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Dizzee Rascal


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Anyone else really digging Dizzee Rascal?

For some reason, I love the guy. I love a lot of rap music, but Dizzee is by-far the most eccentric. Everything about him is bizarre, his voice is bizarre, his lyrics are bizarre and his delivery is bizarre. But I still listen to his record constantly.

Favorite songs - Wot U On, Just a Rascal, Fix Up Look Sharp

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Guest Booker T & The MG's

Dizzee Rascal's album is well worth the praise it gets, it's amazing that he is in his teens, as his work sounds beyond his years.

If you like Dizzee then try listening to Wiley, no doubt you will like that too.

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Guest Pirate Chasin' Booty

He's a British rapper thats not trying to be American, which is something thats very rare, he's got a unique voice kind of similar to Busta Rhymes but faster and more british.

If any British rapper is to go down well in the states, this is the guy, he takes getting use to, but hes got some good tracks.

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I'm not a huge rap fan, more of a rock/metal and some techno/drum and bass (Aphex Twin, DJ Shadow, UNCLE, Prodigy etc) - I only really listen to Eminem, Beastie Boys, Busta Rhymes, The Streets, Roots Manuva, Jay Z and Nas, but Dizzee Rascal really caught my imagination.

It's the London accent, the simple but effective beats and the awesome lyrics. Can't wait to see him at Reading.

EDIT - Favourite tracks - Jus a Rascal, Hold Ya Mouf, Seems to Be and Cut em off.

I also bought the Wiley album, which I personally prefer. Some tracks sound like mega drive music, awesome. Treddin' on Thin Ice stands out as an awesome track. As does Pies.

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