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Hello and holler there.

Ok so I thought I knew where to find video game info easily ... but I don't. Can anyone give me a website or websites that show what (home video game specifically ) are selling for XXX week. i.e I'm trying to find any site that has a ranking of this week's top 10 game sales, or last weeks...or the most up to date.

Couldn't find it on gamespot or by googling....do they just don't make this information available....or easy to google?

merci in advance



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If it's UK then www.chart-track.co.uk has a weekly chart.

If it's US, then there's only a monthly chart for each calendar month, but I'm not sure where you'd find it online (it's carried on GameCentral on teletext in the UK, but that's not much good if you live in the US).

EDIT: This is the company that compiles the monthly US chart, but I could only find the 2006 chart on the site, maybe you'll need to register or something to get the monthly one:



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