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UK Rappers! Wanna Rap With Nas?

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Wanna drop a verse on the street's disciple album?

Yep, Nas is gonna make one aspiring UK MC's dream come true - this is for real!

It's simple, you download the instrumental of Thief's Theme, record your illest verse over it and send it to the address below. If Nas is feeling your steez, Sony Music will then bring you to London to record your verse in the studio and it will appear as a remix on the UK version of the double album - released 27th September.

The Street's Disciple album is set to be a monumental event for Hip-Hop, so you know the addition of a local MC is a seriously good look for the UK scene. Enter your details in the form on the right to download the instrumental free of charge.

Submit all entries (on any format) to arrive no later than JULY 31ST 2004 to:

Nas 'Street's Disciple' Competition

Sony Music (UK) Ltd

10 Great Marlborough St




This is an excellent opportunity for any aspiring rappers in the UK to get their chance to shine. I'm plesantly surprised by this. This is absolutely brilliant for all.

If only I was in England. I could have dropped my wonderful line of "I am the Notorious BSIG/I am a god, you shall see/Britney Spears is my queen/I am the king, look at my peepee!" God, that would have made me more credible than Vanilla Ice any day!


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I'm thinking KingOfRap can get a fake British passport and lay down one of his amazingly "original" freestyles. I'm sure Nas will be impressed with him coining "flyin'" with "climbin'" <_<

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im saying Kandiman will win. I can picture it now too, Nas starts crying after Kandiman drops his verse, due to it being so beautiful....5 1/2 minutes of him talking of his love of pork chops and his imaginary fed. :shifty:

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