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Dark Age of Camelot

Chris the Human

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I'm aware that the game's fairly old now (although it only recently had an expansion released), but I've been looking around lately for an MMORPG to play that isn't WoW. Don't get me wrong, WoW is a pretty good game, but it doesn't cover the 'RPG' part of the genre well enough for me, and there's next to no focus on group dynamic until late in the game. I assume others here have played it - what's the consensus? Is it a better bet than WoW if I'm looking for a more intellectually rewarding experience? I'm kind of tired of farming honour and doing the same meaningless raids over and over again.

if DAoC isn't the way to go? Can anyone make a recommendation? Anything that offers a little escapism from the incredibly dull lifestyle I've got ahead of me while I work retail in order to save up for a European odyessy.

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