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Smackdown: The Next Chapter


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DATELINE: September 18, 2006

It is Monday Morning, and things are a little tense around WWE Headquarters. The reason is that there is an ‘emergency meeting’ called for this morning with all major figureheads within the company. Now admittingly, sometimes these things are over blown. Vince has a tenancy to make a mountain out of an anthill at times, but I suppose the name ‘emergency’ still brings a certain amount of uncertainty. Needlesss to say things are tense, since Vince McMahon called an emergency meeting the night after their Raw "Unforgiven" pay per view...

The Previous Night...

  • unforgiven06.jpg

DARK MATCH: Super Crazy defeated Shelton Benjamin..

INTERCONTINENTAL TITLE MATCH: Johnny Nitro w/Melina Perez defeated Jeff Hardy to retain.. Melina took a bump on the apron and "injured" her ankle -- she then whacked Jeff Hardy with her boot!

BACKSTAGE: Matt Hardy consoled Jeff Hardy until Lita showed up to insult Matt and call him a loser!

GRUDGE MATCH: Umaga w/Armando Alejandro Estrada vs Kane ended in a No Contest..

TAG TITLE MATCH: The Spirit Squad (Mikey & Kenny) defeated The Highlanders to retain.. Johnny, Nicky and Mitch continually interfered for the Spirit Squad during the match..

HELL IN A CELL MATCH: DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) defeated The McMahons & The Big Show.. The finish of the match was DX pulling The Big Show pants down and making Vince kiss his giant ass! Shawn Michaels super-kicked Vince McMahon and Triple H hit him with a sledge hammer shot and got the pin..

WOMENS TITLE MATCH: Trish Stratus (retirement match) defeated Lita to win the WWE Women's title! Trish Stratus won by making Lita submit to the Sharp-shooter to capture her seventh WWE Women's championship! Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler gave Trish Stratus a standing ovation and Lilian Garcia was brought to tears..

GRUDGE MATCH: Randy Orton (suffered a bloody mouth) defeated Carlito Cool...

WWE TITLE TLC MATCH: Edge w/Lita defeated John Cena to retain the WWE Championship! Super spotfest with tons of bumps that is the tradition for Tables & Ladders & Chairs matches.... The finish saw John Cena attempt to F-U Edge through a pair of stacked tables.... However Edge would reverse the move and nail Cena with an Edgacution through the tables! The arena went berzerk as Edge emerged from the debris and grabbed the belt to win! As a result, Cena must move to Smackdown!

And that's a wrap folks...

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Rock: Shane O’Mac! How’s it hanging my brother from another mother?

Shane McMahon: Wow. The movie star still remembers my name. I’m honored.

Rock: Ah, you know me. No matter how big of a movie star I become, I’ll always remember the little people.

-The Rock pats Shane on the head, as he cracks that huge smirk of his.-

Shane McMahon: Well you know, some people are born with muscles, others with loads of cash.

Rock: You got me there. I’m hood rich, but I ain’t got nothing on you there, my man.

Shane McMahon: And your wife says other places too.

-The two exchange shots, obviously showing chemistry of a solid friendship.-

Rock: So tell me, what brings you here to the movie set?

Shane McMahon: I have something I want to talk to you about.

Rock: Let me guess… you want me to come back to the ring?

-Shane looks at Rock, obviously disappointed that his purpose is that obvious.-

Shane McMahon: Am I that obvious?

Rock: Actually, your old man hit me up with a call this morning. He gave me the forewarning.

Shane McMahon: Oh he did…. I’m gonna kill him.

Rock: Nah, he is only doing what he thinks is best. You know I would walk through fire for your old man.

Shane McMahon: I wouldn’t say that too loudly. He may hear it, and ask you to do it just to hold you to your word. … anyways, can you give me a minute, anyways? At least let me give you this sales pitch I have worked on as I crossed the country.

Rock: Ok, my man. But I am warning you… it won’t do any good.

-The two sit down. The Rock sits down in his chair, unknowingly Shane sits down in the chair marked ‘Samuel L. Jackson’.-

Shane McMahon: Be honest Rock, why did you leave wrestling?

Rock: I have told you guys before…. I achieved everything I wanted.

Shane McMahon: Really? Because I heard you say that you wanted to be the greatest professional wrestler of all time, not just prove you had the ablity to possible be.

Rock: Come on Shane. I’m a six time World Champion. That’s more then Hogan. I’ve headlined Wrestlemania as many times as Hogan, hell I even faced him once at Wrestlemania. There isn’t anything in that ring I haven’t done.

Shane McMahon: How about lead the company?

Rock: What?

Shane McMahon: Be honest Rock, you were never the ‘man’. You even admit yourself. That’s why you and Hunter have never seen eye to eye. Despite the fact that you were every bit the wrestler he was, and despite the fact you sold ten times what he did, and drew in a hundred times more then he did, he was still considered the man backstage. That bothered you, didn’t it.

Rock: A little, but it wasn’t the reason I left.

Shane McMahon: No, it wasn’t the main reason, but it played a bigger part then you will admit.

-Obviously growing irrated, the Rock interrupts Shane. -

Rock: Shane, get to your point.

Shane McMahon: My point is that. You’ve never been given the chance to be the main star, the franchise of the roster. On Smackdown, you will be the man. You will be able to become what you said you wanted to be… the greatest wrestler of all time.

Rock: You know Shane, that’s all nice and jazz, but I have a good life here. I am making a ton more money doing a lot less work, and I have the ablity to do this for ten years.

Shane McMahon: You have the ablity to wrestle into your mid 40. Your style is very safe Rock. Hell, Flair is still wrestling and he is in his 50s. Same with Hogan. You have a lot better chance of having a long term career in the WWE.

Rock: That may be, but the money is nice brother. Cashing those million dollar checks are fun.

Shane McMahon: Come on Rock. We aren’t giving out food stamps. I talked with my dad, and he agreed to bump up your pay rate to 250,000 a month. That’s 20% more then you were making before… and that’s 3 million dollars a year. Pro rate that over ten, twenty years and you will make just as much as you would in Hollywood. Plus, after your done with wrestling you will leave the greatest professional wrestler of our time. Here in Hollywood, even if you achieve massive success, like Stalone or Arnold, you will only be a trivia question answer.

Rock: Shane, you did a good job but…

Shane McMahon: And what about your little girl? How long have you been on this set? Three weeks? You aren’t suppose to go home for another two I hear. Little kids grow a lot in five weeks, my man.

Rock: Come on now… you are talking to me about schedule. You guys travel 300 days a year.

Shane McMahon: You won’t. We’ll fly you in on Monday, and home on Wednesday. You’ll get to see your little girl four days out of the week. You’ll be at home to see your Hurricanes play every week, and more importantly you will be home every single weekend we don’t have a pay per view. Rock, we’ve never offered someone this type of deal before, for this type of cash. This is really a deal of a lifetime.

Rock: You aren’t pulling my chain or anything. I’d only work three days. I would get to be at home with my little girl four days out of the week?

Shane McMahon: On every week expect pay per view weeks, where you would obviously need to be with us Saturday through Wednesday. But yes, other then that expection the deal is what it is.

Rock: And I’ll have control over my character and storyline. Hunter won’t screw me over in any way.

Shane McMahon: Rock, Hunter won’t have an ounce of power on Smackdown. In fact, I even give you a seat at our weekly meetings.

Rock: It would be nice to be able to spend more time with my little girl. Tell you what white bread. Give me a few hours to think about it. I’ll make sure you get back on that plane with your answer, I promise. I just need to think about this some.

-Fade Out-

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-We fade in to post Monday Night Raw, where Vince is sitting down in his office talking with Hunter and Stephanie. Shane O’Mac enters the room, and all three locks eyes with him, giving him a look of sympathy after hearing the bad news from Vince, that the Rock decided not to come back to the WWE. –

Stephanie McMahon: Shane, I’m sorry.

Hunter: Yeah man. So am I. Tell you what, if you want I will call Bill Goldberg tomorrow personally and try to get him to come back on board. I doubt it would do much good since we aren't exactly best of friends but…

Shane O’Mac: Nah, you don’t have too.

Hunter: It would be the least I could do bro. You really seemed to want this. I’m just sorry it won’t happen now that Dwayne… the prick turned us down again.

Vince McMahon: Shane… I’m proud of you. I really am. You took the situation by the horns on this and tried your best to fix the situation. You acted just like a McMahon.

Hunter: Only you didn’t walk all goofy like your dad.

-For like the tenth time in this diary, Hunter is elbowed in the side by his wife. This doesn’t stop him from laughing, nor does it stop Shane from cracking a smirk either.-

Vince McMahon: I guess I will go ahead and first thing tomorrow call the network to tell them that we will cancel Smackdown in December…

Shane McMahon: Not as long as I have something to say about it….

-Shane pulls out the contract from inside his jacket and tosses it on the table between the three McMahons. They all look at the paper in shock. The scene focuses in on the signature of ‘THE ROCK’. Shane cracks that cocky smirk of his and leaves the room triumphanty, as the three remain in shock staring at the signature on the contract.-

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-We fade in to post Monday Night Raw, where Vince is sitting down in his office talking with Hunter and Stephanie. Shane O’Mac enters the room, and all three locks eyes with him, giving him a look of sympathy after hearing the bad news from Vince, that the Rock decided not to come back to the WWE. –

Stephanie McMahon: Shane, I’m sorry.

Hunter: Yeah man. So am I. Tell you what, if you want I will call Bill Goldberg tomorrow personally and try to get him to come back on board. I doubt it would do much good since we aren't exactly best of friends but…

Shane O’Mac: Nah, you don’t have too.

Hunter: It would be the least I could do bro. You really seemed to want this. I’m just sorry it won’t happen now that Dwayne… the prick turned us down again.

Vince McMahon: Shane… I’m proud of you. I really am. You took the situation by the horns on this and tried your best to fix the situation. You acted just like a McMahon.

Hunter: Only you didn’t walk all goofy like your dad.

-For like the tenth time in this diary, Hunter is elbowed in the side by his wife. This doesn’t stop him from laughing, nor does it stop Shane from cracking a smirk either.-

Vince McMahon: I guess I will go ahead and first thing tomorrow call the network to tell them that we will cancel Smackdown in December…

Shane McMahon: Not as long as I have something to say about it….

-Shane pulls out the contract from inside his jacket and tosses it on the table between the three McMahons. They all look at the paper in shock. The scene focuses in on the signature of ‘THE ROCK’. Shane cracks that cocky smirk of his and leaves the room triumphanty, as the three remain in shock staring at the signature on the contract.-

-Present Day-

Ok here is the deal. This is going to be a diary that is just focusing on Smackdown. I am going to try and pick up where the WWE left off. This diary was started a few days before Unforgiven™, and playing off that Edge retained the WWE Championship, thus forcing John Cena to sign a Smackdown contract. Of course in real life this didn't happen, but for storyline purposes, it did in this diary. Other then that, I will try to keep most things that the WWE are doing at this time, so that it is much more believable then coming in and starting over from scratch. Some things I may get rid of within a few weeks, while others I may keep for a few months. I am not promising to keep every single detail, but don’t expect major things like Eric Bischoff or Paul Heyman to be the new GM, and Joey Styles and Tazz being the new commentary crew. We are going to keep everything pretty much in line, though as the diary progresses the face of Smackdown may, and probably will change as well.

Also as you read from the backstory/introduction… I am going to play this diary as if the Rock is returning full time. I know this is unrealistic, and from my experience with my last diary I know some people don’t really like the idea of having things happen that they perceive to be unrealistic happen in a diary. So I am warning you up front, if you draw a line in the sand and refuse to enjoy ideas such as this, then this diary won’t be for you. The Rock is my personal favorite wrestler of all time, and since I don’t have the ablity to watch him in a wrestling ring anymore, this is my way of getting to experience him wrestling again, at least to a minor degree. If that is a turn off for you, I understand, but please don’t spam up this diary with hate over his use being ‘unrealistic’. I did my best to give a reasonable explanation why the Rock would leave Hollywood and come back to the WWE. I know it is far fetched, but bringing him back is something I really wanted to do with the diary, and by doing so I needed to give at least an explanation as to why he would walk away from a career in Hollywood.

That will probably be my only major thing that separates this from being a strictly Smackdown carbon copy diary. I’m not going to do anything over the top wacky like have the WWE sign Jeff Jarrett, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Bryan Danielson all within a month, however I’m not saying that any of those superstar may not be apart of Smackdown down the line. Well Jarrett won’t, but any of the rest could very honestly end up on Smackdown, however I want to establish the current stars on Smackdown at this moment so any new introductions to the roster from either Raw/ECW, or outside the company will be made at a much later date.


World Champion: King Booker

United States Champion: Ken Kennedy

Cruiserweight Champion: Gregory Helms

Tag Team Champions: Brian Kendrick and Paul London

Main Event Roster

King Booker [World Champion]

Dave Batista

John Cena (From Raw)

The Rock [Yet to Debute]

The Undertaker

Upper Middle Carders

Chris Benoit

Mark Henry

Rey Mysterio

Middle Carders

Chavo Guerrero

Fit Finlay

Ken Kennedy

William Regal

Bobby Lashley

Matt Hardy


Gregory Helms [Cruiserweight Champion]

Joey Mercury

Jamie Noble

Kid Kash

The Miz


Michelle McCool

Ashley Massaro

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Preview for September 22nd!

Last week Bobby Lashley knocked off Fit Finlay to become the number one contender for the World Championship. This week the number one contender Bobby Lashley will team up with 'The Animal' Batista to take on the former United States Champion Fit Finlay and the current World Champion King Booker in tag team action!

Plus the rivaly between Chavo Guerrero and Rey Mysterio has waged on Smackdown for months. Tonight, this bitter fued will come to a head as they meet for the final time inside the ring. Who will previal in this bitter rivarly? Also, John Cena will make his return to Smackdown after losing his match against Edge at last week's Unforgiven. There is no telling what John Cena will have to say, but only way to find out, and that is tune in!

Confirmed Matches:

Bobby Lashey & Dave Batista vs King Booker & Fit Finaly

Rey Mysterio vs Chavo Guerrero

Matt Hardy vs Jamie Noble

Plus More!

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Show #1, September 22nd


" My Time Is Now "

‘Beautiful People’ starts up as Smackdown officially begins. At the onset Michael Cole and JBL begin to talk about the night’s events. Cole hypes up the main event tag match between Batista, Lashley, Fit Finlay, and the World Champion Booker T. Bradshaw interrupts him and tells him that the nights biggest event may be the one that starts it off, because John Cena is now a member of Smackdown after losing to Edge at Unforgiven, and as if it was scripted or something, as soon as JBL mentions this ‘Word Life’ starts up over the audio system.

[-Welcome Home John-Boy… Wish We Could Say We Missed You-]

Word Life!

Its Just A Matter of Thuganomics!

-As his theme plays John Cena steps out onto the entrance ramp sporting a Mike Vick Virginia Tech throwback jersey. As he appears on the top of the entrance ramp, Cena is once again greeted with a mixed reaction from the crowd. By now he has become accustom to this reaction, and as he pauses at the top of the entrance ramp, he just looks out at the crowd still with a bewildered expression. The former WWE Champ makes his way down to the ring and takes his place in the center of the ring. -

John Cena: You know, for nearly 18 months I busted my ass each and every single day for this company. I busted my ass to be the best damn WWE Champion I could be. I busted my ass to try to be a champion that all of you wanted. I wanted to be a champion you could cheer for. I cared about what you thought. I actually gave a damn about you people … and how did you repay me? By booing my ass out of nearly every major arena across this country! From the Staples Center, to Madison Square Garden. From Saturday Night Main Event to Wrestlemania, I busted my ass on a nightly basis, and what did I get in return? Nothing but straight hate from damn near each and every single one of you.

-Cena looks out at the crowd, almost bewildered at this point.-

John Cena: At Wrestlemania, you cheered the biggest villain in this industry’s history over me. Before that, you cheered some Hanson look alike whose only claim to fame is that he banged his best friend’s girl… which now we find out isn’t that great of an accomplishment.

-Cena gives a half hearted shrug, as he throws Lita under the bus once more.-

John Cena: You people ate them up like they were cotton candy at a state fair, yet when I came out here and tried to for fight the fans ya’ll did nothing but boo me. And the truth is that it bothered me. The boos bothered me for the longest time, because growing up I wanted to be just like Hulk Hogan. I wanted to be just like Steve Austin. I wanted to be someone who all of you could relate too. I wanted to be your hero, your solider, I wanted to be the person who fought for you! So when you booed me, HELL YEAH it hurt. It stung like hell, and for the longest time, I couldn’t figure out why it was happening. Then all of a sudden one day it hit me. The problem is that you people got to know me too well. You look at me, see what I fight for, and what I’ve become…and you remember what I was! There is a group of people out there that just want to see a whole different side of me. A side that’s Black… Ruthless… Evil… Maniacal… Pompous… Crass

-Cena lowers the mic for a moment as he looks out across the arena at the fans.-

John Cena: I busted my ass for you, and you spit right back in my face. You people want to play like that, then go right on ahead. I don’t need you anyways. I won the WWE Championship TWICE, without anyone in this damn place liking me. I beat the likes of Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Edge, Triple H, and countless others without any help from you fudge-packers! And don’t get it twisted in your little minds, I am STILL the Franchise! I am still the baddest on the planet! Raw! Smackdown! ECW! It doesn’t matter what the show is called, as long my heart is beating then there ain’t a question as to where the franchise is at… THE MAN IS HERRE!

-This yet again gets a mixed reaction. Cena obviously doesn’t care, and cuts off their reaction time long before it has time to fully play out.-

John Cena: And you people know me… I don’t come out here and just run my mouth. When I say something I back it up! I didn’t come out here to tell all of you to kiss my ass… nah, I came out here to call out a certain someone. See, I think I’m the baddest man on the planet. Yet every week I hear five guys say the exact same thing. So what I am gonna doing is PROVE that I am the baddest man on the planet, by calling out the biggest dawg on Smackdown, and punching him right in his freaking GRILL!

-This actually draws a fair amount of cheers from the crowd.-

John Cena: Dead Man…

-The arena explodes as Cena mentions the name of The Undertaker.-

John Cena: Taker… you’ve been the face of this roster since the show was formed. Everyone associates you with being the man around here… that is until now! Dead Man, you are looking at the new face of Smackdown! You are looking at the new DAWG of the YARD! Whether you like it or not, there is a new face of this show…. And it is MY FACE! This is now MY YARD! And if you don’t like it… then suck of these!

-Cena grabs his crotch and motions towards the camera. Actually surprisingly the fans eat Cena up, which is surprising. Cena pays them no mind. ‘Word Life’ plays again as Cena drops the mic, and exits the ring.-

Shane O'Mac's Commentary: Whether you like him or hate him, The "Doctor of Thuganomics" looks to be on his way back, and from the looks of it, he is wasting no time in going after the 'Top Dawg' on Smackdown, the Undertaker.

Rating: 97

:: Fade to Commercial ::

When we return Michael Cole and JBL go crazy over the return of John Cena, and more importantly his calling out of the Undertaker. Cole marks the hell out for John Cena, claiming he is now the face of Smackdown, while JBL reminds Cole that the Dead Man may have a few things to say about that.

Jamie Noble vs Matt Hardy


Matt Hardy’s theme starts up as he steps out on to the entrance ramp. The crowd eats it up as he walks down to the ring where everyone’s favorite redneck, Jamie Noble is waiting on him. Hardy slides into the ring and gives his ‘V1’ pose, but as soon as he turns his back on Noble, the Redneck makes him pay with a stiff knee right to the middle of the back of Hardy, which sends him flying head first into the turnbuckles. Hardy stumbles backwards, as he is still stunned from having his head rammed into the turnbuckle. Noble is standing behind him, and this allows him to easily lock him up from behind and drop him with a nice German suplex, that he releases at the perfect time, sending Hardy crashing down onto his neck. Hardy is totally dazed at this point, which apparently is the perfect time for Jamie Noble to mount Hardy and begin to unload with rights and lefts to the face of Hardy.

The ref forces a break and after a few shots Noble finally does break. As he unmounts Hardy, we notice that the none other then the WWE Cruiserweight Champion has made his way onto the entrance ramp and is scouting the match. Noble notices this, but pays him no mind, since he realizes he isn’t out there to bother Noble. Jamie climbs up onto the middle rope and waits as Hardy fights up to his feet. Noble leaps off, but Hardy catches him in mid air, before dropping him with the SIDE EFFECT! Of course this brings a huge pope out of the crowd, as both men are down on the canvas. Hardy is the first to make his way up to his feet. He has to use the ropes to pull himself up to his feet, but as he pulls himself up to his feet, Hardy notices Helms on the top of the entrance ramp. Hardy begins to jaw with Helms, who just stares down at the ring. All of a sudden Noble rolls up Hardy from behind…1-2-Hardy kicks out after two. Helms doesn’t look impressed as he looks on from the stage.

Hardy and Noble spring up to their feet. Noble goes for a quick clothesline but Hardy ducks out of the way and executes a knee to the gut, then drops a swinging neck breaker on Noble. Hardy explodes up to his feet, and screams out at the fans, giving his V1 sign. He turns towards Noble and waits for him to get up to his feet. Noble reaches his feet, and when he does, Hardy connects with a kick to the gut, followed by the TWIST OF FATE! 1-2-3! Hardy picks up the win. ‘Mattitude’ starts up as the fans go crazy. Hardy climbs to his feet, and immediately looks up at the entrance ramp, where Gregory Helms is still standing at the top of the entrance ramp, displeased with the out come of the match. Hardy stands in the center of the ring with his hand held high in victory.


Rating: 72

Michael Cole and JBL talk about how Gregory Helms and Matt Hardy have become rivals over the last few weeks and how their match at No Mercy will be one for the ages. The conversation quick turns to them going back to hyping up the main event, talking about Batista will finally get his hands on both Booker T and Fit Finlay.

[-Are You Ready for Some TOOTHLESS AGGRESSION-]

-‘Crippling Aggression’ starts up as the Chris Benoit emerges out onto the stage. The Georgia Dome goes bonkers as the hometown hero returns out onto the stage and makes his way down to the ring, slapping a few hands a long the way. Benoit rolls into the ring and takes his place in the center of the ring.-

Chris Benoit: You know, it has been a long time since I have stepped foot inside this ring, so for me to make my return here in Atlanta, in the Georgia Dome is really big for me.

-Major pop as Benoit sells out by going for the cheap pop and mentioning the home town.-

Chris Benoit: And that isn’t me just dropping the home city’s name for a cheap pop. Anyone who has followed my career knows how special of an arena the Georgia Dome is to me, and as many of you know, I have been away the past couple of months healing up both physically and mentally. When I was away I told myself that I wasn’t going to come back unless I was going to come back 100% both physically and mentally. I have worked too damn hard to build a reputation as someone who leaves everything I have in this ring… to come back and give you fans anything but my best effort. So I told myself if I wasn’t able to be 100%, I wasn’t going to come back, however I have to tell you. I am feeling extremely well, and I would like to give it another go…

-MAJOR pop from the fans as Chris Benoit announces his return to Smackdown. Benoit goes to speak some more, but is interrupted by ‘Cheese head’. The United States Champion, Ken Kennedy steps out onto the entrance ramp clapping. This brings a bag of mixed reaction from the crowd. Kennedy stops applauding and after readjusting his title belt over his shoulder, he pulls a mic out from his pocket.-

Ken Kennedy: CHRIS BENOIT! It is great to hear you are coming back, but I have some bad news for you. You see, this isn’t the same Smackdown you left. This is a new day! John Cena is back on Smackdown. King Booker is the World Champion, and the man standing before you is the king of the United States Title division… Mr. Ken Kennedy!

Chris Benoit: What are…..

Ken Kennedy: KENNEDY!

Chris Benoit: Actually it is a good thing you came out here. You see, I was about to say that I am going to return to action, and I was going to lay down an open challenge. Seeing how you have already choose to stuck your nose in my bussiness, I guess you wouldn’t mind stepping into the ring with me, and maybe putting that belt on the line?

Ken Kennedy: Actually I would.

Chris Benoit: Good! Then lets have the match right here!

Ken Kennedy: Actually, I said I would… I would mind giving you a shot at the United States Title. See, I know you have been away for a long time, but I have accomplished a lot since I came here to Smackdown. I have main evented shows, and won championships. There isn’t much I haven’t done. I’ve proven I deserve to be where I am. You on the other hand, have just returned. So what type of champion would I be, if I handed over a title shot to you, when there are other more deserving people ahead of you!

-The fans boo, as Chris Benoit doesn’t looked pleased with this at all.-

Ken Kennedy: Plus, to be honest I think you may be ‘passed your prime’. I mean, you are getting a little gray headed, and as a champion I owe it to people to give them the best challenger I am find. So I have to say No, Chris. I just don’t believe you are worthy…. But as you like you say, you are more then welcome to try to PROVE ME WRONG!

-Kennedy throws that cocky smirk out, and throws the title belt over his shoulder. The crowd lets out a loud chorus of boos, as Kenned blows them off, before leaving the ramp, and walking backstage, leaving Benoit in the ring disappointed.-

Shane O'Mac's Commentary: What is Kennedy smoking? Seriously! Now don't get me wrong, no one is as big of a fan as Ken Kennedy as I am...well maybe expect Ken Kennedy himself, but to say that Chris Benoit hasn't proven enough to warrant a shot at the United States Championship is crazy!

Rating: 89

:: Fade to Commercial ::

We come back to Michael Cole and JBL going on and on about Chris Benoit returning. Even JBL is giving Benoit his props on being one tough customer. JBL says that Kennedy has the right to pick who is challenger should be though, and that he is right that Benoit hasn’t proven he deserves a shot.

Mark Henry vs Tatanka

‘Big Man’ starts up as Mark Henry steps out onto the entrance ramp. He is given a fair amount of heat from the crowd, though most really show no reaction at all to him. Henry doesn’t pay any attention to this, and plays off as if he is the baddest man on the planet. He makes his way down to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope. As he climbs on his feet you hear the classic Tatanka call, which brings a large amount of the arena to its feet. ‘War Music’ starts up as Tatanka explodes out from the curtains and charges down to the ring. He slides into the ring, and does his war dance before the match. Tatanka charges as the bell sounds at Mark Henry and delivers a hard knife edge chops, which really does nothing but irritate Henry. Tatanka falls back into the ropes and does for a second knife-edge chop, but this one has about the same amount of success as the previous one. Tatanka throws a punch towards Henry, who ducks it, and picks up Tatanka on his shoulders. Samoan Drop! Henry explodes up to his feet. He beats his chest like King Kong, before falling backwards into the ropes, then after a few steps of charging drops down on top of Tatanka with a body splash! 1-2-3! The bell sounds to end the match. Henry stands up and proceeds to beat his chest some more, as the fans who care boo the outcome.


Rating: 59

Shane O'Mac's Commentary: Sorry about this one folks.. :crying: I thought it would a good match to put over Mark Henry, but apparently I was as wrong as your local weatherman. To punish myself, I am forcing myself to skip watching "Lost" this week, and instead will watch this match seventeen times to ensure crap like this never happens again.

-The World Champ Denounces Any and All Challengers to his Kingdom-

-The scene fades backstage where new Smackdown interviewer Scott Taylor… formerly known as Scotty 2 Hotty, is standing next to Sharmell and the World Champion. King Booker has his World Title Belt draped over his shoulder, over that loud red cape, and crown that is only befitting a king.-

Scotty Taylor: With me now at this time is none other then the World Champion, King Booker! Book, last week Bobby Lashley defeated the Kingdom’s own Fit Finlay to become the number one contender for the World Championship. What are your thoughts on now having to face Bobby Lashley at No Mercy?

King Booker: Bobby Lashley ain’t no threat! I am a SIX TIME...SIX TIME...SIX TIME...SIX TIME...SIX TIME...SIX TIME... World Champion! Bobby Lashley ain’t no threat to me! Alls Bobby Lashley is, is a black version of Bill Goldberg and in case you didn’t know I beat that fool twice in one night. That’s right, sucka! I beat that fool… TWO TIMES…TWO TIMES in one night!

Sharmell: Scotty, the King isn’t afraid at all of Bobby Lashley. In fact tonight, when the King steps into the ring, it will be obvious that Bobby Lashley will be the worst wrestler in that ring. I for one am disappointed that the greatest World Champion in Smackdown History…

-As she says this, boos pour out in the arena.-

Sharmell: … as I said… I for one am disappointed that the greatest World Champion in Smackdown history will have to waste his time with this joke of a wrestler, Bobby Lashley.

King Booker: Bobby Lashley, listen up sucka! Tonight, you and that roided up punk Batista are going to get a reminder why King Booker is the World Champ… and you fools are nothing more then second class peasants!

Rating: 83

Michael Cole and JBL talk about the up coming match up between Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero. Michael Cole hits home the fact that this all started becasue of feelings caused by the passing of the late Eddie Guerrero. JBL says no matter why it started, it will end tonight. Garenteed!

Chavo Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio


Chavo's music hits the arena, and out marches Chavo as the arena erupts into boos. Guerrero eats it up like cotton candy at a state fair, as he makes his way down to the ring. After sliding into the ring, he goes to do a pose, but ‘619’ cut off his music. Rey Mysterio explodes out from the entrance ramp as the arena gives him a pretty nice pop. Mysterio removes his shirt and tosses it into the stands, before charging down to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope to enter the ring. As soon as Rey enters the ring, Chavo kicks him while he is on the canvas to begin the match. Rey fights out of his, and rolls up onto his feet. He drills Chavo with a right hand, then another shot. Hip Toss! Chavo crashes into the canvas, as the fans seem to be really into the match. Chavo and Rey grapple up after Chavo climbs up to his feet, and it is the stronger, Guerrero who wins this battle sending Rey crashing into the mat with a hip toss of his own. Rey springs back to his feet, but as soon as he reaches his feet, Chavo levels him with a clothesline. Rey is stunned by this move, so Chavo is able to land a few kicks to the downed superstar. Chavo grabs Rey by the mask and pulls him up to his feet. Chavo lifts Rey up, and holds him for a stalling suplex. Rey begins to fight, and finally wiggles out, falling behind Chavo. Rey leaps into the air, and crashes down on top of Chavo with a bulldog, sending Chavo’s face straight into the canvas.

Chavo and Rey both spring up to their feet at the same time. Chavo gives a desperate clothesline, but Rey is able to duck out of the way of it easily. Chavo turns right around to get drilled in the grill with a dropkick from Rey Mysterio. Chavo flies backwards hitting middle rope. Rey bounces off the far ropes then charges… 619! Rey lands on the apron as the ref moves in to check on Chavo. Rey stands on the apron, adrenaline pumping through his veins as he waits for Chavo to get back up to his feet, wanting to finish off this match, and emotion filled rivalry. Chavo begins to stir as the ref checks on him. Rey waits, however is grabbed from behind and powerbombed off the apron and onto the floor below! The crowd lets out a huge roar of disapproval as his attacker, Mark Henry, is shown. Henry beats his chest once more like King Kong, before falling on Rey Mysterio with that body splash, totally flattening Rey Mysterio. Henry picks up Rey and tosses him into the ring. Chavo pushes the ref out of the way and grabs Mysterio by the head, pulling his lifeless body up to his feet. Suplex! Chavo executes a suplex to Mysterio. He holds onto the move and twists his way up to his feet, much like his late uncle. Suplex! Once more, he twists onto his feet and executes a third SUPLEX! Chavo springs up to his feet and begins to do the classic Eddie strut. Chavo steps between the top and middle rope, and out onto the apron. He climbs to the top rope, and leaps off with the Frog Splash! Rey is totally motionless, as Chavo picks up the 1-2-3! The bell sounds as Chavo climbs to his feet. Boos pour out from the crowd. Chavo begins to celebrate, as he does his classic Eddy impersonation.

After celebrating for a moment, Chavo pauses and points to Henry, acting as if he didn’t know he would be there. Henry beats his chest like King Kong once more, then points at Rey and tells him to bring it. Chavo kicks Rey, rolling him to Henry. Henry picks up Rey, and lifts him on his shoulders. He then hurls Rey Mysterio like a javelin head first into the STEEL STEPS! Rey crashes through the steps! Henry celebrates by beating his chest once more, as Chavo joins Henry on the outside. Chavo just shakes his head in disgust as he looks at Rey. Chavo then heads up the entrance ramp, by passing the medics that are rushing down to the ring to help Rey.

WINNER: Chavo Guerrero

Rating: 84

Shane O'Mac's Commentary: We all knew this bitter fued between Chavo and Rey would end badly, but I don't know if anyone expected it to end like this. Rey Mysterio was damn near broken in half after being tossed into those steps. This situation is as confusion as a episode of "Lost". First off, why did Henry attack Rey? Secondly what is the condition of Rey Mysterio?

:: Fade to Commercial ::

-We return with Cole and JBL both in shock after what we witnessed before we went to the commerical break. JBL says that Rey Mysterio looked to be hurt bad, and Michael Cole assured the fans that they would pass along any news about Rey Mysterio's condition if they became available while they were still on the air.-

[- The Animal is Preparing to be Unleased -]

-The scene fades backstage, as we join Scott Taylor standing next to the ‘Animal’ Batista.-

Scott Taylor: With me at this time is none other then the former World Champion, Batista. Dave, two weeks ago you appeared to be well on your way to recapturing the World Championship away from Booker, but it was Fit Finlay who attacked you and cost you the title. Afterwards he beat you down, leaving you bloodied. Tonight, you get a chance at revenge at both Finlay and King Booker when you team up with Bobby Lashley in tag team action. Any thoughts?

Batista: Any thoughts? THE MAN BEAT ME TO A BLOODIED PULP! HE MADE ME TASTE MY OWN BLOOD! And you know what?

-Batista grabs Taylor by the collar and slams him up against against the wall, before getting in his face with a look of total intensity.-


-Taylor’s expression is classic. It does from total fright, to bewilderment, without losing an ounce of the fright. Classic. -

Batista: I haven’t been beaten like that in a long time. It has been awhile since anyone has thrown a beating like that my way, and to be honest with you… that beating was the best thing for me. I’ve become timid. I’ve become passive… almost tame. That beating… that reminder of what my own blood taste like…. It reminded me of what I have to do to be the ANIMAL that I once was. Tonight, I unleash that Animal on Fit Finlay and the World Champion…

-Batista lets go of Taylor and stomps towards the ring. Taylor is left totally shocked and scared, but thankful that he survived the interview.-

Rating: 91

-Main Event-

"The World Champion" King Booker & Fit Finlay vs Bobby Lashley & Dave Batista

‘King of the Moment’ starts up as Fit Finlay, Sharmell, and the World Champion Booker T emerge from the back and make their way down to the ring. They take their spot at center stage as Sharmell removes Booker’s crown, then the Champ places his belt in the corner. Finlay takes that damn stick of his, and puts it in the corner as well. The crowd rises to their feet as ‘One Man Army’ starts up and out marches Bobby Lashley. The pyros go off as Lashley makes his way down to the bottom of the entrance ramp, and waits on his tag team partner for the evening. ‘Animal Unleashed’ starts up as Dave Batista emerges out onto the stage, receiving the biggest pop of the night. Batista does his classic posses on each side of the entrance ramp, before joining Bobby Lashley at the bottom of the entrance ramp. Both enter the ring at the same time, forcing Finlay and Booker to remain in their corner. Lashley and Batista discuss, and decide that Lashley should start. With this choice made, Finlay emerges from his corner to begin the match.

The bell sounds and this match is underway. The two lock up, and it is the powerhouse Lashley who easily wins the grapple and throws Finlay to the canvas. The Irishman doesn’t like this one bit and after pulling himself off the canvas, gives a shove to Lashley. The two lock up again, and this time neither is able to get an advantage, thus forcing a break. As soon as the break happens, Finlay rakes the eyes of Lashley, then follows it up with a knee to the gut. Lashley is hurt by this sudden attack, and Finlay uses it to his advantage as he tosses the number one contender into his corner. He delivers a stiff knee to the gut, as the World Champion tags himself in, seemly wanting a piece of the number one contender. Booker T sizes up Lashley and delivers a back elbow to the head of Lashley. Lashley falls out from the corner and Booker T gives Lashley a hip toss. Lashley lands on his feet! The crowd explodes as the number one contender lands on his feet, flipping head over heels. This catches the champion totally off guard, and allows Lashley to deliver a right hand for the ages! The Champ is stunned, as Lashley delivers a second shot! The crowd is now totally behind Lashley as he lands in a third shot, before exploding with a clothesline that send the champion down! Lashley stays forward and gives Finlay an elbow for good measure, sending him off the apron. Lashley waits for Booker to get up to his feet, and once the Champ does, he explodes looking for the SPEAR! Booker is able to side step this however and sends Lashley crashing into his own corner. Booker is pleased with himself after getting out of the way and pats himself on the back, as his wife, Sharmell applauses from the outside. Lashley reaches up and tags in BATISTA! The crowd explodes as Batista enters the ring. He charges Booker, and just as the champ turns around he drills him with a hard clothesline! The place explodes as Batista grabs Booker by the threads, and pulls him up to his feet, before sending him into the ropes… SPINEBUSTER! Batista has exploded on the World Champion in the match.

Booker is in a world of hurt, as Batista stalks the World Champion slowly making his way up to his feet. Wait a minute! Fit Finlay rolls into the ring with that damn stick! Finlay swings at Batista, but… SPEAR!!!! Lashley explodes out of no where with a spear on Finlay! Batista looks over his shoulder and gives a smirk, then extends his arms outwards in each direction. The crowd cheers, but instead of dropping the thumbs, he points towards Lashley. Lashley crotches down and waits for Booker to reach his feet. Lashley explodes with a SPEAR out of no where, that cuts the Champion right in half! Lashley makes the cover…1-2-3! The bell sounds as the number one contender has now picked up a victory over the World Champion! Lashley climbs to his feet and the first person to congratulate him is none other then Dave Batista, who ends up raising his hand in victory. Lashley looks down at the World Champion, with his hand raised as the scene fades out on Smackdown.

WINNER: Bobby Lashley and Dave Batista

Rating: 78

End of Smackdown.......Good Night Now!

Show Rating: 75%

TV Rating: 6.17

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Great diary so far, I loved the backstory. Bringing back The Rock was a good idea. You did make a typo in your backstory though. You said the meeting way a day after Judgment Day, when it was really after Unforgiven, no biggie though. I'd like to see another guy get moved to Smackdown besides Cena (maybe Edge or Shawn Michaels, they would be alot more fresh on SD), but again, no biggie. Keep up the good work man.

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IPB Image

Preview for September 29nd!

There is chaos in the King's Kingdom. Last week the World Heavyweight Champion fell victim to the number one contender in tag team action. King Booker can not be happy about this, and has sent the 'Kings Army' to put to rest the two thorns in the side of the World Champion. William Regal will take on the number one contender, Bobby Lashley, while Dave Batista will square off with Fit Finlay. Can the Kingdom regain momentum as we inch closer towards No Mercy? Or will Bobby Lashley and Dave Batista continue to one up the King and his men?

Plus last week saw the return of John Cena to Smackdown and he didn't waste any time making waves, challanging the Undertaker. This week Cena makes his in ring return to Smackdown, when he takes on Matt Hardy, but what will the dead man have to say about being called out by the Doctor of Thuganomics? Plus after ending his bitter fued against Rey Mysterio last week, what will Chavo and his new hired help Mark Henry do next? And what will Chris Benoit do to prove to Ken Kennedy that he is 'worthy' of a title at the United States Championship? All this and more on this week's edition of Smackdown!

Confirmed Matches:

Bobby Lashley vs William Regal

Dave Batista vs Fit Finlay

John Cena vs Matt Hardy

Plus More!

OOC NOTE: Thank you to those of you who have PM'd me with awesome feedback/suggestions ,and Foppa for leaving the feedback in the thread.. Some of the suggestions I receieved are very good, and some have even altered my current plans. Just so everyone knows, this won't be a diary that is updated every two or three days. Like is the case with this show, it may take up to a week to get a new show out, but that is because I really try and make every show as good as possible. So don't worry about the delay, I should have the next show up if not tonight, at the latest, this weekend. Thanks for the feedback. It is always welcomed either in the thread, or via PM. Thank You once again for taking time out of your day to read this diary. I hope you all will enjoy reading it as much as I am enjoying putting it together.
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  • 2 weeks later...

Great diary so far, I loved the backstory. Bringing back The Rock was a good idea. You did make a typo in your backstory though. You said the meeting way a day after Judgment Day, when it was really after Unforgiven, no biggie though. I'd like to see another guy get moved to Smackdown besides Cena (maybe Edge or Shawn Michaels, they would be alot more fresh on SD), but again, no biggie. Keep up the good work man.

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Guest wrestling_assassinator

i love everything about this diary, lets hope you can save smackdown! it used 2 be the number 1 brand in sports entertainment when the draft first came about*remembers the good times*. only thing i am curious to is where is the rest of the roster? the tag division? to trully save smackdown i think you will need 2 establish a bigger cruiserweight division, an actuall tag division and sign a couple of more 'big names'. i will be checking this out.

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First off, sorry for the delay in getting this second show out to you. I had the show ready to go on Friday, all but two final segments, but the weather turned out to be really nice for the weekend, so me an my girl went to the lake one final time. No big deal. I should have the next show out by this weekend to keep everything on pace.

Great diary so far, I loved the backstory. Bringing back The Rock was a good idea. You did make a typo in your backstory though. You said the meeting way a day after Judgment Day, when it was really after Unforgiven, no biggie though. I'd like to see another guy get moved to Smackdown besides Cena (maybe Edge or Shawn Michaels, they would be alot more fresh on SD), but again, no biggie. Keep up the good work man.

Yeah, Michaels on SD! would be another lift for the show and could help guys like Kennedy get over. Imagine the meets you could have Taker, Rock and HBK in all in the one room fighting for power :D

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Show #2, September 29th


" What You Saw...It Didn't Happen!"

[- Tell Me You Just Didn’t Get Beat Down, Tell Me! -]

-The show opens up to a long black stretch limo pulling up in the parking garage. The limo inches along before finally coming to rest just feet from the camera. After a few moments of silence, the door opens to the limo and out steps Queen Sharmell. From behind the camera walks the “King’s Men” of William Regal and Fit Finlay. After a few moments, the World Champion exits the limo, and as soon as his mug is shown on the camera, the audiences inside the arena lets out a huge boo roar. Moments later, Scotty Taylor rushes onto the scene.-

SCOTTY TAYLOR: KING BOOKER! Champ! I was wondering if I could get your comments on last week and suffering a pinfall defeat at the hands of the number one contender, Bobby Lashley.

-The champ’s head snaps towards Taylor, as Sharmell looks on in shock. Regal just gives a look of disgust-

KING BOOKER : Tell me, you didn’t just say that!


SHARMELL: King Booker did not lose… we was SCREWED at the end of last week’s Smackdown! The world saw what happened! That was the fastest count in the history of Smackdown… of the WWE… of the entire industry! As Queen to the World Champion, I demand that the match last week be stripped from the record books!

SCOTTY TAYLOR: That isn’t going to happen. The match will stand forever… with Bobby Lashley pinning the World Champion, King Booker.


-The World Champion is brought to complete silence as the camera pans around to show Dave Batista standing in front of the World Champion, grinning from ear to ear.-

KING BOOKER: What do you want, sucka?

BATISTA: Book, I don’t know what fantasy world you are living in here lately, but last week whether you want to acknowledge it or not, Bobby Lashley pinned your shoulders to the canvas, ONE, TWO, THREE!… And yes, I just said that!

-Dave Batista looks square at Sharmell. William Regal steps back into the picture.-

WILLIAM REGAL: Listen up you disrespectful, bloody fool! What happened to the King last week was nothing short of a screw job, and the fact that you keep bringing it up, only infuriates both the Champion and myself. What you need to do is be a taught a lesson in respect!

BATISTA: Yeah? You and what army?

-As soon as Batista says this, Finlay drills Batista from the back with the shillelagh. The Animal flies forward crashing into the limo. The King and his men, all three begin to beat down the former World Champion. After a few moments of landing punches and kicks, the Champ tells his men to back off. King Booker grabs Batista by the head, as Finlay points towards the glass. Booker begins to ram Batista’s head towards that glass, but at the last moment, Bobby Lashley drills him himself from behind! The crowd erupts as the number one contender burst onto the scene. The Champ, and his men, slowly backtrack and disappear into the arena. Lashley checks on Batista as the scene fades back into the ring.-

Overall: 81

Shane O'Mac's Commentary: Wow. That was close, wasn't it? Dave Batista just about got his skull shoved through that car window. Thankfully Lashley was there to stop it, or Big Dave would have to wear one of those silly Kane/Mankind masks for the rest of his career. Either that or be forced to walk around with a mug that rivarlies on Gene Snitisky's uglyness.


When we return, Michael Cole says how no good the “Kingdom” is. JBL disagrees, saying that Batista got what was coming to him, and Sharmell was right, and refuses to acknowledge that Bobby Lashley scored the fast count last week. Cole still sticks to his views on the Kingdom being spineless, but transitions that to what we saw last week, when Mark Henry interfered during the Chavo/Rey match, leaving Rey out of action for a few weeks.

[- Toothless Aggression Will Not Take It… ANYMORE-]


-Chavo’s theme starts up as he steps out onto the entrance ramp and is totally mobbed by boos and jeers. Moments later, Chavo is joined by Mark Henry, who is greeted with a very similar reaction. This reaction doesn’t bother either of the two superstars as they march down the entrance ramp, and take their spot in the middle of the ring. -

CHAVO GUERRERO: I assure each and every single one of you, that I feel the exact same way.

-As expected, this ‘heat remarked’ generated plenty of boos from the crowd. Henry and Guerrero just eat it up.-

CHAVO GUERRERO: But on to more pressing matters… I am here to declare that I should be in line after a title shot, after putting to rest that pest, Rey Mysterio last week. I single handely defeated a former World Champion right in the middle of this ring! I think Teddy Long should come out here right now and hand me a title shot of some kind. Give me King Booker! Give me Ken Kennedy! Give me Gregory Helms! I don’t care. Just give me what I deserve…

-‘Aggression’ starts up as the arena explodes. Chavo’s head jerks towards the entrance ramp as none other then Chris Benoit explodes onto the entrance ramp. Obviously this isn’t what Chavo had in mind.-

CHRIS BENOIT: So you want what you deserve huh?

CHAVO GUERRERO: Of course I do…

-SLAP! Chris Benoit delivers a straight slap right across the face of Chavo Guerrero. The expression on Chavo’s face is classic, totally shocked at being literally slapped in the face by Chris Benoit in front of the entire arena.-

CHAVO GUERRERO: Do you know who I am! Do you know that I am…

CHRIS BENOIT: I know exactly who you are. I know exactly what your last name represents, and I know that you are doing nothing but living off your family name! I also know that…

KEN KENNEDY: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

-The United States Champion appears on the stage decked out in street clothes, but carrying with him the United States Championship.-

KEN KENNEDY: I don’t know what is with you people. I don’t know if you have noticed, but I have done a lot over my first year on Smackdown, and I didn’t get to where I got by asking people to give me shots because of my last name, or because I once held the title. I didn’t ask to be given ANYTHING! I earned everything I got. If you two want a shot at me so much, I suggest you go earn it! Face one another right now!

-Benoit nods his head, in accepting the challenges. Chavo looks up at the United States Champion, but then explodes with a right hand to Chris Benoit, accepting the challenge.-

Overall: 70

Chavo Guerrero vs Chris Benoit

The bell sounds as a ref rushes down from the backstage area. Chavo continues to pound on the face of Benoit. The ref finally forces a break, which Chavo has no other choice but to follow. Guerrero grabs Benoit by the head, and pulls him up to his feet, however after kicking a kick to the gut, spikes the head of Benoit straight down into the canvas with impressive DDT! Chavo springs up to his feet, and imitates his late Uncle, by doing his classic shoulder shrugs. Soon after, he points towards Ken Kennedy who is on the entrance ramp, and motions around his waist. Chavo grabs Benoit by the head and once again pulls him up to his feet. Chavo locks Benoit in a suplex then executes, but doesn’t let go of the hold. Chavo pulls himself up to his feet, and executes a second suplex, but yet again doesn’t break the hold. A third suplex! Three Amigos! Just like his late uncle! At this point the crowd is totally ‘hating’ on Chavo, who seems to be soaking it all up. He once again gives the Guerrero shoulder shrugs, before dropping an elbow to the downed Benoit.

Chavo grabs Benoit and pulls him up to his feet. Benoit gives a HARD knife-edge chop right across the chest of Chavo. This brings out a ‘WOOOO’ from the fans, however Chavo immediately responds with a thumb right the eye of Benoit. Chavo delivers a knife-edge chop of his own. He waits for the response, but none is given. Chavo even goes as far as to cup his ears, which brings out a small reaction from the crowd, however the pause gives Benoit time to recover, deliver a knife-edge chop. A second one! Chavo is stunned. Benoit grabs Chavo and executes a reverse German Suplex! Both men are down at his point however. Neither can climb to their feet very fast. After a few moments, both are on their feet. They lock up and it is Chavo who wins the grapple. He sends Benoit into the ropes. As he bounces off the ropes, Mark Henry reaches under the ropes and pulls on the leg of Benoit. Chris turns around to Henry, but senses it is a set up. Benoit turns around and spots Chavo charging! Benoit drops to the canvas, and catches Chavo with a drop toehold! Chavo falls forward catching the top rope right across the throat! Chavo stays on his feet, but is totally shaken by the move.

Chavo stumbles around for a few moments before Chris Benoit runs right over him, sending Chavo to the canvas. Benoit gives the throat slashing sign, as the ref rushes over to check on Chavo. Benoit turns to head towards the turnbuckle, but as he turns Mark Henry grabs him and drops him with a huge belly to belly suplex, sending all of Henry’s weight right on top of Benoit. Henry rolls out of the ring, just before the ref turns around to see Chris Benoit in a lot of pain. The ref looks over at Henry, who professes his innocence. Chavo inches closer towards Benoit! Chavo grabs Benoit…. CROSSFACE! Chavo Guerrero has the Crossface on Chris Benoit! The crowd is erupting in boos, as Chavo shows the ultimate disrespect, putting Benoit’s own finisher on him! Chavo tightens the hold… NO! Benoit rolls through, and rolls Chavo up into a roll up! 1-2-3! Benoit Wins! Benoit rolls out of the ring, as Chavo explodes up to his feet, once again totally shocked. The ref joins Chris Benoit on the outside, and raises his hand in victory. Benoit just eyeballs the United States Champion at the top of the entrance ramp.

KEN KENNEDY: Good job on picking up the win Chris, but it’s not impressive enough for me to give you a shot at the United States Championship!


Overall: 78

Shane O'Mac's Commentary: Chavo should probably stick to doing his own moves…but what is Chris Benoit going to have to do to prove to Kennedy that he is worthy of a title shot?


[-Wanna ‘Bang’ With Ashley, Hardy? -]

-The scene fades backstage where Matt Hardy is taping up his wrist and fingers. As Hardy appears on the screen, the crowd gives a soft pop. Nothing large, but a sizeable amount none the less. However a bigger pop occurs when into the scene steps the former Raw Diva Search Winner, Ashley-

Ashley: Matt, you ready for tonight?

Matt Hardy: You can bet your life on it.

Ashley: Good, because John Cena will be a tough test for you.

Matt Hardy: True, but if you think about it, he is the perfect opponent for Matt Hardy. What better way to prove to all those nay sayers out there, that I am truly one of the best athletes in World Wrestling Entertainment, then go out there and beat a former WWE Champion.

Ashley: That would shut them up. Do you care if I join you?

Matt Hardy: Nah. I’ve to have you out there to witness the biggest night in Matt Hardy’s career. The night where Matt Hardy becomes an elite superstar!

-Ashley and Matt Hardy walks off as the scene fades back to the arena.-

Overall: 67

Bobby Lashley vs William Regal

The King’s Men theme starts up as William Regal steps out onto the entrance ramp and is just drilled with boos and jeers from the crowd. He thinks their swine, so being booed by poor American trash doesn’t bother him in the least. He gives the gentlemanly wave, and makes his way down to the ring. He rolls into the ring and removes his robe. However as soon as he removes his robe, the sounds of ‘Unleashed’ starts up and the arena gives off a LOUD cheer as the pyros shoot off from the stage. Again pyros shoot off from the stage, and when the smoke clears, the number one contender, Bobby Lashley stands in the middle of the entrance ramp. He makes his way down to the ring where he rolls into the ring. Regal almost dares him to join him in the middle of the ring, which Lashley more then accepts. Lashley and Regal are now face to face. Lashley dares Regal to hit him first. Regal is offended by this and gives Lashley as slap… a move that only seems to fire up the already fired up monster. He once gain points towards his chin, daring the ‘Gentlemen from Across the Pond’ to hit him first. Regal does, but doesn’t stop at one. He drills him with a right, a left, then a knee to the gut, and followed by one of his famous upper cuts. Regal is proud of himself. He gives that cocky smirk, and turns back towards Lashley to find Lashley didn’t sell an inch! Regal explodes with a clothesline, but Lashley ducks out of the way… SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR TO REGAL! Lashley just flattens ‘Sir’ William Regal with the spear. He grabs Regal by the head and pulls him up, before dropping him with the Dominator, then picks up the easy 1-2-3!


Overall: 74

Shane O'Mac's Commentary: There is certian places I just don't want to be in this world. A dark alley at night. In the middle of a warzone. But most of all, I wouldn't want to be in the same ring as Bobby Lashley at this point. He's unstoppable!


-When we return Michael Cole is going on and one about how awesome Bobby Lashley looked. JBL added the heel comments of 'at least he didn't have to cheat this week'! The two commentators begin to fight verbally as Ken Kennedy makes his way down towards the ring. -

-United States Title Match-

????? vs ©Ken Kennedy

-‘Cheese Head’ starts up as the United States Champion steps out onto the entrance ramp. He is greeted with a mixed reaction as he makes his way down to the ring. Once in the ring, he pulls the stick out.-

KEN KENNEDY: It occurred to me that I haven’t defended my title once since I won it nearly a month ago. Now, in my defense it isn’t like I haven’t been looking. I just don’t want to put my title on the line against any ole hag. I want to defend this title against the very best. People have to EARN a shot at this baby. And over the past few weeks, I have been impressed with one special young lad. He has earned a shot at my championship belt. That man is none other then, the Reality Star… THE MIZ!!!

The crowd is stunned as ‘Real World’ starts up and out marches the goofy Miz. HOORAH! He skips down to the ring. Well not skip, but that’s the best way to describe that goofy walk of his. He rolls into the ring as the bell sounds, but as soon as he rolls into the ring Kennedy drills him with a right hand. A second shot sends him falling to the canvas. Kenned doesn’t stop the attack however, kicking Miz while he is on the ground, beating him into submission just about. After doing all the damage he wants, Kennedy screams out ‘HOORAH’, mocking the young superstar. Kennedy chuckles, but as he looks up he spots Chris Benoit standing at the top of the entrance ramp looking down at the Champion. Kennedy’s cheerful expression fades as he locks eyes with Benoit. He points towards Benoit, then motions for him to watch. Kennedy grabs Miz, and scoops him up, before slamming him back down to the canvas. Then Kennedy steps out onto the apron, and climbs to the top rope. He looks over his shoulder and gives the throat-slashing taunt towards Benoit, before leaping off and drilling Miz with a Benoit headbutt! However just like Benoit… Kennedy feels just as much damage from this move as Miz does. The camera switches to Benoit who gives a chuckle. Kennedy tries to shake off the cobwebs as he climbs up to his feet. Miz however is just as quick at climbing to his feet, obviously not affected by any attack to the head. Miz charges the dazed Champion, but Kennedy gives a stiff kick to the gut of Miz, stopping him in his tracks, before finishing him off with the GREEN BAY PLUNGE! 1-2-3! The bell sounds as ‘Cheese Head’ starts back up. The ref hands Ken Kennedy the title. Kennedy shows Benoit the title, as Benoit just motions for the belt to be around his waist. Kennedy gives a shake of the head, disagreeing with the gustier.


Overall: 72

Shane O'Mac's Commentary: I knew I shouldn't have given Kennedy the power to book his own opponents. What was he thinking? The Miz! Maybe if this was a Real World Challenge Match. Maybe...though I'd rather have Coral on my team, then Miz.


-Michael Cole and JBL are arguing as we return about Ken Kennedy. Michael Cole calls Kennedy a coward, but JBL says that he is just doing what he feels is right, and will never hold that against anyone.-

[-The Doctor Will See You Now…-]

-‘Word Life’ starts up as Cena walks out and down to the ring, sporting a throwback #88 Michael Irvin Dallas Cowboy Jersey. Cena rolls into the ring and throws up the ‘Word Life’ sign for the Chain Gang Soldiers in the house, receiving both a bag of cheers and jeers. -

JOHN CENA: It appears what we have here is the ultimate throwback… John Cena wrestling in a Smackdown ring. Now some may see my move as a demotion. Me? I like to view it as a way to get back to my roots, and what better place to do that, then come back to the place where it all began for John Cena… SMACKDOWN!

-Cena sells out for the cheap pop.-

JOHN CENA: And who does John Cena find as his return challenger? Why its none other then the Wonder Boy, Matt Hardy. A man who…


-The crowd erupts as Matt Hardy and Ashley emerge from the back and make their way down to the ring. Hardy takes his spot in the center of the ring right in front of Cena, where as Ashley joins him in the ring, but stands behind her man.-

MATT HARDY: Why don’t you cut the bullcrap John? We all know that if it weren’t for Edge, you would still be on Raw.

JOHN CENA: That’s funny, cause I could say the same damn thing about you!

MATT HARDY: What happened between Edge and me is totally different.

JOHN CENA: You damn right what happened was different! Unlike you, when Edge brought the fight to me, I brought the fight right back to him. You on the other hand, ran off to your computer where you cried your little heart out on some damn blog to all of these message board geeks.... who can sympathize with you since neither of you have got laid since the Playmaker was winning superbowls and smokin' crack with hookers.

-Cena gives a tug on his jersey, but shakes his head while doing so.-

JOHN CENA: See Matt, I’m a man! True, I may know how to fly off a little ladder like you do, but when someone brings a fight at John Cena, I bring the fight right back at them. You on the other hand, just drops down to your KNEES and begins to suck on THESE!

-Cena grabs his crotch, getting a huge response from the crowd.-

Overall: 87

John Cena vs Matt Hardy

Cena drops the mic and drills Hardy square in the face as the match starts. Ashley exits the ring, as the bell sounds. Cena unloads with rights and lefts to Hardy who is still dazed by the initial attack on him. John Cena tosses Matt Hardy across the ring. Hardy bounces off the ropes and when he does, he is drilled with a clothesline by the huge arms of the doctor of Thuganomics. Matt crashes to the canvas, but picks himself right back up. However once right back on his feet, Cena sends his right back to the canvas with a right hand. Hardy climbs up to his feet once more, but Cena leaps into the air and drops Hardy to the canvas with a Lou Thez Press. Cena begins to slug away at the head of Hardy, who can do little to nothing to stop the beating.

John Cena climbs up to his feet and jerks off the throwback jersey he was sporting. He goes to throw it into the first row, but elects to rather just toss it in the corner, almost ‘teasing the fans’. This gets a boo out of them, which Cena almost enjoys. He turns back around and scoops up Hardy, however Matt reverses the tide, by rolling up Cena and scoring a two count! The crowd pops as both men spring to their feet. Cena dives with a clothesline, but Hardy ducks out of the way. Right hand by Hardy! Cena goes to respond, but Hardy ducks out of the way. He charges and delivers that short burst clothesline! Cena crashes to the canvas. He pulls himself up to his feet, but Hardy tosses him into the ropes! SIDE EFFECT! Hardy drops John Cena with the side effect! Cena is in a lot of pain, as Hardy pulls himself up to his feet.

Hardy appears to be in total control of the match. He climbs up onto the middle rope, and lets out a man scream, before leaping off the middle rope with a leg drop! The camera fades to ringside, where we see Ashley cheering on her man. However from behind we see the Cruiserweight Champion, Gregory Helms emerge into the picture. He reaches out and grabs Ashley butt from behind. She turns around startled. He reaches out and puts his arm around her. She begins to fight off, but Helms tightens his hold on her, and screams out to Hardy. Matt is just about to make the cover, but hears Ashley screaming. He looks up and sees the champ hugging on his girl. Hardy begins to crawl towards the scene, but Cena reaches up and grabs Hardy by the leg! STFU! Cena has his submission hold locked in! Hardy is restrained, unable to do anything while kiss Ashley on the neck. Hardy tries to do everything in his power to kick out, but is unable. Finally he has no choice but to tap on the canvas.

A bag of mixed emotions erupts from the crowd as the bell rings, signaling that John Cena has won the match. Cena raises his own hand in victory, while Hardy rolls to the outside. Both Ashley and Matt Hardy check on one another, to see if the other is OK. Gregory Helms is on top of the entrance ramp smiling at Hardy. After taunting Version 1.0 for a little bit, the Cruiserweight Champion turns and heads back towards the locker room, leaving Matt Hardy steaming at ringside.


Overall: 81


[- The King of the World Takes Credit -]

-‘King of the World’ starts up as the arena erupts into a chorus of boos and jeers. King Booker steps out onto the stage, along side his Queen, Sharmell. The negative reaction in the arena grows even louder, as the World Champion makes his appearance in front of the live audience. Booker raises his hands up in the air, and gives off that fake smile as Sharmell announces that the King is Here as they make their way down the entrance ramp and into the ring. Booker takes his spot in the center of the ring with the ‘Kings Men’ of Fit Finlay and William Regal both behind him.-

King Booker: Bobby Lashley I want you to take a look around. Everything you see is here … It is because of me! I am the King of this company. Smackdown is MY KINGDOM! Everything you see here is because of me. Everything that happens in my kingdom is done with my blessing. Your very rise is because of me, Bobby Lashley!

-Boos pour out from the arena as the World Champion takes credit for the rise of Bobby Lashley.-

King Booker: But don’t you worry, sucka. No thanks is in order on your part. You see, as I said I allowed your rise to the top to happen, and at No Mercy the king will TAKETH away everything I have allowed to happen. At No Mercy, everyone will remember the joke you were before I allowed you to rise to the top. Everyone will remember who’s kingdom this is… and who the King of the Company is… am… and will forever be… King Booker!!!

-Loud boos erupt all around the arena as Booker raises the World Championship belt high in the air, showing off the fact that he is the World Champion.-

Overall: 78

Shane O'Mac's Commentary: Short. Sweet. Effective. This kidos is why he is wearing the World Championship belt. In less then a minute, he got the entire arena to hate him, which in turn rubs off on Fit Finlay....Did I ever mention how much I love King Booker?

-Main Event-

Batista vs Fit Finlay

King Booker still holds his World Championship belt high in the air. Boos are being poured down upon the ring, however these boos are quickly turned into cheers as Batista’s theme starts up.

Looking Back...I See...

I Never Really Got It Right!!!

The crowd explodes as the Animal steps out onto the entrance ramp. He walks over to one side of the entrance ramp and motions for the raises to rise up to their feet. They obey. He marches over to the other side of the entrance ramp and motions for them to rise up to their feet. They too obey. Batista then takes his spot in the middle of the entrance ramp, and motions for the entire arena to rise to their feet. They obey. Batista then slowly begins to make his way down to the ring, leaping onto the apron, and stepping between the top and middle rope, entering the ring. Once in the ring, he gives a death stare to the Kingdom, who look on in fear, but try their best to show none of it. Batista fake jukes at the Kingdom, which brings Booker and Regal crashing to the canvas, both men roll out of the ring, leaving Finlay to wonder what the hell just happened. He looks at both men disappointing as he shakes his head. He looks back into the center of the ring where Dave Batista awaits. The bell finally sounds to begin the match.

As soon as the bell sounds Finlay charges Batista, who just explodes running right over Finlay. The Irishman climbs up to his feet, but is met with a straight right hand from Dave Batista. A second one! A third one! Batista checks himself, before delivering a fourth shot right to Fit Finlay! The Irishman crashes down to the canvas, but rises up quickly. The expression on his face is priceless. He has a grin from ear to ear, almost as if he enjoyed the beating. The two men go to tie up, but Finlay wins this leveling an uppercut to Dave Batista, before laying in with a trio of right hand shots of his own. Dave Batista isn’t as welcoming to the right hands as Fit Finlay, and just tries to shake off the punches. They tie up again, but Finlay goes behind Batista, then delivers a straight palm shot right to the temple of Dave Batista, before executing a chop block right to the right knee. Batista crashes to the canvas, as Finlay appears to be in total control of this match at this point.

Finlay drops down to the canvas, and mounts Big Dave, before starting to whale on him with rights. He is using Batista’s face like an Everlast punching bag at this point, repeating punching the face of the former World Champion. The ref finally forces a break, but the damage has been done at this point. Finlay climbs to his feet and gives Batista a good ole fashion slap across the head for motivation as he climbs up to his feet. Finlay helps Batista get to his knees, but Dave will have none of it, giving Finlay a shot to the gut. He then explodes with tackle, driving Finlay into the corner. Batista then proceeds to execute his famous shoulder thrusts in the corner, right into the mid section of Finlay. Two! Three! Four! Five shoulder thrust as the crowd loves each and every single one of them! Batista steps back and lets Finlay stumble out of the corner. As he does, Batista snatches him up and plants him with a SPINEBUSTER! The arena goes berserk at this point, as Batista climbs up onto his feet. He grabs the ropes and begins to go crazy on them, ala Ultimate Warrior. Batista is a few moments away from winning this match up. Which is exactly what his tag team partner, William Regal realizes. Regal slides into the ring and drills Batista with a right hand, that sends Batista crashing to the canvas. The ref immediately calls for the bell. As the ref moves out of the way, we see that Regal had a pair of brass knuckles, which explains why Batista went down with only one shot.

The bell sounds as this match has turned into nothing more then a three on one assault. King Booker, William Regal, and Fit Finlay are all attacking Dave Batista. Stomping. Kicking. Beating the former World Champion into submission, and there is little he can do to stop it due to the numbers advantage. The crowd gives a HUGE roar of approval as the number one contender; Bobby Lashley explodes down the entrance ramp. He charges down the ramp, and slides under the bottom rope. William Regal is the first to spot Lashley. He turns around and charges at the number one contender who breaks Regal in half with a SPEAR! Lashley rolls up onto his feet. He pauses for a moment, waiting for Finlay to turn around. The Irishman is really enjoying throwing a beating on Dave Batista at this point, but after King Booker taps him on the shoulder and points out Lashley, Finlay turns around and charges as well, only to receive the same fate as Regal. SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR! Lashley springs up to his feet, but by this time King Booker has already left the ring and is half way up the entrance ramp. Lashley checks on Batista as Regal and Finlay roll out of the ring and join the World Champion at the entrance ramp. Lashley stands up and points up at the World Champion, the motions for the belt as the show comes to an end.


Overall: 78

Shane O'Mac's Commentary: Yikes! That can't be what King Booker and his army had in mind. What are they going to have to do in order to put away Bobby Lashley once and for all? *Shrugs*

End of Smackdown.......Good Night Now!

Show: 74%

Rating: 4.17

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Guest wrestling_assassinator

l liked this show. u added a bit more colour which was great, a lil hard on the eyes due to the choice of blue but good ;) seriously though, i am glad you are going to bulk up the tag team division and cruiserweight division. i think it would be good to bring HBK over once the DX thing has run its course and HHH is once again WWE Champion HBK can make a run on SD :) i like the diary. the match write-ups are very detailed and i just hope you can continue this diary buddy :) great work...you got a reader. :):) lets hope you can succeed where the WWE have failed to attempt...SAVE SMACKDOWN!

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IPB Image

-No Mercy appears to be on the verge of being one of the most anticipated Smackdown pay per views in a long time. Booker T vs Bobby Lashley isn’t generating a lot of hype, but the match that is generating hype is John Cena vs the Undertaker, as well as the return of the Rock. It was also made official this afternoon that Gregory Helms would defend his Cruiserweight Title against Matt Hardy at No Mercy in a No DQ match. Other matches are being rumored, including Ken Kennedy vs Chris Benoit, with the possibility of Chavo Guerrrero being added to that match in some fashion.

-Joey Mercury is expected to return to action this week, though at this time it is not certain whether or not he will return with a new tag team, or a member of the cruiserweight division. It is believed that he will be joining the cruiserweight division, if the rumors are true about Gregory Helms promotion. The staff is very high on Mercury, and it is not unforeseeable to think that they would put the Cruiserweight belt on him.

-WrestlingExposed.Com learned this afternoon that Maven Huffman, the original Tough Enough Winner has reached a contract deal with the WWE and may appear on TV as soon as this week. He is in the same boat as Joey Mercury, and uncertain about which direction his career may go, which may or may not affect how soon we seem him on air.

-Speaking of career direction, as we mentioned earlier, it is rumored that the Gregory Helms/Matt Hardy feud may last longer then expected, and could in fact lead to Gregory Helms elevation into the US title ranks.

-Also, as WrestlingExposed.Com reported a few days ago, there has been talked about giving Fit Finlay and William Regal a run at the Tag Team Championship. If you have noticed, over the past few weeks, Michael Cole has referred to them as the “Kings Men”. This name was recently trademarked by the WWE, so if you put two and two together, we may be seeing Fit Finlay and William Regal being thrown into the depleted tag team division.

-The Tag Team Champions, Brian Kendrick and Paul London have now been dubbed with the name ‘Youth Gone Wild’.

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We fade into the show cold. No pyros. No theme music. Not the roar of thousands upon thousands of screaming fans. Don’t be mistaken; Viking Hall is sold out. As we open up to the first ever Extreme Warfare Special, on Sci-Fi, we notice the fans standing in honor as Chris Benoit’s picture is shown over the WWE Tron.

In front of the Tron are his peers, CM Punk, Carlito, Umaga, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Haas, Trevor Murdoch, Chris Masters, Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman, Tazz, Joey Styles, Umaga, Val Venis, Kelly, Estrada, Matt Striker, and other personnel. All with tears in their eyes. In fact there isn’t a dry eye in the house. From fans, to superstars, everyone is shaken up at this point.

Standing in the middle of the ring is none other then Mick Foley.

Mick Foley: Ladies and Gentlemen, as everyone knows by now, ECW Superstar Chris Benoit has passed away. Vince McMahon could not be with us tonight, however he has personally extended his deepest sympathizes to Benoit family.

The fans break out into a chant of “Benoit, Benoit, Benoit”.

Mick Foley: However the show must, and will go on, despite our deepest desires not to continue on this evening. Tonight in our main event, Chris Benoit was scheduled to wrestle Umaga in a qualifying match for the vacated ECW Championship, in which the winner of that match would face the winner of the Carlito vs CM Punk match later this evening. However for obvious reasons, this event has been canceled. However, the ECW Championship will be crowned tonight, and it will be crowned in a fatal four way match featuring Umaga, CM Punk, Carlito, and an un-named superstar in our main event. Thank you.

Foley lowers the mic, and directions his attention up towards the WWE Tron, where the bells begin to toll for the fallen superstar…





The night’s action gets underway when “Prelude to Greatness” starts up, which brings out Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. Both receive boos upon entering the ring, despite the fact that there doesn’t seem to be much emotion behind the boos, due to the events of the night. Shelton and Haas reach the ring, slide under the bottom ropes, and begin to do their classic cocky poses, which manages to at least draw some heat from the crowd. “Redneck Cowboy” starts up and out walks Trevor Murdoch and Chris Masters, who doesn’t bother bringing his cape. Actually Masters is sporting a leather cowboy hat, matching his tag team partners for the evening, and like Murdoch looks very silly in the hat; even worse then Murdoch to be honest. The two make their way down to the ring. Masters takes his spot in his team’s corner, while Trevor Murdoch elects to go first for his team. Shelton Benjamin goes to meet him at the center of the ring, but Charlie Haas pleads to let him start the match. Benjamin agrees, and lets his partner start the match. Haas charges into the ring. Murdoch goes to hit him with a clothesline, but Haas ducks underneath the weak attempt, scoops Murdoch from behind and drops him to the canvas. Murdoch fights to his feet, only to be slung across the ring. No! Reversal! Murdoch slings Haas into the ropes. Haas rebounds, and runs straight into a STIFF back elbow from Trevor Murdoch that sends Charlie Haas to the canvas. Haas crawls to the corner for aid. He pulls himself up, but once on his feet, he is grabbed by Murdoch and slung to the other side of the ring. No! Reversal again! Haas is able to sling Murdoch into the turnbuckle! Murdoch crashes headfirst! Haas charges, but Murdoch is able to connect with another back elbow, so far in this match his best offensive weapon.

Murdoch scoops up the staggering Haas, and slams him to the canvas with a body slam. He then backs up into the corner, and lifts himself up onto the middle rope. Murdoch begins to talk trash towards Shelton, who returns the trash talking. Chris Masters doesn’t like this, and goes to enter the ring. The ref moves in to stop him. This gives Shelton the chance he needs. He charges along the apron, springboards onto the middle rope and connects with an enziguri kick to the back of the skull of Trevor Murdoch! The crowd gives a loud moan, frankly the loudest noise of the night so far. Murdoch sells the kick, old school style, and falls face first into the match. Charlie Haas elects to make a tag, instead of go for the cover. He crawls over and tags in Benjamin. TAG! Shelton’s in! He charges and gives Masters a shot, that sends him off the apron. He then turns his attention towards Murdoch who is reaching his feet. He grabs him in an arm bar before dropping him face first with a face plant. Charlie Haas pleads to be let back into the match. Shelton doesn’t like it, but agrees to do it. TAG! Back in comes Charlie Haas. He pulls Murdoch up to his feet, SITOUT JAWBREAKER! Murdoch connects on the sit out jawbreaker that sends Haas crashing to the canvas. He crawls over and tags in Masters! Chris charges into the ring. He returns Shelton’s cheap shot, and sends Shelton off the apron. Masters turns around and scoops up Haas and drops him with a body slam! Masters is feeling it. He picks up Haas by the head and throws his head between his legs. PILEDRIVER! Haas’ head spikes into the canvas. Masters makes the cover.

However Shelton dives in to make the save just before the three count. Trevor Murdoch doesn’t like that at all and rolls into the ring. He grabs Shelton by the head and tosses him out of the ring, however in an unbelievable show of athletic ablity, Shelton lands on the apron! He holds onto Murdoch and delivers a suplex over the top rope and onto the floor! Both men are down! The crowd rises to their feet, as the only man left standing at the moment is Chris Masters. He looks around and sees all the carnage, before realizing this could be his moment to shine. Being the intelligent wrestler that he is, he decides this is the perfect time to go to the top rope. He steps out onto the apron, and climbs up to the top rope. Of course by the time he gets up there, Charlie Haas has recovered. He springs up to the middle rope, ala Kurt Angle, and gives Chris Masters a shot that forces the Masterpiece to lose his balance. Masters crashes onto the top turnbuckle. Haas stays on the middle rope, and sets him up for a Superplex. He locks Chris Masters in position, but Trevor Murdoch rolls under the bottom rope and into the ring. He hurries up to his feet, and gets under Charlie Haas. Chris Masters is able to break free from the suplex position and Charlie Haas is defenseless as Murdoch has him in a powerbomb position. REDNECK RIVERA (Sit-Out Powerbomb)!!! Murdoch makes the cover. Shelton climbs up onto the apron, but Masters dives off the top rope with a double axe handle smash, that catches Benjamin, and sends him back down onto the floor. The ref slides into position 1-2-3! Murdoch Wins! Chris Masters Wins! Murdoch and Masters Win! The two men begin to celebrate in the ring as Shelton rises up to the apron, and looks on in total disbelief. Charlie Haas is still completely out of it, as Murdoch and Masters have exited the ring, and continue to celebrate their victory heading up the entrance way.


Kris’ Thoughts: Kris’ Thoughts: While this match’s outcome may have been predictable to most, I felt the quality of the match was very good, and it really did a great job of putting over all of the guys in the match. Shelton is an incredible athlete. Charlie is your typical old school heel. Murdoch is a fun redneck, who is red hot as of late, and Chris Masters… well he is a lug head, but he does a good job of being a lug head.


We return from that short commercial to the every popular ECW originals of Tommy Dreamer and Sandman, who are making their way down to the ring. Sandman’s theme, entitled perfectly enough “Enter Sandman”, is playing over the loud speakers, as the two men make their way down to the ring. Once in the ring, they climb both turnbuckles and begin to celebrate with the fans as the fans chant “ECW, ECW, ECW”. WACK! WACK! WACK! From behind both Sandman and Dreamer are drilled with shots from Louisville sluggers. Their attackers, of course, none other then Marcus Sanchez and Eric Perez, joined by they lovely valet, Mercedes. Both Dreamer and Sandman fall back into the ring, however that doesn’t stop the attack from these two thugs. Sanchez walks over to Tommy Dreamer and drills his Louisville slugger into the lower back of Dreamer, causing certain injury to the once broken back of Tommy Dreamer. However to ensure injury, Sanchez drives the bat into the back, at least three more times. With each shot, Tommy Dreamer screams out in pain.

Mercedes hands Sanchez a pair of handcuffs. Marcus takes then, proceeds to use them to tie up Sandman to the top turnbuckle. Sandman begins to fight wildly, however this only results in receiving a few shots from Eric Perez’s baseball bat. Even Mercedes joins in on the beating, giving Sandman an eye gouge with her long finger nails. After this, Sanchez walks over and demands a microphone.

Marcus Sanchez: “No jugamos por sus reglas, nosotros jugamos por nuestros los propios! “… translation, I told you fools before! We don’t play by your rules. We play by our own! You can set up all the little white bread, tag team matches you want, but soon you are going to realize that the Terra Squad means bussiness. “Somos extremos”

(The crowd boos, which causes Sanchez to blow his top. He drives his baseball bat into the sternum of Sandman, causing him to start coughing up blood.)

Marcus Sanchez: Translation, we are extremist. We are the most extreme hombres in the land of so called extreme, and until you gringos figure this out, there will be plenty more beat downs like this one holms!

(Sanchez drops the mic and delivers a knock out shot to the skull of the Sandman. He then tosses his bat to the canvas, right beside Sandman. Perez gives another stiff shot to the back of Tommy Dreamer, before dropping his bat. The Terra Squad then proceeds to exit the ring, leaving their carnage to rot.)


Kris’ Thoughts: I’m really loving Marcus Sanchez at this point, even though he is only a few weeks deep into his ECW career. He has a mean streak that plays out very well, and while being a typical Spanish wrestler, do so in a very orginal way. Almost Konnan like.


“Hello Ladies” starts up as Val Venis, along with Kelly makes their way down to the ring. The ladies are going crazy over Val Venis, who appears to be in top form. Val makes his way down to the ring, and after entering the ring, allows Kelly to remove his white towel.

Val Venis: Hello Ladies… (SCREAMS). Now, I know Six Flags has just opened a new roll coaster called the “THRILLER”, but ladies, if you want to ride that is a real thriller? Then skip Six Flags, and come to Val Land to ride the Big Valbowski!

Val chuckles, however moments later “School is Cool” starts up. Out marches Matt Striker, who doesn’t find anything about that crude joke funny at all. Or possibly he is frustrated because he didn’t get it. Eh, probably not, Striker is a schoolteacher of course. He knows all about knowledge and stuff. Anyways, Striker makes his way down to the ring, rolling under the bottom ropes and goes straight after Val Venis. Striker drills Venis with a right hand, followed by a second. This attack seems to, at the very least, stun Val Venis. Striker scoops up Val, before slamming him to the canvas. Striker is pleased with himself, and begins to educate the rest of the arena on how well he is doing at the moment. However while he is doing this Val Venis has time to climb up to his feet. Striker turns around, but it’s too late. Val tosses him into the ropes. Once he bounces off the ropes, Val drops him face first into the canvas with a drop toe hold. Striker sells his face injury as he pulls himself off the canvas. Val tosses him into the ropes again. Striker bounces off the ropes, but Val drops to the canvas. Striker steps over him, and bounces off the opposite side ropes. Val springs up to his feet, but Striker is there to execute a dropkick that sends Venis crashing to the canvas, just a matter of feet from the bottom rope. All of this happens right in front of Kelly, who reaches over the bottom rope and motivates her man with some words of encouragement. Val attempts to shake the cobwebs out from his head as Kelly continues to cheer on her man from the outside.

Val Venis finally pulls himself back up to his feet, however once he reaches his feet, Striker executes a leaping enziguri kick that catches Val square in the temple. Venis stumbles over, and falls into the corner. Striker stays on the attack. He charges the corner and dives shoulder first into the mid section of Val Venis. Val sells his “mid section” injury, as Striker continues to stay on the assault, driving his shoulder into the mid section of Val Venis, who is pinned in the corner between the turnbuckle and Striker. Matt grabs Val and flings him across the ring. No! Reversal! Val sends Striker into the ropes, but Striker is on top of his game, and is able to leap onto the middle rope, then executes a sideways moonsault. IT DOESN’T WORK! Val catches him in mid air, FALL AWAY SLAM, ala Scott Hall, with shades of the Bad Guy. Matt Striker bounces off the canvas very hard as Val Venis believes the end is near. He climbs the ropes and connects with his MONEY SHOT! He hits it! It’s over! Val makes the cover as Kelly helps the ref count, 1-2-3! Val Venis wins! Val wins! Kelly joins him in the ring, and the two celebrate the victory.

WINNER: Val Venis

Kris’ Thoughts: I’m really high on Matt Striker. I love his personality, and believe he has a tremdous upside. On the other hand, I love Val Venis. Even though his act is close to being a decade old, he is still widely loved, and moves merchandise off the shelves. I would like to continue this fued myself, but I'm not sure Arn sees it the same way.

-" The Mystery Person is Revealed "-

We return from the break with Mick Foley is in the middle of the ring, mic in hand.

Mick Foley: Ladies and Gentlemen. Our next match of the evening is the MAIN EVENT! It is set for one fall, and it is for the vacated ECW World Heavyweight Championship!


Mick Foley: And with that in mind, please allow me to introduce to you a very special man. He is the four member of the main event…….. he is a former ECW Alumni....CHRIS JERICHO!


Overall: 85

Kris’ Thoughts: Eh, Vince got his way. He got a big name guy to fill in for Benoit's absence. While I'm a huge Chris Jericho mark, and admit he does fill the Chris Benoit roll nicely, I think he may be too big of a name for our product. Oh well, he's here now. Guess I'll have to learn to deal with it.

ECW World Heavyweight Championship: CARLITO vs CHRIS JERICHO vs CM PUNK vs UMAGA

The crowd turns into a chaotic nature as Chris Jericho steps out onto the stage sporting a “ECW Pride” shirt. The fans eat it up as Jericho makes his way to the ring. Once at the ring, he throws himself into the first row of fans, just like he used to do back when he first started. The fans love his, and reach out hoping to touch him. Jericho doesn’t stay long, and pulls himself from the grasp of the fans, before sliding into the ring. Once in the ring, his music begins to die down. “Samoan Destruction” starts up next and out from the back marches the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga, along with his manager Estrada. The fans let out a huge roar, letting everyone know that they do not like Umaga, however the energy in the arena has picked up ten times, after the surprise debut of Chris Jericho. As Umaga and Estrada make their way to the ring, Estrada keeps motioning around his waist, signaling that he feels that he is the favorite in the match, and acting as though if Umaga wins he match, he will become the Heavyweight Champion. Once Umaga is in the ring, his music dies down and “King of Cool” starts up. The fans give a nice ovation as Carlito emerges out onto the stage, and makes his way down to the ring. Carlito isn’t in his normal joyful, joking self, but senses what is on the line, and looks focused for this match. Once in the ring, that only leaves one more participant. ““Miseria Cantare“ starts up, and out walks CM Punk, receiving the loudest ovation of the night. Punk plays off the crowd’s reaction for a moment, before heading down to the ring. Before entering the ring, he gives his standard “X” to the crowd, which respond by showing him their “X” in support. Punk then slides into the ring, and the ref calls for everyone to go into separate corners.

The ref begins to inform the wrestlers of the rules. This match will take place under old school style, fatal four way matches, which includes that only two men can be in the ring at the same time. The first person to score a pinfall, or submission will be the new ECW World Heavyweight Champion. After this is said, he informs everyone that it will be CM Punk and Chris Jericho who will start he match. Carlito and Umaga must watch from the outside. They so, all be it with a bit of distain. Punk and Jericho walk to the center of the ring. The bell sounds to begin the match, yet neither man wants to move an inch. Neither man wants to show the first sign of weakness. Chris Jericho is talking smack to CM Punk, who is soaking it all in, giving a death glare of intensity. Jericho grows frustrated that his trash talking isn’t working, so he halls off and slaps Punk right across the face. (OOOOHHHH!) Punk sells the shot, but doesn’t respond. This irrates Jericho even more. Finally the two tie up. Punk sends Jericho into the ropes. Jericho rebounds. Punk drops to the canvas. Jericho steps over Punk and bounces off the opposite ropes. Punk leap frogs Jericho, who bounces off the far ropes. Jericho bounces off the ropes for a third time and flies through the air, hitting a flying forearm smash! Punk crashes to the canvas but picks himself right back up. Jericho tosses Punk into the ropes. Punk rebounds. Jericho drops to the canvas. Punk steps over Jericho and bounces off the opposite ropes. Jericho leap frogs Punk, who bounces off the far ropes. Punk bounces off the ropes for a third time and flies through the air, hitting a cross body on Jericho! The ref rolls into position the pinfall is kicked out even before a one count is made. Jericho has had enough of this. He reaches up and tags in Carlito.

Carlito enters the ring. Punk walks over and offers to tag in Umaga, who immediately drops to the canvas. Apparently he wants no part of this match at this stage. Punk doesn’t mind. He loves competition. He turns around and him and Carlito lock up. Carlito wins and locks Punk in a side headlock. Punk tries to escape, but Carlito has the move locked in. Punk realizes he can not escape it through pure strength, so he uses his strength to for Carlito back into the corner. Once in the ropes, the ref forces the break. Carlito lets go, extending his arms in each direction to free Punk. The ref tells Punk to back off, and he does. However Carlito goes right back on the attack. He grabs Punk and hurls him into the corner. CHOP! (WOOOO!) Chop! (WOOOO!) Punk reverses! He grabs Carlito and slings him into the corner! Punk climbs the ropes. One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten! Punk dismounts and backs off as Carlito staggers towards the center of the ring. Punk goes for his patented combo. Kick to the right thigh! Kick to the left thigh! Kick to the back of the knee! Kick to the head! Carlito and his amazing afro, crash to the canvas. Punk goes for a count. 1-2-KICKOUT! Carlito gets a shoulder up, however it wouldn’t have mattered because into the ring comes Chris Jericho, who pulls the foot of Punk off the pin fall. The ref forces Jericho back into the corner, but Punk helps the ref, by shoving Jericho down to the canvas. Jericho bounces back up to his feet and gets right back in the face of Punk. Neither man backs down. Meanwhile on the other side of the ring, Carlito is struggling to get to his feet. TAG! Umaga elects to interject himself now into the match.

Umaga enters the ring, and in the process dumps Carlito out onto the floor. He looks across the ring to see Jericho and Punk still trash talking one another. Umaga takes this opportunity and charges. SQUASH! He pancakes both Jericho and Punk between himself and the corner turnbuckle. Jericho stumbles, and falls out of the ring. Punk stumbles right into the arms of Umaga who drops him with a belly-to-belly suplex! Punk is squashed under all 400+ pounds of Umaga. The crowd begins to stir as Umaga looks around the ring. He spots Punk flat on the canvas. Carlito still down on the outside, as is Jericho. Estrada begins screaming at Umaga to pin “da man”. Umaga obeys. He pins Punk. 1-2-3! No! Punk gets a shoulder up at the last moment. No one can believe it. Not even the thick skulled Samoan Bulldozer himself. Estrada is beside himself on the outside, screaming at the ref to learn how to count. Umaga stays on the attack. He rises to his feet, bounces off the ropes, before dropping down onto Punk with a leg drop. Once more Umaga makes the cover. 1-2-KICKOUT! This time Punk kicks out well before the three is reach. Umaga grows tired of this, and spots Jericho pulling himself up onto the apron. Umaga walks over to the corner and slams Jericho, who falls off the apron and back out onto to he floor after receiving the shot from Umaga. The Bulldozer wants no part of the match at this point, so he exits the ring, grabs Jericho by the blonde locks and hurls him back into the ring. Punk is barely moving. Jericho is stirring at best, and Carlito still hasn’t even made it up to the apron yet. The only one left standing is Umaga, who is content to let these three beat the hell out of one another some more.

Punk is barely moving at this point. Jericho attempts to rest up as Umaga stands peacefully on the apron, watching as all three competitors struggle to stay alive in this match. Jericho spots an opening and goes for it. He covers Punk. 1-2-Carlito with the save! Carlito dives in, seemly out of nowhere, and breaks up the pinfall. No telling if Punk would have kicked out or not. Carlito begins to slug away at Jericho, who returns the punches. Both men fight to their feet, all the while throwing hay makers at the other. Jericho goes to hit a Mike Tyson knock out punch, but Carlito is able to duck by dropping to his knees. LOW BLOW! While on his knees, Carlito hits a low blow that has shades of Ric Flair. Chris Jericho’s face turns purple as he falls into the ropes. Carlito smiles as he runs his hand through his own fro. Carlito climbs up on his feet, grabs Jericho from behind… BACK CRACKA! No! Jericho grabs the top rope at the last moment. Carlito crashes onto the canvas. Jericho reaches down and grabs Carlito by the feet. WALLS OF JERICHO! No! Carlito grabs the ropes, forcing the break. Jericho will have none of that though. Instead of releasing his hold, he tightens the hold, before executing a monkey flip! Carlito is sent tumbling over the top rope and onto the floor! The fans break out in a chant of “ECW-ECW-ECW” after that exchange. Jericho falls back into the ropes. He looks around and spots Umaga still watching from the apron, but both Punk and Carlito are down. Jericho knows this is his time to make something happen. He steps out onto the apron and climbs up to the top rope. Umaga doesn’t like the looks of this, and instead of getting in there and doing something about it, he just simply begins to shake the ropes violently. This works though, because Chris Jericho loses his balance on the top rope, and falls!

Jericho falls a top the top turnbuckle. His eyes nearly blow out of his head, as he lands squarely on the “jewels”. CM Punk locks eyes with him, as he pulls himself off the canvas. He stands up, charges, but bounces off the ropes. Punk charges the other side of the ring, only to DROPKICK Umaga! CRASH! Umaga flies off the apron and crashes through ECW announce table! The crowd goes crazy, chanting “ECW-ECW-ECW-ECW”. Punk may have it here! Carlito is motionless, as is Umaga in the pile of debris that was once the announce table. Jericho is dazed on the top turnbuckle. Punk stands in the middle of the ring, and judging by the smirk on his face, he realizes it as well. He could be moments away from the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. Punk charges Jericho, leaps up, and delivers a stiff knee to the grill of Jericho! However Punk doesn’t leap down. He stays up on top. He has something in mind. But what?….HURRICARNA!…………NO! JERICHO catches him! Punk is upside down! Jericho leaps off the ropes, WALLS OF JERICHO! WALLS OF JERICHO! Punk is trying to reach the ropes but can’t! TAP! TAP! TAP! Jericho wins! Jericho wins! Chris Jericho is the new ECW World Heavyweight Champion! “Break the Walls Down” starts up as he is handed the World Title. Punk rolls out of the ring, disappointed in himself, as Jericho sits in the middle of the ring embracing the ECW Title. Mick Foley walks down to the ring, and after telling Punk that he has nothing to hang his head about he joins Chris Jericho in the middle of the ring. From there Mick Foley raises the hand of Chris Jericho and celebrates the new ECW World Heavyweight Champion. The crowd breaks out into a heavy chant of “Y-2-J, Y-2-J, Y-2-J”. Once more, Mick Foley raises the hand of Chris Jericho, who raises the ECW Title in the other hand. However after doing this, he spots someone at the entrance ramp. Jericho grabs Mick Foley, and points out the figure. It’s Mickie James! Both Foley and Jericho look on in confusion, not able to figure out what she is doing here.


-" Mickie Returns… Only She Isn’t Alone! "-

Mick Foley and Chris Jericho continue to stare up at the entrance ramp at Mickie James. Mickie glares down at the ring with the scorn only a female could produce. Some of the fans begin to chant “You Screwed Chris”, an obvious remark at the Meltzer story about her alleged affair with head writer, Kris Michaels. Mickie ignores these chants, and continues to glare, scornfully at the ring in the direction of Mick Foley and the new ECW Champion, Chris Jericho. After what seems to be an entirety, Mickie James finally pulls out a microphone.

Mickie James: Mick, I did what you said, Mick. I went to Vince.

Mick Foley: Mickie… that’s all great and everything, but surely isn’t there a better time for this?

Mickie James: I did what you said, Mick. I went to Vince. And you know what he said, Mick? He said you were right. He said I should stay in ECW, Mick.

As Mickie James speaks, she glares straight into the ring, directly at Foley. Her eyes are black, her words spoken with a tone that reeks of twisted evil, and borderline insanity.

Mickie James: And you know what Mick? He was right. You were right. This is where I belong, so I came back…

Mick Foley: Well that’s great to hear Mickie. I’m glad to hear that you are staying, but surely you could have picked a better time to…


Foley’s eyes nearly pop out of his head, as the venom from Mickie’s voice spews with hatred.

Mickie James: As I said Mick, You were right. Vince… he was right. This is where I belong, so I came back… but you want to know what Mick? I didn’t come alone.

BOOM! Red pyros explode from the each corner of the ring post, and “Hells Guardian” brings Kane out, standing right behind James. She looks up lustfully at the seven-foot monster, whom is now standing just behind her. Mickie then turns her attention back towards the ring, and begins to give an evil smirk towards Foley, who looks on with a bit of fear.

Mickie James: And you want to know what Mick? Vince gave me something else. He gave me this contract. (Mickie pulls out a piece of paper.) And this contract states that Kane here…he gets a shot at the ECW Heavyweight Title any time I want.

Jericho turns to Foley, and asks if this is true. Foley shrugs unknowingly, still bewildered from what is happening. He stares blankly at Mickie James, who begins to give a sick, twisted, evil laugh, before abruptly coming to a halt, and finishing her thought.

Mickie James: And you know what Mick? I want that match…NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW!

Mickie drops the mics, and her and Kane begin to make their way down to the ring. Chris Jericho looks over at Foley in total disbelief. Foley still barely moves, not sure if this is a cruel joke or what. He rolls out of the ring and grabs the piece of paper, to check its credibility. After looking at the piece of paper, and realizing its legit, he has no choice but to ring the bell.

Rating: 91

ECW World Championship: © CJRIS JERICHO vs KANE w/ Mickie James

Chris Jericho looks straight at Mick Foley and asks him what the hell is going on. Kane steps over the top rope and goes right after the distracted champion. He gives a club to the back of the head of Jericho, who falls into the turnbuckle. With the champion cornered, Kane begins to unload on the champion with right hands, with each one finding their mark. Mick Foley cannot stomach to watch, and begins to walk to the back. He walks grasping the contract, and shoulders slumping. However there is life sent right back into the arena, as in the ring Jericho reverses Kane! Jericho grabs the seven-foot monster and hurls him into the corner. Foley turns around, and elects to watch the rest of the match from the entrance stage. In the ring Jericho is feeling it. He explodes with a knife-edge chop to Kane! Wait… Kane no sells the move. Jericho explodes again. Yet again, Kane fells nothing. Jericho explodes with a third chop, this time not only does Kane not sell the move, but he explodes with a shoulder thrust that sends Jericho tumbling backwards. This sends the crowd into an eruption of boos. Mickie James begins to cheer madly on the outside, ignoring a few fans at ringside who are heckling her. Back in the ring, Chris Jericho attempts to pull himself up to his feet but is totally exhausted. The reality of the fact that this is the back end of back-to-back matches is settling in. Jericho pulls himself up to his feet. However once on his feet Kane explodes with shoulder thrust that sends him falling backwards into the corner. Kane stays on the attack. He explodes with an uppercut that catches the Jericho perfectly. Kane grabs Jericho by the arm, and pulls him forward, only to level him with a powerful clothesline. Mickie James orders Kane to finish him. Kane nods and begins to scale to the top rope. Mickie James claps with approval, only to have her expression turn. She can only watch with horror as Chris Jericho explodes up onto his feet, and scales to the top rope, joining Kane on the turnbuckle. Headbutt! Headbutt! Headbutt! Headbutt! Kane is staggering. Jericho is like a rapid animal attacking at every moment. Headbutt! Headbutt! Headbutt! Jericho locks in Kane… SUPERPLEX! SUPERPLEX! SUPERPLEX! The crowd goes nuts as Jericho executes the move on Kane, totally switching the momentum in the match back into his favor.

Chris Jericho explodes up to his feet and gives a throat slash! The fans are going nuts as Chris Jericho is somehow managing to find the strength to make this one final push to retain his newly won ECW Heavyweight Championship. Jericho steps out onto the apron. He pauses as Mickie James begins to give him an ear full. Jericho glares down at her, before firing a trademark snot rocket straight at her. The fans explode, as Mickie James is totally grossed out. Jericho turns his attention back towards Kane. He climbs up the ropes, and mounts himself on the top rope. He balances himself as Kane lays motionless in the ring. Jericho loses his balance! No! It was Mickie James who knocked the feet out from under him! The crowd erupts into a chorus of boos as Mickie falls back down to the apron, and gives that sly smile. Meanwhile Jericho straddles the top turnbuckle, leaning on the top rope. Kane is still motionless. The crowd realizes this match isn’t over, and begins a chant of “Jericho, Jericho, Jericho”. Kane sits up! The crowd stops his chant, and erupts into a loud eruption of boos. Kane is now on his feet and sees Jericho straddling the top turnbuckle. Kane makes an old school D-Von Dudley cross in the air, before charging at Jericho, and delivering a boot to the head! Kane’s size 17 boot catches Jericho right in the temple, and sends him falling off the top rope, and down onto the outside, right at the feet of Mickie James.

Jericho is motionless after this shot to the head. Mickie stands over the ECW Champion, just glaring down at the ECW Champion. She then returns Jericho’s body fluid, and spits right on the body of the motionless Jericho! This draws a ton of heat from the crowd, who already has been on her case all evening. Mickie James grabs Jericho and shoves him into the ring. The ref moves over and tells Mickie to stay out of the match. Mickie swears she did nothing wrong; however the damage is already done. Kane grabs Jericho, and pulls his lifeless body up. TOMBSTONE! Kane spikes Chris Jericho into the canvas, 1-2-3! A New Champion! The crowd erupts into a flurry of boos and jeers as Mickie James rolls into the ring and begins to celebrate madly. The ref hands Kane the ECW World Championship. However Mickie James rips it from his grasp, and begins to embrace it as if it is her own championship. The feed switches to Mick Foley, who has continued to watch all of this from the entrance stage. Mickie James spots him, and climbs up to the middle rope. She raises the ECW Championship high in the air and asks Mick, “How Do Like Me Now… MICK?” Foley just stares blankly, as one of the most celebrated nights in ECW history has turned into nothing more then a travesty. Mickie James continues to celebrate in the ring as medical officials begin to wheel Chris Jericho out on a stretcher. Mickie James takes her spot in the center of the ring with Kane standing directly behind her. She raises the ECW Championship high in the air as the fans begin to hurl empty plastic bottles towards the ring. We fade on this image, the new ECW Champion Kane, and Mickie James standing in the middle of the ring, as the fans voice their displeasure by booing and littering the ring with debris.


Kris’ Thoughts: Not the match I wanted, but due to the circumstances, I say it went over pretty well. Kane coming out of Last Man Standing was always the plan, though I’m not thrilled with having Jericho’s involvement in the match. He’s too big of a star for ECW. Oh well, at least the fans were entertained.

End of the Show.......Good Night Now!
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Show #3, October 6th


'A Swerve That Could Change EVERYTHING'

[- Didn't See This One Coming... DID YA?!?!? -]

-Smackdown opens up to the backstage parking lot where we see a black Lexus pull into the driveway. The door to the car opens, and stepping out from this nice car is none other then the number one contender, Bobby Lashley. He steps out from the car, and sticks his head threw the backdoor window, which was left down. He pulls out his gym bag, but as he turns around he finds the World Champion, King Booker standing in front of him, with the ‘Kings Men’ standing behind the champion.-

King Booker: What did I tell you last week? I told you this is MY KINGDOM. This is my show. Nothing happens here without my approval. You just don’t see to get that though, Lashley. You seem to think this is all your company. You seem to think you have a chance against me this Sunday at No Mercy. Well you don’t, sucka! I am King Booker! I am the World Champion! You are nothing more then peasant offspring!

-Booker spits right in the face of Bobby Lashley. A sudden charge of energy is sent through the arena as Lashley drops the gym bag to the ground, then slowly moves his head back towards the champ. Being a man of few words, Lashley elects to do his damage through a fist, a right one, which connects with the jaw of Booker. This however prompts Finlay to come in from the side with that damn shillelagh and drill Lashley in the side of the face, sending him crashing back into the car door. Regal comes in and drills Lashley in the face as well, sandwiching his face between the car door, and his fist, which are plated with steel knucks. Lashley lies up against the car door, dazed for a moment as the champion rises back to his feet. Booker leaves the camera shot for a moment, only to return with a cinder block! He hurls it at Lashley, smashing it against his face! CRASH! Lashley is sent backwards, flying right through the driver side window and crashing into the front seat of his Lexus!-

Sharmell: BATISTA!!

-The camera pans around to show Batista charging into the picture. The Kingdom rushes away from the scene, leaping into an awaiting car, before speeding off just moments before being caught by Dave Batista. Big Dave watches spitefully as the car speeds away, before rushing back over to the Lexus, and viewing in the front seat Lashley totally motionless covered in blood.-

Dave Batista: Someone get a medic!

-Batista opens up the door, and attempts to help his friend as medics rush onto the scene.-

Rating: 77

Shane O'Mac's Commentary: Man! Lashley better not be hurt. I have spent a lot of money pushing Lashley and Booker for the title this month's event, and since we are one week away from No Mercy, I don't know if I know of anyone who could fill in for him if....oh wait a second. Yes I do. I know of someone! Nevermind, I hope he isn't hurt though.

-We fade back into the arena where Michael Cole and JBL welcome everyone to Smackdown, but admits that is not the way either of them wanted to see Smackdown get started. Cole wonders what Lashley's condition will be for this Sunday's World Title Match against the Kingdom, but JBL isn't as worried, just telling him to "suck it up". Cole turns his attention slightly towards the events later in the night, hyping the main event between John Cena and the ECW Champion, Big Show!-

Matt Hardy vs Jamie Noble


"Mattitude" starts up as he steps out onto the entrance ramp with real life girlfriend, Ashley Massaro. The two acknowledge the crowd’s reaction before making his way down to the ring, where Hardy rolls into the ring. As soon as he does, everyone’s favorite redneck, Jamie Noble charges delivering a clothesline to begin the match. The bell sounds as Noble unloads with stiff kicks to the downed Hardy who refuses to roll back to the outside. Hardy is finally able to grab the leg of Noble and pull it out from under him, sending both men crashing to the canvas, and quickly sprinting up to their feet. They both dive with a clothesline, but it is Hardy to catches the clothesline first dropping Noble. Everyone’s favorite redneck climbs back up to his feet, but is drilled in the side of the head with a right hand from Matt Hardy. A second one! A third one sends Noble back down to the canvas, which allows Hardy to let out a man scream. The camera switches down to Ashley who gives a hand of approval to her man for doing well in the early going of this match.

Hardy scoops up Noble, but Jamie rolls him up 1-2-KICKOUT! Both men sprint up to their feet, and charge one another. Noble learned better from the last exchange and drops Hardy with a drop toehold, as Hardy went for another clothesline. Hardy crashes face first into the canvas, but luckily isn’t that attractive of a man, so screwing up his looks won’t be a factor. Noble however springs up to his feet, and bounces off the ropes, before delivering a sliding baseball kick right into the temple of Matt Hardy, which sends Version 1.0 rolling over and over, before coming to rest right next to the ropes, right in front of Ashley. She leans over the bottom rope and gives verbal encouragement to her man before Noble shoves her away. He pulls Hardy up to his feet, then ducks the wild punch, before dropping him with an old school back drop. Noble climbs up to his feet then gives a double knee drop right to the gut of Hardy, sending Hardy slumping over in pain. Noble climbs to the middle rope, leaps off and drops a leg drop off the middle rope, ala Matt Hardy. Noble rolls Hardy over and makes the cover. 1-2-KICKOUT!. Noble can’t believe it. How was that not a three?

Ashley begins to scream out encouragement towards her man again, but is grabbed in the butt from behind. She spins around to see the ‘grabber’ is none other then WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Gregory Helms. Ashley gives the Champ a stiff shove, which he just responds by giving her a smirk. Hardy climbs up to his feet, and notices the champ at ringside. He begins to scream at Helms, who pays him no mind. He gives a nod, then a wink at Ashley, before once again cracking that cocky smirk. Hardy screams to leave her alone, however is spun around by Noble before being dropped with a belly to belly suplex, which Noble holds the bridge, and holds for a pin. He calls this move the ‘Redneck Rivera’. The ref slides into position, 1-2-3! Noble Wins! He rolls out of the ring and throws his hands up in the air, celebrating a victory over the number one contender for the Cruiserweight Title. Hardy jumps up to his feet and is totally irate, both at the loss and Helms interference. Helms just stands at the top of the entrance ramp, pleased with his work.

WINNER: Jamie Noble

Rating: 78

[-Are You Tough Enough for a Second Go Around-]

-The sounds of someone knocking on a wooden door brings us into the scene where we open up to Teddy Long’s office. Long is pretending to be looking over some papers as Maven Huffman emerges onto the scene, standing beside him.-

Teddy Long: Well if it isn’t Smackdown’s newest superstar, Maven! How’s it hangin playa?

Maven: Awesome! Mr. Long, I couldn’t be happier to be back in the WWE. I want to thank you again for giving me this shot. I promise I won’t let you down.

Teddy Long: I don’t reckon you will let me down, stud. How far you travel is on your shoulders, blue eyes. Not mine. I just supply an avenue to access…

Maven: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So what’s first up for me? A shot at Booker? I mean, I just saw Lashley get creamed. He may not be able to compete this weekend.

Teddy Long: Bobby Lashley is one tough hombre, but even if he isn’t able to compete, why should I give you his spot?

Maven: Ratings. Duh! Look at what Raw did when Jeff Hardy came back, and I am obviously a bigger start then him.

-Maven slaps him on his back, and lets out a chuckle, can’t believing that Long can’t understand his logic.-

Teddy Long: Let me spell this out for you playa. This ain’t Raw. Everything you get on this brand… you earn. I don’t give anything out. I dig the fact you won, Tough Enough, but that doesn’t guarantee you a shot at the title. All that done, was guarantee you a spot on the roster. Now it is up to you to make your own mark on this company. Now, I can’t stay and chat money. I need to go check on the number one contender.

-Long walks off, as Maven is left there with a frustrated expression on his face.-

Rating: 73


Shane O'Mac's Commentary: How cool is Teddy Long? Seriously, he could just read the want ads in the newspaper, and make it sound amazing. If reincarination is true, I hope I come back in my next life as Teddy Long.


The show comes back with Cole and JBL talking about what they saw at the top of the show, and begin to speculate whether or not Bobby Lashley will be able to compete at this Sunday's No Mercy card. Cole says what Booker did was low, where as JBL says that if Lashley is any kind of man, he'll show up no matter what condition he is in!

Joey Mercury vs Paul London

Youth Gone Wild’s theme music starts up as Paul London walks out onto the entrance ramp and down to the ring. He travels this road alone, because his tag team partner, Brian Kendrick is at home dealing with a family illness, which is being told to us by Michael Cole. JBL makes fun of the fact that Kendrick is from an inbred family, and saves postage by sending his mother and sister the same card on Mother’s Day, since they are both one in the same. London slides into the ring, and the lights begin to flash, then Joey Mercury’s theme picks up as he makes his return to Smackdown. The crowd gives him a nice pop, but nothing over the top. Mercury charges down to the ring, before sliding into the ring, ala the old MNM. He climbs up onto the middle rope and does a pose, before taking his place in the corner to let the match begin. Once the bell sounds, the action is underway. Mercury executes a dropkick to London as the two neared center ring. London begins to favor the knee as Mercury goes to work on it, giving a stiff kick or two, before nailing a kick to the grill of London for good measure.

Mercury pulls London onto his feet, then sends him into the ropes. London rebounds and fires with a clothesline, which he climbs through and executes a DDT, ala the Rock. Mercury’s head is spiked into the canvas with the DDT, as the crowd gives a pop over the awesome move. London bounces off the ropes, but as he bounces off the ropes he has his legs pulled out from under him. London springs up onto his feet and turns to see who his attacker is… Maven! London jumps on the bottom rope and begins to scream at Maven, which brings the ref over to tell Maven to scram. They both begin to yell at Maven, who gives the indication that he may interrupt this match. The ref directs his full attention towards Maven, mean while Paul London is spun around, then dropped with a Flatliner. The second attacker is none other then THE MIZ! Miz rolls out of the ring, and joins Maven at ringside. London is out, as Mercury is now on his feet, totally unaware of what just happened. Mercury leaps onto the middle rope and executes a MERCURY RISING (Lionsault). 1-2-3! Joey Mercury wins his return match! The crowd gives off a mixed bag of nuts as Mercury’s hand is raised in victory. Maven and Miz both taunt London, who climbs back up to his feet, and begins to realize what just happened. He gives them a death stare, but both give him smiles of joy and bliss.

WINNER: Joey Mercury

Rating: 65


Shane O'Mac's Commentary: What the heck! The Miz and Maven? When did they become a team? Oh well, I guess now Youth Gone Wild will want a shot at these two, since they cost London a single's match. I'll go ahead and book it.


The show comes back with Cole and JBL talking about what they just witnessed, Maven and The Miz attacking one half of Youth Gone Wild. Cole lets it be known that Paul London has sent out a challenge to Miz and Maven, known as Reality Check, for a match at No Mercy.

Chris Benoit vs Chavo Guerrero


-Chavo’s theme starts up as he steps out onto the entrance ramp and is totally mobbed by boos and jeers. Moments later, Chavo is joined by Mark Henry, who is greeted with a very similar reaction. This reaction doesn’t bother either of the two superstars as they march down the entrance ramp, and take their spot in the middle of the ring. -

CHAVO GUERRERO: Listen up! What happened to me last week was nothing short of a criminal act! I was robbed! I had Chris Benoit right where I wanted. I had him dominated for the entire match! He just got lucky! That’s all! Lucky! So tonight we are going to have a rematch, and I am going to show that what happened last week was a fluke! I am the better wrestler. I am one of the elite wrestlers on Smackdown. I am a GUERRERO!

‘Toothless Aggression’ interrupts Chavo as Chris Benoit marches out onto the entrance ramp. The crowd gives him a loud roar of approval as Benoit marches right down to the entrance ramp and after rolls under the bottom ropes goes right after Chavo with a hard knife edge chop. A second one! Benoit whips Chavo into the ropes. Chavo bounces off the ropes, but Benoit doesn’t wait, instead he charges Chavo and drops him with a clothesline that sends the Guerrero crashing down to the canvas. Benoit explodes in a fit of rage, which draws a massive amount of props from the fans at ringside. The Crippler then unleashes some of his aggression by stomping away at the body of Chavo. If this was Raw, this would be where Jim Ross says that Chris Benoit is stomping a mud hole and walking it dry. Benoit is showing no remorse as he unloads with kick after kick to the body of Chavo Guerrero.

Benoit signals that this match is about to be over with his trademark throat-slashing signal. Benoit steps out onto the apron and climbs up to the top rope. As soon as he climbs up, Chavo Guerrero’s muscle, Mark Henry jumps up onto the apron, which catches the attention of the ref. Henry tries to enter the ring, but the ref stops this from happening. Benoit looks on, but all of a sudden… WACK! Benoit is drilled from the side by KEN KENNEDY with the United States Championship belt. Benoit falls lifelessly off the top rope and crashes into the canvas. Chavo crawls over towards the motionless body of Benoit and covers him up. Henry falls down off the apron, allowing the ref to go back to his job. The ref spots the cover and rolls into position 1-2-3! Chavo steals one! He rolls out of the ring, still not 100% sure what happened. Henry joins him at the bottom of the entrance ramp, as the United States Champion is standing at the top of the entrance ramp, pleased with his work.

WINNER: Chavo Guerrero

Rating: 72

[- The Champion Finally Names his Challenger for No Mercy-]

-Benoit is irate at this point. Mark Henry and Chavo Guerrero back track up the entrance ramp, joining the United States Champion at the top of the entrance ramp.-

Ken Kennedy: Now THAT is the type of stuff I have been looking for out of competition. I have been looking for a moral man such as yourself Chavo to defend this title against. So as the champion of this prestigious belt, I am going to name you the number one contender, and give you a shot at No Mercy!

-Kennedy raises the hand of Guerrero in victory. The crowd erupts into a chorus of boos as Benoit doesn’t look pleased at all with this announcement. However this party is soon interrupted by the unquie face of Teddy Long as he appears on the Titan Tron.-

Teddy Long: Ken Kennedy, I am glad to hear that you feel Chavo Guerrero is worthy of a shot at your championship. So I will honor your request and make the match at No Mercy Ken Kennedy vs Chavo Guerrero for the United States Championship!

-The crowd boos.-

Teddy Long: However, there is another man out there who is just as deserving of a title shot as Chavo Guerrero. He too will get a shot at the United States Championship at No Mercy, in a triple threat match! I hope you feel that playa.

-Kennedy looks shocked as Benoit gives that toothless chuckle of his. Chavo doesn’t appear to be pleased either that his title shot will be a triple threat.-

Rating: 71


Shane O'Mac's Commentary: We see again the reason why Teddy Long is so awesome. Not only did Kennedy get to face the person he wanted, Chavo Guerrero, but Chris Benoit also gets a shot at the United States Championship. Genius!


Cole and JBL welcome back the broadcast by recapping what has already happened tonight. Cole says that he can't wait for the Triple Threat Match at No Mercy, but JBL says that it isn't fair. The Champion should determine who his challengers are, not some damn General Manager. Then Cole lets everyone know that Dave Batista will not be facing Regal and Finlay tonight, because the tag team left the building after their attack on Lashley, and did not return.

Dave Batista vs Tatanka

As JBL refers to him, everyone’s favorite future casino owner Tatanka is in the ring doing his war dance, as his music dies down. “Unleash the Beast” starts up as Dave Batista erupts onto the scene, creating a HUGE reaction from the fans at ringside. Batista forgoes his normal taunt, and just marches straight down to the ring. He isn’t looking like his usefully self, but far more bussiness like. He rolls into the ring as the match sounds. Tatanka believes he will gain an advantage by attacking Batista early, so he charges, but all he really gets is a STIFF clothesline by the former World Champion. Tatanka pulls himself off the canvas, but as soon as he does, Batista scoops him up and drops him with the SPINEBUSTER! Batista climbs to his feet, then gives the thumbs down. He grabs Tatanka’s head and throws it between his legs. BATISTA BOMB! 1-2-3! Easy win for Batista, who barely breaks a sweat. He climbs up to his feet, and has the ref raise his hand in victory, as the crowd is eating it up.

WINNER: Dave Batista

Rating: 63

[- Big Dave Challenges the Kings Men-]

-Batista is still in the ring. He has just lowered his hand, from having it raised in victory. Tatanka is rolling out of the ring as JBL is making another casino crack. Batista just gives a long hard stare for a moment before demanding a mic, a demand he receives.-

Dave Batista: Booker… tonight you crossed the line. Over the past few months, you and this ‘Kingdom’ have done a lot of low things, but attacking Lashley tonight was the final straw! Now my mission is simple. It is no longer to regain the World Championship…. It is to DESTROY the KINGDOM!

-Batista receives a huge pop from the crowd as Batista sells in seriously with his amazing intensity.-

Dave Batista: How do you destroy a Kingdom you ask? Simple, you take away the power from the King. Sure, I could challenge you to a match for this Sunday if Lashley isn’t going to be able to make it, but first off I wouldn’t count out Lashley just yet, and secondly…I’m going to go about this a way that is much more slow… and effective! I am going to take away the one thing you have had going for you during your entire run… YOUR ARMY!

-The place erupts once more, as Batista obviously means the ‘Kings Men’ of William Regal and Fit Finlay-

Dave Batista: Regal! Finlay! I am challenging you two gutless bastards to a match this Sunday at No Mercy… a match you two are familiar with a HANDICAP MATCH!

Rating: 83


Shane O'Mac's Commentary: A handicap match? Has Dave gone crazy? The Kingdom already drove Lashley through a window tonight. What are they going to do when a two on one assault is LEGAL?


Michael Cole totally marks out over Batista challanging the Kings Men to a match at No Mercy, where as JBL questions the logic behind the move. However both quickly turn their attention towards the main event and weigh in on what they think will happen.

Non-Title Main Event Match

Big Show vs John Cena

-‘WELLLLLLLLL IT’S THE BIG SHOW’. The ECW’s Champion’s theme music starts up as Big Show emerges out onto the stage along side ECW Chairman, Paul Heyman. The two are greeted with a loud chorus of boos as they make their way down to the ring. Heyman is given a chant of ‘You Sold Out’, one of which he ignores. The two take their spot in the middle of the ring with Heyman grabbing the stick.-

Paul Heyman: What a show of respect by you Smackdown fans. No wonder this place is playing third string in the company behind Raw and MY ECW brand.

-The crowd erupts into boos.-

Paul Heyman: Quit acting like your opinion matters! Seriously, you people are about as ignorant as….

Word Life!

Its Just A Matter of Thuganomics!

-‘Word Life’ cuts Heyman off in his tracks as the arena is sent straight into bedlam as John Cena explodes out onto the entrance ramp, sporting another throwback, this one a Barry Sanders jersey. Cena marches straight down to the ring, and rolls into the ring goes face to face with Paul Heyman.-

John Cena: Far be it for me to stand up for the same people who boos my ass every chance they get, but who exactly made your ass King of the Day? Since when does your opinion matter to anyone other then a bunch of rabid rednecks from Philly?

Paul Heyman: A bunch of rabid redneck? NEWS FLASH, John Cena. Those ‘rabid rednecks’ in the stands know more about wrestling then you’ll ever know. Every single member of MY ECW can wrestle circles around you… though that isn’t saying much in itself.

John Cena: Funny… another ‘Cena Cant Wrestle’ crack. Go ahead give me another one!

Paul Heyman: John Cena, you couldn’t tell me the difference between an enziguri and a….

John Cena: Could you repeat that last line? I didn’t really get THAT… cause all I heard as your heavy breathin’, and you choking on your neck FAT. Seriously dawg, look at you! I can’t believe how out of shape you GETTIN…yo’ ass been talking for fifteen seconds, and you’re already SWEATIN!

-Heyman looks around, then begins to whip the sweat off his forehead.-

John Cena: Seriously dawg, I’m starting to worry about you. You aren’t exactly the LEANIST…forget trying to see me, when you can’t even see your own PENIS! Now, don’t start dropping tears like Chauncey does THREES…just go tell your seven-foot retard that he can suck on THESE!

Cena tosses a bag of nuts into the air. Heyman reaches to catch them, but as he does Cena explodes with a shot between the legs. Heyman crashes to the canvas, and then rolls out of the ring. The Big Show drills Cena from the side, which prompts Cena to sends a right hand right back at the ECW Champion. Paul Heyman gathers himself on the outside, readjusting his hat and trying to regain his composer. Back inside the ring, Cena and Big Show are exchanging blows. Cena finally wins this battle and after landing three hard punches, he drills a clothesline on Big Show, which sends the Champion tumbling between the top and middle rope and crashing onto the floor below. Cena rips off his Barry Sanders throwback and tosses it into the first row. The crowd who surrounds the jersey begins to tussle over it. Cena screams at Big Show to get up to his feet, which is finally does. Cena then charges, and leaps between the top and middle rope, landing a suicide dive right on top of the Big Show, possibly the first time in history he has executed that move. Both men crash to the matted floor after this move, as the fans give off a loud cheer of respect for the move, typically something they wouldn’t see from Cena.

Both men begin to stir, Cena is the first to rise to his feet. He pulls Big Show up to his feet, and throws him into the ring. Cena goes to re-enter the ring himself, but pauses and looks at Heyman. The ECW Chairman backs off, which allows Cena to enter the ring. Upon entering the ring, Big Show drills Cena with a stiff kick that downs the former WWE Champion. Big Show delivers another kick, before taking aim and dropping an elbow right across the back of John Cena, totally immobilizing the agile superstar. Cena sells the pain after the shot, which gives Big Show time to climb back up to his feet. Big Show places both of his feet on the small of the back of John Cena and stands on Cena, forcing John Cena to reach out and grabs the ropes. The ref tries to get Big Show to break the hold, while Heyman verbally assaults Cena on the outside calling him a pansy and saying he can’t wrestle a lick.

The Big Show finally steps off of Cena, but Heyman continues the verbal assault on Cena. He calls him an Eminem Knock Off, and then looks at Big Show before telling him to finish him. Big Show nods, approving. He grabs Cena by the head and pulls him up to his feet. He grabs him by the throat and lifts him up for a chokeslam, only to see John Cena fall out from the hold, and escape behind Show. Big Show turns around, but this allows John Cena to lift Big Show up for the FU! FU! FU! Big S how is laid out as Cena crawls on top of the five hundred pound monster. The crowd chants along with the refs count… “ONE”, “TWO”, “THREE”. The crowd gives off a loud roar as the bell sounds and ‘Word Life’ starts back up. Cena climbs up to his feet and raises his hand in victory, as Big Show rolls out of the ring and is helped by Paul Heyman back to the back. John Cena stands victoriously in the middle of the ring as the fans cheer him.

WINNER: John Cena

Rating: 66

[-Whacha Gonna Do? When the Dead Man Comes Looking For YOU!-]

Michael Cole: JBL, Cena did it! He defeated in the Big Show in a Extreme Rules match!

JBL: Cena beat the ECW Champion at his own game. Now maybe those white trash rejects will stay off Smackdown for good.

Michael Cole: That is a bit harsh.

JBL: No, Michael Cole that was a lot harsh, but all of it well desereved. The ECW has no place on Smackdown.

Michael Cole: Well you are entitled to your opinion, but there is no opinion about it. Tonight, John Cena made a statement loud and clear that he is going to be…

-Thankfully Michael Cole is cut off as the lights to the arena go off. The arena is pitch black, however only for a moment as a purple light shines down on the ring, and on top of John Cena. John looks up at the stage wearily, however the entire arena is sent into an uproar as the bells begin to toll.-

Michael Cole: JBL! JBL! That’s The Undertaker’s music!

JBL: Good call Cole. I am sure the fans at home needed to be told who’s music that was. After all it is only probably the most famous theme song in the history of the bussiness.

-The crowd goes nuts as Taker’s music plays with Cena looking up at the stage with a bewildered look on his face. All of a sudden a light bolt explodes from the top of the arena, and crashes onto the ring post, sending all four of the ring post exploding pyros from the top of each. They all begin to burn as the lights turn on, and the camera focuses in on Cena’s face which is one of nothing short of fear.-

Michael Cole: John Cena's challenge I believe just got answered!

-Cena looks on in bewilderment and fear as the purple lights continue to fill the arena. The smoke begins to fill into the arena, covering the entrance ramp. Finally when the smoke clears there is a message on Titan Tron...



Oct 6, 2006

-The show fades on the image of John Cena looking up at the Titan Tron, and reading the clear message that the Undertaker is sending.-

Rating: 94

Shane O'Mac's Commentary: Oh my lord! Did John Cena really realize what he was getting into when he challenged the Grim Reaper himself? As the old saying go..."Be Careful What You Wish For", because John, you just got it!

End of Smackdown.......Good Night Now!

Show Rating: 74

TV Rating: 6.10

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IPB Image


-In a bit of surprising news, the main event of No Mercy was altered at the last moment. While 'on screen', the WWE will play Lashley as being injured, the feeling backstage is that most feel that Bobby Lashley wasn't a legit enough threat to the champion to main event a show. Some are questioning this move so close to the show.

-Just who will replace Bobby Lashley in the main event role is still uncertian. Shane O'Mac has kept his replacement very close to the chest, and rumors are running wild as to who it may be. There are some who have speculated that it may be the Rock, Kurt Angle, or even Chris Jericho. Some has speculated that it may be a current wrestler, such as Dave Batista or even someone from Raw like Shawn Michaels. Shane McMahon has told us that the challenger will not be revealed until the night of the pay per view.

WrestlingExposed.Com will have more details as this story developes.

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Wow, that was a great show, and No Mercy really looks like it's coming on well. Personally my favorite storyline is the Benoit/Chavo/Kennedy storyline and I think thats got some major potential. I think you are certainly bringing both Benoit and Kennedy up into the title picture again and it would be sweet to have some King Booker Vs. Benoit matches maybe in the future. I'm not a huge mark for Undertaker generally but I think you are utilising him well.

As for the Challenger for the World Heavyweight Title, I am stumped. Personally, I will cry if it's Maven lol, but I've got a sneaking suspicion that it might indeed be The Rock. The only reason to go against that gut instinct is that i'd be amazed if a wrestler of that calibre comes to the Roster and loses his first match back. I would imagine therefore it to be someone a little less important and I reckon you have purposely avoided that. Maybe Rey Mysterio?

Keep it up!

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World Championship Match: ©King Booker vs ??????

This match was originally suppose to be Booker vs Bobby Lashley, however after seeing Lashley rise to uncontrollable levels over the past few weeks, the King had to protect his kingdom, so he and his army viciously attacked Lashley last week on Smackdown. Lashley is out of action, however Shane McMahon has found a replacement. Who it is has yet to be announced, and Shane McMahon has said he will not reveal Booker’s challenger till the night of the show.

John Cena vs The Undertaker

John Cena has returned to his roots on Smackdown, and returned back to doing what he does best, talking trash and kicking ass. The Doctor of Thuganomics has returned and has made his mission clear, to be the top dawg on Smackdown. In order to achieve this however, he must knock off the biggest dawg in the yard, the man who has called Smackdown his ‘yard’ since the brand’s inception, the Undertaker.

Dave Batista vs The Kings Men

Dave Batista believes he should be the World Champion. In fact many people believe this. He never lost the belt, and had the belt won on two separate occasions before having members of the Kingdom interrupt him moments from winning the belt. Batista has had enough, and wants to gain revenge over the men who have cost him everything. So he will step into the ring against two men, in a one on two handicap match.

United States Championship Match: ©Ken Kennedy vs Chris Benoit vs Chavo Guerrero

Ken Kennedy just wants to be a good champion. He just wants to defend his belt against the best competition in the company today, and he honestly doesn’t believe Chris Benoit deserves a shot. So instead he gave a shot to the man who scored a controversial victory over Chris Benoit, Chavo Guerrero a shot at the United States Championship. Teddy Long agreed to this, only to give Chris Benoit as well a shot at the title. Now if the Champion wants to hold onto his gold, he better hope he is as good as he says he is.

Cruiserweight Championship Match: © Gregory Helms vs Matt Hardy w/ Ashley

Since coming over to Smackdown, Gregory Helms has owned the Cruiserweight division, dominating every single competitor that has challenged him. However this go around things are as personal as ever during his reign as champion, because he has seemed to use Matt Hardy’s girlfriend, Ashley Massaro against the leader of the MF’ers. Matt Hardy has had enough, and feels it is time to fight for what is right. So at No Mercy he will battle for the Cruiserweight Championship, and the respect of the one he loves, Ashley Massaro.

Tag Team Championship Match: ©Youth Gone Wild vs Reality Check

Paul London and Brian Kendrick has been one of the best tag teams that Smackdown has had over its past few years. However that didn’t stop Maven from going right after them after resigning with the company, and bringing along fellow Reality Star, The Miz. The two will team up to try to prove that reality stars can be taken seriously.

The Rock Returns!

His return has been rumored for months, at No Mercy the ‘Great One’ Rocky Miavia will return to the squared circle. What will he have to say in his first speech back in the squared circle?

FREE FOR ALL MATCH: #1 Contender for the CW Title, Joey Mercury vs Jamie Noble

Teddy Long wants to display the cruiserweight division, so this match will feature two of the bigger stars of the division battling it out for the right to face the Cruiserweight Champion, when the returning Joey Mercy takes on everyone’s favorite redneck, Jamie Noble.

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