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Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001

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(OOC: First thing I would like to address is 'The Danny Divine Story.' Now I, like many others was excited about it. But the #1 Rule in diary writing is the have fun. I believe I am correct, am I right? I had fun writing the backstory, but the shows were not fun. They bore me becuase what motivation was there? I had no storyline to work off of, same opponents month in and month out. As I went further in WreSpi then the shows I had posted. Month after, Eric The Bull and The New York Doll, BLAH! Fuck them. 2 times is enough, BUT 3?! God forbid they give me someone else. Oh well, it's dead and buried, time to move on.

Recently I have been watching old ECW tapes of mine as I wanted to see something besides TNA and WWE. And it made me realize how much I loved watching ECW. Then I saw EndOfAnEra's WCW 2001 diary and it sparked my interest for this diary. I wanted to do a 2001 diary. But I didnt want to do WCW, as EndOfAnEra has it covered and is doing a mighty fine job at it.(Keep it up EndOfAnEra! (Y) ) I didn't want to do a WWF 2001 diary because I've seen a lot of them. Then that left ECW, which was my first choice.

I wished ECW could of continued, as all of us wish the same thing. After watching my tapes I went in deeper, doing a lot of research. Now I know HHG Corporation was the parent company from 1999-2001, but for the sake of this diary lets say ECW Inc. was still in charge. Feel free to correct me if I have missed something. Enjoy!)

Extreme Championship Wrestling 2001


What if ECW had a Cinderella story and got another Television deal?

What if ECW wasn’t screwed by TNN?

What if ECW did not go bankrupt?

What if ECW

Event: November to Remember

Date: November 5, 2000

Location: Villa Park, Illinois at The Odeum

The Blue Boy defeats. Billvis Wesley

Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger defeat. Christian York and Joey Matthews

Kid Kash defeats. C.W. Anderson

Roadkill, Danny Doring, and Spike Dudley defeat. Chris Hamrick and The Hot Commodity(EZ Money and Julio Dinero)

Nova defeats. Chris Chetti in a “Loser Leaves ECW” match

Balls Mahoney and Chilly Willy defeat. Da Baldies (Angel and Tony DeVito) in a "Flaming Tables" match

Rhino defeats. New Jack to retain the ECW World Television Championship

The FBI (Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke) defeat. Yoshihiro Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck to retain the ECW Tag Team Championship

Double Jeopardy Match:

Justin Credible defeats. Jerry Lynn

Steve Corino defeats. The Sandman

Main Event

Steve Corino defeats. Justin Credible to win the ECW World Heavyweight Championship

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Guest ChamberX

I've always wondered what ECW would have been like if it had of stayed alive and hopefully this diary gives a realistic look at what might have been. Excellent backstory so far, i'll be following this diary.

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I like the fact that Paul seemed like he didn't want ECW to continue on anymore, because towards the end of ECW's tenure, people were really starting to get that impression. Remember his rant on ECW on TNN? And people thought he was trying to get another tv company to host ECW while he was off filming Rollerball? Ha. His dialogue here made it seem like he really believed ECW was dead in the water, and that nobody, not even ESPN, would want ECW. Good job.

Oh, and thanks for the plug ^_^

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ECW on ESPN2 Contract

I, the owner of Extreme Championship Wrestling Inc., _x____________ agree to give ESPN2 and Theodore Rockwell 21 shows on the Late Night timeslot. I, _x___________ also agree on the terms that ESPN will give the money necessary for production and talent, and advertising on ESPN primetime television for ECW on ESPN2 and Extreme Championship Wrestling Pay Per Views. In addition for signing with ESPN, Theodore Rockwell has agreed to give Extreme Championship Wrestling Inc. 3,000,000 of his own money under the terms that Theodore Rockwell gets 40% ownership of Extreme Championship Wrestling Inc. Extreme Championship Wrestling Inc. will only produce television shows on ESPN or ESPN2. This contract is effective starting on January 1, 2001 until the contract the terminated, or breached.


(Paul Heyman)
(Theodore Rockwell)

(Owner of Extreme Championship Wrestling Inc.)
(ESPN Executive Vice President of Programming)
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Cool twist with you're character having to buy the tv time on ESPN. It's 'through' though, not 'threw', just a little thing. I like your take on this. Are you planning on doing recaps leading into January, or is it just going dark for a month?

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Event: Massacre on 34th Street

Date: December 3, 2000

Location: New York City, New York at The Hammerstein Ballroom

Dark Matches:

H.C. Loc defeats. Danny Daniels

New Jack defeats. Angel


Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger defeat. Christian York and Joey Matthews

EZ Money defeats. Balls Mahoney

Nova defeats. Julio Dinero

Danny Doring and Roadkill defeat. The FBI(Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke) to win the ECW Tag Team Championship

C.W. Anderson defeats. Tommy Dreamer

Rhino defeats. Spike Dudley to retain the ECW World Television Championship

Yoshihiro Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck defeat. Super Crazy and Kid Kash

Main Event:

Steve Corino defeats. Justin Credible and Jerry Lynn to retain the ECW World Heavyweight Championship in a Three Way Dance

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And you were doing so well. Punk? Styles? Those guys wouldn't have gotten a look in at ECW in 2001, it just screams that you're hiring them because of who they are now or because they've got stupidly overinflated stats on your EWR scenario. Same goes for the Maximos, Hell had they even finished training in '01 given that Whipwreck was their main trainer? The only guys Heyman was slightly interested in bringing in from the indy scene were the Backseat Boyz, nobody else was really standing out.

As for the rest of the backstory, he, its alright. Pretty standard fare really, it gets the job done. Could have done with some expanding on the show results though so people actually know what is going on storyline wise within the promotion.

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Guest Mista Yandao

I was really, really interested in this until I saw the new names. Punk, Styles, Jose and Joel don't fit in ECW. :P

But yeah, I'll still be watching.

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Have faith my brothers! The Maximo's I believe didn't debut until mid-2001. Lack of research on my part. But they were going to be in ECW sooner or later as they were being trained by Mikey Whipwreck at the House of Hardcore. As for Styles, his stats are insane for a 22 year old. That's why I toned them down to be more realistic. No 22 year old has 80's and 90's stats. I also signed him to freshen up the lightweight division.(if you would call it that) C'mon Super Crazy, Little Guido, and Tajiri. I know I would get bored seeing them wrestle each other all the time in 3 Way Dances. Styles is there to freshen it up a bit.

Maximo's and Punk dont have that good of stats as you think. As I also have big plans for CM Punk.

As for the Backseat Boyz... :pervert: We'll leave it at that smiley for now.

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Promotion: Extreme Championship Wrestling(ECW)

Money: 5,000,000

Size: National

Public Image: 20%

Owner(s): Paul Heyman & Theodore Rockwell

Risk Level: 79%

Merchandising: 75%

Production: 60%

Advertising: 60%


Pioneer Entertainment(signed back with ECW because of the new TV deal)

Sega(agreeing to make the next ECW video game)

Domino's Pizza(supply food for the events)

Budweiser(The Official Beer of The Sandman! *wink* But seriously, they supply the beer.)

Television Shows:

ECW on ESPN2(Late Night on ESPN2)

Hardcore TV(Graveyard on Local Networks)


January- Guilty as Charged(PPV)

February- Cyberslam(Large)

March- Living Dangerously(PPV)

April- Barely Legal(Large)

May- Hardcore Heaven(PPV)

June- Hostile City Showdown(Large)*

July- Heatwave(PPV)

August- House Party(Large)*

September- Anarchy Rulz(PPV)

October- Ultimate Jeopardy(Large)*

November- November To Remember(PPV)

December- Massacre on 34th Street(PPV)

*- formally known as ECW Arena Event

Roster as of January 2001:



AJ Styles(25, Opener)

Balls Mahoney(50, Lower Midcard)

Bill Alfonso(60, Manager)

Bilvis Wesley(38, Lower Midcard)

Christian York(49, Lower Midcard)

CM Punk(37, Opener)

CW Anderson(55, Midcard)

Cyrus(70, Non-Wrestler)

Danny Doring(40, Lower Midcard) =O= ECW World Tag Team Champion

Dawn Marie(50, Manager)

Elektra(40, Manager)

EZ Money(45, Lower Midcard)

Francine(65, Manager)

Jack Victory(50, Manager)

Jazz(50, Lower Midcard)

Jerry Lynn(70, Upper Midcard)

Joel Gertner(65, Manager)

Joel Maximo(25, Opener)

Joey Matthews(47 Lower Midcard)

Johnny Swinger(48, Lower Midcard)

Jose Maximo(25, Opener)

Julio Dinero(42, Lower Midcard)

Justin Credible(66, Upper Midcard)

Kid Kash(40, Lower Midcard)

Little Guido(42, Lower Midcard)

Lou E. Dangerously(50, Manager)

Mikey Whipwreck(53 Midcard)

New Jack(65, Midcard)

Nova(45, Lower Midcard)

Paul Heyman(70, Non-Wrestler or Manager)

Rhino(68, Midcard) =O= ECW World Television Champion

Roadkill(42, Lower Midcard) =O= ECW World Tag Team Champion

Rob Van Dam(80, Upper Midcard)

Sal E. Graziano(50, Manager)

Sandman(72, Upper Midcard)

Scotty Anton(50, Midcard)

Simon Diamond(50, Lower Midcard)

Spanish Angel(47, Midcard)

Spike Dudley(61, Midcard)

Steve Corino(75, Upper Midcard) =O= ECW World Heavyweight Champion

Super Crazy(57, Lower Midcard)

The Sinister Minister(60, Manager)

Tommy Dreamer(72, Upper Midcard)

Tony DeVito(51, Midcard)

Tony Mamaluke(36, Lower Midcard)

Yoshihiro Tajiri(52, Lower Midcard)

Tag Teams:

Da Baldies(Spanish Angel & Tony DeVito)

Diamond and Swinger(Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger)

Doring and Roadkil(Danny Doring & Roadkill)

Hot Commodity(Julio Dinero & EZ Money)

Spike and New Jack(Spike Dudley & New Jack)

Team ECW(Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman)

The FBI(Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke)

El Maximos(Joel & Jose Maximo)

The Unholy Alliance(Yoshihiro Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck)

York and Matthews(Christian York & Joey Matthews)


The Unholy Alliance(Mikey Whipwreck & Yoshihiro Tajiri w/ The Sinister Minister)

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ECW on ESPN2 Preview

The return of ECW on national television is on January 5, 2001 starting at 10:00 pm on ESPN2. For the debut of ECW on ESPN2, the ECW World Television Championship will be on the line! Also the return of Rob Vam Dam to ECW television after being on hiatus for 2 months! Rob Van Dam puts out an Open Challenge to anybody in the ECW locker room. All this and more on ECW on ESPN2!

***Main Event***

Open Challenge

Rob Van Dam versus ???

-The return of Rob Van Dam to ECW! The Whole F'n Show puts out an open challenge to anybody in the ECW locker room. Who will accept his challenge?

ECW World Television Championship

Tommy Dreamer versus Rhino

-Paul Heyman promised for the debut of ECW on ESPN2 that the ECW World Television Championship will be on the line. Can Tommy Dreamer defeat The Big F'n Deal to capture his first ECW World Television Championship?

York and Matthews versus Diamond and Swinger

-Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger demanded a match-up for the debut of ECW on ESPN2. So the match was made, York and Matthews goes against Diamond and Swinger. Who will come out victorious?

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Your backstory is very good, however am not to sure on the signings of Styles and Punk, but well have to wait and see, as long as they both don't come in with 10 month undefeated streaks then they could be great signings. Be interesting to see where ECW can go from here.

Good luck and can't wait to see where this goes.

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Extreme Championship Wrestling on ESPN2

Date: 1/5/01

Location: ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The show opens up with “The King of Old School” - Steve Corino. Steve Corino has the ECW World Heavyweight Championship wrapped around the waist of his. The fans are chanting “ECW”, they quiet down as Steve Corino lifts the microphone and begins to speak.

Steve Corino: Let me, The King of Old School and The ECW World Heavyweight Champion - Steve Corino, personally welcome everybody to the first episode of ECW on ESPN2!

Fans start to chant "ECW, ECW, ECW!"’

Steve Corino: This is good, it really is. But what doesn't make it great as it is being held in the shithole that is the ECW Arena!

The fans boo the ECW World Heavyweight Champion.

Steve Corino: Yeah, yeah. Calm down you drunks! This is my hometown too!

The fans boo.

Steve Corino: But, this bingo hall really sucks! Why couldn't of we held this first episode at the Hammerstein Ballroom or somewhere...ya know...GOOD?!?

The fans really give it to Steve Corino, as they chant "Fuck you Steve! Fuck you Steve! Fuck you Steve!"

Steve Corino: F(bleep)ck me?! F(bleep)ck the King of Old School? HAH! You only wish! YAll you homosexuals wish you could have someone as talented, and charismatic as me to take home to your Mom! Because I know that everybody here lives in their parents' basement!

The fans at the ECW Arena are really getting pissed.

Steve Corino: To all you faggots here at the ECW Arena expecting me to defend my title (rubs his championship) I guess should leave now. Because I know that's what you all paid for. You all paid for ME, The King of Old School, to defend his beloved championship TONIGHT! Take all your signs and t-shirts, and just leave now before anymore disapointment comes along!


The music of Rob Vam Dam hits, the fans go crazy! Instantly singing along with the song. Steve Corino is in a panic, he frantically looks around going nuts! Rob Van Dam and The Fonzie come out from behind the curtain. Fans go wild! The return of Rob Van Dam to ECW! ECW walks out with his ring gear on and a 'RVD 4:20' t-shirt over it. The Fonzie comes out in his normal clothes and whistle. Rob Van Dam stops in the middle of the aisle and does his famous thumb pose. He finally makes his way into the ring and jumps around. RVD again does his thumb pose with the fans saying it along with him "R-V-D!" Rob Van Dam grabs a microphone and taps on it to see if it works before speaking.

Rob Van Dam: You know Steve-O...You aren't what the fans paid to see. The fans paid to see the return of (thumb pose) Rob...Van...Dam - The WHOLE Fuckin' Show!

Fans start chanting "RVD! RVD! RVD!"

Rob Van Dam: I guess I have been gone for so long that, you've filled yourself with hot air. Because the last time I knew, the only person who is talented...and charismatic. Was me (thumb pose) Rob...Van...Dam! And I'm back and I'm here to take what should of been mine a long time ago!

Steve Corino chimes in.

Steve Corino: What should of been yours? Are you talking about that 2nd rate ECW World Television Title?! Because the last thing I knew, Rhino kicked your all over in Minnesota to keep it. I also think you've smoked too much Rob, because I am not Rhino. I am…THE KING OF OLD SCHOOL - STEVE F(bleep)CKIN' CORINO! So please Rob, save yourself the embarrassment and go to the back.

Steve does the "shoo fly dont bother me" thing with his hands.

Rob Van Dam: Yeah, you're right Steve. The ECW World Television is NOW 2nd rate with Rhino holding it. But no, that is not why I am here. I'm here...(points at Steve's ECW World Heavyweight Title) for that belt around your waist! We all knew it as a matter of time until (thumb pose) Rob...Van...Dam got his hands on the ECW World title. And since this is the new year, my new years resolution is to KICK YOUR ASS! And take the ECW World title in the process!

Fans go wild as they want to see Rob Van Dam the ECW World Heavyweight Champion! Fonzie gets in the face of Steve Corino blowing his whistle. Steve puts up his arm and places it on the Fonzies forehead, pushing him away.

Steve Corino: Well sorry to burst your smoke bubble.

Steve gives a chuckle.

Steve Corino: But you haven't been here in 2 god damn months! What makes you think you can walk down here and demand a title shot?! I have carried this company for the 2 months that you have been gone. Don't fool yourself Rob, you just aren't worthy of this title!...

Rob Van Dam: Oh really?

Steve Corino: Yeah, really! So why don't just leave my ring...and go sit in your car and smoke some more until your match-up later.

Rob Van Dam: Alright Steve, since you don’t want to step up like a man.... I'll leave. But sooner or later...Sooner or later we will face off for that beloved title of yours and (thumb pose) R...V...D will finally become ECW World Heavyweight Champion!

Rob Van Dam drops the microphone. He goes to exit the ring and RVD gets throttled by Steve Corino with the ECW World Heavyweight Championship. Corino beats down RVD and The Fonz. Steve Corino stands over him with his title high in the air as the opening video plays.


The new ECW opening video shows up and starts to play. Even though the there is the new video it still has the same song. "This is Extreme!" by Harry and The Slashtones plays. As the video gets over we join Joey Styles and Joel Gertner in the announcers booth.

Joel Gertner: Well, well, well.... This is debut ECW on ESPN2! And I'm "The Quintessential Studmuffin" - Joel "Put your lipstick on my dipstick" Gertner...


Joel Gertner: And oh yeah, this is Joey Styles...

Joey snatches the microphone away from Joel, and gives him a glare before speaking.

Joey Styles: We have a lot of hard hitting action tonight, on the debut of ECW on ESPN2! We already saw the return of Rob Van Dam! And he wants Steve Corino's ECW World Heavyweight Championship, and Steve Corino replied with a cheap shot. But now we have Christian York and Joey Matthews in the ring awaiting their opponent for the first match-up on ECW on ESPN2!

The camera cuts to the ring as York and Matthews are waiting for Simond Diamond and Johnny Swinger with Electric Molecular by Chemlab still playing. Simon Says by Drain STH hits the loud speaker as Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger make their way out from the back. After posing and hassling the fans, they finally get in the ring.

1st Match:

Christian York & Joey Matthews versus Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger

This was a good match-up for the start of ECW on ESPN2. The fans got behind York & Matthews. It went back and forth between the two teams. A lot of high flying moves were executed by York & Matthews, but the power of Swinger got the best of them for a little while. Matthews got the upper hand on Simon Diamond and it looked like York and Matthews were going to win. But they forgot about CW Anderson.

Joey Styles: It's CW Anderson! The Enforcer has made his way to ring and is dismantling Christian York and Joey Matthews.

Joel Gertner: You didn't forget about CW Anderson did you, Joey? It was only a matter of time until CW Anderson came out to help Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger.

After CW Anderson destroyed York and Matthews. Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger hit their finishing move, The Problem Solver on Joey Matthews and got the win.

Joey Styles: Diamond and Swinger pick up the victory after they executed their finishing move, The Problem Solver on Joey Matthews. That double team DDT is dangerous!

Winners: Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger pick up the win after hitting the Problem Solver.

Simon Diamond slaps CW Anderson on the chest a couple of times. And then Diamond and Swinger pose in the middle of the ring with CW Anderson standing behind them.

(61%, 49%, 87%)

A video starts to play, its all dark a room with candles all around. A man picks up a candle and brings it close to his face. Exposing himself to being The Sinister Minister.

Sinister Minister: This is the return of ECW on national television. ECW has survived to make it to a new year. Bravo ECW, Bravo. You’ve really proved the nay-sayers wrong. ..


Sinister Minister: But my Unholy Alliance isn't very pleased…Sorry to change to subject. I know you all wanted to hear me praise ECW, but that’s not important. What is important is my Unholy Alliance! My Unholy Alliance wasn’t even acknowledged to be booked tonight. They weren't even brought up as a possibility. The best tag team in ECW, and they aren’t even booked on the show. Instead, the unworthy team of Christian York and Joey Matthews get a match. Because of you’re lack of noticing real talent, we are going to bring havoc and chaos to ECW. My Unholy Alliance is going to reek havoc upon all of the unworthy. But that isn't the point of the matter, the point of the matter is...My Unholy Alliance wants a piece of Danny Doring and Roadkill. Danny Doring and Roadkill are the true people who are unworthy of the success they have achieved. They don’t deserve the ECW Tag Team Titles. Starting next week, we are going to get rid of the unworthy. One…by one…by one. Until there is nobody left except Danny Doring and Roadkill. You wont know when. You wont know where…But my Unholy Alliance will get to you.


Sinister Minister: To sum it all up, The Unholy Alliance has declared war on the ECW tag team division! Be prepared!

The Sinister Minister gives his evil laugh that he does. Then you hear laughter of two other people, Mikey Whipwreck and Tajiri bring candles up close to their face as they are laughing along with The Sinister Minister.

The video ends with the trio still laughing. The scene cuts back to the announcers booth.


Joey Styles: Wow, The Unholy Alliance has declared war on the ECW Tag Team Division!

Joel Gertner: Oh please Joey. They are just bluffing, trying to scare Paul Heyman into giving them a title shot at Guilty As Charged. But it isn’t going to work. I know Paul Heyman isn't going to be fooled into their games.

Joey Styles: Speaking of Guilty As Charged! It is going to live on Pay Per View at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City on January 21!

Joel Gertner: (cough) Cheap plug (cough)

Joey Styles: Oh please! Don't even start!…

Joel Gertner: What?! I just coughed! Don't get all bent out of shape Joey Styles..…Jeez.

Joey is just shaking his head. The camera cuts back into the ring. Cyrus is in the ring with a microphone in hand. Cyrus has his usual smug look on his face as he raises the microphone to his mouth and begins to speak.

Cyrus: Look at this! ECW has made their way on ESPN2 to disgrace themselves even more. Tremendous! Because I love to see ECW fail, it's almost as great as…ROLLERJAM!

Fans boo at Cyrus. Cyrus eats it up and gives a chuckle.

Cyrus: Oh come on, it has been three months since I canceled the show. I figured you all would of forgotten by now. But yet again, what else do you people have in Philadelphia? Your baseball team sucks, your basketball team sucks, and even your hockey team sucks!

Fans boo Cyrus.

Cyrus: Hey, don't blame me! I mean I’m only doing my job, and speaking of my job…The Network is not very happy. Beca--

This is Extreme! By Harry and The Slashtones play and Paul Heyman comes out from the back. Having heard enough, he stomps his way to the ring. He grabs a microphone from the bell table and rolls under the bottom rope. He gets in and begins to speak.

Paul Heyman: The network is not very happy? What the f(bleep)ck are you talking about Cyrus? This isn’t your network, this is ESPN2! This is not your half-assed network, who gave a million dollars to Vince McMahon to bring his show over. This is ESPN2! The channel for EXTREME SPORTS! So you can really drop the gimmick, Don. Because it’s old, and it makes you look stupid since we are NOT on your network.

Cyrus: You didn't get the memo, Paul?

Paul Heyman: What memo?

Cyrus: Oh yeah, I forgot. I forgot to fax it to you, sorry.


Cyrus: I am, THE NEW wrestling talent executive for ESPN! Hah hah hah!

Fans boo. You can hear Joey Styles from the announce booth.

Joey Styles: Wrestling talent executive for ESPN?! What the hell?

Paul Heyman: Bullshit!

Cyrus: Hah. It's true, Paul! Once again, I own you!

You can hear Paul mouth the words, ‘"Fuck this shit."’ Paul clocks Cyrus in the head with the microphone. Paul beats down Cyrus until he is in the fetal position. The fans are chanting ‘"ECW! ECW! ECW!"‘ Paul raises the microphone to his mouth.

Paul Heyman: F(bleep)ck you! You aren't shit! You don't own me! You don't own ECW! And you sure as hell are not the wrestling talent executive for ESPN. Because I got off the phone with ESPN today, and they have informed me that, yes, there is a wrestling talent executive. But it isn't you!

Paul drops the microphone and leaves the ring, leaving Cyrus in the fetal position. This is Extreme! By Harry and The Slashtones begins to play again.


We join Joey Styles and Joel Gertner in the announcers booth.

Joey Styles: There’s a wrestling talent executive for ESPN, but it isn't Cyrus?!

Joel Gertner: Good thing it isn't. Because that guy is an a(beep)hole. I hate that guy, and I will sure as hell beat his ass in the ring again. Just like I did at Anarchy Rulz last year..…

Joey Styles: That match was great! I loved seeing Cyrus get what he deserves.

Joel gives a smirk.

Joel Gertner: I know Joey Styles, I know.

The camera cuts back to the ring. Man In The Box by Alice in Chains begins to play as the fans certainly know who this is. The fans cheer very loudly.

Joey Styles: And now it is time for the ECW Television Title match-up! Tommy Dreamer goes up against Rhino!

Tommy Dreamer makes his way into the ring. He stand in the center of the ring and does the crucifix pose. Then his music fades off, he waits for Rhino.

I don't need diamond rings or highpriced suits that shine

Limosines and flashy things or ancient bottled wine

Designer names and lavish things and million dollar hair

Debonaire by Dope hit’s the sound system. Rhino charges out from behind the back. He drops his title behind he slides into the ring. He stands up and Tommy Dreamer meets him with punches to the skull. The match has begun!

2nd Match for the ECW World Television Championship

Tommy Dreamer versus Rhino

Tommy Dreamer fires punches left and right. Only bringing The Real F'n Deal down to one knee. Rhino fires back with a shot to the gut. Rhino capitalizes and begins bringing the beating to Tommy Dreamer. Rhino goes for a clothesline but Dreamer grabs the top rope and takes Rhino to the floor. Tommy exits the ring and grabs a chair. Tommy Dreamer drives the chair over Rhinos head, breaking the chair in the process. Tommy then tries to Irish Whip Rhino into the guard rail, but Rhino reverses it and Tommy hits the guard rail hard. Rhino starts pounding on Tommy’s head with vicious shots. Tommy comes back with a low blow. Rhino holds his groin in pain. Tommy throws The Real F'n Deal over the guard rail and into the crowd. They begin to brawl all over the ECW Arena.

From then on, most of the match was Tommy Dreamer in control. Most of the match took place in the crowd until Rhino got the upper hand and lead Tommy back to ringside. Rhino literally throws Tommy Dreamer over the guard rail, only for him to meet hard concrete. Rhino comes over the guard rail. He lifts up the ECW on ESPN2 side skirt for the ring and drags out a table. Rhino slides the table in the ring and sets it up in a corner. Rhino then rolls out of the ring, only for Tommy Dreamer to jab a chair into Rhino’s gut, and then follow up by smashing the chair over Rhino’s head. Tommy Dreamer grabs Rhino by the head and rolls him into the ring. Tommy then rolls into the ring. Tommy grabs Rhino and hit’s a piledriver. Rhino holds his head in pain. Tommy goes for a pin but only gets a 2 count. Tommy picks up Rhino and tries to Irish Whip him into the corner where the table is set up. But for a 2nd time tonight, Rhino reverses the Irish Whip. Rhino then charges and Gores Tommy Dreamer threw the table! Rhino, not happy with the Gore. Proceeds to take Tommy to the apron, and RhinoDrive’s him threw the bell table. ECW fans start chanting ‘"ECW, ECW, ECW!"’ Rhino slowly recovers to his feet and drags Tommies lifeless body into the ring and gets the 3 count to keep his ECW World Television Championship!

Winner and STILL ECW World Television Champion: Rhino

(65%, 68%, 78%)

Joey Styles: OH MY GOD! Rhinodriver threw the table! Rhino retains his ECW World Television title!

Joel Gertner: You have to do whatever to takes to get the job done, Joey.

Joey Styles: Rhino beat Yoshihiro Tajiri at CyberSlam of last year and has held the title ever since. And I don't think Rhino has any plans of losing it anytime soon.

The camera cuts back to the ring.


Walk hit’s the loud speaker at the ECW Arena. Fans sing along with the song as Rob Van Dam comes out from the back with Bill Alfonso. Rob Van Dam does his thumb pose and heads for the ring. Rob Van Dam does his usual long entrance with his taunts and his famous thumb pose. Walk fades as Rob Van Dam waits to see who accepted his challenge…

Trust by Megadeth hits over the loudspeaker.


Rob Van Dam starts nodding his head, as he gets ready for Jerry Lynn. Fans go crazy as we have a stellar match-up for the Main Event for the debut of ECW on ESPN2. But it isn't Jerry Lynn who steps out from behind the curtain.

Joey Styles: That isn't Jerry Lynn, that's Scotty Anton!

It’s Scotty Anton! Scotty Anton steps out from the back and does starts doing The Clap. Fans boo very very loudly as they were expecting Jerry Lynn, not Scotty Anton. Scotty Anton makes his way to the ring, but not before standing at the end of the aisle doing The Clap. Rob Van Dam looks at Scotty Anton with a weird look on his face, as he was also expecting Jerry Lynn. Scotty Anton enters the ring.

***Main Event***

Rematch from ECW Heatwave 2000

Rob Van Dam versus Scotty Anton

“Hailing from Battle Creek, Michigan. The Whole F(beelp)ckin Show - ROB VAN DAM!”

Rob Van Dam does his thumb pose following up with spinning heel kick.

“And the challenger…from Atlanta, Georgia. SCOTTY ANTON!

Scotty Anton does The Clap as fans boo. Anton has received some good heat from the stunt he pulled. The bell rings as the this match is underway!

This match wasn't as long as their match from Heatwave 2000, but certainly as good. Scotty Anton had control from the beginning when the two locked up. Scotty Anton showed his power as he picked up Rob Van Dam and set him on the tope rope, then proceeded to shake the top rope. Rob Van Dam finally falls from the top rope and lands on the floor outside the ring. Scotty Anton taunts after Rob Van Dam hit the concrete. Then he gets out of the ring. Picks up Rob Van Dam by the hair and slams his head off of the steel guardrail. Rob Van Dam holds his jaw in pain. Scotty Anton again does his taunt, The Clap in front of the camera. Scotty Anton takes too long taunting as Rob Van Dam hits Scotty Anton with a side kick from behind. He knocks Scotty Anton into the camera man knocking him over. Rob Van Dam then takes capitalizes bashing Anton’s head off of the ring post, and Anton falls to the floor.

Rob Van Dam is then in control as he then hits a Standing Backflip on Anton. Rob Van Dam then slowly stands up and does his famous thumb pose. RVD then hits a spinning leg drop on Scott Anton. Rob Van Dam then goes to pick up Scotty Anton from his hair but Anton gives a couple solid punches to the stomach of RVD. The two then proceed to brawl around the ring. Scotty Anton rolls RVD into the ring and gets in. The two start fighting each other again, but Anton hits a DDT on RVD.

Scotty Anton then is in control of this match, by hitting big moves on RVD. Anton goes for a pin and only get a 2 count. Anton then picks up RVD and works him into a corner. Where Anton then corner chokes Rob Van Dam. Scotty Anton then stops and RVD falls to the mat, sitting in the corner. Anton then backs up and charges attempting to hit RVD in the face with a running boot. But Rob Van Dam moves and trips Anton. RVD then goes to work on Anton hitting his usually arsenal of unique moves. Rob Van Dam picks up Scotty Anton. RVD then proceeds to pick up Anton and put him on his shoulders. RVD executes the Steam Roller(Rolling Fireman's Carry Slam). RVD then bounces off the ropes and follows up with Rolling Thunder Splash. Rob Van Dam then takes the time to taunt and do his thumb pose. R-V-D! Rob Van Dam proceeds to bounce of the ropes again and does a cartwheel, then hitting a standing backflip on Scotty Anton. RVD goes for the pin and Anton kicks out at 2. Rob Van Dam then quickly gets up, drags Anton over towards the corner. Rob Van Dam jumps up and hits a split-legged moonsault. Rob Van Dam goes for the pin again and Scotty Anton kicks out at 2.

Rob Van Dam picks up Anton and Irish Whips him into the corner, Rob Van Dam runs and hits the Rolling Thunder Monkey Flip on Anton. Flinging him to the other side of the ring. Scotty Anton rolls out of the ring. Rob Van Dam then grabs the top rope and shoots himself over the top rope and hits Anton with a Flying Cross Body. Both men are on laying on the floor, lifeless. The fans at the ECW Arena start chanting “RVD, RVD, RVD!” Rob Van Dam slowly picks up Scotty Anton and attempts a Irish Whip into the steel guard rail. Scotty Anton reverses. Rob Van Dam hits hard and is leaning up against the steel guard rail. Scotty Anton then charges and clotheslines Van Dam over the guard rail. Anton then takes this opportunity to go under the ring and grab a table. Anton takes the table and slides it into the ring. Anton gets in the ring and sets up the table in the middle of the ring. Then Scotty Anton gets out of the ring to get Rob Van Dam.

As Anton reaches the floor, Van Dam springs up, and leaps off the steel guard rail and hit Scotty Anton with a Spinning Heel Kick. Anton goes down. Rob Van Dam slowly gets to his feet and picks up Scotty Anton and slides him into the ring. RVD then gets in the ring and picks up Scotty and sets him up on the table. Rob Van Dam then quickly climbs the turnbuckle. He does his thumb pose, looks around and then leaps. FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH! FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH ON SCOTTY ANTON THREW THE TABLE! The two go threw the table!

Joey Styles: OH MY GOD!

An Extreme Replay is shown: “RVD then quickly climbs the turnbuckle. He does his thumb pose, looks around and then leaps. FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH! FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH ON SCOTTY ANTON THREW THE TABLE!”

Rob Van Dam finally puts his arm over Anton’s lifeless body and the referee makes the count. 1...2...3! Rob Van Dam slowly gets to his feet from the help of Bill Alfonso. He raises RVD’s arm in victory.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

(54%, 60%, 63%)

Rob Van Dam taunts as Scotty Anton slowly gets to his feet, holding his stomach. Rob Van Dam then turns to Scotty Anton. He grabs a microphone.

Rob Van Dam: Lets burry the hatchet Scotty. What do you say?

Rob Van Dam extends his hand for a handshake. Scotty Anton extends his hand and shakes Rob Van Dams hand. Rob Van Dam then raises Scotty Anton’s arm. But Scotty Anton then DDT's Rob Van Dam. Bill Alfonso then tries to get in Scotty Anton's face, only to get DDT'd.

Joey Styles: What a bastard! Scotty Anton is a no good bastard!

Steve Corino then makes his way out from the back. He gets in the ring and shakes Scotty Anton's hand. Anton exits the ring as Steve Corino stands over Rob Van Dam screaming at him, kicking him a couple of times. It then fades to the ECW logo and under it “Copyright ECW 2001. Extreme Championship Wrestling Inc. All Rights Reserved.”

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Hardcore TV

Date: 1/6/01(but it was taped with ECW on ESPN2)

Location: ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A replay of the Sinister Minister promo plays. (71%)

Jerry Lynn def. AJ Styles, the two shake hands after the match. (61%, 40% ,82%)

A replay of the Steve Corino/Rob Van Dam confrontation plays. (80%)

Sandman def. CM Punk. CM Punk attacks Sandman after their match. (61%, 55%, 68%)

CM Punk gets on the microphone after beating down Sandman.

CM Punk: My name is CM Punk!


CM Punk: I am drug and alchohol free...I'm Straight Edge, which means I'm better then you! I dont need drugs or alcohol to get the high out of life! It's people like you Sandman who disgust me!

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Pretty solid, I'd suggest proof-reading some before posting, but not a big deal. Scotty Anton is a cool bit, I really liked him in ECW. The Rollerjam reference had me remembering the good old days. RVD going after Corino is an obvious choice, I would just hope that there was a stronger champ for RVD to chase. I reeeeally didn't like Corino in ECW, and I only see him fitting a couple of niches (manager, for one, but that's just me personally). Even Justin Credible was better than him.

The quick results for Hardcore TV are a good idea. Is that show an hour long? I think?

CM Punk/Sandman is something I saw a mile away when you said you had plans for Punk. Good choice, but I'm not sure how keen I am with Punk at this stage. He hadn't really developed as a character at this point, and was still working IWA:MS and the like. But of course, this is fiction so who gives a fuck?

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Nice first show there. I would have appreciate to see the same description of Hardcore TV as well. I would like to see also the debut of AJ Styles dexcripted and also a longer segment with CM Punk. For the rest, nothing to say. Nice job!

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