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WWF 2006: The Invasion Part 2

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WWF News and Smackdown Preview!


World Wrestling Federation have signed a 6 month sponsorship deal with Sony Playstation 2, although theres the liklihood they will then sign a new deal for Playstation3, which should be released by then. They have also signed a 5 month deal with Nintendo, which will market their amusingly named new Wii console. They have also inked an 8 month deal with Sports illustrated, which will presumably see them get more coverage in the magazine (And hopefully some of the Diva's in the Swimsuit Edition!). their final new sponsorship is a 6 month deal with Viacom. This is an interesting development as Viacom are the owners of Spike TV, which previosly cancelled their coverage of Smackdown.

Survivor Series aftermath

Official word is Stevie Ray is not going to become a member of the Smackdown roster. His appearance at Survivor Series shocked many but WWF aparantly have no long-term plans to use him, and although he is likely to be used in the short term, there are no plans whatsoever for this to be in an in-ring capacity.

Stevie has links with the WWf as his and Booker T's wrestling school in Houston is officially offiliated with the WWF.

The Bisch is Back!

We may not have seen the last of Eric Bischoff. He recently made a return to WWF television to promote his book, Controversy Creates Cash, but news is that he has signed a new two-year contract. What WWF plan to do with him is unknown at present, but it is a full contract, not a Legends one of the likes of Hulk Hogan etc, so we could be seeing Easy E back on our screens in the not too distant future!

Smackdown Preview! 1st December 2006

The first Smackdown since Survivor Series shoudl be an intresting one. The Animal Batista won't be happy at being cost his chance at the World Heavyweight Title and King Booker and Stevie Ray should be on hand to provide an explanation.

The Undertaker picked up the win at Survivor Series but was the victim of a vicious attack afterwards by the joint forces of Ken Kennedy, MVP and Finlay. The Phenom and brother Kane will be on hand at Smackdown and will not be in cheery moods.

Since his partner Dave Taylor got injured William Regal has been telling us he has recruited a new ally. He has promised that this week on Smackdown he will unveil his new ally to us.

Chavo Guerreo and Chris Benoiut will both also be in the building on Smackdown. After stealing the victory and the US Title last week, Benoit is sure to want some revenge on Chavo.

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