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Trying to remember/find a certain game

Scruffy The Janitor

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When we first got a new system and did the big jump from Win '95 to Win '98, we managed to get a couple of games which were just small like 5-10meg games. They were both built of the same engine, and made a random map (and inturn a random game) everytime you played them. One of the games was an indiana jones game, and the other one was a star-wars game. They were kinda adventure where you'd pick up things, and use them in later maps and stuff like that.

If anyone could name them, or help me locate them (full versions if freeware, or demos/place to buy if they are commercial) would be really awesome. I used to spend quite a bit of time playing them.

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Yip Thats the one....found it on wikipedia:


and this is the indiana jones one:


Now it seems that no places actually sell it anymore :( . If im going to get a non-demo version, I'm gonna have to take matters into my own hands :thumbsdown: . Oh well I'll guess I'll have to deal.

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I had Yoda Stories, and while it had a cute novelty to it, it quickly wore off. Doing the same thing over and over quickly got boring....

Although I was the shit. I got the Green Lightsaber :pervert:

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