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Black Jushin Liger for SD: HCTP?

Guest JT179

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Guest JT179

Just wondering if anyone has seen a Black Jushin Thunder Liger for SmackDown!: Here Comes The Pain. I've been looking for one recently and have yet to find it.

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Nope. I'd love to see Liger in his other outfits, but so far all I've seen are a few different versions of his normal red and white outfit. (That is, the same outfit done by different CAW creators)

I think there are also some of his alternate outfit - the stripped-down outfit with no shirt and a mask where his eyes are visible that he wears when wrestling heavyweights - but I don't remember where I saw them at.

I'd like to see one of Liger from the match he had with Muta in `96 where Muta ripped off Liger's mask and he had facepaint on (wouldn't be possible to do the bodypaint, though).

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