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'Helicopter Attack'

The Mask of Norro

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I figured this would be something entertaining for everyone if you haven't all ready played it. A game on miniclip called 'Helicopter Attack'. Post your scores here and whatnot, maybe talk about what your favorite weapon is or how much ass you kicked or something.


I was pretty satisfied with my score, and even though it says my favorite is Flamethrower I really like those shotgun missiles.


'course...looking at today's highscores compaired to mine was a litle disheartening :P

But yeah, this game is pretty cool. I'm suprised too considering it's pretty much the same thing over and over. I guess it's the strategy appeal to it, dodging the bullets while in mid air and ducking for cover over little cliff things.

But yeah, pretty fun game overall.

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Erm...that's what the game is Keefy.

I forgot to put the 2 in, curse my forgetfulness.

Edit: Okay, I went stupid and forgot to put the link in too, my bad =P

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