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The Wrestling world changed during the summer of 1996. But what if two of the most influenal men never made that move over to WCW? These men were Kevin Nash (Diesel) and Scott Hall (Razor Ramon)

WCW were in dire need of something to get kick start their engine, and were looking for anyone to sign over to WCW. Hall and Nash’s WWF contracts were basically of a Handshake agreement. But Vince knew these two were interested in a move to the other side, so offered them a contract they couldn’t refuse, with Added bonus! What these added bonuses are you’ll have to find out, but their damn sure interesting.

In light of this, the “Curtain Call” Incident never happened. It was widely speculated that HHH was going to go on to win the King of the Ring Tournament. But however, he was eliminated at the early rounds, due to a “Incident” That no one actually knows about! Meanwhile Best Buddy HBK was really happy he has his buddy’s sticking around him and was king of the Mountain in the WWF, but that was soon to change.

A Young Rebel by the Name of Stone Cold Steve Austin was breaking into the WWF like no mans business. After ditching the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, back in May Steve Austin ripped through the WWF to the Semi Finals of the King of the Ring Tournament. Another man making a impact on the WWF was Mankind. Known around the world as either Cactus Jack or Mick Foley, Mankind was in war with the Undertaker. Yet another new comer was Brian Pillman. Pillman was released from his WCW contract and was involved in a *Minor Car accident, but escaped with a few bruises. After appearances at ECW, Pillman signed with the WWF and is already a key player. Even tho he has yet to actually wrestle.

But I hear you ask, you’ve mentioned all but one key factor in the WWF in 1996! Bret Hart! Well, while finishing shooting his movie series, Bret was looking forward to returning to the ring after his break, and was hoping to return quicker than excepted.

Find out what happens in the WWF in 1996 after the King of the Ring!

King of the Ring Results:

Pre-Show: The Bodydonnas beat The New Rockers (8:06) when Skip pinned Cassidy.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley pinned Aldo Montoya (3:00)

Steve Austin pinned Marc Mero (16:49).

Jake Roberts pinned Vader (3:34) via DQ.

WWF Tag Champs The Smoking Gunns beat Henry & Phineas Godwinn (10:10) when Billy pinned Phineas.

Ultimate Warrior pinned Jerry Lawler (3:50).

Mankind pinned The Undertaker (18:21).

Ahmed Johnson pinned Goldust (15:34) to win the WWF I-C Title.

Steve Austin pinned Jake Roberts (4:28) to win the King of the Ring Tournament.

WWF World Champ Shawn Michaels pinned Davey Smith (26:25). Mr. Perfect was the guest referee.

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Guest Makegamesnotwar

Interesting enough concept, though it is sort of weighed naturally to the WWF's success as they get to keep all the big stars who would eventually leave in Hall, Nash, Hart and (to a degree stars) Owen and Pillman. But I like the idea behind it and the backstory isn't horrible.

And how did you hear me ask about Bret Hart? I hadn't posted yet.

:) good luck with this, I'll be reading.

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Wrestling News and Views from Around the World! Welcome to the number 1 Pro Wrestling news site on the Internet.

WWF Return News!

It appears that Diesel and Razor Ramon will be appearing on Raw this Monday. A Ad was seen during the King of the Ring PPV advertising them as a team! Also set for a return in the up-coming weeks is the 1-2-3 Kid. Even more return news with Sycho Sid, he is set for a come back around Summerslam as well.

Ultimate Trouble?

The Ultimate Warrior is said to be causing trouble again. He refused to go on The House show tours a few months back upon re-signing and was asked again. He refused, again! It appears the WWF are bored of Warrior’s attitude and antics! (Is this 1992 all over again?)

New King

Steve Austin was crowded King of the Ring last night and it was said that him winning it, over HHH is was a better move. (His post match promo was great!) He is set for a huge push soon. Speaking of HHH, His punishment for his un-known incident was a dark match with Aldo Montoya. HHH is set for another push soon, mind!

Perfect and Piper

Mr. Perfect is done with the WWF. Last night was his last date in his WWF contract, it’s excepted he’ll end up in WCW by the end of the year. Roddy Piper is still under contract to the WWF. Piper who is looking to join WCW is waiting until it runs down (Pretty soon from what I’ve heard)

WCW and WWF looking for new blood!

WCW have already signed Jimmy Snuka to a Contract and it looks more are on their way. Meanwhile the WWF are looking for stars of the future. They have signed Bobby Duncum Jr over the King of the Ring weekend to a development deal. Also Ron Simmion’s is started to be in talks with WWF.

Do forget to check out are review of Raw this Monday!

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Interesting backstory, although one thing I am mixed up on.

It was widely speculated that HHH was going to go on to win the King of the Ring Tournament. But however, he was eliminated at the early rounds, due to a “Incident” That no one actually knows about!

Is this Incident going to be explained? It would be pretty stupid not to.

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Wrestling News and Views from Around the World! Welcome to the number 1 Pro Wrestling news site on the Internet.

Welcome to another edition of the Raw Report here on PWNews.com After the usual pyro’s and crap cleared Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler welcomed us to the show. Vince said how HBK overcame the odds and still had the title, while Lawler said that We had a new King of the Ring in Stone Cold Steve Austin. Shawn Michael’s music then played as he came out to the ring.

Shawn Michael’s said it was good to still be the Champion. He said that sometimes he thought he was going to lost the match, but his kliq helped him threw. Then the sound of Vader’s music played as he made his way out to the ring with James E. Cornette by his side. Cornette said he only beat Bulldog by a fluke and that Camp Cornette would have the WWF Title sooner or later! Vader then rushed HBK and left he lying on the mat as Vader and Cornette left!

We then saw a Video replaying Steve Austin’s Victory last night, Vince informed us he would be holding a press Conference with Austin later tonight! We faded into a Commercial Break!

We returned with The New Rockers Marty Jannetty and Leif Cassidy in the ring! The Smoking Gunns along with Sunny then make their way out to the ring. It appears that its going to be a 1 on 1 match. Bart and Leif left the ring and Marty and Billy tie up. Marty and Billy basically went through the motions of a basic match. Bart and Sunny tried to get involved in the match but Leif made the save, Marty Rolled up Billy for the win. New Contenders maybe? Anyway I’ll give it a *¾

We then saw Mankind rocking backwards and forwards in a dark room. He said that basically he was going to destroy The Undertaker at the right time. What he means I don’t know! But all I know is Taker and Mankind won’t be here tonight!

We then go the locker room where Big Daddy Cool was getting ready for his match. Razor came in and asked if he was ready for later tonight. Diesel said “Not now” And left the room! Razor was left confused! We faded into another Commercial Break!

We came back with the Punished HHH, Savio came out and we had a match! HHH looked pretty good out there. The camera showed Brian Pillman arriving through the crowd and taking a front row seat. During the match he was shouting things and just being a butt head to Savio all throughout the match! HHH went for the pedigree, but got back dropped. When he got up Savio nailed the Carribean Kick for the 1-2-3! After match Savio was walking around the ring when he came across Pillman. Pillman offered his hand out, but as Savio went to slap it Pillman moved it away and laughed! Savio was hot, but walked off. Pillman Meanwhile grabbed his soda and threw it at Savio! Savio turned and went for Pillman but was held back by Security! Pillman was great in that angle! A ** for the match!

Vince and Lawler talked about Fans shouldn’t do things like that, but Lawler said he’s not a fan… He’s Brian Pillman! We went to the back where Doc Hendrik’s was with The NEW Intercontinental Champion Ahemd Johnson. Ahemd said he will defend his title against anyone! Then from out of nowhere a golden chair came flying into the shot and cracked Ahmed on the head! Goldust then pounced on Johnson and laid into him leaving him down!!! Goldust did some gay rubbing thing and left! We faded to another break with Ahmed being attended too.

We returned with Vince and The King talking about what a wild ride Raw was already and it was going to get wilder! They hyped the Main Event plus the Press Conference. The sound of some new music played as a young man stepped through the curtain. He was wearing a robe. Howard Finkel Announced his name was Shawn Statisk! Shawn took the mic, here is promo:

“My Name is Shawn Statisk, I’m a second generation Superstar who unlike others before him is BETTER than his old man! I’m more ripped then my Dad EVER was! Now Bob Holly (Who was in the ring I should have added) you sit back and watch while I take off my Robe!”

He slowly took off his robe and posed to the crowd! This reminds me of Rick Rude so much!

Statisk then jumped on Holly and looked damn aggressive! He laid into him big time! Statisk then step up for a Neckbraker! Ok this guy is a Rick Rude rip-off! 1-2-3!

He took the mic again

“My Manager will like that!” He threw it down!

His Manager? I’m Interested! * For the match!

Lawler then hyped the next PPV. We saw a video of his lost to the Warrior! Lawler then laid into Warrior it seemed a sort of shoot. He called him a mad man with a poor attitude who needed putting in his place or fired! Then we saw Vince in the ring awaiting the NEW King of the Ring Steve Austin!

Austin came back and just sat behind the desk, not acknowledging anyone! Vince asked if Austin had any goals to achieve. Austin said next Question! Vince asked more and more and Each time Austin just said Next Question! Vince asked if Austin would give a re-match to Roberts who thinks he can beat Austin if he wasn’t hurt! Austin then answered and ranted saying Roberts isn’t good another to tie his laces! This sparked Roberts who came down to the ring. He challenged Austin to a match at the next PPV! Austin said No! This sparked the Snake from Roberts, making both Austin and McMahon running for the hills!

We go to the back where Owen Hart and British Bulldog are standing with Doc Hendrik’s. They said their going to make Razor and Diesel wish they never returned! We then faded into another Commercial Break.

We returned with Bulldog and Hart pacing the ring and jaw jacking with the fans. During this time McMahon announced that Brian Pillman would have his first match in the WWF at The next PPV - In Your House 9: International Incident facing Savio Vega. Then the sound of Razor’s Music played as he came out to the ring to a HUGE pop, easily the biggest of the night. Diesel’s then played, but no one came through the curtain. Bulldog jumped Razor! It’s a damn Handicap match!

Owen and Bulldog worked over Razor very well. As Razor was mounting a comeback the sound of Diesel’s music played as he came out! Big Boot to Owen, Big Boot to Bulldog! The crowd was loving it! Wait! Nash nailed Razor! JACKKNIFE ~ No!!! Nash Turned on Razor, damn him. I actually didn’t except that! He leaves the ring and walks off. Owen pins Razor for the win.

As it seemed Raw was over Diesel, turned back. He pulled Razor out of the ring. JACKKNIFE through the Damn Announce table! OH MY! Raw ended as it started in a wild affair! Sadly the match wasn’t to good as it wasn’t a real Tag Match. So a **

It was quite a good Raw by all accounts. I really enjoyed it! There were tons of Austin 3:16 signs around too!


Quick Raw Results

- Marty Jannetty (W/ Leif Cassidy) Beat Billy Gunn (W/Bart Gunn and Sunny) - *3/4

- Savio Vega Over HHH - **

- Shawn Statisk Downed Bob Holly - *

- Owen Hart and British Bulldog Beat Razor Ramon and Diesel - **

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Interesting backstory, although one thing I am mixed up on.

It was widely speculated that HHH was going to go on to win the King of the Ring Tournament. But however, he was eliminated at the early rounds, due to a “Incident” That no one actually knows about!

Is this Incident going to be explained? It would be pretty stupid not to.

Wasnt that 'Incident' the MSG Clique Incident? Dunno if it still will be in this diary mind!"

Anyway, a decent start, i like how the nWo wont ever be formed thanx to Hall & Nash staying, but its a shame that Perfect is leaving!

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Wrestling News and Views from Around the World! Welcome to the number 1 Pro Wrestling news site on the Internet.

Raw and Nitro Rating's in!

Raw scored a 7.01 while WCW scored a 5.89. With Raw scoring just above 7 the whole WWF was really pleased. Still Pro Wrestling is becoming quite popular again! Although it wasn't a surprise WWF beat WCW again (Especially since it was a Raw after a PPV!)

WWF sign new talent!

Former ECW sign Too Cold Scorpio and Al Greene have signed to the WWF's Development scheme, USWA. Also Ron Simmions is likly to sign for WWF in the up-coming weeks. We've also been put on high alert that more and more people will be debuting in the upcoming weeks for the WWF.


Rumor's have it that HHH is really angry in the WWF. He don't know why, but it could be linked to the "Incident" and his punishment. Plus Shawn Statisk is excepted to continue his Rick Rude gimmick, no word yet on who will be his manager!

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Guest Charismatist

Tagging Diesel and Razor in WWF would have been hugely succesfulll too bad they decided to leave... and too bad that Mr Perfect is gone.He could have turned into a major player for you.And I can't wait to see this "incident" thing unfold.

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Wrestling News and Views from Around the World! Welcome to the number 1 Pro Wrestling news site on the Internet.

Welcome everyone to PWNews.com review of WWF Superstars. So with little further to do…

Superstars kicked off with Jim Ross and Todd Pettengill welcoming us to the shows as we see a shot of the crowd. Jim Ross says Were going over to WWF Headquarters were WWF President Gorilla Monsoon has something to say.

Monsoon said that at WWF In Your House 9: International Incident that there will be a 4 Way Elimination match to determine the new Contender for the WWF Championship. The winner will go on to Summerslam to face the WWF Champion Who ever that will be by Summerslam! He said that on Raw next Monday their will be a 10 man over the top battle royal! The winner will face HBK at In Your House 9, while the second place man will be given a automatic slot in the 4 way. From there on their will be draws the following week to see the final 3 in the 4 way!

We then cut back to Jim Ross who was hyping like mad this Monday’s Raw! Ross earned his wages right there! Then the sound of the Wildman’s Music played as Marc Mero and Sable stepped through the curtain. In the ring was journeyman ‘Hardwork’ Bobby Walker. In a Highly entertaining Squash match Mero hit the Merosault for the pin! A * as it was a fun match with Walker putting a lot of enough into making Mero look strong.

After a Commercial Break, we came back to footage of what Diesel did when he turned on his long time friend Razor Ramon. Then we go to see Pre-Record comments from The “Ravishing” Shawn Stasiak. He said that he was going to unveil his new Manager at In Your House 9. He said he is simply ravishing too! Then Another Video package this time of the Ultimate Warrior. It said he was gong to be at Raw this Monday night!

After 10 minutes of videos and pre-recorded comments we got a Commercial break! We better return with some good old Wresslin’! And we did. Aldo Montoya was making his way to the ring, then the sound of The supreme Fighting Machine Kama’s music played! He came out and just went to town on Aldo. To Aldo’s credit he did get some offence in during the match, but Kama was too big and too strong for Aldo. The finish came from a damn impressive neckbraker type thingy from Kama. A ½*

Jim Ross said then we return from the break that the Main Event is up. It will be the New Rockers facing The Bodydonnas for the Number 1 Contendership of the WWF Tag Team Champions and the winners will receive their shot at In Your House 9! But before the break we got yet another video package this time showing the return of Sycho Sid who returns at the next PPV.

We came back to Skip and Zip jumping around the ring like mad men. Then the New Rockers came out to a decent pop. The match was a quick and fast paced affair. The Rockers had the advantage for most of the match, even tho Skip and Zip did work over Leif Cassidy a bit during the match. The finish came when Marty rolled up Skip, but Zip rolled him over so Skip was on top! Leif Cassidy dropkicked kicked Zip from the top rope, making Zip full to the outside. The Skip Leif rolled Marty back on top for the win! A ** 3/4

Overall It was quite a enjoyable Superstars.


Superstars Quick Results

- Marc Mero Over “Hardwork” Bobby Walker - *

- Kama Over Aldo Montoya - ½ *

- The New Rockers Over the Body donnas - **¾

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USA Netwrok - Raw Preview

This weeks Raw will be a memorable one for sure. A 10 man Battle to see who faces Shawn Michaels for his WWF Champion will take place. In this match are the likes of Diesel, Razor Ramon, The Undertaker, Mankind, Ultimate Warrior, Owen Hart, British Bulldog, Vader and Yokozuna. Plus the man who is second place will get a automatic slot in the 4 Way match at In Your House 9. This alone is worth watching Monday Night Raw.

In Addition to that, Savio Vega who faces Brian Pillman in Pillman's first match in the WWF at In Your House 9 will call out Mr. Pillman. Also The King of the Ring Stone Cold Steve Austin will be in action for the first time since winning the King of the Ring when he faces the man he faced in the Semi Finals in Marc Mero. Will Jake Roberts be at Ringside?

Also Jerry Lawler will make a Huge Announcement, what it be? All this plus more this Monday Night on the USA Network! Don't forget to tune in!

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Wrestling News and Views from Around the World! Welcome to the number 1 Pro Wrestling news site on the Internet.

Welcome to PWNews.com’s review of Monday Night Raw. We were promised a 10 man battle royal and it was delivered. So with further to do…

Raw kicked off with Pyro going off around the arena, Vince McMahon was at the announce table alone! He welcomed us to the show and said that Jerry “The King” Lawler would have a Huge announcement for us in a minute. He then run over what was going to be on Monday Night Raw tonight. A King of the Ring Semi -Final Re-match between Marc Mero and Steve Austin and the 10 man battle royal.

Then the sound of the King’s music played as he made his way to the ring. The King claimed that he was tried of being made a laughing stock out of by the WWF Wrestlers. He said he searched the globe to find suitable People to join him. He said he was forming a new group called “The King’s Court!” He says that every King needs a Queen… This leads to Sunny! Yes Sunny coming out. Sunny says that she dumped Billy and Bart because she was a true Queen! The King then announced that A King needs a Prince! This leads to someone new coming out! “The Prince” Brian Christopher (For those that don’t know he is really The King’s Son!) The King then says that the King needs protection, he then announces more new faces in Sir Clark and Sir Adams! These two huge men come out wearing olden day guards clothes. Then the King says that a Kingdom isn’t complete without a Knight so out comes “Knight” Barry Windham! The King says the WWF is in for a shock! The King then joins the Announce table with Vince McMahon.

We got a Commercial break, when we came back Shawn Stasiak was in the ring. He had the mic, he said that this bum (Referring to the jobber in the corner) was going down in a few seconds! He then pounded away on the jobber and hit his Neckbraker for the win! He grabbed the mic again! He said that At In Your House, his manager was going to be unveiled! The match was poor, so a ¼* for it!

We cut to a Locker Room were Goldust was rubbing a picture of Ahemd Johnson on the wall.

“Ahmed, You remember the Kiss of Live I gave you at the King of the Ring Don’t you! Ahmed you remember to time when I threw the chair at your head don’t you! Ahmed you remember the time I bet you for the Intercontineal Championship at In You House don’t you! If not Ahmed you better to get of the Hospital bed before International Incident as you’ll never forget the name… GOLDUST!”

Weird!!! The camera quickly cut to backstage were people backstage were trying to pull Mankind off someone! It was Paul Bearer! Mankind had taken out Paul Bearer! He was screaming “Undertaker… Undertaker” This led to a Commercial Break.

We came back to Sunny with the Royal Team as their called (This is Sir Clark and Sir Adams) Still in their full guard costume. (They also had masks, but one was in all blue (Clark) and one was all Black (Adams)) The Godwinns were awaiting them. The King was ranting on about how he found the most powerful team in the world! The Royal team showed their power by just picking up Henry Godwinn and dashing him across the ring! Both men looked like monsters! The finish came when Clark pulled Phineous on his shoulders as Adams climbed to the top rope! A Doomsday Device ala LOD! 1-2-3! Impressive! King was going mad! A *¾ for The Royal Team looking damn good out there!

We saw a ad for the next PPV and a video showing Sid is coming back! We cut back with Savio Vega walking to the ring, we see a footage of what happened last week with Brian Pillman. Savio said that he wasn’t going to stand for what happened last week and he wasn’t going to wait to kick Pillman’s ass at In Your House in three weeks so he is demanding Pillman comes out now and fight him! Pillman strolls out he stands outside the ring and runs down Savio and “his people!” Savio wasn’t having it! He leaped over the top rope onto Pillman and punched away until security came out to hold him back!

We cut to the Interview booth with Jim Cornette and Vader! Todd Pettingill was with them. Vader was looking at Pettingill the whole interview! Cornette said that Vader would win the Battle Royal tonight and finally get given what he deserves, the WWF title shot that he hasn’t got! Cornette asked Vader what time it is… “It’s VADER time!” He grabbed Todd and punched the shit out him! I now love Vader!

We went to a break, and when we came back McMahon was going mad. He said that Vader will be held accountable for his actions and that Todd didn’t look good! We saw a clip of Todd busted open (Clearly not a blad job, Vader is Stiff!) Marc Mero and Sable came out next as Steve Austin jumped Mero from behind. Austin did get a good pop for this. The match was good. Austin controlled most of the match, working over Mero. He sold Mero’s Shit like a million bucks. Mero tried for the Merosault but missed, as Mero got up Steve Austin hit the Stunner and it was over around the 12 minute mark! Straight after the match Jake Roberts came down with the Snake and chased off Austin. Roberts issued a challenge to Austin for In Your House, loser leaves the WWF match! Austin was gone by then tho! A *** for a good match.

McMahon said that Jim Ross had words with Diesel earlier in the week. It was short and the only real decent part was;

“I attacked Razor because he wasn’t my friend! A Friend doesn’t run on your back for years just to get higher up in the world! A Friend doesn’t not re-pay you the money you lent the, A Friend doesn’t take all the spotlight away from you in your moment of glory!”

“When did Razor take the spotlight from your moment of glory?”

“When I attacked Razor who was mentioned more, Ross? Razor this and Razor that! I’m sick of it! If Ramon wants me then he can have me… On MY terms! This Interview is over!”

The Camera quickly cut to parking lot were Taker was helping Bearer in the Ambulance, Mankind, Kama and Goldust all jumped the Deadman. Will Taker be ready for the Battle Royal? It’s Next!

We came back with Owen Hart, British Bulldog and (Face) Yokozuna in the ring. The sound of new music played as Ron Simmons stepped through the curtain! The reaction was dead to say the least. McMahon hyped him like a god! Then Mankind came out to a loads of Heat! Vader then came out minus Cornette! Diesel came out to heat as well! Razor came flying down the ramp all bandaged up! As Diesel ducked out. Then the Ultimate Warrior came down like a mad man, Then sound of the Undertaker’s music played but no one came out! The King said that the fans were promised a 10 man a Battle Royal and that is what they’ll get! He jumped in the ring as we started.

After about 5 minutes Yokozuna was dumped over by Camp Cornette, Owen Quickly turned on Bulldog and dumped him over! Diesel came into the ring but Razor went after him and Clotheslined him over the rope! Razor then led chase to the back! The King was ducking in the corner as The Warrior cleaned house with Clotheslines, one to Simmons which knocked him out of the ring. One to Eliminate Owen. And Three!!! Three!!! For Vader! We then saw a clip of HBK watching in the Back! Razor came back and we was down to the final 4! Oh My! Taker is back! He comes down to get Mankind, Taker throws Mankind over the top rope and beats the crap out of him to the back! What the! it’s the King’s court! They attack both Razor and Warrior! Windham gives the Lariat to Warrior as the Royal Team dump him over and leave! Razor is alone and down with the King! Lawler picks up Razor and easily throws him over! THE KING WINS! Jerry Lawler is the Number 1 Contender! Sunny plants a huge kiss on the King As Raw goes off the Air! It’s good to be the King!

Overall a Entertaining Raw with a load of surprises! The King winning!


Raw Quick Results -

- Shawn Stasiak over Jobber - ¼*

- Royal Team over the Godwinns * ¾

- Steve Austin Over Marc Mero - ***

- Jerry Lawler wins a 10 Man Battle Royal

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Wrestling News and Views from Around the World! Welcome to the number 1 Pro Wrestling news site on the Internet.

WCW Spoil Manager WWF plans! Mole?

For those that didn't watch Nitro this past Monday then here is what happened:

Eric Bischoff "For those you want to know what goes down over on Raw, then here: New Stable looks Crap - and Goldust is still gay!"

This was during the first 20 minutes. Towards the end of the show [Nitro] Bischoff says:

"Thanks to a reliable source, a Two former WCW champs go to the WWF in a few weeks - Ron Simmons, Remember that guy! Ha! And Rick Rude, he'll properly be with that generic loser guy! Thanks P!"

Vince was livid backstage and claimed that a mole was around in the WWF still. He claims that the mole told WCW about Nash and Hall's contract, thus making him have to spend more money!


WCW Nitro Scored a 5.99 and Raw got a 6.99 so a whole 1.0 was the differance!

The King!

It was claimed that it was a last minute decision for the King to win the Battle Royal. The response his new Stable got was good


Hiring and Firings!

It seems after Todd Pettingill's beating (Which was real!) He was also given his release. We can all watch Superstars again. It's unsure who will replace him. Also Dutch Mantell was bought in over the weekend, it's unknown what he is going to be doing. ALso James Mitchell was hired for USWA.

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Wrestling News and Views from Around the World! Welcome to the number 1 Pro Wrestling news site on the Internet.

Welcome to PWNews.com Review of WWF Superstars. Since Todd Pettingill was fired over the week (YES!!!) We had a new Announcer! The Hot Rod, Rowdy Roddy Piper! He and Jim Ross welcomed us to the show! So with Further to do…

Shawn Stasiak walked to the ring in his cocky, arrogant way. The Ring Announcer Howard Finkel announced his opponent in the ring was called JC Ice. The Match got under way without any talking crap from Stasiak. Stasiak pounded away on the back of the Young JC Ice. He set him up on the top rope and hit a standing tornado DDT. He then set up for the Vicious Neckbraker! Bam! He posed for about 10 second before picking up to the win! A Dud for the match was dull, and crap! Plus yet another Squash!

We then cut to pre-record comments from Stone Cold Steve Austin. He said that he accepts Jake Roberts “Loser Laves Town” Under the conditions that the Snake doesn’t appear and it be a match of his choice! He’ll announce that on Monday Night Raw!

We got a Commercial break, and we returned with The Bad Guy Razor Ramon standing on a street corner.

“Hey Diesel, you see Chico you tried to take me away from all my famila on the streets and move to the lifestyle you wanted me to live. I was cool with that, man you and me we’re friends chico. I would do anything you wanted. But you changed, You turned me! Why? I dunno! So now Big Daddy Cool! I’m coming for ya!”

We came back to Wrestling, with Aldo Montoya coming down to the ring! He was hopping and shit! Then The sound of Royal Music played as “The Prince” Brian Christopher came down to the ring. The match started off well. Both men exchanging holds. This was The Prince’s first match in the WWF as well. Christopher showed some impressive moves. Like a twilt-a-whirl backbraker plus a head Scissors take down! Aldo mounted a comeback! But from the crowd came “Knight” Barry Windham, as The Ref was turned around by Brian Christopher, Barry Windham nailed Aldo Montoya with a strong Lariat. 1-2-3! I’ll give it a * for effort.

We saw a Video of the King’s Court attacking the Ultimate Warrior form this past episode of Raw. Jim Ross said that Warrior was hurt, Injured even! He said we may even see the Warrior again!

We cut to the final Commercial break, we came back with Sycho Sid’s Hype Video displaying his return at In Your House 9. He came in shot after and said “Sid Rules the WORLD! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

A Promo Video is shown of Jerry Lawler and The Kings Court! It shows all the members posing and stuff! It looked pretty cool!

Finally it was Main Event time. We didn’t know what it was going to be! Skip of the BodyDonnas came out. Then Jake Roberts came out! Ok, Roberts V Skip! It was a slow and well-built match. It went for about 11 minutes which was long for Superstars and Jake Roberts. Roberts Hit the DDT in the main Highlight of the match! The DDT got the win for the snake man! a *1/2

Superstars was poor as usual. It’s a shame WWF don’t care to much about Superstars!


Superstars Quick Results

- Shawn Stasiak Over JC Ice

- “The Prince” Brian Christopher Downed Aldo Montoya

- Jake Roberts Defeated Skip

Edited by EMS
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Wrestling News and Views from Around the World! Welcome to the number 1 Pro Wrestling news site on the Internet.

TV Ratings and PPV Buy-Rates

The Rating Superstars got over the weekend was a 3.00. This was really good, despite the show being very poor. It could be due to WCW not having it's usual Show as they held a PPV. WCW's Bash at The Beach has early indications of getting around a 1.20 to 1.21 buy-rate.

WWF Interested in Japanese wrestlers?

The WWF are looking to being in some Japanese wrestler's! Some names being bought up are Hayabusa and Keiji Muto (The Great Muta) given WWF's track record when booking Japanese wrestler's I hope they don't do it again!

The Mole!

More news has been given to us on the mole. Eric Bischoff said "Thanks P" What did he mean. We've been told his source is someone in the WWF and NOT a backstage guy, a On-Air talent is leaking information! P could be Paul Bearer? Phineous Godwinn? Or was he referring to their real name? Who knows! It is interesting to say the least.

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Wrestling News and Views from Around the World! Welcome to the number 1 Pro Wrestling news site on the Internet.

All Japan V WWF! Again!

On April 13th 1990 At The Tokyo Dome In Tokyo Japan All Japan Pro Wrestling and WWF held a supershow. Some of the matches included:

"Superfly" Jimmy Snuka & Tito Santana VS. Masa Fuchi & Kenta Kobashi, Tiger Mask battled Bret "the Hitman" Hart and Genichiro Tenyru VS. "The Macho Man" Randy Savage. This September the WWF will travel again to Japan and Agian at the Tokyo Dome to face All Japan in a one night show! This show will be held on the 8th of September 1996 and Broad casted on the USA network on taped delay. The even more interesting news is that WWF and AJPW have announced some of the names schulded to appear -

WWF - Shawn Michaels

Jerry Lawler


The Undertaker


Bret Hart and More...


Great Muta and More...

They mention Bret Hart, so could he be returning like rumors said? AJPW doesn't mention noone apart from the Great Muta, for reason we don't know! It's also excepted for some other talent over in Japan (Including US workers) Will face off against the WWF. It's excepted that the WWF will use this tour for the following reasons; To scout new talent and to re-create a bond with AJPW. One thing is for sure it's going to be interesting.


The WWF will open up it's own website this Wednesday at Noon! Not much is known on what is going to feature on WWF.com.

Don't forget to check out the Monday Night Raw review tomorrow!

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Wrestling News and Views from Around the World! Welcome to the number 1 Pro Wrestling news site on the Internet.

Welcome to the PWNews.com edition of the Raw Report. This week on Monday Night Raw, we was promised random drawings to see who would face each other to get into the 4 way match at In Your House 9. On Commentatory was Vince McMahon and “The King” Jerry Lawler! So with Further to do…

Gorilla Monsoon was at a special stand near the entrance on the RAW set. Monsoon had a Royal Rumble style roller box! He took the Mic and said that every man excluding Jerry Lawler, Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels are included in this drawing. He rolled the damn box for ever and Ever and Ever! He finally put his hand in. He saw a shot of Faces and Heels in different Locker rooms! He pulled out…. British Bulldog! James E. Cornette jumped around as Bulldog and James E. walked off. Monsoon was getting ready to draw again it was…. The 1-2-3 Kid!!! As Bulldog was coming out the crowd popped as they heard the 1-2-3 Kid was coming back, NOW!

1-2-3 Kid came out to a good face pop and he and Davey Boy locked up! Cornette was furious that 1-2-3 Kid was back, and he didn’t know! The Kid looking very good out there. He used his martial arts to knock down Bulldog and knocked him out of the ring. DIVING PLANCHA! Onto Bulldog and Cornette! We fade into a Commercial break! We returned with Bulldog having the Kid on a side headlock. Kid was fighting back, the crowd were getting behind him! As The Kid was picking up some momentum, he bounced off the ropes as James Cornette levels him with the racket to the back of the head! The Ref was distracted by Davey Boy! The British Bulldog then threw The 1-2-3 Kid to the outside! 1,2,3,4,5,6... As the Kid was getting up to get into the ring, Cornette grabbed his leg and was holding him back! 7,8,9,10! The 1-2-3 Kid was cheated! The Bulldog and Cornette walk off as The Kid stares on! I’ll give it a *¾ for effort.

We see Mankind, Goldust and Kama talking backstage. Mankind said that Goldust will have his match V Ahmed Johnson at Summerslam now, because they (Mankind, Kama, Goldust) Will face the Undertaker and Ahmed, Plus a Mystery partner at In Your House. Then from out of no where came the Undertaker, he went for Mankind who ran off, as did Goldust. Taker was knocking the crap out of Kama. We faded into another Commercial break with Kama busted open.

We returned with footage of what already happened this evening! When we came back to live TV, The New Rockers where coming out! Then The Knight and the Prince, along with Queen Sunny made their way out! We saw the Smoking Gunns backstage watching the TV. The match was a short but sweet match with The New Rockers picking up the win, after Brian Christopher was distracted by Sunny who was dealing with Leif Cassidy. The King was not happy! A *

Gorilla Monsoon was at the special stand and was getting ready to draw another number! We saw another shot of the Face and Heels! Up next was…. DIESEL! And He’ll face… Tatanka!!! Oh My, Tatanka is coming back NOW! They started the match and Tatanka got in some goof offence, but Diesel was to strong and nailed the Powerbomb for the win! After the match Razor Ramon came flying out. He trying to get to Diesel who ducked out to the ring. But in two weeks he’ll get his hands on Big Daddy Cool for sure, as Diesel qualified for the 4 Way. A *¾ for that match.

We got another break but when he come back Steve Austin will announce the type of Match he and Jake Roberts will have. We came back with Steve Austin in the ring. He said that He is a Texan and Texans love to fight! One match in Texas that Texans love is a Texas Death Match! And said he and Jake Roberts will Fight at In Your House in a Loser leaves the WWF Texas Death Match!

We was then told that Razor Ramon and Owen Hart would face it each other when we came back. We saw some videos hyping Sid and the PPV. When we returned Owen Hart was one there on his own. Then a huge pop went out as Razor came down. They had a very good match by all accounts. Owen dominated most of the match. Razor came back and hit the Razor’s Edge for the win! A **¾ for a good match.

The King left the Announce table as he was going to hold his Contract signing with HBK Shawn Michaels. HBK came out to a great pop. HBK signed the contract as did The King! The King said that in Two weeks, the WWF will finally have a champion who is worthy not someone who poses in a Queers Magazine! HBK got all heated up over that and went for Lawler! But from the curtain came The King’s Court! They attack HBK from behind and beat the snot out of him. The Royal Team have HBK up in the air in some form of a Powerbomb! Brian Christopher climbs up the top rope! DROPKICK! To HBK, The Royal Team use that Momentum from the dropkick to slam HBK through the table. HBK is down as The King holds the belt in the air over Shawn Michaels! We faded to another Break.

We return with Jim Ross on the announce table now instead of The King. We see footage of what just happened. Ross said that the night was almost over, but we had one match left! (There was about 30 minutes left! So Raw might be ending early tonight!) Monsoon draws the first name of the box! It’s VADER!!!! Vader comes out with James E. Cornette. They awaiting Monsoon to draw the next name!

“And his Opponent will be……………………THE UNDERTAKER” a HUGE pop went out as the deadman comes out.

The Undertaker and Vader exchanged strong hands with one and other. Taker then started going through all the motions, the Walking on the top rope, the Chokeslam and everything! Yet Vader still kicked out at the last minute! The match then changed when James E. smashed Taker with the racket, it didn’t hurt the deadman but looked at Cornette, allowing Vader to attack Taker! Vader pounded on Taker, getting Near fall after near fall! Vader goes for the Vader bomb but misses, Taker goes to Boot Vader, but catches the Ref. From the back comes Mankind! He has a chair! WAM! He nails the Deadman. But he gets straight back up! Another shot! And Another! Mankind leaves, VADER BOMB~ Cornette makes the ref come too! 1-2-----3!!! Vader is in the 4 Way. What a match a ****¼ I hope they face each other again.

Overall a good Raw with some really good matches.


Quick Results:

- 4 Way Qualifier - British Bulldog Defeated the 1-2-3 Kid via Count Out * 3/4

- The New Rockers Down The Knight and The Prince W/Sunny *

- 4 Way Qualifier - Diesel Over Tatiana *3/4

- Razor Ramon downed Owen Hart **3/4

- 4 Way Qualifier - Vader defeated The Undertaker **** 1/4

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Wrestling News and Views from Around the World! Welcome to the number 1 Pro Wrestling news site on the Internet.

TV Ratings!

Raw - 7.12

Nitro - 5.99

AJPW V WWF Matches

Three Matches for the WWF V AJPW Supershow on the 8th of September has been revelaed.

- Keiji Muto Will Face Shawn Michaels

- Mitsuharu Misawa and Jun Akiyama will take on Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bret Hart

- The Great Sasuke Versus Owen Hart

More will be added as soon as we know! Its interesting to see Steve Austin and Hart teaming, will Austin be a face or heel?

HHH = Mole?

HHH was scheluded for a re-push after serving his punishment. It seems now that HHH is in the dog house and is accused of being "THE MOLE" that leaks WWF info to WCW. It's excepted that Rowdy Piper will join WCW after they contracted him, as "The Mole" must of leaked that his contract is coming to a end. Also in referring to WCW, when Bischoff said thanks P he could have been saying thanks Paul Levesque, HHH's Real name.

Yoko Nono and Ultimate boot

Yokozuna is excepted to be released from the WWF anytime now! He could be used in at the Supershow as a AJPW worker! He hasn't put more ffort into anything over the past few months. Plus The Ultimate Warrior is also on a Release watch, although he like Yoko is excepted for the AJPW tour.

In Your House 9

The Current card for In Your House 9 is:

WWF Championship Match :- Shawn Michaels © V Jerry "The King" Lawler

4 Way Number 1 Contenders Match :- Razor Ramon V British Bulldog V Diesel V Vader

WWF Tag Team Championships :- The Smoking Gunns © V The New Rockers

Savio Vega V Brian Pillman

Loser Leaves WWF Texas Death Match:- Jake Roberts V Steve Austin

The Undertaker & Ahmed Johnson & ??? V Mankind & Kama & Goldust

Plus Sid is to return.

TV Changes for WWF?

Many in the WWF are not happy with Superstars, Vince especially wants it to be more aimed at Children like it was a few years back. They've asked the USA Network for a move to about 9am on a Sunday. Also Vince wants something cutting edge on his schedule, They is excepted to be a new show debuting soon too!

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Wrestling News and Views from Around the World! Welcome to the number 1 Pro Wrestling news site on the Internet.

Breaking News

Ultimate Warrior fired!!!

So it's finally happened. The Warrior received word that he was released from his WWF Contract when he turned up at the Raw taping mid-day this past Monday. After no-Showing scheduled appearances, he turned up when he wasn't scheduled. Vince and Many Other high up were sick of the Warrior "Again" and just gave up on him. With this news, we at PWNews.com contacted The Warrior and asked for a exclusive Interview which was accepted. More details to me announced.

WWF.com Opened!

So far on WWF.com they have a review of Raw and profiles of the Superstars. Nothing of real interest so far!

Don't forgot are review of WWF Superstars this Saturday!

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Wrestling News and Views from Around the World! Welcome to the number 1 Pro Wrestling news site on the Internet.

WWF.com Superstars Results.

Jim Ross and ‘The Hotrod’ Rowdy Roddy Piper Were the announcers for Superstars. If you missed it why? [PWNews.com Comments - Because it was poop, and I had better things to do like watch WCW!]

Tatanka defeated long time journeyman “Hardwork” Bobby Walker with his flying elbow from the top rope in a good match. Also “The Knight” Barry Windham used his power and experience to defeat Adam Copeland. Goldust defeated Steve Armstrong and in the Main Event Marc Mero and Savio Vega were on the losing end to The Royal Team when Brian Pillman came down and proved a distraction to Vega!

Also during the show the New Rockers had words to say about The Smoking Gunns ahead of their big Tag Team Title match upcoming at In Your House 9. Also Marc Mero and Sable shared a passionate Kiss after Mero admitted he has really fallen for the lovely Sable.

So Yeah, I watched WCW! And guess what it sucked too. WCW featured all Squash matches and nothing worth talking about. The state of Sunday Night Wrestling is dreadful! I mean if their isn’t a PPV Wrestling just plain Sucks on Sunday Nights. Anyway onto some interesting news about Superstars.

Vince = Pissed off!

Vince McMahon was literally livid about what happened on Superstars. The Overall quality of the show was just dreadful and even he knew it. The man in Charge of Booking Superstars, is Paul Bearer. He was installed with the job on the quiet a few weeks ago and has already lost confidents in his job from Vince and everyone! Wrestlers were turning down the pay to appear on the show, they’d rather have no air time and less pay then appear on Superstars which used to be one of the flagship shows for the WWF. Even with the brilliant Jim Ross and Rowdy Piper on Commentatory (Which is worth watching the shity show) Vince is almost begging the USA network to pull it! it’s the first time I’ve ever since a Promoter ask for his TV show to get pulled.

A Insider side “Vince knows that Superstars will never get better, Plus he can’t Fired Percy (Paul Bearer) as he just signed a one year booking deal on Superstars.” The WWF is looking for a new show on another Network as we speak. However the twist in the road for the WWF is that the USA network really like the ratings the show provides. It lost to WCW however (which is equally as bad) this past week by getting a 2.84 were WCW Worldwide got a 2.90.

Oh and a quick note on Superstars, it could have been the last show, as next weeks is a preview to the PPV.

Piper finally signs and other various notes

Roddy Piper has finally re-signed with the WWF, this comes as Piper is scheduled to be on WWF a lot over the next few months. The angle between Mero and Sable on Superstars wasn’t Paul Bearer’s idea. In fact Mero pitched the idea to Bearer to have a exclusive Superstars angle to help the show. Bearer declined, so Mero went to McMahon who liked the lay out so went ahead with it. Also “Hardwork” Bobby Walker is said to be getting a lot of praise within the WWF for making others look really good. Pat Patterson is reporting begging him to join the USWA for some tuning but Bearer wants him to job out! (As you can probably tell Bearer is featuring a lot in the WWF at this minute!) And Speaking of Bearer his return to TV is set for the PPV. Canadian worker Adam Copeland is also being praised of his putting over of Barry Windham. Windham said after the match that Copeland helped shake some of the ring rust off out their. And finally a Raw Spoiler

Dutch Mantell has been reported to have been telling friends that he will be in Atlanta on Monday for the Monday Night Raw Mid-Day Tapings!

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WWF.com Monday Night Raw Preview

With just one week until In Your House 9: International Incident, A match has been made that will sure be interesting. The 4 men in the Fatal 4 way, will all Team up with one and other to face Owen Hart, Yokozuna, Rom Simmons and Hunter Hearst Helmsley. How will Diesel and Razor get a long? Will Bulldog and Vader work as a team?

Also on Monday Night Raw, A update on Gorilla Monsoon who was taken ill over the past 24 hours. Vince McMahon will give us a update on his condition and the future of the WWF as a whole.

Also confirmed for Raw will be the Supreme Fighting Machine Kama taking on Marc Mero with the Lovely Sable by his side. Plus Mankind V Bob Holly and Skip V Aldo Montoya!

All this plus, much, much more on Monday Night Raw only on the USA Network!

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[Note: I decided not to write up Raw and Superstars results in the form of PWNews.com. Instead I’ll just write about it.]

Jim Ross and Vince McMahon welcomes us to the show as Monday Night Raw kicked of with the Portuguese man of War, Aldo Montoya hopping to the ring. He would be facing… Skip!

Aldo Montoya V Skip

Skip took control of Aldo from the out set. Skip worked over Aldo’s neck with a tight Neck vice. He pulled away on Aldo’s Arms too. Aldo couldn’t mount any real comeback during the match. The end finally came after when Skip nailed a vicious Piledriver on Aldo Montoya and got the 3 count. As Skip was walking to the back, from the crowd came a Man in a mask. He climbed the top rope, He positioned himself! (Montoya was still down from the Piledriver!) This man in the mask just launched himself doing reverse flip on the Portuguese man of war! That was damn impressive, but who was he? He took off his jacket and revealed a AJPW T-Shirt! Is this a Invasion? He then quickly climbed back over the security wall and high tailed it out of the arena.

The Camera cut to Vince McMahon who announced that due to Health conditions WWF President Gorilla Monsoon has had to step down. This comes just 24 hours after Monsoon was rushed to Hospital. McMahon also said that tonight the substitute WWF President will be announced later on in the show.

Stone Cold Steve Austin who will face Jake Roberts at In Your House 9: International Incident, in a Texas Death Match where the loser must leave the WWF made his way to the ring. He berated Jake Roberts, calling him a drunk, a loser and other nasty things until Jake Roberts came down. Austin attacked the Snakeman before he could get to his feet. As Austin pounded away on Roberts! From the back came the 1-2-3 Kid with a Chair chasing off Stone Cold!

We see a Man in a cowboy hat walking down the corridor. He keeps looking around like his lost. He stops and asks someone! It turns out to be Rowdy Roddy Piper who he asks. This man in the Cowboy hat asks if he has seen Vince McMahon? Piper belittles him calling him a dumbass and whatnot! Piper then walks off leaving the man less than happy!

Goldust and Marlena was at the Interview booth with Doc Hendrik’s. Goldust stated that Ahmed hasn’t been on WFF TV since Goldust took him out, and he proved that he was more than a pretty face by taking out the badass Ahmed Johnson. He said that At In Your House he, Kama and Mankind would defeat The Undertaker’s team because their like a B-Rate movie! Crap! Then from the other Side came Brian Pillman into shot. Pillman and Goldust looked at each other in a weird way which was kind of funny. Pillman then directed his attention to the camera, all the while Goldust was looking at Pillman. Pillman said Savio was in for it at In Your House, and he was going to get the Pillman ball rolling! At the end of the interview Goldust said “We should be partners one time?” Pillman responded with “Freak!” And that was that.

Bob Holly V Mankind

Bob Holly was in the ring awaiting his opponent Mankind. Vince McMahon and Jim Ross showed us what was in store for In Your House 9. Mankind came out he wasn’t in the mood to mess about. He destroyed Bob Holly in seconds with punch after punch. He finished off Holly with the Manibal Claw. Mankind rocked backwards and forwards as he screamed the name UNDERTAKER! UNDERTAKER!

Marc Mero V Kama

After came back after a commercial Break with the Supreme Fighting Machine Kama. He was set to face Marc Mero. Both men traded hands at the start of the match. Mero used his speed to wear out Kama. Mero hit some big impact moves like A Suplex, A German Suplex, A Flying Dropkick from the top rope and flying cross body, but still couldn’t put Kama down for the 3 count. Kama rolled to the outside and grabbed a chair, he had enough of the Mero! As Kama could into the ring, Sable got the apron to tell the ref! Mero knocked the chair out of Kama’s hands, He had a glare in his eyes! He swings for Kama! NO! He missed and hit Sable! Sable crumbled to the ground! Mero was heartbroken. Kama nailed him from behind! Pump Handle Slam! 1-2-3! Paramedics came down to attend to Sable as Mero was in pieces.

He saw Shawn Statisk in a locker with the lights dimmed. He said that at In Your House, a Ravishing Unveiling with happen. His Manager will debut in a special body Pose down! He also went on to say that he deserves a shot at a title and that he fed up about that!

We came back to Monday Night Raw with Vince McMahon. He was about to announce who was going to take over from Gorilla Monsoon as WWF President on a Part-Time basis! But He was cut off From Rowdy Roddy Piper who got a huge pop! Piper said that he did the job before, so why should someone get the job? Vince said that the board of Directors made the choice not him! Vince said it could be Piper, he has yet to open the paper! He read the piece of Paper out:

“The man who takes over from Gorilla Monsoon as the WWF President on a Part-Time basis is Old-School to the bone. His held titles around the world, His faced the best and beat the best.”

Piper was glowing, he knew that that description sounds like him!

“This man is…….. Dutch Mantell!”

Piper looked confused as to who he was, much like the crowd! This man stepped thought the curtain, it was the guy in the Cowboy hat that Piper ran down! Piper’s jaw dropped! Mantell gave Piper a look as Vince left the ring! Mantell said that he was going to make WWF run like a Old-School well oiled machine! He said that Loud mouth Scottish Punks are not welcome! Piper was ready to deck him! Mantell left the ring with these words

“Just when you think you know the answer, I change the questions!” Piper was Livid!

We came back form a Commercial break with Ross and McMahon telling and showing us what happened this evening so far. Plus what we had in store! They also announced that HHH has accepted a Worldwide open challenge from Sid at the PPV. Shawn Michaels Music played.

“It’s been a long time since I spoke to you all!” Said HBK as the crowd popped!

“Now Jerry Lawler creeped his way into the 10 Man Battle Royal a few weeks ago, for the chance to face me. I’m cool with that, but what I’m not cool with is having your boys come out and beat me up like they did last week! Now I understand your old Jerry Lawler, and that your “Queen” Is a two bit slut! [Crowd Popped] But You come out here and fight like a man!”

The sound of the King’s music played as he appeared from the back with Queen Sunny.

“Shawn, You don’t the half of what I have in store off you at In Your House. I could have debut a new member of my court, or have the crowd at ringside? I could have your best friend turn on you? Or I could beat you the old fashion way with Technical Ability. But for now HBK! I’ll prefer to let you sweat it out a little! Boys Get him!”

Then from the crowd came Barry Windham, Brian Christopher, and The Royal Team who all pouched on HBK. They bust him up, and held him for Lawler to leave the finishing mark! PILEDRIVER! Jerry Lawler along with Queen Sunny held up the belt while standing Over HBK’s Bloody body!

8 Man Tag Match

Up Next was the 8 Man Tag match! We came back from a break to see Ron Simmons who was the final match on his team to come out! HHH, Yokozuna and Owen Hart where already there. Vader was next to come out! He and James E. Cornette proceeded to come out when the British Bulldog came out. He looked at Cornette with a look of “What about me?” Cornette was having none of it! Diesel came out next. He got huge heat, Razor Ramon didn’t even wait for his music, he came flying out and started a fight with Diesel. As Officials came to try to separate them, Diesel levelled Razor with a strong right hand that knocked him off a loop! Razor was cut above his right eye and left to the back for treatemtn as the match began!

HHH was the whipping boy for the whole match. As Yokozuna finally tagged in, Owen Hart came from behind and nailed him! Vader and Bulldog then joined the fight, taking out the big man! Owen then went to ringside with James Cornette as Yoko was worked on! Ron Simmons saw Razor back, and tried to get to him, But Razor fought him off and went for Diesel again. The fought all the way to the back! Yoko managed to tag HHH, but HHH was caught they a strong clothesline from Bulldog! Power slam! 1-2... Owen pulled Bulldog off! He said he wanted his team to win! As they argued Vader splashed HHH and got the 3 count! Vader was standing tall as the show went off the air but will that be the case come Sunday?

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Wrestling News and Views from Around the World! Welcome to the number 1 Pro Wrestling news site on the Internet.

Monday Night Raw Results:

- Skip Over Aldo Montoya *1/4

- Mankind Downed Bob Holly *

- Kama Beat Marc Mero - *1/2

- Vader/Bulldog/Razor/Diesel Beat HHH/Simmons/Owen/Yokozuna - **

WWF News and Notes

Dutch Mantell who debuted last night, is set to be the Colour commentator along side Jim Ross on Superstars instead of Rowdy Roddy Piper a few weeks back. One thing led to another and Gorilla Monsoon got ill so Mantell was bought in to do that. It is seen as though Mantell is set to do the job for a little while but it's long term thing.

Barry Windham is set to break away from the King's court. He doesn't wear anything that looks like a knight or royal, plus he has said he doesn't enjoy being in a stable to much. Vince is said to be very high on Windham and sees him as someone the WWF can use for a long time.

Bobby Eaton who we reported a few months ago, asked for his release from WCW but was denied has re-asked again. This time WCW said he could buy his contract out. Eaton who is friends with Jim Ross and Jim Cornette who are high up in the WWF is said to be trying to get Vince to sign Eaton.


Raw - 7.00

Nitro - 5.89

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Wrestling News and Views from Around the World! Welcome to the number 1 Pro Wrestling news site on the Internet.

In Your House tonight!

With In Your House 9 being only hours away, we have relieved word that the finishes to a few matches have changed. At this moment we are unaware of what matches have been changed or by who, by are source claims there have been changes.

Were excepting a huge push for the King of the Ring winner Stone Cold Steve Austin. Signs of "Austin 3:16" are everywhere. There is even a rumor that the WWF are thinking of making some T-Shirts with that on them.

We have also been told that Both Dutch Mantell and Roddy Piper won't be at In Your House tonight. Those two are set to feud. Also except some sort of involvement from AJPW tonight.

Also the Pre-Show match on the Free-For-All will be the 1-2-3 Kid facing Brian Christopher.

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