their heads between the middle and bottom rope. TTP suddenly pulls out a spray and sprays Sting in the eyes, the ref calls for DQ and Sting is blinded. TTP gets into the ring and takes Sting down, he locks Sting in The Toture Rack and keeps him there forever, the ref tries to get Sting down, but TTP won’t let go. Finally Bret Hart comes running in and takes Luger down from behind with Stings bat, Luger pummels TTP a little with the bat. Liz goes to check on Luger, while some medics come out and help Sting to the back, Bret follows right behind and we go to commercial, the main event is next.

Winner: Sting by DQ


World Title Match

Bill Goldberg vs Bam Bam Bigelow

This actually wasn’t a squash match for once, Bigelow actually got some offence in terms of punches and kicks and some moves, but Goldberg right off after it. Match finished off in normal fashion, spear, jackhammer, three count.

Winner and still champ: Bill Goldberg

After the match Goldberg gets on the mic

Goldberg: “You know, I sat in the back and I saw what just happened. What used to be a professional cause for my title, has now turned into a personal feud between The Total Package and Sting, Well that means it’s better for me, because when they are blindsided by each other, I can take the title back home. So boys, punks I might say, be afraid, be very afraid ‘cause YOU’RE NEXT!”

The show fades to black with Goldberg making crazy eyes and showing his title.

Quick Results

Juventud Guerrera d. Disco Inferno

Dustin Rhodes d. Brad Armstrong

Perry Saturn d. Shane Douglas

Dean Malenko d. Curt Hennig

Kronik d. XS

Eddie Guerrero d. Chris Benoit

Diamond Dallas Page d. The Total Package

Rick Steiner d. Lash Leroux

Harlem Heat d. Barry & Kendall Windham

Sting d. Meng by DQ

Bill Goldberg d. Bam Bam Bigelow

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WCW Thunder resultsNovember 4th 1999

We start of with a recap of Nitro and then ends the video package with the flying WCW logo in normal fashion. We cut to the arena where fireworks go off and Tony Schiavone & Mike Tenay welcome us to the arena.

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match

Juventud Guerrera w/Psicosis vs Evan Karagias w/Madusa

The match started off good and went back and forth all the time between the two competitors, but people at ringside couldn’t stay out of the match. Eventually Madusa and Psicosis got into a minor brawl, meanwhile in the ring, Juvi hit the Juvidriver for the three count.

Winner: Juventud Guerrera


Hardcore Match

Norman Smiley vs Horace Hogan

The match went back and forth, but mainly Smiley dominated, off course we had a lot of screaming and Norman running for a little while, but Horace didn’t get much offence in. Smiley finished of Hogan after a shot with a kendo stick to the head.

Winner: Norman Smiley

Interview with Sid

Gene is backstage with Sid.

Gene: “Sid Vicious, last Monday we saw you challenging Jarrett to a match at Mayhem and after that you were attacked by his two bodyguards The Harris boys. Tonight you face The Harris Boys in a handicap match.”

Sid: “Gene, I’ve fought Double J before and this wont be the last time. But if he wants to send his little lackeys after me, let him. Because I will give him a little preview of what I will do to him at Mayhem. And after I destroy The Harris Twins tonight, there will be no one guarding Double J, and come this Monday I’m going to take him out… for good.”

Gene: “Sid Vicious and The Harris Twins, tonight.”

Booker T vs Kaz Hayashi

Total squash match; Booker T destroyed Hayashi who got zero offence in at all. Booker finished off Hayashi with what Tony calls the “bookend” (The Rock Bottom).

Winner: Booker T


Rey Mysterio Jr. w/The Filthy Animals vs Brad Armstrong

The match started off with Brad dominating Mysterio until Mysterio fighting back. Mysterio was in control the rest of the match and finished of Armstrong with the Guillotine Leg Drop.

Winner: Rey Mysterio Jr,

Interview with Rick Steiner

Gene is standing by with Rick Steiner

Gene: “Rick Steiner, tonight you go one on one with Chris Benoit, your thoughts?”

Steiner: “Gene, tonight, they booked me against the man I beat for my title, it seems that I have to prove myself over and over again. Well I don’t care how many times I have to prove myself I will; I’ll beat the holy hell out of Benoit tonight. So let’s just see what happens.”

Eddie Guerrero vs Ernest Miller

Guerrero comes out without the animals, Miller starts off dominating Guerrero, but the match quickly changes pace and Guerrero eventually wins it with The Frog Splash

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Buff Bagwell vs La Parka

This was a long squash match, Buff dominated La Parka who got about zero offence in, Bagwell finished La Parka off with a Blockbuster.

Winner: Buff Bagwell


Kidman & Konnan w/Torrie Wilson vs Berlyn w/The Wall & Curt Hennig

Odd combination, but however it provided a good match. Berlyn got his ass kicked almost every time he went into the match, while Hennig battled a little more even with The Filthy Animals. Match finished off with Berlyn tapping to the Tequila Sunrise.

Winners: Konnan & Kidman

Kronik vs Bam Bam Bigelow & Alan Funk

Funk got completely squashed by the two crafty veterans, however they had trouble dominating Bam Bam Bigelow who got a size advantages to them. Match finished off with Kronik hitting the High Time on Bigelow

Winners: Kronik


Rick Steiner vs Chris Benoit w/Arn Anderson

I guess Benoit accepted Andersons offer since he is with Benoit here at ringside. Ok match, Steiner just did punch/kick combinations all way through, Benoit boxed out though and eventually made Steiner tap to the Crossface.

Winner: Chris Benoit

Sid Vicious vs The Harris Boys

Harris Boys started off dominating Sid with punches and kicks, but eventually Sid fought back and stayed on top almost the whole match through. Jeff Jarrett didn’t show in the match at all, the match finished off with Sid powerbombing one Harris bro, chokeslamming the other, pinning both simultaneously. Good job, jobbing two bodyguards who look tough to Sid.

Winner: Sid Vicious

Quick Results

Juventud Guerrera d. Evan Karagias

Norman Smiley d. Horace Hogan

Booker T d. Kaz Hayashi

Rey Mysterio Jr. d. Brad Armstrong

Eddie Guerrero d. Ernest Miller

Buff Bagwell d. La Parka

Konnan & Kidman d. Berlyn & Curt Hennig

Kronik d. Bam Bam Bigelow & Alan Funk

Chris Benoit d. Rick Steiner

Sid Vicious d. The Harris Boys

Edited by Downer
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WCW Saturday Night ResultsNovember 6th 1999

Alan Funk d. Al Greene after a match going back and forth Alan Funk was to hit a Brainbuster and knock Al Green out long enough to make the three count

Fit Finlay d. Devon Storm in a hardcore match where both competitors took a lot of hard blows and Storm as always took all sorts of risks. Finlay finished Storm of with a Rolling Firemanscarry Slam onto a chair.

Jerry Flynn d. Blitzkrieg after a well fought match by both competitors, Flynn finished Blitzkrieg of with a devastating martial arts kick

Psicosis d. Mike Rotunda after a match going back and forth with Psicosis mainly in control, Psicosis finished of Rotunda with a Leg Drop from the top rope

Booker T d. Kendall Windham in a long hard fought match where Kendall Windham kept Booker down for most of the match, Booker was able to fight back and nail Kendall with the Bookend for the three count

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Preview for WCW Nitro November 8th 1999

Sting angry

Sting has sworn revenge for this Monday night on Nitro for The Total Package after what he did to Sting last week on Nitro. Sting has said he is going to confront Package and that he better have eyes in the back of his head, Package has to be careful as he has a match with Meng this week on Nitro.

Unites States Title Tournament continues

The United States Title Tournament continues this Monday night on Nitro and we have now reached the Quarter Finals consisting of four matches. See who advances this Monday night on Nitro.

Jeff Jarrett and Sid

Sid Vicious has told Jeff Jarrett he better watch his back this Monday night on Nitro, because Sid is coming for him. Rumours say that Jeff Jarrett is really paranoid after Sid beat The Harris Twins Thursday on Thunder and that he is taking extreme precautions, see what they are this Monday on Nitro.

United States Title Tournament: Tank Abbott vs David Flair

United States Title Tournament: Booker T vs Vampiro

United States Title Tournament: Diamond Dallas Page vs Perry Saturn

United States Title Tournament: Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko

The Total Package vs Meng

Tony’s two thugs vs Silver King & El Dandy

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WCW Nitro resultsNovember 8th 1999

We start of with a video package of what happened last week on Nitro, we then go to the Nitro opening sequence. It ends and we cut to the arena where fireworks go off and Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan welcome us to the show.

And we are LIVE from Indianapolis, IN.

Getting down to business…again

We open up for the third week in a row with Sting coming to the ring with an angry look on his face to a mixed crowd reaction. Sting gets into the ring and grabs a mic.

Sting: “I’m gonna get right down to business, right here, right now. Total Package, I give you 30 seconds to come out here and face me, before I go backstage and find you, and I’m not stopping for anything, you can run, but you can’t hide.”

Sting waits a while, then TTP’s music starts up and Liz makes her way out to the ring and gets on the mic.

Liz: “Sting, Total Package sends me out here to apologize for what he did. But there’s one thing you gotta understand, what he did last week, he did in friendship. He values your friendship very high and what he did last week he did to keep you save, we all know Bill Goldberg is a big and strong man and he could hurt you very easily, Total Package doesn’t want that, he…”

Sting: *Interrupting* “Liz stop right there, I’m not buying that, if Total Package wants to weasel his way out of this, let him come out here and do it himself.”

TTP’s music hits again as Not Lex Luger makes his way out onto the stage to boos, he has a mic too.

TTP: “Sting, you gotta understand, Liz was right. What I did last week, I did to protect you, you’re a good friend and I don’t want you to get hurt in the upcoming match at Mayhem. *Fans chant, bulls**t, bulls**t* don’t listen to these moronic fans Sting, I love you like a brother and I apologize if I hurt you last week.”

Liz makes her way up to the stage to join her man.

Sting: “Package, stop right there, you know that the fans you know it, you know it. Hell, just listen to them; they’re chanting it out load. *Fans chant Bulls**t, Bulls**t even louder* Package, you better have eyes in the back of your head, because if I can I’m not waiting until Mayhem, I’m coming for you, and when I do. It’s not going to be pretty.”

TTP has a scared look on his face as Sting stares him down and we cut to commercial.


When we come back Tony and brain talk about the US Title Tournament and the brackets now look like this:

IPB Image

United States Title Tournament

Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko

WCW management has banned both The Filthy Animals and The Revolution from ringside to get a clean fight between the two. A very good lengthily match and a very good opener, after a hard fought match. Guerrero managed to get the better of Manlenko and pin him after a Frog Splash.

Winner: Eddie Guerrero

The Outsiders are scheming again

Backstage The Outsiders are watching Nitro in their locker room.

Hall: “Hey Yo, I can’t believe that I got scre*bleep*d out of this tournament and the vanilla midgets are still in it, it’s just not right.”

Nash: “I feel ya man, I don’t think its right either, and so I got an idea that serves you right. Follow me.”

Nash leaves the locker room and Hall follows him.

No. 1 Contendership match

Winner will get a shot at The Cruiserweight Championship at Mayhem

Evan Karagias w/Madusa vs Lash Leroux vs Berlyn w/The Wall

Leroux was the underdog in this match since he didn’t have anyone guarding his back at ringside, however the other two competitors got help from the outside a lot. A very good match, unfortunately we cut to commercial in the middle of it, but when we came back it was still going strong. A some point Madusa started arguing with the referee, The Wall entered the ring and laid both Karagias and Leroux out with a chokeslam, Wall left the ring and Berlyn capitalised on it and won.

Winner: Berlyn

The family has arrived

Backstage Tony is standing by with two thugs; I recognize them as two members of The Baldies in ECW.

Tony: “Ok, Johnny, Vito, you ready? Ok tonight that punk Disco is going to manage you in your first match here, and you’ll show him how it’s done.”

Vito and Johnny: “Right.”

Tony: “So forward he will manage you, and you will take him to do jobs for me until he pays his debt to me. But I still feel that it isn’t really punishment enough, I want to teach the kid, not to mess with an important man like me.”

Vito: “How about we put a horses head in his bed.”

Tony: “You watch too much TV. No, I got another thing in mind. You two just stay here, I’ll be right back.”

Hardcore Match

Dustin Rhodes vs Steve Armstrong

Rhodes destroyed Armstrong just like he did with the other Armstrong last week. Armstrong about got zero offence in and Rhodes finished him off with the Snap Sit Neckbreaker.

Winner: Dustin Rhodes.


He’s coming

When we come back we see a video package for a new character, we only see clips of him otherwise its fire and text. He has red face paint on and there is a voice over “Brother, nemesis, traveller, he is among the blackest souls, sins have dragged him to the bottom, he walks with blood red fury in his sole, he knows no pity, he knows no remorse.” The package ends with the character in the red paint showing his tongue like Gene Simmons.

Backstage Vampiro is watching the package on a monitor.

Vampiro: “He’s coming, he’s coming soon, and he’s coming very very soon.”

United States title Tournament

Booker T vs Vampiro

A very good match once again, the match went back and forth with both men dominating for a while for a while before then changing, a lot of high risk moves were hit too, unlike you’d think. The match finished when Booker hit the Bookend on Vampiro for the upset win according to Schiavone.

Winner: Booker T

I’m getting ready

Backstage Jeff Jarrett is making his way with The Harris Boys and a couple of riot cops, they bump into The Outsiders.

Hall: “Hey Yo, what the hell are you doing?”

Jarrett: “That huge troll Sid is out to get me, I’m just taking my precautions.”

Jarrett and the others quickly move along leaving The Outsiders.

Hall: “Sid…He seems not so cool, I want to make friends with him.”

Nash: “I don’t like him.”

Hall: “Why not?”

Nash: “He aint as good looking as me.”

They both laugh and continue on as we cut to commercial.


Like I said…precautions

Jeff Jarrett makes his way out to the ring with the riot cops and the Harris Boys. They all get into the ring and Jarrett gets on the mic.

Jarrett: “I guess you people are wondering why I am here with all these people, well it’s actually quite simple, you see ever since I came out here and addressed Sid Vicious last week, the big goon has had it in for me. And Sid I know you’re big, you’re strong and you’re scary and even though you don’t scare me, I know that you went hesitate to blindside me with your fist or a chair when I’m not looking, and The Powers That Be don’t want their chosen one injured before a PPV, so Sid I’m just taking my precautions, but to be absolutely sure I have a restraining order saying that if you touch me before Mayhem, you will be suspended without pay, without further notice…”

Sid’s music suddenly starts up interrupting Jeff Jarrett, Sid comes walking out onto the stage with a mic

Sid: “Jeff Jarrett, you’re standing there, in that ring guarded by bodyguards, policemen and a restraining order on me and you still claim that you’re not scared of me. Well Jeff, you just wait until Mayhem, because it doesn’t matter that I can’t touch you before Myahem, because at Mayhem you will step into the ring with the master and ruler of the world and you will feel what pain really is. You’re scared of me blindsiding you, putting you out before Mayhem, that’s nothing, because after Mayhem you will be lying in a hospital bed for the rest of your days.”

Sid starts approaching the ring.

Jarrett: “Sid, you hold it right there. You can’t attack me, hold it right there.”

Harris Boys jump out of the ring and attack Sid, but Sid fights them off nailing them over the rail, taking them out. Sid steps into the ring and gets attack by various police officers, Sid grabs one of the policemen by the throat and chokeslams him, he kicks another policeman in the gut and nails him with a powerbomb. Finally the policemen and The Harris Boys get the upper hand and the policemen cuff Sid. Jarrett tells them to take him away and they do as we cut to commercial.


What are people up too?

We’re backstage where we cut in the middle of Tank Abbott having a conversation with the Italian guy Tony.

Tony: “…Ok, so you’re sure you can handle it? I’ll pay you good money.”

Abbott: “You just bring the punk and the money, then I’ll take care of it.”

Tony: “Great.”

Tony leaves as Abbott makes his way down the hall, someone tells him The Powers That Be wants to talk to him and they are behind that door over there on the left. Abbott goes to open it with a surprise look on his face, he says “You”, Abbott gets pulled in, we hear fighting noises, but before we can see anything else we cut to the ring.

United States Title Tournament

David Flair vs …Scott Hall!

Flair comes out, but when Abbott’s music plays there is no sign of Abbott. Then the wolf hovels hit and Scott Hall makes his way out in wrestling gear, Kevin Nash is the ring announces, he announces that Hall takes Abbott’s place and they then show footage of Abbott laid out through a table in the back. Hall made a quick job of Flair squashing him, the finish came when Hall hit the Outsiders Edge on Flair, Abbott came storming down, but the ref managed to count to three. The Outsiders fled ringside as Abbott entered the ring, Abbott who was pissed then took out the referee, before leaving again.

Winner: Scott Hall


When we come back we see The Outsiders celebrating the win. Another place backstage Disco gets Vito and Johnny, he says they’re up next.

The Mamalukes (Big Vito & Jonny The Bull) w/Disco Inferno vs Silver King & El Dandy

The Mamalukes are ok wrestlers, they dominated Silver King & El Dandy the whole way through the match, the two cruiserweights got little offence in, The Mamalukes used their size advantage to keep on top in most of the match. Disco was commentating the match. The match finished when Big Vito and Johnny The Bull hit a modified double Hip Toss which Disco referred to as the Brooklyn Bomb on El Dandy.

Winners: The Mamalukes

The commentators talk about the impressive debut of The Mamalukes here in WCW, as The Revolutions music starts up.

No hard feelings…or so you say

Saturn, Malenko and Douglas make their way out to the ring, Douglas gets on the mic

Douglas: “We stand before you here tonight as the biggest and most powerful group in the wrestling world today, and at Mayhem we will prove that when we take down The Filthy Animals, but not only we will we defeat The Animals, when we are done with Mayhem we will have a new, United States champion in Perry Saturn. Last week Perry beat me, no hard feelings because as I said last week, the better man won, and you are going to take the title home at Mayhem. And right you are taking on that trailer park trash Diamond Dallas Page, which you people out here can feel related to, so once again we prove to the world tonight, why we are the most dominant group in wrestling.”

United States Title Tournament

Perry Saturn w/The Revolution vs Diamond Dallas Page w/Kimberly

Saturn and DDP had a good match that went back and forth with DDP dominating, The Revolution constantly interfered and Kimberly kept complaining to the ref, towards the end the ref was knocked out, Shane Douglas went into the ring, he swung a chair and accidentally hit Saturn, DDP then knocked him out of the ring and covered Saturn for the three count.

Winner: Diamond Dallas Page


Two generations meet up

When we come back Chris Benoit and Arn Anderson are making their way to the ring, Arn gets on the mic.

Anderson: “Ladies and Gentlemen, let me present to you; the future of wrestling, Chris Benoit. Up recently there has been a lot of things wrong with professional wrestling, Hogan, Sting and that pack of actors that were just out here that calls themselves the most dominant group in wrestling, however what is right with professional is Chris Benoit, and I’m going to take him to the top and clearly utilize his skills because…”

Arn inturupted by “Also Spratch Zarathursa” that hits the PA system and Ric Flair makes his way onto the stage to a huge eruption from the crowd. Flair struts his way to the ring, enters and grabs a mic.

Flair: “WHOOOOOOO *crowd responds* Arn Anderson, old man, its great to see you back in World Championship Wrestling, WHOOO. Well Arn I was sitting watching Dubya see Dubya and I noticed something, you called him *points to Benoit* the potential Ric Flair of this generation. Well Arn, I know you’d always had a great sense for people, and I don’t doubt you one single bit WHOOO, so if you say that, you’re right! WHOOO. So, I have a proposal to make, as it seems me and Benoit has common foes. At Mayhem, there is a 6 man elimination tag team match between, the Rotten Animals, WHOO and The Revolution. Well Benoit you have big problems with The Revolution, well so do I, you got problems with The Filthy Animals and BAH GAWD so do I WHOOO. So what I propose is that me and you, we take my son, and we enter that elimination match as a third team, and we show them all, what we can do together WHOOOO. What do ya say?”

Chris Benoit and Double A talk a little before Benoit gets on the mic

Benoit: “Ric it would be an honour, if the other cowards in the match accept.”

Revolutions music starts up again and out comes Shane Douglas.

Douglas: “Are you kidding me, of course we accept. I’d like to destroy The Animal, but there’s nothing I’d like more than to get my hands on Chris Benoit and you Ric, so The Revoultion accepts.”

The Filthy Animals gets on the screen, they make it short and Konnan says they accept too. We then go to commercial.


A new prize in WCW

JJ Dillon makes his way out to the ring and again to no crowd reaction, he has a suitcase in his hand and a serious look on his face.

Dillon: “Ladies and Gentlemen I stand before you here tonight in serious business, something I was asked to do by The Powers The Be. Since the Hardcore division has returned to WCW, WCW management agreed on that these athletes fighting for the hardcore style shouldn’t go unappreciated, so I have here in the suitcase, the new WCW Hardcore Title belt, at Mayhem there will be a 10 man over the top battle royal. Rules are that if you get thrown over the top rope you are eliminated, if you get pinned or submit you are eliminated, otherwise it’s no disqualification. The 10 men will be made official on WCW.com before tomorrow, so you can go there and check who has entered. Every competitor has been handpicked by WCW management. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, that is all.”

Dillon leaves the ring again as quick as he got out here as we cut to the back.

Interview with Curt Hennig

Gene Okerlund is backstage with Curt Hennig

Okerlund: “Curt Hennig, last week we saw Buff Bagwell challenge you to a match because he said is tired of you assaulting him, you have accepted, your comments?”

Hennig: “Gene, if Bagwell wants a fight, that’s what he’s gonna get. I only did hat The Powers The Be told me to, you know I can’t help it if The Powers That Be chose a perfect man like me to take care of punks like Buff Bagwell, who doesn’t have respect for the business or anything, but at Mayhem I’m going to get the job done and that’s what counts.”

Hardcore Match

Hugh Morrus vs Bam Bam Bigelow

During Morrus entrance Schiavone explains that the First Family has parted ways and all members are out to improve themselves for the new owner now. Morrus and Bigelow wrestle a typical big man contest with Bigelow mainly in control using his size to box in Morrus. A lot of weapons were used, especially kendo sticks, the finish came when Morrus placed Bigelow on a table and hit the No Laughing Matter through it for the three count

Winner: Hugh Morrus


The Total Package w/Liz vs Meng

TTP comes out looking really paranoid coming out, but he gets the match on with Meng. Luger and Meng wrestle for a while with Luger really putting Meng over, but staying on top himself too. During the match we get the expected run-in from Sting, the ref calls for DQ as Sting goes nuts at Luger with his bat. Sting boxes Luger into the corner and Liz throws powder in Stings eyes, Luger signals for The Toture Rack, but out comes Bret Hart, he swings at Luger who a chair who ducks and Luger takes him down, Luger then pummel Hart with the bat. Goldberg comes out and kicks Luger down with a side kick, Goldberg throws Luger into the ropes, Luger then gets dragged out by Liz as they go to the backstage area. Goldberg looks after them, but when he turns around he gets decked by Sting with the bat, Sting knocks Hart down too with the bat. Sting stands tall as we cut to commercial.

Winner: TTP by DQ


Interview with Bret Hart

Okerlund catches up with Hart backstage.

Okerlund: “Hart, your comments on what just happened?.”

Hart: *Visibly upset* What do you think Gene, huh? I tried not to get involved, but I just couldn’t sit back and watch, for the second week in a row, I save Sting, and what happens? The SOB decks me with a bat from behind, but you know I’m not taking it anymore, Sting, you and me, one on one, next week right here on Nitro.”

Bret leaves

Okerlund: “That’s it ladies and gentlemen; Bret Hart has made a challenge to Sting for next week on Nitro.”

World Title Match

Bill Goldberg vs Fit Finlay

Finlay had Goldberg down for a little while in the start of the match, but Goldberg quickly fought back with Goldberg strength, Finlay got a chair from the outside, but before he could use it, Goldberg Speared him and Jackhammered him for the three count.

Winner and STILL champion: Bill Goldberg

The show fades to black with Tony Schiavone wishing us goodnight.

Quick Results:

Eddie Guerrero d. Dean Malenko

Berlyn d. Lash Leroux & Evan Karagias

Dustin Rhodes d. Steve Armstrong

Booker T d. Vampiro

Scott Hall d. David Flair

The Mamalukes d. Silver King & El Dandy

DDP d. Perry Saturn

Hugh Morrus d. Bam Bam Bigelow

Lex Luger d. Meng by DQ

Bill Goldberg d. Fit Finlay

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IPB Image

WCW Thunder resultsNovember 11th 1999

And we’re TAPED from Fort Wayne, IN.

We open the show with normal Thunder opening sequence which ends in the flying logo, Tony Schiavone & Mike Tenay welcome us to the arena and the fireworks go off.

Cruiserweight Title match

Juventud Guerrera w/Psicosis vs Lash Leroux

A decent match, Juvi dominated Leroux throughout the match and Psicosis for one didn’t interfere one single time. The match finished when Juvi hit Leroux with the Juvidriver

Winner: Juventud Guerrera

Interview with Berlyn

Backstage Gene is with Berlyn with his bodyguard

Gene: “Berlyn, you have a title match against Juventud Guerrera at Mayhem, your comments?”

Berlyn: “You know, Gene, first of all I’m going to speak English for once, because that is all these stupid Americans speak. And secondly, at Mayhem you will see a new Cruiserweight champion and what a match its going to be. Guerrera is nothing compared to me, I’m going to take him down and I’m going to illustrate it with The Maestro tonight.”

Berlyn and The Wall leave for their match.

Berlyn w/The Wall vs The Maestro

The Wall kept interfering in the match on behalf of Berlyn. Berlyn finished off The Maestro with the missile dropkick from the top rope as expected.

Winner: Berlyn.


Interview with Bret Hart

Backstage Gene is with Bret Hart

Gene: “Bret, last Monday night you issued a challenge to Sting for this Monday night on Nitro. Now tonight you face Perry Saturn, your comments?”

Hart: “As I said last Monday Gene, I’m tired of saving Sting, I’ve done it two times now and he just hits me with a bat, well you know I’m not gonna save him anymore. This week on Monday I’m going to take care of him, give him a little preview of what he is up against at Mayhem. As far as Perry Saturn is concerned, I’m going to statue an example tonight.”

La Parka vs Silver King

Meh match, La Parka kept it more ground based while Silver King went more on top, La Parka mainly dominated Silver King throughout the match and finished him off with a Skytwister press

Winner: La Parka

Interview with Booker T

Gene is backstage with Booker T.

Gene: “Booker T, you are in the semi-finals of the United States title tournament. Comments?”

Booker: “That’s right Gene, I am in the semi-finals of the United States title tournament, when everyone else said Booker couldn’t do it, I did, and I’ve come this far, I’m not gonna stop now. This Monday on Nitro I will advance to Mayhem and I will win the US title.”


Non-Title match

Booker T vs Rick Steiner

Steiner dominated the match from early on with nothing else than punch/kick combinations, no real moves were hit unless Booker T did them. Booker finished the match off with The Axe kick gaining the 3 count over Steiner.

Winner: Booker T

Chris Benoit vs Curt Hennig

Very good technical match, a lot of mat work and a lot of moves were hit throughout the match with no one man being visibly on top. Match finished when Hennig tapped to the Crossface.

Winner: Chris Benoit


Hardcore Match

Brian Knobbs vs Curly Bill

Knobbs totally destroyed Curly Bill with all sorts of weapons, not much to mention here except it was a big squash match. Knobbs finished of Bill with a weak Chokeslam through a table.

Winner: Brian Knobbs

The Mamalukes w/Disco vs Devon Storm & Fit Finlay

Storm didn’t get much offence in, he got completely squashed by the two thugs, Finaly managed to fight back a little bit more, but it was too much for him. Match finished when The Mamalukes hit The Brooklyn Bomb.

Winner: The Mamalukes

The Nitro rebound then aired showing the highlights of Nitro.


The Total Package vs Kaz Hayashi

As you may be able to imagine, Kaz got totally squashed for the second week in a row by The Total Package. The match finished off with Hayashi tapping to the Toture Rack.

Winner: The Total Package

Vampiro vs Rey Mysterio jr.

Vampiro dominated Mysterio with his size throughout the match, as always there were a lot of martial arts kicks used by Vampiro, the match finished after Vampiro hit the nail in the coffin.

Winner: Vampiro


Kronik vs Kendall & Barry Windham

Kendall & Barry didn’t stand much match for the two monsters that are Kronik, Kronik destroyed Kendall and Barry with Powermoves and finished it off by nailing Kendall with High Times.

Winners: Kronik

Bret Hart vs Perry Saturn

A nice technical match with a lot of moves, Bret hart mainly dominated, but Saturn really got some good offence in too. Match finished when Saturn tapped to the Sharpshooter.

Winner: Bret Hart.

Quick Results:

Juventud Guerrera d. Lash Leroux

Berlyn d. The Maestro

La Parka d. Silver King

Booker T d. Rick Steiner

Chris Benoit d. Curt Hennig

Brian Knobbs d. Curly Bill

The Mamalukes d. Devon Storm & Fit Finlay

TTP d. Kaz Hayashi

Vampiro d. Rey Mysterio jr.

Kronik d. Kendall & Barry Windham

Bret Hart d. Perry Saturn

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IPB Image

WCW Saturday Night ResultsNovember 13th 1999

Jerry Flynn d. Brad Armstrong with a well placed marital arts kick after a so-so match going back and forth with Flynn being on top most of the time.

Meng d. Mike Rotunda after completely dominating Rotunda the whole match through, Rotunda finally gave in and tapped to this Samoan monster having the Tongan Death Grip on him.

Fit Finlay d. Chavo Guerrero jr. after dominating him for a long time, Finlay laid multiple stiff chair shots on Chavo, after a final stiff one Finlay was able to take home the victory.

Kronik d. Chuck Palumbo & Mark Jindrak Adams & Clarke totally destroyed these two talents from the power plant; they finished them off with a High Times as usual

Booker T d. Konnan after a well and hard fought match, Booker managed to get the win over Konnan, with no interferences from either’s partners in the match. Booker finished Konnan of with the Bookend

WCW Mayhem Card November 21st 1999

World Title Match

Goldberg vs Sting vs Luger vs Hart

United States Title

??? vs ???

Grudge Match

Jeff Jarrett vs Sid Vicious

Elimination Match

Konnan, Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Shane Douglas, Dean Malenko & Parry Saturn vs Ric Flair & Benoit & David Flair

Grudge Match

Curt Hennig vs Buff Bagwell

Hardcore Title Battle Royal

(Participates: Norman Smiley, Dustin Rhodes, Hugh Morrus, Bam Bam Bigelow, Meng, Brad Armstrong, Horace Hogan, Fit Finlay, Brian Knobbs, Mystery Entrant)

Tank Abbott vs Disco Inferno

Cruisweight Title

Juventud Guerrea vs Berlyn

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IPB Image

Preview for Nitro November 15th 1999

The Final road to the main event

Mayhem is only one week away, this weeks Nitro is the final Nitro before the event and the battle for the world title continues. This week Bret Hart will face Sting in the main event of Nitro, and what a match is going to be, find out who will win this Monday on Nitro.

The US Title tournament continues

This week on Nitro, the US Title Tournament continues with the two semi-final match, Eddie Guerrero vs DDP and Scott Hall vs Booker T. The winners will go on to face each other at Mayhem for the United States title, find out who that will be this week on Nitro.

Can The Revolution work out the problems?

These past weeks The Revolution have had problems they need to sort out before going into their big match at Mayhem. This week on Nitro Perry Saturn faces Chris Benoit and Shane Douglas faces “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett. Will The Revolution solve the problems and help each other, find out this week on Nitro.

Quick preview:

Sting vs Bret Hart

US Title Tournament Semi-Finale: Scott Hall vs Booker T

US Title Tournament Semi-Finale: DDP vs Eddie Guerrero

Shane Douglas vs Jeff Jarrett

Chris Benoit vs Perry Saturn

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IPB Image

WCW Nitro ResultsNovember 15th 1999

Important announcement

We immediately go backstage where JJ Dillon is standing by facing the camera with a serious look on his face.

Dillon: “Ladies and Gentlemen, last week we saw Sid Vicious being arrested in the middle of the ring, Jeff Jarrett had a restraining order on him and he was arrested for breaking it. However video footage shows that Sid did not attack Jarrett, only police and Jarrett’s bodyguards, so he will be fined however let free of jail. The restraining order still stands, Sid cannot touch Jarrett before Mayhem, however tonight I have booked Sid against The Harris Boys and tonight Jarrett will go unprotected. And just because Jarrett tried to weasel away from Sid, I’m making the match at Mayhem a No Disqualification match. Thank you, that is all.”

Backstage The Outsiders are watching Nitro on a monitor as always, Nash says he just got an idea for tonight, Hall then replies this is going to be twice as good.

We then go to the opening with clips of last weeks Nitro (The Sting/TTP confrontation, who advanced in US Tournament, Jarrett and his riot cops, Sid being arrested, Douglas nailing Saturn with a chair, Flair and Benoit and the Hardcore championship) We then go to the normal Nitro sequence, it ends and we cut to the arena where fireworks go off and Tony & Brian welcome us to the show.

And we are LIVE from Little Rock, Arkansas

Hardcore Match

Hugh Morrus vs Fit Finlay

Lots of weapons were in the ring from the start of the bout, Finlay and Morrus wrestled a competitive brawl that went back and forth with a lot of weapons involved. Towards the end of the match Finlay brought A LOT of chairs into to play, before finishing Morrus off with a Tombstone Piledriver on one of them.

Winner: Fit Finlay


When we come back the announcers chat about the Tournament and the brackets look like this:

IPB Image

Interview with The Filthy Animals

Gene is backstage with The Animals.

Gene: “Filthy Animals, you are very close to having a man in the final of the United States title tournament, all you have to do tonight is defeat Diamond Dallas Page.”

Konnan: “Yo, if anything’s sure tonight, it is that Eddie will beat that prick DDP and go straight to The US Title Final at Mayhem, and when The Filthy Animals take out The Revolution, we’ll go home, the best stable in the business and we’ll have the United States championship, Mayhem will be a night of glory for the Animals.”

Eddie: “Yo, DDP, chico. Tonight you’re going down, ese. Because there aint no way I’m going down tonight, so DDP, you just bring Kimberly and whatever you need. Tonight you’re going to be a victim of The Animals, ese.”

Gene: “Eddie Guerrero vs DDP in the US Title semi-final tonight.”

The psycho is here

Another place backstage Sid Vicious arrives with a big smile on his face.

XS standard and practices

Backstage Lodi is giving Lane a sensual massage in their locker room, suddenly a delivery boy walks up.

Delivery guy: “Package for Mr. Lodi.”

Lodi: “That’s me alright.”

Delivery Guy: “Sign here.”

Lodi signs and the delivery guy leaves, Lodi opens the package and reads.

Lodi: “Ah it’s the book I ordered.”

Lane: “What book?”

Lodi: *Reads the title* “Time Warner, standards and practices.”

Lane: “Well how many practices?”

*Both men smile*

Lodi: “We could learn a lot from this book.”

Don’t do anything stupid

Backstage Disco & Tony are with The Mamalukes.

Tony: “Listen up boys; me and Disco have some business to tend to, so you two stay here.”

Vito and Johnny: “Sure thing.”

Tony: “And don’t go getting yourselves into trouble either, come on Disco.”

Tony and Disco leave and The Mamalukes look after them.

A Special surprise

Backstage Luger is waiting for someone as Liz walks, Luger goes to her.

Luger: “Ok did you take care of everything?”

Liz: “Yes it’s ordered.”

Luger: “Great, and I got the stuff right here *holds up a bag* When it’s comes later tonight we’ll do it.”

Both laugh as we cut to the arena

Rey Mysterio Jr vs Prince Iaukea

Mysterio is once again out to the ring without The Animals, however there wasn’t any need for help as Mysterio made short notice of Iaukea. Iaukea didn’t get much offence in and got jobbed to Mysterio. The match finished when Mysterio hit the Guillotine Leg Drop for the 3 count.

Winner: Rey Mysterio Jr.


Pull yourself together

Backstage Jim Duggan is sitting at a table and he’s in a brown dusty coat and generally looks like a bum. The camera is opposed to Duggan and can just see an arm. It apparently belongs to The Powers That Be.

Power That Be: “You gotta pull your act together, you haven’t done anything in a while and you’re still on my payroll, so I tell you what, you’re gonna start doing something for World Championship Wrestling. Got it?”

Duggan: “Yes sir, anything.”

Power That Be: “Good…”

We then cut away to another place backstage where DDP is with his wife.

DDP: “My match is up, are you sure you don’t want to come?”

Kimberly: “Yes Dallas, I’m waiting for someone. I’ll be cheering for you from backstage.”

DDP leaves the room and Kimberly smiles

United States Title Semi-Finale

Diamond Dallas Page vs Eddie Guerrero w/The Animals

DDP and Eddie went back and forth and kept a very good and very even match. Konnan was on commentary and the other Animals were at ringside, they constantly interfered, but somehow Page prevailed and hit the Dimaond Cutter on Guerrero for the three count to advance.

Winner: Diamond Dallas Page


Well I WAS waiting for someone

Backstage Kimberly is on the phone talking to someone when Kevin Nash walks in.

Kim: “I’ll have to go now, I’ll call you later.”

Nash: “Hey.”

Kim: “Hey.”

We then cut away.

New job for Duggan

We go to another place backstage where JJ Dillion is on the phone.

Dillon: “What do you mean? He’s returning? This Sunday, at Mayhem? Are you serious?”

The lights start to flicker and Dillon says “oh, god not again.”

Jim Duggan enters the room with a flashlight

Duggan: “It’s those damn fuses again. Hold this.”

He gives the flashlight to Dillon and goes to fix the fuses.

Interview with Billy Kidman

Gene is backstage in the hallway with Billy Kidman and his girlfriend Torrie Wilson.

Gene: “Billy Kidman, tonight, Eddie Guerrero chokingly for The Animals didn’t advance in the US Title tournament.”

Kidman: “Gene, its simple, maybe The Animals didn’t take the US Title home, so what? This Sunday at Mayhem we’re going to prove to the world that we are the best stable in wrestling. And you know Shane Douglas and all the other losers can’t hold a candle to us, no one here can, and we’ll prove that this Sunday…”

Suddenly Vampiro walks by and bumps into Kidman.

Kidman: “What the… Oh I know who you are; you’re that freak who got eliminated by Booker T last week, why don’t you just go back to the morlocks where you belong…”

Vampiro suddenly jumps Kidman from behind and starts beating the living hell out of him as we cut to the arena.

Me Sid, me angry

The wolf hovels hit and out comes Scott Hall followed by Kevin Nash dressed as Sid Vicious looking more retarded than normally, HA!

IPB Image

Hall: “Hey yo, The Outsiders came here to once again deliver a message, and this time to Sid Vicious. Sid we all know that you, are as dumb as you look and I have proof, right here.”

Hall points to Kevin Vicious who grabs the mic.

Nash: “Me Sid Vicious, me angryyyy. Me big and bad, and come Sunday me gonna squash Jeff Jarrett and make him my bi…”

Hall has a shocked look on his face

Nash: “Sorry, me not familiar with family entertainment. But me’s gonna take Jeff Jarrett and destroy him, this Sunday at Mayhem and me gonna prove to the world that I am The Master And Ruler of the World.”

Before Nash can go any longer he gets interrupted by Sid’s music and the real Sid comes walking down.

Sid: “Nash, I am sick and tired of you and your little puppy dog right there making me look like a jackass, and I’m generally sick and tired seeing you two out there every week picking on people who can’t come here and fight you, but when you two knew what you got yourselves into challenging me. So Nash I’m begging you for once in your life be a man and not a clown and face me in the ring.”

Nash: “Sorry big Sid, can’t do, I’m retired now.”

Sid: “Nash I know you’re only half the man that I am, but I have half the brain that you do.”

The Outsiders don’t know how to react to that comment.

Sid: “You two are only former shelves of yourselves.”

Hall: “Do you want a fight Chico? Because I’m right here.”

Nash stops him and reminds him he has a match tonight, while The Outsiders are talking Sid steps into the ring. Hall charges towards Sid, but gets a boot to the head for his efforts. Nash tries a clothesline, but Sid ducks and delivers a huge chokeslam to Nash. Hall then comes back with a chair and hits Sid in the head three times before Sid goes down and rolls out of the ring as we cut to commercial.


Buff Bagwell vs Meng

Meng stayed on top most of the match no selling most of what Buff threw at him, but not as much as Goldberg. Buff got some big moves in, but Meng didn’t stay down for long. When Buff climbed the turnbuckle to hit The Blockbuster on Meng, Curt Hennig climbed the apron and hit Buff with a chair shot, Buff then fell of and the referee called for DQ, after the match Hennig gave Buff a beating.

Winner: Buff Bagwell by DQ

Mamalukes get a nasty surprise

Backstage The Mamalukes are walking and Vito are checking out all the locker rooms while Johnny The Bull is walking a little cautious behind him.

Johnny: “Vito, maybe we should just go back and wait for Disco and Tony, they said they were gonna be back and we should just wait for them.”

Vito: “No way man, I’m not waiting any longer, I’m gonna find them now.”

Vito checks every locker room until he opens a door and walks in on Lodi and Lane.

Vito: “WHAT THE…?”

Lodi: “GET OUT.”

Vito: *laughs* “Hey Johnny take a look at these two fruitcakes.”

Lodi: “Who the hell are you?”

Lane: “Hey I know them, it’s the two empty headed thugs that just arrived here.”

Vito: “What did you call me?”

Lane: “Is your hearing bad? Empty headed thug, you got a problem.”

Vito then jumps Lane and The Mamalukes and XS get into a brawl until security separates them.

Interview with Kronik

Gene is backstage with Kronik for their first ever interview.

Gene: “Gentlemen, ever since you two formed a team a couple of weeks ago you have been one of if not the most dominant tag team in WCW destroying everyone who stood in front of you. Tonight you’re facing Kidman & Konnan.”

Clarke: “Gene, we are the most dominant tag team in WCW and no one can stop us, everyone WCW can put in front of us we’ll destroy, we’re not stopping before we reach our goal and when we reach it we’ll jus continue going.”

Gene: “And what is your goal.”

Clarke: “The World Tag Team Titles, Harlem Heat better be shaking with fear, because we’re coming for them.

Adams: “And as far as Kidman & Konnan are concerned, what have they ever done? Kidman was just attacked and look at us; do you really think they could beat us?”

Kronik leaves as we cut to the arena

Kidman & Konnan w/Torrie Wilson vs Kronik

Kidman looks really pissed and in pain from the beating he took from Vampiro. Konnan & Kidman didn’t stand much chance to Kronik. Kidman & Konnan got some good offence in, but Kronik was on top most of the match through. Towards the end Kidman had got Adams down and went up to the top to do a Shooting Star Press, but Vampiro came running down and pushed him off the top rope, Adams then hit the Full Nelson Slam for the three count. After the match Kidman got on the mic and challenged Vampiro for a match at Mayhem.

Winners: Kronik


Interview with Sting

Gene is backstage with Sting

Gene: “Sting tonight you’ll face off against Bret Hart and then you’ll go on to Mayhem and fight for the World Title. Your comments.”

Sting: “Gene, I am sick and tired of hearing Bret Hart whining and complaining each and every week about him not winning a World Champiomship here in WCW, come this Sunday it’s every man for himself and as I said nobody is going to stand in my way, not Goldberg, not Luger and not The Hitman. So Hitman you want an exclusive fight with The Stinger tonight? Well you got one because you are just one little roadblock on my way to the World Championship, you know why? Because WCW runs in my veins and that is MY title, and I’m taking it home no matter what.”

Janitor Jim is at it again

Backstage Jimmy Hart is waiting for someone in the bathroom, enter Janitor Jim.

Hart: “Oh there you are, finally, I’ve been waiting for a while. The toilet’s been flooded all night there is crap and water everywhere, you better take a look at it.”

Duggan sighs as he goes to repair and scrub the toilet.

Interview with Booker T

The Scheme Gene show rolls on with Booker T

Gene: “Booker T we are moments away from your US Title Tournament Semi-Final match, if you win this you are off to Mayhem to face DDP for the title.”

Booker: “Gene, Sting was just in here with before, and he made clear to you how much he wants the World Title. Well it’s the same with me, I’m not stopping for anything, at Mayhem it will be my time to break out and take down a former WCW World Champion and become United States Champion and along with my Tag Title it will be great, trust me, Booker T is bringing home a lot of gold this Sunday at Mayhem.”

United States Title Tournament Semi-Final

Booker T vs Scott Hall w/Kevin Nash

Actually a good competitive match, at least from Booker’s side, Booker stayed on top most the match through and Hall did a good job putting him over. Towards the middle of the match Hall started fighting and the ref got knocked down. Booker set Hall up for the Axe Kick, but when he ran into the ropes Nash knocked him down with a chair, Hall hit The Outsiders Edge for the pinfall. Then it’s set, Scott Hall vs DDP at Mayhem.

Winner: Scott Hall

Are we on the same side?

Backstage Saturn & Douglas are yelling at each other, arguing about the incidents that have happened that last couple of weeks between the two. Malenko steps in and reminds them that they are a team and on the same side and they need to beat The Animals at Mayhem, both men calm down as we cut to the arena.

Chris Benoit vs Perry Saturn w/The Revolution

A very good competitive match that went back and forth between the two wrestlers, lots of moves and high risk manoeuvres were hit. Towards the end the ref got knocked out and Saturn had Benoit up for Douglas to nail him with a chair. Douglas just stood there and then threw the chair down, Benoit back kicked Saturn IN THA BALLS~! And locked him in The Crossface, Douglas just looked on and then left the ring with Malanko questioning why, Saturn then tapped and Benoit won the match.

Winner: Chris Benoit

Sid Vicious vs The Harris Boys

Nothing really to mention here, this was just your typical Sid match and you know how that goes. Sid made quick work of The Harris Boys and pinned of them after a chokeslam, again jobbing them to Sid.

Winner: Sid Vicious

Luger’s big plan

Backstage Luger and Liz are standing; they seem to be waiting for something. Suddenly the delivery guy from earlier comes in.

Delivery Guy: “Errrrh, I got a package for Mr. Sting.”

Luger: “I’ll take that, I’m his friend.”

Delivery Guy: “Sign here, bye.”

The package is a basket of muffins, mmmmm muffins. Luger goes to put Ex-Lax in the brownies saying that Sting is gonna have a “fun night”.


The wrong guy

Backstage Janitor Duggan is walking looking really depressed; he goes by Stings locker room where the brownies are standing on a table. Duggan reads the card; he looks around and then starts eating the brownies.

Jeff Jarrett vs Shane Douglas

A very good competitive match once again, mainly ground based and a lot of moves were hit. Towards the end Shane hit the Pittsburgh Plunge, Saturn came running down and shoved Douglas and began arguing with him, Jarrett whipped Douglas around and hit The Stroke for the three count with Saturn just looking on.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett.


Backstage Jim Duggan is in the toilet having extreme discomforts complete with sound effects.

Sting vs Bret Hart

A very good match, maybe even the best of the night. Both men hit a ton of moves and did some great wrestling, towards the end of the match Luger ran in and attacked both followed by Goldberg.

Winner: No Contest.

The show ended with the four men brawling, we got a final hype for Mayhem and with that Nitro faded to black.

Quick Results:

Fit Finlay d. Hugh Morrus

Rey Mysterio Jr. d. Prince Iaukea

DDP d. Eddie Guerrero

Buff Bagwell d. Meng by DQ

Kronik d. Billy Kidman & Konnan

Scott Hall d. Booker T

Chris Benoit d. Perry Saturn

Sid Vicious d. The Harris Twins

Jeff Jarrett d. Shane Douglas

Sting and Bret Hart went to a no contest

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IPB Image

WCW Thunder ResultsNovember 18th 1999

We open the show with normal Thunder opening sequence which ends in the flying logo, Tony Schiavone & Mike Tenay welcome us to the arena and the fireworks go off.

Hardcore Match

Jerry Flynn vs Bam Bam Bigelow

We once again open up with a hardcore match, this wasn’t too good though. Flynn got squashed by Bigelow and didn’t get much offence in the entire match through; Bigelow finished Flynn of with the Greetings From Asbury Park.

Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow

Disco Inferno vs Prince Iaukea

Disco started the match off by dominating Iaukea, the prince fought back and the match went a little more even, but it soon finished after Disco hit the Chartbuster.

Winner: Disco Inferno

Interview with Evan Karagias

Scheme Gene is backstage with Evan Karagias and Madusa

Gene: “Evan, I was told you demanded some interview time, what’s on your mind?”

Evan: “Well Gene, you see I came to WCW to make a big name for myself, I got the looks, and I got the skills. There isn’t one woman here in the arena that wouldn’t go down for the three count by me, and still I have yet to do anything noteworthy, but I’m not taking it anymore. Me and Madusa are going to make names for ourselves and the WCW roster will know who the best is.”

The Maestro vs Evan Karagias w/Madusa

Maestro started the match of with some punches and kicks on Karagias, the match went pretty even until towards the end where Karagias started dominating and finished The Maestro of with a Sleeper Slam

Winner: Evan Karagias


La Parka & Kaz Hayashi vs Silver King & El Dandy

A nice lucha match! A lot of high flying and moves as normally, best match of the night so far. The finish came when La Parka hit the corkscrew bodyblock for the win.

Winners: La Parka & Kaz Hayashi

Interview with Buff Bagwell

Gene is backstage with Buff Bagwell

Gene: “Buff we are few days away from Mayhem where you have a match with Curt Hennig, but tonight you need to go through Chris Benoit first.”

Buff: “You know Gene, it’s no problem for me, because I’m Buff and I’m the stuff, and that way its much easier to take on these two people. Tonight I’ll go through Chris Benoit, and then I’ll go on to Mayhem and give Curt Hennig the worst beating of his life. It’s as simple as that.”

Curt Hennig vs Van Hammer

Hammer started of beating on Hennig, but he soon he didn’t stand any chance and Hennig dominated Hammer completely. Towards the end Buff ran out and started beating the living hell out of Hennig and cause DQ.

Winner: Curt Hennig by DQ


Lash Leroux vs Kenny Kaos

Lash dominated the match from the start and Kaos didn’t get much offence in, this way it went through the entire match with Leroux dominating Kaos. The end came when Lash hit The Whiplash for the three count.

Winner: Lash Leroux

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Meng

Can you say squash? Meng totally squashed Chavo who didn’t get much offence in and when he did Meng no-sold it. Chavo tapped to the Tongan Death Grib.

Winner: Meng


Vampiro vs The Barbarian

Barbarian started off well, and then Vampiro started fighting back and was soon in complete control over the match with Barbarian getting little offence in. Vampiro finished him off with The Nail In The Coffin.

Winner: Vampiro

Perry Saturn vs Konnan

A good equally fought match all the way through and one of the best of the night. Saturn made quick work of Konnan towards the end and finished him off with a Super Kick.

Winner: Perry Saturn


Chris Benoit vs Buff Bagwell

A very good match, better than I expected. The match went back and forth until Buff got in control, but suddenly Hennig ran in and knocked Buff down, Benoit then made him tap to the Crossface.

Winner: Chris Benoit

The show faded to black with a final Mayhem hype and Hennig & Buff brawling

Quick Results:

Bam Bam Bigelow d. Jerry Flynn

Disco Inferno d. Prince Iaukea

Evan Karagias d. The Maestro

La Parka & Kaz Hayashi d. Silver King & El Dandy

Curt Hennig d. Van Hammer by DQ

Lash Leroux d. Kenny Kaos

Meng d. Chavo Guerrero jr.

Vampiro d. The Barbarian

Perry Saturn d. Konnan

Chris Benoit d. Buff Bagwell

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WCW Saturday Night ResultsNovember 20th 1999

Evan Karagias d. Kaz Hayashi after a hard fought match by both competitors going back and forth, Evan managed to hit the sleep slam on Kaz and keep him down for the three count.

Vampiro d. Villiano V when Vampiro controlled the match and Villiano didn’t get much offence, Vampiro managed to hit Villiano with The Nail In The Coffin

Chuck Palumbo d. Alan Funk in a match between these two powerplant students Palumbo dominated Funk the match through and finished him of with a superkick.

Elix Skipper d. Barry Horowitz in a match that stood clear the whole match through that Skipper would defeat Horrowitz, and hit did with The Overdrive

Curt Hennig d. Brian Adams in a equal well fought match where Adams dominated Hennig. Hennig finished of Adams with The Fisherman Suplex.

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IPB Image

Mayhem prediction contest

Alright people its time, Mayhem is the next show and I am going to have a little prediction contest. For those of you who decide to leave predictions, there will be a prize. The one who gets the most predictions right will get to decide a free agent or indy worker to sign into WCW. It is also preferred that you give some thoughts or reasoning behind your predictions.

The Scoring will be done like this:

Matches: 1 point

Bonus Question: 1 point

World Title Match

Bill Goldberg vs Sting vs Lex Luger vs Bret Hart

No Disqualification

Jeff Jarrett vs Sid Vicious

United States Title

Scott Hall vs Diamond Dallas Page

Elimination Match

Konnan, Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Shane Douglas, Dean Malenko & Perry Saturn vs Ric Flair & Chris Benoit & David Flair

Curt Hennig vs Buff Bagwell

Hardcore Title Battle Royal

(Entrants: Norman Smiley, Meng, Dustin Rhodes, Mystery Entrant, Hugh Morrus, Bam Bam Bigelow, Horace Hogan, Brian Knobbs, Fit Finlay, Kendall Windham)

Vampiro vs Billy Kidman

Tank Abbott vs Disco Inferno

The Mamalukes vs XS

Cruisweight Title

Juventud Guerrea vs Berlyn

Bonues Questions:

Will the character Vampiro has been hyping show up?

Who was JJ Dillon talking about on the phone on Nitro?

Will there be any surprise turns?

Will there be any surprise debuts?

Who will the mystery entrant in the hardcore battle royal be?

Who will be the sole survivor of the elimination match?

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