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Fire Pro Wrestling series


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So i've been sitting around all weekend with nothing much really to do. So I thought i'd go and find an old stand-by again, and finally I retained a translated copy of Super Fire Pro Wrestling Premium X for the Super Nintendo. I sat around playing it for a whole and I remembered the gameboy advance version of the game, so I picked up copies of both of them too. This got me to thinking, that it's time that North America got a good, REAL copy of Fire Pro.

Fire Pro Wrestling 2 for the Gameboy Advance is good, et all, but it was stripped of one main feature that made it good in Japan, the management mode. From what i've read about it, it's pretty boss and i'm wondering why they left it out.

Any thoughts on the series, or answers as to why that mode was left out of the North American release?

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BAM! though this mode(s) wouldend fit the marked, the funny thing is that stripping the game of all thes modes actually made it have less modes than the first FPW for GBA.

In Other News, BAM! went out of bussines quiet a while ago, that means no more of thes games translatet annyway untill there is a new Publisher found ore someone writes a Patch. (there are some basic Patches for FPW Z, but no one realy put an efford in that part of the series becaus they barly changed annything sinc FPW D for Dreamcast (wich if i am corect has a full translation patch somewere in the net) and becaus with KOC there already was the next Level reached by Spike (Spike did anounce before that FPW Z would be the last title of the FPW Series, KOC is much better annyway)

KoC2 will bring loads of FPW modes back, such as the DO-JO mode and the Match Make mode (the one were you book your own promotion like in TEW) you can find out almost everything about KoC2 here


i´ll update that topic as soon as there is new media, i got some smal news already but i am afraid the mods will fry me if i bumb it back up for every little nonsens news that don´t matter to annyone who cares about the game annyway (such as them being out in japanes stores this weekend to let fans test the game and ask for changes, wich is one of the reasons why they delait it to "sometime in september")

you should be able to find text documents with translations of all FPW and KoC games all over the internet, it is quiet simpel to play them games with thes FAQs as long as you are not mentaly retarted, it´s just a few basic options for a fighting game after all, no 50 hour RPG.

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