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Xbox Music Mixer Question

The Kraig

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Could it be? A way to transfer MP3s from my computer, to my Xbox?! Well...no, I'm not really sure. That is why I am asking...

Of course you can use CDs (official CDs, not burned ones) to add music to the Xbox, but that sucks, as I own approximately 0 CDs. And the music I want can only be found on the internet. But I hear that you can import music from your PC to your Xbox through this game. But then it says you have to buy them. What?

Can anyone who has the damn thing please explain so I know whether to get it or not.

And is there any other way to put my music on my Xbox? :(

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You CAN put music to your XBox using Burned CDs, but it's a little tricky.

There are three types of XBox drives, so I don't know if this will work for you.

But what I do is I take a CD-RW (XBoxs won't read CD-Rs) and burn it using RealPlayer.

I have done that everytime and it always works for me. And since it's a CD-RW, after I get it to my XBox, I erase the disc, and put more on.

I have also heard that some brands of CD-RWs don't work anyway with the Xbox. I use a Samsung one.

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