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If anyone here plays Neopets....


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Neopets is acting all buggy. About all you can do is collect the daily freebies, collect your bank interest, mess around at the Trading Post and play games.

The Neopian shops are down. ALL of them. (Except the Garage Sale, which is open and restocking very fast) So you'll have to buy anything you need from other players' shops or the Garage Sale.

The war shields and chat avatars were missing from everyone's look-ups earlier, but apparently have been restored.

The various Wheels take your np, but don't spin

The scratchcard kiosk is bugged, and you can buy more than one scratchcard (I wouldn't recommend trying it, unless you have an extra, disposable account you can do it from - you might get frozen)

There are no auctions.

The Trading Post is working fine. I traded someone a gardening item they needed to complete a quest earlier, and the trade went through without any problems.

The reason the shops are down is because they were bugged last night\early this morning: They were restocking about every minute to two minutes (the newer shops, like the Faerie Furniture Shop and the Roo Island Merchandise Shop, weren't restocking, but the Kiko Lake shops were)!

And I don't like the way they changed how you buy stuff. I missed getting a few items because the pet I had to pick out was hard to find on some of the pics that pop up. (They blended into the background, or were right behind another pet)

Mainly lost out on Neocola tokens because of this, but I did manage to grab 3 of them (1 blue, 2 green).

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