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WWF 2001: Beginning of a New Era

Guest Sivegseno

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Guest Sivegseno

I'm basically doing this in a full recap fashion. No massive backstory where I'm the main character, no 'lucky fan becomes writer' shtick, not even a 'What if <prominent wrestling figure> wrote for <prominent wrestling company>.

So, it's New Year's Day, January 1st, 2001. With WrestleMania 17 coming up, WCW going down, and WWE matches being all-around the best for at least the next five years, what're the plans for Vince McMahon and his wrestling empire?

WWF Raw Preview

With a completely new year beginning tonight, also expected to begin are many other things - namely, the Royal Rumble, and by proxy, the Road to WrestleMania. WWF Commissioner Mick Foley has booked quite a few Royal Rumble qualifying matches; those being William Regal versus Road Dogg, K-Kwik versus Billy Gunn, Eddie Guerrero vs. Val Venis, and Chris Jericho against Albert.

A few title matches will take place, as Dean Malenko defends against Essa Rios, Raven will be defending his Hardcore Championship versus the very man he beat to win the belt, Steve Blackman.

Also speaking of title matches, the WWF Champion Kurt Angle will find out who will face him at the Royal Rumble, as a fatal fourway elimination match, one that could almost certainly main-event a pay-per-view with its star power alone, will take place; it will be Steve Austin vs. The Rock vs. Triple H vs. The Undertaker

Confirmed Matches

William Regal vs. Road Dogg

K-Kwik vs. Billy Gunn

Eddie Guerrero vs. Val Venis

Chris Jericho vs. Albert

Dean Malenko vs. Essa Rios

Raven vs. Steve Blackman

Edge and Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz

Triple H vs. Steve Austin vs. The Rock vs. The Undertaker

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Guest Sivegseno


K-Kwik vs. Billy Gunn - Royal Rumble Qualifier

A relatively quick (at least on Killings' behalf) match is essentially a glorified squash. Gunn looked to pick up the win after about five minutes with the Fame-Asser, but Kwik moved out of the way and nailed the True Conviction for the win and entry into the Rumble.

Overall Rating 59%

My Thoughts: Y'see, this is why Billy Gunn sucks ass. He's the kind of guy that a lot of people are okay with, but he can't work for beans (note: He's still a MUCH better worker than Albert.).

Interviewing 101 With The Ayatolla' of Rock 'n Rolla'!

I'm not entirely SURE about Jericho's interviewing style (or hell, ANYONE's), so for right now, I'll just clarify that Jericho hyped up the match against the Missing Link... er... Albert.

Overall Rating: 96%

My Thoughts: Thank GOD himself that Jericho's a mic god. If this had sucked like essentially the rest of the show, WWF would've gone out of business a LONG time ago.

WWF Lightweight Championship Match

Dean Malenko {C} vs. Essa Rios

This, surprisingly, delivered less than Kwik/Gunn. I knew Rios was a bad choice to use - he gets used so little nowadays, people probably thought 'Oh, Malenko squashes jobber, retains title.'

Guess what?

They're right. Malenko essentially hits Rios with a backbreaker, and then segues that into a Texas Cloverleaf for the submission defense.

My Thoughts ('cause I forgot the rating and I already closed EWR >_>): I've gotta make the Lightweight division something to care about again. Malenko's not the problem - he's a solution. I've got to get better workers, and make them better-known.

WWF Hardcore Championship Match

Raven {C} vs. Steve Blackman

The former ECW Champion matches the Lethal Weapon... not at all whatsoever in this match. It's better than the other two matches, but it's still a disappointment. After a ton of chairshots, table shots, garbage can lid shots, and even kitchen sink shots, Raven nails the Raven Effect onto the title belt for the victory. Post-match, he doesn't look too happy to have retained, though.

Overall Rating: 66%

My Thoughts: The match quality could've been better, but at least these two delivered for their level. As for Raven's disappointment to be champion, just wait as this storyline progresses.

America's Mythical Creatures?

Backstage, Mick Foley's in his Commish office. A faceless rookie walks up to him, and asks if there's anything he can do to get a job - do Mick and Vince some errands, win a contract match, etcetera... Mick says sure to the contract match, but he warns the rookie: he better be a good worker. He won't let some random guy walk in here, and ask for a job, just for them to turn out to be the next Billy Gunn. Anyway, he's facing Steven Richards.

Overall Rating: 71%

My Thoughts: I'm glad Foley and <faceless rookie's name yet to be revealed> have good charisma... it just sucks that Foley lost overness; at least <faceless rookie> gained three points!

Chris Jericho vs. Albert - Royal Rumble Qualifier

Jericho gave up a lot of size to Albert, but that didn't stop Y2J. After kicking out of a Baldo Bomb, Jericho managed to use Albert's momentum against him to hop over Albert and nail a bulldog, before hitting a Lionsault to win.

Overall Rating: 65%

My Thoughts: That 65% rating is 100% property of one Christopher Irvine. Albert didn't work or sell for shit, and the ONLY reason he isn't fired is because I figure he might improve in development. If he doesn't, he's getting shitcanned next month.

William Regal vs. Road Dogg - Royal Rumble Qualifier

Regal and Dogg have a nice little match. Dogg can't match up to Regal's expertise, but he still manages to keep up with the British veteran. Regal eventually nails Road Dogg with a massive left hand, and that's when J.R. notices that Regal's somehow slipped on a pair of brass knuckles. Regal throws them out of the ring, and covers Dogg for the pin and the third official Rumble spot.

Overall Rating: 70%

My Thoughts: I'm probably gonna change Regal's finishers - he didn't start using the Power of the Punch until late '01, right?

Eddie Guerrero vs. Val Venis - Royal Rumble Qualifier

Guerrero and Venis meshed pretty well together - this wasn't the MoTN by ANY standard, but Guerrero still proved he was pretty good, even showing that he didn't need a useless 'lol rico suave' kind of gimmick. Eddie ends the match after three connected vertical suplexes, with Lawler noting that he must have thought to do that move after watching Chris Benoit do his three German suplexes - anyway, Guerrero follows up the three suplexes with a Frog Splash, and covers for the win in the last Rumble Qualifier for the night.

Overall Rating: 63%

My Thoughts: Guerrero did pretty well, so his gimmick change went over well. Venis, I KNOW, is a good worker... perhaps the RTC gimmick could go somewhere? Also, I just realized that I didn't use Benoit at all on this show.

Steven Richards versus The Rookie

Finkel announces Richards, and Stevie gets his usual heat. Finkel announces the rookie as "...Bryan Danielson...?" and he gets a small pop from the puro and indie smarks in the arena. Danielson got a good showing in against Richards, locking in some submission moves that J.R. states that 'people like Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle don't even know of', before locking in a rollover double underhook submission, to which Richards taps out almost immediately.

Danielson's celebration is shortlived, sadly, as Val Venis runs back out to the ring and nails Danielson with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Richards looks at Venis and nods, showing that no matter what, the RTC's always got contingency plans. Venis whispers something in Richards' ear, and Richards begins laughing evilly.

Overall Rating: 62%

My Thoughts: I think this match got the bad rating solely because not many people knew who Danielson was; and even if they did, a win over Richards isn't very surprising. However, the submissions, and accompanying high tech and speed stats means several dream matches such as Danielson V Benoit, Danielson V Guerrero, Danielson V Angle, and Danielson V Jericho will be good.


The Rock vs. Triple H vs. The Undertaker vs. Steve Austin

This, because of the starpower alone, is the MoTN. However, it's also the slowest match ever, despite being an all-out brawl. Several near-falls occur, and Triple H looks to have the advantage as the match nears its end. Austin eventually reverses a Pedigree attempt into a Stunner, which is followed by a Rock Bottom from The Rock. Undertaker plants Austin with a Chokeslam, but the Rock stalks the Undertaker from behind, waiting for the Deadman to turn around. In a strange turn of events, though, Kane runs down to the ring and distracts the Great One, allowing the Undertaker to hit the Last Ride for the win. Undertaker doesn't realize Kane interfered until after the cover is made; the show ends with Undertaker mouthing 'Why?' at Kane.

Overall Rating: 84%

My Thoughts: I've gotta remember to use Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit next show. Perhaps less matches will be better. Anyway, 'Taker's the number one contender, I had to (unfortunately) Arsenic Triple H's attitude so that he'll let someone THREE OVERNESS POINTS BELOW HIM beat him; that's why 'Taker beat Rock rather than Trips. Austin taking the pin never occured to me.

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I take it you're scrapping all the old storylines then? As, if memory serves, Mick Foley was fired at the end of the year!

I must confess, this diary did nothing for me in the first show...just seemed a bit rushed and too smarky. I tend to enjoy diaries that read like you're watching a show, rather than "I wrote this diary....oh, that was crap...oh, that was better....meh, bloody EWR!!".

But I notice you're a newcomer, so I invite you to have a read through other diaries on this board and see if it inspires you any further.

Still, I'll keep popping by to have a read :)

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I prefer reading Diary's in a shortened form, however this comes over as a smarks show instead of a show that really could have come down and you seem more worried about the ins and outs of the EWR booking system instead of promoting storylines.

I'll still continue to pop into this diary, and give it a read through every now and then however.

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Guest Sivegseno

I'm gonna try and make this like fourstarfizzle's reports.

WWF SmackDown! Results

Old Habits Die Hard...

On a night when many questions were assumed to be answered, even more popped up.

The show began normally, as the Big Red Machine, Kane, took on X-Pac for a Royal Rumble entry spot. Kane made short work of his former tag team partner, putting X-Pac away in just over five minutes with a Chokeslam.

Kurt Angle gave an interview, mainly focused on his Royal Rumble opponent, the Undertaker. Angle said that it didn't matter if he was facing Triple H, The Rock, Steve Austin, Undertaker, or even freakin' Jesus himself - he'll retain at the Rumble, and walk into WrestleMania as WWF Champion.

In a tag-team Rumble Qualifier match, Kai En Tai defeated The Dudleyz; however, it was only due to interference from the WWF Tag Team Champions, Edge and Christian. D-Von and Bubba were about to nail a 3D on Funaki when Edge and Christian ran in and speared both men simultaneously, allowing TAKA and Funaki to score a pinfall.

In the third Rumble Qualifier of the night, Chris Benoit faced The Goodfather. Benoit went right to work on the wrestler formerly known as The Godfather, hitting his trademark three German suplexes as the match began. Benoit quickly followed up the suplexes with a diving headbutt reminiscent of the legendary Dynamite Kid, before locking in the Crippler Crossface for the submission victory.

At the halfway mark of the show, The Undertaker made his way down to ringside. He got right down to business and called out his brother Kane, asking why he interfered Monday night. Undertaker said that although he wanted to win the title shot, it just wasn't worth it if it was soiled by having Kane help him win. Kane never showed up to explain himself, so Undertaker vowed to get the answer out of his younger brother on RAW.

The 1-and-0 rookie that debuted on RAW, Bryan Danielson kept his unbeaten streak going, reaching 2-0, gaining a spot in the Royal Rumble in the process, by defeating Val Venis... however, it looked as though Venis was the one getting the Rumble spot after Steven Richards ran in and nailed the rookie with a StevenKick, but a second referee ran out and explained the situation - thusly, Venis was disqualified, making Danielson the winner.

In a dual Light Heavyweight and Rumble Spot match, Dean Malenko beat Crash Holly to retain his title and win the tenth spot in the Royal Rumble. Dean Malenko had little time to celebrate, as K-Kwik entered the ring and congratulated Malenko on his win - he just wanted to tell Dean that he should keep the Lightweight Championship nice and warm, because before K-Kwik wins the Royal Rumble, he's gonna win Malenko's Lightweight title!

The final Rumble Qualifier match of the night was yet another tag team affair, as The Radicalz team of Eddie Guerrero and Perry Saturn faced the Hardyz, Jeff and Matt Hardy. The Hardyz looked to be on the road to victory when Edge and Christian showed their faces again, attacking the Hardyz and allowing Saturn and Guerrero to pick up the win.

After the fatal four-way on RAW, it was expected that some of the participants would be a bit angry; that was the reason for Triple H getting a match against The Rock. It was a very fast-paced match with several near-falls until "Stone Cold" Steve Austin ran in and the match was thrown out as the three men began to brawl around the ring. Security, road agents, referees, and eventually superstars all ran to the ring to split up the three parties.

Finally, in the main event, The Undertaker teamed up with Steve Blackman to take on Kurt Angle and Raven. The Deadman eventually powered out of a Raven Effect before spinning the Hardcore Champion around and nailing a Tombstone Piledriver to score the pinfall. Angle didn't take too kindly, and ended the show by hitting the Undertaker with an Angle Slam.

Kwik (<_<) Results

Kane def. X-Pac to win a spot in the Royal Rumble

Kai En Tai def. The Dudley Boyz to win two spots in the Royal Rumble

Chris Benoit def. The Goodfather to win a spot in the Royal Rumble

Bryan Danielson def. Val Venis via DQ to win a spot in the Royal Rumble

Dean Malenko def. Crash Holly to retain the WWF Lightweight Championship AND win a spot in the Royal Rumble

Eddie Guerrero and Perry Saturn def. The Hardy Boyz to win Perry a spot in the Royal Rumble

Triple H vs. The Rock went to a no-contest after Steve Austin interfered

The Undertaker and Steve Blackman def. Kurt Angle and Raven (Taker over Raven)

Feedback is appreciated.

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Guest Sivegseno


411mania.com Exclusive Report!

WWF has released an early card for the Royal Rumble, which looks like this:

The Royal Rumble Match

Entrants: K-Kwik, Chris Jericho, William Regal, Eddie Guerrero, Kane, TAKA Michinoku, Funaki, Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn, Bryan Danielson

WWF World Championship

Kurt Angle {C} vs. The Undertaker

Triple Threat Grudge Match

Triple H vs. Steve Austin vs. The Rock

WWF Lightweight Championship

Dean Malenko {C} vs. K-Kwik

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I'm looking forward to see how everything progresses. For me the main thing I like is the Raven storyline and Bryan Danielson being thrown in the mix. I'm confused as to why Raven was in the main event in a tag match, it sort of damaged Raven's storyline. Also the main event was all about Taker and Angle it only hurt Blackman and Raven.

BUT I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes.

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