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The Chief

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hey, enter the matrix is an old game for me by now, but i never actually bothered to check for codes till today and i discovered theres more than completing the game e.g. character hacks, weapon drops and training

the bit i got most excited about was the multiplayer! but i cant get the code to friggin work!

is it true that its console only? or is there a way to get one on the PC version?


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Guest The Psychotic One

The multiplayer, as far as I've been able to see, consists merely of a very basic two-player fighting mini-game - in the style of Street Fighter/Tekken/Virtua Fighter/whatever - where you choose a location, and based on that location, you are automatically given two characters to play as. So, for example, the Subway location may only have Neo versus Agent Smith, while the French dude's mansion may have Morpheus versus one of those werewolf guys. Anyway, it's only cool to see for about two seconds, as you realise that it's the only part of the game where you can see Morpheus, Agent Smith, etc. up close (aside from Trinity and Seraph, who you battle during missions in the one-player game).

A lot of cheat guides also mention some kind of taxi-driving mini-game, but every time I see that cheat code listed, it's exactly the same as the fighting mini-game cheat code.

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