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Gigs you thought would be shit

Turbo Yannis

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Ever had those times where you've gone to a gig and thought it was going to be a complete and utter heap of bollocks, but it actually turned out to be pretty good? I had one of those the other night

Army Of Freshmen, Wheatus, Son of Dork with Bowling for Soup headlining. I got my girlfriend tickets for what I soon labelled "Crapfest 2007" for Christmas and was totally dreading going since I'd never listened to two of the bands and hadn't listened to another two for some times.

Anyway, went to the gig last Monday and I actually had a great time. Army of Freshmen were pretty good if not very original and really seemed to get the crowd going. Wheatus were fucking wank but that was expected more than anything else on the night. Son of Dork were pretty good too, but I dunno if they would sound good on CD since I haven't bothered to listen to them again. But BFS really blew me away. Yeah, I grew out of listening to them a few years ago, but singing along to The Bitch Song, Punk Rock 101, 1985 and Girl All The Bad Guys Want was amazing. And unlike allot of other bands I've seen live; they were pretty funny when they interacted with the crowd, especially stopping mid song to pose for a photo op.

Anyway, anyone else had experiences like this?

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Granted these aren't cases when I went to see, 'wank' bands. But still;

Brand New, which was a little over a week ago. I mean, I love me some Brand New, but I was really nervous about how they'd come across live, and at the severe lack of support acts (Would I get value for my money?). I was majorly dissapointed when Jeremy Enigk had to pull out due to illness, and they didn't replace him with anyone else. That meant, the support consisted of mewithoutyou, who were really fucking wank.

But then when Brand New started it was fucking insane. "Jude Law..." then "Seventy Times 7"...and from that point on I knew...THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME!! They did a bunch of "My Favourite Weapon" stuff, then a lot of "Deja Etendu" and finally the new stuff. Was absolutely awesome. Two hours of sheer awesome'ness, Brand New's performance was probably the best I've ever seen, and they sent everyone away happy. The only song I was really dissapointed about not hearing was "Limousine", as it's real fucking awesome, and easily the best song on the new CD.

I'd also like to chalk Iron Maiden up there. I was never really into Iron Maiden, to be honest I still aren't. I only went as my mate had a spare ticket, as his girlfriend left him, and me being nice, I decided to go, but what swung it was the support band. A band I'd followed for a while, who were just about to break out, Funeral For A Friend. They were both really fucking awesome, and surprisingly the Maiden fans seemed to eat up FFAF. And I also learned I knew a lot more Maiden than I thought I did. ^_^

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