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WWE Raw: A New Direction

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A note from the author: The following diary shall be done using EWR 4.2, as I haven't got TEW, nor do I want it. I have previously posted this diary on BOTH .400 Studios and EWC (Extreme Wrestling Central) and have got a lot of positive feedback there, so I was hoping to continue the diary here as well. I hope you enjoy it. The diary does not really have a backstory, as I don't really like writing backstories. Let's say for now that somehow I have become Head Booker and Writer for WWE Raw, with my job commencing on Sunday August 1st 2004, following the Raw Pay Per View, Vengenace the previous week. Here is a round up of what happened in July:

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After winning the rights to become the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship by truly beating the living hell out of Eric Bischoff's nephew, Eugene, HHH made it clear that he would regain his title, and the match was made for Vengeance. However, despite having three members of Evolution by his side, Chris Benoit was still able to get the best of The Game and Evolution by defeating all three members of Evolution, including one hell of a victory over Randy Orton in a Steel Cage match. However, after that hellacious Steel Cage match, the week before Vengeance, HHH would come out and truly beat the hell out of Benoit, hitting him several times with The Game's coveted weapon, the deadly sledgehammer. Six days later and at the very last minute, Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff made a shocking announcement, and made his nephew Eugene the Special Guest Referee for the World title match. The fans, believing that Eugene would cut it down the middle were shocked as Eugene visciously attacked Chris Benoit, moments before Triple H would nail a devastating pedigree and become the new World Heavyweight Champion. A limousine then made its way down to the ring and all five members of Evolution got in and laughed as Chris Benoit tried to get up off the mat.


Week after week, for months now, we have been hearing how Randy Orton is the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion in almost a decade. And he continued his reign through July by first defeating Chris Jericho, to decide what type of match he would have against Edge at Vengeance. Orton chose a Ladder Match and would surprisingly defeat Edge without any interference from Evolution and his reign continues for another month....


Due to Rob Conway being injured in a match at a house show a the beginning of the month, the titles were not defended at the shows Pay Per View. Instead Conway's partner, Sylvan Grenier battled against Chris Jericho, and almost got a pinfall victory over the King of the World. However, Chris would make the French-Canadian tap out in the middle of the ring, and gain the victory. Afterwards Conway made his way to the ring and helped his partner get the better of Jericho. This issue between La Resistance and Chris Jericho certainly isn't finished.


On the July 5th edition of Raw, fill-in General Manager Eugene booked a Battle Royale match featuring six divas. Victoria would win, and earned the title shot against Trish. However, Trish had Eric Bischoff make the match a Handicap Match against her and Tomko. Bischoff agreed, and at Vengeance Tomko ripped his way through Victoria and ensured that Trish left the Women's championship. But she didn't, he did. As the rules state, whoever earns the pinfall or submission becomes the champion, and Tomko did just that and was awarded his first title in the WWE- the Women's title. Find out how this issue develops in the coming weeks on Raw...


The situation between Kane and Lita, which also involves Matt Hardy got even more dangerous as the two male superstars slugged it out in the middle of the ring. However, as Matt Hardy had lost to Jonathon Coachman by countout on Raw, Kane got to add a stipulation to his match at Vengeance. Kane decided that he wanted something from Lita. He said that if Kane won the match, then Lita and Kane would get married. And to make things even worse, Eric Bischoff slided the rules in Kane's favour once again. This meant that Kane could win the match by countout, submission, pinfall and even disqualification, while Matt could only win by pinning the Big Red Monster. And, as oyu have guessed, Matt was not able to do that, as Kane floored Matt with a devastating chokeslam and is going to marry Lita!

Evolution continued to reign supreme, and with Eugene by there side, they now feel that they are stronger than ever.

There has still been no sign of Shawn Michaels following that savage attack from Kane in June.

Vengeance Results:

Triple H def. Chris Benoit for the World Heavyweight Championship with Eugene as the Special Guest Referee

Randy Orton def. Edge to retain the Intercontinental Championship in a Ladder Match

Tyson Tomko & Trish Stratus def. Victoria in a Handicap Match for the Women's Championship

Chris Jericho def. Sylvan Grenier via submission

Kane def. Matt Hardy

Ric Flair def. Shelton Benjamin

Edited by Lucas Jackson
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The superstars in bold are currently inactive. See below for more details.

World Heavyweight Champion: Triple H

Intercontinental Champion: Randy Orton

World Tag Team Champions: La Resistance (Rob Conway & Sylvain Grenier)

Women's Champion: Tyson Tomko (read backstory)

Al Snow



Chris Benoit

Chris Jericho

Chris Nowinski


Chuck Palumbo


Eric Bischoff (Raw General Manager)


Gail Kim

Garrison Cade



Jonathon Coachman



Mark Henry

Matt Hardy


Mick Foley

Molly Holly

Mr. McMahon


Randy Orton


Ric Flair

Rob Conway


Shane McMahon

Shawn Michaels

Shelton Benjamin

Stacy Keibler

Stephanie McMahon

Stevie Richards

Sylvain Grenier



The Hurricane

The Rock

Trish Stratus

Triple H

Tyson Tomko

Val Venis


William Regal

Inactive Superstars:

Chris Nowinski- Nowinski has been out of action for almost a year now due to several injuries that he sustained, which caused him to have to wear a face mask. At the moment, his contract with the WWE runs out in November, and if he is still unable to wrestle, we shall try to put him in a non-wrestling role.

Christian- Over the years, Christian has sustained a lot of damage to his lower back, and later this month he shall undergo surgery for this injury. He is believed to return to the ring in 2-3 months time.

Ivory- Ivory is currently getting ready to work on the next series of Tough Enough, as well as the $250,000 Raw Diva Search. She has said that she wishes to return to a full-time wrestling role, next year.

Mark Henry- Mark Henry is just weeks away from returning to action on Raw, like the monster he is. He suffered minor damage to his quadricep at a Raw house show back in October, but is hoping to return by the end of the month.

Mick Foley- There are many reasons why Mick is not on TV, for both personal and storyline purposes. At present he is selling injuries from his match with Randy Orton back in April. However, Mick has said that he doesn't want to wrestle another match in the company, and has also asked for a dramatic pay rise if he does. It is very unlikely that we will see Mick Foley back on our screens anytime soon.

Shawn Michaels- Shawn is another Raw Superstar who is selling his injuries. Shawn is set to return shortly after SummerSlam, and is enjoying spending time with his wonderful wife and children.

Test- Test is another injured Raw superstar who will be returning to action very shortly. It has been rumoured on Internet sites worldwide that Test will make an appearance on this week's Raw, but we cannot confirm anything at this moment in time.

The Rock- Good news ladies and gentlemen. After several talks with the WWE, The Rock is set to do a full years work with the WWE starting in August. We wait patiently for his return.

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From wwe.com:

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Heat Preview 01/08/2004

No matches have been announced for tonight's show, though it is believed that we shall see the World Tag Team Championships up for grabs, as an angry La Resistance try to prove to the world why they are worthy of the titles.

What will happen to Tomko, he is rightfully the Women's champion, as he did win the match. However, the official rules of the Women's championship state that only a female competitor can win the Women's title. That is another HUGE question for us, and will we find out the answer tonight on Heat?

Confirmed Matches:

No matches have been announced, so you'll have to watch the show to find out!

Off-Topic: Sorry that it was so short, but what more can I put for Heat, especially my first one.

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Sunday Night HeAT Results 01/08/2004

Miami, FL

The pyro's kick off and then the fans go semi-wild as we are welcomed by Al Snow and The Coach at the announce table.

Snow: Welcome to all our fans. I'm Al Snow.

Coach: And I'm The Coach.

Snow: Otherwise known as the greatest announcers of all time.

Snow and Coach don't get too long to speak as La Resistance's music hits the arena and then two very angry Frenchmen make there way out onto the stage, sporting their World Tag Team titles as the crowd boo. Sylvain is holding the French flag up high, and the Miami fans just boo even louder. The champions climb into the ring and then Sylvain grabs a microphone and begins to speak in his usual broken English as there music stops, and the crowd boo.

Sylvain: I am appalled as to what kind of place this country has become. I was ashamed at the state of the room service in my hotel, just down the road from here. Over in a real country, like France, this wouldn't happen. So, Robert and I just came down to say that we shall never be returning to this dump. And if you think that we are defending our World Tag Team titles in this dump, you have another thing coming. So, ladies and gentlemen-

But then Tajiri's music hits the arena and then he makes his way down to the ring, as the crowd give him a decent reaction. Tajiri slides into the ring, and just stares blankly towards both members of La Resistance.

Sylvain: What the hell do you want tajiri? Can't you see that important people are talking?

Tajiri gets right in Sylvain's face, and sprays that horrible green mist right in his eyes, as the crowd go nuts! He kicks an approaching Conway right in the face, and then a referee runs down the ramp, and it looks like we have a match! (72)

Rob Conway vs. Tajiri

A nice match from these two. Thanks to the distraction of his partner, Tajiri was able to get some decent moves on the cocky American. Conway suffered several kicks to the face and stomach during the match, but in the end, with help from Sylvain, he managed to dodge that deadly kick to the back of the head, and then score a massive DDT on Tajiri, and pick up the cheap win.

Over: 78. Crowd: 72. Match: 84. 3 stars.

Rob Conway gained 1 point of overness from this match.

Afterwards La Resistance lifted Tajiri up high, looking for that deadly double team manouvere, but down came Tajiri's old friend, Rhyno. Rhyno stopped La Resistance from doing the move and nailed a viscious gore on Sylvain before the champions left the ring. Rhyno helped Tajiri up, and then he grabbed a microphone from ringside, and began to speak.

Rhyno: You two seem to have a problem with just about everyone. So, how about you defend your World Tag Team titles against Tajiri and I, tomorrow night LIVE on Raw? That's if your not cowards!

Sylvain is given a microphone and then he begins to speak, breathlessly.

Sylvain: Erm........no. Your not even in our league, Mr. Rhyno.

Conway whispers something in Sylvain's ear, and then Sylvain smiles and continues to speak.

Sylvain: OK Mr. Rhyno, I have had a change of plan. We will let you get a shot at our tag team titles. But on one condition. And that condition is that you take part in a match tomorrow night on Raw between myself and you. Let's have the match a No Disqualification match. (Crowd cheer). Naturally, that means no disqualifications for me, and every single disqualification for you. If, you can win- let alone survive- that match, then you can get a shot at the World Tag Team titles at SummerSlam. So, what do you say Mr. Rhyno?

Rhyno thinks about it for a second, and then he replies.

Rhyno: Sylvain, even with those odds, I am sure that I can guarantee victory over you tomorrow night. So your on! But, at SummerSlam, it's all over for you, as Tajiri and I become the new World Tag Team Champions!

Sylvain: Foolish man, so foolish. You have no idea what kind of punishment that I am going to inflict on you tomorrow night. Come Robert, let's leave this pig sty known as Miami.

La Resistance's music hits the arena as we go to our first commercial break, with the fans going wild.

When we return we see The Hurricane and Rosey hanging out in the parking lot. Rosey looks really excited and is jumping up and down with joy.

Rosey: I can't believe it Hurricane, I can fly!

The Hurricane: Holy ****! Young Rosevelt, you must show me your newly acquired skill.

Rosey looks focused as he concentrates on what he is doing. He pushes off, but he loses his balance, and falls face first onto the concrete. Several heels walk by, and laugh at Rosey as The Hurricane looks dissappointed. (78)

Rosey gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

Several members of the WWE Medical Team run by, and the camera follows them into the arena where we see Mark Henry beating the living hell out of Edge, tossing him into the wall. Henry then lifts Edge above his head and nails a deadly power slam onto the concrete floor and then begins to walk away. Johnny Nitro approaches him and begins clapping.

Nitro: That, was great Mark. I could use someone like that in my match tonight. You see, I was scheduled to have a match against The Hurricane, but now that your here, how about we add that useless piece of S.H.I.T, Rosey, and make it a tag match?

Mark just stares down at Nitro and then he nods, and the two make there way to the ring, as the crowd boo. (78)

Justice League vs. Johnny Nitro & Mark Henry

Nitro was happy to be teaming with Henry, and felt guarranteed of a victory. This match was a total squash, and only lasted just over two minutes. Henry finished by unleashing a deadly DDT on The Hurricane, and getting the win.


Nitro and Henry were celebrating, and then Henry continued to beat down on The Hurricane, and nailed another vicious DDT on the superhero, while his partner Rosey could do nothing.

Over: 74. Crowd: 69. Match: 79. 2 1/2 stars

We then got to our second commercial break. When we return we see video footage of Triple H's win over Chris Benoit seven days ago at Vengeance, with the help from Eugene. We then cut to the back where Todd Grisham is standing by with Matt Hardy, who looks ready for his match.

Todd: Well tonight Matt, you have a match against Garrison Cade. But I realize that this isn't the biggest problem that you have at the moment. Tomorrow night, Kane will marry Lita, all because you lost a match one week ago at Vengeance. How do you feel?

Matt: Well, right now Todd, I have mixed emotions, as deep down inside I still care for Lita. And it hurts me that not only is she marrying someone who she never loved, and never will love, but also that she is carrying that filthy man's baby. Tomorrow night, I am going to do my absolute best and try to stop this horrendous event from happenning. All I can say to Garrison Cade is this: I am a very dangerous man tonight, as I have mixed emotions. Don't get on the wrong side of Matt Hardy, Version 1. Peace out.

Matt walks away and heads to the ring as the crowd cheer, as the main event is next. (82)

Garrison Cade vs. Matt Hardy

An interesting match between these two, as Matt couldn't really get into the flow of things and just wrestle the match. He wasn't his usual self, but still managed to kick out of several impressive manouveres by the impressive Cade. Matt soon got in the swing of things as Cade missed a top rope moonsault. Matt hit the side effect, and signalled for the Twist of Fate as the crowd went wild, but Kane's face appeared on the titantron, and the camera zoomed out, and we saw that he had Lita in a chokehold, and Matt was distracted long enough for Cade to roll Matt up with his feet on the ropes, and steal a win from the Sensei of Mattitude.

Over: 79. Crowd: 75. Match: 80. 3 stars.

Garrison Cade gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

Afterwards Cade celebrated his victory in the ring, as Matt kept looking up at the tiantron, but Kane's demented face had gone. We ended Heat with Garrison Cade celebrating his victory in the middle of the ring.

Quick Match Results:

Rob Cobway def. Tajiri

Johnny Nitro & Mark Henry def. Justice League

Garrison Cade def. Matt Hardy

Overall Rating: 73

Television Rating: 4.75

Attendance: 7,513

Ticket Sales: $300,520

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Source raw.wwe.com:

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Raw Preview 02/08/2004

Tonight's Raw is definitely one that you do not want to miss. Tonight's main event shall be a huge one, as new member of Evolution, Eugene will take on Chris Benoit. Many fans believe that Eugene screwed Chris Benoit out of the World Heavyweight championship, just eight days ago at Vengeance. But tonight on Raw, Chris Benoit shall get a match with the man that he wants so much.

But another HUGE question that needs to be answered is who the rightful number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship should be. And so, Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff has ordered a ten man over the top rope Battle Royale with ten superstars entered. The superstars include: Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy and Kane. Only one of them can go on to SummerSlam and face the World Heavyweight champion though, but who will it be? Watch Raw this week to find out.

Speaking of Kane, tonight we shall see Kane and Lita's wedding in front of millions of viewers. Weddings in the WWE haven't gone well in WWE's history. Who could ever forget Stephanie McMahon's weddings- all four of them, and they all happened LIVE on Raw, in front of the millions of fans watching at home. What part will Matt Hardy- who is also involved in the over the top rope Battle Royale- play in this historic, if not sickening, event?

Last night on Heat La Resistance made a challenge to Rhyno, who eagerly wanted a shot at the World Tag Team titles. Tonight Sylvain Grenier has challenged Rhyno to a No Disqualification. That's no disqualification's for Sylvain only. And with Rob Conway fresh off his victory over Tajiri just 24 hours ago, does Rhyno even stand a chance in hell of winning this bout?

And last but not least, we can confirm that Test shall make his in ring return to Raw tonight, and shall be in singles action against a superstar of his choice. Who will Test choose, and can he win after seven months hiatus from in ring action?

Confirmed Matches:

Test vs. Mystery Opponent

Sylvain Grenier vs. Rhyno in a No DQ Match (for Sylvain Grenier)

Chris Benoit vs. Eugene

10 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royale to Determine the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight title at SummerSlam, involving: A-Train, Batista, Chris Jericho, Edge, Garrison Cade, Kane, Mark Henry, Matt Hardy, Randy Orton, William Regal

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user posted image

WWE Raw Results 02/08/2004

Orlando, FL

We open the show with the usual pyro's, but instead of going straight to the announce desk for introductions from JR and King, we see footage on the titantron of Kane and Lita. Lita, as usual looks scared as Kane grabs her by the throat.

Kane: The only reason why I am not going to harm you Lita is because you are carrying my baby. But you are also still attached to that fool, Matt Hardy. So, tonight, we tell him. NOW, YOU SHALL TELL HIM!

Lita walks away in fear, and then she nods as Kane laughs in his evil way, and Lita smiles back at him, for just a split second.

Lita: Fine, Kane. I'm going to tell him right now. Just so I can get this all over with.

Lita walks down the corridor, and the camera gets one last look at Kane laughing evilly, and then Lita's music hits the arena, and the crowd go nuts as the former Women's champion makes her way down to the ring and grabs a microphone. Her music fades out as she begins to speak.

Lita: This isn't really easy to do..... But, Matt could you come out here. Kane is backstage, and he won't harm you at all. So... Matt, could you please come down to the ring. For my sake.... f-for the sake of the baby. It is your baby, Matt! (*pop*) I just want to share this moment with you. I am so happy.

Matt Hardy's music hits the arena and then he makes his way down to the ring as the crowd go wild. He gets into the ring and then he hugs Lita and then grabs a microphone of his own from ringside and begins to speak.

Matt: Is this for real Lita? Is the baby really mine, and is whatever Kane has been going on about all over? I need to know Lita, is the baby mine? Yes or no?

Lita just smiles, and then she walks over and puts her arm around Matt's hip, and looks him straight in the eye. Her face then turns to one of evil, and she low blows Matt Hardy and then Kane makes his way down to the ring, as the crowd boo loudly. Kane climbs into the ring and then grabs the spare microphone, and lifts Matt up to his feet, as Lita begins to speak.

Lita: That's right Matt. I set you up. It was me who asked Kane to have sex with me, because I knew that you wouldn't. It is me who has tricked you, each and every single week for the past few months. And do you know why I did it Matt? Do you want to know why? When I was having surgery on my neck, I didn't receive one phone call or get well soon card from you. And the moment I show up on Raw, you just want to get back together with me. What do you think I am, a slut? (*pop*) Tonight, Kane and I are going to end the process by getting married in front of this live crowd in Orlando. And we are going to make sure that you have nothing to do with the ceremony. Good luck in your match tonight.

Kane chokeslams Matt Hardy down to the mat, and then he and Lita lock tongues in the middle of the ring, as the audience go wild. Eric Bischoff then makes his way out onto the stage with a microphone in hand, as the crowd begin to boo.

Bischoff: Well, it seems as if two of the competitors for tonight’s Battle Royal, are already in the ring. So we may as well get this thing started, bring out the competitors, referees get your asses down here!

The crowd cheer as the other eight participants for the Battle Royal make there way down to the ring, and the match officially begins. (74)

Lita's turn is now completed, and she is now a heel. Lita gained 4 points of overness from this turn.

Over the Top Rope Battle Royal to Determine the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight title at SummerSlam

Participants: A-Train, Batista, Chris Jericho, Edge, Garrison Cade, Kane, Mark Henry, Matt Hardy, Randy Orton and William Regal

The match started off with the bigger guys (Kane, Henry and A-Train) just beating the living hell out of the smaller guys. A-Train eliminated Edge first after Edge went for a spear, but A-Train lifted Edge up high and planted him over the top rope. Moments later Garrison Cade made the bravest move of his career, sending the 350 pound giant over the top rope with a dropkick. Moments after Orton nailed an RKO on Regal, both men were also eliminated by Cade, who was on a roll tonight. However, the monster Kane would send Cade over the top rope with a deadly chokeslam to the outside. Batista and Jericho, fresh off there match last week eliminated each other, leaving just Kane and Matt Hardy to brawl it out in the middle of the ring. However, Kane did something that we never thought he would do, and he LEFT the ring over the top rope and left the ring. A bloodied and battered Matt Hardy was awarded the victory, as well as a place in the SummerSlam main event. Afterwards the big red monster just smiled at Matt Hardy in the ring and left the arena, without attacking Matt or anything.

Over: 78. Crowd: 88. Match: 69. 3 stars

We then go to a commercial break, with the crowd hot following Matt Hardy's victory. We then cut to the back where RAW Diva, Stacy Keibler was standing in front of a blank screen with a silhouette of a wrestler on it.

Stacy: Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce to you, my new client, H.B. CADE!

A remix of Shawn Michael’s theme song, "Sexy Boy" hits and then Garrison Cade breaks through the screen wearing a mimicking suit to Shawn Michaels and begins dancing cockily to his theme music, just like Shawn Michaels, as Stacy and him leave the arena. Cade now has Stacy by his side as we cut back to the ring for Test's return match! (70)

Garrison Cade gained 2 points of overness from this segment. Stacy Keibler lost 2 points of overness from this segment.

Batista vs. Test

The crowd were quite pumped up for this match, and it wasn't a squash as everyone thought it would be. Test and Batista wrestled a great contest, and Test looked as if he has improved ten fold in the ring. At one point Test reversed a Full Nelson Slam right into a nice tornado DDT, flooring the big man. However, since neither man was that good at selling the offence the crowd started to get bored. Test quickly ended the match with the Big Boot. Batista looked pissed off as Ric Flair and Randy Orton dragged him off to the back.

Over: 79. Crowd: 85. Match: 74. 2 ¾ stars.

We then cut to the back where we see camera men running around everywhere trying to get to the action. We then turn round the corner and see Evolution, minus Triple H, attacking Matt Hardy with a steel chair, busting him open even more. Batista finishes the job off my slamming Matt right into a door. Evolution then walked off as paramedics aid Matt Hardy. (88)

JR: Well, we have had a lot of surprises tonight so far. And, we just got another one. Matt Hardy, the number one contender for the Worlds title at SummerSlam may be unconscious due to the severity of the attack moments ago.

Lawler: And to make things even worse, he has to see that horrible monster Kane marry the love of his life, Lita. And Lita actually wants to go through with the marriage.

La Resistance’s music hits the arena and then the crowd boo as the two French-Canadians make there way out onto the stage with microphones in hand. Conway begins to speak as there music fades out and the boos grow even louder for the World Tag Team Champions.

Conway: JR and King, we have had enough of everybody in the back ignoring us. We are the World Tag Team Champions, and right now we demand respect. So, right now in Orlando Florida we demand that every single fan get up from there seats and applaud your World Tag Team Champions!

The crowd boo, and some of them actually do get up off of their seats, but not many, and La Resistance just shake there heads.

Grenier: That was disappointing to say the least, and it just proves the arrogance of this country. Tonight I shall defeat Rhyno, and make sure that he never receives a shot at us, the greatest tag team of all time-

Rhyno’s music hits and then he comes out onto the stage and he floors Grenier with a HUGE gore, a referee makes his way out, and due to the rules of the match, he begins to count Rhyno out.

No Disqualification (for Grenier) Match

Rhyno vs. Sylvain Grenier

The crowd were really hot during this match, and Rhyno got one of the better reactions of his WWE career. Sylvain used the slanted rules to his advantage, but realized that he could not pin the monster, he tried to get him counted out, but couldn’t. A few impressive moves by Rhyno, including a nice dropkick from the top rope, as well as Irish whipping Grenier through a table. The finish arrived when Conway got in the ring and the two went for that deadly double team manoeuvre while the referee was down from a deadly gore moments earlier. However, The Hurricane, who made it known that he and Rosey wanted a tag title shot last night on Heat made his way down to the ring and flew off the top rope with a cross body, knocking both men down. Rhino then got back to his senses and gored both men, and got the pin on Grenier to win the match. Afterwards, an angry La Resistance tried to beat down on Rhyno, but Rhyno managed to reverse a DDT by Grenier into a nice suplex, and then The Hurricane would land right on Conway’s face with a leg drop. The champions rolled out of the ring, scared of their two potential challengers.

Over: 76. Crowd: 72. Match: 80. 3 stars.

We then go to our second commercial break of the evening with La Resistance just staring in disbelief at one another on the ramp. When we return we cut to the back where Triple H is sitting in Evolution’s locker room with the World Heavyweight title around his waist. The crowd show there appreciation by booing the champion, but HHH begins to speak anyway.

Triple H: Well, well, well. It seems as if everybody is blaming Eugene for what happened to Chris Benoit last Sunday night, and that nobody believed that I could have defeated Chris Benoit by myself. But you’re all wrong. I am the best damn athlete in the world right now, which is why I am the new World Heavyweight Champion (boos). I have beaten men greater than Chris Benoit, as a matter of fact, Benoit is not even in my league, and he never will be, as he shows remorse. He felt sorry for Eugene, as did every single one of you fans, and you believed everything that Eugene’s “Uncle” Eric told you. Eugene was never mentally challenged, and he never was Eric Bischoff’s nephew- he was mine. It was my plan all along, because I realized that I was getting old, and that I needed a successor to my throne. Because one day in the near future my nephew Eugene shall become World Heavyweight Champion, just like I am now. And he is going to begin his success by defeating Chris Benoit tonight, by making him submit, right in the middle of the ring. Just like I supposedly did at WrestleMania, back in March. Eugene, make your Uncle HHH proud. Good luck, not that you’ll need it. Because Evolution will always have your back. (97)

The camera zooms out and then we cut to the announce table where we see JR and King looking confused.

JR: What a night we have had so far ladies and gentlemen, and we still have a wedding to come along. But first let’s talk about our next Pay Per View, SummerSlam which comes LIVE to your living rooms in two weeks time from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The main event is set to be Matt Hardy challenging Triple H for the World Heavyweight title. But we aren’t even sure if Matt will even make it to SummerSlam because of that vicious attack earlier this evening. Let’s take another look.

A video is played showing the incident between Evolution and Matt Hardy earlier this evening where Matt was beaten with a steel chair, and was taken to a local medical facility.

King: I am lost for words JR. first I couldn’t believe that Kane just walked over the top rope in that Battle Royal earlier tonight when he had the match won.

JR: But now, it is time for the main event. Let’s take a look at how this started, eight days ago at Vengeance.

We see several footage of Eugene jumping up and down, winning matches and making friends with The Rock and Chris Benoit. However, we then see him hanging out with Evolution, feeling betrayed by William Regal and then at Vengeance finally joining Evolution.

Chris Benoit vs. Eugene

Eugene got massive heel heat from the Orlando crowd, who were chanting for The Rock all throughout the match. The match was a great one, and Eugene went up to the top rope on many occasions sending Benoit down to the floor with a variety of moves, including a deadly cross body that went wrong, and Eugene landed right on Chris Benoit’s head. Eugene countered the cross face twice, but he was soon joined by Randy Orton who made sure that things went smoothly by smashing Chris Benoit into the steel steps and then nailing the RKO on the outside as the fans could only look on. Benoit soon fought back and Eugene went for the famous Rock Bottom, but Benoit countered it into a HUGE german suplex that made the crowd go nuts. Benoit then went up top and looked for the diving headbutt, but Randy Orton would knock the Rabid Wolverine off with the Intercontinental title belt, and Eugene would then lock Benoit in his own manoeuvre, the Crippler Crossface. Benoit couldn’t get to the ropes, and so had no choice but to tap out in the middle of the ring, as the fans wend wild with boos for Eugene. Afterwards Randy Orton would get on the microphone and begin to talk, as the crowd booed loudly.

Orton: Now that Triple H has got you out of the World title picture, how about you get a shot at the next best thing. What do you say Chris Benoit, the legend killer, Randy Orton going against the Rabid Wolverine at SummerSlam for the Intercontinental title?

Orton extended his hand, and Chris Benoit shook it, agreeing to the match, but Orton reversed it into the RKO and sent the wolverine back down to the mat. He picked up the microphone again and began to speak once more as the crowd booed.

Orton: Of course, that’s if you make it to SummerSlam!

Orton and Eugene then left the ring happy that Benoit was down for the third time in two weeks at the hands of Evolution.

Over: 86. Crowd: 78. Match: 92. 4 stars.

We then go to our final commercial break, as we prepare for the wedding. When we return the ring is set up for the event, and the usual wedding essentials are there. Flowers decorate the ring, and there is a gateway and a priest standing in the middle of the ring. And there is a little table with pictures of the bride (Lita) and groom (Kane). The crowd boo as Kane’s music hits the arena and then he and Lita come down wearing their wedding suits. Lita is wearing a nice white wedding dress with a veil and looks happier than ever, while Kane is just wearing a normal suit with a tie and dinner jacket. Kane taunts in the middle of the ring and then begins to strip the flowers from around the ring with a look of disgust on his face. His music stops and then he and Lita smile at one another, as they know that Matt is in a local medical facility. Kane gets on the microphone as the crowd boo.

Kane: Finally, this day has come. Tonight we finish what we started three months ago Lita, when you not only become the mother of my child, but you become my wife. You become the one thing normal in my life. Now that my father is dead, I have nobody to turn to, but you, and my baby. So without further ado, let’s get on with the ceremony.

Kane smiles and then hands the microphone to the priest as the crowd boo.

Priest: I have been ordered by Kane to cut out the unimportant parts of the ceremony. And so, we shall cut straight to the “I Do’s”. Do you Lita take this man to be your husband?

Lita: Nothing could make me happier. I hope your listening Matt. I do (boos).

Priest: Do you Kane take this woman to be your wife?

Kane: I doooo.

Priest: In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit, I pronounce you husband and wife.

Kane and Lita begin to snog in the middle of the ring as the crowd look surprised and start booing the newlywed couple.

Priest: You may now kiss the bride.

Raw comes to an end with Kane and Lita still kissing in the middle of the ring as the crowd boo the newlyweds. (75)

Quick Match Results:

Matt Hardy wins 10 Man Battle Royal to become #1 contender to the World Heavyweight title at SummerSlam

Test def. Batista

Rhyno def. Sylvain Grenier

Eugene def. Chris Benoit via submission

Biggest Pops:

1. Chris Benoit

2. Matt Hardy

3. Chris Jericho

4. Test

5. Rhyno

Most Heat:

1. Kane

2. Lita (when she turned)

3. Triple H

4. Eugene

5. La Resistance

Overall Rating: 79

Television Rating: 5.92

Attendance: 7,539

Ticket Sales: $301,560

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From wwe.com:

user posted image

Sunday Night HeAT Preview 08/08/2004

Just seven days to go until SummerSlam ladies and gentlemen, and at present there are only two matches booked for the Pay Per View. However, we will find out many things tonight on HeAT. Firstly, we need to know whether or not Matt Hardy will be able to compete at SummerSlam in his World title match against Triple H.

But tonight H.B. Cade (Garrison Cade) shall be in the main event once more, as he shall battle Stevie Richards. However, Eric Bischoff has added an extra stipulation to the match, as he has managed to revive an old belt- he WWE European title. The winner of this match shall become the new WWE European Champion. H.B. Cade has his gorgeous manageress, Stacy Keibler by his side, and he might be able to pick up a shock victory and win his first title here in the WWE. Or will Stevie Night Heat be able to pick up another victory?

And the hunt for the World Tag Team titles will continue, as a Triple Threat Match is booked involving Sylvain Grenier, The Hurricane and Tajiri. Whoever wins gets to chose what type of match they have at SummerSlam. The World Tag Team Champions could really be at danger here.

And finally, Tough Enough 1 Champion will meet Tough Enough 3 champion to promote the fourth series of Tough Enough, as Maven will take on Johnny Nitro one on one tonight. Now Maven has missed a lot of in ring action, while Nitro has befriended that monster, Mark Henry. Could the new kid on the block score a HUGE victory over the original winner of the series?

All this and probably a lot, lot more this Sunday night on HeAT with the best annoucing team in the world (although they say so themselves) Al Snow and The Coach.

Confirmed Matches:

Stevie Richards vs. H.B. Cade for the WWE European Championship

Sylvain Grenier vs. Tajiri vs. The Hurricane

Johnny Nitro vs. Maven- Ultimate Tough Enough Championship

Any predictions/feedback is welcome.

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user posted image

Sunday Night HeAT Results 08/08/2004

Detroit, MI

The opening pyro's hit the arena and the crowd are kind of pumped up as we cut to the announce desk and see Al Snow and The Coach ready to welcome us all to the show.

Snow: Welcome to all our fans here in Detroit. And what a Raw we had just six days ago. We saw Lita reveal herself as the mastermind behind the attacks on Matt Hardy, as well as that sick wedding between her and Kane.

Coach: Highlights of those events later though Snow. But right now, we are set for some hot women's action.

Match to Determine the #1 Contender for the Women's Championship at SummerSlam

Gail Kim vs. Ivory vs. Jazz vs. Victoria

An average women's match, to say the least. Obviously the champion Trish couldn't take part, and nor could Lita, as she was on her honeymoon with Kane, and so the match suffered as a result of that- or so the fans said. A few blown spots by Jazz during the match. Time off from the ring has taken it's toll on her, and she was a little slower than usual. Ivory has shown real improvement, and she is off to Tough Enough soon, and she will learn some more then I suppose. The most impressive diva though, is still Victoria, but unfortuantley she didn't win the match. Moments after she nailed Jazz with the deadly Widow's Peak, she got hit in the back of the head by Ivory with a vicious kick. Ivory then stole the cheap pin fall, and shall meet Trish for the title in seven days time.

Over: 68. Crowd: 69. Match: 66. 2 1/2 stars.

We then cut to the back where we see Tough Enough 1 winner standing with Todd Grisham, ready for his match next against Tough Enough 3 winner, Johnny Nitro.

Todd: Well, Maven it has been a long time since you have been in the ring, but Johnny Nitro is fresh off his victory over The Hurricane and Rosey last week. Do you feel that you'll be able to once again prove that you are the Ultimate Tough Enough champion?

Maven: Well, I have beaten Christopher Nowinski several times, and so I am sure, let's make that certain, that I shall successfully defend my title tonight, and become the Ultimate Tough Enough champion.

Todd: Do you have any words for you opponent tonight?

Maven: All I can say is good luck, because you never know what's going to happen out there. And don't bring your friend, Mark Henry, Johnny. Because I want this match to be as fair as it can be. See you out there.

Maven walks off and then we go to a commercial break as Maven gets ready for his next match. (84)

Maven gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

Ultimate Tough Enough Championship

Johnny Nitro vs. Maven

When we return we are deep in the middle of the match and Nitro has Maven locked tightly in a sleeper hold, and the crowd are cheering on Maven. Both men looked good out there, and that extra time in the gym is finally paying off for both men. Maven, as usual flew off the top rope with relative ease. And Nitro's top rope Shooting Star Press was one of the greatest the company has ever seen. However, Nitro had a plan up his sleeve and called out the 350 pound monster, Mark Henry, who made his way to the ring. With the referee distracted Henry got in the ring and went to nail the Worlds Strongest Slam on Maven. However Maven would counter the move, and moments later when the monster went for a clothesline, he ducked and sent Henry right into Nitro. Maven then nailed that Halo DDT and picked up the pinfall, retaining his title. Nitro and Henry didn't look the least bit pleased with Maven's victory, and could only look on as fireworks went off for Maven and he was handed a trophy.

Over: 71. Crowd: 73. Match: 76. 2 3/4 stars

Maven remained in the ring and then he grabbed a microphone as the crowd cheered.

Maven: Accepting this trophy has to be one of the greatest moments in my career. But, as many of you know, I wouldn't even have a career if it wasn't for one man. So, I would like to call down to the ring, Al Snow, my Tough Enough trainer.

Snow looks towards Coach, who looks equally confused over at the announce desk. Snow takes off his headset, and the crowd cheer as he makes his way down to the ring, looking surprised. Snow climbs into the ring and he grabs a microphone of his own, and then begins to speak.

Snow: Maven, there is a word that I am looking for to describe you, your career, and this moment. DISGUSTED (boos). That's right, Maven, I am disgusted as to what kind of student you have become. That wasn't a wrestling match, it was a disgrace to me, and this company. Why you still work here is beyond me. I thought that Evolution took you out years ago.

Maven pauses and then bites his lip as a quiet chant of his name begins to fill the arena.

Maven: But, what are you gonna do about it Al? Your not even a wrestler. You've been degraded to co-announcing Sunday Night HeAT, with an announcer who really wants to be a wrestler, the popcorn fart himself, The Coach (pop).

Chants of "Popcorn Fart" begin to fill the arena and Snow looks angered by them.

Snow: Here's what we are going to do. At SummerSlam in seven days time, I am going to team with Johnny Nitro, the real Tough Enough champion to take on you, and a partner of your choosing, and that will prove who the real champions are. And, if you can't find a partner, then tough, it will have to be a Handicap Match. What do you say to that, champ?

Maven: Deal. But, I won't reveal who my partner is until SummerSlam. And together, we are going to kick your ass!

Snow: Pleasure doing business with you, now get the hell out of my ring you useless bitch!

Maven: I'll leave now, but at SummerSlam, we are going to see the student beat the trainer.

Maven's music hits the arena once more and then he leaves the ring looking satisfied. He is handed his trophy, and as he walks up the ramp he shakes several peoples hands and lets them touch the trophy. (85)

Al Snow gained 2 points of overness from this segment. Maven gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

We then cut to the back where we see The Hurricane standing by with Rosey, once again in the Parking Lot.

The Hurricane: Now, young rosevelt, for months now, I have been trying to teach you how to fly. And tonight, you will. So concentrate on the sky, and find a spot that you like, and then leap towards that spot, like so.

The Hurricane leaps forward and he flies into the sky, and then he lands right back next to Rosey.

The Hurricane: It's that simple young Rosevelt.

Rosey does exactly the same as The Hurricane did, and the camera zooms in to see Rosey concentrating. And... and, we see Rosey FLY. ROSEY IS FLYING for the first time in his career, and The Hurricane is going nuts. However, the fun doesn't last long as La Resistance come onto the scene and zoom out the camera to reveal stunt wires. The two French-Canadians just laugh and walk on as The Hurricane lowers Rosey back down to the ground.

Rosey: It looks, like that didn't work. (83)

Sylvain Grenier vs. Tajiri vs. The Hurricane

For the entirety of this match all three men's partner's were at ringside (Rhyno, Conway and Rosey) and were cheering their partners on. The match started off with both Tajiri and The Hurricane trying to double team on the tag team champion, Grenier. However, after Tajiri had floored Grenier with a deadly kick, Hurricane made sure that the Japanese Buzzsaw didn't get the pin and nailed Tajiri with a deadly kick to the face. Conway kept ensuring that his partner was OK, and at one point he dragged Tajiri out of the ring and whipped him into the steel steps. An impressive performance from the tag champions, and the crowd were really over them tonight. Conway handed Grenier the belt, but The Hurricane ducked the shot and then nailed the chokeslam- right onto the title belt, and picked up the pinfall victory, much to La Resistance's dislike. A real crowd pleaser.

Over: 81. Crowd: 75. Match: 87. 3 1/2 stars

All six men got into the ring and standed in seperate corners as The Hurricane got on the microphone and began to speak, ready to reveal the match stipulation at SummerSlam.

The Hurricane: Now, I realize that tonight I pinned World Tag Champion, Sylvain Grenier, but last week Conway defeated Tajiri, but then on Raw last Monday night, Rhyno defeated Sylvain Grenier. That would mean that each team has scored one point, meaning that we are all equal. So, at SummerSlam, I feel that all three teams deserve to fight for the World Tag Team titles, in an Elimination Match.

The Hurricane's music hit the arena once more, and then the teams left the ring, the champions were not happy however, and there was nothing that they could do about it, as they had agreed that whoever won the match would earn the right to decide the match type and stipulation for SummerSlam.

We then go on our second commercial break of the evening. When we return we see highlights of what happened before the break, and the HUGE announcement that at SummerSlam we shall see The Hurricane & Rosey, as well as Rhyno & Tajiri challenge La Resistance for the World Tag Team titles!

We then cut to the back and we see H.B. Cade standing with Stacy Keibler in his locker room, ready for his match.

Cade: Stacy, Stacy, standing next to me. Who is the sexiest superstar of them all?

Stacy: Of course my master, it is you my dear.

Cade and Stacy kiss, and then Cade continues to speak.

Cade: And in a minute we are going to see the sexiest superstar on Earth defeat Stevie Richards, and become the new WWE European Champion.

Stacy: That's right. Tonight, we prove why everybody should forget about HBK, and remember H.B. Cade!

Stacy and H.B. Cade leave the locker room, heading for the ring as the crowd give a mixed reaction. (87)

Garrison Cade gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

WWE European Championship Match

H.B. Cade vs. Stevie Richards

H.B. Cade came out to an interesting remix of the famous Shawn Michael's theme, different to the one on Raw though. He danced on the stage, and wore similar ring gear to the Heartbreak Kid. The match didn't offically get underway until after H.B. Cade had removed his Shawn Michaels mimicking gear. After that, H.B. Cade spent a good couple of minutes warming up the crowd, but got knocked down with a clothesline from Richards, and the bell rang. A lot of impressive moves by Richards tonight. Stevie nailed the Stevie DDT on Cade, but Cade did a Shawn Michael's style flip, and got back to his feet, and began to pound away at Richards, winning the exchange of right hands. Cade won after Stacy got on the apron and started dancing, distracting Richards, allowing Cade to nail the Sweet Ass Music, and pick up a cheap victory.

Over: 71. Crowd: 67. Match: 76. 2 3/4 stars.

The WWE European title has gained in image.

We ended HeAT with H.B. Cade dancing in the middle of the ring, holding his European title up high and then recieving a nice kiss on the cheek by Stacy Keibler.

Quick Match Results:

Ivory def. Gail Kim, Jazz and Victoria

Maven def. Johnny Nitro

The Hurricane def. Sylvain Grenier and Tajiri

H.B. Cade def. Stevie Richards to become the WWE European Champion

Overall Rating: 75

Television Rating: 5.07

Attendance: 7,545

Ticket Sales: $301,800

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Source wwe.com:


Well, everyone, we are only one week into August, and we already have an injury to report. Gail Kim has been sidelined with a back injury as a result from a bad bump at a house show last week in a match against women's champion, Trish Stratus. Gail took a bump off the top rope to the outside, but she landed incorrectly, and has badly injured her back. She is expected to miss between 2-3 months of ring action. Gail Kim's contract is set to end at the end of the month, but we can reveal that we have renewed her contract for a further two years, pending on A-Train's in ring work.

The current SummerSlam card is looking great so far, and expect many matches to be added tomorrow night on Raw, our last stop before the Pay Per View. So far we have the following matches signed:

World Heavyweight Championship

Triple H © vs. Matt Hardy

Intercontinental Championship

Randy Orton © vs. Chris Benoit

World Tag Team Championships

La Resistance © vs. The Hurricane & Rosey vs. Rhyno & Tajiri

Women's Championship

Tyson Tomko © vs. Ivory

Ultimate Tough Enough Match

Al Snow & Johnny Nitro vs. Maven & ???

More matches are to be added, with several workers still without a match including Kane, Lita and Eugene. Expect to hear more about this on Raw tomorrow night.

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Source wwe.com:

user posted image

Raw Preview 09/08/2004

Detroit, MI

For the second night running, the WWE are in Detroit, but this time for there premier show, Raw.

Last week was truly off the hook, as firstly we witnessed Lita turn on her long term friend, and ex-boyfriend Matt Hardy and join with that Big Red Monster, Kane. This week she is at her home looking after herself, but Kane will be on Raw tonight. And we have got to wonder what he plans on doing to Matt Hardy. Only time will tell, but this issue is certainly far from over.

However, tonight is apparantly Randy Orton's night, as he will make an open challenge to any superstar in the WWE, and they will get a shot at his Intercontinental title tonight on Raw. The catch- it has to be against an opponent who he has never faced before. This eliminates past challengers, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Jericho, Matt Hardy, Eugene and The Hurricane. Who will he's challenger be.

Also tonight, a HUGE main event has been signed, as Chris Benoit will battle that big monster, Batista in singles action. Last week, with help from Triple H, Chris Benoit was defeated by Eugene, the newest member of Evolution. Will Eugene have any part in this match tonight?

And last but not least, Al Snow will face off against Maven, and once again it shall be student against teacher. And with a 350 pound monster like Mark Henry, as well as jealous Tough Enough 3 winner, Johnny Nitro by his side, Maven may be defeated with relative ease. However, both men presumabley have ring rust, but whose shall show more.

All this, and much much more this week on Raw, live on Spike TV. Check oyur local TV listings for more information, or log on to raw.wwe.com.

Confirmed Matches:

Randy Orton challenge for Intercontinental title

Batista vs. Chris Benoit

Al Snow vs. Maven

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user posted image

Raw Results 09/08/2004

Detroit, MI

The opening pyro's hit the arena and the crowd go absoloutley wild, as they get to see a second LIVE WWE event tonight. We are welcomed by JR and King at the announce desk, who shall call tonight's actions.

JR: Welcome everybody, to Monday Night Raw!

King: Just six days to go until SummerSlam JR! I can't wait!

JR: This is our last stop before SummerSlam ladies and gentlemen. And following last week's shocking events, who knows what's going to happen tonight.

King: But right now it's time for our first match.

Al Snow vs. Maven

A really good match from both of these men, and not much ring rust was shown by either man, as they both looked like they were on top form. Al Snow schooled Maven in the ring, and sent him down with some great mat wrestling. However, Maven had an offense of his own, which involved a deadly dropkick to the face. Maven looked great out there, and was very athletic and charismatic in the ring. He countered the first Snowplough, got his foot on the bottom rope after the second one, and then kicked out of the third one. It seemed that there was no way that Al could defeat Maven. Until he got help, and it came in the form of Johnny Nitro. Nitro would knock Maven off the top rope, allowing Snow to pick up the cheap win by rolling Maven up with the tights in hand. Afterwards, Al Snow and Nitro simply put the boots to Maven, and tossed him into the steel steps, busting him wide open. Was this a sign of things to come?

Over: 83. Crowd: 77. Match: 90. 4 stars.

We then cut to the back and we see all five members of Evolution, lead by Triple H walking down the hallway. They approach a locker room door, and Matt Hardy exits the locker room. Triple H signals for the group to finish, and then he grabs his World Heavyweight title from his shoulder and then inches ever closer to Matt.

Triple H: You see this Matt, we shall fight for this in six days time. But tonight, I and Eric Bischoff have arranaged a nice little match for you. You see tonight, you need to get ready for the beating that I am going to give you in six days time at SummerSlam. So, tonight Matt, you are going to face Ric Flair. You have no choice. When Ric Flair is beating the living hell out of you in the ring, just think about the beating that you are going to recieve this Sunday.

Triple H signals for Evolution to continue walking and Matt Hardy's face is now red with anger, as we go to our first commercial break of the evening. (85)

Ivory & Victoria vs. Jazz & Trish Stratus

Trish was accompanied to the ring by The Problem Solver, Tyson Tomko. Even though Trish was holding the Women's title, she wasn't announced as it, Tomko was. This pissed Tomko off, as the referee ordered him to wear his belt on the outside, which he reluctantly did. Ivory and Jazz went in first, and there were several chants of "Jazz is a man" going on throughout the match, and Jazz looked pissed off by them. Trish and Victoria showed tha there was no love lost between them, and brawled outside the ring. Victoria then flew off the top rope, knocking the women's champion (Tomko) down as well as Trish Stratus. Ivory then got in the ring and nailed an impressive dropkick on Jazz. Moments later, and Trish was back in the ring, but Tomko came in with her. The women's champion (Tomko) went to hit Ivory round the face with the belt, but Ivory ducked, and Tomko hit accidentally hit Jazz. Ivory then sent Tomko over the top rope with a dropkick, and nailed a stiff kick to the head of Trish to pick up the victory.

Over: 73. Crowd: 77. Match: 66. 2 1/2 stars

Afterwards Tomko grabbed a microphone, and he began to speak as the crowd booed.

Tomko: I am sick of being the Women's champion. It's embarrassing. A guy like me should be fighting for the World title, not this thing. So, what I say we do is this. Trish and I shall team up against Ivory and Victoria, and the winner of the match shall become the Women's champion, it is that simple.

Tomko dropped the microphone as Trish smiles at him. Tomko hands her the belt, and the two taunt as they leave the ring.

We then cut to the back where we see that twisted monster Kane in the boiler room.

Kane: Matt..... Matt. For the past week, people have been wondering why I let you win that Battle Royal. And here is the answer. Up until I met Lita, I never thought that I'd be a normal person, or that I'd lead a normal life. But thanks to Lita, half of my thoughts are correct. I am now a happy man. Happy, but depraved. I am depraved because I haven't got what I want......... It isn't over Matt.......... It is nowhere near from over..... (90)

Kane laughs in his usual evil way, and then the camera cuts back into the ring for Matt's match.

Matt Hardy vs. Ric Flair

Matt, like last week couldn't concentrate on his match tonight, but his performance against Ric Flair was amazing nonetheless. Matt was able to power out of the figure four leglock, and even lock the great Flair himself in a leglock of his own. Flair then stepped up the game a little bit and began to really work on the legs of Matt Hardy. In the end, Matt could barely walk, but out of desperation hit the Twist of Fate on Flair, as the crowd went wild. However, Matt Hardy's opponent for this Sunday night made his face shown, and began walking down the ramp. And Matt, thinking that Flair was down and out from his finisher bought into HHH. However, it was all just a plan, as seconds later Flair would roll Matt right through into the figure four leglock. Triple H just taunted on the stage as Matt had no choice but to tap out to the deadly submission hold, right in the middle of the ring for all to see. Afterwards HHH and Naitch tried to punish the challenger even more as HHH set Matt up for a pedigree right onto the World title belt. However former champion, Chris Benoit made his way down to the ring and cleared the ring of the two Evolution members.

Over: 86. Crowd: 92. Match: 75. 3 stars

Benoit checked that Matt was OK, and then the lights went out and when they came back on Benoit was bloodied and down in the middle of the ring, and Kane was standing above him. Kane grabs Matt Hardy by the throat and begins talking to Matt. Matt low blows the Big Red Machine, and then nails the Twist of Fate, as the crowd cheered. Matt then went outside and grabbed a steel chair. Matt then knocked the Big Red Monster off his feet, busting him wide open with the steel chair. Matt stood over Kane as the crowd went wild, and we go to another commercial break. (80)

Randy Orton Intercontinental challenge

The famous Evolution theme hits the arena and then Intercontinental champion, Randy Orton makes his way down to the ring wearing his World Tour t-shirt and the Intercontinental title belt over his shoulder. Orton slides into the ring and he taunts as the crowd boo loudly, giving him a massive heel reaction. Orton then grabs a microphone from Lillian Garcia, and he begins to speak as the crowd boo, and his music stops.

Orton: Almost eight months ago, I went into a match with Rob Van Dam for the Intercontinental championship at Armageddon. And everybody thought that I would lose the match, but I didn't and I proved you all wrong. After that everybody believed that I was going to lose my Intercontinental title to the former Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley back in April, but I proved to the world who the real Hardcore Legend was, and that's me, Randy Orton. I then successfully defended my title against Shelton Benjamin at Bad Blood in June, despite everyone believing that Shelton was going to take it from me. And then two weeks ago at Vengeance I stepped things up even more by successfully defeating Edge for the title in a Ladder Match- a match I had never been in before- and became the longest reigning Intercontinental champion in over a decade (boos). And tonight I plan on showing you all the true champion that I really am, by sending out an open challenge to any Raw superstar who I have never faced before. So, whoever the hell you are, come on out here, so that I can kick your ass!

Orton dropped the microphone and the crowd cheered as they eagerly awaited Randy Orton's challenger. Nobody stepped through the curtains at first but then a rock theme played and then the words 'Carlos Colon' appeared on the screen and then out came OVW's own, Carlos Colon. The crowd gave a small pop for the former OVW boy, as he made his way to the ring.

Carlos Colon vs. Randy Orton

Colon put on a great show in this match, and it was not the squash that everyone was expecting. Colon managed to pull off some amazing moves, including an incredible suplex that will have people talking for years to come. Colon got several near pinfalls following a nice DDT, as well as a deadly kick right to the face, but Orton kicked out. Orton then, out of desperation, went and got the Intercontinental title belt and brought it into the ring. Colon ducked the shot, and then pushed the referee out of the way and floored Orton with the belt, as the crowd went wild! Colon then went up top and nailed an impressive moonsault- and got a two count! Moments later Orton would low blow Colon and nail the RKO to pick up the cheap win over Colon, as the crowd booed. Colon left the ring but just stared back as Orton celebrated his victory.

Over: 77. Crowd: 78. Match: 75. 3 stars

The Intercontinental title has gained in image.

Randy then got back on the microphone and began to speak once more.

Orton: You see that Chris, that is exactly what's going to happen to you this Sunday at SummerSlam. I am going to beat you so badly, you won't be getting no more title shots. Because this Sunday on Pay Per View, the Legend Killer goes hunting for a rabid wolverine!

Orton dropped the microphone and left the ring holding his Intercontinental title up high above his head as the crowd booed loudly. (90)

We then cut to the announce table and see JR and King.

JR: What a night we have had so far tonight. Two HUGE matches to add to the Pay Per View card for this Sunday night. Chris Jericho will battle Kane, as well as Edge going one on one against Mark Henry. That's this Sunday at SummerSlam for you folks.

King: I can't wait. Not only that but we get to see Chris Benoit challenge Randy Orton for the Intercontinental title. What a match that should be JR.

JR: Well, it is now time for tonight's main event ladies and gentlemen, as Chris Benoit makes his way down to the ring.

Batista vs. Chris Benoit

As you could have guessed, Batista completely dominated Chris Benoit for the first part of this match up, and was able to outpower the rabid wolverine, and even power out of the Crippler Cross face, much to the crowds dislike. Benoit barely got any offense in, and Batista liked that. Batista almost ended the match early following a lethal powerslam, but Benoit just managed to kick out. Benoit worked well against Batista, and Batista looked improved in the ring. Batista was locked in the crossface after Benoit countered a powerbomb, but Batista showed no sign of weakening as he battled out of the submission move. He then called for back up, and out came Eugene, the man who betrayed Chris Benoit at Vengeance and defeated Chris Benoit last week by making him submit to his own move. Eugene got in the ring and went to spear Benoit, but Benoit sent Eugene through the ropes and managed to lock Batista in the sharpshooter, and the monster tapped out in the middle of the ring, as Eugene struggled to get up.

Over: 88. Crowd: 89. Match: 86. 3 1/2 stars

Afterwards Batista and Eugene grabbed Benoit by the throat and began beating him down. But down came Chris Jericho and Edge to help Benoit. They cleared the ring of Evolution, but down came Mark Henry and Kane and helped Evolution. They were followed by Matt Hardy. A brawl erupted in the middle of the ring, as the crowd went wild. Everyone was attacking everyone and security was sent down to split the carnage up. Raw ended with all eight men being seperated in the middle of the ring as the crowd went wild.

Quick Match Results:

Al Snow def. Maven

Ivory & Victoria def. Jazz & Trish Stratus

Ric Flair def. Matt Hardy

Randy Orton def. Carlos Colon in the Intercontinental Open Challenge

Chris Benoit def. Batista

Overall Rating: 83

Television Rating: 5.92

Attendance: 7,512

Ticket Sales: $300,480

Biggest Pops:

1. Matt Hardy

2. Chris Benoit

3. Maven

Most Heat:

1. Kane

2. Triple H

3. Randy Orton

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Thanks to summerslam.wwe.com for the following article:

user posted image

WWE SummerSlam Final Card 2004

Toronto, ONT


Triple H © vs. Matt Hardy


Randy Orton © vs. Chris Benoit



La Resistance © vs. The Hurricane & Rosey vs. Rhyno & Tajiri


Tyson Tomko © & Trish Stratus vs. Ivory & Victoria

- Whoever scored the pinfall becomes the Women's champion.


Al Snow & Johnny Nitro vs. Maven & A partner of his choosing


Chris Jericho vs. Kane

Edge vs. Garrison Cade

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From summerslam.wwe.com:


Recently returned superstar, Mark Henry has been taken off the SummerSlam card at the very last minute as WWE backstage staff don't feel that they can sell Mark Henry on Pay Per View yet. Henry is said to be OK on the issue, and shall be given a new schedule, as well as full pay for the show.  Fortunatley, the PPV match isn't at risk, as Edge shall face H.B. Cade instead. This last minute change is out of desperation, and we are hoping that Cade and Edge can put on a better match than Henry could.

I hope you like the new match. I have changed the previous post, so make new predictions for the new match!

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WWE SummerSlam 15/08/2004

Toronto, ONT

The opening pyro's fill the arena and the Toronto fans get on there feet as SummerSlam seventeen officially begins and we go the announce table where we are welcomed by JR and King as usual.

JR: Welcome everyone to one of the biggest WWE events of the year, SummerSlam 17.

King: We are LIVE all over the world from Toronto, Canada.

JR: We have lot's of action for you tonight, but we kick off with some women's action.

King: And Tyson Tomko!

JR: And here's how it all started, last month at Vengeance.

Footage is shown of the Tomko/Trish vs. Victoria match last month where Tomko destroyed Victoria and pinned her, thinking that she would become Women's champion, but HE did and was handed the belt. We then see footage of last Monday on Raw when Tomko made the match where whoever picks up the pin wins the match.


Tyson Tomko © & Trish Stratus vs. Ivory & Victoria

Obviously, after last months obvious mistake, Trish and Tomko had a plan, and that was that Tomko would destroy Ivory and Victoria, and then Trish would pin one of them and become the champion. However, it didn't quite go to plan, as Tomko was taken out early on in the match with a low blow, and complained that he was seriously injured and was taken to the back. Trish was left by herself with Ivory and Victoria, who double teamed her, until they began arguing as to who deserved the pin. Trish used this to her advantage and attempted to pin Victoria, for a near fall. Her partner, Tomko returned later on and completely destroyed both Victoria and Ivory. The finish was spectacular, as Trish nailed the Stratusfaction on Victoria, and moments later Ivory kicked Tomko right in the face. Tomko landed on Victoria, and with Trish and Ivory knocked down, got the fall and retained his unwanted title. Afterwards Ivory and Victoria brawled around the ring about the match outcome, as Tomko dragged Trish up the ramp and the two also argued about Tomko retaining. Classic stuff.

Over: 73. Crowd: 75. Match: 70. 2 1/2 stars

We then cut to the back and see Maven walking backstage ready for his match next, but there was no partner by his side. His music hit the arena and then he came down to the ring as the fans cheered him on. He grabbed a microphone from Lillian Garcia and then he began to speak as his music stopped and the crowd settled down.

Maven: Tonight, I and a partner of my choice have to face Al Snow and Johnny Nitro. Now, I was thinking about all the possible partners I could have had. I could have had Chris Benoit (huge pop), or perhaps that monster Kane (boos). But, no. I chose somebody who Johnny knows very, very well. I chose Johnny's competitor in the third season of Tough Enough. So come on out here, my partner for tonight's match. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Tough Enough 3 champion, Matt Thunder!

Maven's music hits again, and then Matt Thunder, formerly known as Matt Cappotelli makes his way down the ramp and then gets into the ring. Matt and Maven then await the arrival of there opponents, as the fans go wild.


Al Snow & Johnny Nitro vs. Matt Thunder & Maven

There are certain issues in the history of sports entertainment that may never be solved. Maven, the original winner of Tough Enough, has proven time and time again that he is the ultimate champion, by defeating Christopher Nowinski and Johnny Nitro on countless occassions. Tonight though, he was teaming with a champion, and the fans were hot for the debut of Matt Thunder. Matt and Al showed no love lost from the program, and the crowd got excited as Matt rolled through a Snowplough attempt, as Al tagged in Nitro. Nitro and Thunder, once partners forgot there past, and pretended that it was Tough Enough days again, locking up in the centre of the ring. Snow wanted to score the victory quickly, and tried to end the match by getting disqualified, but Maven wouldn't allow him to. And the student dropkicked the chair right back into the face of Al Snow, and then Thunder flew off the top rope with a nice moonsault, and picked up the victory, as the crowd went nuts. Afterwards, Maven and Thunder taunted in the middle of the ring as Al Snow and Johnny Nitro just scurried up the ramp in disbelief.

Over: 74. Crowd: 70. Match: 78. 3 stars.

We then cut to the back where we see H.B. Cade standing with Stacy Keibler. The two were practicing dance routines, but Cade kept mucking up.

Cade: Stacy, that isn't how he does it in the video, is it?

Cade plays the video and we see a guy that looks a little bit like Shawn Michaels dancing in front of an image of a Hell in a Cell. However, the lookalike is dancing like crazy and is going really fast.

Stacy: Don't worry, your H.B. Cade, not that loser Shawn Michaels. And after your match tonight, how about we go fo a nice dinner. Just me and you.

Cade: Let me just check my schedule. OK, that's fine. But just remember, the Heartbreak Cade, can STAY UP ALL NIGHT!

The crowd cheer as H.B. Cade and Stacy make there way to the ring for Cade's match, next against Edge. (84)

H.B. Cade gained 1 point of overness from this segment.


H.B. Cade © vs. Edge

Just like last week on HeAT, Cade was cocky coming down to the ring and wouldn't start the match until he was ready. But Edge informed him when he was ready, but sending him down to the mat with a clothesline. Edge dominated the first half of the match up with his usual style. The average match ended when Edge went for the spear, but was distracted by Stacy once more. Edge pulled Stacy into the ring and went for an Edgeocution. However, Cade came from behind and floored Edge with the Sweet *** Music, and got the cheap pin to retain his title as the crowd booed as loud as they could.

Over: 76. Crowd: 77. Match: 75. 3 stars

Edge lost 1 point of overness from this match. Garrison Cade gained 1 point of overness from this match. The WWE European title has gained in image.

Backstage we see Rhyno and Tajiri getting ready for there match next. They are approached by the two cocky French-Canadians (who got a good reaction), who just laugh and head for the ring.

Rhyno: Don't worry Tajiri. They won't find it too funny when we beat there asses tonight and win the World Tag Team titles from them.

Tajiri says something in Japanese and Rhyno looks at him confused and just nods in approval anyway. We then cut to the ring, for the World Tag title match.



La Resistance © vs. The Hurricane & Rosey vs. Rhyno & Tajiri

As predicted, this match was an interesting tag team match, as La Resistance got a massive reaction from their hometown fans. The Hurricane and Rosey were eliminated first after a Gore from Rhyno sent Rosey down and out for the count. Rhyno and Grenier then locked up, and put on a great show for the fans in Toronto. Rhyno nailed a vicious powerslam on Grenier, before tagging in the Japanese Buzzsaw, who got a great reaction from the crowd. Grenier tried his best to dodge the deadly kicks, but Tajiri kept kicking him relentlessly, and Grenier desperatley needed the tag. Moments later, Grenier recieved The Gore, and Conway came into the match for the first time since it began and even though the referee didn't see the tag, he kept quiet about it, and La Resistance managed to get the better or the challengers. However, Tajiri got things going back to his side following the green mist to the eyes of Grenier. Tajiri then kicked Conway off the apron, and tagged in Rhyno who gored a blind Grenier, and picked up the wins, as we have new champions. The Toronto crowd were hot, and went wild as Tajiri and Rhyno celebrated in the crowd with them, shaking hands and signing autographs as La Resistance looked angry in the ring.

Over: 77. Crowd: 72. Match: 83. 3 1/2 stars

The World Tag Team titles have gained in image.

We then cut to the announce table where we are joined once again by Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler, who have been calling the action all night long.

JR: What a night we have had so far ladies and gentlemen. Two champions have retained. Firstly, bizzarely, Tyson Tomko retained HIS Women's title against Trish, Victoria and Ivory. And then Garrison Cade, or H.B. Cade defended the European Championship against Edge. But, Rhyno and Tajiri just broke that streak by defeating La Resistance, and becoming the new World Tag Team Champions here on Raw.

King: All that, and we still have a main event to come!

JR: Yes, that's right King. But right now, we have a match from the Big Red Monster, Kane.


Chris Jericho vs. Kane

It sounds weird, but this match really was a squash match. Jericho didn't really get a chance to get a move in. Kane came down to the ring with his wife Lita and finished off Jericho with a quick chokeslam, and won the match. Afterwards the match became Hardcore, as Kane took Jericho behind the staging and chokeslammed him onto the sound equipment! Kane just stood high over Jericho as the crowd went wild.

Over: 91. Crowd: 95. Match: 87. 3 3/4 stars.

We see Kane walk into the back and throw Maven out of a taxi and get into the taxi along with Lita. The taxi drives off, and we return to the ring for the Intercontinental title match.


Randy Orton © vs. Chris Benoit

What a match this was, one of the best of the year so far between the two superstars. Randy Orton has become one of the biggest stars in the WWE in just two short years, despite injuries. But he really needed to add another name to the list of legends that he has killed, and Chris Benoit was that man. The best damn technical wrestler in the world has been IC champion before, and wanted it more than ever tonight. Orton was on top form, despite having a match on Raw last Monday night, and was able to counter the Crippler Crossface into the RKO, but Benoit kicked out. Orton then did something that he doesn't do very often, and went up to the top rope. And in one of wrestling's greatest match moments, Randy Orton flew off the top rope with a diving headbutt onto Benoit- who was down on the outside. Benoit fought back, and nailed six consecutive german suplexes on the Legend Killer. Benoit went up top and nailed a headbutt of his own, and he got a two count. Benoit signalled for the Crippler Crossface, but Orton managed to get up, nail an RKO, and get the three count, much to the crowds dislike. Orton retained again. After the match Orton celebrated his win along with Evolution pals, Ric Flair, Batista and Eugene.

Over: 95. Crowd: 92. Match: 99. 5 stars.

Randy Orton gained 1 point of overness from this match. The Intercontinental title has gained in image.

We then cut back to the announce table where JR and King give there comments on the previous match.

JR: What a contest that was. There have been some amazing Intercontinental title battles in the past, but that has to top them all folks.

King: Well, our main event is now. And I cannot wait.

JR: And let's take a look at how this all began.

A vignette is shown highlghting Matt Hardy's career, which began with him teaming with his brother Jeff, and together becoming five time WWE Tag Team Champions. It shows highlights of his many TLC, Ladder and Tables matches with The Dudleyz. It then shows the split of The Hardy Boys, and Matt going to Smackdown, and having great matches with the likes of Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Big Show and Kurt Angle. We then see Matt winning the Cruiserweight title from Billy Kidman at No Way Out 2003, and then him successfully defeating Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania XIX. It then shows highlights of The Game's career, featuring his victories over the greats, including, The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Kane, Undertaker, Big Show, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit.


Triple H © vs. Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy got an amazing reaction from the crowd, the best in his career so far. Triple H recieved a sick heel reaction from the crowd, and Matt got a cheer everytime he hit a move on the champion. The match was right down the middle, and both men had nailed some impressive moves on one another. Triple H had attempted an early pedigree, but Matt sent HHH over the top rope, and then dragged him into the ring and nailed the Twist of Fate. Triple H was so close to being pinned, but he kicked out at the last moment, as Matt went nuts in the middle of the ring. After a while of Matt being in control, Triple H started to get tired and blatantly low blowed Matt right in front of the referee and called for the instant Disqualification. The crowd booed there asses off and the "Bull****" chants filled the arena.

"I'm Back" hit the arena and then Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff made his way out onto the stage, as the crowd booed. He had a microphone in hand and he began to speak right away.

Bischoff: No match of mine, at a major Pay Per View, is going to end by disqualification. And as for the refereeing in this match, it has been appalling. Get out of there Earl Hebner. Because I have a better referee for you. Come on out here......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... The Rock!!!

The Rock's music hit the arena and then The Great One came out onto the stage wearing a referee's shirt as the fans went wild. The Rock got back into the ring and continued the match as HHH set Matt Hardy up for the pedigree. Matt sent HHH over the back again, and then nailed a deadly Twist of Fate on HHH. HHH kicked out once again, and the crowd were getting iritated. Both men were then knocked down by a double clothesline on each other. The Rock then posed in the middle of the ring. Triple H got back up and walked right into The ROCK BOTTOM! The crowd couldn't believe it. Matt Hardy crawled over HHH and The Rock counted. 1...........2..........3!

The crowd erupted as Matt Hardy was handed the World Heavyweight Championship by The Rock.

Over: 87. Crowd: 94. Match: 82. 3 1/2 stars

The World Heavyweight title has gained in image.

The pyro's went off and confetti started coming out of the ceilingas Matt Hardy and The Rock celebrated in the middle of the ring to end SummerSlam.

Quick Match Results:

Tyson Tomko & Trish Stratus def. Ivory & Victoria, Tomko retain Women's title

Maven & Matt Thunder def. Al Snow & Johnny Nitro

H.B. Cade def. Edge to retain the WWE European title

Rhyno & Tajiri def. La Resistance & Justice League to capture the World Tag Team titles

Kane def. Chris Jericho in a Hardcore Match

Randy Orton def. Chris Benoit to retain the Intercontinental title

Matt Hardy def. Triple H to capture the World Heavyweight title

Overall Rating: 85

Buy Rate: 1.63

Attendance: 17,627

Pay Per View Revenue: $4,075,000

Ticket Sales: $1,057,620

Biggest Pops:

1. The Rock (by far)

2. Matt Hardy

3. Chris Benoit

4. Chris Jericho

5. Edge

Most Heat:

1. Triple H

2. Randy Orton

3. Kane

4. H.B. Cade

5. Eric Bischoff

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Taken from raw.wwe.com:

user posted image

Raw Preview 16/08/2004

Cameron, NC

Tonight's Raw promises to be a great one as Matt Hardy shall be in his hometown to celebrate his electric title win just 24 hours ago. But we have got to wonder what The Game, the now former World Heavyweight Champion will have to say to Matt Hardy, and perhaps even The Rock. All three superstars are going to be on Raw tonight, and so we never know what's going to happen?

But, if there was one man who needs to be praised, it is Randy Orton. Just 24 hours removed from that amazing match with Chris Benoit at SummerSlam, he shall issue a second Randy Orton challenge. Who shall step up and face the Legend Killer this time?

Also, one has got to wonder what condition Chris Jericho will be in, just 24 hours after that hellacious beating from Kane. Will he even show up on Raw is the major question we have got to ask?

One match signed for tonight is a final match in the Tomko/Trish/Victoria triangle, as the three competitors will be in the same ring with one another with the Women's title on the line. Can Tomko finally get rid of the title that he hates so much?

Also, in H.B. Cade will team with Al Snow and Johnny Nitro to take on the team of Maven, Matt Thunder and Stevie Richards. Cade defeated Edge last night, but can he defeat the Ultimate Tough Enough Champion? Find out tonight on Raw.

So, don't forget to tune into Raw tonight LIVE on Spike TV. Check your local cable and sattelite guides for more.

Confirmed Matches:

Al Snow, H.B. Cade, Johnny Nitro & Mark Henry vs. Matt Thunder, Maven, Stevie Richards & Test

Trish Stratus vs. Tyson Tomko © vs. Victoria for the Women's Championship

Randy Orton Intercontinental Challenge III

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user posted image

Raw Results 16/08/2004

Cameron, NC

No pyro's this week, as we kick off with Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff making his way down to the ring, as the crowd boo. Bischoff climbs into the ring. He then grabs a microphone from ring announcer, Lillian Garcia and then he begins to speak as the crowd boo even louder.

Eric: Well, last night was one of the better Raw shows in quite some time. And we witnessed one of the greatest events in the history of this business when Matt Hardy defeated Triple H, for the World Heavyweight Championship! (HUGE pop). Now, I am a fair man, but I would just like all of you fans to take a look at this, before making your decision. Just take a closer look at Triple H's shoulders.

A video plays on the titantron and we see footage of last night. We see The Rock nail The Rock Bottom on Triple H, as the crowd cheer. We then see The Rock count. 1..........2.... but HHH's shoulders aren't quite down on the mat, but The Rock ignores that and just continues counting.

We then cut back to the ring where the crowd look confused.

Eric: As that footage proves, HHH's shoulders weren't fully down for the full course of the count. Therefore, that pinfall does not count (boos). I am so sorry Matt, but you are going to have to come down to this ring and hand me back the World title and try again to capture the belt.

There is HUGE heat from the crowd, but Bischoff genuinley looks upset. Matt Hardy's music hits the arena, and the hometown crowd jump up with cheers for Matt, as he makes his way down to the ring with the World Heavyweight title around his waist. He climbs into the ring and the crowd cheer even louder as he grabs a microphone and begins to speak.

Matt: Fine, fine. Eric, I'll hand you back the title. But,I demand a rematch, TONIGHT! (HUGE pop). And you are going to give me that rematch, whether you like it or not, because I deserve it.

Eric: Fine, you have your rematch against Triple H. And I cannot wait until Triple H kicks your ass and pins you in the middle of the ring, like what SHOULD have happened last night. Now, just hand me the World title belt, or I will call the match off.

Matt thinks about it, but he doesn't hand the belt over.

Matt: If you want the belt, you want it to be on the same level as you are.

Matt floors Bischoff with the belt, as the fans go wild. Matt then taunts with the World title before tossing the belt back down onto the mat with Bischoff. Matt then leaves the ring as the crowd go wild. We have a World title match scheduled for later on tonight. (83)

We cut to the back and we see Tyson Tomko hanging out with Trish Stratus. Trish is wearing the Women's title around her waist, despite not being champion.

Tomko: Trish, listen. You have no idea how embarrassing it is for me to be known worldwide as the WWE Women's champion. I am meant to be a problem solver, but somehow, I can't solve this problem. But tonight, we will. Or sorry, you will. Because if you don't, I QUIT!

Trish tries to put her arm around Tomko, but he walks off alone, ready for the match.



Tyson Tomko © vs. Trish Stratus vs. Victoria

"The Problem Solver" and Trish were very distant at the beginning of the match, acting as if they were complete strangers due to what Tomko said to Trish moments ago. This allowed Victoria to get the early advantage, and send Tomko down with some impressive kicks. Tomko then brought a chair into the ring, and for the first time in the match was actually on Trish's side. The champion then went to swing at Victoria, but Victoria ducked and then kicked the chair right back in Tomko's face, busting him wide open. Trish then knocked Victoria out of the ring with a Chick Kick. Seeing the opening Trish then pinned the knocked out Tomko, and won the title. Tomko however, didn't look the slightest bit impressed, and was angry at the loss. Tomko sent Trish down to the mat with a HUGE clothesline, and left the ring alone, as referees and EMT's saw to Trish.

Over: 65. Crowd: 75. Match: 71. 2 3/4 stars.

Tomko grabbed a microphone and then breathlessly he began to speak as the crowd booed.

Tomko: I'm sorry Trish, but that was the single-most embarrassing moment in my career- being pinned by a girl. So, next week on Raw how about me and you go at it, with the Women's title on the line. And I shall show you a good match.

Tomko began to walk away, but Trish began to get to her feet and grabbed a microphone of her own and began to speak.

Trish: OK Tomko, how about we put something else at stake. What about, if you lose, your fired?

Tomko: I accept. Oh, this is going to be so good. Because next week LIVE on Raw, Tyson Tomko shall become the two-time Women's champion!

Tomko drops the microphone and then he walks up the ramp as we go to our first commercial break of the evening.

When we return we see Stacy Keibler in a locker room, smiling at something.

Stacy: Oh my god, that is sooo big. It is the biggest I have ever seen. And believe me, after Test and Steiner, I know big!

H.B. Cade (off camera): Do you like it?

Stacy: Do I like it? I love it. You look amazing. You look Stacylicious!

H.B. Cade walks on camera and we see that the thing that Stacy was talking about was a diamond ring on Cade's right index finger.

Stacy: You ready for your match tonight?

H.B. Cade: Of course the sexiest superstar is ready for a match. And even with those three idiots on my side, I can show who the true Main Event is.

Cade dances off camera, and Stacy follows him, as the two head to the ring for the eight-man tag team match. (95)

Stacy Keibler gained 1 point of overness from this segment. Garrison Cade gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

Al Snow, H.B. Cade, Johnny Nitro & Mark Henry vs. Matt Thunder, Maven, Steven Richards & Test

An interesting match here, and some great performances all round. Everyone in this match (minus Richards) has spent a lot of time out of the ring recently, and have only just returned, but are all on top form. Test looked powerful out there, and was hitting clothesline left, right and center, as the crowd cheered him on. H.B. Cade won the match by pinning the Ultimate Tough Enough Champion, Maven following a nice Sweet Ass Music to the chin. Afterwards, while Snow, Nitro and Henry celebrated normally in the ring, Cade ordered a Ferrari to escort him from the arena, along with the beautiful Stacy.

Over: 66. Crowd: 70. Match: 78. 3 stars

We then cut to the back where we see Intercontinental Champion, Randy Orton looking cocky as usual, prepared for tonight's Intercontinental title challenge.

Orton: So far, it is Randy Orton two, and Raw nil. Last December I took out WWE Hall Of Famer, Sgt. Slaughter, and last week they sent me the local loser, Carlos Colon. This week though, I want a but of competition. Firstly, I actually want a wrestler, and secondly, I actually want someone with a bit of class. I want somebody who thinks that they can beat the living hell out of Legend Killer, Randy Orton. Could it be you? Just make your way down to that ring later on tonight, if you dare. And I will kick your ass and prove why I am the greatest Intercontinental champion that this company has ever seen, and may see for quite a while. (80)

We then cut to the announce table where we see JR and King, talking about tonight's events so far.

JR: Ladies and gentlemen, what a night we have had so far. We have already heard that Matt Hardy is no longer the World Heavyweight Champion.

King: Well, by looking at that footage, it is true JR. Triple H got screwed, and we shall see a rematch tonight.

JR: Well now, it is more from that monster Kane. Now, let's show you the disturbing footage from 24 hours ago at SummerSlam. This is not for the weak of heart.

A video is played repeating that sick chokeslam on Chris Jericho, that sent him through the sound equipment, as Kane could do nothing but laugh.

Edge vs. Kane

Similar to last night's match, this match didn't last long, but this time Kane had his wife, Lita by his side, who was armed with a steel chair. Edge tried his hardest to get a few moves in, but Lita made sure that he didn't. Kane won with another sickening chokeslam as Lita got in the ring. Lita climbed up to the top rope and went for the Litacanrana. Edge ducked and then floored Lita with a spear, as the crowd went wild. Kane grabbed Edge by the throat, and was looking to do the same to Edge that he did to Jericho 24 hours ago at SummerSlam. Kane taunted on the stage, but Jericho made his face shown and threw the Big Red Monster off the stage onto the sound equipment. However, even more scary was how Kane would get up seconds later and just smile evilly. Jericho and Edge ran to the back, as Kane freakily lef the ring.

Over: 84. Crowd: 90. Match: 78. 3 stars

We follow Kane and Lita to the back and Kane is bleeding from the mouth after hitting that sound equipment, but is still smiling. What the hell is up with Kane? We go to our second commercial break with the crowd still wondering what is up with Kane.

When we return we see Todd Grisham standing by with The Hurricane and Rosey AKA Justice League.

Todd: Just twenty-four hours ago at SummerSlam, you two almost became World Tag Team Champions? And tonight you have a match against the former champions, La Resistance. How do you feel?

The Hurricane: Well, for one thing, we are so upset that we weren't able to capture World Tag Team gold, and that it was another team that won instead of us. However, tonight we are going to prove why we are worthy. Come young Rosevelt.

The Hurricane then flies off, and Rosey tries to, but again falls flat on his face, as the crowd laugh hysterically. The Hurricane flies back into view and helps to life Rosey up.

The Hurricane: Holy S.H.I.T!

The Hurricane then walks off and Rosey brushes himself off.

Rosey: See pal. **** happens.

Rosey walks off, ready for his match. (76)

Rosey gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

Justice League vs. La Resistance

An interesting match from the two teams here. The new tag team champions, Rhyno and Tajiri were seen watching the match in the back on a monitor. The former tag team champions tried to get the match over with quickly, but weren't able to, as Rosey fought back with a Samoan Drop, which nearly broke Conway in half. La Resistance used every tactic in the book. And even tried to bring a weapon onto the scene, but it backfired as The Hurricane wrestled the chair out of the French-Canadian's hands. The superheroes obviously had luck on there side tonight as they managed to pull off an impressive victory after a top rope splash on Grenier by Rosey. Afterwards, Justice League celebrated an impressive victory and left through the crowd.

Over: 74. Crowd: 72. Match: 77. 3 stars

We then cut to the back where we see a car being parked, but we don't see the driver. It isn't a sports car or limousine, just a normal family car. We then cut to the ring, ready for the Randy Orton Intercontinental title challenge.

"Evolution" hits the arena and then Randy Orton makes his way down to the ring as the crowd boo loudly for the Intercontinental champion. He climbs into the ring and he grabs a microphone and he begins to speak as the crowd boo.

Orton: Tonight, you fans are witnessing two Evolution members in the main events. Now, last week was absoloutley no challenge for Randy Orton. Let's just take a look at what happened in the second Intercontinental challenge.

Footage is shown of last weeks match between Randy Orton and Carlos Colon for the Intercontinental title. Obviously, it only shows the good moves from Randy Orton, and finishes with the RKO that ended the match.

We return to the ring where the crowd have started a "Randy Orton sucks" chant, but Randy just smiles, showing those pearly whites of his.

Orton: See, I am just perfect. I have the good, sorry perfect looks, and amazing talent. So, whatever useless loser is going to challenge me, come out here, so we can get this thing over quickly, as we are eating into the main event.

We hear the phrase "Have a Nice Day!" and then we know who it is, as Mick Foley's music hits the arena and he comes out onto the stage in wrestling gear and a microphone in hand, receiving a massive reaction from the crowd who start a "Foley!" chant. They calm down as the Hardcore Legend begins to speak.

Foley: For weeks now, since Backlash, I have been watching Raw, and watching you taunt and boast about beating Mick Foley, and beating everyone that there is to beat. You were saying just last week that you even managed to defeat Edge at his own game, in a Ladder Match. Now, since you seem to like boasting so much about how good you are in Ladder Matches, how about we have a Ladder Match. Right here, right now in Cameron, North Carolina (HUGE cheap pop)!

Orton thinks about it, and then he begins to speak.

Orton: Well, I can't accept an opportunity to beat the living hell out of Mick Foley again, can I. So, Yes. I accept your challenge! Now get your ass down here, so we can get this thing over and done with quickly.

Foley: Wait one second.

Foley walks behind the curtain and then he comes out with a trashcan filled with goodies for him to use in the match.

Foley: I've brought a few little friends with me to join us tonight. Say hello once again to my best friend, Barbie!

The crowd cheer as Foley runs down the ramp with Barbie in one hand, and the trash can filled with goods in the other and a referee runs down the ramp and the match officially begins.


Randy Orton © vs. Mick Foley

Orton slid out of the ring early and tried to go at Foley, but Foley had Barbie to help him and knocked Orton down with the weapon. During this time the Intercontinental title was secured above the ring by referees. Foley then Irish whipped Orton into the steel steps and then brought the fight into the crowd. After brawling in the crowd for a while the two got into the ring, and Orton managed to grab a kendo stick from the crowd, and the crowd went wild. Orton sent Foley into next week with a shot to the face, but Foley continued to fight back with right hands, and then a toss into the corner busted Randy Orton's face open, and made the youngster lose a couple of teeth from his perfect set. Randy Orton had lost two of his middle teeth, and had a Mick Foley like gap in between, and Mick was happy. The ladder then came into play as Foley knocked Orton down continously with it. Foley then began to climb, but Orton climbed as well, and stopped Foley from reaching the prize. Orton then sent Foley crashing back down to the mat with a suplex. Orton then went for the RKO, but Foley reversed and sent Orton face first into the ladder and then nailed the Double Arm DDT- right onto Barbie!

The crowd went nuts as Orton tried to console himself, as his looks were going. Orton asked Lillian Garcia for a mirror. After checking himself in it, he then smashed it over Mick, giving Foley a bad back, as well as seven years bad luck. Orton then nailed a nice DDT of his own and then set up the ladder himself. He was going for the prize, but Foley pushed him off it, all the way to the outside. Orton landed on the Spanish announce table, but the table didn't break. Foley then climbed the ladder himself, and then launched himself off with an elbow drop which sent Orton crashing through the table. Both men were down for a while following this manoeuvre, but Foley got up first. Foley set up the ladder once more and then began to climb, as Orton struggled to get up on the outside. Foley was just about to touch the prize, but Orton got back into the ring and hit him in the back with a steel chair and began climbing the ladder himself. He signalled for the RKO, but Foley got Mr. Socko out and placed it in Orton's mouth. Orton and Foley jumped fof the ladder, but Foley kept the hold locked in, as Orton began to fade away. After a short while, Foley then nailed Orton with his own manoeuvre, the RKO, and Orton was knocked out. Foley slowly climbed the ladder, and grabbed the belt, and got a massive reaction as he celebrated his win with all the fans at ringside.

Over: 82. Crowd: 100. Match: 89. 4 stars

The Intercontinental title has gained in image

We see one final image of Foley celebrating in the crowd, and Orton still down and out in the middle of the ring and then we cut to the back where we see Triple H all alone in the Evolution locker room.

Triple H: I cannot believe it. For the first time since Evolution was formed, we are officially titleless. Thanks a lot Randy. But that is all going to end in, let's say, ten minutes or so. Because last night I was screwed, and everyone knew that I was. My shoulders were not down fully, nor properly, and yet I lost the World Heavyweight title, my World title, just like that. And to make matters even worse, I just can't get awarded the title back, I have to wrestle for a belt that's already mine? Anyway, I have a match to get to now. And I am going to leave this dump, the World Heavyweight champion.

Triple H walks off camera, and heads towards the ring and then we go to our third and final commercial break of the evening. (83)

Triple H lost 2 points of overness from this segment.

When we return we are back at the announce desk following the hellacious Ladder Match between Mick Foley and Randy Orton over the Intercontinental championship.

JR: What a match that was King.

King: They have practically destroyed everything. Tables, chairs, cameras, staging equipment, the ring. Soon we won't have an arena left!

JR: Well, coming up next we have the battle over the World Heavyweight Championship. And what a contest this is going to be- Well, I am just being told something in my ear. We need to go to the back.

We cut to the back where former World Heavyweight Champion, Matt Hardy is being attacked by Evolution members Batista, Eugene and Ric Flair. Matt can barely move, and is dragged to the ring for his match.


Matt Hardy vs. Triple H

The bloodied Matt Hardy was then beaten up further by Eugene on the outside, and then Triple H made his way out with the World Heavyweight Championship wrapped around his waist. Eugene rolled Matt into the ring, and then HHH nailed the pedigree, and got the three count as Matt Hardy could barely move. The four members of Evolution then attempted to beat down on Matt Hardy. But help was at hand as Chris Benoit, The Rock and SHAWN MICHAELS ran down the ramp and slid into the ring as the crowd went absoloutley wild. Shawn Michaels knocked HHH down with the Sweet Chin Music, and The Rock then nailed the People's Elbow on the new World Heavyweight Champion, as Benoit went up top and nailed the Diving Headbutt. Evolution fled the ring, as Chris Benoit, Shawn Michaels and The Rock celebrated along with Matt Hardy as Raw came to an end.

Over: 80. Crowd: 94. Match: 78. 3 1/2 stars

Quick Match Results:

Trish Stratus def. Tyson Tomko & Victoria to win the Women's championship

Team Henry def. Team Maven

Kane def. Edge

Justice League def. La Resistance

Mick Foley def. Randy Orton for the Intercontinental championship in a Ladder Match

Triple H def. Matt Hardy to become the World Heavyweight championship

Biggest Pops:

1= Mick Foley

1= Shawn Michaels

1= The Rock

4= Chris Benoit

4= Matt Hardy

Most Heat:

1= Eric Bischoff

1= Triple H

3. Randy Orton

4. Kane

5. H.B. Cade

Overall Rating: 79

Television Rating: 5.80

Attendance: 8,031

Ticket Sales: $321,240 from ticket sales.

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Source heat.wwe.com:

user posted image

Sunday Night HeAT Preview 22/08/2004

Just six days ago at SummerSlam we saw one hell of a show, and everybody felt that it went down well.

However, the biggest star of the show, is the ever-rising superstar, Garrison Cade. After teaming up with Stacy Keibler, and gaining control of the European Championship, he has another title defence. However, this one is against one half of the World Tag Team Champions, Tajiri. Tajiri hasn't been in action since SummerSlam, but is hingry for some singles gold. Can Tajiri upset H.B. Cade and become a double champion? Find out later on tonight!

Speaking of tag team action, La Resistance will be in further tag team action as they go against the team of Maven and new Raw superstar, Matt Thunder. Maven proved that he was the Ultimate Tough Enough Champion by defeating Johnny Nitro a few weeks ago, but can he defeat former World Tag Team Champions?

And last but not least, that monster Tyson Tomko will be in action, but nobody knows his opponent quite yet. More to be revealed on HeAT perhaps?

All this and much, much more is LIVE this Sunday night on HeAT. You really can't afford to miss it this week.

Confirmed Matches:

Garrison Cade vs. Tajiri

La Resistance vs. Matt Thunder & Maven

Tyson Tomko challenge

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user posted image

Sunday Night HeAT Results 22/08/2004

The opening pyro plays and then we cut straight to the back where we see H.B. Cade and Stacy talking. Stacy is giving Cade a back massage as he watches television. Cade looks kind of pissed off, and the camera zooms in as he begins to speak.

H.B. Cade: I am not happy Stacy. That sucka, Shawn Michaels returned last week on Raw. And already he is trying to steal the spotlight from the real Show Stopper, H.B. Cade.

Stacy: Don't worry about him tonight. Tonight you need to draw your focus to Tajiri. Now, I have been in the ring with Tajiri before, and I have felt that horrible green mist go into my eyes. And of course, we wouldn't want your beautiful eyes getting damaged effecting your vision now, would we. So tonight, it needs to be simple. And as always, I'll be there.

Stacy gives H.B. Cade a kiss on the cheek and then Cade smiles as Stacy sits next to her and the two continue watching the movie. (86)

H.B. Cade gained 1 point of overness from this segment.

La Resistance vs. Real Tough (Maven & Matt Thunder)

The former tag team champions didn't look too good in this match (probably angry by there two defeats in a row recently). The two French-Canadians weren't tagging as often as they do, and were taken advantage of in the early going following several awesome manouevres from Maven, and even newcomer, Matt Thunder. This macth was no different, and La Resistance didn't get third time lucky. Even with interference from that monster, Mark Henry, the French were defeated. Matt Thunder managed to get the pin on Rob Conway, and win the match after a fishermen suplex. Afterwards Henry tried to join La Resistance and beat down on the two Tough Enough champions. However, Test made his way down to the ring and got rid of the attackers. He checked that Maven and Matt were OK and then picked up a microphone, and he began to speak.

Test: Mark, since you like to beat down on every superstar on Raw. How about, we have a match tonight. And let's see how you beat down a monster like me?

Henry nodded, agreeing to the match and then La Resistance and Mark Henry made there way up the ramp, with Test and Henry starting at each other all the way.

Over: 73. Crowd: 73. Match: 74. 2 3/4 stars

We cut to the back where we see Steven Richards stretching. We then see Eugene walking backstage, and he laughs as Richards.

Eugene: Hey look, it's that big loser Steven Richards, training for a match that he doesn't have!

Richards stops stretching and then walks over to Eugene and begins to speak.

Richards: How about I prove how much of a loser that I am, when I kicke your ass in the middle of the ring, in about two minutes time!

Eugene opens his eyes in amazement, and then he begins to speak after a short pause.

Eugene: That's fine, nobody can beat Eugene. Eugene is the greatest superstar on Earth.

Eugene pats Richards on the back, and we go to our first commercial break of the evening, and it looks like we have a match in a minute! (71)

Eugene vs. Steven Richards

We returned from commercials halfway through the action of this match, which was quite fast paced. The newest member of Evolution looked great out there, but Steven Richards still managed to school him. Richards had some nice submission holds on Eugene, but Eugene had that animal, Batista by his side. Batista and Eugene's plan backfired and fell flat on it's face, as Richards ducked a massive clothesline from Batista, and sent the big man right into Eugene. Eugene and Batista had a mini argument, which allowed Richards to fly off the top rope, and knock both men down. Richards then nailed the Stevie-T, and by god, picked up a victory over 2004's biggest sensation, Eugene. Afterwards Richards ran away as Eugene and Batista went nuts in the middle of the ring, screaming and shouting at the referee as Richards just laughed. Victoria joined her long-term friend on the stage and celebrated his win on the stage.

Over: 74. Crowd: 70. Match: 78. 3 stars

Eugene lost 1 point of overness from this match. Steven Richards gained 1 point of overness from this match.

After a short reminder of the next WWE Pay Per View, Unforgiven we go straight back to the ring for some more HOT action on Sunday Night HeAT.

Mark Henry vs. Test

A nice match by these two big men, who have similar styles, and together put on a nice match for the fans. A little short, but still quite a good one, when considering the two involved. A nice top rope powerslam from Henry had Test down from the beginning, and almost unable to move. Test almost passed out, but fought back and reversed Mark Henry's Worlds Strongest Slam into the Pumphandle Slam, and pick up a victory over the Worlds Strongest Man, and shock the crowd. Test celebrated his win in the crowd, as they cheered the Canadian athlete on.

Over: 83. Crowd: 72. Match: 95. 4 stars

We then cut to the back where we The Hurricane and Rosey.

The Hurricane: Tonight young rosevelt, you have a match without me, as I have set you up as the challenger to Tyson Tomko's open challenge. Don;t worry about it Rosey, because I wouldn't. Tomko is what we people call a sucka!

Rosey: I know, I know. He ain't no challenge for me, BIAAAATCHHHH!

The Hurricane puts his hand over his face and looks in disappointment at Rosey, who just smiles.

The Hurricane: Only I say BIAAATCH!

The Hurricane flies off as Rosey looks down at the ground, knowing that he can't fly. He just walks off camera, as the crowd laugh. (70)

Rosey gained 2 points of overness from this segment.

Rosey vs. Tyson Tomko

Tomko laughed as The Hurricane accompanied Rosey to the ring. Tomko made quick work of young Rosevelt, and was able to defeat him after just over one minute in the ring with him. Tomko has a great new finishing manouevre, which is a nice modified version of the tombstone piledriver, which ended the match for Rosey tonight. Afterwards Tomko just looked at The Hurricane, who came in the ring to help his partner, and got a clothesline of his own as a result. Tomko is a force not to be reckoned with.

Over: 68. Crowd: 62. Match: 75. 2 3/4 stars

Tyson Tomko gained 2 points of overness from this match.

We then cut to the announce table for feedback on tonight's action so far.

Coach: What a show so far Snow. Nice to have you back at the table.

Snow: I tried my best Coach, but I just have to admit, that being here with you is the best thing in my career at the moment.

Coach: Well coming up next, the WWE European title is on the line as Garrison Cade-

Snow: That's H.B. Cade now.

Coach: Sorry, H.B. Cade will defend his title against the Japanese Buzzsaw, Tajiri!

Snow: Well, what's also good is staring at Stacy Keibler's body.

Coach: See you after this folks!

We then go to our second commercial break as the crowd are hot, ready for the main event.


H.B. Cade © w/ Stacy Keibler vs. Tajiri

A really interesting match from these two. Tajiri, one half of the World Tag champions was looking to add more gold to his waist. Before the match coud begin, Stacy had to remove Cade's robes. But Tajiri couldn't wait that long, and began kicking Cade prematurely and the bell sounded when the Japanese Buzzsaw wanted it to. Cade was able to nail some impressive manouevres on Tajiri, and tried a few kicks of his own. However, the master of martial arts was able to counter these kicks, with kicks of his own and floor Cade. Tajiri practically had the champion beat, and wasn't distracted by the lovely Stacy Keibler on the outside, but Cade was. Stacy began stripping off on the table (in a bid to distract Tajiri) but she accidentally distracted Cade, and nearly cost him the match. However, following a nice title shot to the head (with Tajiri's own title belt) things were soon back in Cade's favour. Shortly afterwards Cade would pick up the win following the Sweet Ass Music. Cade would celebrate with Stacy after winning his third HeAT main event match as HeAT came to an end for this week.

Over: 82. Crowd: 72. Match: 93. 4 stars

The WWE European title has gained in image

Quick Match Results:

Matt Thunder & Maven def. La Resistance

Steven Richards def. Eugene

Test def. Mark Henry

Tyson Tomko def. Rosey

H.B. Cade def. Tajiri

Overall Rating: 76

Television Rating: 6.04

Attendance Level: 8,015

Ticket Sales: $320,600

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Source raw.wwe.com:

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Raw Preview 23/08/2004

Dallas, TX

There is a full card booked for tonight's Raw, and it is no surprise considering all the events of the past two weeks.

Tonight's show is set to be a great one, as tonight Eric Bischoff has booked a HUGE ten-man tag team match. Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Mick Foley, Shawn Michaels, The Rock will team up to face all five members of Evolution in tonight's main event. With two tough teams of competitors, and with the Intercontinental champion on one team while the World Heavyweight champion on the other, this is sure to be an all out brawl.

Also, tonight we'll see the return to the ring of Shelton Benjamin as he goes one on one with H.B. Cade. Cade is yet to face defeat since aligning himself with Stacy. But Shelton Benjamin is a man who has beaten four members of Evolution before. Can he outsmart H.B. Cade and pick up a surprise victory in tonight;s non-title match?

Also, for the first time since SummerSlam, the new World Tag Team Champions will be in action. Rhyno and Tajiri as they face Al Snow and Johnny Nitro with the titles on the line. This is Rhyno & Tajiri's first title defence, but can they show who's boss tonight?

And, if Edge thought that he had it bad last week, and at SummerSlam, he is on for another tough challenge as tonight he teams with Test to take on the team of Kane and Mark Henry. Test defeated Henry last night on HeAT, but can he get another victory over the Big Man.

In other news, Rosey will face A-Train, and of course that big monster, Tyson Tomko will face Trish Stratus in a Steel Cage Match.

What a show we have in store for you tonight ladies and gentlemen, as it is certainly not one that you want to miss.

Confirmed Matches:

Team Benoit vs. Evolution

H.B. Cade vs. Shelton Benjamin

Rhyno & Tajiri vs. Al Snow & Johnny Nitro

Edge & Test vs. Kane & Mark Henry

A-Train vs. Rosey

Trish Stratus vs. Tyson Tomko in a Steel Cage Match

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Raw Results 23/08/2004

Dallas, TX

The opening pyro's go off, and we can't go straight to the announce table (again) as Tyson Tomko makes his way down to the ring, as the crowd boo. He grabs a microphone from the crowd, and then he begins to speak as the crowd boo as loud as they can.

Tomko: Tonight shall see the end of Trish Stratus, and it won't be a pretty ending either. I am a Problem Solver, and there is no problem worse than a demanding little bitch like Trish. I am sick of being pushed around. In the last month I have been taken for granted, and have been pinned by Trish Stratus- A WOMAN! But no more. Because tonight begins the era of Tyson Tomko, without Trish Stratus by his side!

Tyson drops the microphone and then Trish makes her way down to the ring looking frightened, leading us into....


Trish Stratus vs. Tyson Tomko

A short encounter by these two, but that was to be expected. Not the best cage match, but not that bad, as it was short. There was the usual over-powering from Tomko, but that was to be expected. Trish got some nice moves in on Tomko, even her finisher, the Stratusfaction. The crowd were going wild as Trish sent Tomko face first into the steel structure, and Trish began to make here way out of the cage. However, Mark Henry made his way out and shut the door right in the divas face, giving Tomko the easy pin, as Trish was knocked out. After the match Mark Henry and Tomko were attacking Trish, but down came her close friend, Christian to save her. Christian nailed the unprettier on Tomko, and then carried Trish into the back as the crowd cheered.

Over: 70. Crowd: 75. Match: 59. 2 stars

Tyson Tomko gained 1 point of overness from this match.

We cut to the back where we see Christian checking on Trish, who is surprised to see him. Trish is badly cut, and is busted open from being hit in the face with that steel door.

Christian: Are you OK, Trish? It's me, Christian.

Trish: Oh.... thanks, it got a little rough out there.

Christian: I'm just glad that you’re OK.

We then see an exhausted Tyson Tomko approaching, and Trish screams loudly in fear. Christian blocks Tomko from seeing Trish and begins to speak.

Tomko: Christian, welcome back. Nice to see you- not. I thought that I only had one problem to solve, but now it looks like I have two. So, what do you say Christian, me and you in a match, next week on Raw?

Christian thinks about it, and then looks at Trish.

Christian: I'm sorry, but I am not medically cleared to wrestle-

Tomko: Don't give me that crap, Christian. I know you. I know you very well. You were the person who hired me in the first place, to protect that slut. Well, if you won't wrestle, it means that SHE will..... Against HIM!

Tomko points behind him, and we see that big monster, Mark Henry come onto camera. Mark Henry vs. Trish Stratus is next week!


Rhyno & Tajiri © vs. Nitro & Snow

One of the better tag team title matches of the year, and a nice improvement in the ring from Johnny Nitro. He looked professional out there teaming with HeAT announcer Al Snow. The two pulled off some amazing tag team manoeuvres out of nowhere, and almost managed to defeat the new champions. Rhyno was working a little too stiff out there, as was Tajiri, and it showed. A lethal kick by Tajiri busted Johnny Nitro wide open, and almost had Nitro beat. After a while of back and forth action, Rhyno got things going for his team and managed to nail the Gore on Al Snow. He was about to Gore Snow's team mate, Nitro, but La Resistance made there way down to the ring. Conway got in the ring, but was floored with a double Gore that took down both Johnny Nitro AND Rob Conway! Grenier got in the ring, but was dumped out of the ring by Tajiri. Tajiri then hit that deadly kick to the back of the head on Al Snow, and got the pin, despite interference from the French-Canadians. Afterwards all La Resistance, Al Snow and Johnny Nitro were attacking the tag team champions, but down came Maven and Matt Thunder. They cleared the ring of everybody, making it equal. What has happened to the tag team division?

Over: 80. Crowd: 71. Match: 90. 3 1/2 stars

The World Tag Team titles have gained in image.

We then go to our first commercial break of the evening with the crowd still hot from the previous match.

A-Train vs. Rosey

When we return we are deep in the action of the match. Nothing much to write home about, just another match to try and get Rosey over with the fans. Rosey won following a nice Spinning Leg Drop. Afterwards, A-Train didn't look too happy about losing and just stood angrily in the middle of the ring. Rosey celebrated in the crowd with all the S.H.I.T fans.

Over: 75. Crowd: 69. Match: 82. 3 stars.


Rosey's celebration was cut short as 'Sexy Boy' hit the arena, but the fans didn't know who to expect. However, this time Shawn Michaels' video was playing on the titantron, and so the fans went wild expecting the Heartbreak Kid. However, the music soon cut into the H.B. Cade version, and the crowd erupted in an ocean of boos as H.B. Cade, along with Stacy made his way down to the ring. He slapped fans hands, and ripped posters up and just shrugged his shoulders afterwards. He got a nice kiss from Stacy as he entered the ring, and then he just lay on the top rope (mimicking HBK) and then taunted in the middle of the ring as the crowd booed even more at the HBK piss-taker. H.B. Cade grabbed a microphone from ring announcer, Lillian Garcia as the crowd booed.

H.B. Cade: I’m sorry Rosey, but your victory celebration has taken well ten minutes too long, as now it is time for the Heartbreak Cade to make his way to the ring. Ladies, get the Polaroid’s out, flash your breasts and say hello to H.B. Cade, your WWE European champion (boos). Stacy and I would just like to say how BAD it feels to be here in Dallas, Texas, just miles away from the Heartbreak Kid's hometown of Sand Antonio, or whatever the hell that wannabe, Shawn Michaels comes from. Tonight, I want you to be watching my match very closely, and how I win it, unlike you. And you afterwards, I get a little treat from Stacy!

Cade drops the microphone and the crowd boo as Cade gets ready for his match against the returning Shelton Benjamin. (87)


H.B. Cade vs. Shelton Benjamin

An interesting encounter between these two. And even though Benjamin hasn’t been in action since Bad Blood, he sure showed Cade who was boss in this match. Benjamin was electric flying off the top rope with an awesome clothesline on Cade, and then almost pinning him moments later after a Dragon Whip. Cade soon got things going in his favour by skimming the cap after Benjamin thought he had thrown him out the ring. Cade would then sneakily roll Benjamin up and get the cheap pinfall on the returning superstar. Afterwards Stacy celebrated by giving Cade a nice kiss in the middle of the ring as the fans went wild. Cade then went back after Shelton Benjamin and lifted him up to his feet and began pounding away at him. However, the real Heartbreak Kid made his way to the ring and the two began brawling by themselves. HBK sent Cade flying over the top rope and then flew over himself, and missed a cross body, as Stacy dragged Cade away and the two walked up the ramp.

HBK got in the ring and then grabbed a microphone as the (near) hometown fans cheered him on as he began to speak.

HBK: So, it looks like I have a little bit of competition, doesn’t it? So, I need to take out the wannabe, and I want to do it next week, in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas! So, what do you say H.B. Cade. You and I one on one next week on Raw?

Stacy whispers something in Cade’s ear, and then Cade begins to speak.

Cade: How about no? You see, not only are you not even in my league (boos), I am really tired from that match just a moment ago, and I don’t really fancy having singles action in just seven days time. So how about, you team up with your good friend Shelton Benjamin, and I find a partner and we face each other next week in your hometown. It’s either that, or next week I humiliate and beat you up in front of your hometown fans, and show them who the real sexy boy is. You have no choice, because either way I am going to kick your ***.

HBK: I accept Cade. But all I am saying is this, somewhere down the line in the near future we are going to have a match, and I am going to whoop your ***. See you next week.

The two men just stared at each other as we cut to the back once again, where we join Edge.

Over: 86. Crowd: 90. Match: 82. 4 stars

Garrison Cade gained 1 point of overness from this match.

The camera zooms in on Edge, and we see him warming up, preparing for his match next. We then see Edge’s brother, Christian come into shot, and Edge turns round and gets right in his brother’s face. The two just stare at each other for a moment or so, without saying anything. Edge finally breaks the tense silence though.

Edge: Welcome back…..bro.

Christian walks off camera, and Edge looks confused as we go to our second commercial break of the evening. (87)

Edge & Test vs. Kane w/ Lita & Mark Henry

A nice little tag team match from these two teams. Glad to see that Edge and Test aren’t feuding for once, but also nice to see Kane having a tag team partner for once. This was probably Kane’s best match in a while, as he actually wrestled it, and didn’t squash the opponent. A lot of impressive manoeuvres from Edge, as well as Test. Henry got a lot of moves in, but they were mostly the same as the always are. Kane pinned Test after he reversed the pumphandle slam into a chokeslam. Afterwards Kane and Lita left the ring without Henry, who received a nice little spear from Edge. Edge and Test celebrated in the crowd, signing autographs, and posing for pictures together with the crowd going wild.

Over: 81. Crowd: 88. Match: 85. 3 ½ stars

We then cut to the back and we see our new Intercontinental champion, Mick Foley getting ready for his match. He gets a knock on the door and then The Rock walks in, and the crowd go absolutely wild for The People’s Champion, who approaches Foley with a wide smile.

Foley: How you doing Rock?

Rock: I’m fine, it’s just nice to see you happy, and with some gold around your waist, for the first time in almost five years. You know, I was back there watching the match last week, and I was impressed. I was very impressed, because we finally got to see the real side of Mick Foley. And as for Evolution goes, I am getting sick of them, walking around here like they’ve got something stuck up there asses.

Foley: Especially Triple H.

Rock: Well, you and Triple H go back far, don’t you? But I and Triple H go back even further. And tonight I am going to lay the Smackdown on all of Evolution’s candy asses. And then we’ll finally know why Ric Flair say’s “woooooo” in such a high pitched voice. But, how does it feel to be Intercontinental champion, because The Rock has been there many times before and each and every time it felt great.

Foley: It feels great Rock, just as great as winning my first title off-

Rock: Don’t worry. Everybody knows that a long way down the line you beat The Rock on Raw. But it’s all changed now, and there’s no need to be upset.

Foley: I know Rock. But it feels great to be Intercontinental champion for the first time. Because after WrestleMania, I couldn’t let Evolution defeat me again, I just couldn’t. I was determined to smack some sense into Randy Orton, and send a message to Evolution. But in the meantime we need to get you some title gold.

Rock: Well, that’s what I was saying. Everybody wants to know who Triple H’s next challenger will be, but nobody seems to know. But if it’s me, I can assure you that I will take that belt off Triple H, and give The Rock some World Heavyweight title gold. But tonight we see the return of one of the greatest tag teams in the history of this business. How longs it been since we whooped some ***? Too long. IFFFFF YA SMEEEELLLLLLL, WHAT THE ROCK-

Foley: -AND SOCK-


The Rock and Foley exit the locker room and then the crowd cheer, as the main event is next. (100)


We then cut to Evolution’s locker room where we see Nick Dinsmore, Batista, Ric Flair and leader and World Heavyweight champion, Triple H sitting on two couches waiting for Orton.

Flair: Come on Randy, you can’t look that bad.

Orton (from the bathroom): I'm not coming out ever again. I look like a monster, I look like Mick Foley. Hell, I look even worse than Mick Foley, and I thought that was impossible.

Flair: Come on just show us! We have a match you know.

Randy Orton walks into the locker room with his head down. He lifts up his head and smiles, to reveal a metal-mouth. Yes that’s right ladies and gentlemen; Randy Orton is wearing braces as a result of losing two teeth last week in that ladder match with Mick Foley. Not only that, but his face is really banged and beaten up, and he has stitches all over. The other four members of Evolution just stare at Orton like he is some sort of freak for a few moments before Triple H begins to speak.

Triple H: Look, I’m sorry Randy, but you can’t come to the ring with us, looking like that. Put this on.

Triple H picks up a black mask and hands it to Orton who puts it on. The only hole is one under the nose and over the eyes to allow Orton to breathe. Orton reluctantly puts it on and then Evolution head to the ring for their match.

Evolution vs. Team Rock (The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit)

A nice main event to finish the best Raw of the month. There was complete chaos, and so the match was assigned two referees, one of which stood outside the ring. Evolution beat down on Team Rock early, and Orton went straight after Foley, who tried to rip the mask off. Orton and Foley brawled into the crowd and an angry Orton slammed Foley’s head into the stage and then ran back into the ring to floor Foley’s friend The Rock with an RKO. Benoit and Jericho got there say and got Orton out the ring with a nice double dropkick. Jericho and Benoit then flew off the rope with moonsaults onto Triple H and Flair. However, Nick Dinsmore would stop them both and come off the top with a double clothesline, taking them both down. The first to get back to there feet was Ric Flair, and we went up to the top rope. And for the first time in over ten years he nailed the move we have all wanted to see- the elbow drop from the top onto Chris Jericho. However, he was soon a victim of The Rock Bottom and then the LionSault from Jericho. Orton came in and went to RKO Jericho, but Jericho dodged it, and sent Orton right into The Handible claw from Foley, while The Rock nailed The People’s Elbow on Flair, and got the pin. Afterwards The Rock and the rest of his team just celebrated in the middle of the ring while Evolution scurried up the ramp in fear as Raw came to an end.

Over: 89. Crowd: 96. Match: 92. 4 stars

Quick Match Results:

Tyson Tomko def. Trish Stratus in a Steel Cage Match

Rhyno & Tajiri def. Al Snow & Johnny Nitro

Rosey def. A-Train

H.B. Cade def. Shelton Benjamin in a non-title match

Kane & Mark Henry def. Edge & Test

Team Rock def. Evolution

Biggest Pops:

1. The Rock

2. Mick Foley

3. Shawn Michaels

4. Chris Benoit

5. Chris Jericho

Most Heat:

1. Triple H

2. Kane

3. Randy Orton

4. Nick Dinsmore

5. Tyson Tomko

Overall Rating: 85

Television Rating: 5.80

Attendance: 8,034

Ticket Sales: $321,360

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