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WWE 2003


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OOC Note: This is a repost of the WWE 2003 diary I did in EWB3. So that means I will repost about 5 shows within this week or somethin like that. The difference is that MOST..if not all of the shows reposted are edited and modified to make more sense. So sit back and relax as you view my 'CONNAN O BRIEN' like intro. Or so they told me

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The year 2002 gave the WWE a few ups, and obviously more downs. On January we saw the return of Triple H. And we also saw him win the 2002 Royal Rumble after eliminating Kurt Angle .

Febuary, Vince McMahon tried to make up for the failed Invasion angle by making the nWo arrive at the WWE.

March, Jericho lost his title to Triple H at WM18. Hogan turned face after his battle with The Rock. Stone Cold, well took some time off after Mania. And also the post-mania week paved way for the WWE Roster Split. Where 2 brands drafted one superstar after another. The result looked ok as RAW had more established stars and SmackDown! got more talented superstars.

Well the first 3 months of the WWE were not that bad. But from April to July, things got from bad to worse. Scott Hall and Mr. Perfect were fired after that plane ride incident in UK. On June, Stone Cold Steve Austin walked out of the WWE, although rumors say that he will be returning this year. Well we got a view of how Kurt Angle would look like without hair. And hey he looks better without it. And also in this month we saw the 5 second in-ring return of Kevin Nash, that is until he tore his Quadriceps. Well as if the nWo are now 2 members short, X-Pac got fired forcing the faction to part ways. The only thing notably good at this portion of the year was the surprising announcement that Eric Bischoff was named the RAW General Manager.

On August, the best 2002 PPV yet occurred. Summerslam! Where we saw the in-ring return of Shawn Michaels himself as he defeated his former friend Triple H. Also on the PPV, we saw Brock Lesnar become the youngest WWE Champion when he defeated The Rock for the title.

The Fall months in the WWE was a constant struggle. On the SmackDown! side they had a wedding for 2 gay guys (Billy and Chuck) which was thankfully cut short when Bischoff and 3MW interrupted the ceremony. Well if that was not enough, just this December Al Wilson proposed to Dawn Marie. Yep, an old geezer is about to marry a person twice as young as he is. On the RAW side, they tried too much shock value instead of focusing on newer talent, which was the intended purpose of the "split". The worst moment came when Triple H was feuding with Kane, and brought up a crazy story about how Kane was a murderer, rapist, drunk driver, and a necrophiliac. Mind you, Kane was supposed to be locked away for years before making his WWF debut to chase the Undertaker. The angle went so far as having Triple H dressed up as Kane and screwing a fake woman in the coffin, who was supposed to be Katie Vick. The angle did NOT draw ratings. Desparate for a big time feud, as any other Triple H opponents weren't fairing well against the Game, the WWE went to the well twice with HHH vs. Shawn Michaels, as that feud headlined 2 shows in a row for Pay Per Views. The rest of RAW was badly organized, and RAW's ratings dropped in 2002, greatly.

Smackdown, on the other hand, had its ups and downs. On one hand, you had guys like the Guerreros, Rey Mysterio, Edge, Kurt Angle, and Chris Benoit putting on incredible matches, even making the newly created Smackdown Tag Team Titles very worthy of their creation. The Benoit/Angle vs. Mysterio/Edge tag matches were TOP QUALITY. You could pair any of those 6 guys against each other, and the match would at least be good. However, Smackdown had its problems. Brock Lesnar was dealt with so very bad feuds after getting the win over the Rock at Summerslam. The Undertaker AND the Big Show were both shipped over from RAW to create World Title feuds with Brock. The matches against the Undertaker were respectable, especially the Hell in the Cell one, but the WWE storylines had the Undertaker suffering several "injuries" to make Brock's victories look weak. Then, the Big Show was mega-pushed from the second he arrived on Smackdown, and even beat Brock Lesnar for the World Title at Survivor Series , injuring Lesnar. At least, though, the WWE got smart and put the Undisputed title on Kurt Angle at Armageddon 2002, and we'll see what this forming of the new Heyman stable will do for 2003. I'm optimistic about it, especially with the Team Angle tag team and using Heyman as a big mouthpiece for Big Show.

Brock Lesnar, possibly the story of 2002. In the late 1990's, the WWF and WCW had a bidding war over the Heavyweight NCAA amateur wrestling champion from Minnesota. The WWF won, and Brock Lesnar was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling for several years of seasoning. Because he was a product from the bidding war, Lesnar had a big guaranteed contract, and when you have a big contract in the WWE, you're going to get pushed no matter what. Lesnar was brought in with Paul Heyman as a manager, and was slowly pushed to become a main eventer. Lesnar won the King of the Ring 2002 to become the #1 Contender for the Undisputed Title at Summerslam 2002. The WWE tried numerous attempts to get main eventers to lay down for Lesnar, such as Austin, but one man put him over once and for all: the Rock, who was Undisputed champion at Summerslam. It was easy to say that 2002 was the year of Brock Lesnar.

IN other words, 2002 was not a good year for WWE. Buyrates dropped. Ratings dropped. Billy and Chuck's pants dropped. And so on and so fort. Well the year right now is 2003. The date, January 1, 2003. It seems like a new year, but will the WWE make a new year's resolution and revamp their style? Or will they crash and burn? Find out if they would shine back to their old glory or fall down to their knees in this story.

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Company Information

Company: World Wrestling Entertainment

Owner: Linda McMahon

Size: Global

Current PI: 71%

Money: 35,000,000

Risk: 70%

Production: 100%


Chairman: Vincent Kennedy McMahon Jr.

RAW Main Writers: Brian Gewirtz, Michael Hayes, and Ed Koskie

SmackDown! Main Writers: Dr. Tom Prichard(also trainer), Stephanie McMahon, Paul Heyman and Dave Lagana

RAW Announcers: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Jonathan Coachman, Kevin Kelly and Lita(also wrestler)

SmackDown! Announcers: Michael Cole, Tazz(also wrestler), Josh Matthews, Ernest 'THE CAT' Miller(also wrestler), Tony Chimel and Mark Lloyd

Trainers David 'Fit' Finalay, Dory Funk, Jack Collins, Tom Prichard(also writer) and Michael Monroue

Known Referees Earl Hebner, Dave Hebner, Tim White, Nick Patrick, Charles Robinson and Jack Doan

RAW Roster

Al Snow


Booker T

Bubba Ray Dudley

Cheif Morley

Chris Jericho

Chris Nowinski


D'Lo Brown

D-Von Dudley

Eric Bischoff(RAW GM)






Jeff Hardy

Johnny Stamboli


Kevin Nash(injured)

Lance Storm



Molly Holly

Randy Orton(injured)


Ric Flair

Rob Van Dam


Scott Steiner

Shawn Michaels

Spike Dudley

Stacy Keibler

Steven Richards


Tommy Dreamer

Triple H

Trish Stratus


Willam Regal

SmackDown! Roster


Big Show

Bill DeMott

Billy Gunn

Billy Kidman

B2 Buchanan

Charlie Haas

Chavo Guerrero

Chris Benoit

Chris Kanyon

Crash Holly

Dawn Marie

Eddie Guerrero


Ernest 'The Cat' Miller(announcer)


Jamie Noble

John Cena

Kurt Angle

Matt Hardy Version 1.0



Paul London

Paul Heyman

Rey Mysterio


Scotty 2 Hotty

Shannon Moore

Shelton Benjamin

Stephanie McMahon(SmackDown! GM)



The Rock(inactive)

Torrie Wilson



World Heavyweight: Triple H

WWE Champion: Kurt Angle

Tag Team Champions: Los Guerreros

World Tag Team Champions: Booker T and Goldust

Cruiserweight Champion: Billy Kidman

Women's Champion: Victoria

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Chapter One: The New Year

Date: January 1, 2003

Time: 3PM

Venue: Vince's Office at WWE HQ

The scene opens with Vince Mcmahon sitting on his chair and drinking a cup of coffee. He looked at the recently finished SmackDown! taping stat sheet on his desk. That was the next program that the WWE will air on the next day. Sure it was taped earlier like last Saturday. 2 days before the new year. Just then someone with a 40x resistol hat entered the room. Obviously it was Jim Ross. BAH GAWD!

JR: Hey Vince. Was there something you want me to that's why I'm here now?

Vince: Oh no, nothing really Jim. Just wanted to greet you a happy New Year. How was your New Year's Eve yesterday?

JR: Bah gawd Vince it was great. Me and the wife were eating with my family and friends. Yeah we had spare ribs and my usual patented BBQ sauce of course. How was yours?

Vince: Fine, I just slept an hour after the new year started. Not the best sleep I had though. Jim, the SmackDown! taping we are going to air tomorrow. What do you think? Do we need to give Heyman complete control over the bookings or shall Stephanie just take his position for it?

JR: I am not sure Vince, it is up to you. But I do think Heyman just needs to be a SmackDown! booker. Although I do not recommend him to take full control of it, it should still pass through the other main bookees for both shows. Like Sarge and your daughter Stephanie.

Vince: How about Bischoff? What do you think about him?

JR: Same as Heyman. They are very good in bookings but if they get too out of hand you know what will happen.

Vince: Well I see then. What is going on with the Hogan situation?

JR: Vince, Hogan is touring in Japan now. I don't know if he will return with us within this year or not.

Vince: How about Rock?

JR: Rock? Well he said he can make a slight appearance this year. But it is still uncertain for now. He still is busy with his movie career. Once the movie is done however, he told me he can return. He does not know when it will be over though. So that means tha..

Vince: We need to do something. Jim, can you call Steve?

JR: Dr. Death?

Vince: No. You know who I am talking about dammit. Call Steve Austin this week. Tell him that I really need to talk to him about something.

JR: Austin? Well sure, I guess the incident is cooled off since it was 6 months already. I will Vince, I will.

With that, the Oklahoma native left the office. Vince got up from his chair and looked outside from his huge window and thought about things that he can put into this year for his company.

Vince: This year is gonna be a long one. Better make good use of it then.

We notice the door was open and a man in afro was slowly closing the door from the outside. Vince looked behind him to see nobody as the door was shut in. He checked the door and opened it. He looked at the corridor if there was somebody. Turns out there was none. He scratched his head as he closed the door and headed to his desk again.

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<center>January 1, 2003 Wednesday

user posted image</center>


2003 Preview

By: D-Extreme and Jaypee Vee

Well it is yet another new year here. And on this New Year's Special Edition of this site, me and JP here will be giving you a preview of the year 2003 with a look at the top 2 feds of North America. Well let us start first with the NWA: TNA. A fed that Jerry Jarrett started just last summer of 2002.

D-Ex: Well JP to me and the so called 'smarks' of the Internet Wrestling Community, TNA is pretty great! I mean we got to see Hall there. Heck I got more even hooked when Lynn and Styles faced off for the x-division title. I mean did you see that rivalry they gots?

Jaypee: Dude I dunno but you need to work on your damn grammar ok? I am saying this as a friend. Hey lets not keep the crowd waiting shall we? Ok folks here is the lowdown on NWA TNA!

National Wrestling Alliance: Total Nonstop Action

Nationally Acclaimed

Owned by Jerry Jarrett

Notes: Most of the wrestler are comprised of either former WWE stars or great indy scene wrestlers.

TV Schedules/PPV Schedules: PPV Event Happens Every Wednesday.

This federation debuted Summer of 2002. Its first even showcased a short lived Double J/Hall feud. The first champion they had was Ken Shamrock when he won the 20 men gauntlet for the gold match. After a month of two a man named Ron Killings(formerly known as the rowdy rapper K-Kwik of the WWE) defeated Shamrock to be the first African American to hold the title. Or so some tell me, nah I dunno. Anyways his reign was stopped by Jeff Jarrett after Jeff defeated the truth thanks to the help of VINCE RUSSO!!! Yes the old time running buddy of Double J! Although his efforts were in vain as Jeff did not want to align himself with Russo. Hence Russo made this faction he calls S.E.X. NO! NOT THE "SEX" that we know! Sports Entertainment Extreme! They were composed of Russo, the harris twins, BG James and Sanders and Gilberti. When all hope was lost though Dusty Rhodes, yep the DAMN AMERICAN DREAM, arrived in the scene and backed up the tradition side of NWA against the Sports Entertainment side of S.E.X.

Well in the year 2003 what does the year have in store for TNA you ask? Maybe more star power! Recently we heard that several wrestlers have agreed to appear this year with TNA on their PPVs. With the likes of Sting, Scott Hall and Lex Luger appearing on their next PPV, it seems like TNA will soon be on the rise. And maybe when we are doing the 2004 preview, they might even be a top contender that will fight the WWE. That is if they can still survive. Some sources claim that TNA are having a slight financial problems since November of 2002. If they keep it up, well its goodbye TNA. So do a good job Jerry and try to make your product better angle wise cause your wrestling aspect is a-ok to us already.

D-Extreme and Jay Pee Vee's predictions:

D-Ex: I tells ya JayP! This year of 2003, K-Kwik is gonna…er..I mean Ron Killings is gonna get that title back from Jeff Jarrett. And I think Killings will join S.E.X. as well!

JayP: I see. But as for me at the start of this year I bet Glen Gilberti will be the top contender for the title.

D-Ex: Disco?! I mean Killings has a better chance in getting that title you know?!

JayP: But hey they both got lousy gimmicks in their previous feds right? And now look at them. As far as The Truth goes I think he will play babyface and feud with one of the top heels. I guess we might see a Killings/Gilberti feud for the title. Sound good for ya?

D-Ex: I still think the K-Kwik gimmik ruled Jay P. Well onto some other things. Well last PPV Justin Credible entered TNA and he and Lynn brawled in the backstage. I guess they will have some sort of Hardcore feud. With us hearing those lousy E-C-Dub chants. Well why cant people see that its the year 2003 and not 2000?! ECW is dead people..GET OVER IT! SHEESH!

JayP: Hey buddy watch it, even though they're just reading this they might get pissed and send us hate mail

D-Ex: SO?! They give me those crap EVERYTIME I do my weekly weekend report! I do not give a damn about them so called smart marks. They can just uh..go get a bucket KFC and shove it up their bum bums as Dusty Rhodes harasses them to give him a piece of chicken! Cause I do not give a damn of what they think of me having some sort of this 'FETIS' for men who are tall and with hairy backs!

JayP: MOOODY! Well how about the tag division?

D-Ex: AMW is pretty good. They blend well, I think that Triple X guys will give them some competition. I will not be surprised if AMW will get a third member. Maybe they will get Mike Barton who was a Smokin Gun back in the WWF or something in that area. But those guys with Father James Mitchel, damn there as scarry as hell man! They might be the next tag champs but hey that is just my opinion.

JayP: This X-Division thing is pretty interesting. Its like cruiserweight division but a bit different.

D-Ex: Yeah I know what you mean..I bet even A-Train can get in that division and baldo bomb the competition!!! OH YEAH!

JayP: …I see. Well on to the next federation. THE WWE!!!

World Wrestling Entertainment

Globally Acclaimed

Owned by Linda McMahon

Notes: They recently had this brand extension which split up the company

TV Schedules/PPV Schedules: They got monthly PPV’s And their top 2 TV Shows are RAW and SmackDown!

Well as you know the WWF is no more. Thanks to those panda humping losers from the other WWF! Well they now called themselves the WWE. And after Wrestlemania they held a brand extension which separated WWE into 2 brands. Which are RAW and SmackDown! On the RAW side of things right now Eric Bischoff is the General Manager. Funny to see this since it was Bischoff who had been the rival of RAW from 1996-2000 when Eric was still on WCW during the famous Monday Night Wars! On the SmackDown! side of things Stephanie McMahon was the GM. We do not know why but hey atleast they have a lady being a GM instead of it being all male dominated right?

Last year was the year of the returns. As we saw numerous people making their return to the WWE from Goldust to Mr. Perfect to the nWo and also Shawn Michaels. Sure 2002 proved to be a down point for the WWE since they have no competition to fight over the ratings so as the saying goes. 'If nobody is looking, DO IT HALF-ASSED!' And so they did! We did though see memorable matches from the Raw Roulette TLC match to the Survivor Series Elimination chamber match. And also the SmackDown! brand match up of The Rock and Brock Lesnar.

D-Extreme and Jay Pee Vee's predictions:

D-Ex: Well JayP I am telling you, this year will be A-Train's year! He is going to DOMINATE the SmackDown! brand. Just you see!

JayP: Yeah he has a chance alright, as much as Steven Richards will be Heavyweight Champ this year  :rolleyes:

D-Ex: Well as you know Kurt Angle now has Team Angle. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Hass. But what if Shelton might go to the good guy side since he and Brock were after all tag team partners in OVW and college mates at Minnesota!

JayP: That is an interesting speculation there D. Maybe we will see soon if Shelton will leave Team Angle for the good guy side

D-Ex: Well  this year as well I think will be the rise of Scott Steiner. I mean NOTHING IS FINER THAN SCOTT STEINER!!! Oh wait something is Finer than crap Steiner…BOOKA T!!! SUCKA!!!! Ok let me take that back JayP I think Booker T will get the title from Triple H at the next PPV unless he needs to defend his tag titles with Goldy against some team though.

JayP: I dunno D-Ex. They are telling us that it will be Steiner vs Triple H at Royal Rumble. Hence why I see Trips and Scotty Steiner in the Royal Rumble poster.…yeck!

D-Ex: You got a point there. Steve Austin is reported to be with the WWE even though he is sitting out of his contract. So for another prediction. I think Austin will be returning soon to the WWE don't you think so JayP

JayP: I am not sure man. But we can be sure that the year 2003 will be also a rise for another RAW star who is Christopher Nowinski! He has the intelligence and also the talent to be a rising star at the WWE do you not think so D-Extreme?

D-Ex: Well he is from tough enough and let me ask you, do you see Maven in the main event this year? NO! I think he and Nowinski are the future. But I think they wont get their humungous push this year. They still have a long way to go before they reach the top pinnacle of the WWE. Hey I dunno if the so called alliance of Dlo and Chris Harvard will actually happen. I mean they were with each other 2 RAWs straight. I am thinking they will team them up, I hope they don't do that. No offense but I would like to see Nowinski tagging with Randy Orton instead. And D'lo can just tag with Mark Henry or something.

JayP: Well I dunno, MIZZARK is in the injured list.

D-Ex: For what? Eating too many clams at last months WWE buffet?

JayP: From a pulled hamstring, you moron!

D-Ex: Well TNA might get new signees due to some info that the contracts of

Raven, Johnny Stamboli, B2 and Crash Holly will be expiring next Febuary. Although the WWE might extend their contract this month. But we do not know yet.

JayP: Well how bout let TNA just get some indy talent for a while until that stuff is confirmed huh? Hey D-Ex? You think WWE will be out of business at the end of the year?

D-Ex: Nah cause me and that idiot, Tito from LOP website are betting on it. He told me they will go bankrupt this year. If he gets it right I will wear a dress everytime I go to work here, if WWE is not bankrupt by the end of the year…hey Tito if your reading this right now…YOU WILL BE STREAKING NAKED NEXT YEAR HERE IN THE WWOW.COM BUILDING WHEN ME AND THE OTHERS ARE THROWIN A NEW YEARS PARTY!!! HAHA!

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SmackDown! Preview:

WWE SmackDown will kick off the new year as the show will be live...From Albequerque!!!!

A lot of great matches are to be expected in this first SmackDown! event for the year 2003!

We will see Jamie Noble's cousin, Nunzio take on Crash Holly. Shall the witty cousin of Jamie prevail or will Crash give him one rough Crash Landing?

In other action, Matt Hardy is going to prove his claim to be the top wrestler of 2003 on Thursday. He will face Last Year's stand out rookie and the man who clearly dominated the year 2002, Brock Lesnar. They have met before in other occassions with Brock dominating the Elder Hardy brother. But it is a new year and will Matt Hardy make it his New Year's Resolution to finally beat the NEXT BIG THING?

Also we shall see some tag team action as Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin of Team Angle will face the combined Canadian Violence of "THE CRIPPLER" Chris Benoit and Edge. With an injured Kurt Angle accompanying his 2 proteges, will Haas and Benjamin make their leader proud? Or will the experience factor of Edge anc Benoit be good enough to send this young team into defeat?

All these and more on SmackDown! Do not miss it this Thursday night..only on UPN!

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<center>January 2, 2003 Thursday

user posted image</center>

WWE roster cuts.

By: D-Extreme

Well we just received word that today, which is New Year's Day. The World Wrestling Entertainment released Big Bossman. Bossman has been with the WWE since his return there at 1998 or some year close to that. Anyway I do not give 2 $#its wheter I got that year right for your information! Well before being released by the WWE, he has been training the talent of OVW. It seems like WWE and Big Bossman just parted ways for couple of reasons. Bossman is old and might want to take a break from wrestling. Or maybe the WWE does not have any plans for him in any future storylines.

The WWE also released Jacqueline today. For some weird reason or another. This writer's opinion of these firings, cool with me. Except firing bossman!!! DAMN YOU WWE! I WANT BIG BOSSMAN! Well that wraps it up for today I guess.

Top 100 Wrestlers of 2002

By: Jaypee Vee

Today the folks at grapplefanatics.net made a top 100 list of the best wrestlers last year. Although I will just show you their top 10. Since I am too lazy to type them all. So here they are!

1. Chris Jericho

2. Kurt Angle

3. Eddie Guerrero

4. AJ Styles

5. Shawn Michaels

6. Christopher Daniels

7. Tajiri

8. TAKA Michinoku

9. Chris Benoit

10. Jerry Lynn

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January 2, 2003

SmackDown! results

(Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz)</center>

Crash Holly vs Nunzio (w/ Jamie Noble and Nidia)

The match starts off with Nunzio charging at Crash and delivering a barrage of punches. Crash however avoids one of the punches and kicks Nunzio to the gut for a snap suplex. Crash is now in control of the match as he delivers a corner bulldog on Nunzio and goes for a pin. Nunzio kicks out at 2 as from the outside we see Jamie Noble and Nidia cheering on Nunzio. Weird thing is, Nidia or Nunzio's cousin, Jamie never interfered in this match and just watched on instead. Nunzio taking Crash down with some drop toeholds and armdrag takedowns to get the advantage from this point. Crash fights back with a few punches and a club to the back of Nunzio. Crash Holly springs up to the ropes and catches Nunzio with a tornado DDT. Nice spot there by Crash Holly. Nunzio ducks a clothesline from Crash but delivers a botched superkick that almost had Nunzio loose his balance. Crash hits an excellent DDT on Nunzio and goes for the pin but Nunzio kicks out at 2. Nunzio delivers a modified enziguri kick to Crash. Nunzio goes to the top rope now and waits for Crash to get up. Crash is up and Nunzio hits the Sicillian Slice. Nunzio pins Crash and gets the 3 count. Nunzio gets his first win in the year 2003! Good for him.


Death in the family

Tazz: What a way to kick SmackDown! with that match of Crash Holly and Nunzio right Cole?

Cole: Sure is Tazz. Well this is a way of SmackDown! kicking off the new year for our audience. Sadly we have bad news. Al Wilson, the father of our WWE Diva, Torrie Wilson passed away last Sunday. Just a few hours after his wedding to Dawn Marie, they tied knots at a Las Vegas chapel and went to a motel for their honeymoon. Although a few minutes later, Al got a heart attack and Dawn called in the paramedics to help Al out.

Tazz: Heck that was too bad. I guess Al got over excited for the honeymoon he got a heart attack. Well we here at the WWE give our condolences to Torrie and Dawn for the loss of Al Wilson.

The titantron shows footage backstage. We see a sobbing Torrie Wilson sitting down beside Billy Kidman. Kidman tries to comfort her by putting his hand on her shoulder.

Kidman: Hey Torrie, don't be so sad. I know your dad died and all but it is not the end of the world right?

Torrie: *sobbing* But he died Billy. Why did he die? This is all Dawn Marie's fault! She used him from day one just to get to me. And it worked, now he's dead! And it's all thanks to that slut!

Kidman: Hey hey hey. Take it easy Torrie, I think they did love each other, in a weird kind of way that is.

Torrie: No! She didn't love my dad! SHE USED HIM!!! SHE USED HIM

Torrie continues to cry as she buries her head on the shoulder of Billy Kidman. Billy just pats her back to try and calm her down. We go back to ringside.

Tazz: I guess Torrie is having a very hard time in her life now knowing that her dad just died.

Cole: Tazz, I do agree with Torrie that Dawn might have used Al Wilson just to get on the nerves of Torrie.

Tazz: You think so Cole? I know Dawn, she is a very manipulative seductress. So there is no doubt that she might have used Al. Poor Al, he died...but in my opinion Cole, I think Al should have not get it on with Dawn. I mean, he is too old...and look he had a cardiac arrest just getting too excited for their honey moon. Man poor guy, god bless his soul though.

Rating: 67

B2 (w/ John Cena) vs Rikishi

It was supposed to be Rikishi vs Cena tonight. Although Cena thought that Rikishi need to learn a little bit of thuganomics before he could face Cena. Things started off well as Buchanan charged at the slower Rikishi and took him down with a big boot. B2 stomps a mudhole on Rikishi at a corner. Buchanan goes for a shoulder charge in the corner but Rikishi kicks him in the face, and turns the tide around with a hard club to the back of Bling Bling Buchanan. Rikishi catches B2 with a nicely executed Samoan Drop. Rikishi sits on the face of B2 for a while before picking him up and deliver some mean chops to the chest. B2 blocks a savate kick from Rikishi and takes him down with a forearm smash. B2 thugs Rikishi out in the corner with some stomps and a boot choke to match. B2 now pounding away on Rikishi at this point with some hard punches. B2 goes for a headlock but Rikishi counters with a backdrop. At the same time B2's leg hit the head of the referee while being backdropped. The ref is down! Rikishi whips B2 to the corner and follows him over with a butt bump! You know what happens next don't ya? Rikishi delivers a STINKFACE on B2. Them bling blings aint so shinny now yo! Rikishi puts B2 in place for a banzai drop. He slowly climbs the ropes although Cena goes to the apron and blasts Rikishi with his chain wrapped fist. Rikishi falls down as the referee slowly gets up. B2 gets up and goes to the top rope. B2 delivers the top rope legdrop and pins Rikishi. 1,2,3! B2 wins!

Cole: B2 wins it thanks to John Cena of course

Tazz: Well you got to hand it to Cena, he did prove Rikishi aint in his level yet to take him on. So that is why he had Rikishi go for a trial run against Cena's boy, B2 of course.

B2 starts beating down on Rikishi and Cena slowly enters the ring as B2 holds Rikishi and Cena delivers a hard punch on Rikishi with the fist that he wrapped with his chain. He takes off the chain and places it back on his neck as he grabs the mic.

Cena: I told you Keesh you aint in my level yet

Well tonight it seems like you lost the bet

Now Rikishi you just paid the price

Only thing left to do is give you a bag of ice

But don't take it too badly. Sure you tried hard

Although it seems you will forever be a fatty retard!

Rikishi my boy here B2 just delivered you some stash

Don't hate on us though just cuz we've beaten your ASS!


Cena's music hits as he and B2 go to the middle of the ring and pose for a crowd for a brief moment. They leave the ring as the referee attends to Rikishi


Buchanan gained 1 overness

Guess whos back

We see Chuck Palumbo warming up backstage. All of a sudden someone knocks on the door. Palumbo stops his warm up exercises and opens the door. To his surprise it was someone familiar.

Chuck: Yeah? What the?! Is that you?! I cant believe your back man!

And with that we see the man enter the room. His name is Billy Gunn. The former partner of Chuck Palumbo before Billy got injured in a tag match earlier last year. He and Palumbo hug each other and then he lets go as he says something to Chuck

Billy: You bet I'm back! Although I am not scheduled to fight anyone tonight. Speaking of which I heard you will have a match up next. Don't worry man I shall be at your side during that match. Just like old times, Billy and Chuck will stick with each other through thick or thin!

With that Chuck pats Billy on the back as he heads out of the locker room. Billy follows him out

Chuck: Good to see you back buddy

Billy: Hey man its good to be back!

The footage ends as we go back to the announce position with Michael Cole and Tazz

Tazz: Hey Cole! Billy is back!

Cole: Yeah I know. Seems like the arm injury of Billy is over and now he is back with his partner Chuck. I guess those two will aim for the SmackDown! tag team titles soon huh Tazz? Well folks, coming up next, Chuck Palumbo vs the returning Chris Kanyon. Don't go anywhere, SmackDown! will be back after this!

SmackDown! goes to a commercial break.

Rating: 75

Chuck Palumbo (w/ Billy Gunn) vs Chris Kanyon

Well in this match we got 2 returning workers. Billy and Kanyon. Things start off as both men lock up. Kanyon gets the upper hand with a side headlock. Although it comes short as Palumbo whips him onto the ropes and goes for a spinning wheel kick. Kanyon ducks and takes down Palumbo with a short arm clothesline. Kanyon in control of this match as he deliver some punches and chops. The innovator of offense puts Palumbo on the corner and he delivers a corner rocker dropper on Palumbo. He pins him but Palumbo gets a shoulder up before the count of 3. Kanyon still in control of the match with some armdrags and dropkicks to take Palumbo down. Kanyon snap mares Palumbo and delivers a dropkick on the lower back of Palumbo. He locks on a abdominal stretch on Palumbo. After a while he lets go. Kanyon whips Palumbo to the ropes and ducks down for a back body drop. Palumbo stops and kicks the face of Kanyon. He takes him down with a hard left jab. That looked like it hurt! Palumbo delivers a high dropkick to Kanyon and Kanyon staggers into a corner. Palumbo goes to the corner and delivers a 10 punch. Palumbo picks up Kanyon and goes for a bodyslam but Kanyon slides behind Palumbo and delivers a schoolboy pin. Palumbo kicks out at 2. Kanyon puts Chuck Palumbo's head between the middle rope and the bottom rope and delivers a bossman attack. Kanyon picks up Palumbo and it seems to go for the flatliner. Palumbo blocks it and hits a hard elbow to the side of Kanyon's head. Kanyon staggers and Palumbo ends things with the Jungle Kick. He pins Kanyon 1,2,3!

Cole: Nice win there by Chuck Palumbo. Billy Gunn now entering the ring and they both hug each other. Its been a while since these 2 have been together.

Tazz: Well Cole atleast they cleared up they are not homosexuals. Man they convinced us that they were a while before they had that stupid commitment ceremony

Just then a familiar music plays as Billy raises Chuck's arm in victory


The fans cheer as Billy and Chuck celebrate in the ring. SmackDown! goes to a commercial break.


Dead Man Walkin

A video plays showing some footages of Undertaker during his deadman days. After the highlights fade we see a tombstone and with words engraved on it saying

"Darkness consumes the light, beckoning his return. The Dead Man walks again!"

The scene fades as we see some words in the black background

"Rising up from the grave at Royal Rumble"

Rating: 72%

Taker lost 2 overness

Tajiri vs Eddie Guerrero (w/ Chavo)

Well before the start of the match, both Eddie and Chavo have the same hair styles. Yep this year, its Mullet-less Eddie. Lets see if it will help him in this match though. Things start off with Eddie blocking a kick from Tajiri, only to be blasted by a stiff looking enzugiri. Tajiri does a standing moonsault and then picks up Eddie. He whips him into the ropes and Tajiri jumps on Eddie for a hurracanrana.

Eddie although converts it into a toss into a facecrusher variation type move. Yikes! HOW THE HELL DID HE DO THAT?! Tajiri gets up only to get whipped into a corner by Eddie. Eddie follows him over but Tajiri floats over and goes behind Eddie. Eddie turns around and is greeted by a hard kick to the chin by Tajiri sending Latino Heat down. Tajiri now puts Eddie in between the bottom rope and middle rope Tajiri goes to the apron and delivers a Jerry Lynn-like guillotine legdrop on Eddie. Tajiri is about to get in but Chavo pulls him from the apron and Tajiri hits face-first on the apron. Chavo rolls Tajiri in the ring as Eddie is slowly getting up. Both men get up at the same time. Tajiri charges at Eddie only to get take down by an armdrag. Eddie locks on a figure four armlock on Tajiri. Eddie delivers some hard chops to the chest of Tajiri and whips him into the ropes. Tajiri however does a handspring into a back elbow. But Eddie ducks the back elbow and kicks Tajrir in the gut. He goes to the ropes and takes Tajiri down with a spinning head scissor takedown. Eddie slaps his chest shouting something in Latino. Must mean "I just slapped you momma!" oh wait that's the Cat translation , not English. Eddie locks on a headlock at Tajiri. We see John Cena and B2 walking down the ramp and stop as they watch the match. Tajiri jumps out of the headlock and delivers a hard kick to the jaw of Eddie making him stagger backwards. Tajiri starts delivering some various kicks and punches and finishes things off with a spinning leg lariat to take Eddie down. Strange burst of energy there by Tajiri, oh well. Tajiri delivers an elbow drop from the top rope that hits the throat of Eddie. Outside the ring we see B2 being told by Cena to go to Chavo. B2 and Chavo slug it out in the outside, and B2 slams Chavo head first into the steel steps. Inside the ring Tajiri waits for Eddie to get up for the buzzsaw kick. Eddie is on his knees as he looks up to Tajiri. Tajiri looking to kick Eddie with the buzzsaw kick but Eddie blocks it and pokes the eyes of Tajiri. B2 goes to the apron to distract the referee while Cena is in the ring wrapping his chain on his fist. Eddie turns around and Cena is about to punch him but he ducks and Cena clocks Tajiri with the punch instead. Cena turns around to get kicked below the belt by Eddie before he is sent flying to the outside. B2 gets pulled down by Chavo. B2 hits the apron face first and is out. Eddie on the top rope and delivers a frog splash on Tajiri. He pins Tajiri 1,2,3! Eddie wins!


Chimel: The winner of the match by pinfall. EDDIE GUERRERO!!!

Chavo slides in the ring and celebrates with his uncle Eddie for his win. Meanwhile we see B2 helping out Cena walk back up the ramp. Both of them look at the ring as Eddie and Chavo taunt them in the ring.

Cole: What a victory by Eddie Guerrero. Cena thought he got the best of Latino heat but nope, he didn't

Tazz: You can say that again. My homeboy Eddie scored a good one here tonight on SmackDown!


The Anticipation

The titantron shows a black and white footage of The Rock sitting down on a chair at the locker room area. The footage zooms in on him as we hear him say something

The Rock Voice-over: It's been a while since The Rock stepped into that square circle.

The footage shows a full color clip of The Rock walking down the ramp during Summerslam 2002. They then show him on the top turnbuckle raising his arm as we hear another voice over

The Rock Voice-over: The last match The Rock was on was electric. Everyone can feel the electricity in the air as The great one am about to square off that monster they dubbed "The Next Big Thing". Too bad I didn't know that there was a lot in store for me in that match. And that included a loss

The footage then shows The Rock and Lesnar exchanging blows. And then a black and white footage shows Brock delivering an F5 to The Rock. The next scene shows Brock Lesnar raising the belt in the air after defeating The Rock. Just then the footage stops.

The footage goes back again after 5 seconds as we see a black and white footage of The Rock looking at the monitor as the voice over says something

The Rock Voice-Over: Well, let The Rock just say this. When The Rock comes back soon, everybody must get ready for something. If you smell what The Rock is cookin!

The footage ends as we go to the announce table with Michael Cole and Tazz

Cole: It seems like The Rock will be returning soon I guess

Tazz: Yeah I guess so Cole. But wouldn't it be great to see him return to the ring the same time Taker will? I bet Rock will be back at Royal Rumble. Seems like he will go straight up and win it as well.

Cole: Lets just see when we get there ok Tazz?

Rating: 97%

Rock gained 1 overness

Team Angle (Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas) (w/ Kurt Angle) vs Edge and Chris Benoit.

Benoit and Haas start things off. Haas locks it up with Benoit and takes him down, amateur-style. Benoit gets out of that and shoulderblocks Haas down. Haas quickly tags in Benjamin. Shelton comes in to try his luck with the amateur stuff, so Benoit grabs a waist lock posthaste. Benjamin takes Benoit down with a drop toehold, but Benoit turns that into the Crossface. Haas gets in the ring and breaks the hold. Benoit picks up Benjamin and puts him into their corner. Edge tags in and he and Benoit stomp a mudhole in Benjamin. He chops away in the corner and hits a missile dropkick for 2. Haas grabs Edge on a whip, so Edge slugs him off the apron, allowing Benjamin to pound on him and toss him out. Edge goes into the wall before getting rolled back in. Benjamin delivers a german suplex with bridge on Edge. Edge kicks out at 2. Shelton goes to the chinlock. Haas tags in and chokes Edge on the rope, allowing Angle a cheap shot. Haas hits an overhead suplex for 2 and tags in Benjamin. Haas does a hangman on the top rope and holds on while Benjamin leapfrogs onto Edge's back. Inventive spot, that. Haas is back in, and he pounds on Edge and takes the opportunity to cheapshot Benoit. Haas flapjacks Edge and locks in that Cloverleaf-style leg submission he debuted last week which he calls 'the haas of pain' . Benoit makes the save. Benjamin comes in, but Edge ducks his kick and instead it floors Charlie Haas. Edge throws Benjamin to the outside. He turns around only to be rolled up by Haas. Edge kicks out at 2. Edge quickly on his feet and takes Haas down with the dropkick. He whips Haas but Haas reverses it. Charlie Haas takes Edge down with a drop toe hold and goes for the Haas of Pain again. Although Edge grabs on to the ropes to break the hold. Haas tags out to Benjamin. They whip Edge to the ropes and take him down with a double front slam. Benjamin delivers a hard suplex on Edge. Edge is whipped into the ropes by Benjamin and it seems like Benjamin will connect with a super kick but Edge ducks and delivers a desperate clothesline. Both men are down and after a while they slowly crawl to their corners for a hot tag. Benjamin tags out to Haas and Edge tags out to Benoit. Benoit takes Charlie Haas down with short arm clotheslines and a drop toe hold. He goes behind Haas and delivers 3 continous German Suplexes. He waits for Haas to get up and Benoit grabs him and takes him down as he locks on the Crippler Crossface. Bejamin gets in to break it but Edge gets in as well and takes Benjamin down with a spear. After a while Haas taps out.

Cole: Benoit and Edge get this victory over Team Angle!!! And..wait a sec! ANGLE IS IN THE RING!

Angle slides in the ring and uses one of his crutches to smack it over the head of Benoit taking him down. Edge charges at Angle only to be taken down with a smack over the head by the crutches as well. Benoit slowly gets up and Angle delivers an Angle Slam on Benoit. Meanwhile Edge is being double teamed by Team Angle on the other side of the ring. We see Angle locking on the Angle lock as Benoit screams in pain but does not tap out. After a while some referees storm in the ring to break up the brawl as SmackDown! goes to a commercial break


Matt Hardy (w/ Shannon Moore) vs Brock Lesnar

Matt Fact: Matt always stays awake until sunrise on New Year's

The match starts off with Matt bouncing off the ropes and delivers a flying clothesline to take Brock down for only a short while. Matt works on Brock's knee with a knee stomp and some single leg lock. Although as Matt picks Brock up, Brock quickly grabs him and takes him down with a huge Spinebuster Slam. That shook the damn ring! Brock Lesnar picks up Matt Hardy and lifts him in a military press. He catches Matt Hardy on mid-air and takes him down with a powerslam. Brock now picks up Matt Hardy and delivers some punishment to the midsection. Brock backs him into a corner where he hangs Hardy upside down for a tree of woe. Shannon gets on the apron and tries to hit Brock but Brock blocks the punch and slugs Shannon hard to the outside of the ring. Hardy slowly gets up and tries to go for a hurracanrana but Brock counters it with a hard powerbomb. Matt Hardy sells the move pretty well, with a good scream as well. Brock picks Hardy up after delivering some punches on the head of Hardy. Brock whips Hardy into the ropes, but Hardy delivers a tornado DDT on Brock on the way back. Matt gets up and hits a legdrop from the top rope on Brock. He picks up Brock and quickly deliver a sweep to work on the knee of Brock again. Matt leglocks Brock for a short time before Brock grabbed the ropes to break up the hold. Hardy bounces off the ropes and delivers a side effect on Brock and goes for a pin. Brock kicks out at 2. Matt picks him up only to have Brock take him down with a devastating clothesline. He picks up Matt and goes for an F5 but Shannon Moore goes to the apron again and distracts Brock. Brock drops Matt to the mat…yep, and goes over to Shannon and tosses him inside the ring. He quickly grabs Shannon and delivers an F5 on him! Shannon is outcold in the ring as Brock turns around only to get a hard kick in the gut by Matt and a Twist of Fate for a good measure. The master of Mattitude pins Brock..1,2..NO! BROCK GETS A SHOULDER UP! Matt picks up Brock again and goes for another Twist of Fate but Brock blocks it and lifts Matt up for an F5! He delivers his finisher on Matt and pins him 1,2,3! Brock wins over Matt Hardy.


Vengeance Will Be So Sweet For Brock

Cole: Brock Lesnar just proved too much for Matt Hardy. I guess Mattitude is not enough to stop this angry monster whos name is Brock Lesnar! This year I guess we will see The Next Big Thing dominate the WWE again this year Tazz

Tazz: Yeah you can bet on that Cole. Tonight might be just a sample of what Brock will show us in this new year for the WWE.


Big Show stands on the stage looking at Brock Lesnar. Lesnar glares back at Big Show and then turns his attention to Matt Hardy who is slowly getting up on his feet. While on the other side of the ring we see the referee trying to wake Shannon Moore up. Brock picks up Hardy and delivers another F5

Cole: F5!!! F5!!! Lesnar with another F5 on Hardy! Big Show is on the stage just watching on. I guess Brock Lesnar is just giving Big Show a brief preview of things to come when they meet again in the ring. Let us not forget that last year it was Big Show who stopped Brock's winning streak! I cant wait to see when these 2 will have a match up again.

Tazz: Yeah I know Cole. Looks like Big Show is just lookin on at Brock in the ring as Brock smiles at Big Show and pointing at him. There is no doubt Cole, NO DOUBT that Brock Lesnar cannot wait to get his hands on the Big Show and give him some hell of a payback.

Cole: Well folks that is all the time we have for SmackDown! tonight. For Tazz, I'm Michael Cole. See you next week!

Big Show heads backstage as the copyright shows on the screen. Signaling the end of the broadcast

Rating: 80%


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<center>January 3, 2003 Friday

user posted image</center>


Post- SmackDown! Notes

By: Willie The Wanker

- The SmackDown! Rating is in and it scored a very good 4.96 rating. It seems like to be a good start for the SmackDown! brand in seeing this rating.

- The Torrie/Dawn feud seems to continue and last night we saw the recent chapter by the 'death' of Al Wilson. Thankfully we did not see the wedding live on SmackDown! or even the honey moon. But do not worry if it was not obvious enough, Al Wilson is still alive in real life.

- Last SmackDown! showed us the return of 2 WWE Superstars. Which was Billy Gunn and Chris Kanyon. Gunn was injured in Fall of 2002 during the tag match of Billy and Chuck against Los Guerreros. It seems like Gunn will play a temporary manager to Chuck since he is not yet cleared to wrestle. Although he can still go to the SmackDown! brand events with his partner Chuck. Kanyon got injured on November of 2001 during a match with Randy Orton. He was sent to the OVW during summer of 2002 to take off a bit of his ring rust. And in his match with Chuck last night it seems like Kanyon is better than ever.

- It seems like they will make Undertaker return to the Rumble as the deadman. I would love to see that!  It seems like The Rock will be schedule for his return as well after seeing a video hype about him. Maybe this is a No Way Out spoiler, it seems like they will make the main event of the February PPV Rock vs Brock 2.

- There was some conflict at the SmackDown! taping in the backstage area. It was said that Bill DeMott was arguing with OVW Nathan Jones about Jone's attitude backstage. Nathan Jones competed in one of the dark matches before SmackDown! against some indy wrestler.

- The match of the night in my opinion was Tajiri vs Eddie Guerrero. It was a very good match on SmackDown! They should book matches like those more often!

- Judging from the ending, it seems like that Big Show and Brock will be facing each other Next SmackDown! Hopefully it will end their feud.

Edited by D-Extreme
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Chapter Two: The Ross Party

Date: January 3, 2003

Time: 12PM

Venue: Ross Residence, The Birthday Party Of Jim Ross.

At the backyard of the Ross residence. We see the birthday boy himself sitting down on the bench with his family and friends. Notable guests/superstars were Vince McMahon, Dr. Death Steve Williams, Jerry Lawler, Brian Lawler, Scott Garland(Scotty 2 Hotty), Albert and his wife were all there eating pork ribs, hamburger and barbecue that were all marinated in JR’s specialty BBQ Sauce. After eating we see Vince stand up and holding a huge mug of beer.

Vince: Today we celebrate not only a birthday of this Oklahoma Native. We also celebrate his anniversary of being the Talent Relations to the WWE. So Jim, I wish you today a happy birthday.

With that the others raise their beer mugs and said a resounding CHEERS! Vince sat down again as Jim Ross is about to speak

JR: I am very happy you all could arrive here in my birthday. I assure you folks next time, I will put new BBQ sauce flavors in next year's party since me and my wife here are putting up a new recipe for a upcoming BBQ sauce flavor!

A few hours later...

We see Jim Ross in the kitchen table sitting down with Vince McMahon.

Vince: Jim well I know it is your birthday and all but I have to ask this. Have you spoke to Steve already?

JR: Sure did, he said he would be here Vince. But it is 5PM already. The others left, Jerry and Brian just left a while ago as well. My wife is now on the market buying the groceries too. But I guess Austin is just late

Vince: I hope he is gonna be here.

Just then we hear the door bell. Jim Ross opens the door and looks behind at Vince. Vince gets up and heads beside Jim Ross as he looks at the man at the door.

Vince: Nice to see you. Now can we have our talk?

Edited by D-Extreme
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Velocity Preview

This week's Velocity will feature cruiseweight action as we will see Jamie Noble team up with his estrange cousin Nunzio. Their opponents are still to be determined, but will the cousins overcome their differences and win this match? Find out this Saturday Night!

Also on Velocity, can the train defeat 500+ pounds of Rikishi? Well we shall see when A-Train faces off with the big 'CHEEKY' Rikishi.

And if our opening tag team match is not enough, on the main event we shall see Matt Hardy with his Mattitude Follower Shannon Moore take on the team of Los Guerreros. Can Mattitude prevail or shall the Guerrero family lie, cheat and steal their way into victory?

Also, we will see Chuck Palumbo face Bill DeMott

Velocity will also take a look back at SmackDown! to see the highlights of Billy Gunn's return. And some footage of the match between Team Angle vs Edge and Benoit.

It all happens on Velocity at 10/9 CT on TNN!!! Dont miss it!

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<center>January 4, 2003 Saturday

user posted image</center>

January 4, 2003 Velocity Results

Reported by D-Extreme

A-Train is my idol! REALLY, HE IS!

(commentators: Josh Matthews and Ernest Miller)

Noble and Nunzio vs The Jet and Paul London

Well it is the team of the Trailer Park Cousins against some 2 indy fed wrestelrs. Well I know Paul London, I seen him wrestle a couple of TNA matches and I say he is pretty good. Although this guy in the mask, The Jet..well I don't know who the hell he is. But they say he is this guy named Brian Kendrick or something like that. Well things start off with Noble and The Jet. Good start as they did some counters on their opponents moves. Noble goes for a kick but Jet blocks it, and also ducks the enzugiri that was incoming for him. Jet goes for a spinning heel kick but Noble ducks. Noble whips Jet into the ropes and goes for a hip toss but Jet blocks it and goes behind him for a backdrop, Noble though lands behind the Jet and rolls Jet up. Jet reverses the pin. Noble reverses the pin but Jet kicks out. Both men quick on their feet at the same time as the crowd cheered wildly at the display that was the first 30 seconds of the match. BAH I rather watch A-Train, hurry up you small jerks! Well on to the match agiain. Jet misses a dropkick that gives Noble an opening and from here on deliver some moves on Jet. Noble tags out to Nunzio and they do some double team tactics. Jet tags out to London after dodging a flying mule kick from Nunzio. They do some double team tactic that involve London hitting a snap suplex on Nunzio and Jet follows it up with a leg drop from the top rope and to finish it off with London doing a rolling thunder on Nunzio. London should pray that RVD didn't just seen that! Well London now hitting away on Nunzio at this part. Although after a minute Nunzio sneaks in a low blow and tags out to Noble. And Noble ends things off with a Tiger Bomb on Paul London. And gets the 1,2,3 for the win. Now the question is, WHERE IS NIDIA?!

Noble and Nunzio defeated Paul London and The Jet at 8: 28. When Noble pinned London with the Tiger Bomb

Rating: 6/10 Good cruiser tag match. Although it looses points since I did not see Nidia. Nidia = better chances of this match getting a better rating from me!

Oh look Billy is Back! Like I care!

Well we see highlights of Billy Gunn's return last SmackDown! Actually Billy was out 3 months with a injury in his arm or something like that. Well it is cool with me that he is back but I am not so happy though. But the bright side is, we might get to see Billy and Chuck team up again. Wait is that a bad thing or a good thing? MEH I DUNNO!

Chuck Palumbo vs Bill DeMott

If the first match was bad enough due to no Nidia, this next match had to feature Bill DeMott. And you ask why? He is trying to be better than A-Train, but alas he cant handle A-Train, not even in his Hugh Morrus days too! He will be just another big lug wannabe hoping to beat my hero! Well let us get into the match now shall we? Palumbo and DeMott start things off exchanging some punches. Palumbo hits a very hard left punch, that took DeMott off his feet. We better tell Chuck that this is professonal wrestling and not boxing, so he does not need to make it look SO DAMN REA...oh wait it WAS a REAL PUNCH, hence DeMott having a bloody nose now due to that hahaha!!! DeMott gets up and is in a path of rage as he devastates Chuck with a barrage of punches and then a clothesline to take him down. Palumbo gets back in the match with a reversal of a suplex. Palumbo now in charge of the match with some drokicks and some bodyslams. At the end Palumbo goes for the Jungle Kick but DeMott blocks it and delivers a hard knee to the gut of Chuck Palumbo. He delivers the No Laughing Matter on Palumbo and get the 3 count.

After the match we see DeMott picking up Palumbo for more punishment but out comes Billy Gunn who slides in the ring and delivers some gay looking punches at DeMott. He clotheslines DeMott out of the ring to save Chuck from an after-match beat down by DeMott

Bill DeMott defeated Chuck Palumbo at 4: 42. When DeMott pinned Palumbo with the No Laughing Matter

Rating: 5/10 The standard Brawler match. Looses points for Billy Gunn running out to save Palumbo. And also the fact that I don't like DeMott that much, so F*** me if I am biased will ya!

A-Train vs Rikishi.

Well the reason why I watch this show is finally here. A-TRAIN!!! And tonight he is facing the big assed Samoan Rikishi. A good fight between the 2 I can tell ya but not great. A-Train starts off taking Rikishi down with his incredible bicycle kick!!! A-Train whips Rikishi to the corner and goes for an avalanche but Rikishi escaped it, WHAT AN OPPORTUNIST BAH GAWD! Rikishi grabs A-Train and delivers a hard looking bodyslam. He goes for a sit on the face of A-Train, but good enough my hero got out of the way and delivers a good club over the head of Rikishi to teach him a lesson. A-Train now dominates the match with some hard punches and a corner clothesline on Rikishi. A-Train tries to lift Rikishi, but the fat ass is just well, TOO FAT. Rikishi takes Train down with a savate kick. Rikishi whips A-Train and goes for a Samoan drop, but it seems like A-Train is too powerful for him to deliver the move. A-Train delivers a DDT on Rikishi and goes to the outside of the ring. A-Train gets a chair from the time keeper and slides back into the ring with it. He hits Rikishi with the chair repeatedly and the ref disqualifies him. Now I understand A-Train wants to dismantle Rikishi. But getting DQ'ed for it aint justice! And to think things will not go for worse. Guess what happened after the match

A-Train drops the chair as he just stomps down on Rikishi instead. That is more like it, but then the unexpected happen. Scotty 2 Hotty makes his return to the ring and runs in the ring and grabs the chair. He hits a shot to the back of my hero A-Train that sends Train falling to the outside. Now that is not good on Scotty's part, mark my words Mr. Garland, A-Train aint gonna take this lying down! Scotty helps his buddy Rikishi up in the ring while we see A-Train going backstage while looking at the ring pointing at Scotty and Rikishi saying something. Must be something associated with vengeance for A-Train I reckon

Rikishi defeated A-Train at 4: 20. When A-Train got disqualified for using a chair.

Rating: 7/10 Could have been the match of the night. If were not for 2 things. 1 is making A-Train look like a weakling and a coward. And 2 is for Scotty making his return to make Train look like a weakling and a coward! Hey I said it twice..HORRAY FOR ME!

The Rock has come back! To a house show that is

We see some video package showing us a highlights of The Rock making a return to the WWE in a house show. It was a RAW Brand show. He saved Booker T from a 2 on 1 assault by Y2J and Christian. After Rock saved Book, Booker T taught him how to do a Spinneroonie. The Rock finally getting the lesson after watching Booker T do it for a 2nd time does a Rockaroonie of his own as the crowd cheered. Weird to see a highlight of a RAW house show on a SMACKDOWN brand show do you not think so?! But hey we do know Rocky is in SMACKDOWN! So maybe this is just a hype up of him returning full time instead of some cameo house show run in , right? It was a good highlight package due to Rocky being there so it was not that bad. We got to see Booker do 2 spinaroonies as well.

Tajiri vs Funaki

This match will just TAKE you to some sort of Japanese promotion for 2 things. The competitors are both from Japan. And this is some great proresu action. Or whatever the hell that means. Things start off with a heated Japanese verbal lashing of Tajiri to Funaki who was in the ring. Only words I recognized were 'baka’ and 'sukiyaki'. Now in my language it means he is inviting him to eat some beef sukiyaki later on. But on to the match now shall we?

Things start off with Tajiri and Funaki exchanging some fast paced cruiser moves. From hiptosses, dropkicks, lariats and the occasional slap to the chest, YOU NAME IT! Funaki gets floored with a very stiff kick by Tajiri. Tajiri whips Funaki but gets reversed. Tajiri goes for a handspring backelbow but Funaki delivers a dropkick to the back of Tajiri as he was pulling off the move. Funaki now delivers some chops on the corner and goes for a top rope frankensteiner on Tajiri however the Japanese Buzzsaw counters it with a powerbomb and then pins Funaki. Funaki gets out at 2. Throughout the match Tajiri controls it, but Funaki avoids a kick and takes him down with a dropkick. Funaki floors Tajiri with a springboard hurracanrana and then goes to the top rope for a moonsault. Tajiri avoids it and Funaki lands hard on the canvas. Funaki slowly gets up but Tajiri was waiting for him to get up. Funaki gets nailed by a Buzzsaw kick from Tajiri and that is all she wrote baby! Tajiri with a pin 1,2,3! Tajiri wins

Tajiri defeated Funaki at 5:38. When Tajiri pinned Funaki after a Buzzsaw Kick.

Rating: 6/10 Like in the opener it showcased pure cruiser talent. And it also showed pure evidence that the crowd aint into it that much due to them since there not so over like others. But a good match nonetheless. Makes you want more and makes you impatient to see the next match.  What you say it should be higher? Well oh boo hoo f***in woo!

Highlights of SmackDown!

We see a footage from last Thursdays SmackDown! It featured the Tag Match between Team Angle vs Benoit/Edge. Most of the footage is the near end of the match. And also included the 3-on-2 attack by Team Angle on Edge and Benoit. Also shows that Kurt is not really injured and just faked the injury by using crutches. Although reports say that Angle is experiencing some minor back aches. This footage also shows the never before seen footage of Edge and Benoit being escorted by refs backstage after the assault

Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore vs Los Guerreros

Matt Crap Of The Night: 'Spider Man' is one of Matt's favorite movies'

This was the night's main event. Things start off with Shannon and Chavo. Good exchange of hiptosses. Although Shannon takes Chavo down with a drop toe hold and quickly applies on a ground headlock. Chavo slowly gets up still getting a headlock and goes for a backdrop but Shannon goes behind him and shoves Chavo into the ropes and catches Chavo in the rebound with a quick roll up pin. Chavo quickly gets out of the pin. Chavo takes Shannon Moore down with a cross body. Chavo whips Shannon into the ropes and catches him with a dropkick. Matt gets in the ring and takes Chavo down with a bulldog. Matt quickly slides down the ring and heads back to his corner. Both men get up and Shannon Moore takes Chavo down with an armdrag take down and quickly locks on an armbar. Chavo flips and swipes the legs of Shannon Moore to take Shannon down. Chavo delivers a standing senton and pins Shannon Moore. Hardy breaks the pin. Chavo tags out to Uncle Eddie and they take Shannon down with a double dropkick. Eddie whips Shannon into the ropes and goes for a back body drop but Shannon leapfrogs over him and tags out to his sensei Matt Hardy. The master of Matitude takes Eddie down with a dropkick. Matt picks up Eddie and delivers a Side Effect to him. Matt goes to the top rope but Chavo quickly delviers a club to the back of Hardy and Matt Hardy falls down to the mat. Eddie gets up and grabs Matt Hardy and whips him into the ropes. Eddie takes Matt Hardy down with a Konnan-style Rolling kick. What a move! After a while of Eddie dominating Matt, the master of mattitude pokes the eyes of Eddie and tags in Shannon. Shannon bodyslams Eddie Guerrero and grabs Eddie's legs as Matt goes to the top rope. Shannon and Matt Hardy deliver a double leg drop move that the Hardy Boyz did when they were tagging. The fans cheered as they saw that move performed by the master of Mattitude and his follower. Shannon takes control of Eddie Guerrero from this point on with some hiptosses and a top rope. frankensteiner Shannon tags out to Matt Hardy. Shannon whips Eddie into the corner and goes down on all fours as Matt Hardy charges and jumps over Shannon Moore to deliver the jumping side kick on the corner at Eddie Guerrero. Hey that is another Hardy Boyz trademark move. Jeff must be really mad now while watching this and not doing this. Matt Hardy whips Eddie to the ropes and catches him with a boot to the gut and he sets Eddie for the Twist Of Fate. Eddie though shoves Matt Hardy to block the move and it was just the right place since it was where Chavo was. Chavo delivers a shot to the face of Matt Hardy who staggers backward into a inverted DDT by Eddie Guerrero. Eddie goes to the top and delivers the Frog Splash! Eddie goes for the pin. Shannon goes in the ring to break it but is waylaid by Chavo and is thrown to the outside of the ring. 1,2,3! LOS GUERREROS WIN!

After the match we see John Cena and B2 go to the ring. Eddie charges at them only to be taken down by a big boot from B2. Chavo charges but Cena kicks him to the gut setting Chavo up for a scissors kick from B2. Both Los Guerreros are down as Cena and B2 pose in the middle of the ring. I don't know why Cena and B2 are feuding with Los Guerreros though.

Los Guerreros defeated Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore at 14:55. When Eddie pinned Matt with the Frog Splash

Rating 8/10 well it is the Match Of The Night here at Velocity. Good thing too since this is the main event. Nice performance by both teams. And I kinda like what Matt and Shannon did as they executed 2 Hardy Boyz trademark moves. Of course it was good since ½ of the Hardy Boyz was doing it, MATT of course!


TV Rating: 2.87

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Heat Preview

The first Sunday Night Heat of 2003 shall be seen only here at their new TV Station..TNN!

We will see Jeff Hardy take on the ever clueless putz Steven Richards

In other action we shall see the Innovator of Violence, Tommy Dreamer fight off his arch rival Raven. For the past weeks, Raven has slowly unfolded his masterpiece. Can Tommy Dreamer stop Raven and this so called masterpiece or shall Dreamer be one of the victims like what has befallen to the young Aaron Stevens?

Also do NOT miss the tag team action between Lance Storm and Regal as they take on the boys from Dudleyville....The Dudley Boyz

Heat will also take a look back at RAW to see the highlights of past Monday's show.

It all happens here on SUNDAY NIGHT HEAT at 10/9 CT on TNN!!! Do NOT even think of forgetting to tune in this Sunday night.

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<center>January 5, 2003 Sunday

user posted image</center>

January 5, 2003 Heat Results

Reported by D-Extreme

I missed a 2 hour special edition of McGyver for this?! I think it was worth it anyways

(Commentators: Jonathan Coachman and Lita)

Johnny Stamboli vs Maven

Well the match featured Johnny dominating in the early goings of the match. He used his brute strength over the younger Maven. Stamboli takes Maven down hard with a running powerbomb pin but Maven kicks out before the count of 3. Maven ducks a clothesline but delivers a sloppy looking dropkick. What the hell happen Maven?! Stamboli delivers a boot choke on the corner at Maven but the referee breaks it up. While Stamboli argues with the ref call of breaking it up Maven gets to the top rope and delivers a top rope bulldog on Stamboli. He pins him but Stamboli gets a shoulder up at 2. Maven whips Stamboli to the ropes but he reverses it and sends Maven instead. He goes for a back body drop on Maven but Maven lands behind Johnny The Bull. Stamboli turns around only to get hit by a nicely executed dropkick by Maven.  Maven goes to the top rope as Stamboli is getting up. Stamboli is up but he gets nailed by a Missile Dropkick from the top rope! As you want to say Johnny..FUGGETABOUTIT! 1,2,3! Maven wins

Maven defeated Johnny Stamboli at 3:58 when Maven pinned Stamboli with a

Rating 5/10 Good performance by both superstars but a couple of things dragged it down to this rating. Maven did not do a good dropkick but atleast he made it up with his last 2 dropkicks. And Stamboli looked a bit too stiff in delivering that powerbomb since it took almost a minute for Maven to get up and boy let us just hope it did not injure Maven

RAW Recall

We see some footage of Austin driving a beer truck to the ring and spraying The Rock, and Shane and Vince McMahon with beer. Yep seems like this Raw Recall is hyping up the 10th anniversary RAW special awards show that is gonna be aired this month. DON'T MISS IT!!! Maybe Austin will be there I guess

Jeff Hardy vs Steven Richards.

This was a rather good match I guess. Steven Richards delivers a kick, that is if you think a kick that was too far away from Jeff actually hurt him was good. Richards delivers a kick to the mid section to Jeff Hardy and seems to go with his suplex but Hardy blocks it and rolls up Richards for a pin. Richards kicks out quickly and goes for a clothesline but Hardy ducks. Richards turns around and Jeff Hardy delivers a jawbreaker sending Richards down hard into the mat. Jeff Hardy whips Richards to the ropes and goes for a hurracanrana on Steven but he counters it with a powerbomb pin. Jeff rolls out of it and delivers a basement dropkick to the face of Richards and pins him instead. Richards kicks out at 2. Jeff Hardy delivers a whisper of the wind to Steven and Richards goes down. Richards sneaks in a low blow at the end of the match and is about to finish things off with a Steven Kick! But Hardy blocks it and kicks him to the gut for a TWIST OF FATE! He pins Steven Richards 1,2,3! Jeff Hardy wins

Jeff Hardy defeated Steven Richards at 5: 04 when Hardy pinned Richards with a twist of fate

Rating: 5/10 was a very average match. Hey what can I say, Steven needs to make his kicks more realistic if he can claim to use a super kick as a finisher! Hardy looked kinda creepy with that green glowy pain all over his face and shoulders. But hey I like his new look, since it has glowy paint.

Triple H Video..OH NO!

Well from a good match we get to see a video featuring Triple H. Now I know most people hate this guy. WELL I DON'T HATE HIM! I DO NOT LIKE HIM EITHER! Well this video though shows him winning his match with HBK at Armageddon. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEBODY GET THAT TITLE OFF TRIPLE H!!! WE NEED A NEWER HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMP FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Now I know this is Trips second reign but I already got sick of him wearing that belt on his first reign. But whoever beats Trips, lets hope it is not Big Poppa Pump. If it will be Booker T..THE BETTA, SUCKA!

Hurricane vs Rico.

STAND BACK! ONE OF MY FAVORITE RAW BRAND SUPERSTAR IS HERE!!! Hurricane extends his hand for Rico to shake but Rico declines by deliver a hard spin kick to the gut of Hurricane. Rico goes for a spinning wheel kick but Hurricane ducks and just takes Rico hard with a dropkick to the face. At this point Hurricane dominates the match with speedy maneuvers. Hurricane goes to the top rope and goes for a double axe handle smash but Rico dropkicks him mid-way going down sending Hurricane down the mat. Rico takes control of the match with a series of chops and karate kicks. Rico delivers one mean looking karate crane kick to the jaw of Hurricane, looked real to me. The former Las Vegas cop takes some time to taunt the crowd but a clothesline from Hurricane levels Rico as he turned around. Rico at one point just delivers a soft looking punch that sent Hurricane down! WHAT THE?! Rico picks up Hurricane and goes for a spinning kick to finish things off but Hurricane ducks and delivers a hard suplex on Rico. Rico slowly gets up as Hurricane bounces off the ropes and finishes things off with a Shining Wizard Kick! 1,2,3! Hurricane wins! I wonder where Rosey and Jamal are today? They SHOULD have been here with Rico right?

Hurricane defeated Rico at 8:17 when Hurricane pinned Rico with a Shining Wizard Kick.

Rating: 6/10 it was a very good effort by both men. They showed a solid bout especially the part where Rico got that mean looking kick on Hurricane. But got only 6 due to that soft looking punch from Rico that doesn't seem to look like it can even hurt anybody.

Raven vs Tommy Dreamer

Well this match is a hardcore match! Before the match began Raven said he will show Dreamer his masterpiece when he faces him tonight. He sees ANGER in Dreamer as Dreamer is in the ring while he was talking at the stage. He tells Dreamer that he will show how anger really WORKS.

Well things start with both man exchanging some punches. Raven delivers a hard knee to the gut of Dreamer and goes for a DDT. However Dreamer back body drops Raven. Hard spinebuster by Dreamer sending Raven down the mat and now Dreamer grabs a Singapore cane and raises it in the air as he waits for Raven to get up. He swings the cane at Raven but Raven ducks and kicks Dreamer to the groin. Raven smacks the Singapore cane hard over the head of Dreamer taking him out. Raven does not pin Dreamer instead he goes outside the ring and tosses in the weapons he find inside the apron. He gets in the ring and grabs a trashcan and puts it between the top and middle turnbuckle on a corner. He grabs Dreamer and whips him to the corner but Dreamer reverses. Raven hits his back hard on the trashcan that was placed there as Dreamer grabs him for the Dreamer Valley Driver. Although Raven wriggles out of the move and delivers a bulldog on Dreamer. At this point we see Raven tossing Dreamer to the outside and grabs a steel chair. He swings the chair at Dreamer but Dreamer ducks and kicks Raven on the gut. Dreamer tries to piledriver Raven onto the chair on the ground but Raven back drops Dreamer to avoid it. He sends Dreamer crashing into the steel steps. He grabs Dreamer and they are on top of the steel step. He delivers the Raven Effect DDT on Dreamer at the steel steps and pins him. 1,2,3.

After the match we see a bloodied up Dreamer with blood all over his face due to the hard impact of the  DDT on the steel steps. And we see Raven walking up the ramp laughing for some weird reason.

Raven defeated Tommy Dreamer at 3: 46 when he pinned Dreamer with a Raven Effect DDT.

Rating: 5/10 It was a descent match I can tell you that. But it was a bit too short for my taste. I mean if they want a hardcore match involving the finest hardcore brawlers they should AT LEAST made it a bit longer right? Well they did not, so this gets a 5 only! BAH!

Jericho and HBK video

We see another video package. The first part is showing HBK winning Royal Rumble 1995 and 1996. The footage fades and we see Jericho commenting about how much he is looking forward to the upcoming Royal Rumble PPV. He is saying stuff that he will win the 30 man Rumble this year and if possible be the first to enter the rumble as well. He ends it by saying 'if HBK can do it for sure he can do it better without breaking a sweat'

Really Jericho? Well you got 2 weeks to prove it then Y2J!

Dudley Boyz vs Un-Americans.

Bubba Ray takes Regal down with punches and then a bionic elbow. Bubba Ray delivers a very mean looking backbreaker. Convincingly enough to make me think he actually BROKE Regal's back already. Tag between D-Von and Bubba. They deliver a double back elbow taking the Englishman down. Regal rakes the face of D-Von to get the advantage and locks on a sleeper hold. He drags D-Von to his corner while locking the sleeper and lance pats the back of Regal to get in. Regal lets go and Lance Storm kicks the mid section of D-Von. They stomp down on D-Von on a corner. Lane Storm delivers a nice looking dropkick to take D-Von Dudley down to the mat. Lance Storm applies some submission moves concentrated to the leg of D-Von. Lance Storm goes for a suplex but D-Von blocks it and delivers a brain buster taking Lance down. D-Von tags out to Bubba and they deliver a WAZZAP! Headbutt on Lance Storm. Ouch that gotta hurt, on the groin area of Storm that is!  Bubba Ray Dudley delivers some jabs on Lance Storm. He goes behind him and delivers a hard slap behind Lance Storm, it echoed through the arena, even though I am watching it from the TV. Bubba Ray Dudley. Stiff looking back breaker by Bubba Ray Dudley right there. Lance Storm ducks a clothesline and capitalizes with a dropkick that sent Bubba Ray outside the ring. Outside Regal is delivering a stomp down on Bubba and rolls Bubba in the ring. But then D-Von goes outside and he and Regal brawl. Inside the ring Lance Storm waits for Bubba to get up. Bubba gets up and gets a SUPER KICK from Storm! He pins Bubba Ray 1,2,3!

Storm and Regal defeated The Dudley Boyz at 8:41 When Lance Storm pinned Bubba Ray with the Superkick.

Rating: 7/10 Come to think of it, usually the highest rating a heat match gets from me is the opener..then it fades down as it goes on. This week has been opposite. Good for the WWE Booking to make a main event like this. 2 solid tag team workers. Well, one of the teams being too stiff (Dem Damn Dud-lezz) but still their brawling skills plus Regal and Storm's technical expertise actually blended well. Could have got an 8 but since it was a bit stiff match, we should tone this down for the kids right parents?


TV Rating: 2.76

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user posted image


January 6, 2003

Eric Bischoff, the General Manager of RAW promises to start the year 2003 with a bang! And what a 2003 RAW opener it will be on Monday Night as the GM already booked some matches for the show.

The Unlikely Pairing of Kane and Rob Van Dam will try to extend their current winning tag team streak to 3 as they face Chris Jericho and Christian. Christian and Jericho have a good friendship and have been teaming up with each other longer than Kane and RVD. Will the Unlikely Duo triumph or will they fall down due to their inexperience and get a bittersweet taste of VITAMIN C?

Also on RAW, Bischoff promises that the Dudley Boyz will pay for their actions last RAW for helping Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler win against the Unamericans. It seems to be a 3-on-3 match between Rico and 3 Minute Warning against The Dudley Boyz and their cousin Spike.

All these and more on RAW!

Catch it only on TNN at 9/8 CT. So do not go anywhere else this monday night. Instead...do it till your RAW!

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Chapter Three: Just Another Day At The Pre-Show Meeting

Date: January 6, 2003

Time: 5PM

Venue: America West Arena VIP Room, Pre-Raw Creative Meeting

Inside the room we see the RAW head writer, Brian Gerwitz and a couple of writers who are with him at the table. 3 of them were eating some food that the food servers from the VIP room served to them. Vince McMahon enters the room as well as Paul Levisque.

Gerwitz: Good Afternoon Mr. McMahon and Mr. Levisque.

Vince: Same to you Brian and the others. *sits down* So onto the matter at hand. It seems like Eric Bischoff will not be running RAW tonight due to some sort of illness he has or so he told me yesterday. Any plans on who to take his place this week?

Gerwitz: Well Mr. McMahon, let us make Morley the acting GM of RAW tonight. After all he is the chief of staff right now in the storylines remember?

Vince: Good choice. Well onto some other matters then. Paul so what do you think of the idea of you defending your title against Steiner for the title?

Paul: Vince I think tha..

Before he could speak up, a couple of waiters enter and give Vince McMahon a platter. They open it up to reveal it was just a hamburger. Vince raised an eyebrow and then started to eat it as he listens to what Triple H had to say. One of the waiters stood behind the seat of Triple H

Paul: As I was about to say, I think Steiner should loose to me cleanly. I think the fans will hate Steiener being the champ. I mean look what happen to WCW when he was the champ..the ratings were down and all you know? So we need to keep my..I...mean..the Heavyweight title on my waist for a little longer. How about I drop it some other time?

Vince: I am not so sure about that. But we do need something to hype up this PPV up. How about you guys go do an angle tonight? How about a pose down?

Waiter: Pose down? I thought you guys are doing wrestling and not some sort of modeling show? If it's a pose down it should feature some girls in bikini right?!

Paul: *looks behind him and sees the waiter* What the hell are you doing behind me?! Anyway you have a point..hey Vince this guy has a point here ya know? As much as I like a pose down, it sounds weird. I mean if that angle you guys let me do as Kane 'raping' a manikin I mean its too ridiculous to me. So we need to change it instead of a pose down, we need something that can actually not waste any air-time tonight. Instead of a pose-down me and Steiner can do an old-school staredown in the ring. The fans will go nuts for that! It can hype up the PPV match of ours as well!

Vince: Hmm..fair enough Paul. I like it. Infact…WAITER GIMME SOME BEER!

Waiter: …er..we don't serve beer? *hiding a bottle of Budweiser behind him since the waiter drank it*

Vince: NO BEER?!

Waitier: Uhm..cause the beer guys are...not yet here?

Vince: Oh ok then sure. Give us all glasses of water then.

Waitier: Yes sir *gets out of the room*

Vince: Now let us all go to some other stuff people. Brian what are your ideas for tonight?

Gerwitz: I was thinking we can have a title match for the RAW Tag Team Titles.

Vince: That is a-ok with me.

Gerwitz: Thank you Mr. McMahon. I will be writing the pre-match interview for the challengers as soon as possible.

Minutes pass by and the meeting is over. Everybody leaves but Vince. Paul Levisque notices his soon to be father-in-law staring at the glass window that overviews the arena. He approaches him

Paul: Is everything ok Vince?

Vince: Yes....why...yes it is Paul. I just need some time alone right now to think if you dont mind.

Paul: Oh its ok with me.

He leaves McMahon alone on the office as Vince continues to look on the window. He holds something in his hand that he drops on his way out. What it was is a leaflet for the upcoming RAW X anniversary show.

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January 6, 2003

RAW Results

(commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler)

JR: Welcome to the first RAW of the year 2003!!! Hello everybody this is Jim Ross alongside Jerry 'The King' Lawler and we are coming at you live from the America West Arena at Phoenix, Arizona. 15 thousand plus fans are on their feet as we set for the first RAW of the year 2003!

King: I cant wait to see what action 2003 got in store for us here at RAW. And folks the Royal Rumble is just 3 weeks away aint I right JR?

JR: Sure is King! The Royal Rumble, the start of the road to Wrestlemania is 3 weeks away and my god King, I cant wait to see who will be this years winner of the 30 men Royal Rumble. 15 from Raw, 15 from SmackDown! in a 30 man over the top battle. That is something that nobody should dare miss!!!

The Chief Is In Control

The titantron shows the backstage area. We see Chief Morley sitting down on Eric Bischoff's desk as he smiles on the camera.

Morley: Ladies and gentlemen…WELCOME TO MONDAY NIGHT RAW! Tonight, we have some bad news on RAW. Mr. Bischoff is absent today due to some stomach illness he experienced just last Saturday. Which means, RAW is the chief’s playground! And last RAW I saw something that I DID NOT like. Dudley Boyz you helped Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler win that match. If you think Mr. Bischoff and The Chief are going to let that be then THINK AGAIN! Just yesterday I called up Mr. Bischoff and he personally told me to make a special match for you 2 tonight. It will be the Dudley Boyz against 3 Minute Warning..AND their manager, Rico! I planned to make it a 6 man tag but then I ask myself: “Oh where is Spike? Where is Little Spike Dudley?” Oh yeah! Here he is!

The camera goes to the side of Morley as we see Spike Dudley battered and bruise as he is at the hands of Rosey and Jamal. Rosey and Jamal are seen dragging Spike to the door. Rico opens the door as the 2 throw Spike out of the office. The camera pans over to Morley again as he is seen with a smirk on his face.

Morley: So Dudley Boyz I'm very so sorry but it will be a 3 on 2 match! It seems like Spike is in need of medical attention so he cannot compete for tonight. Well then without further a do. Let us start the first match as we head back to the ring with the 2 simpletons whose names are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler! Pleasant viewing to all of you!

With that the footage ends as we go back to ringside

JR: What an evil man! King did you just hear that?! Its gonna be a 3 on 2 on the dudleyz. That damn Morley even let those goons of his take care of poor Spike Dudley so it will not be a 3 on 3! I tell you what King someday, someday someone is going to do something out of this power trip of Bischoff and Morley.

King: Same here JR. But please remember we should be unbiased. And Eric can fire us anytime right? I just hope that stupid tandem of Lance Storm and William Regal will not be showing their faces here JR. If they will oh boy will I ever give them a..

JR: Uh King you were talking about being unbiased remember?

King: Well let us just get back to our jobs now. Well folks the first match will be PUPPYMANIA! It will be Trish and Ivory against Victoria and Molly!!!

Rating: 73%

Chief Morley debuted his new gimmick, it got a negative response.

Trish Stratus and Ivory vs Victoria and Molly Holly (w/ Steven Richards)

Victoria and Ivory start things off in this women’s tag team bout. Both ladies trade some punches and slaps on each other. Ivory does a standing switch and trips down Victoria before locking on a side headlock. Victoria is picked up by Ivory only to get a rake in the face by the deranged Diva. Victoria delivers a sidewalk slam on Ivory, a very sloppy one to that. Victoria tags out to Molly and they deliver a double suplex on Ivory. Ivory gets taken down by a nicely done DDT by Molly Holly. Molly takes her frustration out on the crowd for a while. Molly goes to the top rope for a splash but he only gets canvas as Ivory gets out of the way. Ivory tags out to Trish who charges towards Molly and takes her down with a tackle and with some punches to the face. Trish delivers her chick kick to Molly that sends Molly down hard on the mat for a pin. Victoria gets in and breaks the pin. Trish delivers a badly done bodyslam and then a legdrop on Molly. Molly pokes the eyes of Trish to give her enough time to tag out to Victoria. Molly and Victoria take Trish down with a double back elbow. Victoria hits a hard spinebuster on Trish. Trish ducks a clothesline and hits a chick kick to the face of Victoria before tagging out to Ivory. Ivory gets in and exchange blows with Victoria. Molly argues with the ref to distract him as Steven goes in the ring to hit a Stevie Kick on Ivory who was about to deliver a DDT on Victoria. Trish gets in only to be taken down by a clothesline from Victoria. Steven leaves the ring as the ref sees Victoria pinning Ivory. 1,2,3 and Molly and Victoria get this tag team win.


Dudley Boyz vs Rico and 3 Minute Warning

Jamal and D-Von start things off. Jamal uses his size and fatness to dominate D-Von in the early going. Jamal connects with a club to the back on D-Von Dudley. Jamal tags out to Rosey. Rosey and Jamal take D-Von down with a double back elbow to the throat of D-Von Dudley. Rosey whips D-Von to the corner and follows him over for an avalanche but D-Von gets out of the way and follows it up with a falling neckbreaker on Rosey. Bubba gets tagged in and the Dudley Boyz hit a double clothesline. Rosey seems to heavy for Bubba to bodyslam and Rosey shoves Bubba Ray down to the mat. Rosey with a very sloppy bodyslam and follows it up with a HUGE legdrop that misses. D-Von gets tagged in by Bubba and they hit a double kick to the mid-section on Rosey before connecting a double DDT. At one point we see D-Von missing a diving heatbutt from the top rope in which Rosey capitalizes with a running legdrop. D-Von kicks out and Rosey picks him up. Rosey goes for a suplex but D-Von lands behind him and pushes Rosey to the nearest corner and rolls him up for a quick pin. Rosey kicks out. Tags in Rico and Rosey takes D-Von down with a bodyslam. Rico hits a couple of karate kicks on D-Von. 3MW get in the ring and tripe team D-Von while the ref is trying to keep Bubba Ray in his corner. The ref gets back to the match and sees Rico hitting a hard back kick to the gut of D-Von Dudley. Rico bounces off the ropes for a spinning heel kick but D-Von ducks. D-Von takes Rico down with a desperation flying shoulder tackle. Both men approach their respective corners and Rico tags in Jamal. D-Von tags in Bubba Ray Dudley. Bubba takes Jamal with a clothesline. Rosey gets in only to be taken down with a clothesline as well. Jamal tries to attack Bubba from behind but Bubba avoids it and delivers some jabs and takes Jamal down with a Bionic Elbow. Bubba Dudley goes behind Jamal and goes for a Bubba Bomb but Rico sneaks in the ring and hits a spinning heel kick on Bubba while the ref was checking on Rosey. Jamal goes to the top rope and hits the Flying Splash and pins Bubba Ray 1,2,3!


***RAW Recall***

We see a RAW Recall. In this recall we see the RAW where Stone Cold Steve Austin was driving a monster truck to flatten The Rock's car that was on the parking lot.

Rating: 82

Travel Problems For HBK

RAW goes back from the commercial break as we see Shawn Michaels in his locker room area. He is seen sitting down on the bench as he was talking with someone on the cellphone

HBK: Yo big man how is it going? Yeah I know I lost the Heavyweight title to Triple H at Armageddon but guess who got the no. 1 spot at the Royal Rumble? Hahaha yeah your right man, The Heart Break Kid will enter the Royal Rumble at no. 1!!! It was a surprise to me as well but then I saw a part of the contract I signed before my match at Armageddon that the loser gets to pick their spot at the Rumble. Hence why you know now why I am the first entrant buddy. I don’t know about you but I will make lightning strike twice as I will enter at the first slot and from there I will eliminate the last person out of the ring and get that Heavyweight title on my waist again.

Just then he pauses as he listens to the person on the phone. He responds

HBK: Say what? Your doctor is telling you that your almost ready to return here at the WWE? Well that is good news buddy! I cannot wait to see you here again big man. Look I got to go, I will just check if they got my wrestling gear at the airport already. Yeah I hate it when it happens. First you thought the luggage you got from the airport was yours, turns out it wasn't. Yeah I hope the luggage comes here to the arena soon. I am so ready to get into the ring and wrestle. Hey after all you know I am Shawn Michaels, and at Royal Rumble I will be declared the winner! Well till then big guy, goodbye!

He hangs up the phone as he is seen with a smile on his face as he leaves his locker room as he is headed somewhere.

Rating: 77

The Chief Has It Under Control...Really!

We go back to the ringside where Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are sitting down on their commentator tables.

JR: Well folks we just saw HBK backstage. It seems that he is not going to compete tonight due to some luggage problems

King: Yeah I get those problems every time when I leave Memphis for some other states of the USA, JR. I tell you it’s a drag to watch the action and knowing you just cant wrestle due to some stupid matter such as the damn airport not locating or you getting the wrong luggage

Just then the Titantron shows a footage of the GM office. Where acting GM, Chief Morley is standing in front of Rico and 3 Minute Warning. All 4 of them seemed to be happy.

Morley: Nice job guys. And that match of yours goes to show everybody, especially the Dudley Boys that nobody messes with either Mr. Bischoff or The Chief! Well seeing that you guys did a nice job, I am allowing you to take the night off. Go anywhere you want now boys cause there is nothing stopping you!

Rico: Thank you chief. You hear that boys? LETS GO!

Rico and 3MW leave the GM office as Chief slowly sits down on his desk. Just then HBK enters the room and approaches the desk.

HBK: Hey Morley, has the airport called in yet about my luggage?

Morley: Well Mr. Michaels I am sorry to inform you but there is still no word whatsoever about your missing luggage. Well seeing that even though they will call up now, I am calling the match with you and Raven off. Test will be replacing you in the next match. I hope you understand the complications here Mr. Michaels.

HBK: C’mon now! I can fight with these clothes on!

Morley: No Mr. Michaels, YOU CANNOT! You see Mr. Bischoff told me run this place while he is away. That means that no one shall be breaking any rules while I am around here make it a tardy attendance to the improper wrestling attire. Mr. Michaels, let me say this loud and clear, I CAN fire anyone here on the spot, anyone who disobeys our rules and guidelines in this brand. Is that clear?!

HBK: Fine, I understand

Morley: That is more like it. Now I hear you picked the first spot on the Royal Rumble right? Well Mr. Michaels, I wish you good luck in making lightning strike twice.

HBK: Why thank you Chei…

Just then HBK gets cut off as Chris Jericho enters the room looking a bit angry about something. Jericho goes infront of HBK and gives him an intimidating glare. To his dismay HBK is not intimidated at all infact he is smiling

HBK: So Jericho have you heard the good news as well?

Jericho: Yeah Shawn and might I say that YOU STOLE my spot at the Rumble. You see just yesterday I was so hyped up talking about the upcoming Royal Rumble saying that I will win. So I got an idea, I called Eric Bischoff and asked him if I can get the no. 1 spot. And you know what he said Shawn? He said it was TAKEN! By YOU! In all of the assclowns here at RAW, YOU had to be no. 1 at the Royal Rumble. Well that doesn't matter to me at all, cause on that PPV oh immortal HBK , I WILL WIN! Cause I am the best in the business today! And you Shawn...you’re just a shell of your former self...with aching back and all!

HBK: Well Jericho you say you're the best? Why don't you win the Rumble by going no. 1? OH WAIT! I know why you cant cause I got that spot and you didn't. You taught about it long and hard, if you wanted to be the best Jericho you should have just made a fast move of attaining the starting position at the Royal Ru..

Jericho: Don't you DARE talk to me about being the best, you self-centered son of a bitch! How about I just prove it now on you Shawn, what about if I just beat the living crap out of your washed up ass here in this room?!

Both men go nose to nose ready to beat each other but all of a sudden Chief Morley gets up and separates the 2.

Morley: Settle down! Both of you! Shawn you already got the no. 1 spot at the Rumble by Mr. Bischoff and you can leave this room since you cannot compete tonight is that clear?! And Jericho, since you are so eager to get in the rumble and win it. I suggest that next week you will be in a 4 way match. And if you win that match you can get ANY spot at the rumble except nos. 1 and 30. Now is that CLEAR?!

Both men nod and then they both give the other some nasty looks before HBK leaves the room. Jericho on the other hand nods to Morley and smiles.

Jericho: Next week huh? Well that's all fine with me Chiefy!

With that, Jericho leaves the room as we go back to the ringside and start the next match.

Rating: 91

Test (w/Stacy) vs Raven

Raven starts off by charging at Test and delivering some blows at him as he backed him into a corner. Raven backs up and clotheslines Test who is at the corner and follows it up with a bulldog. Raven goes to the top for a splash but he lands his abdomen on the knees of Test and he rolls down to the mat in pain. Test now having the advantage in the match as he backs Raven into the corner and delivers some shoulder charges towards the abdominal area of Raven. Test hoists Raven onto his shoulders and delivers a stomach breaker. It seems like Test is targeting the mid-section area of Raven. Test whips Raven onto the ropes at one point but misses a clothesline. Raven capitalizes on the opportunity and locks on a sleeper hold on Test. Outside we can see Stacy cheering on for Test. Test gets the strength to power his way out of the sleeper and whips Raven onto the ropes and takes him down with a powerslam pin. Raven gets a shoulder up by the count of 2. Test places Raven on the top turnbuckle facing the crowd and grabs Raven as he takes him down towards the mat with a neckbreaker! Test pins Raven but before the count of 3, Raven gets his boot on the ropes. Test at this point picks up Raven and delivers some hard knees to the gut of Raven. Raven is sent to the corner and Test goes for a corner clothesline. Raven counters that with a kick to the face and takes Test down with a bulldog. Raven delivers a stomp down on Test before he picks him up. Test blocks a punch from Raven and delivers a couple on the face of Raven. He grabs Raven and delivers a delayed vertical suplex. Test misses a running big boot as Raven ducked it and Raven spins Test around and kicks him right in the gut. He connects with the Raven Effect on Test and goes for the pin. Test miraculously kicks out before 3 and Raven does not believe it! Raven sends Test in the corner and delivers a barrage of punches and clubs on the former Motley Crue bodyguard. Raven with the front facelock and looking for the Raven Effect, but Test shoves Raven sprawling backwards into the ropes. Raven bounces back and he is met by the devastating big boot by Test! Test pins Raven 1,2,3! TEST WINS!


All Pumped Up! Or So He Thought

JR: Well folks we just seen Test win against Raven.

King: I just could NOT believe that Raven is back…on RAW that is. I mean he should have been stuck at Heat. Have you seen that maniac break that poor kids finger last month JR? I mean he should be suspended for that!

JR: Yeah, King. He broke the fingers of poor Aaron Stevens, a very young prospect here at the WWE. Well atleast we did see Raven getting what he deserved; a very good beating from Test.

King: I can tell you something JR, Raven deserves MORE punishment. Not only did he break Stevens' fingers, he made that poor guy at the backstage area 3 weeks ago eat his boot! I mean that was disgusting. And have you seen last Heat? He just...well...he BRUTALIZED Tommy Dreamer!

JR: Raven is a sad and sadistic man King. No doubt about that. Speaking of Sadistic men, Triple H is one of them. Last year folks from recovering from his injury he won the Undisputed title. And soon enough got handed the Heavyweight title. He returned to RAW after his best friend HBK, convinced him. Not only did he defect to this show, he betrayed that friendship. King did you recall when he admitted that he was the one who beaten down Shawn Michaels in the parking lot? They were best of friends! I mean, heck, after they fought each other, Triple H even slammed the sledgehammer onto the back of HBK! Sending HBK away for sometime King!

King: Well we can say they WERE friends. Yeah I think Triple H is one sadistic man JR. That is why he is the current champ. I mean to be the top man of the brand means you got to be able to survive all the things that will get in your way or you must withstand everyone who wants a piece of your gold. Triple H will have a very hard time at the Royal Rumble. At the next PPV he will be facing Scott Steiner for his World Heavyweight Tite. The man with the largest arms JR. He is SO loaded!

JR: You can say that again King. Scott Steiner is a very talented wrestler

Just then the PA Systems hit the music of Big Poppa Pump and the fans are on their feet.


King: Speaking of which JR, here he comes!

Scott Steiner enters the ring and grabs a mic. The fans chant his name and Steiner waits for the crowd to simmer down a bit before speaking

Steiner: Triple H! You better think long and hard during this new year. You wanna know why Hunter? Because at Royal Rumble, Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner will be kicking your ass in this very ring and taking your precious little title! You see since I arrived here at WWE I wanted to target the WWE Champion. And right now that is you Triple H. Now seeing that you managed to retain that belt last PPV, Game, how about you and me go one on one with that title right now?!

JR: Very daring words there by the man with the largest arms

King: What the hell?! Doesn't he realize he IS the one facing The Game at the Rumble?

JR: I guess he does. Although I think he is getting impatient. But let us see if the Champion will arrive right now after hearing this call out by Steiner.




Triple H's music hits as he walks out on stage wearing a suit while the World Heavyweight Title is on his shoulder. He slowly makes his way down the ramp as the crowd gives him a chorus of boos. Triple H goes in the ring and both men look at each other, each men with disdain for the other. Triple H is handed by some referee a mic as he is about to speak.

Triple H: Steiner, Steiner, Steiner! Didn't I make it clear that we will face at the Royal Rumble and NOT any week before that? It seems that your getting a bit impatient. You wanna go one on one with me Steiner? Is that what you want now?

Steiner: Damn right!!! Whats the matter...did I stutter?

Triple H: So you want me and you to fight each other now do ya?! Well let me tell you this

Triple approaches Steiner and both of them goes nose to nose. Triple H backs a step and answers Steiner's challenge of them going at it right now.

Triple H: NAH! But if it is a title shot you want right now, then I will be happy to oblige

With that said, Triple H drops the mic and hits Steiner with the Heavyweight Title on the forehead sending Big Poppa Pump down on the mat. Triple H slowly approaches the fallen Steiner and kicks him on the stomach as he is holding the mic

JR: Triple H just blasted Scott Steiner on the face with that title!


Triple H waits for Steiner to get up as he drops the mic again. Steiner slowly gets up only to be kicked on the gut by Triple H and Triple H delivers the Pedigree on Steiner with Big Poppa Pump's face lands on the heavyweight title that was placed there by The Game. Triple H grabs the Heavyweight Title from the mat as he kicks the downed Steiner who is at the mat. Triple H's music plays as he goes to the top turnbuckle and raises the title with one arm as the other is pointing at himself.

JR: What a despicable man he is! He just gave Steiner and cheap shot!

King: Well I think The Game just proved a point there JR! I guess that Steiner just aint ready for Triple H today..maybe he will at Royal Rumble. But not today JR, not today

RAW goes to a commercial break as we see Triple H getting out of the ring and heading to the backstage area.

Rating: 84%

Scott Steiner gained 1 point of overness from this segment

The Un-American Pre-match Interview

We go backstage as Terri is with the Un-Americans.

Terri: Welcome back everyone to Monday Night RAW! Up next we got a tag team match featuring Booker T and Goldust and of course these guys, William Regal and Lance Storm. Lance, do you guys have anything to say about your upcoming match against the World Heavyweight Champions?

Lance: Well first of Terri, if I can get a little serious here for a moment. Only in America will they let a golden joker who questions his sexuality by his weird actions be paired up with an Afro-American who by which was a former prison mate at Houston to be their Tag Team Champion. You see Terri this is injustice! Not only for me and William here, but it is for the entire country. It seems like you Americans have no sense of pride, no sense of dignity to put REAL worth to that title. Well thanks to the work of one Eric Bischoff, The Un-Americans are getting the opportunity to face Booker T and Goldust for the tag titles. And when this match is all over, Lance Storm and William Regal are going to win that title and FINALLY give prestige to it! So Booker T and Goldust, tonight will be the night that the Un-Americans will show their superiority not only to you both. We will show SUPERIORITY over your country and its so called wrestling superstars!

Regal: And sunshine, Me and Lance are going to give Booker T and Goldust one hell of a bloody beating!

Terri: Well very daring words by the Un-Americans if I say so myself. So Lance any closing comments before you guys head to the match?

Lance: ...Thank you very much!

With that, The Un-Americans leave the backstage area as their match is about to begin.

Rating: 66%

For The WWE World Tag Team Title

Un-Americans vs Booker T and Goldust

Goldust and Lance Storm lock up on each other. Storm gets the upper hand as he goes behind Goldust and delivers a waist lock suplex. Lance Storm locks on an Armbar at Goldust although Goldust reverses the submission hold and kicks Lance to the gut for good measure. Goldust tags out to Booker T and Goldust delivers a flying bionic elbow on Lance Storm as Booker T is holding him. Booker T delivers some chops to the chest on Lance Storm as he backs him into a corner. Booker T whips Lance to the ropes and catches him with a spinebuster. Booker T delivers a double knee drop across the throat of Lance Storm. Booker tries to whip Lance into the ropes but Lance kicks Booker to the gut and bounces off the ropes to take Booker T down with a flying lariat. Lance Storm locks on a sleeper hold but Booker T counters it with a shove onto the ropes. Booker T rolls him Lance as he stumbles backwards from the ropes. Lance Storm kicks out at 2. Storm blocks a kick from Booker T and takes Booker down with a short arm clothesline. Storm tags out to Regal and they deliver a stomp down on Booker at their corner. Regal whips Booker on the ropes and takes him down with a hip toss. Regal stomps down on Booker T before he picks up the Booker Man. Booker T ducks a clothesline by Regal and goes behind him for a bulldog takedown. Booker T slowly makes his way to his corner although Regal drags him to his corner and Lance Storm is tagged in. They whip Booker into the ropes although Booker T hits a double clothesline on both men. Booker T tags in Goldust. All 4 men are now in the ring. Regal taking on Goldust, while Booker T and Lance slug it out! Goldust delivers a hard clothesline sending Regal outside of the ring. Goldust kicks Lance in the gut and Booker T finishes things of with an AXE KICK! Booker T pins Lance Storm 1,2,3! Booker T and Goldust retain the World Tag Team Titles!

JR: Booker T and Goldust with an impressive win here tonight! It was a very even match King but Booker T and Goldust retain their titles!

King: Yeah it IS good to see those stupid Un-Americans loose. But JR, Booker WAS NOT the legal man right? I mean it was supposed to be Goldust to pin Lance Storm.

JR: Well the referee didn't notice it maybe but it looked like tonight, Booker T and Goldust retains their tag team titles. Oh no what is it now?!

Chief Morley is seen entering the stage with a mic. He seems not too pleased with the match result.

Morley: WHOA! WHOA, WHOA, WHOA! What in the blue hell is THIS?! Now Booker T and Goldust, I congratulate you guys for the win...EVEN THOUGH the one who scored the winning pin was NOT the legal man. With that said I am not pleased with the match. So next week there will be a rematch between you 4 guys. This time it will be a No Disqualification Match!

JR: Well it seems like our acting GM has taken a leaf from Eric Bischoff's book and making next week a No DQ tag match.

Morley: So Booker T and Goldust, I hope you guys savor your victory tonight you couple of opportunistic SOB's! As for the rest of you here at Phoenix, enjoy the upcoming Tag Team match that Mr. Bischoff has made!

Morley walks back to the backstage area as the camera pans over to the announcing position where we see Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.


The World Tag Team titles have gained in image.

Chris Jericho and Christian vs RVD and Kane

Christian goes down hard after getting hit by a spinning back kick from Rob Van Dam. RVD goes to the ropes and hits a flying crossbody on Christian for the pin. Christian kicks out at 2 and both men lock up. Christian delivers a sideheadlock take down and applies a sleeperhold on RVD who is down on the mat. RVD blocks a kick from Christian and takes Christian down with a kick to the side of the head. RVD goes for a rolling thunder but Christian sticks out his knees and RVD lands his back on the knees of Christian. Christian picks up RVD and whips him onto the ropes and goes for a back body drop but RVD lands behind him. RVD jumps over the shoulders of Christian and spins around as he delivers a Hurracanrana on Christian to take him down. Christian gets picked up by RVD but he gets a couple of hard blows to the gut by Christian. Christian sends RVD to the corner and connects with a corner dropkick sending Rob Van Dam down to the mat. Christian tags out to Jericho. They whip RVD to the ropes and take him down with a double hiptoss. Jericho kicks RVD to the stomach and goes for a powerbomb. As he hoists RVD up his shoulders for the powerbomb, RVD delivers a couple of punches before delivering a high angle face slam on Jericho. Both men are down but after a few seconds they get up at the same time. RVD takes Jericho down to the mat with a very stiff kick to the face. Jericho is picked up by RVD and whips him onto the corner. Seems like Jericho has a nosebleed from the stiff kick he received. RVD sends Jericho to the corner and goes there for a monkey flip. But as RVD does his usual taunt, Jericho delivers a hard punch to the face of RVD and shoves him down to the mat. Jericho goes to the top rope and delivers a moonsault for the pin. RVD gets his foot on the ropes before the count of 3 to break the pin. Jericho sends RVD to the ropes but RVD reverses it. RVD goes for a spinning heel kick but Jericho ducks and takes him down with a bulldog. Jericho goes to his corner and tags out to Christian. Christian delivers a couple of punches and chops on RVD and whips him to the ropes. RVD takes Christian down with a spinning leg lariat on the way back. RVD makes a tag to Kane who charges at Christian with a huge clothesline. Jericho gets in the ring but slides behind Kane for a hard club to the back. Kane is not fazed by it and turns around to Jericho. Jericho backs off and begs Kane off while we see Christian running towards Kane for a sneak attack. Kane sees it and quickly turns around to grab Christian by the throat. Jericho goes for a save but RVD clotheslines Jericho who is near the ropes and both of them go to the outside. Kane lifts Christian in the air for the CHOKESLAM!!! 1,2,3 and it is over! Kane and RVD wins this one for his team.

Terri announces the winners of the match while Jericho sends RVD crashing to the ring steps. Jericho’s eyes widened up and starts to fume up as he sees Kane’s arm raised inside the ring by the ref. He grabs a chair and slides it in the ring. Jericho gets another one and slides in with it. Kane turns around and gets leveled by Jericho with the chairshot. Kane staggers backwards before he falls down on his knees after the second hit by the chair.

JR: Bah gawd he just leveled the big red machine with two consecutive shots by the chair. He is such a sore loser.

King: Well it was not his fault his team lost. Infact if RVD and Jericho were the legal men on that point, Jericho would have dominated and sealed the match.

Jericho’s frustration over the loss was not done yet as he and Christian wait for Kane to get up. Kane is up and both Jericho and Christian hit him with the con-chair-to! The sound makes a sickening echo throughout the arena as the crowd are in stunned silence for a couple of seconds from that shot. Kane falls down hard and the jeers come in for Y2J and Christian while Jericho’s music hits the PA System. Outside the ring we see the referee attend to RVD who is still down after that crash through the steel steps. Inside the ring we go back to see Jericho and Christian putting one of their feet on top of the fallen Kane. The cameras zoom into the crazed Jericho, bleeding nose and all, as RAW goes off air.



TV Rating: 5.56

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Chapter Four: Father-Son Talk

Date: January 6, 2003

Time: 11:30 PM

Venue: America West Arena VIP Room, Post-Raw Creative Meeting

Vince is the only one sitting down at the chair, the table that were filled by the staff 6 hours ago were all empty as most of them left already or are leaving the arena. RAW was over and it turned out ok to him. He sat there with a coffee mug on his hand and sipped some before he hears the door knocking.

Vince: The door is open. Whoever you are, you may enter

The man did just that, it was a man who was in a suit and the same hair style that Vince had. The only difference was he was younger, and his hair was not grayish, it was black. Vince stood up and smiled as he put his coffee mug at the table to hug the man who entered. It was his son.

Vince: Nice to see you make it here Shane. And to think you would not have been on JR's birthday. Oh boy I thought you forgot about that party

Shane: Yeah sorry if I came late dad. It seems like the time that I went there was when the others were already gone. I am SO sorry about that dad. I had to do some extra paperwork for our company you see. Man to think I almost forgot to check up on our roster dad. I know it is not my business but, by the end of the month about 9 to 10 of our workers will have their contracts expired. We got to do something.

Vince: I know. Shane, out of those 10...well let us just say that only 5 shall get their contracts to be extended after the Rumble. The other 5 are just going to leave the company. Sure some of them have talent but they do not meet our standards Shane, you do know that don't you?

Shane: Yes dad. But it was hard to see Lombardi go, he has been in our company longer than Mark was. And you do know the same goes for Bossman.

Vince: I know Shane but Brawler told me he wanted to retire from the sport already so I had no choice but to grant his release. He did do a lot of oddball stunts during his tenure here that made me proud. He did a lot to help our company but he told me he is leaving the business and focus on his family. Rodgers? He told me he wanted to leave the WWE for some other promotion. He told me he would be helping Dustin’s dad in Texas to train some young wrestlers.

Shane: I was late for the party of JR right? Well did Austin arrive at the party?

Vince: Sadly he didn't. You see when you arrived we just had that talk about your possible on screen return. So what else do you want to talk about now?

Shane: Well it concerns Austin. Before I came here, I had a phonecall from Steve, he received your message on his answer phone just today. He told me that you both can talk things over maybe this Saturday?

Vince: You mean he just got that message today?! But I know I sent that one 4 days ago.

Shane: You know Steve, he does not answer his calls that much. Well dad, shall we go to the house now? Mom is waiting and don't worry about the SmackDown! taping, Steph and Doc Tom got it all covered for tomorrow night.

Vince and Shane leave the office and head back to their home. It will take a long ride back there, but there is no place like home

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<center>January 7, 2003 Tuesday

user posted image</center>


Post-RAW Notes

By: Heyman's Ho

- RAW got a 5.56 TV Rating

- Eric Bischoff was not on RAW last night due to some illness. Actually he had a bad cold that he got since Saturday. Hopefully Bischoff will be back next week where its rumored that Vince McMahon will make an appearance.

- Y2J suffered a hard kick to the nose by RVD. Hence why his nose bled during the tag match. After the match, the guys stopped the simple nose bleeding of Jericho. RVD apologized to Jericho after the show in the backstage area for kicking him accidentally in the nose. Jericho was alright with it since it was an accident all along.

- It seems like HBK will be the first man to enter the rumble. But rumors are that next week Y2J will win the 4-way match and become the second to enter the rumble. Looks like they will make a repeat performance of the 1995 rumble. Will HBK win and Jericho being the last man out? Or will it be the other way around? I for one think that HBK will win the Rumble.

- Triple H will be facing Steiner at the Royal Rumble PPV. It seems like Steiner will job to Triple H, or some sources *cough'myboss'coug* tell me.

- It is rumored that that the man HBK was talking on the phone was Kevin Nash. In his website Nash tells us that he is on his way to returning at the WWE. But it does not look possible that Nash will be returning to the WWE at the Royal Rumble.

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JANUARY 9, 2003

<center>SmackDown! Results

(Commentators: Michael Cole and Tazz)</center>

Last Week...

The scene shows Brock delivering an F-5 on Matt Hardy and pins him for the count

Cole:1! 2! 3! And its all over! Brock Lesnar just proved too much for Matt Hardy!

Tazz: Yeah you can bet on that Cole. Tonight might be just a sample of what Brock will show us in this new year for the WWE.

The referee raises brock's hand. Although the footage goes black and white as Big Show's music is heard


Big Show stands on the stage looking at Brock Lesnar. Lesnar glares back at Big Show and then turns his attention to Matt Hardy who is slowly getting up on his feet. While on the other side of the ring we see the referee trying to wake Shannon Moore up. Brock picks up Hardy and delivers another F5

Cole: F5!!! F5!!! Lesnar with another F5 on Hardy! Big Show is on the stage just watching on. I guess Brock Lesnar is just giving Big Show a brief preview of things to come when they meet again in the ring. Let us not forget that last year it was Big Show who stopped Brock's winning streak! I cant wait to see when these 2 will have a match up again

Brock goes to the ring ropes that faces the stage to give Big Show a huge grin. At the stage we see Big Show looking towards the ring and at Brock and just nodding at him.

Tazz: Yeah I know Cole. Looks like Big Show is just lookin on at Brock in the ring as Brock smiles at the Big Show. There is no doubt Cole, NO DOUBT that Brock Lesnar cannot wait to get his hands on the Big Show and give him some hell of a payback.

A Match Is Made For The PPV!

SmackDown! starts to play its intro movie after seeing last weeks footage. The Pyros explode on stage as we head over to the announcers table with Michael Cole and Tazz.

Cole: Welcome everybody to WWE SMACKDOWN! This is Michael Cole and alongside with me here is Tazz. We are here at Tuscon Arizona!!!

Tazz: Well Cole I cant wait to see what action tonight has in store for all of us! Last week we saw the confrontation of The Big Show and Brock Lesnar after the main event. I wonder what the GM will have to say tonight as she told us that she has a special announcement to make at the start of the show.


Stephanie McMahon is seen at the stage as her music plays. The crowd cheer as the GM of SmackDown prepares to speak.

Steph: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to WWE SMACKDOWN! THE best damn wrestling show in the world! *fans cheer* Now as I heard last week here while I was away for some family matters gave me an idea. You see Brock Lesnar and Big Show just could not wait to get their hands on each other. I like to make a match pitting the two of them, don't get me wrong people. But looking at the card of this week , I realized that they are already planned to be facing other opponents. So I concluded this solution for the both of you 2. Brock, Show, at the Royal Rumble you 2 will face each other in a one-on-one match. And the winner will go to the 30 Man Royal Rumble!!!

Cole: Did you just hear that Tazz?!

Tazz: I sure did Cole! Brock Lesnar vs The Big Show at Royal Rumble. And I like the idea of the winner getting a place at the 30-man battle royal!

The fans cheer as Stephanie leaves the stage after making the announcement. SmackDown! goes to a commercial break.

Rating: 86%

Shannon Moore (w/ Matt Hardy Version 1.0) vs Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio hits a dropkick connecting the jaw of Shannon Moore and Moore goes down hard. Shannon is whipped into the corner. Rey puts Shannon sitting on the top turnbuckle and looks for a frankensteiner but Shannon counters with a fallaway powerbomb from the top rope! Shannon puts his arm over Rey for a pin but Rey gets his shoulder up before the count of 3. The fans are ecstatic after Rey stopped the pin. Outside the ring, the Sensei Of Mattitude watches his MF'er in the ring. Inside the ring Shannon whips Rey to the ropes and goes for a back body drop but Rey lands behind Shannon and hops on top of Shannon for a victory roll. Shannon counters the victory roll pin and reverses the pin. Rey kicks out at 2 and hits a basement dropkick across the face of Shannon who was sitting on the mat. Rey grabs the legs of Shannon and rolls over him for a pin but Matt Hardy grabbed the legs of Rey dragging Rey outside of the ring to break the pin. Rey ducks a punch from Matt and goes behind him. Rey shoves Matt to the apron where Shannon accidentally hits a baseball slide at Matt. Rey pulls Shannon to the outside and delivers a couple of punches before taking him down with a dropkick. Rey puts Shannon back in the ring and then on he dominated the rest of the match. Shannon turns the tides as he counters the DDT with a fisherman's suplex pin. Rey kicks out of it and gets up only to get a hiptoss from Shannon. Shannon Moore delivers a sidewalk slam on Rey and goes to the top rope for a moonsault. Rey gets out of the way and Moore eats the canvas! Rey Mysterio goes to the top rope but Matt Hardy goes to the apron to shove Rey off and sends Rey into the ring hard. The referee had enough of Matt interfering, so he ejects Matt Hardy out of the ring for the rest of the match. Matt leaves the ringside angry after being ejected from it, but in the ring both men slowly get back up on their feet. Shannon and Rey charge at each other but Rey ducks a clothesline. Rey hops on Shannon and rolls him up for the victory roll. Shannon counters the pin for a 1 count before Rey gets out of it. Rey rolls out of it and delivers a rolling pin on Moore for a two count. Shannon reverses the pin and gets a 2 count. Rey gets up and waits for Moore to get up. Shannon runs towards Rey only to get taken down with a double leg takedown positioning Shannon for the 6-1-9!!! Rey delivers the 619 on Shannon and finishes it off with the springboard rana to pin Shannon 1,2,3!!! Rey Mysterio wins this one!


It's True! Damn True!

We go backstage where Josh Matthews is with Kurt Angle for an interview. Obviously the crowd starts a 'YOU SUCK' chant

Josh: We are here with the WWE Champion, Kurt Angle. Kurt if you may can I ask you a couple of questions?

Angle: Why that is all fine with me kid. You see your Olympic champion has enough time to answer you questions so ask away!

Josh: As we saw last week Kurt, you are not injured at all. You even used your crutches and attacked both Edge and Chris Benoit with it. Now the thing I want to ask about it is, WHY?

Angle: Why Josh? Let us just say that your Olympic Hero has a plan. You see Benoit, you see how low you think of me when you saw me in crutches last week. You saw how over confident you were seeing Kurt Angle in crutches and thinking you will have an easy time in our match at the Royal Rumble? Last week was a preview of things to come Chris! As you can clearly see tonight, I have no need for those crutches anymore. Infact by the time Royal Rumble comes around the corner, I will be 100% if not already 100% tonight. Benoit you and me have a lot of history with each other dating back to the year 2000. And this year as you know it is the year 2003, the year that Kurt Angle will take and will dominate! To start it off I will end this long heated rivalry of ours at Royal Rumble when I MAKE YOU TAP OUT!!!

Josh: You seem very confident about that prediction Kurt. Why?

Angle: Look kid, I am not very confident about my comments. I am CERTAIN about them! OH ITS TRUE! IT IS DAMN TRUE! You see as I said me and Benoit go WAY back during my days when I was targeting the Intercontinental Title, and later on the World Title that I have on my waist right now! *points at the WWE title that is attached around his waist* Me and Benoit fought each other in a lot matches. In a triple threat double fall match at Wrestlemania, a cage match last 2001! Hell we even been a tag team, and you know what I CARRIED our team! He did nothing but bitch and whine! It seems like we will never get along too well Josh. So on Royal Rumble, infront of the crowd and a worldwide audience, I will shatter the hopes and dreams of Chris Benoit as I give him one harsh fact that nobody can defeat THE Olympic Hero, AND current WWE Champion, Kurt Angle! OH ITS TRUE JOSH! Benoit and I promise it will be you who will tap out, it will be you who will be proven wrong you buck tooth canucker!

Josh: I see. As you heard tonight Kurt, Stephanie McMahon made a match at the PPV between the Big Show and Brock Lesnar. In your opinion, do you think the winner of that match will win the Rumble?

Angle: Why do you have to ask that to me Josh. I mean c'mon!!! You know that I will beat whoever the hell I will face at Wrestlemania. Without a doubt Kurt Angle will still be the WWE Champ at Wrestlemania 19! ITS TRUE! I do not care who will win the Royal Rumble. I don't care if it is a RAW brand wrestler and I could not care less if it will be a SmackDown! brand wrestler. The outcome will still be obvious! I will STILL be the champion here at SmackDown! by the time you are still stuck reporting backstage in the year 2004! But you do have an interesting question. Between Big Show and Brock Lesnar, I would pick Brock! I mean I never faced him yet one on one and I will look forward to meeting him, only to make him tap out and show who the BEST amateur wrestler in the world is! OH ITS TRUE! DAMN TRUE!

Josh: Ok then, there you have it folks! We just had an interview with the WWE Champion, Kurt Angle! SmackDown! will be back right after this brief commercial break. STAY TUNED!

SmackDown! goes to an obvious commercial break

Rating: 100%

Kurt Angle gained 4 points of overness from this segment.

The Lord Of Darkness Shall Return!

A video plays showing some footages of Undertaker during his days in the Ministry Of Darkness. After the highlights fade we see a tombstone and with words engraved on it saying

"It has been too long since his darkness consumed him. Soon enough he and his ministry shall rise again."

The scene fades as we see some words in the black background

"Evil shall live again at the Royal Rumble"

Rating: 83%

Non-Title Match

Matt Hardy Version 1.0 (w/ Shannon Moore) vs Billy Kidman

Thing start off quick as both men locks up on each other. Matt Hardy takes Kidman down with a side headlock takedown. But Kidman does a head scissors, Hardy gets out of the lock and both men get up. A series of reversals occur at this point. Kidman slides behind Matt Hardy and locks on a sleeper but Matt deliver some elbows to the gut of Kidman for him to let go. Matt Hardy grabs Kidman and delivers the Side Effect. Matt Hardy taunting the V1 sign now turns around only to get some punches from Kidman and backs to the corner. Kidman goes to the top of the turnbuckle while Hardy is at the corner and delivers a frankensteiner. Kidman delivers a couple of dropkicks to the face of Matt Hardy to take him down. Matt Hardy gets picked up and is sent to the ropes. Kidman catches him with a drop toe hold and follows it up with a running legdrop to the back of Matt’s head. Billy Kidman delivers a dropkick that hits Matt Hardy hard on the chin sending Matt staggering and eventually falling to the outside of the ring. Kidman runs towards the ropes and launches himself off for a shooting star press to the outside while Hardy is being helped by MF'er Shannon. He lands it on both of them and the fans go ballistic! Both men back at the ring and Matt Hardy avoids a clothesline from Kidman and kicks him to the gut. Hardy delivers a vertical suplex and goes to the top rope for his yodel legdrop. It connects and Hardy pins Kidman 1..2..NO, Kidman gets a shoulder up! Outside the ring we see Shannon Moore getting the cruiserweight title and sliding it into the ring for Matt to use. Shannon distracts the referee as Matt Hardy grabs the belt and waits for Kidman to get up. Kidman is up but he ducks the hit and hits a spinning heel kick to take Hardy down. He tosses the cruiserweight title to the outside before he stalks Matt Hardy. He spins Matt Hardy around and delivers the BK buster. He grabs the fallen Matt Hardy and drags him near the corner before he goes upstairs for the SHOOTING STAR PRESS! He lands the finisher and pins Matt Hardy as the referee has his attention back at the match 1,2,3! Kidman wins the non-title match!


Billy Kidman gained 2 points of overness from this match.


SmackDown! goes back from the commercial break as we head over to the announce table with Michael Cole and Tazz.

Cole: Welcome back to SmackDown! Up next we have a singles match featuring John Cena squaring off with Eddie Guerrero

Tazz: Latino Heat vs Ice Ice Cena, boy Cole that match is going to be one hell of a smash hit tonight!

Cole: Do not forget Tazz that it was John Cena and B-Squared who attacked Los Guerreros last Saturday on Velocity. What do they have against Eddie and Chavo anyway?

Tazz: Aside from their 'no more mullet' look? Now how the hell should I know Cole. Well I do know that we have some footage of John Cena and B-Squared that we are gonna show to ya!

The Titantron plays a footage...

We see the outside of the arena in the footage where John Cena and B2 are standing. The time of the day seems to be at noon. John Cena is seen wearing his usual Hip Hop Gear while B2 is wearing white pants, white tanktop and a chain with a circle clock attached

John Cena: Hey Eddie Guerrero tonight you'll be in for a beatin

You wont win tonight by lying, cheating or stealin

Get back to the damn meadowlands you 2 rotten Latinos

Before I make you and your nephew look like worn out burritos

But this night it seems like Johnny C will be facin Latino Heat

You think your so hot Eddie, tonight you gonna get beat!

Cause they say your fire and I am the big boot on the bout

After the match expected yourself to be stomped out!

You think I'm jokin? Oh hell dawg I am just telling you the way it will go

Once I am done with you, your ass will be doing night shifts at 'El Polo Loco'

I got nothing else to say to ya

So B2 here will end this rap with a...

B2: Booya!

Both of them do a pose before the footage ends. We go back to ringside as the match is underway.

Rating: 60%

John Cena lost 2 points of overness from this segment.

Eddie Guerrero (w/Chavo) vs John Cena (w/ B2)

The match kicks off with Cena taunting Eddie with a 'YOU CANT SEE ME'. Eddie gets ticked off about it and tackles Cena to the ground to deliver some hard right hands to the face of Cena. Eddie picks up Cena and whips him to the ropes. Eddie does a flapjack and dropkick sending John Cena stumbling to the outside. B2 helps Cena get up but Eddie dives off the ropes and takes both men down. Both men go back to the ring. Cena rakes Eddie in the eyes while they locked each other up and Cena takes Eddie down with a snapmare. Cena runs to the ropes and delivers a Five Knuckle Shuffle on Eddie who is at the mat. Eddie counters Cena who was about to suplex him. Eddie delivers a suplex of his own, he delivers a couple of suplexes to Cena before going for a pin. Cena's foot was put on the ropes by B2. The ref sees the foot and breaks the pin. Eddie Guerrero whips Cena to the ropes and goes for a back body drop but Cena kicks him on the face. He clotheslines Guerrero to the outside. B2 attacks Eddie on the outside while Cena is distracting the ref. Chavo dropkicks B2 from behind and B2 is down. Eddie is helped up by his nephew Chavo. Eddie slides in the ring and both Cena and Eddie exchange some punches. Eddie takes Cena down with a hiptoss. Eddie grabs Cena's arm and delivers a arm bar takedown from the top rope. Eddie goes to the top rope but B2 clubs him to the back sending Eddie falling to the mat. John Cena gets up and waits for Eddie to get up. He hoists Eddie into his shoulders and delivers the Killswitch! 1,2,3! John Cena wins!

After the match B2 slides in the ring and join Cena in stomping down on Eddie. But after a minute, Chavo recovers from the attack he got from B2 on the outside and saves his uncle Eddie. He slides in the ring with a chair and fends off both Cena and B2. SmackDown! goes to a commercial break


Big Show vs Rikishi

Rikishi starts to deliver some chops to the Big Show and whips him to the ropes. Show takes Rikishi down with a clothesline. The big man with the honey baked ham shape fists mounts on top of Rikishi and starts pummeling him with lefts and rights, and now it looks like the overweight version of the UFC. Big Show whips Rikishi to the corner and charges at him, Rikishi sticks his elbow out and Show staggers backwards and gets taken down by a forearm smash from Rikishi. Rikishi locks a front facelock on Show but Show counters with a inverted atomic drop. He takes Rikishi down with a shoulder charge and pins him. Rikishi gets a shoulder up and Big Show looked at bit upset. Big Show pummels down on Rikishi at the corner and boot chokes him before the ref breaks it up. Rikishi ducks a clothesline from Big Show and delivers a desperation savate kick. Rikishi goes for the pin but Show kicks out before the 3 count. Rikishi runs towards Big Show but Show catches him with a hard powerslam. Big Show waits for Rikishi to get up, Rikishi is up and Show clasps his hand on Rikishi's neck. Big Show delivers the SHOWSTOPPER!!! He pins Rikishi 1,2,3! Clearly this was a squash match that ended in 3 minutes and 40 seconds.


Edge vs Charlie Haas (w/Shelton Benjamin)

The match starts with both men locking up in the middle of the ring. Edge goes behind Haas and slaps on a sleeper hold but Haas takes him down on the mat and locks on an armwringer. Edge quickly gets up on his feet and reverses the hold, Haas hits his elbow to the midsection of Edge and whips Edge to the ropes. Haas catches Edge with a tilt a whirl slam. Haas is now in control of this match as he delivers some knife edge chops on Edge at the corner. Haas takes Edge down and locks on a front face lock. Edge slowly gets up while the submission hold is still slapped on him by Haas and counters it with a Firsherman's suplex pin. Haas gets his shoulder up by the count of 2. Haas goes for a clothesline but Edge ducks it and takes Haas down with a forearm smash. Edge is now in control of the match as he delivers some fast paced punches on Haas and whips him to the ropes and goes for a back body drop. Haas however grabs him for a rollup pin. Edge kicks out before the 3 count and both men exchange punches. Haas blocks a punch from Edge and hits a hard blow to the gut taking Edge down. Charlie Haas decides to concentrate on the legs as he locks on a leg lock on Edge. Charlie Haas now goes for a bodyslam but Edge manages to land behind him and delivers a backbreaker. Edge whips Charlie Haas to the ropes and follows him over with a forearm smash but he instead knocks out the ref as Charlie Haas ducks out of the way. Haas kicks Edge to the gut and hits a vertical suplex. Shelton Benjamin enters the ring and both men pick Edge up. Charlie Haas goes for the inverted atomic drop as Shelton goes for the superkick, however Edge blocks the kick and spins it around to make the foot hit the side of Haas's head. Charlie Haas is down as Edge grabs Shelton and throws him over the ropes. Edge waits for Haas to get up and delivers a Goldberg like SPEAR! He pins him as the ref gets up finally and counts. 1,2,3! Edge wins!


An Unhappy Leader

We go back from the commercial break as we see Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas entering their locker room. Inside sits down a very disappointed Kurt Angle. Angle gets up from the chair and approaches the 2.

Kurt: What the hell was that? WHAT IN THE BLUE HELL WAS THAT?!

Charlie: Kurt were sorry, I lost the match against Edge. I promise, no, me and Shelton promise that it will never happen again

Kurt: OH IT BETTER NOT CHARLIE! Not only did you loose, you lost to Edge! You know what, I won a lot of matches against him and I thought the reason that you, Charlie Haas were going to prove to me you are a worthy member of Team Angle and make Edge tap out like your Olympic hero! You really disappoint me Charlie.

Shelton: Kurt is right. You really did disappoint the team.

Kurt: Not only am I right Shelton, YOU also disappoint me! Not only did he lose, he lost due to you 2 not working well as a team. You already got Edge on that double team. You COULD have delivered that kick of yours. But what the hell happen Shelton? Tell me what happened?!

Shelton: Well I..

Kurt: YOU GOT BLOCKED! Is it a rookie mistake you want to make an excuse of?! Look have you 2 forgot why I chose you 2 to be on my team. Because you 2 are the best damn tag team that can ever be worthy enough to be in Team Angle. But tonight you did not prove that you 2 are worthy members to claim Team Angle as your team. Don't worry though you two. You will get a chance to redeem yourself next week in a no. 1 contendership spot to face the tag team champs on the Royal Rumble. You win, I will be happy with you two. You loose..I will make a point of it to lock the Anglelock on both of you at the same time in that ring!

Charlie: Yes Kurt, we won’t fail next time.

Shelton: Yeah, what he said Kurt.

Kurt: You guys better not, oh its true...DAMN TRUE!

Kurt grimly leaves the locker room as both Shelton and Charlie look at each other and start talking about something. We go back to ringside to see the next match.

Rating: 87%

Brock Lesnar vs A-Train

A-Train controls the tieup, but Brock powers him into the corner and delivers a couple of shoulder charges a bit. A-Train elbows Brock on a charge. A-Train connects on his bicycle kick sending Brock down and goes for the pin. Brock Lesnar gets his shoulder up on two. A-Train pounds Brock and charges at him, but Brock rallies back with a powerslam. Brock goes for the pin by A-Train gets his shoulder up before the 3 count could be made. A-Train delivers a headbutt sending Brock staggering backwards. A-Train goes for another bicycle kick but Brock avoids it and goes behind A-Train. Brock Lesnar deliver 3 consecutive overhead suplexes on A-Train! A-Train gets picked up by Brock Lesnar and hoists him onto his shoulders for an F5!!! What an impact and he pins Train..1,2,3!!! What a short match as well.



TV Rating: 4.96</center>

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