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World War Z

Captain Kirk

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I thought it was good, very realistic, but it could have done with a change of pace every now and then. It's all just interviews. I know that's the point, but it really could have done with, say, a written report detailing the history of the war up until that point.

Still, massively enjoyable, but I'll like anything with zombies in it anyhow.

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i got it right when it was released, and really enjoyed it... i do agree that it could have used a change of pace (as in rather than just interviews...) but based on the story it does explain why it is just interviews... other than that... you could just paste hutch's comments here as that is pretty much my opinion...

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Read it right after it came out, damned enjoyable book.

Although being a Zombie fanatic, my view is probably slanted.

For those who didn't know, Brad Pitt's production company optioned the movie rights, so expect a World War Z movie sometime.

I would also suggest the little known "Reign of the Dead" by Len Barnhardt for people who like good old fashioned Zombie fiction.

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Whats everyones favourite interview/character? Plus why did you like it?

I fucking love everything to do with normal(not fast) zombies plus just that every story seemed so personal and real is what dragged me in. I think it the best thing is how scarily personal it is as you would think the same way as some people in the book would if it happened.

My favourite character was Gen. Raj Singh a thought the stories about him were really awesome like


at the last stand in some place in India they had to knock him out to get him to go. Then in the Ganges he ran in single handedly to set the explosives himselves even though he would die. I think the best thing about the book is that it reminds us what we can do when disaster hits, for even when people we don't know are in trouble, in the book's sense say fighting of the undead to let a family you don't even know get away even though you know you will die. Dunno if am a bit too deep but anyone else think it?

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