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Fururama: Into the Wild Green Yonder


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Apparently it's not out until Monday, but I saw it in Xtra Vsion yesterday and picked it up.

It was average I guess, better than the woeful Benders Game, but worse than the first two I feel. He premise of the plot was good but I don't think it was executed well, as parts dragged out and parts felt rushed, Benders subplot witht the fembot seemed over too quick with no real progression. Also, the whole Universe relies on Fry schtick has been done before, which is tedious, but they at least made fun of it.

The good things? Zap was on top form, as per usual. The Main plot is interesting and it's good to see Leo Wong be in the spotlight for once, he's really brilliant. Basically the movie was good with just some minor niggles throughout that made it drag in the middle, abit like all of the movies so far.

The ending I loved it leaves it open for more, but also gave us the happy ending of Fry and Leela kissing. It's sad that there will probably be no more, but at least it went out on a relatively good note.

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Agreed, Bender's game was a crock of shit. And this one is a good send off. I am definitely going to miss the series, just wish it was a little bit better plot wise, seeing as though most know it would possibly be the last one. I am happy about the ending though as it does leave it open.

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I liked this one a lot, actually. Bender's Big Score is still my favorite, but this is a fairly close second. I didn't care for Beast with a Billion Backs or Bender's Game (the former ignored and damaged the Fry/Leela relationship and as for the latter, I've never seen nor cared about LOTR), but I suppose they deserve second viewings.

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