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NBA Games on PS3


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So, for X-mas I got NBA 07. It's not bad, good for mutliplayer, and amazing graphics. But that's it, season mode sucks, and there isn't even franchise.

I bought NBA 2K7 today, and God this game is hard to figure out. I've got it down for the most part, but it will take a while to get used to. As for the graphics, they seem edgy, and not in place. During gameplay that is, but on cutscenes, dear God. One of the best I've ever seen.

So anyone have NBA Live? I would've got it, but they were out at Wal-Mart. And what do you think of the others if you have them?

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I've played 2K7 a lot recently on the 360, my opinion is that 2K7 is to NBA Live as Pro Evo is to Fifa.

It feels more realistic. You can't just sprint up the court and dunk every single fast break. Only thing I miss is the All Star weekend mode. Playing 21 with mates is fun though.

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NBA 2k7 is a much, much better game than Live. Though I couldn't get used to it either so I changed the controller settings to Controller Setup #3(or 2). If you're used to NBA Live controls that'd be your ideal option.

But yeah, I've played them both and I've always had a much more enjoyable experience with NBA 2k7.

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