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WWF 2006: The Invasion Part 2


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Vince McMahon sat in the giant leather chair in his office feeling rather pleased with himself. After 6 or so years negotioating and renegotiating, he had managed to fix what he believed was one of the biggest wrongs that had happened to his beloved company. After six years, and endless meetings and court dates, finally he had won back the rights to use the 'WWF' initials. With the World Wildlife Fund now known as The World Wide Fund for Nature everywhere but the U.S., they finally reached an agreement. The panda people would introduce its global name into the U.S., and Vince could finally revert back to the World Wrestling Federation, with the exception of its corporate image, so he decided that would now revert back to the old Titan Sports Inc. After all, the Titantron never did make sense as a name since he changed the company name!

Vince took another sip of his Scotch Whisky as he basked in the glory of his triumph. In the wake of righting this wrong, he started to think of other wrongs in recent years. He had been thinking how everything had really been on the decline for the company for the last few years. Of COurse he was too proud to admit this, but he knew it himself, since the heyday of the late nineties, since the millenium rolled around things had steadily been on a downwarr slope. He sat there for a couple of hours thinking about what had happened. At the end of it he had two main things in his head that he believed caused this. One of them he had just corrected, the whole name change thing had been a commercial disaster overall for the company. He could be risking doubling the problem with changing the name again, but it was doubtful, 75% of people still recognized it more as WWF than 'E' anyway.

the other thing had the bigger impact. It started in March 2001. What at the time Vince had seen as his greatest victory turned out to be what he believed had sent his company into a downward spireal since. It was March 2001 when Vince finally achieved his dream of overcoming and killing off the opposition. It was March 2001 when he bought out WCW!

This had given him the opportunity to create the single most talked about 'fantasy match' in the history of wrestling, WWF vs WCW. It had been talked about, or at least thought about, by every wrestling fan for years. Of course, no-one ever thought that iy woudl happen, but now Vince owned them both it could. Only problem was that what could have been the greatest storyline in the history of wrestling turned out to be... well, not!

Vince knew exactly why as well. Again he would never admit it to anyone but himself, but it was down to him massaging his own ego. He had beaten the competition and then he decided to rub their face in it by having his WWF destroy WCW with relative ease on television and PPV. Sure he enjoyed it, which was good enough for him at the time, but looking back he could see why it hadn't worked for the fans. After years of 'what if...' he had took the ultimate angle and threw it down the drain just to make himself feel good. Vince eventually fell asleep as he sat there with all this running thought his mind. If only he could go back. if only he could fix what he had ruined. But it was too late. It was too late...

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Never too late...

The sudden loud noise of the phone ringing startled Vince as it woke him from his slumber. He took a few seconds to orientate himself as to where he was before he picked up the phone.

Vince:"Err, Vince McMahon."

"Did you fall asleep in the office again?"

Vince:"Oh, hi Linda. Yeah i did sorry, i was just thinking about stuff and i dozed off."

Linda:"What were you thinking about? The name change is a done deal Vince, theres no need to worry anymore."

Vince:"No, it was something else, but it doesn't matter, its too..."

Linda:"Vince? Are you there? It's too what? Whats Too what?!"

Vince:"It's not too late! Well, it is to fix what's done, but whats to stop us redoing it? And doing it right?! Linda I gotta go, love you."

Linda:"Vince what are you going on about? Vince...? VINCE?!"

It had hit Vince's brain so suddenly he hadn't got it straight in his own head yet, but what was to stop him? He had fucked it up so royally the first time around, but why couldn't he try again? There had always been that kinda unwritten rule in wrestling anyway, the 7 year grace period. Sure this was only six but close enough. And what did he have to lose, the company wasnt exactly going anywhere at the moment anyway, and if he did it right this time around, he would have the biggest angle in wrestling history.

Vince picked up the phone and spoke to his secretary; "Sophie, call all the writers, Smackdown, Raw, everyone, tell them there is going to be a meeting at 1pm today."

Sophie:"OK Vince, what's the meeting?"

Vince:"We are bringing back WCW!"

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Vince sat at the head of the table, surrounded by Brian Gerwitz, Chris DeJosephs, Court Bauer, Dave Lagana, Dusty Rhodes, Michael Hayes, Tom Chehak, Paul Heyman and Shane and Stephanie McMahon.

Heyman:"Vince, is what Sophie told us ont he phone right? Are you seriously going to bring back WCW?!"

Steph:"Yeah dad, is this a joke?"


Shane:"So where the hell has this come from?"

Vince:"Back in 2001 when we bought out WCW, we had the opportunity to run the most talked about 'fantasy' storyline there ever was, but for various reasons we screwed it up."

Shane:"you mean though you making WCW look like some weak backyard fed in the storyline to boost yuor own ego!"


Shane:"We all know its true, no point sugar-coating it!"

Vince"Enough you two! Ok I admit it Shane, that was PARTLY why the stroyline bombed, but whats to say we can't give it another shot?"

Heyman:"The fans wont buy it, WCW suddenly just rising from the ashes!"

Gerwitz:"Erm, ECW is doing ok?!"

Heyman:"That's totally different, ECW was..."

Vince:"A smaller, less popular federation than WCW!"

Heyman:"Thats not fair, ECDub had a cult-like following!"

Steph:"Most of whom don't like our new 'ECWWE' anyway!"

Rhodes:"Oh yar, congrat'lations on winning back thar name Mstah Mac'mahon"

Vince:"Thanks Dusty. With the name back to WWF this is a new start for us. To move forward and get out of this slump we find ourselves in. and i see redoing the Invasion storyline properly as the way to kick it off!"

Shane:(Mumbling)"It wont work."

Vince:"What was that?"

Shane:"I said it wont work."

Steph:"Way to be enthusiatic bro!"

Shane:"Just cos i have an opinion of my own. I notice your very quiet without Paul whispering in your ear! Where is he anyway?"

Steph:"he's in New York for the taping. And what do you mean whispering in my ear?!"

Shane:"Oh come on..."

Vince:"Can't you two stop arguing for two minutes?! Shane, why do you say it wont work?"

Shane:"Same reason as before, because you will push the WWF and just squash WCW just like before."

Vince:"No i won't, I'll..."

Hayes:"He has a point Vince, be honest. you and i both know that however good for business it might be, you coudl never bring yourself to legitimately push the WCW brand!"

Vince:"I've been in this business long enough PS, I've spent years pushing people that i didn't like, because they made me money!"

Shane:"Yeah poeple dad, people who you employed. WCW for years was the thing you most hated. And you proved Michael's point the first time around, the Invasion angle would have been gold, but you couldn't bring yourself to push WCW at all so it ened up looking like Hulk Hogan vs Barry Horowitz!"

Vince:"So do you all think this idea is doomed?"


Rhodes:"''Fraid so sirr"

Shane:"Give Steph a minute to phone Paul before she gives 'her' opinion!"

Steph:"Shut up Shane!"

Gerwitz:"I do have one suggestion Mr McMahon, but i don't think you'll like it."

Vince:"Well, let's hear it?"

Gerwitz:"Well, i think we are pretty much in agreement, even yourself if you admit it, that you cant bring yourself to legit push WCW. But if we consider it i think we would all agree that redoing the angle does have the potential to work done right."

Bauer:"Yeah yeah yeah, get to the point!"

Gerwitz:"Well, if you can't bring yourself to push it, then give it to someone who can!"

Vince:"You mean leave the writing to someone else?"

Gerwitz:"No, don't just let them ride, give them the keys to it. Full control over the booking for the WCW side of things!"

Shane:"That could work. But who would be given the riegns?"

Gerwitz:"Err, this is the bit you aren't going to like..."

Vince:"Please don't say who i think you're going to...!"

Gerwitz:"Eric Bischoff"


Gerwitz:"Wait! Just think about it! Eric Bischoff is more WCW than anyone. If you want this to work then realistically he is the only person the fans will accept as the figurehead for them. Second, you hate Bischoff more than anyone right? If you leave the WCW side to him, while you run the WWF side, effectively the war will be back on, and that's what brings out the best in you Vince."

Shane:"You know what, i agree with Brian."


Shane:"Think about it, when was the last time we were really on a high? The late 90's, when we had to put on money shows because we were competing with WCW. Since we killed off the competition, we've let it slide, we've lost the passion because we've had no incentice to drive us. Now TNA are coming up on the rails and by the time they reach us we will have forgot how to fight."

Gerwitz:"Exactly! This way we bring the fight to ourselves. Hand the WCW bookin over in its entirety to Eric, let him run it seperately. Let WCW compete with WWF. You'll be able to book pro WWF and anti WCW just like beofre, but he'll be booking WCW for success, so its an even playing field."

Shane:"think about it dad, the chance to fight with WCW will bring your passion back, and best of all, whatever the outcome, this time all the money go's in our pockets.

Vince:"Ok, you've convinced me, we'll let Bischoff handle WCW. i'm going to enjoy running him into the ground again! Shane, go tell Sophie to set up a meeting with Eric."

~fade out~

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IPB Image

Get The 'F' Back In!!

Vince McMahon has today issued a statement confirming that after sxi years of lenghty court hearings and negotiations that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) would be reverting to it's only name of World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

The name change originally came about due to losing a court case with the World Wildlife Fund over the WWF initials. they had previously had a deal where the World Wrestling Federation could use them within the United States but this had been breached with their global expansion in the late 80's/early 90's. The world Wildlife Fund has however been known by the name World Wide Fund for Nature every but the US and Canada in recent years and the companies have now made a new settlement in which the Fund will use the initials WWFN whilst the McMahon company will now go back to the WWF initials. They Have also unveiled a new logo they will be using as of 1st December 2006.

IPB Image

The settlement does not allow the Mcmahons to use the initials for the corporate identity however, and this will aparently be switched back to the previous Titan Sports Inc. The other divisions of the company, such as WWE films will now go under Titan Entertainment
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"Are you Serious?! You are really going to give me free reign to run everything exactly how i wish?!"

Vince:"It's no joke Eric, that is the offer. Now are you going to take it or not?"

Bischoff:"Hell yeah I am. I'm really gonna have total control?"

Vince:"For the last time yes! I wont interfere with your booking of the WCW side of the angle, and you have nothing to do with the WWF side. Brian Gerwitz will be the go-between to tweak our stuff and make sure it all ties in."

Bischoff:"So what's the catch?"

Vince:"No catch."

Bischoff:"Bullshit Vince! We both know you hate my guts, why the hell would you give me power to book a huge angle with total control with no catch?!"

Vince:"There really is no catch. look, I'll be honest with you, it was pointed out to me yesterday and i realise its true. Competition brings out the best in me. Since i ran you and WCW out of business I had no competiton. This way I get that competiton back."

Bischoff:"So, a real war only internally eh? So, you ready for round two Vince?!"

Vince:"Bring it on!"

Vince and Bischoff shake hands before Eric leans forward and signs the contract on the desk in front of him.

December 2006 - The Invasion is back on!

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Just a few notes before we get into this;

The only reason the name has been changed back to WWF is just because i like it better, i've never liked the whole WWE thing. Why they didn't just change it to WWFE at the time i dont know, since that was the corporate name at the time anyway, wouldve been a lot better, but hey!


The Diary will start on 1st December 2006. I was planning to start from the date real time (2nd November) but when i started the game that was the date it started on for some reason?! So anyway, i will just make up the results for the month leading up to the start of the game and post them in an update before we get properly into it.


The era i was really into wrestling was from the early 90's (92,93) until around 2003/03 (with a gap around the shite 'new generation' era of 96-early 97). Since then i've kept myself up to date on the internet etc but it isnt very often i actually watch the WWF anymore. With this in mind, there are a few people in the WWF now who i dont really know much about. So i am just apologizing in advance for when i job out somebodies favourite prospect to an ageing star from 1998! but hey, its my diary so there!


I think thats all for now. well, to be honest i've got that feeling im sure thre is something else i meant 2 mention, but i cant think of it. oh well, thats what the edie function is for i guess!

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01 December 2006 - State Of The Business (Part 1)


World Wrestling Federation

Based - America

Size - Global

PI- 60%

Risk - 65%

Production - 100%

Merchandising - 100%

Advertising - 100%

Top 5 Faces -

Triple H

The Undertaker


Shawn Michaels

John Cena

Top 5 Heels -

Vince McMahon

King Booker


Big Show

Randy Orton

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling

Based - America

Size - National

PI- 85%

Risk - 65%

Production - 80%

Top 5 Stars -

Kurt Angle


Kevin Nash

Jeff Jarrett

Scott Steiner

Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion

Based - Mexico

Size - Cult

PI- 35%

Risk - 65%

Production - 60%

Top 5 Stars -


Juventud Guerrera

Sean Waltman


Ron Killings

Combat Zone Wrestling

Based - America

Size - Cult

PI- 57%

Risk - 96%

Production - 60%

Top 5 Stars -

The Messiah

John Zandig

Nick Gage

Super Dragon

Chris Hero

Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre

Based - Mexico

Size - Cult

PI- 50%

Risk - 60%

Production - 60%

Top 5 Stars -

L.A. Par-K

El Hijo Del Santo

Kenzo Suzuki

Mark Jindrak

Dr. Wagner Jr.

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla

Based - America

Size - Cult

PI- 10%

Risk - 55%

Production - 60%

Top 5 Stars -

AJ Styles

Christopher Daniels

Chris Sabin

Alex Shelley

Bryan Danielson

Ring Of Honor

Based - America

Size - Cult

PI- 65%

Risk - 55%

Production - 60%

Top 5 Stars -

Samoa Joe

Christopher Daniels

Jim Cornette

Alex Shelley

Bryan Danielson

Other Promotions


Border City Wresling 31%

Chaotic Wrestling 28%

CWF Mid Atlantic 10%

East Coast Wrestling Association 45%

Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling 15%

Full Impact Pro 11%

Heartland Wrestling Association 78%

International Wrestling Cartel 66%

International Wrestling Syndicate 37%

IWA East Coast 15%

IWA Mid-South - 85%

IWA Puerto Rico 53%

Jersey All Pro Wrestling 69%

New York Wrestling Connection 20%

NWA Anarchy 57%

NWA Great Championship Wrestling 25%

NWA Pro Wrestling Express 13%

NWA Showckwave 20%

Pro Wrestling Unplugged 35%

Pro Wrestling World-1 10%

Shimmer Women Athletes 5%

Stampede Wrestling 20%

Ultimate Pro Wrestling 75%

UWA Hardcore Wrestling 25%

World Wrestling Council 47%

World Xteme Wrestling 23%



World League Wrestling 75%

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I'm not quite sure what it is about this diary but I really like the idea of it.

Heyman vs. Vince vs. Bischoff could be a really awesome diary to read and hopefully you can back the exciting concept with your writing.

Good luck sir. May you do this concept justice.

You have a reader.

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01 December 2006 - State of The Business (part two)

IPB Image

World Wrestling Federation Roster

Faces - Heels - Tweeners

IPB Image

WWE Heavyweight Champion - John Cena

WWE Intercontinental - Jeff Hardy

World Tag Team - The Spirit Squad (any 2 members)

WWE Womens - Mickie James

main eventers

Edge 92%

John Cena 95%

Randy Orton 91%

Shawn Michaels 96%

Triple H 98%

upper midcarders

Ric Flair 93%


Carlito 78%

Chris Masters 70%

Jeff Hardy 79%

Johnny Nitro 75%

Kenny 68%

Mickie James 74%

Mikey 62%

Rob Conway 65%

Shelton Benjamin 80%

Snitsky 75%

Umaga 65%

lower midcarders

Charlie Haas 72%

Eugene 66%

Johnny 60%

JTG 20%

Lance Cade 65%

Mitch 60%

Nicky 60%

Robbie McAllister 50%

Rory McAllister 50%

Shad 20%

Super Crazy 68%

Trevor Murdoch 60%

Val Venis 60%

Victoria 68%

Viscera 65%


Jim Duggan 70%


Eric Bischoff 88%

Jerry Lawler 76%

Jonathan Coachman 60%

Maria 50%

Shane McMahon 90%

Vince McMahon 92%


Armando Alejandro Estrada 50% (Umaga)

Candice Michelle 40%

Lita 83% (Edge)

Melina 75% (Johnny Nitro)

Torrie Wilson 75%

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

Cryme Tyme (Shad & JTG)

D-Generation X (Shawn Michaels & Triple H)

Charlie Haas & Viscera

The Highlanders (Robbie & Rory McAllister)

Edge & Randy Orton

The Spirit Squad (Kenny,Mikey,Johnny,Nicky,Mitch)

IPB Image

World Heavyweight Champion - King Booker

WWE United States - Chros Benoit

WWE Tag Team - Paul London & Brian Kendrick

WWE Cruiserweight - Gregory Helms

main eventer

Batista 96%

King Booker 95%

The Undertaker 97%

upper midcarders

Chris Benoit 90%

Kane 90%


Brian Kendrick 70%

Chavo Guerrero 75%

Finlay 75%

Gregory Helms 71%

Ken Kennedy 70%

Lashley 75%

Matt Hardy 74%

Paul London 72%

William Regal 78%

lower midcarders

Idol Stevens 35%

Jamie Noble 62%

Jillian Hall 45%

Jimmy Wang Yang 50%

KC James 39%

Montel Montavious Porter 30%

Scotty 2 Hotty 65%

Sylvan 65%

Tatanka 60%

The Boogeyman 71%

Vito 69%

Funaki 63%


Kristal Marshall 40%

Layla El 40%

Mike "The Mix" Mizanin 31%

non wrestlers

John 'Bradshaw' Layfield 90%

Theodore Long 75%


Ashley 55% (London & Kendrick)

Little Basterd 50% (Finlay)

Michelle McCool 45% (James & Stevens)

Queen Sharmell 58% (King Booker)

Vickie Guerrero 53% (Chavo)

active teams

Brian Kendrick & Paul London

William Regal & Dave Taylor

Scotty 2 Hotty & Funaki

KC James & Idol Stevens

IPB Image

ECW Heavyweight - The Big Show

main eventers

Big Show 91%

Rob Van Dam 90%


CM Punk 66%

Sabu 78%

Sylvester Terkay50%

The Great Khali 70%

The Sandman 77%

Tommy Dreamer 70%

Test 65%

lower midcarders

Balls Mahoney 58%

Danny Doring 58%

Derrick Neikirk 25%

Doug Basham 65%

Elijah Burke 25%

Hardcore Holly 72%

Kevin Thorn 30%

Little Guido 61%

Mike Knox 50%

Rene Dupree 64%

Rodney Mack 45%

Shannon Moore 54%

Stevie Richards 59%

Tony Mamaluke 35%

CW Anderson 60%


Matt Striker 56%

Al Snow 64%

non wrestlers

Rebecca DiPietro 10%

Paul Heyman 82%


Ariel 30% (Kevin Thorn)

Francine 59% (Balls Mahoney)

Daivari 65% (Khali)

Kelly Kelly 50% (Mike Knox)

Trinity 55% (FBI)

active teams

Elijah Burke & Sylvester Terkay

Daivari & Great Khali

Tommy Dreamer & Sandman

Riot Guards (Doug Basham, Derrick Neikirk)

The F.B.I (Little Guido, Tony Mamaluke, Trinity)

Heyman's Security (Paul Heyman, The Riot Guards, Test)


inactive talent

Big Guido 50% (Injured, out 2-3 Months)

Danny Basham 64% (Injured, out 3-4 months)

Dave Taylor 44% (Injured, out 4 months)

Mark Henry 70% (Injured, out 4-5 months)

Mick Foley91% (Nt being used)

Rey Mysterio 88% (Undergone Surgery, out 5 months)

Terry Funk 80% (Injured, out for 1-2 months)

Stephanie McMahon 85% (Maternity Leave)


The WWF currently have the following people on Legends contracts, meaning they may make appearance now and again (Usually when theres some product to promote!)

Bam Bam Bigelow

Bob Orton

Dusty Rhodes (Also on booking team)

Hulk Hogan

Jake Roberts


Mike 'IRS' Rotundo


Paul Bearer

Roddy Piper

Steve Austin




Currently assigned to Ohio Valley/Deep South

Afa Anoia Jr.

Angel Williams

Beth Pheonix

Brad Armstrong

Braddock (Formerly Roadkill)

Bradley Jay

Brett Majors

Brian Majors

Brooke Adams


Chet The Jet

Chris Rombola

Chuck Palumbo

Cody Runnels

Damien Steele

Daniel Rodimer

Danny Giamundo

David Heath (Gangrel)

Deuce Shade

Dice Domino

Drew Hankinson

Eddie Colon

Eric Perez

Harry Smith

2 Cold Scorpio

Jack Bull

Jacob Duncan

Jake Gymini

Jesse Gymini


Joey Mercury

Justice Smith

Kenny Omega

Kevin Matthews

Krissy Vaine

Marty Jannetty

Maryse Oullett

Mason Raige

Mike Bucci (Nova)

Mike Kruel

Mike Taylor

Matt Cappotelli (Inactive but still under contract)


Oleg Prudius

Ryan Reeves

Paul Burchill

Seth Skyfire

Shantelle Taylor

Shawn Osborne

Shawn Spears

Sonny Siaki

Steve Lewington

Terry Ray Gordy

Tommy Suede

Tony Santorelli

Tracy Taylor

My first feedback already, wow!

thanks Doughnut, i hope i can do the concept justice. its an idea i had since the original invasion was a real letdown for me. hopefully i can pull it off better than they did!

Busy weekend ahead but i'll try and get some done! State of the business part 3 shoudl be up tomoroow (that will be the update on whats been going on over the past month between real time and the diary start time) so then i can get this started propery!

Edited by fkndka
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yes mc88 that is correct. in the beginning it will not be as we are going stright from real-time, but eventually it will replace the brand split.

i've decided to leave the update for the last month until monday so i can use the real results from Cyber Sunday, and then just make up the rest of the month up until 1st December.

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01 December 2006 - The State of The Industry (part three)

Recent results

IPB Image

5th November brought us the Raw only PPV Cyber Sunday, heres how it went down;

IPB Image

Umaga kept up his undefeated streak by once again defeating Kane, who he had already beaten in the 'Loser Leaves Raw' match sending Kane to Smackdown!

IPB Image

Cryme Tyme won a four way tag match against The Highlanders, Cade & Murdoch and Viscera and Charlie Haas. They also continued their stealing spree, this time taking Jerry Lawler's laptop.

IPB Image

Jeff Hardy retained his Intercontinental Title overcoming Carlito.

IPB Image

Edge and Randy Orton beat D-Generation X thanks to guest referee Eric Bischoff turining a blind eye to their use of a steel chair. This was DX's first defeat since their reformation.

IPB Image

Lita defeated Mickie James in the final of the tournement for the vacant Womens Championship, with a little help from the lumberjills.

IPB Image

The Spirit Squad finally lost the Tag Team Titles to the 'legends' team of Ric Flair and a severely out of shape Roddy Piper. Afterwards Sgt. Slaughter and Dusty Rhodes joined them in celebrating and seeing off the Squad.

IPB Image

King Booker reigned supreme as he won the Champion of Champions match, which earlier it had been voted would be for his World Heavyweight Title. He picked up the win after Kevin Federline attacked John Cena.

IPB Image


IPB Image

6th November 2006

The following night on Raw, Edge and Randy Orton opened the show by coming out and gloating about their victory at Cyber Sunday. They then brought out Eric Bischoff, who revealed that thanks to his 'impressive job' as referee the night before, Vince McMahon had reinstated him as Raw GM for one night only.

Bischoff decided to Give John Cena the night off and banned DX from the building. He then went about rewarding certain superstars for past loyalty before he was interupted by the new Tag Team Champions, Ric Flair and Roddy Piper. For this interruption, Bischoff gave them a 'reward' of their own; a no DQ match in the main event against Edge andf Orton for the titles. And he would be the referee.

One superstar Bischoff rewarded was Johnny Nitro who was given a shot at Jeff Hardy and the IC Title. Thanks to Melina's interference, Nitro was disqualified. That was however until Bischoff restarted the match under no-DQ rules. After more now legal interference from Melina and one smash with the IC belt later, Nitro walked out once again the IC champ.

Next we got the continuation of the boring celebrity storyline as Mr. Britney Spears challenged John Cena to a match on January 1st.

Next up Eugene and 'Hacksaw' Jim Duggan took on the Spirit Squad (Kenny & Johnny) with the stipulation that the losing team must split up. Johnny pinned Duggan to keep the Squad alive. After the match Eugene snapped and attacked Duggan with his own 2x4.

As her 'reward' for her hand in his firing last December, Bischoff forced Maria into a match against Umaga. Umaga gave her a Samoan Drop and Butt Smash, but as he was about to deliver the Samoan Spike he was stopped by John Cena. Umaga wanted to get at Cena, but Alejandro Estrada dragged him off. cena then accepted K-Fed's challenge, and gave Todd Grisham an FU just for the hell of it.

Jim Ross was punished for his comments about Bischoff by being announced as the opponent for Chris Masters, however Jerry Lawler stood up for him and ended up in the match instead, whilst handcuffed to the ropes. Of course he was then soundly beaten by Masters.

Shelton Benjamin took on Carlito next after earlier complaining that Carlito won the vote at Cyber Sunday to face Jeff Hardy. Carlito picked up the win after Shelton was distracted by Cryme Tyme, who stole his shirt and chain from ringside.

The next match of the night saw Lita defend her newly won Womens Title against defeated finalist Mickie James. As one of the superstars being rewarded however, Lita added the stipulation that Mickie had tyo have one arm tied behind her back. This made her easy prey for Lita to pick up her first victorious defence.

In the Main Event, Flair and Piper defended their Tag titles against Edge and Randy Orton in a no DQ match. Referee Eric Bischoff clearly refereed in Edge and Orton's favour with fast counts and whatnot, but it was the no-DQ rule that was his own undoing. Bischoff was knocked down by Flair, and this brought out DX. As Orton was about to hit the RKO he instead tasted some Sweet Chin Music from HBK. Referee Mike Chioda then ran in to record the pinfall.

That wasnt the end however, as DX broguht out some fat stripper guy by the name of Big Dick Johnson. Long story short, they shoved Bischoff's face into his ass.

IPB Image



IPB Image

Tuesday 7th November 2006

On this show CM Punk beat Mike Knox and Tommy Dreamer beat Test, both earning themselves places in the Extreme Elimination Chamber match at December To Dismember, joining Big Show, RVD and Sabu already in the match.

The Great Khali began his path of destruction in ECW when he interrupted a match between Shannon Moore and Rodney Mack, destroying both of them with Giant Bomb's.

The Sandman was also in action in this weeks Extreme Rules match against Hardcore Holly. The match saw weapons galore but in the end it was a shot from Sandy's trusty singapore cane that delivered the victory for the ECW original.

Paul Heyman reavealed that next week he will be making an announcement regarding the final place in spot in the Extreme Elimination Chamber. He also had something in store for nemesis Rob Van Dam, as he announced the nights main event would see RVD taking on both members of heymans security, Doug Basham and Derrick Neikirk (Who has replaced the injured Danny Basham).

RVD put in a good effort and seemed up to matching the uneven numbers. He managed to hit the Five-Star From Splash on Neikirk which then saw him roll out of the ring. With the numbers evened up RVD went to work on Basham. Van Dam looked on the course for victory when, for the first time in a while, we saw him hit the Van Daminator on Basham. As he went for the pin however the referee was pulled out the ring by Heyman. RVD got up to see what was going on to run straight into a boot from The Big Show. Basham and Neikirk recovered enough to drag a table into the ring. They set it up and Show proceeded to plant RVD with a devastating chokeslam through the wood.

IPB Image

The show went off air with Heyman, The Champ and the Security standing tall over RVD in the ring.


IPB Image

Friday 10th November 2006

King Booker declared that today would be a national holiday in celebration of him winning the Champion of Champions match at Cyber Sunday. His celebrations were interrupted by Batista who challenged him to a match later on.

MVP and Ken Kennedy were not happy men after their defeat to the Brothers of Destruction last week and made sure everybody knew about it. Before long Theodore Long had heard enough so he decided to give them a chance to redeem themselves in one-on-one matches.

First up was MVP who took on The Undertaker. Despite his reluctance to get in the ring with the phenom, he went on to put up a decent fight, but in the end fell to a tombstone and the 123.

Tatanka was in action as he took on Vito. Vito kept upo his impressive run since donning the dress as he picked up the win via a DQ when Tatanka blatantly used a steel chair in front of the referee. Tatanka continued to Brutalize Vito with the steel until Lashley ran him off.

William Regal was on Smackdown and talked about the injury to his partner Dave Taylor. He told us that Taylor would not be in action for about five months, but that soon he would introduce another friend to help him with his plan to dominate the tag division. Regal then went on tho beat Jimmy Wang Yang with his patented Power of the Punch.

It was the Kennedy's turn to try and redeem himself as he took on Kane in singles action. Kennedy however seemed to be going the same was as MVP did earlier as Kane set him up for a chokslam. Kennedy managed to hit a low blow and throw Kane off, who knocked down the referee in the process. This brought out MVp and they proceeded to unload on Kane. It was not to be thier night however as the Undertaker came flying down the aisle to his brothers aid. Together they fought off their adversaries before delivering stereo chokeslams. The referee came round to count the pin and for the second week running the Brothers of Destruction stood tall.

IPB Image

The main event of the night saw Champion of Champions King Booker defending his honour of his kingodm against Batista, who dared to interrupt his celebration earlier. With no title on the line Booker could afford to be slightly reckless, and numerous times took to the air. This would be his undoing as a missed axe kick from the top left him open to a huge spine buster from 'Tista. Batista signalled for the Batista Bomb and the fans got to their feet. As he was about to make his was towards the King howver he was stopped, as his ankle was caught. He turned around to see the Little Bastard from under the apron holding on to his ankle. Batista jumped out the ring and gave chase to Bastard who ran around the ring, however he ran stright into a shot from Finaly and his shillelagh, as he had crawled out from the other side of the ring. The referee immediately called for the DQ as Finlay continued to lay a beating on the Animal. Booked cared little, as the Champion of Champions clelebrated in the ring as the show went off the air.

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IPB Image

Monday 13th November 2006

Raw opened with Vince McMahon coming to the ring. he said just like every other time, Eric Bischoff screwed it up. After one night of success at Cyber Sunday, last week on Raw he had let DX get the better of him and now everything was back to square one. He said that tonight Dx would face Edge and Randy Orton again and this time he would be the referee.

Vince also announced that he was not happy with having a couple of geriatrics as RAW Tag Team Champions, so tonight The Spirit Squad would also get a rematch. This caused more problems for the Squad as they squabbled about who would fight in the match. In the end they pulled straws and it was decided that Mikey and Mitch would be the ones to compete. Kenny complained still that it should be him, as he is the only proven winner amongst the group.

Cryme Tyme were in action as they took on Cade & Murdoch. Shad & JTG picked up the victory following a G9, but they failed to notice as, seeking revenge for last week, Shelton Benjamin snook down to ringside and stole their gear.

Eugene made his way down to the ring next looking very different. He was dressed smartly in suit trousers and a shirt and had his beatly tied back. He got on the mic and, talking normally, told us he was sick and tired of the bullshit. His name isn't Eugene and he isn't retarded. His name is Nick Dinsmore. the whole Eugene thing was a gimmick thought up by Eric Bischoff. Bischoff told him it'd get him over and bring him success, but all it's done is turn him into a laughing stock and a loser, teaming with has beens like Jim Duggan and he's sick and tired of it. So now he is 'No Frills' Nick Dinsmore, take it or leave it.

Former IC Champ Jeff Hardy was in action next taking on Shelton Benjamin. Whilst the match went on, we see footage of the locker rooms where Cryme Tyme steal back their stuff, and also take Shelton's bag. Seeing this on the Titantron Shelton deserts the match and heads to the back, resulting in a count out victory for Jeff.

We had womens action next as Mickie James took on Victoria. Victoria picked up the victory after Lita appeared and distracted Mickie costing her the match.

Super Crazy didn't have this in mind when he switched to RAW, he had the unenviable task of facing Umaga next. he put up a valiant effort but he Samoan Bulldozer kept up his undefeated streak followng a Samoan Spike.

The Tag Titles were on the line as Mikey and Mitch took on Piper and Flair to try and regain the titles for the Squad. More problems were ahead for the Squad however as they lost following mistimed interference from Kenny. He went to trip Flair when he thought the referee wasn't looking, but the referee turned just in time and saw the interference. the rest of The Squad then gave Kenny a piece of their mind for the so-called 'winner' costing them the match.

in the main event we had a rematch from Cyber Sunday as Edge and Randy Orton took on Triple H and Shawn Michaels, onyl this time Vince McMahon was the referee. Again the refereeing was totally biased towards Edge and Orton, but DX held their own. Dx had the match won after tehy had disposed of Orton to the outside and HBK hit Edge with the Sweet Chin Music, however Vince refused to make the count at all. Knowing they would not be able to win the match, DX thought sod it and instead decided to beat up on Vince. Michaels hopped up and hit Vince with the Chin Music, before HHH picked him up and planted him with a pedigree.

raw went off the air with DX once again standing dominant over Vince.


IPB Image

Tuesday 14th November

Paul Heyman opened the show with the announcement he promised last week regarding the final place in the Extreme Elimination Chamber for December To Dismember. he told us that at the Survivor Series on November 26 there would be a 10-man battle royal with the winner getting the final spot in the chamber. He said there was a form on his office door to sign for a place, first come, first serve.

Tag Team action started the show as The F.B.I. faced Elijah Burke and Sylvester Terkay, making their first appearance in ECW. Burke and Terkay picked up the victory when Tony Mamaluke taped out to Terkay's Keylock submission.

Rob Van Dam made his way out next and said he was sick of the sneak attacks, and that if Big Show wanted him he should come and get him. This brought out Paul Heyman again, who said that since RVD asked for it he woudl get it. He told RVD to find himself two partners, as later he would face Big Show and the Security.

Kevin Thorn was in action as he took on Danny Doring. After a distraction from Ariel, Thorn hit the Crucifx to pick up the victory.

Kelly Kelly was in the back and told us that she was going to make December To Dismember a December to Remember as she would have a special suprise for the fans. Mike Knox then walked in and asked what she was on about. She told him nothing as he dragged her off as he headed to the ring for his match

Knox' opponent tongiht was CM Punk in a rematch from last week that saw Punk claim a place in the Elimination Chamber. The result was the same again as Punk picked up the win with the Pepsi Plunge. Kelly Kelly clapped and congratulated Punk, until Knox saw this. He then proceeded to drag her away again towards the back.

The Great Khali made his in-ring ECW debut next as he took on Rodney Mack, who was one of the victims of his assault last week. Mack fared no better this week, as Khali threw him from pillar to post before finishing him off with a huge Giant Bomb.

The Main Event of the evening saw RVD, along with Sabu and Tommy Dreamer, taking on The Big Show and Heyman's Security. the only thing was Heyman failed to mention earlier that Test was now an official member of his security team, meaning the match was 3 vs 4. The numbers advantage quickly showed as Heyman's team isolated RVD and worked him down. Van Dam eventually made the hot tag to Sabu who was a house of fire and took it to Test, Basham and Neikirk. Big Show put a stop to this however as he almost took Sabu's head off with a huge clothesline. This prompted a free-for-all with all seven men fighting in the ring. Eventually the referee gave up and threw the match out as they continues to fight. Team RVD gained the upper hand and evened the numbers after taking Basj#ham out with a big chair shot from Dreamer. RVD, Dreamer and the chair then teamed up and Neikirk was hit with a Van Daminator. At this point Big Show bailed from the ring and him and Heyman backtacked up the aisle leaving Test all alone int he ring. A quick table set up later, Sabu headed for the top with the steel chair and nailed Test with an Arabian Facebuster through the table as the show goes off the air.


Time consuming process this! cant wait to get this out the way and start the diary proper! Six shows and Survivor Series results to make up then i can get going from December 1st edition of Smackdown which will be my first simmed show.

Hopefully get the rest of this up tomorrow as i have to go get ready for work now. Shoudl have the first actual diary show up by Thursday or Friday at the latest, then we can get the ball rolling on this!

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After a good read thought I'd give you some feedback.

The concept is great, a really top idea, though getting rid of Raw & SmackDown could be a change too much (my opinion)

Like the idea of bringing back the name WWF, but won't happen, BUT... a great idea again.

Bischoff for WCW, no other option, brilliant choice.

Major pointer though..... grammar, spelling and punctuation. I'm not being nasty, I just want to se you give this great idea the look it deserves. It needs everything to look right, it needs correct spelling, it adds so much more.

This diary has great potential, and you seem to have the ideas to run it smoothly and keep readers interested, and I sincerely hope you do well with it. I'll most certainly be keeping an eye on this, especially looking forward to the 1st of December.

Good luck.....

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Yeh its still alive! soz guys, wot wiv work and birthday celebrations i havent had the time to get on here and do the updates, but it is very much still alive! at work all weekend but should get the updates done the start of next week and at least the first 'proper' show.

thanks tysdrown for the feedback. i said before that this will replace raw and sd!, that it what i kinda have in mind, but nothin is certain yet. i've got the main ideas in mind for this, but other things i'll just see how they develop as i go.

as for the WWF name, as i said in my OOC post, not realistic and would be pretty much inpossible it'd happen really, but i just prefer it that way! And the way im thinkin with this diary is if EWR lets me do it, then it can happen! (keep in mind anyone who complains when i sign someone from TNA and they say "that'd never happen!")

as for spelling and grammar. i admit in my OOC posts i shorten and abbreviate etc, but in the actual show posts i try to use correct spelling and grammar, any points in which i havent are purely mistakes that i have overlooked, or where i have accidentally lapsed into "txt spk".

Anyways, as i said, this is definitenly not dead! its just annoying when real life gets in the way! lol.

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OOC: Right, iv got a couple of hours to spare before work so i'll try and get some of this done. i'll try and be more regular with the updates in future, its just hard to get myself motivated for this at the moment til i get into the real thing, but gota get this out the way first! lol!

Anyway, will try and do a couple of shows now and should getr the rest done by early next week, then i can get into the real start of the diary!



Friday 17th November 2006

With just over a week until Survivor Series there was much interest in what matches would be booked for the event tonight. That question was partially answered immidiately as Ken Kennedy and Montel Vontavious Porter hit the ring. They proceeded to challenge The Brothers of Destruction, Undertaker and Kane, to a match at Survivor Series. Not 2-on-2 however, they proposed an old fashined 5-on-5 Survivor Series match, pitting them and 3 partners of their choice against Undi, Kane, and 3 partners they find.

Jamie Noble took on Jimmy Wang Yang in the first match of the night. The two 'rednecks' began with an arguement, Noble denouncing the fang that Yang was a redneck. This soon led to a fight and the match officially starting. Noble picked up the win with a Trailer Hitch.

KC James and Idol Stevens took on the unorthodox pairing of Vito and Matt Hardy. Thanks to the lack of experience between Hardy and Vito, and a little outside interference from Michelle McCool, James & Stevens picked up the victory.

After the break James, Stevens and Michelle McCool were in the office of Theodore Long, telling him how they deserved a shot at the tag team titles. Long suprised them by agreeing with them, and announcing they could have one, at Survivor Series.

The World Heavyweight Champion made his way to the ring next. He announced that as a reward to himself for winning The King of Kings match two weeks ago at Cyber Sunday, he was giving himself the night off. This brought Teddy long out to the ring, who told Booker he may be the champion, and he may refer to Smackdown as 'his kingdom', but it was Long that decided who does or does not have the night off. long then announced that tonight the King would team with his former ally Finlay to take on Batista and Lashley!

Talking of King Booker's former allies, William Regal made his way to the ring next to take on Scotty 2 Hotty. Regal continued with his recent no-nonsense attitude as he made fairly short work of Scotty, securing the victory with the regal Stretch. Regal then got on the mic and announced that his new partner would be making his debut in two weeks on Smackdown.

Ken Kennedy was in action next as he took on one half of the Tag Team Champions in Paul London. MVP walked to ringside and attempted to interfere on behalf of Kennedy, Brian Kendrick was however on hand to nullfy his effect. Whilst he was busy with MVP however, KC James snook down to ringside and caused the distraction to London that was enough for Kennedy to snatch the win.

Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin made an appearance next as he and diva Kristal made their way to the ring. Miz proceeded to complain how he and Kristal had been disrespected by the freakish Boogeyman, stating there was no place in WWE in this day and age for this kind of weirdo. Miz did not get any further as the arena went dark, before the eerie music of The Boogeyman rang out throughout the arena. The lights came back on with Miz holding a steal chair, looking to the aisle for The Boogeyman. Only problem was he was stadning behind Mizanin and Kristal. It dawns on The Miz as he slowly turns with a look of terror on his face to see the worm chwing Boogeyman stadning right behind him. Miz drops the chair and hightails it out the ring and up the aisle, once again leaving Kristal alone with the freak, today however kristal also bails out the ring before Boogeyman does anything.

Chavo Guerrero took on Funaki next, after a brief match which Chavo won with the Frog Splash, Chavo got on the mic and complained about the quality of oppenent he was given. Stating he was a Guerrero and should be treated as such, being in Championshp matches and so forth. This brought out the US Champion Chris Benoit, who said that maybe when Chavo acted like a Guerrero instead of trying to profit off the name he might get somewhere. Benoit then however said he would make Chavo's wish come true, as he would face him in a US Title match next week on Smackdown!

The Main event of the night was up next as Batista and Lashley took on King Booker and Finlay, with Batista looking to exact some revenge for Finlay's assualt on him last week. Suprisingly for once the fighting Irishman did not seem to want to fight tonight, as he let Booker start of the match against Batista. Once Lashley had been tagged in Lashley then was willing to enter the fray, and beat on Lashley with his usual intensity. Lashley however made the hot tag to Batista who began to let out his anger on Finlay, throwing him from pillar to post. King Booker on the apron looked unconcerned that his tag team partner was being beaten to a pulp by Batista. The end came with the unexpected arrival of Ken Kennedy and MVP, who hit the ring and attacked Batista and Lashley. Finlay recovered from his beating and joined the attack, whilst the Champion calmly stepped off the ring apron and made his way to the back, leaving Finlay, Kennedy and MVP to beat down on The Animal and Lashley. The crowd came to their feet though, as the lights in the arena went out, followed by a familiar sound of bells chiming. The lights came back on to reveal Undertaker and Kane stading in the ring, they then proceeded to go toe to toe with Kennedy, MVP and Finlay, whilst Lashley and Batista got back to their feet and joined in driving their foes from the ring.

The show went off the air with Undertaker and Kane staring at Kennedy and MVP in the aisle, the challenge for Survior Series seemingly accepted.

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