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The (White) Rapper Show

Gene Kiniski

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All of the entrants are horrible. It's a stereotype kind of show anyway, just look at the title. They act like Eminem is the only white rapper with skills.

A-yep. I watched about half an episode, and that was 3/4 an episode more than I needed to see.

And the show has serious lack of credibility because of the host. They could have at least tried to get someone people actually gave a damn about when they were active as a performer, not a guy from an act so lame I can't even remember their name despite being into rap back then.

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Guest Titocoolace

Has anyone caught this? I just came across it and decided to check it out and catch up on it. I must say, it's horribly stereotypical, but I like it in a weird kind of way. I don't agree with some of the judging decision and eliminations though, as they seem horribly favorite driven.
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