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I honestly can't be the only one watching this show, can I?

It's already in its fourth season, and thus far both this and the entire series have been absolutely fantastic, top-notch stuff. It's a shame that the fifth will be the last, but hey, at least we got these last two after HBO decided to bring it back.

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Nope. I love this show. I am only on episode one of season four, though. Haven't had the time to catch up on it. But that is what onDemand is for. :D

The writing is one of the best, if not the best on any show. It's the main reason why HBO keeps it around despite really low ratings.

I think a fifth season is enough, to be honest. They really have nothing else to do.

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They can always dedicate the extra seasons to Bodie's rise to power, assuming that doesn't happen in these next two seasons. :P

Anyways, have you heard anything about Avon making a return this season? They've showed Wee Bey in prison, albeit that was because his son's one of the main school kids, but surely Avon can't be too far off, can he?

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