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So, who here loved Mystery Science Theater 3000? Pretty much everybody, right? Since the show has gone off the air, former host and head writer Mike Nelson has embarked on a project called Rifftrax. It's essentially Mp3s of him, and ocasionally Bill Corbett(the 2nd Crow) and Kevin Murphy(Tom Servo), doing the MST3k thing, but for more famous movies(of varying quality), like Top Gun, Lord of the Rings, and The Matrix(as well as movies like XXX, and Crossroads). How it works is, you pay $2-3, download the mp3 of their comentary, and play it while watching the movie.

I haven't actually downloaded any yet, but I'll probably download a few this weekend. I can't fathom how these could not be entertaining, though.

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I DLed the X-Men, Night of the Living Dead, and The Matrix. I watched the X-Men one the other day, and it was, in fact, pretty funny. The thing is, it had Mike and Cro.. I mean 'Bill', and I I'm still worried that the movies with just Mike won't turn out well.

The only issue I had was that windows media player froze up for about 3 seconds for some random reason, and threw things out of sync. It was pretty easy to sync the movie and DVD back up, though.

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